AnyMote Smart Universal Remote

AnyMote Smart Universal Remote

  • Category: Utilities
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  • Current Version: 2.9.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Color Tiger
  • Compatibility: Android
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AnyMote Smart Universal Remote App

Turn your iPhone or iPad into the most powerful remote to control the devices in your home. Download or create beautiful remotes so you won't need to look for your plastic ones around the house. You can forget about switching to separate apps for each of your smart devices. Control your TV, DVD or BluRay Player, Set Top Box, Audio System, Air Conditioning, Media Player and many more, all using our beautifully designed, simple to use smart remote application. From a simple TV remote to a complex universal remote that commands absolutely everything in your home, AnyMote can make your smart home easier to control. We're committed to continuously provide remotes for smart devices controlled either through IR commands or over the WiFi network. • SMART REMOTES: Create single remotes to have commands from all your devices. • MACROS: Chain commands and have them executed in sequence (Movie Mode, Custom TV Channels, Light Patterns–sky's the limit) • AUTOMATED TASKS: Set commands to be automatically executed by the app based on certain factors (Sunset/Sunrise, Timer, Volume buttons...) • TODAY WIDGET: A special remote control that sits in your Today Notifications so you can execute most used commands without opening the app • ALEXA: Use your Amazon Echo to execute commands through AnyMote • VOICE CONTROL: Use your voice to execute commands through AnyMote. No external device needed! • WATCH APP: Your favorite remotes at your wrist so you don't have to even unlock your phone. • GESTURES: Use this section of the app without any distractions using gestures such as tap, swipe and rotate for most used commands. • EDIT: AnyMote has a powerful remote editor that allows you to customize each remote to make it your own. • IFTTT: Use IFTTT recipes to execute commands through AnyMote Infrared (IR) Remotes: Control over one million devices over Infrared (you need an AnyMote Home IR Hub, a Broadlink RM or Global Cache iTach for this functionality). Make those devices smart by combining remotes into a single universal remote, set automated tasks or create complex commands made up from sequences of simple commands via the use of Macros. We support over 99% of all brands in the world with devices such as TVs, Set Top Boxes, Air Conditioning, Video Game Consoles, Media Players which can be controlled via Infrared. WiFi Remotes: With more and more devices supported every month, AnyMote allows you to control the lighting, audio, video, electrical appliances in your home using just one app. • Light: Control your Philips Hue, LIFX, Limitless LED, MiLight, Belkin, Insteon lights' brightness, color, power state • Smart TV: Control your Samsung, LG, LG with WebOS, Sony (except Android TV), Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio (SmartCast™) smart TV sets including support for text entry, apps, channels, inputs • Set Top Box: DirecTV, Onkyo, Amiko, TiVo • Power Sockets: Belkin, Orvibo, TP-Link HS100/HS110 • Media Players: Roku, Plex, WDTV Live, Fire TV, Boxee, Kodi/XBMC, VLC • Sound Systems: Sonos, Yamaha RX-V, Denon Receivers You don't need any external device to control them, but for some of them you need to be connected to the WiFi network to send commands. --- You will need an AnyMote Home IR hub, a Broadlink RM or Global Cache iTach to control older IR devices. This is not necessary for WiFi devices. Please contact us if you're having any issues in using the app. We do our best to make everyone using our app happily. You can use the feedback form in the app to send us feedback of any kind, we take every single one into consideration. • Email us if you're having problems/questions: [email protected] • Follow us on Twitter: @anymote and tweet us your comments • Like our Facebook Page: or send us a message there • Check out our Tutorials: • Read our blog:

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AnyMote Smart Universal Remote app reviews

  • Useless app 1/5

    By kakajanshshskslsksn
    Need to buy extra gadgets to get it functioning. Might as well buy a real remote.
  • This thing is broken. 1/5

    By TheStevePelton
    Things started off okay after I purchased this app. It immediately recognized my TV but the problems began right after. I have 2 Fire Sticks in my home and the app recognized them. And recognized them. And recognized them. Eventually the App crashed and I had to manually restart it where the issue started right up again. Hoping I can get a refund.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kwoosley85
    Don’t waste your time you can download it if you want to spend hours and hours trying to get it to work it doesn’t work so don’t waste your time to developer needs to be put in prison for putting this on line
  • Don’t purchase this APP 1/5

    By Jro1123
    I downloaded and purchased this APP for it to only tell me I have to configure it and then download another app for it to work. It still doesn’t work. I still can’t play my DVDs. All I needed was 1 remote for my DVD player. Total waste of money!
  • It could be nice 2/5

    By zachtheman29
    When I first got the free app, I liked it pretty well. I linked it to my LG smart tv and I was getting used to using this instead of the TVs app. I decided to buy the full version to operate my 3 firesticks. Bad idea... when I try to use the firestick, it freaks out and tried to connect to them all and then doesn’t work or crashes the app. Now my regular lg part doesn’t work. I’m really hoping an update will fix this because this app could be really nice.
  • Better than the remote Roku/cable remote! 5/5

    By LizinHi
    So reliable! Great signal! I highly recommend installing and using this app!
  • Great app but could use an update or support. 3/5

    By MoneyLoo
    Used to work flawlessly but now the “ok” button for LG smart WiFi TVs acts like a “back” button for 2018 oledc8 TVs. Makes using things difficult since “back” still acts as “back”. 😂
  • No longer works on Apple Watch 2/5

    By Mander6
    No longer works on the current version of Apple Watch OS. Stalls and freezes.
  • App Responds with insane delay 1/5

    By Gamersbu
    I just finished purchasing the pro app and the commands still respond ridiculously slowly on my iPhone. Nothing regarding this issue on iPhones on their app support area. In addition, cannot find where to request a refund therefore I am rating this app with one star pending being contacted by developers.
  • Used to work; now doesn’t connect to alexa anymore 1/5

    By Lancelot Le Lac
    This app and its skill used to work with my alexa; now for weeks it says “having trouble accessing anymore smart remote skill” Multiple people posted already on the alexa skill that this hasn’t worked for weeks The app is useless when it doesn’t enable voice commands; really, I already have a better remote; Fix this or reimburse me on device, app and skill pls
  • Don’t get suckered 1/5

    By FlyingRabbit
    Took a flyer on this since reviews were decent. Blu-ray player is on my WiFi network by major manufacturer and this couldn’t find it. Only thing it worked with was my Roku. Save your $7.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By MckinneyAce
    Says it will work for blu ray player. Device option list doesn’t even have Sony Blu Ray. This is a misleading app and is difficult to use, even for a technician. Do not use this app.
  • Looks are deceiving 1/5

    By Lamburghini
    It looks like it should work, its a simple interface and recognizes the Amazon fire,,,but each time you try one of its menu keys it shuts down. Iphone 7S No golden ring prize for these developers.
  • Garbage!!!!! 1/5

    By alphamale jbula
    Complete garbage, waste of time! Worked for all of about 5 seconds. Buggy and unresponsive. Their answer to everything is make sure you’re connected to the same network, because I have multiple networks at my house??? Lol. Create something reliable and then maybe people would be willing to pay for pro. SCAM!!
  • Does not work for AppleTV or FireTVs 1/5

    By Riley2323
    Junk app. Getting refund.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Ian03232
    Won’t even let you add one remote without buying. Stay away!!
  • The absolute best remote app for sure 5/5

    By Aert123654
    Two thumbs up
  • Apple TV 4K - more instructions 5/5

    By MusicDude70
    Pair using the physical remote via WiFi. After confirming the pair has set on the ATV, back out and add Apple Game Media Manager. Pairing should work after that.
  • Never worked 1/5

    By acg83
    Never worked on 2018 Samsung tv. No email response after buying paid version. A refund would be nice. I'm not holding my breath. Don't buy!!!
  • Works good 5/5

    By elect.kb
    It works very good✌️😁✌️✌️
  • Worst app Ever 1/5

    By Mglp2132
    I upgraded to the pro version so that I could control multiple devices. The app sometimes goes through a continuous circle of connecting to the devices, says they are connected, and repeats and repeats,and ... Then the touch control of the app is haywire, can’t get it to go to settings, can’t go to home, etc. the s minute later to goes to a new page that you didn’t want. A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY!!!
  • Wont stay connected to my Broadlink RM 1/5

    Also wont send any commands from my Apple Watch at all!!! I would like a refund!
  • Help 1/5

    By HG326
    Someone please tell me if I can use this with a Sony blue ray DVD/disc player
  • AnyMote is dead 1/5

    By Ba55head
    This app worked great for a year, but now will not communicate with Alexa! Sent multiple emails to AnyMote with no response, app hasn’t been updated in months. Buyer beware!
  • Will remove review once refunded, but the OK button doesn’t work 1/5

    By yoitsjdizzy
    The OK button is vital to the function of the remote, and I paid for the full version of the remote since the app connected to my tv and recognized it as an LG smart TV, and since the average reviews were so high, I was anticipating to have no problems, plus I played around with it for a few seconds and didn’t see any problems with it so I immediately bought the full version expecting to have a full functioning smart remote on my phone, only to find out that I can’t actually select anything without using the physical remote to press the selection for something, which completely defeats the entire purpose of this app. I emailed the developer the other day asking for a refund and I haven’t heard anything back and I’m really hoping they refund me, if not I’m gonna have to contact Apple because this is ridiculously unfair to charge me this kind of money for an app where I can’t even press a button that’s vital to the function of the remote :(
  • Not fully working 3/5

    By Keeping Calm....
    Won’t turn bedroom TV on. I power on with tv remote then AnyMote works great then. Will even allow me to power off....just not on. Then dumb me, I purchase pro version so I can try hooking up my Sony smart tv. Won’t even find the IR signal. Wasted $7. Not really worth the 3 stars I gave it. Hope developer fixes this bug
  • Don’t waste your money!! 1/5

    By Jp19712
    Downloaded and then you need an extra piece of hardware to work, then when you try to use the free it wants you to buy it. So angry I wasted $7
  • Alexa 1/5

    By Farodrig80
    Do not pair with Alexa as promised
  • Fire stick 2/5

    By DesziRaii
    It worked GREAT with my LG smart TV so I decided to purchase the premium for $6.99 for my fire stick and it does not work with my fire stick. I lose my fire stick remote quit often so i downloaded the app to save time. I was highly disappointed when it did not work with my fire stick. The app also puts my phone on mute which is inconvenient. I feel as if i wasted $6.99 and would like a refund. It was 5 stars before i purchased the premium but now that i purchase the premium i give the app 2 stars.
  • Worthless crap!! 1/5

    By turtle5656
    This app is worst than obamas immigration policies, complete waist of time and Money! How dare you charge people $6.99 for nothing! This is a sham! Do not purchase Do not use i wish there was a zero star option!
  • Not Pairing with Apple TV 4 2/5

    By JBreckeen
    I guess this should work with Apple TV, but I cannot get it to pair. I have tried all the suggested ways via the internets, but nothing. I have emailed the developers several times with no response. It might be that Apple has changed something that broke the pairing with AnyMote, but dunno. Basically the Apple TV thinks the pairing works, by the anymore app just sits on the “Code screen” and does not add the remote.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By ankjones
    I was thrilled that this was going to be the remote of all remotes, but it’s not.... Glitchy, app freezes consistently, and I can’t consistently connect to a single device. I’ve reinstalled, reconfigured, and even tried contacting the technical support team (TWICE) and never received a response. Feels like a $7 scam at this point...
  • No cloud, not able to creat a log in. 1/5

    By Wiz. Oz
    Email them regarding my issue of not able to creat a cloud log in, and I didn’t receive a response from the developer it’s been 2 weeks. Seems to no longer support Braodlink
  • Waste of time and $7 1/5

    By Pctrumpet
    Been looking for an alternative to Logitech Harmony but sadly this isn’t it. Managed to successfully pair my Philips Hue Bridge and DirecTV, but the connection is lost pretty consistently. And I have mesh WiFi in my house along with gigabit speeds. Not to mention I’ve tried countless times to pair my Apple TV and every time I do, I input the pin with the Apple remote and the app freezes. Extremely disappointed. Then, I’ve tried to pair my Samsung Smart TV and that can’t be found somehow, except it’s a late 2016 model. What’s really disappointing is that we can’t try all the remotes we have to see if we’re satisfied with the functions until we pay $7. Seems like there should be a trial period.
  • Does not work for DVD players 1/5

    By ponstarrrr
    Says it’s universal but couldn’t find my Samsung blue ray dvd player. Wasted $6 for nothing. I want my money back
  • Use to work perfect 1/5

    By anymoteless
    AnyMote worked perfect on iPhone for a year with Samsung tv and appl Siri tv. purchased second Samsung for kitchen AnyMote will not configure. Says device is on blacklist. No way to contact AnyMote to discuss the issue. Next issue, can not connect to Apple TV gets to code then hangs. Third can not back up because error says I’m on a server pretending to be Too bad there’s no way to contact this app developer.
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By tapdefene
    Won’t connect to my Samsung smart tv. I left the developer an email and haven’t heard back. The app will only say: You are denied access to this device. Go to network settings and remove the device from the blacklist then try again. Please contact me if you known of any solution.
  • Works well 5/5

    By MontanaSanta
    Nice remote. Works on my iPhone and iPad. Roku smart TV. Still looking for “power on” button. Otherwise it’s great. Also using with Amazon Echo Dot.
  • I don’t know if it works my TV 1/5

    By Gym N.
    You want me to $6.99 and I don’t even know if it works with my tv. The last five didn’t. Why would I give you money without knowing that. I wonder how many customers you lost because of this. Not a very smart move.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By donsnyc
    Does not work. I have an iPhone 7 and Samsung TV and Spectrum cable. App always freezes each time I try to set up. Waste of my $7!
  • Problem 1/5

    By cant configure
    Just downloaded, want to control a Samsung tv, Apple TV box, denon amplifier and directv box. All are on WiFi on my home network. It found my Samsung tv, but when I select configure, I get an Error message says: “you denied access to this device. Go to network setting and remove from blacklist.” I didn’t deny access. And which network setting, in the app? Went to settings, but no network settings are listed. And no black list anywhere I can find. Error message could be a lot more specific.
  • Great APP 5/5

    Dont have to buy a new remote now!
  • Doesn’t work. Don’t buy 1/5

    By daisyfett87
    How can I get my money back. It doesn’t work with my fire stick. Yes I tried everything.
  • Cant get to connect 2/5

    By josh granda
    Try to connect to my vizio smart cast to set up and keep geting an ssl error secure conection could not be made message
  • Useless 1/5

    By can't ********
    TV discovered, PIN generated and input. That’s it. Nothing happened and nothing worked
  • Great ap/hidden fees 3/5

    By ddano433
    The ap works but as soon as I try to add another device it wants me to pay 7.00...
  • Wooooooow 3/5

    Lol it’s says it read a lot of tv brands my brain “oh wow that’s cool” go into the app can’t read my tv 😂but still a cool app looks awesome
  • External IR blasters and Apple Watch app don’t work 1/5

    By Mazin
    Title: External IR blasters and Apple Watch app don’t work Remotes recorded with Broadlink RM Mini 3 do not work at all. IR Remotes (downloaded from the app’s database) will connect to the Broadlink RM and only work for 1-2 minutes before losing connection and failing. The only way to get the Broadlink RM to work again is to “forget” and then re-add the Broadlink before it will work again. Since there is no way to do this on the Apple Watch, there is no way to make the remote start working again without opening the app on the phone and deleting the external IR Blaster and then re-connecting it. Very very frustrating. If I open the app on the phone and Watch at the same time, the Watch app crashes. I bought this app because I wanted to control my TV and devices with my Apple Wartch but this app doesn’t work with Broadlink RM as advertised. I paid $6.99 for an app that doesn’t work at all. I want a refund.
  • Perfect remote 4/5

    By AKTBoogie
    No frills, bells or whistles - just the basics, which is exactly what a remote should be. Connected with Hisense R6 Smart TV on the first try with no hassles. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a simple, responsive, intuitive remote.

AnyMote Smart Universal Remote app comments

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