Ola Cabs - Book Taxi & Auto

Ola Cabs - Book Taxi & Auto

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  • Current Version: 4.6.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
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Ola Cabs - Book Taxi & Auto App

Ola cabs app offers the easiest & fastest way to book a ride. With more than 3,00,000 cabs & taxis in 100+ cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, & Ahmedabad, Ola is the most popular cab booking service in India. Where will you go to in your next Ola ride? Download the app, complete the fast signup process & book your first ride. Have a friend’s referral code? Sign up with that code to get your first trip free! Some of the popular travel options available on the Ola app are: • Auto: Fastest way to book autos without the hassle of waiting & haggling for price • Share: Book up to 2 seats to share AC cars with others travelling on the same route. Save up to 50% on regular cab fares • Share Express: Save time & money by travelling in shared cabs on fixed routes • Micro: Book the cheapest AC taxi in town starting at just Rs. 6/km • Mini: Travel in comfy AC hatchbacks at pocket-friendly fares • Prime Sedan: Top sedans with free Wi-Fi & top-rated drivers • Prime Play: High-rated Prime Sedans with free in-cab entertainment. Enjoy movies, music, live video streaming & more on the go • Prime SUV: Spacious SUVs with more seats, free Wi-Fi & top rated drivers • LUX: Travel in top-of-the-line luxury cars at unbeatable fares • Outstation: Ride out of town at affordable one-way & round trip fares with free in-cab entertainment. Enjoy songs, movies, live video streaming & more. • Rentals: The affordable car rental service for all your city tours. Choose from flexible hourly packages to rent cabs driven by our top-rated partners All our vehicles come equipped with onboard GPS for route navigation. See all your available ride options in the app. Book a taxi in just a few taps. Here’s how it works: • Set your pickup location (E.g. Home, Office, Airport, Railway station, current location, etc.) • See all available cabs/taxis near your location being displayed on the map • Choose from multiple payment options including cash, Ola Money, UPI, credit card, etc. • Pick the type of vehicle you want & tap ‘RIDE NOW’ • Get instant confirmation with trip details • Track your cab in real time Invoices will be mailed to you immediately after you’ve completed your journey. More benefits of using Ola: • Multiple ways to pay: Pay for your trips in cash or via multiple cashless options like Ola money, UPI, debit card, credit cards, Jio money etc • Save more with Cab, Auto & Share Pass: Enjoy more savings in your daily commute with Cab Pass, Auto Pass & Share Pass • Ola Select: Become an Ola Select member to avail exclusive benefits like Prime Sedans at Mini fares & more • Know fares & ride features: Check fares & various features of a ride category before booking • Ola Play: Enjoy free in-cab entertainment in Prime Play, Prime SUV, Lux, Outstation and other select rides. Play songs, Videos, movies, TV shows and more on the go! • Schedule a ride: Choose ‘RIDE LATER’ to book a cab/taxi in advance from anywhere • Travel with safety: Share your travel plan with family & friends so they can track your vehicle & know you are safe You can also tag work or business related trips as Corporate rides. You’ll get invoices for these rides at your official email address. Companies can use Ola Corporate to easily track & sponsor rides for employees. Got questions? Visit Ola support website (https://help.olacabs.com/support/home) for more information or write to us at support@olacabs.com. Stay up to date on all our exciting offers and latest happenings by connecting with us online. • Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Olacabs • Like our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Olacabs/ • Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/olacabs/?hl=en


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Ola Cabs - Book Taxi & Auto app reviews

  • Good Service 5/5

    By Catchbhushan
    Considering the Indian traffic and complexity,OLA is proving themselves as easily available and affordable transport solution. It has streamline the local transport in almost all small cities
  • Bad maps 1/5

    By Madcow93
    Worst app for share- it keeps taking you around in circles. And the maps if follows takes you down narrow, undrivable roads.
  • Very unstable app 2/5

    By Paresh B
    App has been hangintlg since January 2018. I tried on multiple iPhones.
  • Can’t book a ride 1/5

    By Bhootjolokia
    I enter my OTP & book a ride get message something went wrong and that’s it deleted app, started using bye bye Ola.
  • WORST is still a better word 🤬 1/5

    By Simple Raikar
    The worst developers team this stupid company has. If you have an account, why the heck do you need an OTP 100 times to Login you stupid scrums ? 😡 Never use this useless service.. I thought this would ease my transport but its freakin complicated like hell ! WORST OLA... Uber is the best + its almost global so me being a NRI can use my international Uber account in India as well which ease my travel, currency conversion takes place automatically and is worth as a service as always ✌🏻
  • So far good. 4/5

    By JuliusDsouza
    I have seen many negative reviews, But my first ride was excellent. Don't know about lateron For now ola is a great app. Please provide ola service in GOA There ola service is a must. Many many will prefer to use Ola in GOA Thanks you
  • A real insult to Voice over users 2/5

    By Tara Prakash
    Ola has made positive changes in the app to make it esier for voiceover users to book cabs. Yet, the call button to contact the driver is not available to voiceover users. It is very frustrating that I cannot find a way to call the driver, Ola does not send the contact information of the driver by sms. I think till they are able to make call button accessible to voiceover users, they should send a message on the registered phone number of the user with contact and other details of the booking. As of now, I find Ola app very frustrating.

    By gadgetsguru
    It will not send me a OTP or call my number, even though I’ve triple checked my phone number was entered correctly. I’ve literally been trying to sign up for 30 minutes, just so I can get a ride to the train station. Uber is too busy at the moment. Apparently I’m walking. 👎👎👎
  • Crashes on Scheduling Rides 1/5

    By Yadi Rathore
    App always crashes when selecting time to schedule a ride. Waiting for this to be fixed. But numerous updates have ignored this.
  • Cheats, No real Customer Support 1/5

    By dockaiz
    They quote you one price at the booking time and Bill you totally differently at departure. You have no place to complain, and even a request for the invoice is ignored. You complain on email and never get answered. Be careful of these crooks.
  • Lack of payment methods 1/5

    By Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!////--!!
    As a taxi service, you should not force your wallet service on a user. Don’t mark Ola Money as ‘recommended’ if that’s the only payment method that the app allows.
  • Scam of the century!! 1/5

    By Suraj3092
    Ola is a scam. They scam the driver as well as passengers. No proper support to reach out to. Have never received any response from them for any of the support issues that were raised. I wish there was an option to give negative points. None of the discounts they provide work and it shows random prices. They make their own rules and nothing moderates them. Was using Ola Auto for daily commute, but it is a huge scam. Deleting the app for good.
  • Unable to login using US numbers 1/5

    By AgrawalShreekant
    I think the country option on the login page is for show. The selection to change the country is off. I wasn't able to login through my US number.
  • Unnecessary cancellation charges on me ...driver negligence 3/5

    By vcvrao
    Last Tuesday I booked ola cab pickup at Adrain nagar Hyd. Cab confirmed and I called driver.. he said he is in dropping of customer and will arrive after 15 minutes..then I booked ola auto went to Kacheguda rly son...surprise to get message from ola that I will be charged Rao 50 for cancellation of cab because of driver negligence...can ola reverse cancellation charges
  • Insufficient payment options 1/5

    By As79
    I get text messages telling I can pay with debit card but there's no option to add debit card. I don't want to share my other personal info with Ola to use ola money. I think marketing and product teams need to be more in sync. Ola auto is nightmare to use. Use it only if you are ready to be abused by the rickshaw drivers. I guess you need to train more on what it means to be in a competitive service industry.
  • Shame on Apple for approving non functional app 1/5

    By Kasim Mohd H
    This app doesn’t even launch, it just crashes and takes back to home screen.. Did Apple QA verify this before approving and putting in App Store?
  • Avoidable 1/5

    By Krisgamer1980
    Poor app and useless deals. The cost of the ride is expensive even after applying the code/deal.
  • Cheap but terrible, rather Uber 1/5

    By harrysheth
    So bad I got an ola and it never came, kept saying 2 Min away and went somewhere, Canceled and took an Uber.
  • Blocked account without proper reason 1/5

    By Barbecue1409
    My account was blocked permanently without any reason. On asking they sent 13 pages of terms n conditions.. In which I couldn't find which term was violated.
  • Could be (a lot) better 1/5

    By Charles McDonald
    1. Farther cabs are allotted even if other cabs are available much closer. 2. A lot of drivers cancel without any notice. 3. App hangs every two minutes. Need to kill and reopen the app multiple times before being able to book a single cab successfully. 4. A lot of drivers do not come for pickups if payment method is not cash. 5. Price surge is too much during peak hours. 6. Some drivers cancel the trip after quite some time, without coming for the pickup, so I get charged for cancellation. Uber has a better app, better drivers, better pricing, and overall, a better service.
  • One thing to improve 5/5

    By Bombaryy
    I've had a good experience with the app, but it could improve its "ride later" feature, and assign a driver when I book it
  • Could never use it 1/5

    By Srilesnar
    Had this installed for a while now and not once has it helped me get a cab. Information seems to be falsified and you never get a cab when you request. Looks like a joke app. Uber is much much better and has better cabs service too.
  • One star for app design, not the OLA brand 1/5

    By Zeewho
    Dear ola developers, please help me understand how hard is it for you guys to design a proper app that tells you that you don't have enough money in your OLA Money wallet before booking? UBER on the other hand tells me right away that I have insufficient fund in my PAYTM Wallet. So why haven't you guys figured this out yet? It is very inconvenient to stop at ATM in the middle of my trip to get cash.
  • Great service and user interface 5/5

    By Abhi_Joshi
    Auto service feature is awesome
  • Worst Booking Method 1/5

    By Priya Sondhi
    I used Ola for the first time and without riding a single ride I want to give 0 star. I wished that was an option. Why the hell Ola book a cab when it's already completing its previous ride? After standing literally an hour under scorching heat, I saw the cab passing by and app was showing 1 minute away. I felt like a fool and suddenly I noticed the cab was changed and new cab was also fulfilling another ride. Like seriously? I cancelled the cab and booked Uber. The Uber cab arrived in 5 minutes.
  • Worst service 1/5

    By Ksekar
    Easily the worst service ever , you won’t get taxi when you needed it most , even with ola select most of the time your booking won’t go through
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By AshHari
    The app is bollocks. When I enter my mobile number, it keeps saying checking and nothing happens. Please repair
  • Unprofessional services and drivers 1/5

    By praveenvj
    Ola is very unprofessional. Drivers pick up new rides while previous ride is in progress causing you to wait for long. Drivers cancel booked rides with no notice or intimidation just because it is inconvenient or less lucrative. I have had 50% failure rates on booked rides. Nearly missed my flight because the assigned driver cancelled the advance booking ride at last moment leaving me in a lurch. Also new rides booked were cancelled by the driver as soon as it was assigned.
  • Incorrect location services during pick up 2/5

    By VJ_59
    The latest update seems to have tinkered with location of cabs & autos after booking the ride. Icons stop moving mid way on the map. When we call to find out how far away are they from the location, some say we're at your location while some don't pick up at all leading to a cancellation.
  • Good 5/5

    By wssaravanan
  • Unbaked to book cab in Ola app 1/5

    By Sambeet M
    While booking a share cab, the window is closing abruptly . Not sure whether it's an iOS or server issue. I booked on an android phone successfully but not on an iPhone..
  • Worst experience from driver 1/5

    By Prashant Kamble
    I booked taxi for my friend for Borivali from RBK international Academy, Chembur around 4.06pm. Driver's name was Beni Mishra (9699436819). He told us that he will be reaching within 4-5 minutes. We were waiting for 20 min. When we called up back, he told us lies. He started telling that he came there but you were not there so I canceled the trip. We were surprised to hear this type of lie. Immediately we booked ola around 4.25. and we got it in 5 min. Name of the driver was Dipak Savardekar. Finally my friend reached safely. We were have such experience earlier also. I feel that driver should be given proper training and they should not be allowed to cancel the trip under any condition. Otherwise your reputation will go down and you will not get good customer. Regards
  • Worst response from drivers 1/5

    By domtrick
    I booked a cab from Jntu to lakadikapul (hyd ) I waited for almost 30 min,for the two calls he said he was near by me when I see my booking in the app that had cancelled
  • Canceling 3/5

    By D0wright722
    Being in india and not speaking the language. The driver could not find me. So I had to cancel I was charged a fee. Which I informed them of what happen with no results. So I've decided not to use this app until they rethink their fee policy.
  • Good App and service! 4/5

    By Ashhegde
    Works very well. Suggest to provide options to book multiple cabs at the same time.
  • Shared pass are designed to cheat 1/5

    By anand hyderabad
    Purchasing a share pass, enables auto renew by default. This auto renew keeps emptying your wallet even if you are not using the app for months. Ola customer service executives are as useful(useless ) as their support menu.
  • Good service 4/5

    By ChrisRaja
    Works well and the service is great. A significant problem if you are coming from abroad is that you need to have an Indian phone number. If you are a foreigner getting an Indian Sim card seems to be too complicated if not impossible.
  • IF 5/5

    By col1:15
  • Poor app unreliable 1/5

    By Chandra U
    Service is despicable
  • Beware xenophobic registration!!! 1/5

    By BigAl1776
    You can't sign-up because the application only accepts Indian phone numbers. Area code+number doesn't work for a U.S. number despite only accepting "10-digit phone numbers". You can't input a country code or international dialing prefix. Uber doesn't have this problem and serves worldwide phone numbers in India.
  • Wonderful service 5/5

    By Percy H
    Wonderful service. Only issue is, It does not take my home and work locations and always a problem in picking and dropping and हवें तो वॉक unnecessarily। Pl look into it. Thanks
  • Good app 4/5

    By Raamesh
    Pls improve drop pin facility
  • Simple and efficient 5/5

    By LongStoryShort2013
    Had a great experience using it in Chennai
  • No cabs 1/5

    By reehdust
    Can't find cabs most of the times
  • Collapsed often, especially after you booked a cab 2/5

    By Margaret wang
    It occurred to me twice in a week that the app stoped responding after I sent a request for ride, although i later received a text message that some driver would be coming to pick me up. It's impossible to tract the location of the driver from the app
  • Uber better than ola in hyderabad,TG 2/5

    By omchat
    Most of the times it either shows higher rates than Uber. When trying to apply the offer or discounts they provide, it looks they either increase the fare or show no cabs near by. Tried couple of times and rely on Uber now.
  • So much spam 1/5

    By HarshilShah
    I get multiple push notifications and multiple SMS notifications (you need to give your phone number to use the app) from this app every single day. This is against App Store rules and needs to stop.
  • Often stops working but the service is decent. 2/5

    By Rk reddy21
    OLA has decent service but the application and customer service to resolve issues are terrible.
  • Can't use my non +91 phone number 1/5

    By AviatorDave
    Would like to use the app, but impossible for non-Indian phones to use
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By RealitySpeaker
    The app has too much flaws and errors which makes the customers journey very troublesome with increased wait times, incorrect GPS, no support/complaint option for the app or OLA technology/services. This app and technology will create unnecessary hassles for you and also for the drivers and there is no way to reach OlA to report issues with them. Use with caution knowing that they will charge you a lot with the worst service.

Ola Cabs - Book Taxi & Auto app comments


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