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Baskin-Robbins App

Introducing the Baskin-Robbins mobile app — with special deals and features designed to make every trip to Baskin-Robbins a little bit sweeter. GET BASKIN-ROBBINS DEALS You can get access to coupons and promotions right from the app! Any time there’s a special offer or flavor update, you’ll be one of the first to know about it! PAY RIGHT FROM THE APP Paying for your favorite treats is now simpler than ever. You can add and manage gift cards right from the app. Then, all you have to do is scan your app at the register and you’re good to go! You can also manage and reload your Baskin-Robbins Card right from the app. CELEBRATE MORE EVENTS There’s always a reason to celebrate at Baskin-Robbins! Stay on top of Baskin-Robbins events as well as any events that you create and manage through the app. We’ll remind you about all the upcoming birthday parties, anniversaries, play dates and any other excuses you find to celebrate! LOCATE A SHOP Whether you’re heading home from a game or wandering around after a late movie at the theater, finding the closest Baskin-Robbins is always just a tap away! SEND A MOBILE GIFT CARD You’re not the only one excited for ice cream! Feel free to send a mobile gift card to anybody with a sweet tooth. Just choose a design and send the card digitally via email or text message. BROWSE THE MENU Stay up to date with new flavors, seasonal treats, nutrition information and pink spoon ratings. In addition, using the Baskin-Robbins app lets you filter out products that contain any allergens that you or your family members may be allergic to.


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Baskin-Robbins app reviews


    By NashFoodie
    How hard can it be to just let us combine gift cards...just take the code from your partners app (Dunkin Donuts) and tweak it! Lol please and thanks!
  • Could be a lot better 2/5

    By mday_71
    One annoying thing is you cannot merge balances from different cards stored in the app into one card. I loaded several $2 cards I received into the app and each one had to be scanned separately at checkout, not the end of the world but it makes an otherwise quick transaction take longer than it should.
  • Very outdated 2/5

    By BlueStreak77
    This app is very outdated and really needs to be redone from the ground up. Also please add a way to combine multiple gift cards into a single gift card.
  • Baskin Robbins BR card through this App 2/5

    By Vanguard360
    Cashiers are not able to load or scan BR Card using this app. Must be fixed
  • Needs basic updated features! 2/5

    By Juiicy™
    Give the option of merging card balances! I have 6 different gift cards now and should not have to scan multiple cards just for 1 purchase! Makes me not wanna ask for gift cards from you guys as gifts!
  • Worst Giftcard App Ever Used 1/5

    By WixIsntThatGoid
    I only Have this app because of T-Mobile Tuesdays. You cannot merge cards so it’s embarrassing when you have to use like five different gift cards. Plus there’s no point in downloading this app because there’s no point reward system or anything like that. Fix the app and I’ll fix my review.
  • Too Many Gift Cards without ability to combine them 1/5

    By booo :-(
    The app is lacking the ability to merge your existing gift card balance into another gift card. A necessity since they partnered with T-Mobile and give out weekly gift cards.
  • Merge balance 3/5

    By Julia.NN
    The products are delicious. However, the app is complicated. Can you add the merge balance function? It’ll be awesome.
  • Combine Gift Cards Together? 1/5

    By kathrin986790076
    Can you add the functionality to be able to combine gift cards together?

    By Basic bish
    I thought I was gonna get his app while I was in the store and get a free cone, from what it said on the door that was how in worked. Nope. You have to wait 30 hours for the coupon to deliver. The app is also poorly organized, it looks like a collage. Terrible. Half the coupons there also have a catch, such as $3 off and in tiny words that u can barely read says “minimum $15 purchase”. I’m very dissatisfied and hope they fix their app soon. Because I’m deleting it. What a waste of space!!
  • Timer for coupons?! 2/5

    By Heather won
    I love Baskin Robbins but this app is probably the worst restaurant/store app I’ve ever used. It crashed while I was making an account and now my birthday is wrong and there’s no way to fix it. I went in today to use a coupon offered in the app, only to find there was a timer once activated. It said “5:00” and I assumed that must mean 5 hours, but actually it was 5 minutes! By the time it was my turn it coupon was gone. Fortunately the store has excellent customer service and honored the coupon anyway even though I didn’t even ask for them to since it was my mistake for “activating” the coupon too early. This timer for coupons is completely ridiculous and I can’t see any benefit to the customer or the stores for having such an aggravating feature. I am deleting this app, and encourage others to avoid this app altogether.
  • Balance transfer 2/5

    By SGT2020
    Please allow balance transfer from one gift card to another. I have 5 cards with various small balance on it. It would be way more convenient to use just one card when paying vs multiple cards. Other retailers (Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc) has this function, why can’t BR do the same?

    By Will 89 89
    You need to add the ability to merge gift cards in the app. I have 6 gift cards for $2, and can’t use any of them without spending more money to add to one of the gift cards.
  • No merge 1/5

    By Mermaid knight
    It is very annoying not having the merge option. I want to come in and show 1 we code not multiple. Will give better stars once the app is improved.
  • Unable to view gift cards when updating email address or login 1/5

    By Arvjuan16
    When I updated my email address to a new one, my gift cards won’t show up in the app. If I can’t see them from the app, there’s no way to use them. I had to update it back to my old email address to be able to see and use those gift cards again.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By kymlea
    This is a bad app. They should make it like Dunkin’ Donuts where u can merge gift card. The other bad part is the store can’t even scan the code or Q code. They have to manually type it in. I have quite a few cards on the app and it doesn’t update after it got used. Smh. Pls fix it
  • Need update 4/5

    By Jjjnjnjj
    The app is just okay but the thing that you really need to update it in it is to allow us to merge the balances of different gift cards in one card
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Philomenam
    I love going to Basking Robbins but i hate this app. I have gift cards on the app but every time i go in store to try and use them they struggle and they apologize and tell me I can’t use it. Not only that but i also can’t merge them so when i was able to use them and it was once i had to individually scan each gift card. This app is such a let down for a growing ice cream shop. If you’re going to give me the option to pay from on my phone you need to make sure it works.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Luiz cazares
    This app is horrible you can’t do anything in it worst part you can’t even merge your gift cards.
  • DON’T use for e-gift cards!!! 1/5

    By Tonibologna87
    I have 7 gift cards that when scanned I am told “It says can’t read barcode” by the cashier who stands there until you give up and pay cash. It’s a total scam! The app even says the amount of money on each card but it won’t let you use it. DO NOT USE THIS APP TO PURCHASE GIFT CARDS BECAUSE ALL THEY ARE DOING IS STEALING YOUR MONEY!!!
  • Combine balance on cards 1/5

    By PikachuGamerGirl 1823
    Update to combine card balance just like the Dunkin’ Donuts app.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By RAwreluv
    Gift card option doesn’t work
  • Combine balance easier 4/5

    By Cano9109
    Should have a way to combine all your cards in the app so it’s easier to purchase something instead of scan card by card
  • Why can’t you merge gift cards 1/5

    By Fluffy the fluffster
    All I want from this app is a way to conveniently pay with an e-gift card. It does not deliver. Seriously just let me merge gift cards and pay with them and I’ll be completely happy with the app.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By SAMs99
    The app is so darn slow it’s ridiculous. I have Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts app as well but this is app makes my phone feel like a decade old. Above that, I can’t even see what the cost of product is without going to store. The last update was 2 months old with “bugs fixes.” Hopefully they look at the review and think about fixing this stupid app
  • Logging in 3/5

    By MinaJoy081606
    Everything’s fine just constantly having to log in is annoying asf
  • A request 4/5

    By Bdjedjsksnsk
    So I’m writing this review hoping that the app could have a merge balance option when you have multiple cards. I had a few cards with $2 in them each and merging them would make paying easier rather than opening each one separately.
  • Useless app to be honest 1/5

    By babyloo_23
    It has a bunch of things but they are mostly useless and takes forever to load anything! And THEY NEED TO HAVE A FEATURE TO COMBINE ALL THE GIFT CARDS INTO ONE AKA TRANSFER MONEY FROM ONE GIFT CARD TO ANOTHER! Even dunkin donuts has that feature!!!
  • It gets the job done 3/5

    By Gatortech94
    It’s an app that’s straight and to the point. from paying with gift cards and coupons to finding locations. Just would love to see the option to merge gift cards amounts to one.
  • Not easy to use 1/5

    By micheleandjeter
    I preferred emails. This app is cumbersome. You cannot even enter a nickname easily!
  • Need to fix app 1/5

    By Win of Crosswords
    Need to put merge card available in the app. I have 10 cards that can’t merge together so purchasing ice cream in store is a hassle. Reload money in app is always down. Please fix it.
  • Barely working 1/5

    By Kplan23
    I do not have a plastic B-R card so having the T-Mobile offer was an opportunity to download the App and create a virtual card since it may be the end of April, but it’s still too cold for ice cream and the promo value will expire shortly if not transferred to a gift card. I much prefer a virtual card. This App is not at all intuitive when trying to apply the T-Mobile promo to a new virtual card. I eventually got it to work after several attempts and apologies from the App about the App not being able to add the promo at that time. I did it a few days ago and may have gone through the website since the App was being difficult. Now I have a second T-Mobile promo I wanted to add to my existing virtual card and that feature is not possible as a reload at this time. I tried creating an additional virtual card and that is also not possible at this time according to the App which says I can do it online or in the store. If the T-Mobile offer was going to exacerbate an already disfunction App you are only further embarrassing B-R and T-Mobile before the App could accommodate the T-Mobile offer. I will try the website again but whether I succeed or fail that doesn’t change my opinion of the App.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By kaosmart
    My app hasn’t worked for months - can’t reload it and have been waiting for a fix!
  • Combine cards 2/5

    By hdidnfkdlsm
    I have multiple gift cards from here but it’s frustrating not being able to combine them all on the app
  • Got rid of merging gift cards 1/5

    By Slothman21
    And I tried to use my gift card in store and it wouldn't work
  • Missing Apple Wallet support 2/5

    By willyps
    Can’t add BR cards to Apple Wallet and that’s a shame. Another app that has to be opened (with it’s multiple steps and loading times) to use it’s payment card. Add Apple Wallet support with geolocation to offer it in the lock screen, please, and then I will consider going more often to a BR.
  • TERRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By New Fan Today
    Get locations of stores and pictures of cakes. That’s. It. No information about the cakes, can’t order the cake, no price, serving size, ingredients, etc. THE most worthless app that has EVER had the privilege of being on my phone.
  • Keep me logged in 3/5

    By What the heck?$&/$:):):'
    I believe this app is great in every way. But I will not give five stars until it gives you the option of staying logged in. Better yet, how about putting the finger scanner or face recognition as way to log in.
  • Hidden 3/5

    By Cyanate drugs
    Pretty rare to have a company so shy that there’s no feedback loop to the corporate offices. Guess they’re ashamed to have not included Chocolate Fudge among their flavors
  • Balance merge 1/5

    By myouzke
    There is no way to merge balance from different cards. This app needs a fix see the Dunkin’ app for reference 100% much better app.
  • What a joke! 1/5

    By media maniac
    The app is pathetic, like the customer sevice at the stores. Don't waste your time. Minus stars would be more appropriate.
  • Double dipping! 1/5

    By Cdvs09
    This is the worst app ever. I won a $20 gift card and tried to put the balance on this App. When I tried to use it, the clerk said it’s showing the card as invalid and wouldn’t honor the balance on the app. Not only did my friend pay for a worthless $20 gift card, I had to shell out the full balance to pay for my purchase. Double dipping, not cool Baskin Robbins!
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Iowachick22
    The first store I tried to use the pay function, it didn’t work. According to the employee it happens frequently. Why do you have only 5 minutes to use a coupon? I thought 05:00 was 5 hours. Even then WHY??? I’m logged in.

    By Dufiebdoebekbd
    Everything is fine, I just want to merge balances on my cards!!! Pleaseee pleaseee change this
  • Allow Giftcard Balance Merging 1/5

    By notlm
    Please allow the merging of giftcards within the app.
  • Worst app I have ever used 1/5

    By TZRaceR
    Not only does this app frustrate you just trying to make an account to log in, which by the way you can’t, you are forced to use Facebook to log in... but even once you are in and want to pay, it asks you for a log in again, and there is no way around this one. It’s just a constant loop of asking for a log in name and password. USELESS APP by a large company like Baskin Robbins. If I could give negative star ratings, this app would deserve it. BTW, using the app on an iPhone 8 with iOS 11.1
  • It Could Be A Lot Better 3/5

    By Browskiez
    I used to merge my gift cards. Word got out and people know I like Baskin Robbins so it’s what I get. Anyway this version took that away. It’s horrible when trying to buy a cake to have to show 3 different QR codes. It makes me embarrassed to use my gift. Please fix this. Aside that that grievance I really like the app.
  • Merge Cards 2/5

    By Blastnmynips
    Why can’t I merge card balances? You want me to pay with 7 cards? Ok that makes sense
  • App will not let you deposit in my card 1/5

    By 197 797 435
    Baskin Robbins, hire me and I will make this garbage app functional in less than half an hour.
  • MERGE GIFT CARDS IN APP, please! 3/5

    By peppyauntie
    Why can't you update app so we can MERGE gift cards? Dunkin Donuts did that a few months ago and it's working out great. Please consider merging soon!

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