A little to the left - PUZZLE

A little to the left - PUZZLE

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Microchip Game
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
240 Ratings
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A little to the left - PUZZLE App

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A little to the left - PUZZLE app reviews

  • Fix bugs, then a good app 2/5

    By JC1FI
    Please fix the bugs in the levels. The most annoying is the king crab level. The crab does not appear on the cutting board so there is no way to complete the level. The car washing level is also a bit buggy but it can still be completed. Also, if it’s a game for decompression, there should not be a timer. It makes it more stressful.

    By Rdrodge1357
  • Just get the actual game 1/5

    By Doctor_HooLock
    Too many ads, and it’s marketed as a relaxing organization game but then sticks a timer on you. Do yourself a favor and fish out the few bucks for the ACTUAL game “A Little to the Left” on the computer or Nintendo Switch. This app completely ripped off the concept and name of that game and then made it horrible.
  • Eh 1/5

    By Baumer001
    Could be a good game but too many glitches in levels that make them impassable. One level doesn’t show anything, another doesn’t let you click on the thing you need, and even one that none of the actions work even with doing them as it says to. Lots of room for improvement
  • Too many ads for what would be a great game 2/5

    By sadah27
    Love the concept and even enjoy playing the game. There are a ton of ads though! And, the Small Business level is completely unplayable. Super glitchy, can’t do anything to fix it. So annoying!
  • Ads 2/5

    By eddiethegamereveiwer
    This game is honestly super aggravating you can’t pass a level without the time running out or having to use a hint and the levels where you have to do someone’s makeup or hair there are such little amounts of mistakes you ca; make that you have to do the level 20 times. I’ve done multiple of them over 10 times in a row because of how sensitive it is.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Mikayla6297
    So glitchy, it wouldn’t let me do the second level. Really disappointed. It looked really fun.
  • Not what I expected 3/5

    By um_idk
    I saw a TikTok on it but turns out this is a copy cat game, the original has no time limit and isn’t a mobile game yet, it’s only on pc and Nintendo switch if I remember correctly. With this game you have to hurry which completely defeats the purpose of “decompressing” there’s also a glitch on one of the levels (small business) where u can’t even see the the stuff that u have to cut bc/ it’s invisible. My fault for not researching tho. (Plus all the ads are annoying)
  • Nearly impossible to play 1/5

    By M3KS
    I wanted to like this game, but unfortunately the way it is delivered makes it almost unplayable. Some of the levels are so intricate and detailed you would never finish it in the 1 minute time limit you’re given, so really this game is just a way to make you watch endless ads. The whole point of a game like this is to do something satisfying and relaxing, so no one wants to do it with a time limit. In addition, some levels I had to give up on and use the hint because it was so unintuitive on what you were supposed to do in order to complete them.
  • I’m stuck. 4/5

    By BaileaRae
    IF YOU HAVE THE SOLUTIONS HELP. I have been in a love hate relationship with this game. I am currently on the level “strongest brain” and let me tell you… my brain isn’t feeling strong. I have been stuck on this for too long. I even got the hint that literally shoes you the end answer and I still can’t solve it. The level has what I think is Mandarin but I am not certain. There’s a bunch of word varying from one character to 4 and lines of varying lengths (based on the length of the word it holds) to fill in. The issue is you are one space short. I have tried everything I can think of to figure this out and I’m losing my mind. At the top of the page in the first line there is a 2 character word that is shown twice in the hint I got however when you play there is only one of them. HOW DO I DOUBLE IT. I think this game will be the death of me.
  • A wonderful game ruined by greed 1/5

    By gamergod2020
    Why are there six ads per second of gameplay? Why can’t we just buy the game? Why is frustration a staple of a game about relaxation?
  • Lots of bugs - not worth your time 1/5

    By Modrivevie
    The game is cute and fun - when it works. I had to watch an ad to bypass a level where images wouldn’t even load in. It was impossible to do. Another level just sat on the loading screen. Some of the levels are fun, but many are very confusing. So much so that you have to watch an ad to see the guide for the level. Also, since you likely won’t finish in time, you have to watch an ad every time you need longer to finish. Also, there’s an ad in between levels. In all, you’ll probably spend 2-3 minutes watching ads per level. This game is joke with how it pushes ads down your throat. Stay away, unless you love watching ads.
  • Too stressful! 1/5

    By Andreaaa F
    Way too many ads, way too difficult to pass, and the time constraint makes it stressful.
  • adds 1/5

    By omurga.
    way too many adds - awesome game but this is just absurd how many adds there are. also should be a game mode without the timer, makes the whole decompression thing kinda pointless
  • So. Many. Ads. 2/5

    By pvphill21
    This game is supposed to be relaxing, but there’s a timer and it’s not relaxing at all. There are so many ads - for every 30 seconds of play time, it’s 30 seconds of ads. Not super enjoyable.
  • A little to the stress 2/5

    By •________________•
    Fun game. Wish I could play more of it but for every 2 minutes you get an ads. Need help? More adds. Estimated about 6 ads per game because I couldn’t get the right order of how to place items and so it would start over, even if I still had time left. Want hints? Ads. You’ll spend 2-3 minutes watching ads per game
  • Too many ads and glitches 2/5

    By miguelsgirl
    It is almost impossible to finish a level without extending the times and some levels require the hint to solve and so it really becomes just a game of watching ad after ad for 30 seconds worth of game play. And the crab sale level is unsolveable because you cannot move the crab to the cutting board. It’s barely visible in the bottom left corner and I have tried tapping and dragging and shaking the phone and every possible way of moving the crab and it is simply impossible.
  • The ads really ruin the game 2/5

    By shibbobo
    There are so many ads and they’re so dang long. I wish there was an ad free purchase option otherwise I will probably delete
  • Frustrating, Not Relaxing 1/5

    By lilygracelm
    Not enough time, and certain levels if you make two mistakes you have to restart, too many ads
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Mpbanda06
    Way too many ads and the timer isn’t cool either. I get to the small business level and I can’t cut the king crab because it’s off to the bottom left corner of the game. It should be on the cutting board but it’s not. Maybe fix that issue?
  • Not as fun as it looks 1/5

    By nnurdtjbstho
    I was upset excited for this game until there was a timer and an ad every 5 seconds. Wouldn’t recommend

    By T1ny t1na
    I saw someone play this on TikTok and it looked soo relaxing that I wanted to play. I didn’t bother reading the reviews but I wish I did. Could have saved me a lot of time. The game starts off good. A little difficult, you’ll definitely need to do some thinking for some of these rounds. I didn’t mind the ads at first because I really just wanted to play in hopes I could pay for no ads or something but no. I have never seen a game with so much ads!!!! I open the app to ads. The timer doesn’t make sense to me. If anything it makes it a very stressful game and you have to constantly watch ads to add extra time. It’s not worth the time or money. Save yourself and find another game to play.
  • good but mostly bad 1/5

    i hate how there’s so many ads and it’s timed which stresses me out even though the game is supposed to be relaxing, i hated it

    By Kiwi_kimchi
    I like apps like these but it is ridiculous at the amount of adds there then on top of it it’s not easy to solve but hey give us 10 seconds and we will do nothing but stress out. That’s stupid. There needs to be more time or no timer at all. Also how come I go back to replay a level but cant get any higher score even though I did it perfectly. I’m one who likes to get 3 stars on ever level but I am not able to because you keep it at the same star. I will be deleting this app and not putting anymore time into it until the creators actually take pride in their work and fix their game because of customer rules.
  • Ads make it impossible to enjoy 1/5

    By Tomas202020
    This game is so cool … but the frequency of ads makes it impossible to enjoy. Impossible. I rarely if ever write app reviews, but this one is so frustrating that I hope the creators take it to heart. Would GLADLY pay for an ad free version, but this ad version appropriately gets one star. It’s infuriating. Please release an ad free option in future versions because it deserves to be a 4 or 5 star game.
  • Off myself 1/5

    By Hfcbh social
    GIVE ME MORE TIME! Christ this game is absolutely nothing about relaxation. This game only care about money way to many ads. Only can try 8 times a day btw If you fail 8 you cant play anymore. They throw a little challenge in there as well so I hate it, It’s difficult and to many ads.
  • Average 4/5

    By cells at work
    It is an amazing game ! But if contains a really big amount of ads, a timer that doesn’t let the gamer concentrate or relax and it kicks you out of the level if the gamer creates two mistakes! It is a good game but this things make it a little stressful instead of relaxing. While playing the game the sound gets lost ( maybe just for me ) meaning that I need to refresh the app every couple minutes.There’s no big amount of sound compared to the original game, it just contains a slight relaxing song.
  • Way to many ads 2/5

    By rootbeer...squirrels
    I saw this and thought it would be fun and relaxing, it was pretty enjoyable at first but for a game that’s meant to be relaxing having a timer and having to watch ads to increase the timer or you’ll lose all your progress and have to start over is very annoying. There’s no way to pay for no ads and I do wish the timer would be removed to make it a bit more “relaxing” and Stress relieving to play.
  • Rip Off of A Little to the Left by Max Inferno Games 1/5

    By billmack in SC
    Watch out for rip-off games. This and another identical game on App Store are rip offs of the real game called A Little to the Left by Max Inferno Games. This is a shameless knock off the original and its sole purpose is to grind out ad revenue. Way too many ads. It's ad-filled clickbait at best and possibly malware at worst. Be cautious and avoid as such games. Wouldn't surprise me if this gets pulled and the developer sued when Max Games releases the genuine game for IOS.
  • Ads,Ads, and More Ads 1/5

    By RoyWagner
    I couldn’t even figure out how to play the first part of the game without having a greater “gaming” challenge to try to figure out how to stop getting delaying ads. Just sell me the game!
  • Oh 3/5

    By Eunicejones772
  • Too many ads and glitches 2/5

    By get hair combos back!
    Theres ads every two or three minutes. It’s supposed to be a relaxing game but it only gives me 2 minutes to do an entire level. In the level where i need to sell crab, i literally cant see the crab, and the one second to last, the level doesn't even open. Not really relaxing at ll.
  • pls help 3/5

    By KBunnies16
    remove the ads bc i thought this was supposed to be a relaxing game. the sounds are a little annoying too. ALSO, please, please, PLEASE, remove the timer bc i thought this game was to remove stress, not put on more.
  • Honestly really good game 5/5

    By Ronald toe
    There are a lot of ads but the game itself is really fun. The puzzles were just the right amount tricky and fun for me; some levels were really hard but not impossible. If I could play this game over again for the first time I would.
  • Too many ads and little time 1/5

    By 82(3+/9273+/
    Not enough time to do things and you guys expect it to be pitch perfect and it’s not relaxing because the sounds don’t work.
  • To may ads 1/5

    By Toca_43
    The game is amazing but the only problem is, is the ads. There is way to much to the point I can't even load the game sometimes, it's ad after ad after ad after ad.
  • dawg💀💀 2/5

    By Lolk 567
    way too many ads bruh you giving me a minute to put stuff together please be so frl right now 😭😭 i don’t got a PC bro just let me play the game 😔
  • Some levels are relaxing some arnt 2/5

    By Archie. C
    All the levels are timed and if you want more time you have to watch an ad, some levels are really difficult and things have to be done in a specific order or you fail and have to re start. The sounds are nice though.
  • feel rushed with ads 2/5

    By KarenLovesMinions
    i would literally pay for an ad free version of this but i don’t have a P.C. or switch. It’s supposed to be a calming and relaxing game but i feel rushed when i need to get most done before my time runs out. they don’t even give you that much time, maybe a minute before you have to watch another ad to add another minute.
  • NOT WORTH IT 1/5

    By Allex.C.
    C SO MANY ADS. Every time u open the app there is an ad. Every time u finish a level there is an ad. They shove them down your throat. The game isn't worth 10 ads a level.
  • Too many ads :( 3/5

    By cchene
    This is an amazing game, I love playing it. It would be such a nice way to decompress and relax if it didn’t have a timer, and so many ads…I tried to play this game during my lunch break and it would just irritate me and stress me out due to the timer and the ads. I understand ads being added when you want a hint, but to add time or to continue to play after you mess up is really upsetting. It’s either you lose progress, and start over, or you watch a 30 second ad to keep the progress and continue with a minute extra. When I first downloaded it, I didn’t bother to look at the reviews and figured it wouldn’t have ads because it’s a game to play to relax, but I was wrong. I wouldn’t even mind paying to remove the ads, but that’s not an option. I really hope there will be some changes in the future regarding the ads.
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By lollipop1037
    The game goes from putting things away to cleaning them but you don't know when and there's never enough time which makes it more of a stressful game not a "decompressing" game
  • dont waste your time 1/5

    By annoyed user 1639
    this game is everything but relaxing. each level is timed in impossible increments, youre bombarded with ads literally every 2 minutes (not an exaggeration) and most of these levels make absolutely no sense and to pass these levels, you of course have to watch an ad. there was a level i ended up skipping because it was glitched off the screen no matter what i did.
  • NOT the switch game 1/5

    By BellaLou324
    This is NOT the same as the switch game by the same name. It’s a blatant and very bad rip off, making what is supposed to be a relaxing game, extremely stressful with entirely too many ads
  • Too many ads, unplayable. Where’s ad free? 2/5

    By Qirellen
    This game is a blast on the computer or switch. I’d be happy to buy it here to enjoy the same game experience, but there’s not an option to buy an ad-free version and being pelted with ads is kind of the opposite of relaxing. You can’t even turn on airplane mode to play it ad free - it won’t load without being able to download the ads. It’s unplayable like this.
  • Mismarketed 1/5

    By rachelcoose
    This game is marketed as a cozy fun game. However the game is timed and some of the actions make zero sense. And there are so many ads. Not worth it.
  • Great idea - too many ads 2/5

    By Totallyawesomewolfs
    Really love this game, but you have to watch so many ads. It’s kinda not worth it. I downloaded this thinking if would be satisfying but every level is timed (and they don’t give you enough time).
  • This is a great game... 3/5

    By Amk6202010
    If it just had more time! 2 minutes is not enough for these puzzles, and I’m stuck on one (the bathroom level) already. The hints did great, but you have to watch a 45 second ad to get them. On this level, I get EVERY DETAIL they want me to organize, wash the mirrors, etc. but it just isn’t letting me pass! Done this about 10 times, and when you watch an 50 second ad about migraine medicine over and over, it’s not fun. It’s also very complicated, hard to solve without a hint. And there should be a setting to turn off that timer too, since it’s so short and stressful. I like the idea and the aesthetic of this game, and I also LOVE puzzles, but it’s just so hard and exact. Please maybe try to fix this because I don’t want to delete this game.
  • Why is a “satisfying” game TIMED?! 1/5

    By Aristelle
    Seriously. You’re giving me 2 minutes to put a computer together, which can be extended by watching an ad, and that’s supposed to be relaxing and help me decompress??? You’re really missing the mark. With the amount of levels there are, just make the next level locked for 24 hours “or unlock the next level now by watching an ad!” And then make the level time unlimited. Especially with how unclear the instructions are a lot of the time and how most of the levels have a distinct “correct” way to do it. Not relaxing. Not satisfying. More frustrating than anything. The concept is there and the art is beautiful but man, just do better.