Bose® Sleep

Bose® Sleep

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  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bose Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Bose® Sleep App

The Bose Sleep app is a companion app designed to be used only with Bose Sleepbuds™ II and Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™. The app is required to use these products. Full control of Sleepbuds™ is at your fingertips. Explore the Sound Library and download your favorite noise-masking sounds and relaxation content to build your nighttime routine. Customize your experience by adjusting volume, setting a personal alarm, accessing features like Phone-free Mode, managing product updates, and more. NOTE: This app is not compatible with other Bose products. California Privacy Notice of Collection :

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Bose® Sleep app reviews

  • Warning. Horrible looping! 1/5

    By Jsvhere
    I had these for 2 years and only used one sound Warm Static and it worked perfectly. Since receiving the new sleep buds ii, this sound now has a horrible ping sound about every 10 seconds. I’ve tried some of the other sounds but the also have weird looping sound. This is product has become worthless to me and such a disappointment! What ever Bose did completely ruined it for me and it doesn’t appear they care. I would give this 5 stars before the new and improved version but now give it 0.
  • Previous sounds 5/5

    By parislovers2004
    I decided to try the sleep buds again and was hoping to get the same sounds, especially after purchasing the sleep buds in Paris. When I listened to the sound as I fell asleep, it reminded me of being in Paris. It didn’t matter to me listening to the same sound every single night. I was hoping the sounds wouldn’t change. I love the the sleep buds but disappointed the sounds are different.
  • Love the new and improved models 5/5

    By DJones 5150
    Had the old ones which sucked all around. From the battery life to the app. These are great on the battery life so far! However the app needs major improvements. First:get rid of the pre-loaded sounds or make it simple for the user to delete the ones we don’t care for. I mean for $250 we deserve the ability to personalize them. Second : allow us to name the alarms. I would love to set an alarm for waking up, time for work it take you meds etc. Third: Even the first Version of the app with the original discontinued model of these allowed you to sample the sounds through the sleep buds. Come Bose this is disappointing for your brand! I have been with you guys since I was 10 years old! 34 years is a long time.. get it together quick Long time companies are dying. Suggestion: don’t be a on demand company who pushes products out to stay a head of other companies and lean on the consumer to report issues for you to try and fix them after it’s out. Offer product testing, get feedback, perfect it then put it on the market.🤷🏽‍♂️ I just saying. I was very disappointed with the discontinuation or the first models and how long it took to get a refund... I had to call you guys 3x a week for nearly 4 months. Yet I bought the new ones. At the end of the day you have loyal customers. Do better by then. Improve and fix your app.
  • I also like the app, but... 1/5

    By Yoifly
    I am acutely aware of the repetitive nature of the different sounds. I have had this problem before with other products, but I believed that paying almost $250 for earbuds would solve that problem. This has made the sleep buds useless for me. I also cannot figure out how to add new sounds to the buds, but that problem is a distant second place to the repeats in the sounds. Please, PLEASE eliminate this problem!!
  • No clear way to 1/5

    By Idaho989
    ... remove saved sounds. Also, you’re unable to sample sounds when the buds are in which is annoying. Like it will play the sound on your device’s speaker, but not on the buds. And your buds could be playing a different sound while your device’s speaker samples other sounds. Just doesn’t make sense. Latest iOS, iPhone model and app version. Get this fixed please. It’s... the basics of an app.
  • App is great but had to return the earbuds 2/5

    By sgmiller
    I really like the app. It's very well designed with a nice selection of sounds and paired flawlessly with the earbuds. Unfortunately, I could not get an acceptable fit in one of my ears using any of the provided tips. Either it was too uncomfortable or they fell out. Really sad and unacceptable at this price. Returned.
  • Incredible, but.. 4/5

    By VinceDennis
    Love the product and ability to use without the phone! First problem: the sounds could be less repetitive. For example, I love the underwater sound but it sounds like it’s just the same short recording on a continuous loop. This grabs my attention and I can’t fall asleep. Apps like Noizio don’t have this problem. Second problem: how do I remove a sound from My Sounds library? Thanks for making this, it’s a great product and could be even better with improved sounds!
  • Can’t connect !! 3/5

    By Erionziu
    When they work , they’re amazing ! Many connectivity issues though . Right now I am using them and the app can’t connect to one of the buds .
  • It did the job 3/5

    By 0Wayne
    Nice sounds
  • Trash 1/5

    By Rob1963
  • Thanks Bose! 5/5

    By Matt10384
    Thank you Bose for continuing to support this app even after the product has been discontinued. I love the product and still use it and the fact that you still make updates to the app makes me want to be loyal to Bose as i know you’ll stick by your products and do what’s best for your customers!
  • Won’t work with new ios update 1/5

    By Roxstar360
    How can Bose put their name in these? Complete waste of money right now.
  • IOS 13.4 1/5

    By Why taken?
    Bose Sleepbuds connectivity to the app has failed since the IOS 13.4 update. Bose has produced a new firmware that requires a pre-IOS 13.4 phone to upgrade. Those of us that only have 1 device that has been upgraded to 13.4 already do not have a fix for over a month now. This is completely unacceptable Bose.
  • Light sleeper 5/5

    By Cruz_n19
    I am a very light sleeper. The sleep buds help drown out sound of a spouse snoring next to you, kids in the next room, or some one cutting grass outside your window. Def worth the money. My only complaint. The connectivity between the buds and the charger isn’t the greatest. You have to ensure to play around with the buds against the charger to get it to fit correctly, to receive a charge.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Sarahr707070
    Great when it works, which is only half the time.
  • Can’t connected 1/5

    By daniel weiche
    Do not download, Bose should fix this app otherwise it’s a wast of money and great lost of reputation of their own.
  • May need "HFT Super Glue Gel" for magnets on earbuds (HarborFreight tools) 5/5

    By Big Man Bran
    You could sleep next to train-tracts while locomotives go by, or near beeping vehicles in reverse using the bose sleepbuds. After a couple months the magnets began to remove themselves from the bose sleepbuds. Most glue does not work well for re-setting the magnets because of the high duration of time required; only glue with approximately 3 second set time is adequate. I spent the last few months struggling with charging because the magnets wouldn't attach. Just don't lose the microscopic magnet or your bose sleepbuds will forever be cursed.
  • Dependent on them - awesome product! 5/5

    By Jane Elliott
    Thank you sooooo much for the new update! Something about iOS 13.4 messed up the BluTooth connection but now it’s better and I’m back to sleeping like a baby straight through my husband’s diesel-engine snoring. Don’t know what I’d do without these, they’re phenomenal.
  • iOS Update Fix 5/5

    By Ace 64
    Sleepbuds work for me now after an update was pushed to the buds from the app instead of an app update.
  • After iOS updated, sleep pad doesn’t work 1/5

    By Nohkubo
    I have updated iPhone OS and Boise sleep pad does not work
  • App Not working after the iOS update 2/5

    By FloridaGirl**
    My sleep buds stop working the day I installed the most recent iOS update no my phone. Please fix!! I didn't install the update on my iPad and can still run it there, although I get prompted nonstop by Apple to install the update. I can't sleep w/o these and would give the app 5 stars if they fix the app after the update.
  • Help! 2/5

    By superdav74
    These sleep buds have been amazing. I’m one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had any issues the entire time I’ve had them. But ever since the update to the new iOS my sleep buds have been acting up. They won’t turn on, or they won’t turn off, they randomly disconnect, they won’t save an alarm, and now the app says there’s an updated for my sleep buds but when I take them out to update it says “no dice”. I don’t get it. Please help!
  • Need urgent update 2/5

    By OJ_L
    I’ve been using the sleepbuds since the beta release and have been even more satisfied with the production release. However, after update to iOS 13.4 (and subsequent 13.4.1) it’s been almost impossible to connect to the sleepbuds. Please update ASAP!
  • Before the 13.4 update 3/5

    By Lorifran
    My sleep buds have never failed. Please update the app. I LOVE MY SLEEP BUDS!!!! I’ve worn the same pair for over a year. Never fail me. They have helped me through a tough time sleeping. I did the new iOS 13.4 update and the app is no good. PLEASE FIX THE APP!!!! It would be tragic if the only reason the Sleep Buds don’t work is because Bose didn’t update the app.
  • Does Not Work After Latest iOS Update 1/5

    By Not Sleeping Beauty
    This is my third pair (battery issues) but because they work so well when they do work I’m willing to put up with it. But Bose must still support and update the app so that they can work! They’ve stopped working after the iOS 13.4 update and now they’re useless.
  • 13.4 iOS update won’t allow connection to the Sleep buds. 5/5

    By nebxrayman
    Just updated and now my previously functioning Sleep Buds won’t connect to the app. Multiple restarts and reboots have no effect. Need app update STAT!! Online support is no help. Telephone support no longer exits. I now have a nice $250 paper weight. Thanks
  • Connection issue 1/5

    By Murtaza_Haider
    Won’t connect after 13.4 update.
  • Will not work with iOS 13.4 2/5

    By M_Lubo
    This is a great product but rendered nonfunctional with iOS 13.4 update. Please fix.
  • Needs update with iOS 13.4 4/5

    By Culadernow
    Just updated my IPhone 11 to IOS 13.4 and sleep buds will not connect to Bluetooth. Tried all the troubleshooting suggestions. Please update app!!’
  • New iOS update broke the connection to my buds 1/5

    By -Gatherer
    iOS 13.4 on an iPhone XS 256gb on Verizon will no longer connect with my sleep buds.
  • Ios13.4 1/5

    By CC Dave
    I have been in love with these sleep buds. Unfortunately, The company didn’t upgrade the app to work with 13.4. I am lucky. I had an old android phone here. That works fine with the sleepbuds. I hope that Bose will change the software soon
  • Please Update for iOS 13.4 1/5

    By croz44
    I finally got a pair of Sleep buds that keep a charge, but now they won’t connect to the app to turn them on. Please update for iOS 13.4 compatibility. Seems to be a Bluetooth issue.
  • Won’t work with new iOS 13.4 1/5

    By Texan317
    My sleep buds where working great until I downloaded the newest iOS 13.4. Now they don’t work at all! I’ve reset the base, I’ve connected to the Bose site online to see if there are any updates, none! I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and none of this has worked! Please help!!!!
  • Stopped working with iOS 13.4 1/5

    By iPad_For_REAL_Work
    We realize Bose discontinued this hardware, but we all paid a lot of money for sleepbuds. Please fix the app.
  • Not working after Apple IOS update 3/5

    By CrossplaneR1
    Please update your software. Buds won’t pair with phone now.
  • Useless with IOS 13.4 1/5

    By kjwarner
    Unable to connect after iOS update. Can’t use sleep buds without the app now
  • iOS 13.4 issues 1/5

    By Nobuchika
    After updating the device to 13.4, sleepbuds stopped playing any sound. They properly connect to the device but no sound is played. This seems a software issue, rather than a hardware issue. Please update
  • Problems with app and hardware 3/5

    By jon.owens
    Not connecting to phone after 13.4 update. Please fix soon! The buds are still working great.
  • iOS 13.4 breaks SleepBuds !!! 1/5

    By Joe Le Toon
    Just updated to iOS 13.4 and now sleep buds won’t connect to iPhone...
  • Not working 1/5

    By andrewebb
    This app does not work with iOS 13.4
  • Keep playing music even placed in case 1/5

    By alexniiii
    Drained the battery and the it stopped charging (Hand free mode on)
  • Newest update renders them useless 1/5

    By barrelproofbrett
    Can no longer pair to the new app update so I can’t use them. It won’t let me pair another brand new pair either. This is ridiculous. Bose, you need to update!
  • App is broken after update 3 weeks ago 3/5

    By Youaredumbifyoudontlikeit
    Am I the only one who’s sleepbuds don’t connect to the app after the last update? The app sees them - but won’t connect. I tried everything, called Bose, got replacements - but even the new ones won’t connect. I can still use them without the app - but no more sleep sounds or alarm. I loved them before the update when they worked properly. Now I love them much less! Please, please, fix the app!
  • These are terrible 1/5

    By Mrc5674
    I’ve bought two of these. The product is great, but stops working. I put my earbuds in the case every day to charge and I take care of them. One stops working, then the other. I’m an idiot for buying a second pair, but they really do block sound.
  • Latest update rendered sleepbuds useless 1/5

    By LaurelAH
    I just spent the last half hour trying to connect to the sleepbuds. It would go into an endless loop of adding them then not finding them. Not to mention that they still only charge to 58%
  • The best at blocking out snoring 5/5

    By SleeplessinCt
    I’ve tried everything to get a good night’s sleep and these are the best. Comfortable in my ears, and great at blocking out noise. No issues with product.
  • Ultima actualizacion 2/5

    By pholas
    Baje la ultima actualización y ya no me conecto mas el bud izquierdo y he hecho de todo y nada que conecta.
  • More Options 4/5

    By Sufishent1
    First of all I really like the ear buds they really do help. They don’t quite fit in my ear so they rub against the pillow making odd noises but I’ll still take them! I think an amazing addition to the sounds would be something that would be along the lines of meditation. I use these for sound masking and to turn my brain off so this would be an amazing addition to the line up you have now. Thank you
  • Pretty Good But Needs Update 5/5

    By R91240sx
    Please don’t get rid of them. Please come out with other soon. Please please. I hope you read these. I know this sounds pathetic but they help so much with my sleep issues, apnea and anxiety for falling asleep So sad to see these are being discontinued. Having sleep apnea/anxiety doesn’t help. But these buds fit so comfortably & when they work there the best sleep aid ever. I appreciate the transparency of the company on this issue. But it leaves me on what to do. Keep them & hope they won’t fail or return them and wonder what I’ll do without them. I get it though there’s something wrong they can’t seem to fix. Just wish they could !! App is not as bad as other say. Does need a update bcuz it doesn’t always catch on to the sleepbuds for some reason. Sound quality in my opinion is good. Yes it’s not super clear but... you want it suttle when sleeping. I love them. I sleep better no joke. I have sleep apnea & anxiety so this really helps. My only issue is that I’ve noticed that the headphones aren’t charging evenly but customer service which was great btw when contacted said there shud b a update to address.