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TweetDeck makes it easier for publishers, marketers and power users to track the real-time conversations they care about. It brings more flexibility and insight to power users through a customizable layout that lets you keep up with the people and topics that matter most to you. And, you can join the conversation by tweeting, sharing photos and links to news stories, and more.

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  • Get’s worse and worse every day 1/5

    By Lord of iCloud
    I mean, Tweetdeck is really nice, except for the part where Twitter is crippling it. Seriously, Twitter, release an iOS Tweetdeck app and use iCloud to sync the timeline progress between devices. Or do the other rational thing and use Tweetmarker like you *used to already do* so that we can sync timeline position. That would make this app 2 stars better on its own. I’d even pay money for that feature. This app hasn’t been updated in forever, and is nowhere near good enough. Please buy TweetBot like a civilized human instead of this garbage.
  • Ok applicaiton but “Teams” shouldn’t be only multi option. 2/5

    By Strange Thought
    I don’t understand nor do I like the “Teams” feature. Why not allow one to simply login with another user account? Teams seems unessisary for some users that just happen to have multiple accocunts. Other than that the applicaiton is ok.
  • Love this but please fix mentions 4/5

    By Jasminelep
    Hi I love the tweetdeck app a lot, but could Tweetdeck also update alongside Twitter in terms of mentions? As Twitter has recently included quotes together with mentions in the notifications, Tweetdeck now includes them as well (even when my notification types only include ‘mentions’) In fact despite that, I only see a small portion of the quotes and mentions (not all) too I’m looking forward to an update, please do update that! Thank you
  • Horrible App for Accessing Twitter - used to be good 1/5

    By heysailor53
    This app does not work at all on my high horsepower iMac with OS 10.12 Sierra. No excuse.
  • Overdue for an Update 3/5

    By mdg8
    A great app in theory, in practice Tweetdeck is desperate need of an update. (The last one was in July 2015.) Temperamental at the best of times, Tweetdeck is now (since macOS Sierra) crashing multiple times a day. Why are all Twitter clients so buggy!?
  • No dock notification badge for new tweets???? 3/5

    By len5
    Does Tweetdeck not show a dock app badge notification when you receive a new tweet? I can't seem to find any setting to turn that on.
  • TD is the best, but its not as good as it used to be... 4/5

    By NightWolfe85
    Performance of this app seems to degrade over time, but is far superior to the basic Twitter app. There is no other choice for the power user. I only hope that Twitter continues to improve the offering and address some of the issues plauging it. I know you’re getting my error reports Twitter.
  • Keeps stalling 3/5

    By Heats33ker
    I’ve been using this app for years, but all of the sudden it’s incredibly fragile and stalls on the slightest stress, like scrolling through my timeline. I really love this app. Please fix it!
  • Freezes often, plays badly with Safari 1/5

    By nicmart
    It’s been over a year since TD has been updated, and it plays badly in El Capitan. If I have it up long enough, it inevitably stops responding and takes Safari down with it. Force quits are required. Given the condition of the app and the time since last update, it might be orphaned.
  • okay, a little slow but at least it doesnt crash like the main app 4/5

    By bmosley
    i never used tweetdeck until twitter updated their base application. this has been okay (albeit sluggesh feeling) since I started but still feels like a webwrapper app and not speedy like native. I have 3 accounts on it, not a ton of traffic but cant imagine how it would perform for my personal account. extra star because the official twitter app turned to garbage.
  • Not as powerful as before 3/5

    By Avery4Kpop
    Everything is like like the web version but the main problem I’m having with the app is being unable to view other people’s home feeds. I used to use that feature so I can see what keywords are being tweeted and a way to find more mutuals between mutuals I already have. When TweetDeck was updated I noticed that option was taken out. If anyone knows another app that can view what people’s twitter feeds are like please tweet me @ModRocker94.
  • Used to be the best Tweet platform available 1/5

    By HSThompsonG
    Tweetdeck used to be the best Twitter app available. Then it randomly quit working on IOS as a standalone app. Should get a refund. It’s ridiculous.
  • Recently Stopped Working. 1/5

    By SeanRCook
    I thought I was the only one with issues recently. I didn’t find anything online until I stumbled into these reviews. I can log in just fine with the Google Chrome Extension, but the app is broken. I would love to get it fixed.
  • Keeps Logging me out. 3/5

    By DJ LIL M
    Lately Tweetdeck has been logging me out, after i click on remember me. When i try to login, I keep getting the spinning circle and the page goes back to the login screen.
  • What gives? 2/5

    By 123quatrocincoseis
    I have relied on this for years, now it doesn’t work. I was aware it would stop working for PC, but I own a MAC and the desktop client is not working any longer. Hasn’t worked for three days. I can use the web version, but it isn’t remotely as useful. A longtime user, sadly, is about to bail. (It’s useless to seek help through online support. Just deadends all over the place and no one ever responds back.)
  • Is Tweetdeck Broken? 2/5

    By juanSaaa
    Tweetdeck stopped working out of the blue for me. The app does not allow me to log in via its desk client, but on web (and on I am able to sign right in. This is not a credentials issue - the app just doesn’t load, and it times out whenever you attempt to put in your credentials. I have tried to delete and reinstall and nothing - please fix this app ASAP!
  • Loved this app, but suddenly 3/5

    By BrrrintheMidwest
    Suddenly the app stopped working. It works from a browser, but not the app itself. I deleted and reuploaded the app, but no go. Anyone else?
  • This app used to be great, but it’s terrible now 1/5

    By ScottBushido
    Don’t waste your time downloading this app. I LOVED it for YEARS, but recently, it’s stopped working all together. And then when I do get it to work, it takes me to a screen that looks like If I wanted to use Twitter’s app, I would use it. I loved TweetDecks’s interface, but it no longer worked, and since I tried so hard to get it to work again. Twitter kept making me re-set my password for suspicious activity from all the failed log in attempts. R.I.P TweetDeck.
  • The Best App for Managing Multiple Accounts on a Mac 5/5

    By Douglas Karr
    The native Twitter app is a disaster… eventually starving OSX of resources until it becomes unresponsive and you have to kill it. With TweetDeck I haven’t had an issue. I manage half a dozen accounts on it and have tens of thousands of followers and it just keeps ticking. I especially LOVE the team management built in. That’s a feature you’d typically have to purchase an enterprise social media license for and it’s free on TweetDeck. I wish they’d retire the default app and use TweetDeck instead!
  • flaky 3/5

    By CurtisL
    Used to work well pretty consistently. Now I’m having issues with columns not updating (both new and old, and only some not all), as well as an issue where scroll bars appear in each column blocking content on the right side, while the scroll bar on the bottom is covered by the columns and becomes unusable. App has become very frustrating to use. Running El Cap 10.11.3.
  • Used to be great, not anymore 1/5

    By allisontatusko
    I dont know whats been going on recently but lately, I & others who use it have been having similar issues. It sometimes causes us to not be able to see any tweets and a lot of times retweets fail altogether…please fix it asap!
  • Still a great app, but noticeable flaws 3/5

    By Ibeplato
    I still find this to be the best Twitter client for those needing to display multiple columns grouped by topic, keyword, type etc, but there are some flaws. Most noticeably is that when I respond to a tweet, the response box hides the ’send’ button. So I can type a response but I can’t actually send it. That of course makes it pretty pointless. Hopefully they get this fixed in a future release.
  • Why is it such a POS? 2/5

    By RobG42
    This is my favorite Twitter app by far, but over the last few months, its quality has degraded to the point that I’ve had to stop using it. It gets into moods where it refuses to list new Mentions or DMs. I have to quit and reload it to get it to recognize them, and today, it still refused to bring up my latest DMs. It also likes to hang up and start repeating tweets, or just freeze altogether. The last straw today was when it dedided to repeat the last few hundred tweets SEVERAL TIMES. Please fix it! I miss it already.
  • Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! 2/5

    By mGee2007
    It's gotten to a point where I'm on the look out for a new app to use. Fix the problems.
  • Something happened... 2/5

    By thearctichamster
    I'm not sure when it happened, but over the past several weeks I've been noticing that the app has been getting hung up more often than not. Certain windows refresh like they should, but others (like my timeline) hardly refresh at all -- and usually only if I quit out of the app and open it back up. I haven't changed anything in Preferences, but something weird is going on with the app. Otherwise this has been an awesome app for as long as I've had it...
  • Used to work okay, but now... 3/5

    By Prince Zordar
    Great app, but for some reason every few days the “Reply” button in Direct Message goes inactive. I type text in the reply window, but the button will not allow me to click on it to send the message. I have to close and restart Tweetdeck to get the button to work again. I’m running OS X 10.11.1, if that matters. Also, it would be nice if it auto-converted emoji like other apps. If I type a face Tweetdeck should change it to 😀
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4/5

    By al3blany
    TweetDeck it Worth the experience Beautiful and unique experience Some things are missing - The number of tweets in Supply - Support the voting property in Twitter I hope that is provided in the next update as soon as possible And I wish you success and development of the program for the better in the future
  • Columns won’t update 2/5

    By Peeman Patrick
    The Home column seems to be working just fine. But my User columns dont seem to be refreshing while I have Tweetdeck open. I have to close out Tweetdeck and reload for the columns to refresh. This sort of defeats the whole purpose. I have only noticed this the past week or two, and its to the point that I may just need to go back to using Twitter online - I mean, what’s the point otherwise?
  • Starring hearts 4/5

    By Dano5050
    I’ll just state the obvious, which is that since this hasn’t been updated since July 2015, we’re now starring things that apparently should be “hearted” (liked, loved?) Come on Twitter. I just “starred” someone’s “heart" of something that I tweeted. #FAIL
  • Doesn’t work - just hangs at loading screen 1/5

    By Rubadazub
    Twitter app works fine. Tweetdeck just hangs at loading screen. Would be nice if there was some warning about compatibility with OSX 10.9.5 on a MBP 2012.
  • used to love it 1/5

    By barb08204
    but i haven’t been able to use it in weeks. just won’t open/load. tried tweeting at you, numerous times. but never a response.
  • It’s Great! 5/5

    By TheLarkShark
    I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about. It’s working for me perfectly, though I just got it, so I guess it’s a little early for me to experience problems. The only addition I think would be nice would be a Notification Center widget of recent tweets.
  • Glitch 3/5

    By HitEmWithDat.SM
    When i have a specific user in a column their tweets dont show up but on the home column their tweets r their.
  • Was Good… Updated Version? Not So Much 2/5

    By Youzalilbully
    Notifications won’t load. Timeline delay. Direct Messages disappear. Alerts say there’s an unread Direct Message, but the inbox is empty. TweetDeck fail.
  • “Add to Collection” seems to have stopped working! 2/5

    By multitabletman
    I have been a TweetDeck user for quite some time, and now am completely dependent on it for adding Tweets to my Custom Timelines (as this is one of the only ways that Twitter currently supports this functionality without the API!). Performance is still an issue, but now it is becoming a real problem without this feature. Waited through a couple updates, but nothing seems to have worked. My config is a dual-monitor Mac Mini running 10.10. Seems the overall ratings are going down (with largested majority at 1-star!) so I hope they will take this seriously and start to work on these issues. On a side note … really need an iOS version of this someday!
  • Hangs, never actually opens all the way 2/5

    By LoriAW10
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but still does the same thing. Very sad. I used to love tweet deck. :( R.I.P.
  • Horrible Client 1/5

    By rogXue
    I was one of the people who loved the .38.2 version of Tweetdeck before Twitter purchased the company. Twitter managed to turn this program to nothing but a stiff anti-user friendly mess. The preferences leave little to be changed and I have yet to find a single column view. I do not want this program taking up most of my screen! I think Twitter should use less time on bug fixes and revert to a more improved version of .38.2 as I will NOT be using 1.1. Update 5/20/2015: latest version only seems to make it worse.. Twitter needs to get it together! Update 7/14/2015: Still didn’t fix the DM notifications and lag issues, you would think 800 one star reviews would get twitter’s attention. I would love to know what “small bugs” Twitter fixed with today’s update.
  • I don’t know what happened but this has become a resource hog! 3/5

    By Richie C
    Somwhere along the line, TweetDeck became a resource hog. It can take up to 50% of my available memory. Really? Come on now! The Google app is a little better but not much. I love the functionality but you need to work on making it run leaner and meaner please. Thanks!
  • Started Glitching 3/5

    By Pennamechris
    So, recently it started glitching on me. Just get a load screen that never loads. A shame because I like this app and before this recent glitch it was great. Going to have to uninstall.
  • TweetDeck Not Loading 2/5

    By ArtChic2
    I have been a user of TweetDeck for many years, and through it’s transitions and LOVE how it works. Two weeks ago, however, it started to fail to launch, and now it refuses to load, and spins and spins. I’ve reset permissions, and even re-installed. I’m running OSX 10.9.5. PLEASE fix this issue. I don’t like having to use TweetDeck through a browser because it slows all my other browser activities down too much. I’m on the hunt for a new app and ready to give TweetDeck the boot.
  • Unusable a lot of the time 1/5

    By Lake P.
    Whatever happened with this app recently totally killed my enjoyment of it. I echo the user below: I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall this thing at least five times now in less than a week to get it to open properly. Every so often when you try to open it, it’ll get stuck loading and loading and loading and never open. Doesn’t matter how long you wait, or how many times you close out of it and try to re-open it. You’re just stuck in loading hell. You finally just have to uninstall it and re-install it to get it to open -- and really, who has time for that? So wishing I could use Hootsuite on a Mac without a bunch of drama right now, the way Tweet Deck’s gone south.
  • Sad decline of a once-great app 1/5

    By A cellular phone user
    What was once the best Twitter app is no longer worthy of downloading. Sad to see Twitter run this app into the ground. Find an old version and hope your OS can handle it.
  • Tweetdeck Is Buggy, Stops Working 1/5

    By realitywives
    I have been using tweetdeck for years as of recent the app keeps shutting down is slow and buggy. What happened? I have to find another app now.
  • How did you guys mess this up? 1/5

    By tedmills
    It has now become an unusable app. Takes ages to load…and might not ever load, so you have to reload. When it's working, half the time it's using 200% of my CPU, grinding down other apps and for some reason making Firefox flip out. Tweets don't post, feeds don't refresh, and the mouse doesn't click where it's supposed to. This used to be an essential app, please fix these bugs. running 10.8.5
  • Loved it before, glitchy now 3/5

    By dancingdrillteamer
    Tweetdeck has always worked great for me on my desktop. However, over the past couple weeks, it’s become very glitchy. It will stay on the loading screen for five or ten minutes or fifteen minutes. I’ll close it down and start over and it does it again. I usually end up having to un-install and re-install the app in order to get it to get past the loading screen. I open tweetdeck on my work computer five days a week. This glitch usually happens a couple times a week. Tweetdeck still gets three stars because when it works, I love it.
  • Will not get past the loading spinner 5/5

    By Was this helpful?
    Love tweetdeck but I’ve been forced to use it on the web because the app never gets past the loading spinner anymore. It’s been like that for about a month now. Figure it out guys!

    By Dr. E. Genius
    I get a spinning wheel that indicates the application is loading but 10 minutes in - still nothing. It is strange. Sometimes it will load. Sometimes it will not load. I didn't have this probblem before the recent upgrade.
  • Downhill slide 2/5

    By No fan of this
    This used to be my favorite way to access my accounts, but it has gotten increasingly buggy and erratic. It often fails completely. Sorry to see such a fine product devolve like this.
  • Doesn’t load and start 1/5

    By Shriner37
    Upgraded to this version on both MacBook Pro and Air, both running Yosimite. Neither will load and run. I’m now forced to use the browser based version. Seems like a publicly traded company with the market value of Twitter would at least test software before releasing it.
  • Tweetdeck will not start up now, plus loss of functionality 1/5

    By Judyth piazza
    Right now, my Tweetdeck will not start up. The spinning clock was spinning for an hour. I tried deleting the app and re-downloading, but that didn’t fix it. Version is 3.9.583-a956295 (3.9.583-mac) on an i7 - running 10.9.5 I do like the tweet quoting, but I also like to edit RTs, especially when they are too long and I can selectively chop off a few characters. Also, I sometimes want to get access to the text so I can improve it without retyping the whole thing. Another thing I really don’t like is when I want to RT a tweet that was already RTd, I want to RT my friend, not the original person. Another thing I REALLY don’t like is that I used to be able to build a #FF tweet by clicking another person’s reply icon, but that functionality has gone away. I used to manage programmers, so I understand the always want to make “improvements” - but you guys should know by now not to let programmers mess up great functionality so they can give us something they think is important - and that goes for program managers too - because what they want is not important if it upsets your customers. - I just watched a local company go into complete meltdown because the programmers wouldn’t listen. This is REALLY disappointing. I see by the stars above that you have really upset a lot of us. Please give us back the functionality we use and need - before we go and find or build another app. - and making it actually work again would be a good thing too.

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