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Capital One CreditWise

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  • Current Version: 1.37.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Capital One
  • Compatibility: Android
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Capital One CreditWise App

Know your credit score and much more Capital One CreditWise® is a free tool to check and monitor your credit score and it’s AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE not just Capital One® customers. Use CreditWise to understand what makes up your score and find helpful ways to take action to improve it. If your score is where you want it to be, use CreditWise to keep an eye on your accounts and get alerts when something changes on your TransUnion® or Experian® credit report. Used by millions of Capital One customers, CreditWise (formerly CreditTracker) is key for anyone who wants to know, improve, or monitor their credit score. Using CreditWise won’t hurt your score, and you won’t ever be asked to enter a credit card number. All features are free: ● Weekly TransUnion® VantageScore 3.0 credit score. ● Review your credit report from TransUnion® to look for signs of error, theft, or fraud. Your credit report includes open/closed accounts, balances, hard inquiries, personal information, and public records that have been reported to TransUnion®. ● Use the Credit Simulator to see how everyday decisions affect your credit score. ● Learn about the key factors that make up your credit score and how you’re doing on each of them. ● See personalized suggestions to help improve your credit score. ● Get alerts letting you know about changes to your TransUnion or Experian credit report, if your Social Security Number or email address were found on the dark web, and if any new names or addresses were associated with your Social Security Number. ● Simple, everyday tips on how you can take control of your credit. Prepare Before You Act How could closing a credit card account affect your credit score? How much could your score change if you pay off half your credit card debt or all your debt? See how these decisions could impact your score before you act by using our Credit Simulator. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can everyone access the CreditWise app? A: Yes. You just have to be 18 or older. Q: Does using CreditWise hurt my credit score? A: No. You can utilize all of CreditWise's free tools and features without hurting your score. Q: How can I use my CreditWise credit score? A: Your CreditWise score is a good measure of your credit health and its progress. And just like any score from any source, chances are your CreditWise score won’t be exactly the same as the one your lender uses. That's because lending decisions are complex and consider a number of different factors and scoring models. Q: I'm already enrolled in Capital One CreditTracker. Can I use the same username and password? A: Yes. If you've already enrolled in CreditTracker, use the same username and password that you use to sign in to service your accounts on or to access the Capital One Mobile servicing app.

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Capital One CreditWise app reviews

  • Jeanette 1/5

    By baby kila
    Something is very wrong here. I got locked out of the app the moment I got a car loan and made my first payment. First I got a message from Rxprrian that my credit rating went up 22 points. Then I got a message from this app that my rating has not changed at all. I tried to login with my face recognition and it would not let me, so I tried changing my password, it gave me the run around, then locked me out and referred me to Capital One, which I don’t even have an account with, so they could not help me. Now whoever runs/develops this site has my social security number and all my info, this is a SCAM!!!
  • Why 1/5

    By Gaspatchosoup
    Do apps lose your settings and require you to sign in using your password when you have Face ID set up. It’s kinda frustrating when your not around your password and you want to check on the info you got from the many push notifications.
  • Low Score 1/5

    By Anvil29dl2
    Not improving my credit score.
  • Error message 1/5

    By amdiaz817
    App worked just fine until new update. Now I cannot log in at all even after resetting password twice I still get error message
  • App needs to be updated and fix! 1/5

    By PMyers6
    This app needs to be fixed ASAP, I rested my password couple of time and even deleted the app but yet every time I try to login message pops up every time saying “need login assistance” this is very inconvenience and poor customer service on capital one for not fixing this issue.
  • Nice app but why not use the main app? 4/5

    By iOSJake
    The app works as designed but does nothing more than the main CapitalOne app can do. Maybe it’s for people who don’t have a CapitalOne credit card?
  • Credit Wise 2/5

    By Nanappr
    Not working after last update. Please fix
  • Updating credit report 3/5

    By jasmine johnson-acevedo
    It’s takes so long for credit wise to update my credit info I would like to see the debt that I’ve been paying of but credit wise takes very long to update it.
  • Made my day 5/5

    By Scott-lude
    I’ve been working so hard to build my credit score for 3 years. Thank you you’ve made my day.Scotty714
  • Missing the mark 3/5

    By SiliconSPY
    This app tells you your credit score but doesn’t permit you to challenge, correct or report things that are missing, false or just plain not yours.
  • Great FREE APP to monitor your credit 5/5

    By zzzwwpod
    One of my favorite apps to help you monitor your credit. They update your account every week for free! And they have great suggestions to help you on your way to whatever goals you have. Unlike some of the other company’s that only update your report once a month, unless you pay for faster services. Give them a try
  • Great app 4/5

    By Krod5
    The app is easy to use except when it comes to changing your password. I can’t figure this out to save my life. Otherwise, the app provides a good deal of information aside from just your credit score.
  • Great little app. 5/5

    By TourGirl555
    I love Capital One and all they’ve done for me on my credit building journey! The app is straightforward and easy to understand and navigate through. I really have no complaints to add. Keep up the good work and all you do for your customers.
  • Naomi Kauhane 4/5

    By Quad2020
    How do I cancel my account with credit wise?
  • Always Glitching 2/5

    I love this app. However, it is ALWAYS glitching!! PLEASE FIX THE APP. I love it & want to use it, but it is so FRUSTRATING to get a notification “You have updates, check them out” & then the app crashes over & over. It’ll last for WEEKS until they put out a new update. It’s so irritating 😤
  • Check your weight and check your credit 5/5

    By ReviewOF-AP
    Awareness is the key it improvement. This App makes it easy to stay aware and understand what factors are moving your score. They make it simple.
  • Not so hot 2/5

    By wowsers99
    I have a Capital One credit card. This app is supposed to update every week. It has not updated for approximately a month now. The score is not accurate, the balance of my card is not accurate. I’ve sent messages asking for it to be updated and no response. Not impressed.
  • Beyond insane 1/5

    By Chancey Ungawana
    This app has never worked correctly. Every time I try to log in it has issues. My password has to be change constantly and still won’t let me into the app. Come on whoever is in charge there. Get it together.
  • If you don’t mind resending your personal information every time you sign in, this app is for you. 1/5

    By dd89074
    I have had Capital One for years and love them dearly because they honestly care about their customers. So when they offered this service “Credit Wise” I didn’t think twice about signing up with them. But Credit Wise is ridiculous to sign in to. Every time I get an “Alert” that I need to sign in to read details and EVERY TIME I have to send my personal information so I can “change my passcode” which I find ridiculous! I don’t have the time to do this every time, I will use another credit card app that actually works for me instead of creating problem. Shame that Capital One is connected to this app, they are so much better than this. I had to give one star because I couldn’t give them zero.
  • Reporting my credit lower than it actually is 3/5

    By lost for words for this season
    This app is not accurate. It reports my credit being lower than it actually is.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By polarman4
    I couldn’t login even after changing my password several times after clicking forgot password. My usual capitol one app works fine.
  • Score and data 1/5

    By Lulu1965Gon
    Not accurate information ,
  • Why is my score still in the 500’s 2/5

    By $sherrihegwood$
    Review already has been written.
  • Capital one 5/5

    By NanaRoberta
    Has helped me bring up my score and free
  • Thank you 5/5

    By coaches coach
    I appreciate the effort in educating me on my new credit issue... you were most helpful & consider me a new customer!
  • Way off. 1/5

    By Form64
    The app has a consistently higher credit score by 75-80 points over the real FICO scores I get from my Experian app. I have no idea why they feel the need to artificially boost my score. So I’ll use their cc more?? Ridiculous.
  • WARNING!! Phishing App / ID Theft 1/5

    By null_error_404
    App developer team is asking for Social Security numbers upon sign up when creating account. After giving all personal information and confirming identity the credit wise app closes out forcing you to login again. Problem is you aren’t allowed to login using the same credentials. After clicking on “Need Help” I am again forced to enter the same credentials. After entering you are then told that the information you entered does not match what they have on file. There is no option to send an email or text to correct anything. Your personal information is being held captive and you have no methods of securing or retrieving the status of this login. I strongly suggest if this happens to you to contact Capital One immediately. I am hoping to hear back from Capital One regarding this matter within 24 hours.
  • Missing definitions, useful details and no support contacts 2/5

    By jamesbtex
    Missing key information and explanations of terms presented. Help offers no search to find these answers only pre-recorded FAQ’s. They also tend to hide the ability to contact any support personal to ask questions. This app is a fare start but is missing a lot of key features and not nearly enough details!
  • After update, no longer works!! 1/5

    By soonEXrenter
    My previously favourite app no longer works after the update. Thanks for nothing. You’re on a losing streak, Capital One. Friday we learned you lie to customers, and now this. Sad, sad, sad 😞
  • App not working 1/5

    By Don't put up with it!
    I can’t log in to my acct. I get diff. Codes and nothing works! Acct blocked
  • Don’t Really Know Yet. 5/5

    By LKopher33769
    I am just now learning to use this app. I don’t know much about it but I will come back and give more information about it. I’m gonna get credit back in order and get out of debt I hope.
  • No good for me 2/5

    By taj8989
    I checked my actual report to compare and credit wise was off by 100 points...not cool!!! Cannot feel to bad thought credit karma was the same.
  • New credit card. 5/5

    By Domtester
    I am absolutely impressed with every bell & whistle. The starting credit line is low but it’s what I need to get started back on track. I’m taking advantage of the Creditwise hints. Hoping to be able to raise my limit as my credit score improves. Thank you for the chance to have a credit card and be able to work my way back to a nice great credit scoreless
  • Won't let me log in 2/5

    By mbumb
    I've got touch ID turned on, you'd think that would simplify things, but nope, they still want my password, which I don't know because it's 2019. So I try resetting my password - they ask for my SSN, which seems sketchy, but I give it to them, but that's not good enough to reset my password, so then they ask for the 3 digit code on the back of my credit card. Ffs!
  • App Updates for Nearly Every Use 1/5

    By GaryB0001
    The irony must be lost on the developers who claim that theybwant to increase ease of use by requiring an update nearly every time the app is accessed. Not a lot of neurons firing on that one.
  • Great app...when you can access it 3/5

    By Happy 8261
    I had been absent on this app for a while and tried to get back in to check my credit score. I don’t know what happened but now I’m jumping through a ton of hoops to get back in and still can’t access it. The number they provided to call for help doesn’t list any online service help. I’m having to use a completely different app now because I just can’t get logged back in to this one no matter what I do
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By ilovelokilaufyson
    Doesn’t update often or give an an accurate credit score. You would have better luck with credit karma but even credit karma isn’t entirely up to date.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Tyedye Tim
    Great app. Very useful
  • Bad news 1/5

    By Allen jah
    My credit score is stuck at the same number for 4 months it doesn’t change ; in karma & experian on the other hand My credit scores are much higher
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By brandonnyr63
    I love the capital one credit app but the credit simulator has not been working for me recently not sure if it’s just me or everyone else to
  • Alert notification on the app won’t go away 👎🏼 1/5

    By Jo Devola
    After a recent update my app is still showing two notifications and I have clicked on everything to try to get it to go away. Your “Credit Wise” app used to be on my homepage now it’s on the back page so I don’t have to look at that notification anymore !
  • Can get better 2/5

    By joney jb
    My simulator has never worked 😩
  • Could be good, but... 1/5

    By xv1kterx
    ... email with verification code never show up. Yes, I’ve checked my spam filter blah blah blah
  • Helping me rebuild 5/5

    By Right brain stroke survivor
    Capital One is helping me rebuild my credit by offering me the opportunity to show consistency. My credit was shot and seemed impossible to fix. Capital one Prepaid cards have allowed me to built my score from 560 in April 2019 to 698 in September 2019. The recommendations and credit wise portions allows me to track my progress. The ability to pay my balance in full several times a month online is a sweet bonus to the Account.
  • Future Credit review app 2/5

    By SIUDOG70
    It’s broken. It gives you an option to “pay off credit card debt” to see how it would effect your credit rating but does not allow you to enter an amount to determine its effectiveness. It continuously resets to zero. I think that would be an important indicator of your credit rating. Especially if you plan to completely pay off a card balance and bring it to zero for an account you are current on or even behind a few times. It resets to zero every time.
  • App Update 3/5

    By Broker 7
    I checked the alerts on the app to clear them but the 2 alerts are still displaying on the app screen even though I checked them already

  • Stimulator doesn’t work 1/5

    By Xdivsx
    Would love to try out the stimulator but I cannot input any information. I tried to copy the numbers and paste and still does not show. The key pad the comes up does not input any data. Most valuable feature doesn’t work.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Mstone002
    It seems ok but I think it’s a bit slow on what it does but it’s free so who cares

Capital One CreditWise app comments

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