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  • Current Version: 1.7.11
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
4,494 Ratings
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Join the battle! Playing as Pixel Man, Defeat players from all round the world., a brand new io game for real players. Features and How to play: 1.Control the motion by virtual control lever. Defeat your opponents with your arrows; 2.Every update will enable random skill upgrade. A combination of hundreds of skills makes the game unpredictable; 3.Abundant choices of pixel-man players. Instant multi-player battle. You can't stop playing it. Follow and contact us: It’s always pleasant to receive your valuable suggestions.We invite you to suggest game improvements, bugs or general feedback! Contact us! [email protected] Business Cooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutual success! we are looking forward to the great games!  Contact us on: [email protected]  Privacy Policy : app screenshots app reviews

  • Fun game but need to re-buy characters 2/5

    By Tgrmag
    This is a fun game and I’ve played it on and off for over a year. During that time I’ve unlocked a lot of characters, but for reasons beyond me I’ll go in to change characters and have the game tell me I no longer own them and I’ll have to rebuy them. Since I now need to play a lottery and hope to get a “piece” to get some of them. Not worth it anymore, I’m just glad I never spent any $$
  • Garbage 1/5

    By DurpyGadzookz
    Used to love this game i re downloaded it and realized it’s add ridden and laggy
  • >:( 1/5

    By regis2.4
    Every time after an add I’m already dead
  • Why does this have 3.7 5/5

    By large jeff
    Who hurt you?
  • Good game but 👎👎👎 2/5

    By buyguyb
    I’ve been playing the game for 4 days but When I was killing People they were not moving around 🤨🤬
  • Really???? 1/5

    By Sorry, Try Another Time
    Now I can’t kill anyone online or offline without reviving like, ten times. They updated me so weak.
  • Why? 2/5

    By fLOatInG_beAr345
    Why? I lost ALL OF MY PROGRESS. I spent about 5-10 dollars on the game for new characters and they’re gone. I don’t know what to say. I was having fun and I got on on day and boom. My stuff is gone. I’m deleting the game. That’s FINAL!!!!!!!
  • “Please wait try again” 1/5

    By SpoutLoud
    When i try watching an ad to get revived, or anything really it says try again even when i try spinning the wheel Yes my wifis good fix your buggy game
  • Arrow .io 5/5

    By mikycarm
    This game is so fun this is one of my favorite games.
  • If I could put the rate at 0 I would 1/5

    By EORbenne
    This game says I need to watch an ad to play the stupid game, so when I get WiFi to watch the ad, it won’t let me, so now I am going to delete the game because it wont let me play it
  • Addictive but confusing 4/5

    By Brady the clasher
    I love this game, it is very addictive but confusing like you don’t know what the ability is until you press it and coins are very hard to get
  • True story 2/5

    By M3mes8ro
    So this game would be better without this. Every time I play a enemy can kill me really far away. Even if they have the swords. And lag.
  • Fun game but can't claim reward from seasonal 5/5

    By Tustinyang
    I am trying to collect my reward but it won't let me collect it. Plz fixes this. ( seasonal welfare)
  • Good but there’s a problem 3/5

    By Reasonable-Cactus
    So it’s a good game and I like it, but the older version was, in my opinion, better because it was simple but also there is a problem with the vending machine things, I can’t collect my twisted tokens from the login rewards or from the rank rewards but I don’t get any rank rewards for some reason
  • Don’t get this 1/5

    By someone ugly
    This game is trash before they updated it it was actually good but now it’s just trash now you have to buy gems just so you can get characters before all you had to do was save up coins this is utter trash why did you have to ruin such a good game with such a pay to win design
  • Amazing game 4/5

    By biggestboy570
    I think this game is very very good it’s simple and fun but for me it doesn’t make any sound otherwise it is very good
  • Fun 5/5

    By GoldAverage2135
    Fun game 🤟👌👍🏼
  • My favorite mobile game!!! 5/5

    By Nicmac923
    I play this everyday and it is so well made best game ever
  • Awful game 1/5

    By 209873849283
    I remember the old version of this game and it was amazing but you can’t play online you just can’t everyone has awful WiFi problems or it’s just a bad system anyway I would NOT recommend this game
  • Great game! but..... 4/5

    The game is almost perfect. I like everything about it. But ADS don’t work. So now I can’t do the offline mode and I can’t do the daily wheel. Please fix this and if you don’t fix it in a couple months, I will lower the rating to a 3 star rating, fix it and it will be 5 stars..
  • Great app 1/5

    By skullcrusherluley
    I love the game it is really fun and well designed but there needs to be a leave button Incase you have to go because on qualifying if the other team shuts off there devices it leaves you no target
  • Needs Update! 1/5

    By Fyyjfddth
    The swords in this game are way to over powered. If you go into a multiplayer 5v5 anyone with a sword always wins, and somehow no one with a sword is every on my team. TRASH GAME!
  • No ad purchase is a lie 2/5

    By ThePlebDoctor
    I spent money on the .99 and the 4.99 purchase and I had no ads for about an hour before i started getting them again so that was a lie.
  • Too many issues 1/5

    By Mini Grizzz
    They have a good game but there are too many adds, lag, and spawn disadvantages. I feel the spawn system is bad because when you get in the game you die immediately because you have nothing. I also fell the majority of the game is me watching adds than actually playing the game. The add boosts and everything like that I hate because you kill a guy he watches an add boom he’s back and your dead. Fix your game please if you did you could make so much more money.

    By fortnite lover13
    DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ANY 1$ PACK, I baught one any it just took my dollar and gave me nothing.👎🏽👎🏽
  • Joining games 3/5

    By 12862rater839272
    I join tournament games and it seems to be counting down but people don’t join, and it also seems like whenever I try to stop joining, it won’t let me.... when it works, this game is lots of fun... but when it doesn’t, it is absolutely annoying.
  • Top 3/5

    By Cokeeetel2
    Very nice game , I really like to play , but please host fix all this game again , it’s all lag , the guy behind u slower and week , he kills u very far away without even touching u Please fix all this bugs
  • Ads 4/5

    By wbkhbwkhbkuwwbkw
    I know you need money but can you cut it to every 4 games or so
  • I didn’t get what I paid for 1/5

    By ca1mdjs
    I bought the unlocked gold heroes but it won’t let me use them.
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Aangeles
    Best game
  • To laggy 1/5

    By Fellow ytuber
    I hate this game delete it from the App Store
  • Gabe 4/5

    By Gabe2542
    Awesome game😀 I play it all the time and it’s fun to play. Although, there are many bugs and you can not watch videos do earn a reward. Also, during online you lose connection very easily. But overall, good game.
  • Makes No Sense 1/5

    By pizza delivery boy
    There is absolutely 0 logic to this game, one second I have full health, then next I’m dead. It feels like I will battle for one single bar of my enemies life and then die by one strike, I just can’t get good at this game.
  • Producers PLEASE READ!!! IT HAS A BUG!! 5/5

    By Hobbs1077
    Its a good has been and will always be a good has always run smoothly.but since the most recent update its been very very slow then there is this one ad that keeps poping up and wont play it has EA at the bottom left and has a bus going down a road all it does is it just loads and loads and never plays so there for forcing me to exit out the game then come back just so i can play again.its really annoying then after each game its slow to load or it just doesn’t load.then when i first load up the game it takes 30 seconds to load.please fix this bug i love this game and i want to play it but its hard so please.Oh and 1 more i think you should add like different costumes for each character. Or make more upgrades or just add more this game please keep up the good work and fix it please.
  • I am addicted. 5/5

    By icook510
    This is only a personal opinion. I love this game. I am very addicted. Plain and simple. Yes there are a lot of glitches and areas that needs to be polished including glitches. But a legend isn’t created in one day. I believe this game has a strong future. And to the developers of this game please keep going!!! I want more of everything from this game. Thank you
  • Uhm 1/5

    By Aukbot
    Copyrighted characters: Light swordsman=darth Vader Dark knight=bat man X-man=Scott from x men Running man=let’s not talk about him... Queen=queen of hearts Sven=deformed minion Archer=totally not link Destroyer=small Death Star? Spy=cat woman Clark=if lil tay and Wonder Woman had a child Gun god=jet pack joyride dude
  • Preparing video, please try again later I click Restart and get An ADD!!!!! 3/5

    By ladidadida awesome
  • Glitch 1/5

    This game is stupid not fun and gay I mean it takes forever to get in a Match when you have full internet and some people are like invisible and come out of no where and kill you so your game is trash
  • No Skin Glitch! ;( 2/5

    By GreenT1502
    When I play online games and I pick one of my skins it makes me equip the archer skin and I don’t like the glitch please fix it so I can play the game.
  • Hackers 4/5

    By Brett the author
    I think there are hackers because I got 3000 coins and then I go to buy the bommerman and I only had 1138 coins
  • If I could give Zero I would 1/5

    By The Judging kid
    This game is terrible online is super laggy and freezes and crashes so you’re basically forced to play offline and offline is worst enemy at max level will spawn right in front of you and you’ll die automatically TERRIBLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it but 3/5

    By bobtron97
    Please add a option to turn off revive menu that appears when you die in any mode except battle Royale mode
  • Bug, ad 2/5

    By knightki
    A lot of advertisements and a lot of bugs
  • How will I get my progress back? 1/5

    By doge the dog25
    I would have put four stars but yesterday I was playing now this morning and I completely lost ALL my progress!
  • Fix your f#cking servers 1/5

    By Kake (with a K)
    There always lagging and I don’t know why I have great WiFi!
  • Could be good 1/5

    By Hutch2Blutch
    Good idea, horrible execution, too many ads, very laggy, once you make it to the top, you stay at the top.
  • Lag 3/5

    By DaylightDerrick
    When I have no health I don’t die and respawn but I just stay there and keep on playing, when this happens I can’t pick up anything or harm anyone, It’s like I became a ghost.
  • Constantly freezes 4/5

    By GilbertCupquake
    This would be a great game if you could actually play online. There is a button for that but every time I play 5 minutes later it freezes and the game crashes, bringing me back to the home screen claiming it has bad connection even though it was clearly working. Fix the freezing problem and the game is a 5/5 star game.
  • I love this game but needs updates 4/5

    By Kdog018349264819);&
    Developers if you are listening this game is awesome but if you can improve the smoothness of the game to make it less laggy and this could one of the best mobile games out there, just fix the lag and maybe a few graphic updates would really help. app comments

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