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brightwheel App

brightwheel is everything you need for your early education program all in one simple app. Our top rated product and best-in-class support team are waiting for you! With brighthweel, administrators can manage their business, teachers can save valuable time, and parents can engage with their child’s education. Join the thousands of programs across the globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel! SCHOOLS / CHILDCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students and classrooms, track attendance and room ratios, share photos and videos, assess learning milestones, communicate with parents, send paperless invoices and payments, and manage staff. PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-time feed of photos, videos, reminders, and updates, use brightwheel’s digital check-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition online, and even invite grandparents, nannies, and friends to join in the fun! Features include: • Central Database: Store everything related to kids and families in one secure place. • Student Check-In: Multiple digital check-in options available including digital signatures, 4 digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode. • Staff Check-In & Ratios: Manage staff check-in and see your ratios across all your rooms in real time. • Photo and video sharing: Snap photos, record videos then tag students with one click. Automatically saved to your account and shared with parents (with no extra work!). • Daily Reports: Log naps, meals, bathroom, and other activities. Parents get a feed and daily summary. • Assessment & Observations: Make note of progress, achievements, and activities with pre-loaded state standards and a DRDP tool. Share with parents or privately amongst teachers. • Student Feed: Parents get a personalized feed throughout the day. Save time – no more paper tracking sheets or sending individual photos. • Parent Communication: Manage parent communication from one central hub (notices, calls, texts, etc.) • Calendar: Share events, holidays, and important dates with both families and staff. • Paperless Billing: Seamless electronic billing and payments for tuition and fees. • Reporting: Detailed reports of every brightwheel feature for billing and licensing requirements. • Seamless Sync: brightwheel stays up to date across all phones and tablets – so teachers can use their own device or a school device. • Web Portal: Easy management and great functionality available on the web too. • Affordable. Both free and premium plans available to fit your needs And... much more coming! brightwheel is the early education platform that is committed to innovation with frequent improvements and new features.


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  • Not a bad app except 3/5

    By weh114
    The app does everything well except a few things. If I open it and have messages pending there is nothing stating which child has the messages. Also the very basic feature of having badge notifications is lacking as well. I’d give it a higher rating, but because of the lack of these very basic UI short comings I can’t.
  • Love this App 4/5

    By MangoPpppppp
    This is a really great app. My only suggestion would be that if a video or photo is posted, I would love to be able to “like” it or have some way for the daycare to know that I saw the photo. Or if there was an easy to way to comment on a photo or video, that would be great.
  • Good overall 4/5

    By CAGBUG28675927571847
    I enjoy being able to get real time updates of my child, and especially love being able to see pictures of her! I do wish I could "like" the pictures they send. I also wish there was a Reply button for the messages so that I'm not generating a new message each time to communicate back and forth.
  • Good app overall. 4/5

    By Ihatematt
    Overall this app is very good. The one suggestion is changing the messaging feature. It’s annoying to flip between messages and sent tab. It would be 5 stars if the messages came through like an iPhone so it’s easier to read.
  • Review 4/5

    By CherryBlossomLuv
    We use this app for my daughter‘s daycare. I really like it it’s very helpful I can login anytime and as long as the daycare updates everything with her day I can know restrooms breaks what she had for snack and lunch. You can also make your payments online I really like that. However I do not like that when you bring Brightwheel up online on my computer you cannot send or receive the messages. That really needs to be updated some people are not allowed to have their cell phones and you need to be able to communicate about your child through the Internet as well.
  • Edit 5/5

    By Qwertyuiop00769006542245578
    Love BW. We use it at the daycare where I work. Two ideas we have that would make life a little bit easier: 1. Be able to edit an activity. Say you are adding lunch, and you click on “all checked in” but you added it after you’d put them down for nap. The problem is is you can’t “edit all” or “delete all” to remove it. If you have 18 kids in your class, it takes an extremely long time to edit every one. Maybe even a teacher’s activity log that you can edit from there? It would be extremely helpful. 2. Teacher to teacher messaging. There are a million reasons why this would be helpful. Thanks! Love the app!
  • Always frozen 2/5

    By Sheila762
    Won’t open. Says can’t find classroom. Always asks to try again. I don’t have time to keep trying to open apps over and over. When it works it’s great. When it doesn’t it’s useless to me and parents can’t see what happened that day.
  • suggestion 4/5

    By srhnoo
    i love the app. it’s so easy to use. however i with that the messages and the sent messages were on the same page so i could read as a feed
  • Need improvement for photos & videos 5/5

    By Mahesh Pandilwar
    Hi Team, Whenever schools are posting photos and videos. Once we click on it we can see photo/video. No problem with this. If we just slide our finger to left/right then it should show previous/next photo or video. Please see if we can accommodate this. It will make more convenient like social media apps. :)
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Lady Audra
    I love this app. I miss my kids when they are at school so I absolutely love getting pictures and videos during the day. It makes me so happy to see my kiddo having fun!!!
  • Best. App. Ever! 5/5

    By User since 2014
    4 weeks ago I hadn’t heard of this app and now I love it. Check-in and check-out notifications give peace of mind. Activity updates confirm that all is well. And pictures taken by the staff let us see him having fun. I know the staff gets credit for the updates during the day, but Brightwheel helps us know that we chose a great pre-school with a terrific staff. I’ve thanked the staff for their use of brightwheel. Now I thank Brightwheel for a simple to use interface that was intuitive to set up and provides a great service that I hadn’t even thought about. You know it is a great app when it goes straight from “what’s this” to “indispensable”. Awesome!
  • Love this - just wish messaging was better 4/5

    By Spoutsle3
    I love that my daycare uses this app! The info is all very useful and helps me to plan my pickup time easily. Only 4 stars because I don’t like how the messaging system doesn’t link together. It should be like an email or text format. This would allow multiple users (ex parents) to be able to follow the feed easier.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By sammylynnlady
    Love this app!! I would love to be able to use it on my Apple Watch!! Is there any plans in the works to make this happen??
  • Great to KIT! 4/5

    By Mia mommy
    Like that I can keep up on what my lil one is doing. Wish I could “like” things the teachers post on it.
  • Payments need to be updated 3/5

    By nothing953
    You can’t take a partial payment from a parent without creating a separate invoice. It makes what should be a simple transaction more complicated and time consuming. Also you can’t combine families and invoices on a single invoice.
  • Nice but.... 2/5

    By Clhylla90
    I like that I can use this app to check my child in and out and that I also get to see pics of him throughout the day but, I do not like that you can’t reply to messages. You do not get app icons saying you have messages or alerts just a banner that flashes once and goes away.
  • Love it 5/5

    By momofbrax
    I love the app i don’t worry about my son at day care. But I wish you can see it on the Apple Watch
  • New to the app 5/5

    By Shoelace16
    I have used many programs for daily sheets, billing and over all running of a childcare center. It is so nice to have all of it wrapped into one!!! The app is very easy to use. If I have any questions regarding what is to come and how to use the program, the response is immediate. One of the things I love seeing is the effort for state standards to be followed. I am very excited for the lessons section to be introduced.
  • Happy Customer! 5/5

    By Ryleightube
    Wonderful app that our parents absolutely love! Awesome customer service! This app has helped improve our business by bringing in new customers as well. We highly recommend it!
  • Response status for pics, videos and messages 4/5

    By taylorvika
    The app works fine for the most part. Pictures and Videos can be downloaded only with phone or iPad, but not with computer. Messages are only able to send with phone or iPad, again not computer. Wish they would add feature to respond under the picture or video to let teachers know that parents are seeing an appreciate their posts. Like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Absolutely THRILLED 5/5

    By RichfieldMalcolm
    I used to use MinuteMenu Kids Pro and found it was no longer adequate for my needs once they changed format and renamed themselves KidKare. That was a disaster. Then along cake Brightwheel which saved the day. Why. Because it not only did the same things as the others, it offered lots more such as pictures, videos, milestones, messaging, and more. For the small fee (which is cheaper than most others-I know because I have comparison shopped) it is WELL worth it for Premium. And if you don’t want to pay, there are still lots of features available at no cost. Try it. You will not be disappointed. I feel like it’s Christmas every time an update or new feature comes along!
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By *timothy.a*
    I tried to post this with zero stars, and I can’t. I’m giving one star because I cannot give less. I was forced to use this app when my child’s school began to use it and I’ve been disappointed from the start. From my perspective, parents are the least important users. The last straw for me was when they chose to expose my password on the screen of my device. Why would you provide the password used to sign out my child? I immediately sent an email asking them to call me. They sent an email instead. The email explained why they chose to expose the password! I was speechless. It was intentional. If they are that ignorant with my data (password), why would I provide them information used for payment / tuition. I can’t wait for an opportunity to stop using Brightwheel.
  • App feature 4/5

    By Unknown20123333444543
    Don't like u can delete messages and that it doesn't tell u if u have a message ! I never click to check I only click if I see a one on it
  • So unreliable 1/5

    By dontcareever
    * Once a week the daycare cannot enter their data and they have to resort to paper * I cannot see the messages about my kid in the app (only my partner can) - even though my kid is correctly tagged in my app and I receive everything except the messages. The only difference is that I have iOS 11 and the newest all version, while my partner has iOS 10 and an old app version. * The data refresh is very clunky and unreliable. Often times I have to exit my kids view into the "my children [view]" and go back to my child for the data to refresh.
  • It’s the best! 5/5

    By Kewlkatlindaj
    It is amazing that I’m able to talk to the daycare if need be through the app rather then having to make phone calls. And I love the photos that are posted.
  • Amazing for Daycare 5/5

    By AshleyA207
    I love being able to see how my children are doing while I’m at work. Brightwheel was a major factor in my choice of daycare. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Great App but... 3/5

    By MDA2630
    ...need the ability to download all the photos/videos faster and easier, not one by one! Cmon! Also, when I tap on a photo to save, then click done, it scrolls me back up to the top and I lose my place and I have to scroll thru all of the photos again to pick up where I left off.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Milathakilla
    Real cool way to give parents a window into their kids lives
  • Here's how to download videos 3/5

    By The Max Awesome
    The devs of this app are using Amazon Cloudfront to stream video. If you use Fiddler on PC or HttpWatch on iOS to watch the traffic log as you log in via the web browser and start a video playing, you'll see a Cloudfront url ending in "-brightwheel.m3u8". That's your video. They should set up a second Cloudfront option or account with the delivery method set to "Download" and then add a setting in the mobile app and website app to let the user choose if they'd rather stream or download the video. Also -- there is no login required for the Cloudfront stream, so be careful who you share the link with. Seems like a security flaw. Here is my workaround: 1. Install HttpWatch app and visit the website in it's built-in browser. 2. Log in and access your child's feed. Click on the video I want, and check the HttpWatch log to get the URL to the m3u8 stream. 3. Copy the URL and email it to yourself or whatever. 4. On your PC/Mac, download the ffmpeg open-source app. There is no installer -- it runs from wherever you downloaded and extracted it. 5. Run the following command, using the URL you emailed yourself earlier, to save the stream to a file locally: .\ffmpeg.exe -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc .mp4 So many hoops but hopefully Brightwheel will do the right thing and add download capability soon. Enjoy!
  • really wish it were free as advertised 1/5

    By super_ita
    Wish video was available for ALL versions of the app, not just premium versions. We are a non profit organization.
  • Very Disappointed with this Co 1/5

    By Jets21NY
    We have been using the app regularly since our daughter joined daycare over a year ago. The school just informed us that the messaging function will no longer be available starting next week due to it becoming a ‘premium’ feature. This is horrible, taking something away that was included before and that as parents we rely on heavily on a daily basis when we need to communicate with the teacher. If you’re going to have a premium package, make it for new features coming out not for features that your customers have been using for years. I’m sure now other features will follow this path eventually making the whole app useless. Corporate greed at its finest, thanks a lot.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By KUweatherman
    1) Only have one child? It still makes you click on their name first before seeing updates. 2) Messaging System? Can see a potential lawsuit or class action suit forming from this part of the app. It makes it APPEAR like you are only messaging the child’s teacher. Wrong. EVERY teacher in the center has access to these messages. It is equal to sending a private message in a group chat. Horrible implementation that can lead to seriously awkward situations and even privacy concerns. Highly suggest parents to stay away from this part of the app. Would not recommend.
  • Only one flaw! 4/5

    By Sgoding
    We just started using this for our daycare and love it! The only problem is that I cannot save the videos. They take some adorable videos of my kids and I’m unable to share or download the videos. Otherwise, this app is great!
  • Needs to be able to save videos 3/5

    By Odinmode
    Great app! I love it! But my only complaint is that it will not allow you to save videos. You can save the photos. Just not the videos. If they add this to the app and maybe the ability to LIKE activities like Facebook or Instagram, the app would be perfect!
  • Additional feature 3/5

    By add feature
    Would love the ability as a parent to “like” a pic or teacher feedback, so they know I appreciate everything they are sending me. Teachers love to see how much I look at their feed. Thanks!
  • No Touch ID Support? 4/5

    By Adam V.
    Overall, I like the Brightwheel app. It gets the job done and allows my wife and I to stay in touch with what’s going on during our son’s day at daycare. However, one thing that’s baffled me since we started using this app about a year ago is that it doesn’t support Touch ID or a passcode to access the app. If your phone is unlocked and someone picks it up, they can get right into this app. I keep thinking that Touch ID/passcode support will be incorporated in a future release, but after several releases now, I have yet to see the feature added.
  • Too many notifications 1/5

    By Brad77vh
    Stop the barrage of notifications!!
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Tiredofbuttons
    It used to be a very useful app. It went from being one of my favorite apps to my least favorite when it recently caused all updates of any kind to send a notification. Since I can't configure which updates ring my phone my choice is either silence, or the app nonstop buzzing, chiming or ringing for my 3 kids. If I didn't need it for notes from the daycare I would uninstall it. Unfortunately those settings did not help me. I will reinstall today and see if they work then.
  • USED to LOVE brightwheel...... 1/5

    By AmberGee1993
    We used to LOVE brightwheel. We have been using it for almost 2 years now. It was free, and they priced themselves on ALWAYS being free, but that changed when they asked us to try the premium version, which had lots of cool new features, such as videos, or assessment tools! All awesome features, but the owner would not pay for prices they were asking for so we couldn’t use brightwheel premium anymore... When we went back to the free version.. so many of our beloved free features such as parent messaging, incident reports, name to face, etc. are no longer available for free users. :( We have worked so hard to get our parents on board, and they all LOVE brightwheel so much and how much we are able to communicate through it. Makes us sad we will no longer be able to use brightwheel anymore. It also brings a lot of confusion that we will have to explain to our parents. 😔
  • Childcare 5/5

    By tayrell
    So far my overall experience has been really good, my daughter loves to go everyday. The meals are amazing and the activities that they do a really creative.
  • Was slow at first but was corrected quickly! 4/5

    By Capsman3
    Was very slow at first but since has been corrected and works well! Looks like They are constantly evaluating the performance of the app. I enjoy the video and picture features especially. The only feature I would like to see added would be a "like or love it" response to updates.
  • Works very well 5/5

    By _lingo
    Works very well. Feature request: download and save videos.
  • No Good right now 2/5

    The app has erased all of the information regarding my child’s days as well as messages and pictures I had on the app
  • A parent who isn't a fan 1/5

    By MaryOlivia
    My daycare started using this recently. They switched from Precious Status to this. Why ? I have no idea; however, in the middle of the day all your activities and pictures delete. Yet you get notices that the teacher is uploading. I called to get help and the telephone just rings to holding music. I'm definitely not a fan and wouldn't recommend. I'm hoping they switch back.
  • Help I updated and now it won’t work 2/5

    By cr8zielilme
    I updated the app and now nothing will load and I ant to know what is going on with my daughter! Please fix it ASAP
  • Lagging 3/5

    By Little foot Dino
    Brightwheel is taking forever to load on wifi and on data
  • Love it- one update request 5/5

    By Sarah Conder
    My kids daycare just switched to this app and on day 3 of it I already love it more than the previous one. But PLEASE make an update so I can download the videos they've sent me!
  • The notifications don't work 2/5

    By sdchris
    My daycare switched from precious status to brightwheel. Precious status wasn't great but at least the notifications worked. Currently I have them turned on in the app as well as the notification settings, yet all I'm receiving are check ins and outs. I asked my wife if she was getting anything else on her phone and she said she wasn't. This app needs work.
  • Saving videos 4/5

    By Ralliart1985
    Just like I can save pictures I’ll also like to save videos. Please send us an update soon. Thanks
  • Great app with one suggestion 5/5

    By 小杨同学o_O
    Thank you for making life so much easier with kids attending daycare! Recently the teachers are posting some videos of the kids playing, which is super nice, but we found we were not able to download them to our phone. Not sure if this is for some reason or it is a bug. Please improve this and we will be super happy with Brightwheel!

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