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  • Current Version: 2.4.0
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Bose® Sleep App

The Bose Sleep app is designed to be used only with Bose® sleepbuds™. The app is required to use the product. Companion app for Bose® noise-masking sleepbuds™; tiny earbuds for sleeping that are engineered to keep unwanted noises from waking you. The Bose Sleep app allows you to customize your experience with personal settings. Choose which soothing sound you want to hear, control volume, schedule wake-up alarms, manage product updates, and more. NOTE: This app is not compatible with other Bose products.

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Bose® Sleep app reviews

  • Life Changing 5/5

    By Bham guy9
    I can finally sleep through the night on a consistent basis. I’m a very lite sleeper..the slightest noise wakes me up. With the sleep buds I can adjust the sound from very soft to loud and drown out everything. Typically I keep my volume set about 30% and sleep great still hear if my children wake up. With these sleep buds I can get quality sleep again.
  • More Options 4/5

    By Sufishent1
    First of all I really like the ear buds they really do help. They don’t quite fit in my ear so they rub against the pillow making odd noises but I’ll still take them! I think an amazing addition to the sounds would be something that would be along the lines of meditation. I use these for sound masking and to turn my brain off so this would be an amazing addition to the line up you have now. Thank you
  • Pretty Good But Needs Update 5/5

    By R91240sx
    Please don’t get rid of them. Please come out with other soon. Please please. I hope you read these. I know this sounds pathetic but they help so much with my sleep issues, apnea and anxiety for falling asleep So sad to see these are being discontinued. Having sleep apnea/anxiety doesn’t help. But these buds fit so comfortably & when they work there the best sleep aid ever. I appreciate the transparency of the company on this issue. But it leaves me on what to do. Keep them & hope they won’t fail or return them and wonder what I’ll do without them. I get it though there’s something wrong they can’t seem to fix. Just wish they could !! App is not as bad as other say. Does need a update bcuz it doesn’t always catch on to the sleepbuds for some reason. Sound quality in my opinion is good. Yes it’s not super clear but... you want it suttle when sleeping. I love them. I sleep better no joke. I have sleep apnea & anxiety so this really helps. My only issue is that I’ve noticed that the headphones aren’t charging evenly but customer service which was great btw when contacted said there shud b a update to address.
  • Iphone vs Android 3/5

    By Arky Hog
    App works great on an Iphone, can’t get it to work at all on an Android Pixel 3.
  • 闪退!! 3/5

    By 开心嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟
  • So Sad.... 5/5

    By Capt Insanio
    I absolutely love these little guys and I’ve had trouble with the right one with charging, but other than that, they have been amazing. SUPER sad that they are discontinuing them and taking them back!! Nothing on the market that i know if us out there to replace them... 😢
  • So sleeping! 5/5

    By Froggycycles
    I purchased these ear buds because I have always struggled with falling asleep. This app and ear buds help so much. I fall asleep quickly and sleep through. The ear buds are very comfortable which I was concerned about because I can’t sleep with foam/sponge ear plugs. They are uncomfortable to sleep on. I have tried, trying to drown out sound, snoring, etc. but they make my ear sore. These Bose buds do not. I usually can't tell they are there. The app is easy to use and has a great variety of sleep sounds. I am very saddened to learn that you are discontinuing the ear buds due to some glitches/bugs. I have not experienced them. I was given the option of getting my money back but there is no other product that has worked. Please, please just fix the problems. I will continue to use them as long as possible.
  • Sleep 5/5

    By Bebe1761
    I just love my sleep buds. Due to the cancellation of production of sleep buds I am returning mine for a refund in hopes that in the not too distant future you will work out the bugs and begin production again. I am going to miss them immensely! I travel extensively and they are a godsend for those of us that are light sleepers and are in different motels and hotels nightly. I will be waiting on pins and needles for the newest version to hit the market. FYI...I own many Bose products and will continue to be a loyal customer. ❤️❤️❤️
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Brain cancer
    Couldn’t be without them! Worked a few bugs out and now EVERYONE in the family uses them...sorry to see them go🤨
  • I can’t sleep without these 5/5

    By ezra exposed
    The soothing white noise blocks out my dog’s snoring, and I don’t have to worry that they will block out my alarm because it comes right into my ear through the app. I am really dependent on these now because there is really nothing like them out there.
  • Great product, I hope they fix all issues 5/5

    By esteph_p
    This has been a God’s gift to my life. My husband snores and my marriage was being affected due to my mood swings for not sleeping properly. I absolutely LOVE this product, I have given them as gifts to friends with the same issues and was disheartened to see that they have been discontinued. I hope they fix whichever issues the pods have as this has been life changing and I can’t go anywhere without mine.
  • Nice 4/5

    By AnnaSpeer
    Very helpful product to sleep in loud areas.
  • Awesome product 5/5

    By Danche39
    For anyone who struggles with getting a good night sleep, these sleepbuds are a must! They help...a Lot! So grateful Bose has made this product and sad they are discontinuing it. The battery life/charging can be a challenge at times, but overall the benefits outweigh the cons, and you can’t put a price on good quality sleep that impacts your daily life! Thank you Bose for all your hard work and the support you provide in times like these. I would still highly recommend the Sleepbuds!
  • IOS 13.2.2 App Crashes Downloading Sounds 4/5

    By JasonVL
    My wife and I both snore so these have dramatically improved our lives. We bought two pairs a year ago and have dealt with the usual pain: hard to put back in the charging case, occasional poor charge, occasional difficulty connecting to both buds. Regardless though, when they work our sleep is wonderful! Within one year the pair that had the most problems fell apart; the charging magnets fell off. We bought a third pair and need to initiate an exchange. Regardless though, when they work our sleep is wonderful!! The most recent issue now is the Bose Sleep app crashes when attempting to download additional sounds on IOS 13.2.2. Thankfully we already replaced our least favorite default sounds, so I only mention it in the hopes that Bose will fix it so those of us customers that love the product can continue to use them for as long as they hold up. Please continue with bug fixes so we can continue buying up and using more pairs before the discontinued stock dries up.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Chrisempire
    App crashes every time I attempt to add additional sounds. I deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Also, had issues with right ear bud. However, Bose subsequently replaced with a new set. Now, please address app issue.
  • Terry’s Buds 4/5

    By terry's Buds
    I bought the Sleep Buds to help me cope with Tinitus while assisting with sleeping while using a CPAC. I never slept better while using the Sleep Buds. I was able to download more sounds to the library making the experience even better. My complaint involves connectivity of the Right Bud after returning from traveling to and from the Caribbean to the Mainland. I have exchanged the Sleep Buds twice. Although I have enjoyed using the Buds, it has been frustrating getting them to connect when they are mostly needed...
  • Pesky hotel neighbors 5/5

    By Monkeyboy2012
    If you travel overnight on business on a regular basis these bad boys will block out that neighbor who loses all inhibitions once they are in their hotel room. I have found them to be very comfortable and the alarm set up is very good.
  • These little things have changed my life!!!! 5/5

    By beachlover61
    Before Bose Sleepbuds my life sleeping was awful. I am a very quiet sleeper but my husband snores like a 2 ton wildebeest. I slept with corded iPhone headphones for years listening to sleep sounds. To say that was inconvenient is an understatement. Even then nothing could drown him out. Then Bose came into my life. I don’t hear him at all. Just the sweet sounds of a waterfall. If my house was on fire I wouldn’t leave until I had my Sleepbuds. I only wish they had been around 7 years ago.
  • Devestated these are going away. 5/5

    By abbeyh
    I am stocking up on earbuds because this is the only way I am able to sleep next to my partner who is a snorer. Absolutely devastated these are not going to be made anymore.
  • Attempts to download additional sounds crashes app. 4/5

    By App not ready
    Love these sleepbuds. Just purchased them. I’m using iOS 13.2.2 on an iPhone Xs. When I touch any of the sounds in the app with a download icon, the app crashes. All of the default sounds seem to work fine. I’d love to try out the other sounds that the app says can be downloaded. Bose, can you help fix this?
  • Keeping not returning 5/5

    By Talon1302
    I know there is a buyback. Not returning. Still best product available.
  • Changed my (sleep) life 5/5

    By AppleAppMan1234
    I’ve had these buds since the very beginning. The app is near perfect, and so are the buds. I know these are going to be discontinued but please don’t abandon them. I’ve been through two pairs with charging magnet issues (which fall off every 6 months or so) but continue to use them each and every night. Thank you for the amazing product and app
  • Life changing if it’s working 4/5

    By Kadmobile
    These sleep buds have completely changed my ability to sleep well, especially with a husband who snores. It’s amazing. My only issue is that the charging has major glitches. This is my 3rd set that I’ve had to exchange. Customer service is always very helpful though but they still need to work out some tech kinks on how the buds charge. The buds will sometimes say they are charged fully but they aren’t actually. Or sometimes no matter how long you charge them and it shows they are charging, it won’t go past some random percentage (like 37% which wouldn’t last you a full night). Well worth the glitches so far though, because of how amazing, effective and comfortable they are. I love them!!
  • Transformative sleep 5/5

    By orionorionorion3
    I love this product and hope that you will continue figuring out how to perfect them. I have used them regularly to help me sleep next to a snoring husband but my favorite moment was during a two day race. We had five brief hours to sleep before our next run. We had to sleep on a gym floor with other runners and these earplugs worked wonders blocking the sounds to the number of people packing up or entering the space. I was able to sleep soundly. Thank you!!
  • Stay the course, Bose 5/5

    By DavRoKel
    The app is great. The product is great - when it works. I know Bose has withdrawn Sleepbuds from the market, but I want to implore them to keep on working until they can be reintroduced, while maintaining Bose high product standards. Sleepbuds have been a real game changer for me, and I ask all past and present users to let Bose know we want them to continue addressing the bugs. Please.
  • Ah, sleep! 5/5

    By Gran-ny
    I’ve had to go through a couple of these, but the new one is perfect! Very easy to connect, very responsive, and the choice of sounds and volume make sleep wonderful again. Thank you!
  • Suddenly close app 4/5

    By abdoroo
    Please fix this problem when tapping sound library and wanting to add extra sounds suddenly close my iOS 13
  • So worth it! 5/5

    By Ali Kite
    These things literally are a life saver! I could not sleep in a house full of my dogs and a significant other who works an opposite shift. They’ve helped me survive third shift and a drastic switch to days! They’re names my “stress relief” rightfully so. The only thing I’d change would be more options for different noises.
  • They stopped working completely 1/5

    By phtephanie
    The app doesn’t connect to the headphones anymore , and leaving them overnight to charge won’t help the headphones connect either .
  • Sleepbuds 5/5

    By Sandyshop2udrop
    I am devastated! I have acute chronic Tinnitus due to a cyst that was removed from my brain. After 2 brain surgeries, Sleepbuds are the only therapy that has worked for me. I can’t sleep through the night without them. I’m freaking out because what if mine quit working? I won’t be able to replace them and I won’t be able to sleep. Please reach out to me.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By JF9898
    These things are amazing. They completely block out outside noise with soothing sounds. Very sorry to hear they are being discontinued due to battery issues. I haven’t had any issues with mine. Hope they figure it out and bring them back soon.
  • Work Overseas 5/5

    By tytus 12
    I work overseas and the schedule is 247 at a military base with lots of nose. Everyone lives in 2 man housing. The need for some kind of nose barrier and alarm clock is a must. This product works perfectly.
  • These are so frustrating 1/5

    By Tracer121
    Loved them at first then they did nothing but aggravate me. Wouldn’t connect to phone, wouldn’t charge, would die after an hour. There is a reason fhese are being discontinued
  • Great Use of Available Tech, Hope for Advancements in Future 4/5

    By Jammcj
    I really enjoy my sleep buds. They are very expensive, but there’s nothing else like them on the market so I think they’re worth the price. The buds are incredibly small and comfortable. I’m consistently able to fall and stay asleep even as my roommate blares the tv into the wee hours. I do wish they could hold a longer charge and stream like typical earbuds. I understand this is a constraint of technology. Hopefully as further research is done Bose can produce a sleepbuds 2 that retains the comfort and effectiveness of this product while adding additional functionality like streaming music. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who struggles with roommates or neighbors with nocturnal lifestyles.
  • Please bring this product back!! 5/5

    By hubby is olympian snorer
    I’m distraught to hear about the recall. I’m literally praying my Bose sleep buds will last until your new-and-improved version is rolled out. Please give me some hope that you won’t abandon us, the snore afflicted!
  • 💕💕Cannot do without - EVER! 4/5

    By NattieStack
    I love my Bose sleep buds. I cannot even express the gratitude I have for them. My husband is a loud to me snorer and since I purchase these back in March of this year, 2019, I have been able to finally get sleep. Granted, I do have them all the way up, but man, I cannot be any happier! They ONLY downfalls I have is that, 1- I wish there were more noise canceling sounds to load, and 2- Bose has discontinued the buds!!! What!?!? OMG, please Bose, please don’t forget those who are so happy with this product! This app is awesome and we need it to continue to grow and update!!!
  • I love these and sad they are discontinued. 5/5

    By Tbraunholz
    I have had the best sleep in 15 years with these. I’m thinking of trying to buy a 2nd pair for fear these break and I won’t be able to buy.
  • Announcement in Sleep buds 5/5

    By Tmjonesmd
    I just read your announcement regarding your production and concerns with sleep bud problems. I have to say PLEASE DO NOT STOP SUPPORTING THE CURRENT EARBUDS! They were given to me as a gift from my son last Christmas as he knew my sleep struggles for years with PTSD and night terrors/insomnia. I have never slept better and my husband will testify as well. I’ve never had any issues with my buds and have in fact recommended to my patients with chronic sleep issues and they have lived them as well. While I’m always willing to try new tech the current tech I have with Bose and the sleep buds has been amazing. While I noted in your FAQ on the current buds you would continue support. I ask again for those of us it has made such a life changing difference...Please don’t stop supporting the current buds until new options are available. Thank you so much Tina Jones
  • Best Thing Ever 5/5

    By u2head269
    I love these sleep buds. They have changed my life. I sleep with them every single night. They are a bit difficult to connect for charging but other than that, they work fantastic!
  • Amazing, I can finally sleep!! 5/5

    By Aliadriel
    My husband snores really bad; it’s like having a truck honking it’s horn all night. I tried noise machines, adding more fans in the room, an air purifier and I could still hear him until I got the sleep buds. The different sounds are great, but how it helps you concentrate on that specific sound canceling noises around you and being so comfortable for sleeping; I can’t sleep without them. Love the product!!!!
  • Love them even after a year 5/5

    By Relic65
    I am sorry that these will be discontinued, however I’m sure Bose will develop an even better product. I have had mine for about a year now, while I had hoped they would help with my Tinnitus I realized my ringing is too loud to be masked. The Sleep Buds do a wonderful job with background sounds so sleep is better for me. There were a few times that I had one or both Sleep Buds that did not charge. I chocked it up to not being positioned in the charger correctly, it may or may not have been the case. It may have been improved by an update. Either way I make sure they are charging correctly now. And have not had a problem like that for a very long time. The silicone covers for the Buds needed replacing a few months ago. I expected that after daily use. The only thing that has never gone away are the random connection issues between the app and the Buds. It didn’t matter if it was the phone or tablet. Replacing it into the charger always fixed the connection error so no real deal breaker. I will be keeping mine and continue to use them. Thank you Bose Relic65
  • Love these! 5/5

    By Kayabear_1
    Please don’t discontinue them! They give me a good nights sleep, finally. Earplugs just don’t work, snoring goes right through. The Bose sleepbuds helped me sleep well on a work trip this week where sleep was critical. The first night I was awoken very early (430am in a different time zone than mine by 2 hours, so 230am to me) by street sweepers and garbage trucks 14 floors below; night 2 and beyond I wore these and slept through the night flawlessly each time. I’ve never had a problem with mine.
  • Sleeping again! 5/5

    By plinkmeister
    I’m so thankful for the Bose sleepbuds. I can now sleep with my snoring husband and don’t wake anymore in the night with noises. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. This product is a godsend honestly!
  • Best sleep support 5/5

    By sloandm phone
    This is the best product I’ve ever had used for a sleep aide. Absolutely love it!!
  • Great when they work 2/5

    By oceanwavz
    The right earbud charges sometimes, sometimes they will be 58 % sometimes 100% sometimes 28%. No reason why downloaded sleep case 2.0 doesn’t matter. If you reset the case it will charge to 100 for a night or two. The shower sounds you can hear the loop. It’s like a tone in the background. But when they work they are awesome!
  • Bose sleep buds 5/5

    By PTS
    Life changing. Finally able to sleep after years of listening to snoring. Read they would no longer make them because of technical issues. That in my opinion would be a bad thing for those of us that depend on them.
  • Fix the Glitches and It Could Be Perfect 1/5

    By Blonde Enuff
    What a great solution for somebody who sleeps with a snorer or sleeps so lightly that they hear when the air conditioner kicks on. When this product works, it is phenomenal. So many downsides however. Over 80% of the time my right earbud stops working after an hour of sleep. Yes I make sure it is fully charged. Yes I clean the contacts every night. Yes I have the latest version of software. Yet the left earbud works all night long and the right only works for about an hour which means I am forced to sleep on one side to block the additional noise. And I can still hear the noise. Another huge drawback is that when you place the earbuds back in the case in the morning, it is a challenge to make the bud connect with the contact in the case. It takes several attempts and too many gyrations to manipulate the earbuds to connect so that you see the white charging light come on for each earbud. But wait, there’s more. When you go to bed and you’re tired the last thing you wanna do is spend 10 minutes removing the earbuds from their case and putting them back in over and over again until your iPhone sees that they are being used. The app on the iPhone cannot find the earbuds until you’ve tried three or four times. This is a consistent problem. I’ve only had it worked the first time about a dozen times in the year I have had this. Great idea, when it works it works well. It’s just there’s so many things about it that don’t work and are a total frustration.
  • Brainwaves 3/5

    By sissycatt
    Please add a few brainwave options. I love what they can do for me during sleep and awake. It’s the only option I was really hoping to find... otherwise the product is great. Options for listening are lacking.
  • Magic!!!! 5/5

    By jyskates
    My boyfriend snores. I have sleep troubles. I can’t fall asleep and stay asleep. Mix that in with the jackhammer next to me and it’s disastrous for my sleep. I had been using the little ear plugs. Roll them up and jam the in my ear. Not only were they not enough to silence the snoring, but I’m pretty sure I’ve damaged my ear canal from shoving those foam plugs way too far into my ear. That being said the Bose Sleepbuds are pure magic! I love falling asleep to the rain. I adjust the volume based on the boyfriend’s snoring. It’s absolutely brilliant! There is an alarm to wake you as you may not hear your traditional clock/phone alarm. That is another genius selling point. Add all that together and I’ve had two of the best nights sleep since I moved in with the boyfriend. This is a must buy if your loved one snores. Sleeping in another room was simply not an option. I believe in sleeping next to the man I love. Not that I haven’t snuck out a few times along the way when the snoring was extra loud. Nonetheless, this is a game changer! Thank you Bose!!!

Bose® Sleep app comments

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