Amazon - Shopping made easy

Amazon - Shopping made easy

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  • Current Version: 11.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon - Shopping made easy App

International Shopping Browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase millions of products with Amazon International Shopping – now available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese. Amazon packs a variety of features and functions into this ample app, whether you’re buying gifts, reading reviews, tracking orders, scanning products, or just shopping. Tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and more. Convenient Sign in with your existing Amazon account to access your cart, payment preferences, and shipping options. Pay in your local currency with international credit or debit cards. Create or find a baby or wedding registry. No need to create a new account to manage your 1-Click settings, wish lists, or track your orders. Shop just as you do on the web. Fast Instantly compare prices and check availability by scanning a barcode, snapping a picture or typing your search. Secure All purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers, protecting your personal, payment, and order information. International Delivery Amazon now delivers to 100+ countries in as quickly as 3-5 days. Universal In addition to International Shopping, you can change your settings in this single app to shop,,,,,,,, or In order to provide a rich experience and enable features such as voice shopping, shipping notifications, visual search, customer reviews, and authentication this app may request permission to access contacts, camera, microphone, notification, touch id, photos and Bluetooth.

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  • So close 2/5

    By SteelBuckeye(psn)
    Why can’t I remove the giveaway scams? It’s pointless to include it. My next issue is the lies about delivery time. I see next day delivery often but it is always longer. It’s never next day. Never.
  • Hot garbage for my use 1/5

    By ~celestian~
    I want to read books so it has me download the kindle app. Can’t buy books in the kindle app, you have to get them from amizon. But here’s the real kicker. There’s no buy now button or anything. Just download sample. I could care less about the sample I want the dam book! Shut up and take my money dammit!!!
  • Did not receive order 5/5

    By Survivor3
    Ordered used Art for Dummies and Art History for Dummies. Haven’t received order and can’t find a phone number to talk to a person!!! Always had perfect service before!
  • Bad 1/5

    By yousawma
    The app always crashes on me, and makes me redownload it constantly because “something is wrong”
  • Can’t buy kindle books 3/5

    By ksvevdhgv
    Dumb. Just refers me to the website, which then tells me I can’t login without enabling cookies so they can track me.
  • UI is smooth but brainless 2/5

    By e_dantes
    Great transitions from page to page, it just won't take you where you want to go. Not intuitive, poorly structured and clearly written for the lowest common denominator of customer complexity. Don't expect this to replace the site for anything except the most basic task.
  • Can’t print return labels from iPhone 2/5

    By Jenjen1014
    Come on Jeff - you can do better!!! What’s up??? I use to be able to print my return labels directly from my phone- but don’t have that option any more - now I have to send the label to my laptop and print from there! How crappy!
  • Never Again 1/5

    By _youngtaytay_
    Never again used this app to order anything!!!!!! ... after I get my stuff I’m definitely deleting this app. No I’m not gonna recommend to anyone!!!!!!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By pbsenerchia
    Update: I did delete it, then I downloaded it again, and I hate it as much as before. If you’re going to force me to use your app, at least make it more useable. It’s buggy and horrible. I click to see customer photos and there’s no photos, only text, for example. The app is worse than the mobile site, and forces you to open browser search links in the app instead of Safari. I only have it because there’s no other way to open Amazon links from Facebook, but it’s so bad I might delete it anyway. Buggy, clunky, and devoid of options.
  • The App price gouges you**** 2/5

    By Jetsfan1974nj
    Be cautious, you will find it cheaper on a google search without being logged in to your account. I used to love the app for buying used books at great prices. I found that by using the app the “used” books were excessively over priced compared to the results if I googled amazon and the book without logging into my account. Obviously there is an algorithm attributed to my spending history on what to charge me. Or what they think I will pay considering my history. I asked customer service to reset my account and they suggested for me to delete my account and restart. I’m not going to lose my history of purchases, so I will no longer be using the Amazon app. I will use a google search and log in from now on. Amazon. Your greed is becoming increasingly apparent.
  • Prime 4/5

    By Hricko
    Prime membership used to be amazing. What you get with the membership are great features. They have really gone down hill with the 2 day shipping. When I first joined I would order something on a Saturday night and have it in hand on Monday. Now, you’re lucky to have it in 4 days. They try and blame the carrier but it’s all in the processing and shipping. It seems like they really don’t care anymore.
  • Second Thoughts 1/5

    By Jay112323
    I’m having second thoughts about using Amazon, given Bezos’ ownership of Trump-bashing Washington Post. I’m not comfortable giving them more money now.
  • App crashes every time 1/5

    By Nontachance
    Unfortunately every time I try to use the app on my iPad it crashes. Sometimes it works for 5 seconds and sometimes for one minute.
  • Unreliable app 1/5

    By Truthfull_88
    It seems having tons of customers distracts or stresses out the engineers who developed Amazon’s app, because Amazon’s app is very unreliable. This is evident when you try to login and the error message reads “Something went wrong. Please try again.” and when you try to scan claim codes on Amazon gift cards.
  • You get ”Meet Alexa” no matter what. 2/5

    By CGRuel
    No matter what it is you try to search you immediately get directed to the meet Alexa page. Just f***** stop, Amazon. I already bought 4 echo dots. Take me to what I’m searching for.
  • Amazon, what happened to you? 1/5

    By 1shamus11
    I am spammed daily by the Amazon Spark part of the Amazon app. I DID NOT sign up for weekly spamming attempts by Amazon for me to mindlessly shop it millions of bargains. Talk about shady....! I called to have the SPAM turned off and was told by two separate employees of Amazon that the issue would have to be looked into. Perhaps social media can help get the spamming stopped.......don’t let Amazon lull you into spending your earning on items you don’t need. Very shady Amazon.....very shady!
  • App is broken on iPad 1/5

    By LazarosSTL
    Crashes every time I try to search
  • Crashes 2/5

    Great app when works. Started crashing today on my iPhone 5!
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By GoldDogVodka
    Joined Prime and downloaded. Works for a day, then crashes each time I launch. I must delete and reinstall app to enable use again. I'm using iPad 4 gen
  • Crash crash crash crash 1/5

    By jockeyhollow
    I’ve downloaded and deleted my amazon app four times and still it crashes. Grrrrrr
  • Needs bugs fixed 2/5

    By JefffffO
    The app was great until you couldn't filter your searches by prices anymore. I've tried looking at various items and filtering by price, but it never seems to work. I've already sent countless emails to them about the issue and every new update this still doesn't get fixed. Get your sh*t together Amazon!!!
  • 17+ app why????? 1/5

    By meir335
    Why is this a 17+ app, fix this now!!!!!!!!!
  • Can’t open app anymore with Apple Restrictions 1/5

    By Julesyb13
    The new update won’t allow me to open or use the app if I have my restrictions on. This has never been an issue before the update. I value the restrictions on my iphone- in case I share it with my son, so now I can’t use the Amazon app at all. Bummer.
  • Unusable after update 2/5

    By Poweruser112
    I'm using it on Gen 2 iPad under iOS 10.3.3. After the latest Amazon update, it crashes if I try to search for anything in it.
  • Not with Apple 1/5

    By Rooster-817
    So I grab my iPad and go on vacation but lose 2650 songs with iTunes because the of low storage... but that’s OK I’ve got Amazon prime... NOT,!!! Just wanted to purchase a few songs but discovered I cannot with iPhones nor iPads..
  • Don't log in coz you will never be able to logout 1/5

    By RickMortyRick
    Yeah , you read that right. It would take a brilliant scientist to crack the code of how to log out of the account. But don't worry amazon SELLS you an user guide for $3.5!!
  • Unable to track 1/5

    By Varma3456
  • Has less features than the android Amazon app 2/5

    By kaymoore2
    This app does not allow you to see review pictures unlike the android version which allows you to see the review pictures.
  • Buggy order tracking 1/5

    By Pmiller992
    Whenever i open an order’s tracking info it shows for a split second and then the pop up where the tracking should be displayed goes white and you can’t see any of the info.
  • X-Ray My Package gone?? 2/5

    By LAX20531
    What happened to X-Ray my Package? It’s not uncommon to receive several packages per day and for those who don’t open them immediately it’s very helpful to quickly identify the contents when it is needed. A recent version has begun pushing video ads that interrupt my music when simply browsing products. Beyond that, the app consumes too much storage, and uses too much battery for “background” processes when I have background processing disabled. I miss the ability to right and left swipe items to place them in my cart or on lists. I don’t know why Amazon is opposed to shopping by browsing categories vs item search. The app and website makes it very difficult to drill down by department from most to least granular without stumbling and scrolling through a lot of junk along the way. Product pages don’t list product departments or categories for newer items (see previous gripe.) Inconsistent metadata results in poor results when filtering product options I know exist for some items. And finally, if we filter by “seller: Amazon; shipment type: Prime” why can’t we sort or filter by price? Ever? It is forever impossible to filter or sort by price and rely on getting accurate results.
  • Infested with bugs 2/5

    By muddavi
    Come on Amazon. The bugs are ridiculous. Using an iPhone X, trying to press "View lists" to see all of my lists is a guessing game. This started when the pop up telling me I can invite people to my list was introduced (and why does the pop-up show every time instead of just once?). And then there's the problem with pressing the first result when searching for an item almost always redirecting to an Amazon product. It's a shame when the mobile website version works better than the app.
  • A little buggy 3/5

    By killergeek69
    Tracking information is difficult to see. You click on “see all updates”, not only does it blank the pop out screen but it blanks the product screen. Very reproducible sadly.
  • Shipment info bug 2/5

    By tdopera
    When you click on see shipment updates or click on the tracking number on the iPhoneX, the system loads the information then immediately clears the screen so you can see or click anything. A pretty serious issue. Please fix.
  • Search Glitch or Adware? 2/5

    By blakehamilton
    There’s a glitch that’s persisted across several new versions for me: when you’re using the app for the first time after opening it, you search for something, when you click a search result it doesn’t bring you to the revised search, it brings you to an ad for one of Amazon’s products like the echo, or Fire-garbage. I’m starting to wonder if this is really a bug, or a cleverly disguised feature to force you to look at their Amazon brand products. Please fix immediately, it’s extremely annoying.
  • Can’t print return slips 5/5

    By ljvjcv
    Love this app but something needs to be done about printing the return slip. It won’t allow me to print on my iPad nor my iPhone and I don’t have a PC.
  • Amazon ignores all feedback 1/5

    By Theosoph
    Rarely do you see a company that ignores all feedback for years (e.g. support for Smile orders from the app, Kindle book and video purchasing from the Amazon app, etc.) But they have their own way of doing things. Hence the current app rating.
  • Ships direct - low quality 2/5

    By Jmheineken
    Amazon, at what point in your success as a business did you determine that shipping direct from China with no QA process on electronics and clothes was a good idea? And why do you not have fraud prevention for customer reviews...sounds like you want to replicate KMart quality..
  • Still glitchy 2/5

    By Knytech
    When I click on various elements the resulting pop up (in this case, tracking info) will show the entirety of the tracking info but then as the pop up screen becomes fully visible, some or all of the data in that screen disappears. I must click the X on the pop up and then click right back on the tracking info, then it displays properly. Repeatable every time. I updated to this most recent version 09/19/18 hoping for a fix, but no such luck. I also uninstalled / rebooted / reinstalled to completely remove the previous version to no effect on this issue.
  • Son unos ladrones ise un pedido y solo robaron mi dinero de mi tarjeta y no recivi nada 1/5

    By .,?!bzvx
    Son unos ladrones ise un pedido y solo robaron mi dinero de mi tarjeta y no recivi nada
  • Unable to track shipments 1/5

    By Wise871
    After the last update I am unable to track shipments. Information will briefly display and than you get a white page.
  • Cant see shipping 1/5

    By Tony Branton
    I updated. Deleted the app. Reloaded on iPhone X and STILL the usps tracking disappears and leaves a white screen. Crap!
  • Useless. Just crashes 1/5

    By pookie0731
    Sigh. As a member of Amazon prime is app could have been quite useless. However, I open it, it crashes. Before I can even do anything. Tried rebooting, closing everything else, etc. to no avail. Would be great if it was usable!
  • Tracking Number 1/5

    By Octomom8
    Cannot see shipping status
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Jada E. Braggs
    I love amazon and i was so excited to finally download the app, but after about 20 minutes it constantly crashes. very disappointed.
  • Amazon is the new big box 1/5

    By Silver2361
    Initially I really like the Amazon. I still like the aspect that I can get products at Amazon without having to travel to major cities a great distances. However, Amazon is just trying to become the next big box by using all of the shady tactics which other salesman have used before. For example, let’s say you put an item in your cart Monday night because you were thinking about it. When you wake up Tuesday morning, the price will have raised five dollars. This is just a tactic to needle you and try to Force you to make the purchase before the price goes up any further. It has everything to do with high-pressure sales. Amazon is turning in to a disgusting, and in moral big box store. Having the app on your phone just makes it that much easier for them to track your purchases and screw you the consumer as much as possible. Additionally, since they contract with others to sell the products, they really take little responsibility and what they are selling.
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Chem V
    I have always loved the Amazon app, but it needs an update. I am unable to view my tracking information because every time I click on it it disappears.
  • Return label 3/5

    By Karly
    I don’t know if this is because of the update or what but now I can’t print labels out of the app. I have to go all the way into the mobile browser. It’s really frustrating, and then if you asked to email the label to yourself, it just takes you back to the app it’s really dumb.
  • App still needs work. 1/5

    By CashDude
    Amazon needs to actually disclose what is going on in each update (bug fixes, feature requests, etc), rather than just putting advertisements for old features in the “what’s new” area. Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you can ignore the App Store rules.
  • App is so slow and buggy now. 1/5

    By dioniciaa
    Tracking package is glitchy, filtering reviews is buggy, etc...c’mon Amazon, your app used to be so much better than this.
  • Lost so much respect today. 1/5

    By Gaspatchosoup
    So I purchased an item and wanted to change my review. There was no way for me to delete my review no matter what I did. I even changed my rating and put in the description that I wanted to delete my review and amazon wouldn’t let me and submitted my review. The next day I go on and my original review is there and all the info about me wanting to delete it is not there. Really messed up amazon. Also really don’t understand why I can’t rent movies from the app. Why do I need to go to the full site or use my computer?

Amazon - Shopping made easy app comments

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