Calculator Plus - Full Screen

Calculator Plus - Full Screen

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DigitAlchemy LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
216 Ratings
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Calculator Plus - Full Screen App

The world’s favorite calculator app, with more than 40 million downloads worldwide. The perfect day-to-day calculator for both iPhone and iPad, Calculator Plus is easy to use and beautifully designed to be your daily calculator. Calculator Plus makes math simple and fun with crisp HD and a layout for fast and easy calculations. Solve all of your everyday calculations, from simple addition to fractions and multiplication. Calculator Plus remembers everything you calculate, and lets you review your history and past calculations anytime, making it perfect for shopping, doing homework and schoolwork, balancing checkbooks, making tips, taking notes, calculating taxes, and everyday math problems you’re sure to encounter. Calculator Plus is also an exceptional school calculator. Calculator Plus is the perfect calculator for teachers, students, and working professionals. If you quit the calculator and go do something else, it's all still there whenever you come back. You'll never need to type the same calculation twice again making it the perfect math calculator to take the best notes and solve any problem. FEATURES: - Calculations in clear, elegant type that's easy to read - Perform all the basic calculations you could ever need including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and percentages - Use backspace anytime to correct a simple mistake, instead of starting over - Keep track of your results using the memory buttons and history screen - Express yourself with light and dark themes - For more complicated and advanced problems, use options like squaring, square root, percent and the pi button Try out Calculator Plus – the simplest, strongest equation solver around! From everyday addition and subtraction to complex percent and fraction problems, you can solve and track it all for free. Download Calculator Plus for your iPhone or iPad and finally put that handheld calculator to rest. This version of Calculator Plus is ad-supported. An ad-free version is also available. Calculator Plus © 2018 Digitalchemy, LLC

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Calculator Plus - Full Screen app reviews

  • Best 5/5

    By Dfdogfood
    This is the best calculator of iPhone. I also use fraction calculator as well. Both are superior to the basic calculator. Both worth the money. Also use them on my company phone.
  • love calculator plus! 5/5

    By dykcin
    calculator plus is the best calculator out there-bar none-whatever the cost,well worth it-it is beautifully designed,easy on the eyes,light and dark formats available,very easy to use and every other superlative you can think of-anybody who rates this app less than 5 stars needs to have their head examined!
  • Best Calculator Out Of Them All! 5/5

    By Unknown User 2
    I liked this calculator so much I purchased for both my iOS and Android devices. The design is perfect and I use it all the time!
  • Best Calculator 5/5

    By Philiplh
    Use this all the time. Add metric conversion and it would be perfect.
  • Well Thought Out 5/5

    By IrritableBadger
    And executed very well. This calculator was designed for the way people actually use them. Simple things like displaying the preceding input saves tons of time trying to ensure variables are to spec without having to dig back into tables to confirm you're using the same data as before.
  • Calculator 5/5

    By Debbie KR
    This is the best calculator app I’ve come access!
  • Good Basic Calculator 5/5

    By Jakkk900
    App has good basic calculator functions and I greatly appreciate the ability to look at the history of your calculations for verification and you can pick up anywhere on the history and continue from mid calculation if you make an entry mistake. No need to start completely over if you find a mistake in your calculation string.
  • Calculator basic operations 2/5

    By c i powell
    This calculator does not follow the order of operations. This is a basic mathematical concept.
  • Great family of math apps! 5/5

    By TomStanley
    Love this AND the fraction calculator! Thank you!
  • Great Calculator 5/5

    By Beag0904
    Easy to use and best one I found
  • One star rating because... 1/5

    By mahjr
    You took away the sound OFF button. Please bring it back. Every click sound interferes with Spotify playback.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Nneky
    Awesome app. A must get!!!! Gives you a history and helps you when adding up shows you your last calculation without having to use memory. Awesome
  • Best Calculator 5/5

    By Macmci
    No problems at all with this calculator. I use the history feature a lot. Very easy to use.
  • Best one I’ve found. 5/5

    By Acustick2
    Best one I’ve found.
  • Great Calculator 5/5

    By cuddles26
    I have this product on my, iPad, and my phone. This replaces the one that is standard on both of my devices. This calculator, is much better, than I have ever seen!
  • Love this calculator 5/5

    By Birdintree2
    I have been using this calculator every day for several years. It's perfect for me. I love that I can look at my previous calculations so easily. Great app! Keys are a good size as well as the screen.
  • Very nice app. 5/5

    By reh45
    It works very well. I like it. I am sure you will also.
  • Misery clicking sound 1/5

    By 사라
    Awful, tragic, shameful, fragile clicking sound.
  • Good 5/5

    By Candiboxx
    Just what I was lookin for.
  • The Calc 5/5

    By moiDaisy
    This is now my go to calculator. I used to use “Numbers” but that app hasn’t been updated in years and no longer compatible with current iPhones. I have had no issues whatsoever with this app. It’s simple, aesthetically pleasing and does the job.
  • The BEST 5/5

    By Airtraveler
    I love this calculator. I use it every day. One feature that’s super useful is if you’re tallying in a lot of figures and think you might have entered something wrong you can click on the space right under the top line where it shows your most recent entry and it will bring you to a page where it shows every figure you have entered. I’ve used these feature many times as it is a timesaver. I have this calculator on all my devices and perfectly happy with it.
  • Awful Clicking Sounds Now Not Removable 1/5

    By Chico21115
    I bought this app a couple years ago for the sole reason that the standard iPhone installed calculator app had awful clicking sounds when hitting every key on the keyboard, with no way to silence it. Until today this Calculator Plus had no sound with it, and was wonderful to use. With this latest update, users no longer can turn off the extremely annoying click sounds. I wrote the app techs to see if there is any way to get rid of the clicking sounds. If they cannot be silenced, I will be deleting this app, and finding a silent one. I was advised by the app developer within days who advised that the only way to silence the keyboard sounds is to completely turn down the iPhone’s ringer and other sounds manually, which I don’t want to do since I would then no longer be able to hear incoming calls, messages, or emails. The developer said that its next app update would include an options button to turn off the keyboard clicks. Until that happens, my suggestion is for all iPhone users to go back to using Apple’s default Calculator app, which happily no longer has keyboard clicking sounds.
  • I use it everyday! 5/5

    By KT Didd
    I’ve tried several calculators but this my favourite by far.
  • DCM-Calculator Plus 5/5

    By davo1954
    Fantastic App and easy to use!
  • Favorite calculator app 5/5

    By Pedro504
    Easy to use features, pleasant interface and error free. Makes math easier and fun.
  • Almost a perfect calculator but still the best one! 5/5

    By BaalQuis
    If the developers find the way to make a direct deduction of calculated percentages from the initial amount as regular calculators do ; this will be the best and perfect calculator App in the market. Five stars anyway!
  • It's the best! 5/5

    By TeeShirt
    It’s the rare app you can’t find anything to complain about!! I'd like if they added keyboard clicks. But really, you can't find a better calculator app. I didn't need to pay for it, but I wanted to support them. BTW, click on “most critical” and you see 4 stars instead of 5. I haven’t seen that anywhere else.
  • Camille 5/5

    By WWJDCamille
    I love this app very much and I think the colors are beautiful just the way they are. It has everything I need in a calculator📌 Thank You All Very Much and God Bless You All For all your hard work🙏
  • Review 5/5

    By Lar calc
    This is a very good calculator! I like the style and the choice of light or dark themes. Larcalc
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Bosphorousman
    Lets you see the equation as you enter it!
  • Joe Mcsnow 5/5

    By happy j m63
    Best app very good love it
  • Best app calculator ! 5/5

    By dublinstudio
    Best app calculator by far.
  • Best Calculator App out there! 5/5

    By ikabroukman
    The only calculator which gives me exactly what i need.
  • The Best!!! 5/5

    By wires1984
    I am a retired engineer and this is the easiest, best, and accurate calculator on the market!
  • Great calculator 5/5

    By corys70155
    It is simple to use and does exactly what I need without a bunch of extra distractions. Very handy to keep on the slide off panel for quick access.
  • Prefect 10 5/5

    By jdong9198
    My everyday calculator. Easy to use. Go get it. You will happy u have it.
  • Thank heavens for this calc app! 5/5

    By jpwinkle
    Been using over a year & has made my bill paying so much better. I don’t keep having to remember which one or what one I have already figured in—i just pull down the window. Thank you for this calculatir.😊
  • Professional and clean 5/5

    By roadram
    Great , clean looking calculator, very readable without many unnecessary functions. One of my must have application. Great work!
  • NOLAjoe 5/5

    By Joe6165
    Superior to any other calculator app!
  • Just pay for it 5/5

    By Dreamshark
    I used the free version for a long time. This was my fave Calc because of the simple clean design. All I really wanted was big numbers, basic functions, and a memory. Then the ads switched from a simple strip across the top to an unbelievably intrusive full screen video of a puppy that popped up constantly, rendering the app unusable. At first I was mad, but finally realized that $2 for an app I use every day is hard to argue with. So I bought the thing. But if the ads had been behaving like this when I first tried this app I would have deleted it immediately.
  • Great calculator 5/5

    By michael_michael_motorcycle
    Use it everyday and find it easy to use and read. It has all the features I need in a basic calculator.
  • SUPER! 5/5

    By GrannyDar
    When I upgraded my IPAD the calculator I had been using had been dropped by the App Store. In panic mode I rushed to find a replacement. I became disenchanted with the selection until I stumbled across this one. Viola! It was a direct replacement except for colors. What a relief. I do prefer the colors in the older one, deep earth tone with a orangey formula area/golden-red key tones (brighter-sharper) just because it had more definition for my aging eyes. When you get older you will understand. However, I only need it occasionally so I will manage. Boy it sure would be nice to also have a conversion calendar for things like cooking, traveling, weights etc. I would buy that in a heartbeat.
  • Best 5/5

    By robowelder69
    This is the best calculator, I've used on Cell Phones! I had it on my Galaxy Phone and now on my last Three Iphones!
  • Great Calc!! Get it!! 5/5

    By Harley Road King
    I’ve used this for years, it is a great easy calculator WITH MEMORY and tape, unlike the Apple calculator. Thanks!
  • I love the delete button! 5/5

    By SparkyAnn
    There is nothing more annoying then doing your calculations and enter a wrong number and have to start all over, except ads. This to me is worth buying the removing ads upgrade for the low cost. The calculator that comes with my phone does not have the delete button and I really wanted it so I found this calculator app. I love it. It would be nice to have a couple more color schemes, one that is bright and cheer! Thank you!

    By Alfa1952
    I have been using this calculator App for several weeks. Works great. Gives you a printed out showing of your calculation. Easy to use. A five star App.
  • Still a terrific calculator... 5/5

    By tiktoktik
    Been using this calculator for years & it's still my favorite basic calculator. I especially appreciate the easy access to the reciprocal (1/x) feature, something not usually available on a basic handheld calculator. I also love the "paper tape" feature which allows me to easily double check my calculations. The paid version is well worth its very small cost & eliminates the annoying ads. All in all, just a very nicely designed, very functional app.

    By VM1234567890
    This app is by far the best one I have ever used. Much better than the Apple app. The large keys are wonderful and I love how it keeps a running "tape" of your addition. Click sounds would be extra nice. I highly recommend it!
  • Simple and elegant 5/5

    By Mr. iSingh
    I have been using this app for quite some time and it's a simple elegant app. One of the few apps I have paid for. Love the simple interface. Highly recommend it.

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