MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client

MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client

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  • Current Version: 9.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MobileIron
  • Compatibility: Android
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MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client App

MobileIron's Mobile@Work securely connects your iOS device to your company network so that you can easily access email and other work resources. Best Technology • Purpose-built for Mobile IT with millions of users globally • Complete separation of corporate and personal data • 500+ of Global 2000 customers • More than 97% customer support satisfaction rate With just a few quick steps, Mobile@Work makes getting access to corporate resources easy on your iOS device: ► PRIVACY: Visual Privacy capabilities provide transparency to employees by allowing them to view exactly which data their company can see and which actions their company can take on the device. ► FAST ACCESS: Immediate access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. ► AUTOMATED: Connect automatically to corporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks. ► EASY: Discover and install work related applications on your device wherever you are. ► SECURE: Automated compliance with corporate security policies. ► FIND MY PHONE: Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely manage them. NOTES: 1) MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client requires use of Apple iOS 8.0 or later. 2) Mobile@Work works in conjunction with MobileIron Core deployed by your company’s IT organization. Please follow the instructions from your IT organization to use this app. Mobile@Work is required to access corporate resources and therefore should not be removed without first consulting your IT organization. Visual Privacy allows your organization to see device details such as model name, OS version, roaming status, and company apps. However, IT cannot see personal information such as personal email, text messages, personal contacts, photos and videos and voicemail. Learn about Mobile Device Management: Learn about Mobile Security: Learn about BYOD: Learn about Visual Privacy: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on G+: Find more about MobileIron:


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MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client app reviews

  • Not able to share within iMessage 1/5

    By Uga13reviewer
    Once you update to iOS 11, you are not able to share any link via any app using iMessage. Please fix as soon as possible.
  • Fix the action sheet problem 1/5

    By Why_1
    Mobile iron is causing action sheet issues with pictures and other apps. Why hasn’t this been fixed. It’s been going on since iOS 11 release. Ridiculous. Fix your bugs mobile iron.
  • Sharing via messages is still not fixed. 1/5

    By ColumbusIndiana
    Please fix this soon. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out why this feature disappeared and then found out it was MobileIron causing the problem. Very frustrating as I would expect this kind of issue to be fixed very quickly in a couple of days not a couple of months.
  • Many issues 1/5

    By Cha02
    Lost the ability to text photos from camera roll due to this app??? Needs a major update.
  • Not ready for iOS 11 1/5

    By Justin Kent
    Since the update to iOS 11, I can no longer share photos via a share sheet into Messages. Very inconvenient. A company of this size and importance should be ahead of these updates. Please fix immediately.
  • Frustratingly slows down the phone 1/5

    By Nishdu
    One of the few apps I had to get rid off ASAP. It felt like all my tasks were taking twice the time after I installed this app for my work emails.
  • Junk 1/5

    By meeerere
    Doesn't automatically update. You have to have Mobile Iron app open and Email + open then manually update, then you might get your mail. Have a ticket open with my IT department about this and they haven't even called me back. Don't bother installing.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Javi1r
    Very little settings. No customization or intelligence on the applications it provides
  • Low Res 1/5

    Resolution has still not been updated for the Plus phones.
  • Keeps my business going on phone!!! 5/5

    By M@W user
    Keeps my business going on phone!!!.
  • Bad. Bad. Bad. 1/5

    By malloy0
    Mandated by my company to have this on my iPhone 6s to get company mail which to Gmail / Google corporate. Mobileiron settings are limited to manage the user experience. The update to v9.5 2 weeks resulted in slow sync times for calendar and email. I have to erase the settings twice to reinitialize the app. Notifications do not work UNTIL you open the app. Calendar does not integrate with iOS calendar although Contacts does. Shame on my company to pick this app. Shame on Mobileiron to have piss poor performance. Sorry but it's a fact. Given so many rely on MDM today with companies there is no excuse.
  • Amazing Mobile Mgmt Tool 5/5

    By JerzeeB
    This application is truly amazing. Our business helps to protect our company data. Customer service is supreme. Thanks team for picking a truly great app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Jokerslackey
    The app is great and never has any issues.
  • No Good 1/5

    By Charlietos
    App is all but unusable. Sad IT work.
  • Works great 5/5

    By ahsodex
    I've been using this for years for my work. Unlike the Android version, and similar apps for iOS like AirWatch, this integrates with the OS so I can use the native email client and calendar which is excellent. Battery life and stability is great, and so is the self-service portal.
  • E-mail your IT Department and tell them you hate this 1/5

    By KP63677955
    This app is horrible. If you're like me, you have to use it for work. We need to stand up for ourselves. E-mail the head of your IT department and tell them how much you hate it, and cc their boss as well.
  • So, so bad. 1/5

    By Merfourth
    I've used a number of apps that are supposed to integrate personal devices and work email. This is by far and away the worst and most intrusive. My Google drive doesn't work for personal emails any longer, interferes with calendars, etc. If you are anything but a corporate stooge this app is not for you.
  • Bug city 1/5

    By Brr4444
    After insane setup times this product is still so completely riddled with bugs it makes no sense to implement in the real world.
  • Would Give Zero 1/5

    By Tom Schatzman
    As others, forced to convert. This useless app drove me back to Blackberry. An extra $75 per month is much less painful than using MobileIron
  • Keep crashing. Worst thing ever!!!!!! 1/5

    By Werttff古
    Keep crashing. Worst thing ever!!!!!!
  • Didn't work for a full day 1/5

    By Hunted bet
    No choice but to Installed it, since the company I work for no longer allowed me to receive emails without it. Installed it and it worked for about half a day before it started telling crash. Now it doesn't even open the apps for a second before crashing. Smh
  • Bug filled software 1/5

    By tmaxster
    So secure your phone barely works... Bug infested very bad software
  • Won't install 1/5

    By Kickdog1
    I tried to install on my new iPad but no such luck. When I type in my user name the "register" button is graded out. I can open a different window and come back and the button is red but when I tap it nothing happens. Not sure where to go from here.
  • Please for the love of god change the logo. 2/5

    By hayylmao69
    Flat icons are the best icons.
  • Attachment solution.., 4/5

    By T./
    SOLUTION: The “MobileIron” app that used to open the documents disappeared from my phone with their recent update – that’s why I couldn’t open attachments. As indicated in other reviews, other users have discovered the same problem. MobileIron has a NEW COMPANION APP to open the attachments: · · Download the app “MobileIron Docs@Work” · When you go to open an attachment (or the app, directly), choose “Copy to Docs@Work” … it will ask for your Passcode o This is NO LONGER the 5-digit code you previously set-up – that was erased in the update. If you try to enter that code, you will be locked out for five minutes. o INSTEAD, choose “FORGOT CODE”,then follow the instructions: § Enter your Username and Password for your work accounts § Devise a new 8 character password § Re-enter the new 8 character password o You should now have access to your attachments. You will need to enter the longer, stronger, password each time you open the app, or if you are away from it for too long. NOTE: my employer information states that “During normal use, Screenshots will be disabled.” If you are counting on this feature to protect your attachments, be aware: screen shots are NOT disabled while using the secure app – I was able to take a screen shot of one of my secure (no, not classified, or even sensitive – I don’t deal in that), attachments just fine on my iPhone.
  • Recent update 1/5

    By Mgs1999
    Still can't open or view email attachments. The only purpose this app serves on my phone - open email attachments. This is terrible, shouldn't take long to fix attachment issue!
  • Worst in class 1/5

    By mark2series
    Awesome, I can no longer open attached files in email.
  • @work is @broke 1/5

    By Boblfoot
    Not sure who to blame Apple or MobileIron but with the release of @work MobileIron has become @broke in my opinion. It updated twice from the older revision I restored from backup. I hope my IT Dept sorts this out and we get a working app soon.
  • Great release! 5/5

    By GmDude66
    If you can no longer open attachments, blame your MobileIron admin. They should have migrated you to the standalone Docs@Work app over a year ago.
  • Can't open attachments. 1/5

    By LAX Gooner
  • Email attachments 1/5

    By larryo108
    As others have noted, I can no longer open email attachments after the update. It worked previously.
  • Can't open attachments 1/5

    By flyngsqurl
    After the update you can no longer open email attachments. Pretty huge issue.
  • Constant login flashing 1/5

    By Sum guy 88
    After the update today touchdown constantly flashes the login over and over... Please correct update!
  • Attachments 1/5

    By Jsphbgrn
    I can no longer open email attachments with this update
  • Update doesn't allow you to open attachments 1/5

    By MikeT13
    I can no longer open attachments in email with this update.
  • Slowest mail app ever 1/5

    By Andikapoor
    Does not support push emails
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Kozie77
    Can't review half of my sent emails and they didn't even have attachments. Doubled up calendar entries. Have some emails showing sent dec 31, 1969. My battery seems to drain much faster. Emails appear, disappear, then appear again. In general, my email now seems to have continuous bugs. If the goal of this app is to have me avoid using my smartphone to support my work while on the road it has succeeded.
  • Great EMM App 5/5

    By WoodlandFamily
    Installed seamlessly from my company's server on iOS 10. All I had to do was open the app, tap two confirmation boxes and everything was enrolled.
  • Still does not work with ios 10 1/5

    By wrl11
    Still getting the unsupported platform type l error with this update.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Justin Jack
    This makes the phone extremely slow. It provides for a poor user experience.
  • Works fine 7 plus 4/5

    By Mcmd58
    Downloaded on 7 plus as per my IT dept instructions and enterprise inbox, folders, outlook all work.
  • Access 1/5

    By Tankknight
    Will install (you must approve) a system access (iOS configuration) that will allow CGI full access to your iPhone. They can do anything to your iPhone after this!
  • Better now 5/5

    By Mayorship
    Had some issues but now the update has fixed them. Thank you.
  • Does not work with ios10 1/5

    By Thad301
    This app is cause all sorts of problems with my phone. I have replaced my iPhone once already and it is not a hardware or software issue from apple. Please fix . There has been many complaints from my company as well as from others. I work for a 10 billion dollar a year firm and it is probably not a good thing that this application does keep up with new technology for its users that it should support. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • Does Not Work on iPhone 7 1/5

    By TE of Indy
    Just got a new iPhone 7 and my IT support people have tried everything to get this app to run and they have been unsuccessful. It ran fine in my iPhone 4S.
  • Does not work with iPhone 7 plus 1/5

    By erock841
    I've been unable to access my work email for several weeks which makes it nearly impossible to do my job effectively. Please release a fix as soon as possible.
  • Does not support iPhone 7 1/5

    By gobrgo0987
    Currently I am unable to use my iPhone 7 on the corporate network because of incompatibility with MobileIron. MobileIron keeps returning an "Error from server: unsupported platform type L" error. Same version of MobileIron worked fine on my old iPhone 6 running the same iOS 10 version as my iPhone 7.
  • Does not work with iPhone 7 1/5

    By Job_20.1
    New update does not fix iPhone 7 iOS10 issues.
  • Error on connect since update 1/5

    By cwa112
    Just updated to the most recent version and now the app will not connect to our server citing "unsupported platform type L". App was functional prior to most recent update. Please fix this.
  • Can't use my new iPhone 7 for work due to MobileIron!!!! 1/5

    By JAG572
    Worked fine with iOS 10 on my iPhone 6, but ever since I got the new iPhone 7, I haven't been able to get work emails, my calendar, contacts or get on our wireless's been almost a week and I'm very frustrated and disappointed that this issue has yet to be resolved!!!! I wish my company could figure out a solution that doesn't involve this app.

MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client app comments


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