Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards

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  • Current Version: 1.10.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Quidd Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards App

Collect, trade and show off officially licensed, limited edition stickers, trading cards and 3D figures of your favorite characters. Includes Rick & Morty™, Game of Thrones®, MARVEL®, Steven Universe™, Bob's Burgers™, Star Trek™, Breaking Bad, Adventure Time™ and many more cult classics, hit shows, and animated properties. Don’t forget to: - Drag and drop your stickers in iMessage and use them anywhere you use your keyboard! - Open mystery boxes containing Funko Pop! figures and Kidrobot digital minis! - Come back everyday to get new content for free! Are you a fan of something else? Quidd also features stickers, cards and 3D figures from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer™, Family Guy™, X-Files™, Scream Queens™, Empire™, Arrested Development™, Firefly™, DC Comics™, Valiant Comics, Minions™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ and Ghostbusters™ just to name a few. With over 600 MILLION limited edition digital items sold to date, there is no better time than now to join Quidd. ********** Here’s what you can do: - Use your free coins to purchase limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures. - Meet hundreds of thousands of super-fans and geek out with people that love the same stuff you do! - Chat and trade with your new friends in real-time. Adjust the terms of a trade and watch as the most coveted items land in your pocket. - Complete over 1,000 sets like a boss. We’ve got base sets, chase sets and more with dynamic, up-to-date checklists. Once you complete a set, check out your ranking. To rank high on the leaderboard, be among the first to complete a set or build a valuable set with the lowest print numbers by trading up. - Build a one-of-kind collection that only you own and show it off to your friends. Create and share showcases that show off your creativity and your collection. Quidd is about you and the characters you love. Start your collection today! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com/quidd or @quidd. And note: the Quidd Keyboard will never track your keystrokes. **********
OFFICIAL HBO LICENSED PRODUCT © 2017 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO AND RELATED TRADEMARKS ARE THE PROPERTY OF HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ADULT SWIM, the logo, RICK AND MORTY, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2017 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. ©2017 Cryptozoic Entertainment. 25351 Commercentre Dr. Suite 250, Lake Forest, CA 92630. All rights reserved. TM & © 2016 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bob’s Burgers™ & © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. (c) 2017 MARVEL, Inc.


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Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards app reviews

  • Keyboard isn’t worth using 2/5

    By mdelg110554
    The keyboard has become terribly disorganized. It’s too time-consuming to search through the clutter for the one thing I’m looking for, and this app is no longer worth it.
  • Come on!!! 1/5

    By Heudhdbdofn
    Can you please have unlimited stuff?! Why do you always sold out of things?! Why can’t you just have unlimited stuff?! It’s not fair!!! Please....
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Rib Licker
    Where is iPhone X support?
  • Unfair Game 2/5

    By Joshplath
    I really used to LOVE this game until a couple unfortunate things happened. First, with the inflation of the cost of packs users should be receiving more coins so that we can actually play and enjoy the game rather than being forced to do whatever offers or pay out of pocket. Secondly, and worst of all I know people that receive random large amounts of coins every 3 hours. This person has shown me and has screenshots of 5,000 coins, 10,000 coind, and even up to 13,000 coins at some point in the day. HOW IS THIS FAIR?

    By navymn78
    Finally uninstalled and reinstalled now everyone in this House is having issues with the game not working at all
  • I️ used to like this game 1/5

    By Bhrfhhrdv
    This game used to be fun, but every chance Quidd had, they would make you spend money for things, and it got too out of hand for me to even enjoy any more. Personally i dislike the app now
  • The odds are often not in your favor 3/5

    By samcanbesam
    I love Quidd, truly. There is always something new to look forward too and the hunt is addictive. However, the chance that you’ll keep purchasing a pack of 3 or 5 or more and getting even one little sticker from that pack: extremely low. You will become frustrated and will possibly purchase the same pack 10 times, or more depending, to just get one or sometimes two if the ‘odds’ are high in that particular sticker. Of course the draw back is the higher the odd, you’re more likely to have 15 Rick heads and 0 Gif that you wanted. So beware, it’s so fun, but to complete a set you either need lots of money to invest in coins or have a lot of time.
  • Not Available In My Area 1/5

    By Jess Daring
    i have had quidd for months and only recently has the app decided that south carolina was apparently not good enough to purchase stickers or cards. i have lost several rare cards due to technical glitches, and now i’m unable to get anything altogether. wonderful.
  • Complete crap 2/5

    By Rwhager
    I tried to purchase something with my gift card and it never went through. I do not recommend.
  • I love it but.... 5/5

    By hiloitsme
    It’s a super cool game and it’s really fun but, don’t get super attached to your friends on here all of mine left the game and it was horrible. I’m sad now.
  • Woooowee! 5/5

    By GameReviewer9
    All I can say is: dang this app has some great features! As in features I mean stickers galore! From DC to Rick and Morty, this app has it all! I’ve collected over 1,000 stickers in the app, and have used over half of them. And of course they had to add POP!, cards, and Funko! I don’t know how this app got only 3.7 stars. Hope this was helpful!
  • This app is ok 3/5

    By ploopy06517
    They scam people out of money. Don't play unless you're willing to lose money
  • It's great 😊 5/5

    By Leerye13
    One huge issue is D.C. POPS!! We all want them please quidd add them!!:)also Pokémon would be some cool stickers also THE GRINCH please and last but definitely not least I did a survey and I invited a friend but did not get my coins people were saying you have to wait 24 hours but did not get them!!
  • Game not very dependable 2/5

    By Daneodontkillme
    Loving the Rick & Morty stickers but when I play their other games to earn extra coins I come back to quidd seeing that they never give me squat! Fails most of the time, waste of time.
  • Cool!!!! 5/5

    By srija
    It is cool but one problem i cant get sold out once again!!!!

    By 123butrfp3490
    At first, I love Quidd. Now, they wait to give me sets that have just been released but sold out before I can even open the page. QUIDD IS CRAZY SLOW!!!! Now, I am not ashamed to give it a 1 ⭐️ review for a terrible app.
  • Legit Addicting if youre a fan of pop culture! 5/5

    By SomaXD
    I never thought id be collecting DIGITAL collectibles... i collect comics and toys and pop figures... but something about getting rare digi-pop figures, or finishing a set of adventure time stickers. (Stickers that you can then use with ios 11 keyboard!!) or rare cards or gof stickers... Plus being able to trade for thing you want, with a huge community of people who are equally interested in geek culture. Its really really fun.
  • Quidd is not working for me 3/5

    By Mingle324
    Quidd is good but it won’t let me do anything right now and it’s getting really annoying
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By fitgeek248
    I have been on this app since the launch and was a lot of fun and took a little work but you could keep up with it. Now it's gotten out of control on the cost to use the app. It's about $10 to complete a set of 12 stickers when you can buy an app for $3. And the reward system they use called tapjoy RARELY ever pays out and Quidd doesn't do anything when complained about. They need a new system. App also freezes a lot.
  • With I could actually buy packs I want... 1/5

    By Jordan M Ealey
    It’s been weeks since SU was available to purchase...
  • Won’t load anything 3/5

    By Sparkly girl716
    I had 500,000 coins that I had saved up but now whenever I go into the app nothing loads. I know that it’s not a that there’s something wrong with my device because everything else on it works fine
  • It's Ok I guess 2/5

    By GodOfPokemonGo
    It's really fun to collect the stickers in the app, but most of the time before I even know it, the set I've been waiting for has been sold out. It's hard to get coins so most of the time I just set there waiting for 2 hours to go By doing absolutely nothing.
  • More stressful then fun anymore... 2/5

    By F1R3FL1
    If you've played Topps Collectible Card games you'll know what I mean. Free coins are useless... too many sets to fast so you are alway out of coins... even if you only collect one set. Tapjoy never works so no free coins there. A shell of what it used to be which was fun.
  • Good 5/5

    By j andj construcshens
    I like because it gives you stickers
  • LOVE 5/5

    By uno corn
    this app is so amazing and also, shane dawson brought me here.
  • Great 4/5

    By Ender-_-Archer
    I love trading and getting stickers but I wish some day I would see my face in there I’m a YouTuber with 32subs one day I hope I’m in there!
  • Wow 1/5

    By Just Savanah
    This app has cute and funny stickers which was really cool but the customer support was awful as well as tap joy customer support. I bought things through tap joy to get coins and never received them. I have sent multiple emails to tap joy and Quidd with screenshots of the things I purchased or signed up for to get my coins. They owe me 1,210,000 coins. This has gone on for a month and I’m done. Uninstall.
  • Quid is so addicting and fun 5/5

    By BareFootKitty
    However, I believe with the prices of most packs and pops, we should get more in our scheduled free coins. I know they need to make money, but people may not be able to afford to buy coins. I would think, instead of 4000 coins, we should get 6-8000. Other then that I love the app. It’s a lot of fun. Trading is fun as well. Of course you’ll run in to your jerks but they don’t make the game.
  • Very awesome app! I love it! 5/5

    By Johnnyboy1127
    This app is very cool, and very fun I am honestly kind of addicted. I am addicted because I always want to keep going to see if I get a new sticker or gif. However, I do have a suggestion for the developers to add, I would add a sticker and gif pack for maybe assassins creed or something I think that would be awesome.
  • Don’t waste your time, trust me... 1/5

    By Petro Bismol
    Don’t download this, trust me. Not worth it. Update: Over a month since I sent my email, no response still. Gonna keep my review as close to the top as I can to keep people informed of how lacking the customer service is. Even sent out another email like they asked me to here and no surprise... no response. Original review: Everything is gone, what a waste of time. Don't waste yours. Not a login issue. Sent an email a week ago now, no answer. ALSO... sending me notifications after I turned them off within the app. Finally figured out how to turn them off on my phone. A refund would be nice. Who knows, maybe someone can help change my review if they ever get around to the email I sent. Probably not though. They seem more focused on seeming like they're helping customers than actually helping customers.
  • The app 5/5

    By Voysey Fam
    This app is awesome
  • Lame 1/5

    By Psychogirlcrt
    You took away the free coins every 4 hours.
  • Horrible customer experience 1/5

    By Hexsas
    If you enjoy collecting items you might like this app. Quidd started out with a great community and was fun to trade. Now it’s essentially a Topps app. You have to pay real money every single day to have a chance to complete anything before they sell out. Admin team does not listen to what users want. Absolute garbage app.
  • Good 4/5

    By Uhtdcgxfcgxf
    I can't log out and create a different account but other then that it's awesome
  • Great app but lots of password issues 1/5

    By Tigergirl98
    Ok so I had high hopes for this app and it’s good in all but I’ve had one major problem. For a couple of months I’ve been inactive but today I try to come back on again and it put me to the log in screen not only that but I forgot my password (btw totally my fault that I forgot) so now is when my problem comes in I click forgot password then it takes me to the website where it saids to enter in email to reset password I try both of my emails but none work I even try them more than once but they still don’t work and I even checked to make sure the spelling was correct it still dosen’t work. This all had been a huge disappointment especially because I’ve look for to using this app, please get back to me on this matter
  • Trash 1/5

    By quiddtrash
    Used to be great now just money grubbing and lower odds on everything
  • Deserves zero stars honestly 1/5

    By ExRev
    EDIT 2: Stardate 11.16.2017.13.16 Quidd continues to drive their original customer base away. They've become a greedy shell of what used to be a fun app. Can we please have the means to zero star this app EDIT: Still sticking with Quidd deserving zeros stars. They still don't respond to people 90% of the time, and now they're clearly just here for the money grab. They don't care about their customers anymore and just care about whatever will make them some quick cash. They say they try to promote trade but with each set they release they only make trading more impossible. CCs between sets are absolutely ridiculous so it's almost impossible to find fair trades, and most recently they release with the most random CCs. Quidd USED to be a fun digital collection app, but they are now a shell of what they used to be. They don't respond to people 90% of the time now, and really only ever show up if people come together against a great injustice being done. Oh, and they let a cheater continue with his cheating ways, using alternate methods to make pulls in an impossible time frame. But don't worry everyone, Quidd says he's "legit". This app is a joke now, they don't care anymore about their customers and only care about whatever way they can make a quick buck.
  • It keeps crashing 1/5

    By Rosevanluna
    I love quidd and check it daily but the last few days the app crashes within 2 seconds of opening before things have the chance to load. This has made the app completely unusable.
  • Good but needs improvement 3/5

    By BrigAnn
    There should be tags associated with each sticker so when you use them you don’t have to scroll for the one you want. It’s fine when you only have a few stickers, but when you get into the hundreds it’s time consuming to look through them all. Right now when you want a crying sticker and you search for “cry” it will only give you stickers that have “cry” in their name. I guess I’m just used to Line and how they do stickers, but there really should be a better way to search through the stickers. The actual gaining and trading cards in app is fine. The developers should focus a bit of their time to the user experience of using the stickers.
  • Okay App, but not as good an experience as it could be .... 3/5

    By Krotz in Virginia Again
    There was a point where I loved this app, but it has waned in recent months due to the lack of features in trading. It remains very cumbersome to compare your cards/stickers with what others have. The quality (politeness) of traders has also deteriorated over the past 6 months as Quidd has expanded to the moronic 10-15 year old demographic. I have been happy with the channels offered, as well as the sets released and frequency of free coins.
  • App is buggy and a money trap 2/5

    By jradwayne
    They try and get you to spend as much cash as possible. 90% the time when you open a package of stickers you get nothing from what the pack was supposed to have.
  • crashes 2/5

    By Djjdhxhxbbdhxh
    Whenever I try to add my golden squanchy pop to my showcase it crashes and deletes the showcase, otherwise This is the best app ever
  • Quids is fun but buggy 3/5

    By Guys turtle
    This will be a short response but quids is good. I enjoy digital cards and stickers but I get a message that says there aren't any pouches available so I look at another set says the same message while I'm scrolling through the sets I can get they're either sold out or sets I already have so quids needs to fix this.
  • Goodz 4/5

    By Queenwolfie101
    Very good need undertale
  • quidd, youve just became completely money grubbing hogs now 1/5

    By Ann the Angel
    with the new vault feature, you're going to lock permanent sets for no reason just to get more money. i cant get rewards from the rewards wall and sometimes i lose coins for no reason. i use to love this app, but i now despise it, and whats even more disgusting is what i mentioned earlier; how much of a money hog this company is. you made a great app, and a great urge to keep collecting! but you had to ruin it by demanding more and more money, spamming people with notifications every hour about a scam to get peoples money. i wish i never even downloaded this app, i would give it 0 stars if i could.
  • A Review: The Greatest App Ever 5/5

    By FellowQuidder
    I love the way how they always add new stuff, so the possibleablites are endless. Keep up the good work Quidd, because you have to earn a medal for Best App Of The Year. Thanks, a fellow reviewer.
  • Gimmicky and frustrating 2/5

    By still waiting for coins
    The stickers are cool, but the daily reward (every 4 hours or so) is far less than the price of collecting a whole set. The odd are awful, purposefully, to force participation in the “reward offers” which have also terrible customer service and seem to pay out only half of the time.
  • FIX IT... 3/5

    By El Don86
    It’s a good app and I like getting the free stickers and purchasing coins but when I go to iMessage NONE OF MY STICKERS SHOW UP! It says I have none. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times and it still does not work. This bug needs to be fixed in the next update...if there ever is another one.
  • Can be fun, however "earning" coins via Tapjoy... 1/5

    By crevassier
    *edit 11/15/17* yeah I am now deleting the app. Opened a support ticket WITH Quidd per their request to follow up with unresolved Tapjoy stuff which got me one of the tickets taken care of. Not sure why anyone uses Tapjoy but seriously, DO NOT SPEND your cash doing Tapjoy offers. Surveys (as scammy as those are) and install apps, fine, but until Quidd finds a way to fix their partnership with Tapjoy STAY AWAY and if you must just collect 4k coins every 4 hours. I think this is my first 1 star review in years, you’ve earned it Quidd. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 *edit 10/23/17* well nothing has improved, the app itself is quirky but I now have around 20 outstanding Tapjoy support requests which haven’t been corrected (3mil+ coins in limbo) Tapjoy stuff is presented predominantly in this app with push notices daily, I try to separate the two but Quidd isn’t making it look like they are. From here on out I will be steering anyone I can away from the bait/switch and delay tactics used in this app. Don’t spend your money supporting an app with a lame relationship with its users. *previous edit* Make Tapjoy better, they are your partner. Payouts very troublesome to get almost half the time. They are taking my real money so I expect a product in return. Search/Sort updated but no Boolean or set name searching making that almost worthless. ... can be a giant waste of time or your money. I hate these sites that have you do surveys that often net you annoying phone calls (even after you tell them to stop) and attempts to get you to agree to additional things in sneaky ways. If you don't get credit for referrals, subscriptions, or purchases it's a less than rewarding experience trying to get Quidd or Tapjoy (with no easy way to check the status of offers, at least Fyber does that) to help out. This really takes away from the fun series of POP figures, stickers, and cards for a group of shows. You will also run into jerks who are obnoxious during trades so I'd be careful letting younger kids do this alone.
  • Fun but now I can’t buy stickers 4/5

    By Super jazz cat
    I have been trading and buying stickers for about a month now and it’s great fun! But there’s a glitch now that makes me unable to view any pouches other than my recommended purchases. It’s very upsetting and I would change my review if this issue could be resolved

Quidd: Stickers, GIFs & Cards app comments


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