BookShout: eBook & Reading App

BookShout: eBook & Reading App

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BookShout: eBook & Reading App App

BookShout​ ​-​ ​eBook​ ​&​ ​Reading​ ​App Get the BookShout app for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and carry your eBook collection everywhere you go. With reading & goal tracking, speed reading, and BookShout Bucks, your custom reading experience is never more than a tap away. BookShout​ ​is​ ​the​ ​Smart​ ​Way​ ​to​ ​Read​ ​More. What​ ​you’ll​ ​get: BookShout​ ​Bucks*:​ ​Read more to pay less. Earn BookShout Bucks to spend on the titles you crave simply by reading. The more words you consume, the more BookShout Bucks you get. ​ ​*Participating publishers only FREE​ ​eBooks:​ ​BookShout is home to over 200,000 FREE eBooks ranging from classic literature to popular authors such as Jennifer Weiner and James Patterson. We’ll also send you daily eBook deals straight to your inbox. eBooks:​ ​Shop the BookShout library of over 1.5 million eBooks from top publishers for instant access to your next must-read. Browse categories, New York Times® Best Sellers, and personal recommendations based on your reading habits and preferences. New eBook deals hit our eBookstore everyday! Download​ ​&​ ​Read:​ ​Instantly download an eBook from the BookShout eBookstore and it will automatically appear in your app. Read from the app or on the web. BookShout syncs your eBook across your favorite devices for reading anywhere, anytime. Switch between devices or eBooks and pick up right where you left off. Goals​ ​&​ ​Stats:​ ​Set monthly reading goals & crush them, then brag about your victory to anyone who will listen. BookShout tracks your words-read-per-day, average reading speed, and where you rank among friends, followers and BookShout readers. Custom​ ​Reading​ ​Experience:​ ​Customize font style, size, line spacing, background theme, column text, and reading mode to tailor your reading experience. Search within your eBook, take notes, highlight notable sections and share on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or with the BookShout community. Spritz​ ​Speed​ ​Reader:​ ​Devour more books in less time & pump up your words-per-minute rate with Spritz speed reading technology. Plus, this faster you read, the quicker you earn BookShout Bucks. BookShout​ ​Community:​ ​Join the BookShout community of bibliophiles to share the books you love & discover new titles for your bookshelf. Share notes, highlights, reviews, and more directly on your Facebook & Twitter pages. Get​ ​the​ ​free​ ​BookShout​ ​app​ ​now​ ​and​ ​start​ ​reading​ ​in​ ​seconds.


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BookShout: eBook & Reading App app reviews

  • Not reliable 3/5

    By East coast playa
    I’ve used this app to read ebooks offered from other sources like WSJ, not a library. I’ve had it for about 6 months. It worked fine for a while but they updated it. Every time they update it, something changes that you can’t get around, e.g. the new opening has a page that asks you to Log In or Join. Sounds simple but the Log In option does nothing and you’re stuck sliding around five pages that offer you nothing but advertising the service. This is frustrating when you’re in the middle of a book!
  • Problem with app 3/5

    By Jjoyyou
    Why is the app not opening? Maybe you need to update.
  • Keep losing position 1/5

    By RichardM1
    I hate the fact that my position is lost every time I close the book. Once I close the book then come back to reading I’m back at the beginning. Now I have to find my position every time.
  • Best eBook Reader 5/5

    By Srmn8er
    I can’t say enough about their selection of books. They have an awesome selection in every genre - even free books. The app is so easy to use and is packed with features. I love that I can read on all my devices and customize my reading experience by changing the fonts, font size, line spacing, and more. Absolutely the best reader available!
  • Moving pages 3/5

    By Californiawilly
    For some reason the pages will start running backwards and it is difficult to control the movement. When it is stopped, a listing in the dictionary appears. I enlarge the page and then the word “done” appears in the upper right corner. I press the “done” and the it returns to a page in the book I then return to the page I was last reading.
  • Keep getting interrupted 1/5

    By mz robin
    I’m tired of being interrupted when I reading to give a review. So here is my review. It’s too bad I have to be interrupted while reading For a review or yellow stars coming up when I read so much. I’m the type when I read I want to pay attention to what I’m reading and not be bothered by junk.......I’m a big girl and don’t need to be given praise for reading.
  • WSJ application is terrible 1/5

    By Bucback
    I’ve tried for three months to access a free book using WSJ+. Book never downloads.
  • Spartan worthy 4/5

    By jpbmcnulty
    I’m a huge fan of Spartan, and I’ve completed several races. This look back into the early days was very enjoyable. I appreciate the nutrition advice contained in the book, particularly the common sense approach to nutrition. My alarm clock will never be the same again!
  • No time out setting? 3/5

    By schwodda
    When I read on kindle for ipad, it will turn itself off after a period of activity. This app does not seem to offer that setting, so my battery runs down if i fall asleep reading.
  • Could be good 3/5

    By Eyeless Fish
    This app could be good. But, since it’s not accessible with VoiceOver. It’s not good. I can’t recommend it to my Blind friends.
  • For anyone who desires an adventure 5/5

    By Briley78
    As a client who has travelled with A&K numerous times, it was fascinating to read about its history. Kudos to Geoffrey Kent for always persevering and believing in the true spirit of those who long for the life changing adventure of a lifetime. I’m traveling with A&K in August - return safari to Kenya & Tanzania—-cannot express how excited I am.
  • Prevents iPad from auto-sleep 4/5

    By jojosaysso
    Love this app, except when I leave the book open on the screen, iPad does not enter sleep mode, but keeps the book open on the screen for hours, draining battery. (I have my iPod set to enter sleep mode after a few minute of no use.)
  • Books disappear 2/5

    By Jemajgram
    This is an unwieldy app. I sign in with the WSJ to get my monthly book. Bookshout on one of my iPads will not allow me to sign out and will not connect to any of my books. I have tried to delete the app and then download it again to no avail. Also this app is very annoying in sending me my so called reading speed and amount I have read each day without apparently understanding that it is likely that I am also reading on other apps and other material.
  • Well Done 4/5

    By Dr. L.
    I love being able to read books using the Spritz method. I've improved my reading speed from 130 wpm to 400 wpm. That said, I'm struggling with the latest version of Bookshout. I tend to switch back and forth between Spritz mode and normal reading mode. In the previous version I could do this with one click. Now I have to click the ellipsis symbol, click on Display Settings, choose a reading mode, and finally click the back arrow, losing some of the time saved by reading faster to time spent navigating the app.
  • Scream Free Parenting 5/5

    By The Early Nerd
    An eye opening book to doing things differently. I yelled a lot with lots of poor excuses. I had mostly stopped yelling by the time I read this book but I love how it relates to all of our relationships- not just the parent-child one. I appreciate a view that starts with the only person I have control over- me. I keep thinking of the people I think should read it and then remember to glean as much from it as I can, share it as I go and keep learning. I am still growing in how I relate to my husband, my youth, and my friends as I get further into the book!
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By rainyb1
    Worked for 2 days but now doesn’t. Half way through my book and I have to go buy it from iBooks.
  • Good app a few glitches though 4/5

    By TrooperCam
    I like that it sends you a reminder to read and an email that tells you how much you read the day before but it is very twitchy when flipping the pages. It seems to not count a page if it appears you’re reading faster than it thinks you should be able to read. I actually read faster than it says and have ha to go back a page or two to get it counted. Also, maybe not an email everyday with totals. I like to read but I don’t want to be reminded each morning that life happens. Also, while book. Shout bucks are great there are so any books you can’t use then on which kind of negates earning them.
  • Depressing 2/5

    By mwa1959
    I am not sure why someone would want to write such an evil novel.
  • Horrible-And I’m an author! 1/5

    By Suffolk45
    Where is the search function and what is wrong with navigation? I am trying to search my own book and can’t get to the correct page. It’s awful!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lollipopshot
    Not only are the books here flawlessly presented and your bookshelves easy to organize, there is a speed reading function that is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I’ve tried them all. Not only was I able to increase my reading speed, my retention went through the roof and the most relevant information of the book stayed with me long after the book was finished. It was also hard to miss the main points of the book with this feature. There are other goodies in this app that help keep the reader on track. This is the app I’ll most likely use for all my future non-fiction reading. Love it, stunned by it, appreciative of its development.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Bizzibizzibizza
    No Apple Watch support.
  • WOW, sign in with WSJ 1/5

    By BillyBob222
    Except you can’t. And ho way to find or change password. Brilliant
  • Bait and switch. 1/5

    By Trijack
    I received a “free” e-book offer from the WSJ. I had to download the app, only to find that “free” is $14.99! Can’t trust this app.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Eduaaah25
    Really love the fact that this app pushes me to read every day. Definitely, recommend to anyone who wants to push themselves to read and beat out your friend's score. Also, love the fact they girl you money for actually reading. Which you could use to buy books with.
  • Buggiest ebook reader 1/5

    By rain_man_sweep
    This app is incredibly and frustratingly buggy. Examples: - Books often open to a random location, sometimes the beginning of the chapter you were on, rarely where you left off - When clicking on a footnote, it often leaps to a random footnote from chapter 1 rather than the footnote you wanted - There is bizarre highlighting behavior that seems to happen almost anytime you want to turn the page and turns the screen into an unreadable jumbled mess. Will not be buying a second book on this app.
  • Darkest Hour 5/5

    By Razzojoe
    I read the book after seeing the movie. It was great. I want to see the movie again.
  • Thumbs down 1/5

    By Soxfan42
    I downloaded this in order to take advantage of a offer through which I could get a free book. I found that whatever books I download are essentially locked within the app, so that I can't save a copy of the book to put on my other e-book reader. There's no way I would spend money to buy a book on BookShout, if I can't save a copy. I also don't much care for all the statistics and time-tracking either (for one thing, they're distracting), but there is no option that I can find to shut them off. I just want to read for enjoyment and relaxation and I don't want to make a contest out of it. (edit) I guess what really bothers me is the vague feeling that my reading is in some way being monitored. To make a long story short, I'll look elsewhere for e-books, not BookShout.
  • Short story 5/5

    By BabsL88
    This short story taught us to believe and our faith will take us where we need to be,
  • Slow! 1/5

    By Att170
    Takes way too long to load
  • I like this app 5/5

    By PatrickLAnthony
    Discovered by accident. Free books that are good. A reader that works trouble free. Even the books that aren’t free are very inexpensive.
  • App crashes constantly 1/5

    By Miss Mason 05
    Have one book in my account and every time I go to read it, it crashes before I can even see the first page. What a worthless app
  • Latest update made it worse 1/5

    By ldnash
    Latest update took away the ability to tell how many words you have read - it only indicates when you have reached the daily goal. I liked that it told you how many words because I always read way beyond the goal, but now I can’t see how much I have read. It was already frustrating because at the end of each chapter it seemed to lose some of your total words, and the only way to get them back was to go back to the end of the previous chapter long enough to read it again before proceeding. PLEASE FIX!
  • Sherlock Holmes 5/5

    By Powbill
    Excellent book I was presently impressed by the author of this book
  • Not working 1/5

    By Viperosw
    Why bother providing an App where it doesn’t work?
  • BookShout 4/5

    By LiDmedtech
    Their books are sometimes frustrating to order. You pick a book for your cart, and when you go to pay the cart is empty. So you have to repeat sometimes 3-4 times before you can get the book. Also, they may have the same book as BookBub at the same price. But then they add taxes. A few cents here and there adds up. Sometimes I get so frustrated trying to order that I just go to BookBub and save a few cents with no order frustration. Also, they do not display the time like BookBub does. So you have to back out of the application to check the time. Same thing to check battery charge. Annoying. I do like seeing how much I’ve read and seeing my ranking compared to others. That’s why I use BookShout. It compensates for some of the annoyance.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Mad-N-Mos Mom
    Great app ,with an amazing supply of Books.
  • Doesn't work on Apple Watch 1/5

    By mochiliu
    Had to sign up to download any book from their website. Poor collection of books. The reader doesn't work on Apple Watch. Just says coming soon.
  • Horrible reading app - visual distractions 1/5

    By EdHans
    There seems to be no way to turn off the top menu or the progress at the bottom. It never lets you forget you are reading on a computing device. Unlike the Kindle apps which totally get out of your way and JUST. SHOW. THE. TEXT.
  • Love this app but... 4/5

    By Jessnzach
    This app has become my go to for reading, I even ditched my kindle, BUT I've noticed over the last few weeks there have been a lot of glitches. Like my reading words not adding up like they should on the computer by fine on my phone. And having trouble turning the page sometimes, like it will take me backwards or skip a chapter. While the issues are mainly on computer and not the app, I still would love to get it resolved!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By extrafth
  • If you like to read, you'll love this app 5/5

    By Gymbeaux
    I read,a lot. This site allows you to not only read, you can track what you read, you are provided with a status report on your reading goals, you are ranked with other readers on the site plus you earn BookShout Bucks just for reading. You can use these bucks to apply to future purchases. Doesn't get any better than this
  • Does not work 1/5

    By KellyRipasBicep
    Does not work
  • You ready for this... 3/5

    By catopoly
    It's ok -I like how you can speed it up -Annoying emails -I used it for books that are required for school and it's a pretty good resource
  • So far can't load the only book I got free from TMobile 1/5

    By rjmartinez
    Yep. The app seems to forever try to load my nat'l geo book that I got as a promo from TMobile. When it finally loads...I'll post an update. For now I just sit and wait....
  • This App actually helps you read! 4/5

    By Mingo3
    It encourages you! Amazing!
  • Annoying... 1/5

    By raven_voice
    The app constantly nags you about meeting your daily reading goal whether you set one up or not. This feature is enabled right from the start and spams you every day in your email about it. The functionality to disable it was not working in app, presenting a less than helpful blank screen under "settings". I actually had to go to their website, login and disable it there to finally get it to stop nagging my inbox. In my case this is totally inappropriate as I have reference books for school on my account. If I didn't have to use this app for my coursework it would already be deleted from my device.
  • Greatness 5/5

    By Garrett Bryan
    Huge selection of eBooks and the best eReader I've used. Better than Kindle and Nook. Love that I can set myself daily goals and that I earn BookShout money just for reading.
  • Habit changing 5/5

    By Nemesi5
    I'm on track to read my goal of 5 books per month and then some, and this app is the reason why. Love getting BookShout bucks for just reading, but the stats and the reading analytics are my favorite.
  • BookShout Bucks are #winning 5/5

    By AllAboutDemWords
    This app rocks! As you read, you earn BookShout Bucks which can be used to buy more ebooks. Plus the goal tracking is on point! This app has everything for the new age book lover.
  • Lifesaving App 5/5

    By Lboogie2004
    This app is pretty awesome! Great selection of books and always seems to save me a trip to the book store and school and for leisure reading. Love the reader the best and its ease of use. Great App! Great Company!

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