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BookShout: eBook & Reading App App

BookShout​ ​-​ ​eBook​ ​&​ ​Reading​ ​App Get the BookShout app for iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and carry your eBook collection everywhere you go. With reading & goal tracking, speed reading, and BookShout Bucks, your custom reading experience is never more than a tap away. BookShout​ ​is​ ​the​ ​Smart​ ​Way​ ​to​ ​Read​ ​More. What​ ​you’ll​ ​get: BookShout​ ​Bucks*:​ ​Read more to pay less. Earn BookShout Bucks to spend on the titles you crave simply by reading. The more words you consume, the more BookShout Bucks you get. ​ ​*Participating publishers only FREE​ ​eBooks:​ ​BookShout is home to over 200,000 FREE eBooks ranging from classic literature to popular authors such as Jennifer Weiner and James Patterson. We’ll also send you daily eBook deals straight to your inbox. eBooks:​ ​Shop the BookShout library of over 1.5 million eBooks from top publishers for instant access to your next must-read. Browse categories, New York Times® Best Sellers, and personal recommendations based on your reading habits and preferences. New eBook deals hit our eBookstore everyday! Download​ ​&​ ​Read:​ ​Instantly download an eBook from the BookShout eBookstore and it will automatically appear in your app. Read from the app or on the web. BookShout syncs your eBook across your favorite devices for reading anywhere, anytime. Switch between devices or eBooks and pick up right where you left off. Goals​ ​&​ ​Stats:​ ​Set monthly reading goals & crush them, then brag about your victory to anyone who will listen. BookShout tracks your words-read-per-day, average reading speed, and where you rank among friends, followers and BookShout readers. Custom​ ​Reading​ ​Experience:​ ​Customize font style, size, line spacing, background theme, column text, and reading mode to tailor your reading experience. Search within your eBook, take notes, highlight notable sections and share on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or with the BookShout community. Spritz​ ​Speed​ ​Reader:​ ​Devour more books in less time & pump up your words-per-minute rate with Spritz speed reading technology. Plus, this faster you read, the quicker you earn BookShout Bucks. BookShout​ ​Community:​ ​Join the BookShout community of bibliophiles to share the books you love & discover new titles for your bookshelf. Share notes, highlights, reviews, and more directly on your Facebook & Twitter pages. Get​ ​the​ ​free​ ​BookShout​ ​app​ ​now​ ​and​ ​start​ ​reading​ ​in​ ​seconds.

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BookShout: eBook & Reading App app reviews

  • Should be banned 1/5

    By mwsswe
    This app is the least friendly I have ever tried to use.
  • Since you incessantly bug me to review the app 1/5

    By Thescatterling
    I dislike this app intensely. 1.) It incessantly bugs you to review it. 2.) The developers constantly send you useless emails. 3.) It constantly highlights things when I’m merely trying to turn a page. 4.) When you close the app it’s incapable of reopening at the same book and page that you were last reading. 5.) I don’t care what “book bucks” are and I wish the developers would stop pimping them to me. In short, this app is intrusive and seemingly incapable of simply shutting up and being a book reader. Note to the developers: When you incessantly bug someone to review your app should be careful. You might get your wish.
  • Worse e reader app I have used 1/5

    By Nancy5217
    This app is horrible. Marks a book read only when it wants you cannot do that yourself. Does not allow notifications from other open apps to show or the battery and clock. Uses a lot of battery power and the pages sometimes won't turn and you have to open and close. Strongly wish the company I get books from wouldn't insist we use it. Much preferred Overdrive.
  • Confusing to place orders, books wont open 1/5

    By TheMomma of Lu
    Frustrating to order from one site, then have to log in and open books in this app, especially when the books then won’t even open. Who to complain to???
  • Doesn’t work with voiceover 1/5

    By NikkieLynn
    EPIC FAIL! In this day and age EVERY app is especially a reading app should work with Apple’s voiceover. The Kindle app is flawless. Turn on voiceover, swipe two fingers down and it reads continuously until you shut it off. BookShout requires you to click on every paragraph... something that’s not only tedious, but rather difficult for the sight impaired. For that reason, this app gets one star. It’s completely unacceptable.
  • Worst book app I’ve used 1/5

    By THEriksen
    I don’t understand why Harlequin switched to this eReader app. I’m beginning to dread when my monthly subscription books get added to my account. I’ve tried to give it a chance, but it is the worst eReader app I’ve used. I read 4-5 books each week. I’ve come to actually dread the beginning of each month when my subscription books are loaded. Issues I have 1. You cannot create shelves in BookShout. 2. You cannot hide archived books from your bookshelf. This makes it difficult to identify the new books that were loaded. 3. You cannot easily identify new books on your bookshelf. (See above.) 4. You cannot download a book without also opening it. 5. The action to turn pages is very touchy. Many times I end up highlighting text instead of turning the page. I don’t know what test market you used to evaluate the app before you switched, but you missed the mark with this one!
  • BookShout 1/5

    By I do not like BookShout
    No visible page number. Difficult to return to last page read if app crashes unexpectedly (which it does often).
  • Reading part is great but their bucks are useless 2/5

    By Ghoti2222222
    The reading part is great but the teaser of bucks that you can use to buy books is a ripoff. The screen says they’re available but you can’t put even a penny towards the purchase because it’s “too much.” You can add books to your wishlist but can’t view it in the app. You can’t buy books in the app.
  • Battery Killer / Leaves device unsecured. 1/5

    By ShenGen
    I’ve been using this app for a few months and it is a serious battery killer! If the app isn’t completely closed, it will drain you battery. The problem: the app will not allow your iPad to shut off. The app stays open and keeps your device open as well. Leaving your device unlocked and insecure while killing your battery. This is a serious security issue. Please fix this.
  • Bugs in app 1/5

    By Sad Dieter
    I started using this app when had no choice through Harlequin ebooks. I have tried on two devices and had problems. Words missing at beginning of chapter; Losing place in book and have to hunt for bookmarks; Getting caught between two pages and have to go out of app and come back in. I have even had to restart device at times. It will not show read books even though I have marked for it to do so. I have to go to Harlequin to search for books as the app search is useless.
  • Love his app! 5/5

    By shelster*
    I buy a lot of books on harlequin. This app was to read my books and I love it. I also my books on kindle and iBooks, this app is just as easy to read as my other favorites. I also discovered they pay me to read books, which I love!
  • BookShout not easy to navigate 2/5

    By Tofubob
    I had problems returning to the point I left off if I put it down long enough for it to reset to the home screen. I could not find a simple way to return after I clicked on a footnote.
  • BookShout falls short 2/5

    By seester10
    Not easy to use. Of all the books I read only one is marked read. Not easy to decipher reading status. Also, I download books to read when I am traveling, but when I try to read on a plane it tells me I need internet access. Very frustrating.
  • A joke 1/5

    By Xtxmolybdenumxtx
    Says free where is the free when it says buy this book
  • Cruddy app for reading 1/5

    By slc1161
    I feel like I’ve gone back 100 years with this app. Locks up and won’t open books. Randomly marks books as read when archived. That would be nice to have for all books. Tracking and setting reading goals is stupid...what am I in, kindergarten? I read for enjoyment, not competition. Having to uninstall and reinstall app to get it to function is bad. And I’m on an IPad, one of the most utilized platforms in the world!

    By IDragonLadyJane
    This app should not have been released to the public. I find the app to be cumbersome. I struggle with this application on both my MacBook and iPad. The app only marks a book as having been read if: 1) You have read through all the previews of other books that follow the book you’ve read 2) You did not read a page took quickly 3) You did not skip over a page or pages You cannot mark a book as being read, only the app can do that. I have to ask who decides if I have read a book, me the owner of the book or some misguided programmer who thinks they have to make this decision for me as I surely don’t know whether or nor I read a book. My publisher decided I must use this horrific app. They obviously did not test the product before they bought it. On my MacBook, the app does not correctly adjust the font sizes and line spacing when the option to enlarge the text is used. Text in the same sentence can be too large and then change to being too small (but the text was supposed to all be larger). Line spacing changes from none (lines touch) to one and a half (gaps between lines of text). I would not recommend this app to anyone and feel my publisher is holding me hostage to this terrible app.
  • BookShout is Nothing to Shout About 1/5

    By Bill of the Rockies
    This is a very bad app! It is very confusing to use, and it runs you through a series of requests for differing IDs and passwords. One minute it wants a WSJ password, then it wants a password to Dow Jones. In order to view your download it want an Amazon password. When I give it my Amazon password it rejects it. The flow should be very simple - select, purchase, and download. That is not how it works. WSJ should toss the app and start over. Just think of the books they could sell if this thing worked as intended!
  • Columba 5/5

    By New Vineyard
    Very good insight into this side of the war. Writing was difficult to follow at times
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Nemesi5
    I used to really love this app. Now, half of my books don’t load. App crashes. And now I can’t even get about half the books in their bookstore. Get it together!
  • Perfect tension - a page turner 5/5

    By Rick J Sr
    This work was sewn together by a master storyteller. The many interactions between the characters built the tension extremely well. The more I read the more I had to keep reading. This needs a sequel!!
  • Worst Book App Ever 1/5

    By Nadine52
    Every month I receive an offer from the Wall Street Journal for a free book. When I go to download the book it says it will open in this crappy app. But the app opens and the book is never there. Instead there are free offers for pure garbage. And the book I want is never seen again. Really this app is worse than useless.
  • Apple Watch 1/5

    By anna_kturner
    Why can’t I read on my Apple Watch?
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Lindy2077
    Junk. Tedious, clunky, and unnavigable. I’m only using this because of Harlequins free books. Any other book app is better than this piece of trash.
  • Columns too narrow 1/5

    By Tish?33
    This is NOT a user friendly app! The columns are too narrow leaving wide margins when set to two columns. I don’t know how it got so many stars in the ratings! The “Help” is basically is well...basic and not much help. Unfortunately I don’t have an option to use it with Harlequin ebooks! 😢
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By Hamsa108
    I bought books from Harlequin and they do not show on the site I would advise against using it and Harlequin users from buying books if only choice is BookShout. Very poor I have set 5 emails with no results Have spent money and no downloads on the page and no support either
  • Clunky and breaks 1/5

    By unhappy H reader
    The app is clunky to navigate and has been broken this week. New books won’t download. Existing books won’t open. I wish I could create shelves/ categories within my books. And I really wish I could search within *my* books. The search option covers all books. A toggle to do an internal search wouldn’t be that hard. I have searched other books I’m interested in, but there was no “download” or “buy” option listed. Make it obvious for me! A “not available yet” button would be helpful. Most of all- I just want it to work.
  • Going downhill 2/5

    By Mammoth6
    This app used to be great but it seems like with each update there’s more issues added. It used to save the book to my phone then it stopped doing that so I would have to download the books every time I opened the app. Even if I only had to switch to a different app. Now I can’t even download the books.
  • Can’t tell which books I haven’t read!! 3/5

    By Sta72
    I am only using this because I order a lot of books from Harlequin. I usually buy up to five at a time when I purchase. I like some of the user friendly options of the new app BUT I hate that I can’t tell which books are still new and unread. In my old app that they used it clearly stated at the top of the book that it was “new” which meant unread. This is frustrating.
  • Novel 212 4/5

    By ygmwak59
    I just finished reading this book. It was a quick read. Although I had predicted some of the narrative early on, the suspense and humour in the writing kept me reading... I read several books on e-readers. Usually on Overdrive app (tied to local libraries). I prefer their app because once books are open, can still tell time and notifications of how many pages remain in a chapter....
  • Terrible 1/5

    By un2happy
    Supposed to be able to read books downloaded from wsj. App keeps indicating no books although they have been downloaded. Very frustrating - avoid this app.
  • Amazing and Life Changing! 5/5

    By Dobby1922
    I am so enjoying BookShout! What an easy way to do what I love, reading on the go! It is so much more convenient to read on the go. Love this app!
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Lisnin
    This app, BookShout, is the single most infuriating reader platform I have ever encountered. It will surely make you SHOUT! My downloaded books don’t show up, navigation is impossible—try finding your way back from footnote hell—and multiple sign-ins are required. Use it only as a last resort; thankfully it isn’t.
  • Makes me crazy 2/5

    By zyx827
    I hate this app. I have bought books from a particular source for years and they recently moved to this. The order of books in the app is indecipherable and does not match the sort choices. Searching for a book that you own is a pain and the app shows books you don’t own first. Page turning is wonky. You can’t move around in the book. Ugh.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By FuryCat23654
    This is a great app, it only needs 2 improvements. 1) Being able to sort by Author, a 2) being able to spend my reading reward quarters to buy new books.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Pepperbrandy
    This is the worst book app I have ever used. I am forced to use it as long as I keep buying E books from the source that I have used for years. I read both on my iPad and iPhone. Every other app I have used, would know where I was at in the book no matter which device I chose to read from. When asking for help on this matter, I was told to just read on one device. I don’t always have my iPad with me, and when I am waiting for an appointment, I like to read. Also, I don’t like that it doesn’t time out, as all other apps do, when you are not using it. Sometimes I forget to get out of the app, and come back three hours later, and app is still open. I saw this complaint from others.
  • BookShout review on Sapiens 4/5

    By Chuckie R
    The author writes like this is a technical document. It is about as exciting as watching water boil. Really had to force myself to finish it. BookShout app works most of the time. Sometimes when opening it does not return to the page that you have closed it with. But generally it works ok.
  • Wonderful And Historical! 5/5

    By Sittinghen
    This book was a one sitting read. I couldn’t put it down.
  • Not a user friendly app 2/5

    By Diga1950
    I do or enjoy my experience with this app while reading my books. I also do not appreciate having no say in the use of it since the publisher I buy my books from does not give me a choice whether I use it or not. These are a couple of the reasons I do not like this app, it does not show the pages as it shows only a percentage, to change the lightening the reader has to go to settings and not simply swipe the screen, moreover jumping from one part of the book is not easy, moreover it seems more interested in counting the words you read as if we are still in school and congratulating you on your achievement!!!
  • Worst reading app I have 1/5

    By I'm franky ocean
    I am forced to use this by Harlequin. It is hard to get it to turn the page on my iPad. It has these reading goals I can’t seem to turn off.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By arglga
    Harlequin decided to use this app with their books I can’t even see my ebooks I have purchased through harlequin. I have over 1000 ebooks and can only see about 50 books on the app. I have tried to get help from harlequin but have not had any success with their solutions. Very disappointed from harlequin for using this app. The overdrive was a lot better.
  • Constantly looses downloaded book! 1/5

    By Horse-a-holic
    I download the book on to my iPhone while in WiFi but once out of Internet range this app looses the download 2/3 of the time. Very Frustrating! And now with the new update it even looses the downloaded book while home with WiFi! These bugs really must get fixed. I bought my books from Harlequin and have begged them to give me a simple standard downloadable format to read on an app that simply works. But BookShout is the only way to read their books on my cell. I’m hoping BookShout fixes these bugs soon or I won’t be buying anymore books from Harlequin...
  • Another fascinating story. 5/5

    By ckebaker
    I’ve read quite a few of Jenny’s books and loved them all but this book got interesting fast. It all started with the death of Mrs Manse and the way her family dealt with Polly and the bakery. Everybody suffers loss in this story: Reuben and Karensa, Polly and Huckle, Neil and Polly. Even Selina, Tarnie’s widow, suffers loss. But as always love and friendship endures and strong bonds are restored. I couldn’t put it down.
  • I like the app 4/5

    By Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsss
    I like the app. I used the app because my movie theater offered me a free ebook that I could only read only read on book shout. There are fewer setting for text styles but I really like the stars h
  • Login through wsj does not work 1/5

    By SophieYG
    Downloaded the app after downloading a book through wsj+, but was left with a blank page after logging in through email and selecting wsj
  • Compares poorly to other ereader apps 2/5

    By JohnNathanson
    I’ve been using this app about four months. WSJ offers me a free book monthly provided thru the BookShout platform. The app seems not to work offline. Wants me to login, but can’t bring up a login screen when disconnected. While my books are downloaded, no way to access them. Frequently updated, but seems not to work until the update is applied. That is, I’m sitting in a car or waiting room, offline and try to run the app. It says an update is needed, but won’t run the existing version. Includes many “social media crap” features, which I have zero interest in. I’ve used Kindle app for years, and Libby for months. Both are pleasurable to use. BookShout just leaves me sad and frustrated.
  • No organization 1/5

    By sabastedo
    I find this hard to keep track of what I am reading when I order a number of books. If I close down my iPad, I can’t sign in through t he app, but have go through harlequin and then have to sign in twice. I can not put books in an order that I w oiled like, nor can I put series together. I am totally frustrated with this and wish I could go back to what I had before.
  • akaRadiance 1/5

    By akaradiance
    I absolutely hate this app. At times, it is so difficult to use—unable to access books I have purchased or even get the app to open. Cannot tell what page you are on, the time, or the amount of battery your device has left. I am still trying to figure out what Harlequin sees in this app. I am just about to cancel Harlequin altogether. So frustrating.
  • What I dislike about this app 3/5

    By Lisap99
    I dislike only a few things about this app: 1) screen doesn’t timeout with inactivity (like every other app I use!) so if I walk away from the device without manually closing the screen, I may come back to drained power.; 2) I want a clock on the screen with my book. I love to read, so it’s easy for me to lose track of time. The only way I can check the time is to switch to some other app or close the book I’m reading to see the clock in the app ... a small thing, but annoying. 3) I want to turn off the reading competition features - I’m not a child and don’t need to be incentivized to read
  • Book order 2/5

    By cjparkkerr
    I wish there was an opportunity to sort and organize the books. Harlequin loaded my entire history, read and in read. I have years of books through them. It would be a great improvement to be able to mark books as read and/or place read books in separate file. Thank you.

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