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Bose Sleep

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  • Current Version: 3.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bose Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bose Sleep App

The Bose Sleep app is a companion app designed to be used only with Bose Sleepbuds™ II and Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™. The app is required to use these products. Full control of Sleepbuds™ is at your fingertips. Explore the Sound Library and download your favorite noise-masking sounds and relaxation content to build your nighttime routine. Customize your experience by adjusting volume, setting a personal alarm, accessing features like Phone-free Mode, managing product updates, and more. NOTE: This app is not compatible with other Bose products. California Privacy Notice of Collection :

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Bose Sleep app reviews

  • Poor app for a good product 3/5

    By MaggieG64
    Considering the SleepBuds cost a whopping $250, the app that supports them should be a lot better. Why can my iPad detect my AirPods and Jabras instantly, but this app takes MANY seconds to find the SleepBuds… and sometimes fails to find them entirely? Why are other audio apps controllable from the lock screen but not this one? Why do I have to unlock my iPad and navigate to the app to control the SleepBud volume with a slider rather than just use my volume rocker? This all seems like pretty basic stuff to me, that other apps manage fine. Other stuff: you can only listen to Bose sleep sounds on the SleepBuds. I don’t see why you can’t have a seamless experience of listening to whatever you want on the SleepBuds before sleep, then turning on Bose’s sounds. Talk about a nanny app! And I find way too many of the available sounds too busy and/or high-pitched. There’s only one or two I can stand to listen to. There might be good reason for other stuff that’s also inconvenient, like having to take time to load sounds ONTO your SleepBuds rather than simply stream it (I’m guessing so your sound is not dependent on your device’s battery life), but the whole interface is just needlessly frustrating and complex, which is not conducive to a relaxed pre-sleep state. The SleepBuds themselves are great, but hampered by this crappy app.
  • Apple update 1/5

    By ahirnebs
    Does not work with new apple update. Will no longer pair. Worked great before update
  • improve sound library 3/5

    By neoPHITEing
    It will be great if there are more nature sound options you choose from. The current nature sound seems very short and sound the same.
  • This app is great except… 5/5

    By Youaredumbifyoudontlikeit
    Bose’s Sleepbuds are the best. The app is also great. One suggestion though - when opening the app, after putting in the sleepbuds in the ears, the app starts as dark, then flashes bright white, and back to a dark screen again. As the whole process and intent is for sleep, a bright flash is certainly not optimal. The app has always been like this - from the beginning. Please fix!
  • I love these. 5/5

    By ACSJ81
    High quality hardware… the buds are very comfortable to sleep in… love the sounds and app. Really helps with my tinnitus. I have a small request for the app and that’s landscape mode support. Would be nice.
  • Horrible product. So much potential but zero customer support 1/5

    By MorrieG
    The product when working is great. But the app works intermittently and there is zero customer support from Bose. Good luck reaching them, I had to "message" them through Twitter. Better to purchase foam ear plugs at the local store; they are more reliable and much less $$$.
  • Terrible sound collections in the app 1/5

    By Erikeith153
    Very disappointed in the sound collections in the app. I like listening to natural sounds but every sound in the app sounds like low quality white noise mixed with other fake noises. I hate white noise because I find them very annoying and I can’t be the only one. To make it worse, I can’t listen to the natural sounds in my Apple Music library because they decided we don’t need this function for the earbuds, go figure. So please add some *real* natural sounds to the app instead of mixing them with white noises. It just sounds like a low quality sound track.
  • SleepBuds bricked with 3.0.8 ‘update’ 1/5

    By Cogdell
    Excellent product until latest update which puts you into an endless loop of connecting to them, then ‘Your app is out of date’. Yes, you can choose to do it later which brings you right back to the same message. If you choose to update the app, it sends you to the Apple App Store which just so happens to have the same ‘new’ version I already have! Deleting app, power cycling phone, Bluetooth off/on, reset charging case - ALL the steps (in different orders too) that are documented to “resolve my issue” have been for naught. Can’t ‘forget’ the buds and reconnect them because the app never gets that far. Wife offered to buy me another pair (I work midnight shifts) because they do work really well and help me rest - but I don’t believe it’ll help the issue. Right now they’re just a extremely expensive ear plug. 🙄🤬🤷🏻‍♂️

    By Mista Andy
    These sleepbuds do not work on any of the new iOS platforms. The app is useless. There’s no way to connect the buds to the phone. **There’s no customer service, Bose tries to make it seem like it’s a mechanical issue on your end. They need to either update the software, or give us back our money. TERRIBLE PRODUCT
  • Best sleep buds out there 5/5

    By Talon1302
    Pilot that travels. Ideal for day-sleeping
  • Life changing 4/5

    By Wilmany
    My husband had gotten these for himself thinking he could stream his music, can’t do. Fortunately, he gave them to me to see if I would like. I get up for work at 4:45 am and the alarm was too much for him every morning. With these, I get to set up my alarm. Win!! I listen to my Rumble or rain, at 4:45 my noise stops and my alarm goes off. No more alarm going off for my husband to hear. I’m a side sleeper so I am able to only use one. Maybe Bose will come up with a smaller rubber piece for smaller ears to wear both comfortably at once. A longer wing to hug the curve of ear, a smaller ear tip. They have saved my life. No more sleepless nights. I love my Sleepbuds.
  • Latest firmware update bricked buds 1/5

    By RobMoliak
    Loaded firmware update as indicated on app on 4/23/21. Buds no longer connect to app. Two months old. Bose quality control is a sad remnant of what it used to be. Bose was a premium brand that innovated. Now it’s Sony: A sad shell of “almost there” products that are riding the reputation of the good, old days, while trying to compete with the likes of Apple. I’m sure these buds will make a nice addition to our electronic waste in a landfill somewhere.
  • Great earbuds, sorry app 1/5

    By Sneakers1960
    Had I truly understood that these earbuds, at a price of $249, did not connect to any other app, I probably would not have gotten them. The earbuds themselves are very comfortable and have a great sound quality, however, this app is terrible. Very, very limited sounds to listen to, and most of them sound the same. There are great sleep apps out there like Calm or I usually watch my iPad for a little bit, then switch to Calm. I have headband sleep headphones, but it get hot and the headphones move around. I truly thought these earbuds were the answer I was looking for. Watch the iPad for a bit and switch right over, but now I have to take off the headband and fumble around to get the earbuds in and pull some mundane noise from the app. Sometimes I like to listen to music.....can’t do that either. If they are not going to allow these earbuds to connect to anything else, this app needs some serious, super updates. There is not even a thunderstorm option on this app. It has been more than 90 days, so I can’t send them back. I just want them to be able to connect to any app I want to listen to. Unless they fix this app, don’t buy the earbuds.
  • Sound request 4/5

    By Morgan Inspired
    For some reason the sound of continuous home oxygen generator puts me right to sleep would love this to be added
  • Life changer 5/5

    By linear_circle
    The backstory: Got a kitten 4 months ago and she has to stay in my room at night so she doesn’t get into trouble. The past week she starts meowing, constantly, in the morning for about 1-2 hours because she wants to go see the birds on my balcony. So I wasn’t getting much sleep. The solution: I bought the headphone and she no longer wakes me up with her meowing. The sound selection on the app is great. Lots of options and they sound good on the earbuds. I HIGHLY recommend these if noise keeps you up. The app also allows you to set an alarm so you don’t have to worry about sleeping though an alarm. Thank you Bose.
  • The most comforting sleep I’ve had in years 5/5

    By Revolt Puppy
    Between my snoring partner, our cat violently slobbering all over herself on the bed, and our new puppy whining in her crate, good sleep was a thing of the past. But today these Sleep Buds have seriously improved my life. I might even be getting addicted to the pillowy comfort of their soundscapes, because I’ll go into the bedroom in the middle of the day and see them in their case and boom! I'm fantasizing about skiing down an alpine slope toward restfulness and pleasant dreams. They’re remarkably comfortable to sleep in, only once or twice causing some mild ear pain, if I sleep weird on one side. You can’t stream anything you want, only what’s in the app, but I don’t care about that. I just care about getting to sleep and staying asleep! To that end, I love the variety of soundscapes they provide. To my ear, more than one of the naturescapes category have recognizable loops, which I find distracting, but there are over 40 sounds to choose from, so I can still find plenty that send me off to slumberland with the bonus of also having some variety night-to-night, if I need it. Overall, two small complaints can’t mar this 5-star review. I can sleep! I can sleep! I CAN SLEEP AGAIN!
  • Wow. These work wonders for me. 5/5

    By NicholasCBrown
    I grew up falling asleep to the tv. I have always been a white noise/tv sleep sounds person. My girlfriend is the exact opposite, she needs pitch black and silence. Naturally the compromise is pitch black and silence. But these babies have completely changed my life. I fall asleep super fast and sleep like a baby. Absolutely love the headphones and app. 10/10.
  • Apple Watch support? 3/5

    By Epcap4ever
    It would be nice to be able to control the sleep pods with my watch...
  • app renders hardware less useful 3/5

    By Working momma
    I like the idea of the product but the app really brings it down. Things to fix: 1. Needs Separate volume options for each ear 2. Length of sound is too short. I shouldn’t be able to recognize the loop! 3. Needs more Variation of sound. These are all similiar. And most are not slow. Need slooow to sleep. 4. A variety of mid range sounds tones at most is a must bc most of these are lower. (If I could use another app, I would use “my noise” bc it lets me adjust the pitches and speed.) 4. If 3 isn’t possible, let me add 2 min clips. 5. The app is not intuitive. It takes a few tries to figure out the sounds play on the phone when testing them. I expected a much more customizable app and sound variation for 250k for the buds. The hardwire is fine. I hope the app changes soon or these buds are going back.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By Dmelendez10
    I see all of the different types of sounds I can add to my earbuds, but there’s no way to preview them. I click on the play button and I wAit forever until it finishes “loading” and nothing happens, then I click it again and nothings. Transferring a new sound to the earbuds takes a while and without a preview, it gets frustrating.
  • Ear buds stop working at a high rate and support is pretty dismal 1/5

    By all_the_nick_names_are_taken-
    I have four of these. Two of them one ear bud broke. They are sleep buds. So obviously you notice they are broken when going to sleep. Just when their support is closed. I keep forgetting to call the next day and notice again when their support is closed I need support. Only option is to call. It would be so much easier if I could send an email when I notice they are broken. Or god forbid have a chat app for this use case (which seems like it is a very common one see later below). Not to mention their site puts you in an infinite loop and you keep entering your serial number, on your phone digit by digit because they don’t offer copy of serial number support, only to go back to the page which says contact us. They seriously did not consider support for when their product breaks - which it breaks a lot. 50% in my case. And look online, there are tons and tons of posts of one ear bud breaking / stopping working and Bose support says to call them - which again they are closed when one is usually going to sleep. Save your money and just buy a noise cancellation product. They cost like $5 on your phone and it always works. I love Bose products but this one is a complete waste of money, don’t buy it.
  • Poor design choices on app update 1/5

    By Montanaflyer
    The user used to be able to connect, set an alarm and play sounds from one screen. Now you have to select an icon to go to a separate area for each task. Not a huge deal by itself but the point of these ear buds is sleeping and each separate screen totally defeats the point of sleep mode. If it was possible to roll the update back I would. No functionality was added (that I can see) only pointless steps....
  • Great app, one suggestion! 5/5

    By Matt10384
    Hello Bose product managers, here’s a feature request for you! Under sleep timer, instead of being able to set my sleep buds to stop playing sound in a certain number of preset hours i can just set it to stop playing sound at a certain time? That would be great!
  • Need to fix updated 1/5

    By Moose930
    After spending over an hour fiddling with a forced update at bedtime I was rewarded by finding out my sleep buds will no longer pair to my phone. I spent way too long not sleeping and trying to trouble shoot only to give up and call customer service the next day and be told that they were aware but had no time line for when a new update would fix this. Just that it might be weeks. Unacceptable
  • Junk 1/5

    By Not a boes fan
    Will not connect tired of trying these things are junk don’t waste your money!
  • SLEEP?? 1/5

    By Waste of Miney
    It’s 5 AM. I have just spent two hours trying to get this new earbuds to work. These earbuds are a joke. They are just as riddled with bugs as the first version. I am exhausted and I have not slept tonight. What company makes you do a project update when you reach for them in the middle of the night? Savior $250..
  • Great overall…but 3/5

    By Gazingstock
    Come on Bose…you’re BOSE, the gold standard for sound. Please couple this experience with some high-er quality naturescape availability via the app. Binaural frequencies would also be welcome “modern science” relaxation addition on this device!
  • Worked Great Until Update 1/5

    By fredoteabaggins
    Asked me to update and now they don’t pair or work. All troubleshooting has failed. Sending back. Not worth the headache for $260.
  • Why the white background? 3/5

    By cole507
    Hey love my sleepbuds...but why is the background of the app white? It blasts me in the eyes at night when I’m trying to use all of this to go to sleep. Please make the background black instead of white!
  • Best sleep ever 5/5

    By James Reginald Coleman Jr
    I was worried about the buds in my ears, just touching my skin put me off. The material is extremely comfortable. I’ve only woke up once to find one of the buds had fallen out. Definitely buy these if you live in the city, have loud neighbors or roommates or barking dogs. I was at my end when I got them and just throw them in pick a sound (not into the music sounds) and you’ll sleep like a rock. I do wish Bose would allow music to be transferred to them or other meditative noise/sounds that are third party. Also you can tell the water is fake sounding and repetitive. I can’t do those. Warm static, circulation and starboard are my gotos.
  • Need option to play wake up alarm externally 4/5

    By spikeanoid
    Would be nice if app had an option to play your alarm both on the sleepbuds and through your phone in case your sleepbuds fall out of your ears during the night.
  • Wonderful product, buggy app 4/5

    By Cooley materdoor
    I love the sleep buds but my Bose Sleep app is missing like half the audio library and I don’t know how to get it back. It could use some updated sounds too. Also for some reason my right sleepbud never charges above 58%. at least they get me through the night 🤷‍♀️
  • Good app, but could be better 4/5

    By Racingncl59
    I love the sleep buds! They are super com, however the app seems. Pretty limited and not up to the standards of other sleeping apps. For example it would be great to have an idea on when new sounds were coming, and if there could be some guided meditations to help fall asleep. That would make me feel like it was worth the investment since I cannot connect to other sleep apps, but $250 is pretty steep for an in-ear sound machine no matter how comfy they are.
  • So let me get this straight... 1/5

    By Johnnydoyle
    I paid $250 for these things and I can only use them with the Bose app? I can't use them for anything else on my iPhone? Is this a joke?
  • Don’t buy these. 1/5

    By Thebigguy190
    You can only listen to Bose sounds. Even if you find others that are better. There are other buds that are better. I have a set, and I find that my hearing aids work better. Had I known what they were like, I may have purchased the sports buds from Bose. Very unhappy Sleep Buds user.
  • Why did you remove the hour battery life info?? 1/5

    By Burrito 2.0
    I love my sleep buds. I have the first gen Ava have had multiple replacements but thankfully my current pair isn’t giving me issues! I forgot to charge my headphones and I go to battery to see how long I can use them since I have my alarm set on them to wake me for work. WHY DID YOU REMOVE THE FEATURE??? The app only shows battery percentage but not how many HOURS they will last you!! How do I know how long 34% will last me?? I don’t want them to die in the middle of the night and then not have an alarm!! Please bring this feature back
  • Do not buy these! 1/5

    By brendanp_1964
    My wife got me these for xmas. Worked good for 3 weeks. Then after that, they always have troubl connecting. Very aggrevating. Bose should be ashamed of themselves selling a garbage product like this.
  • Love my sleep buds, but... 5/5

    By Neko&Dusty
    I love my sleep buds. But recently, the snooze function doesn’t seem to work properly. If I hit snooze, it snoozes...and when I goes off again, I can’t turn off the alarm without taking my buds out and putting them in the case. I checked to make sure I have the most up to date version of the app, and I do. Can this be addressed?
  • Waiting for app to work correctly after update 2/5

    By PatriceD09
    I had the original Sleepbuds, which were okay when they worked. I now have the Sleepbuds II and it’s clear that there are still major connection issues with the app. My Sleepbuds play all night and my alarms work, but somehow still disconnect from the app during the night, making the process of using snooze or dismissing the alarm a major pain. Tired of repeatedly unpairing my sleepbuds, turning off Bluetooth, turning on airplane mode, putting earbuds in the case, resetting case, restarting device, reconnecting Sleepbuds, close out app, reopening app, deleting app then reinstalling app and still having connection issues. Really hope this app can be more consistent go forward.
  • Wont work at all 1/5

    By Reficulcern
    Terrible ... worse than Ver.1 - Pro tip get the Airpods Pro, and any tranquil app on ios . Better than this trash.
  • Does not connect. 1/5

    By @pple.Reviewer
    Connection is buggy and unreliable. Connected to iPhone but will not connect to iPad even after resetting and reinstall. Forums confirm lack of support with remedies limited to "Uninstall, reinstall app, use reset button on station, airplane mode on and off. Also good to point out this is a software issue with Bose Dev team, as the hardware works fine with iPhone 12. Will put these on my desk as a paperweight until a patch is released.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By gggbvgthgf
    Great product but would be perfect if the app was also available for the Apple Watch
  • Satisfecho 5/5

    By Dormilon 60
    Un producto especial para dormir, lo recomiendo.thank you BOSE
  • Needs iOS integration 3/5

    By ericg83
    This app does not use the native audio player APIs. What that means is that in order to change the volume or switch to a different track, you have to unlock your phone, go to the app and make those adjustments there. That’s a lot of friction especially in the middle of the night. If they add that, then I could also use my Apple Watch, which I wear while I sleep, to make those same adjustments. The hardware is great but the app needs tighter integration into iOS.
  • Excited For the Sleepbuds ll 5/5

    By Very good and fun!
    In desperation in went to the Web looking for sleep earplugs and saw that Bose had come out with a new version of Sleepbuds- I am over the moon! I loved my first set- until they didn’t work properly (went through several pairs) I believe I almost cried when I got my refund check, that’s how much those baby’s changed my life. The app seems great, more features, louder volume (I don’t have to turn these all the way to the loudest) and best part no more snoring husband or wires wrapped around my neck from corded, uncomfortable earphones. Thank you Bose for not giving up!!!!!!!
  • Connectivity Issues with iOS 14 1/5

    By AsiaBobasiaaaaaa
    The sleepbuds were great for about 2 weeks and then I purchased the iPhone 12. Unfortunately the app refuses to connect to my buds and on the off chance that it does, they disconnect every 2 hours which wakes me up. Luckily I still have my old phone that I keep on airplane mode so it won’t update. My sleepbuds only work on my old phone which is ridiculous. They need to fix this issue ASAP.
  • Great product, excellent for sleep/meditation 5/5

    By apxngl
    Bose buds are just amazing, only one suggestion, if add active noise canceling, it would be perfect,
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By CyberData4
    The sleepbuds themselves are fantastic. However, this app is the weakest part of the entire user experience. No widget support for iOS14 is terrible. It should be supported, especially to instantly connect and begin playing a users favorite sound. The time it takes the app to connect to earbuds is way too long. Users should be allowed to upload their own custom audio files via the app.
  • Warning. Horrible looping! 1/5

    By Jsvhere
    I had these for 2 years and only used one sound Warm Static and it worked perfectly. Since receiving the new sleep buds ii, this sound now has a horrible ping sound about every 10 seconds. I’ve tried some of the other sounds but the also have weird looping sound. This is product has become worthless to me and such a disappointment! What ever Bose did completely ruined it for me and it doesn’t appear they care. I would give this 5 stars before the new and improved version but now give it 0.