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Capital One CreditWise

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  • Current Version: 1.65.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Capital One
  • Compatibility: Android
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Capital One CreditWise App

Know your credit score and much more Capital One CreditWise® is a free tool to check and monitor your credit score and it’s AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE not just Capital One® customers. Use CreditWise to understand what makes up your score and find helpful ways to take action to improve it. If your score is where you want it to be, use CreditWise to keep an eye on your accounts and get alerts when something changes on your TransUnion® or Experian® credit report. Used by millions of Capital One customers, CreditWise (formerly CreditTracker) is key for anyone who wants to know, improve, or monitor their credit score. Using CreditWise won’t hurt your score, and you won’t ever be asked to enter a credit card number. All features are free: ● Weekly TransUnion® VantageScore 3.0 credit score. ● Review your credit report from TransUnion® to look for signs of error, theft, or fraud. Your credit report includes open/closed accounts, balances, hard inquiries, personal information, and public records that have been reported to TransUnion®. ● Use the Credit Simulator to see how everyday decisions affect your credit score. ● Learn about the key factors that make up your credit score and how you’re doing on each of them. ● See personalized suggestions to help improve your credit score. ● Get alerts letting you know about changes to your TransUnion or Experian credit report, if your Social Security Number or email address were found on the dark web, and if any new names or addresses were associated with your Social Security Number. ● Simple, everyday tips on how you can take control of your credit. Prepare Before You Act How could closing a credit card account affect your credit score? How much could your score change if you pay off half your credit card debt or all your debt? See how these decisions could impact your score before you act by using our Credit Simulator. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can everyone access the CreditWise app? A: Yes. You just have to be 18 or older. Q: Does using CreditWise hurt my credit score? A: No. You can utilize all of CreditWise's free tools and features without hurting your score. Q: How can I use my CreditWise credit score? A: Your CreditWise score is a good measure of your credit health and its progress. And just like any score from any source, chances are your CreditWise score won’t be exactly the same as the one your lender uses. That's because lending decisions are complex and consider a number of different factors and scoring models. Q: I'm already enrolled in Capital One CreditTracker. Can I use the same username and password? A: Yes. If you've already enrolled in CreditTracker, use the same username and password that you use to sign in to service your accounts on or to access the Capital One Mobile servicing app.

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Capital One CreditWise app reviews

  • Credit 5/5

    By trixey1234
    Score is making me so happy
  • Forced Phone Upgrade 2/5

    By Iam A. Foodlover
    Can’t use the app anymore because they require an upgraded OS. It says there’s a compatible version, but there is not. I can no longer use the app on my phone, so I’m forced to buy a new phone—even though mine is perfectly fine and functional otherwise.
  • Credit One/Credit wise 5/5

    By gosnakeman69
    Best secured card ever and good credit check
  • Score keeps dropping and I’m not using my credit 1/5

    By zippok48
    I just don’t understand why my school keeps dropping and I’m not using any of my credit and I have no late payments
  • App crashes 2/5

    By TMuscle
    App crashes upon log in.
  • Credit reversal 3/5

    By waliwali2020
    Using it hurt my credit
  • Unable to sign in anymore. 1/5

    By Shakespeare!
    Never sends the email for confirmation.
  • Love this site! 5/5

    By guffyluf
    Great source of telling you how your credit compares with the average Joe! Love it Lots
  • Declined applications 1/5

    By 7979Ku
    I have 643 credit score and your score will accept 540. I applied and you declined my applications.
  • Credit Score Changes 5/5

    By glorias71157
    Good afternoon 🌞 Unfortunately, I was doing Due Diligence trying to figure out finances after a horrific auto accident & get my life back to previous Medical Conditions... I had called to ask questions regarding different services ... Home loans & Reverse Mortgage?? I did NOT give permission for running my Credit!? I was at 704, last year before I received service notices from Credit Bureau that my credit was being accessed!? I have paid 5 vehicles & my CREDIT REPORTS DOES NOT REFLECT ANY CAR PURCHASES! I paid off my LEXUS RX 350 after 3 months+1 day!? The bank that sent me letter was Chase Bank & Enterprise Fleet Sales!! Why are my big purchases NEVER 👎 UPDATED!? Isn’t that a SHAME that vendors, contract/ liabilities ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REPORT EVERY CAR PURCHASES OVER $10,000.00?????
  • Great updates 5/5

    By Thomasuccess
    Just open the app and you know your credit score. Helps you understand how to improve and acknowledge your problems. Love watching my score going up.
  • App not working iPhone 11 3/5

    By Pheel321
    This app was working great until last update it seems. Please fix. It won’t let me on to check my credit:/
  • Using automated services. 1/5

    By gomer0710
    The ENO automated service was very disappointing. I work during normal business hours and can’t talk to a rep during daylight hours. Tried to get answers through ENO and it was nothing but a highly frustrating process and still don’t have any answers. Not impressed with this service at all. It can give me alerts and let me know if I’m behind or late but when I need assistance it is completely clueless and doesn’t even steer me in the right direction.
  • Not Working 1/5

    By STurberville
    I have previously been happy with this app, however I recently updated it. Now the app is asking me to enter my e-mail and states it does not recognize it as a valid email each time preventing me from using. Very disappointing! Please fix this bug!
  • My experience with Capital One 5/5

    By lulus dad
    So far everything has been great and support staff is always helpful, friendly and courteous
  • Not even correct with their own card! 3/5

    By The1jazzybabe
    Capital one is not even correct with their own card on this app. My cards are paid off and credit wise still after 3 weeks and another reported month, they are still not correct. Not worth the effort to download. If this app got things correct it might have a chance at 3 or 4 stars. Update: app took 2 months to get it all correctly done. As I see my credit score increase the app tells me to consolidate my cards in to one card and use their service to apply for it. So it seems as if they only want to help you then to sabotage the help they have given you. Not to worry most of the credit apps are like this. I understand you need to make money, but please give better advice as to keep a person’s credit number higher not to lower it.
  • Titus 5/5

    By tc26449
    The best Bank,
  • Credit report 3/5

    By douglass lord of pa
    My credit report shows my electric bill twice and therefore raises my debt / income ratio
  • This app is owe some 5/5

    By sohi 22
    It’s easy to use and very helpful and same day the post our entry’s
  • Not Updating Correctly 3/5

    By LizzyMash0820!
    Hey! I’ve been using CreditWise since I started with a credit card last year since it connects to Capital One. However, lately, it hasn’t been updating. My score on the app says 582. However, I look on every other site and it says anywhere from 630-650. This is where cards seem to look at this point since I haven’t been able to get any better card since it continues to say the score it too low when the range it says it accepts is where the other sites put me. Can this get fixed as soon as possible? Thanks! Overall, I do like using it. I just would rather it be updated to be accurate and not completely different level from other sites.
  • Founder / Owner 5/5

    By MarkBarron12
  • One of the worst! 1/5

    By flabber ghasted
    This app had me thinking my score was really low and actually I was 52 points higher. That’s a lot of bad info. And consistently wrong.
  • Outstanding Card! 5/5

    By Lsmithsr
    This card has great rewards, East on line access and is tied to Credit Wise which keeps one attuned to their score and spending.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Mr. Realtor
    This is a great perk of being a Capital One card holder. I check my credit wise info at least once per week. It helps me keep track of my credit, score and inquires which is so important these days. So, what’s in your wallet?!
  • Works Perfectly 5/5

    By u picka nickname
    I love Capital One
  • Antoinette 5/5

    By Nettieboo2
    Love it!
  • the Best 5/5

    By France Realtor
    this app is awesome to control your finances
  • Credit Check 5/5

    By moto91
    Keeps up to date on my current credit and ways to make it better!
  • My relationship with Capital one 5/5

    By chomachild
    Thank you for helping me in every aspect . You put your trust in me by allowing me to have a credit card and now I hope to repay that trust , and look forward to many years of collaboration .
  • Credit score 5/5

    By skeeterd65
    Great app, fast and easy to use

    I have this because of my capital one account. This shows 4 cards with capital one- I have 2. I spent hours on phone trying to get help only to be told - sorry we don’t see that on our end. I have screenshots of their information but they simply were not interested in providing any customer service.
  • Poor customer service 5/5

    By InReach419
    Can get ahold of you :(
  • Happy 5/5

    By ceeceev89
    Love it
  • Slow to Update 3/5

    By cw&jc
    I paid off my truck when I traded it in a couple of months ago and it still hasn't updated on my credit report. I paid off a credit card and have made several payments on others and they don't show up either.
  • You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression 1/5

    By CreditIQ
    I downloaded the App, entered in all my information, then at the last step I get an “oops we having trouble, try again later” message. Okay, so I came back later, tried to log in, their telling me wrong credentials. So I went to the find me section and entered my personal info yet again. It just stayed on a loading screen. Deleted the App and will not be attempting to use it ever again. I don’t like having my personal information played with!
  • Love it 5/5

    By quicobarber
    Got it
  • Credit Report 1/5

    Capital One has reported several inaccurate late payments to my credit report. They rejected a payment I made which caused a domino effect of late payment. When I found out and called, they said the one payment that caused this was rejected because I paid from a different account. Now I’m fighting to have these negative marks removed.
  • Need iPad app! 1/5

    By RithikKumar
    Need iPad app!
  • E 5/5

  • Car loan 5/5

    By takennicknsmeagainrlly
    I rely on my app to see any important changes due to a payment on a vehicle. It’s a good idea to know how and why changes happen
  • Thumbs up!! 5/5

    By dixiechico
    CapitalOne, you are the BEST & you’ll always have my business, with two thumbs up…..
  • Thank you 5/5

    By jimmer964
    Best for fixing your credit
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sp killa
    I really enjoy using this app.
  • Outstanding site 5/5

    By Jim86404
    This is a very easy to use and understand. They keep you informed about what is going on with both your Credit and Credit Score.
  • I’m glad I got this app 5/5

    By Kilpatrickak48
    I was being charged for medical bills that I was not supposed to be paying for the payment was supposed to be paid by my insurance company. CreditWise showed me the way I had to get my debit closed.
  • Important updates! 5/5

    By Sixmichaud
    Provides me with accurate updates in a timely manner. This information is critical as you look to improve your credit.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Marco82polo
    Works every time 👍🏼
  • Doesn’t Update information 1/5

    By AllAboutMe51
    I would depend solely on this app.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By Tammie Skyline
    I love Capital One for rewards and easy access to all accounts at a glance! So quick and easy to see all updates in real time.