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CareerBuilder: Job Search App

Looking for a better job or ready to make a career move? You’re in the right app. Core features: • Capture, upload and build AI resumes • Save jobs to apply later • Easy-apply with a single tap • Create custom alerts • Research salaries and required skills • Get notified when your applications are viewed • Guest apply The CareerBuilder Job Search app uses the latest augmented reality and mapping technology to help you discover jobs within a mile of your present location. Simply hold up your phone vertically to find jobs all around you while in the augmented reality (AR) mode. • Discover new jobs while commuting by bus, train or car • Apply filters such as companies, salary, skills Use our proprietary AI technology to build a new resume or CV. Or, upload a resume from iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Search for thousands of jobs using these keywords: • Work from Home • Gig Work • Customer Service • Full-time • Part-time • Administrative Assistant • Accounting • Sales • Warehouse • Retail • Hospitality • Transportation • and many, many more terms Wondering what to do next? Prepare for your Next Job with these career tools that help you: • Compare salaries from entry-level to senior-level positions • Research skills needed for your next two career moves • Filter careers by salary, education, qualifications, and experience Find work in any US location: • Atlanta • Houston • Chicago • New York • Miami • Dallas • Charlotte • Los Angeles Creating a profile has several benefits that make your job search easier: • Set up alerts for the most relevant job recommendations • See other types of jobs based on your profile • Let employers and companies do the hard work by finding you • Instantly apply with a single tap with your saved resume • See who viewed your resume, and when! • Know when your application was reviewed We're Building for You™ CareerBuilder’s Job Search app is the easiest way to manage a career search from anywhere at any time. Your search starts today! For over 25 years, CareerBuilder has put America to work, helping millions of people find jobs and hundreds of thousands of employers find the talent they need to succeed.

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CareerBuilder: Job Search app reviews

  • Ehh! 2/5

    By austincruz2019
    Lots of jobs were found that were in my interest but many that responded had me get the apps Telegram, Skype and other message apps. They would instantly say I was hired and send me a fake cashiers check to pay for my supplies. Was very dissatisfied about this. Out of over 200 applications and many were scammers!
  • Nothing Works 1/5

    By Crystalight😜
    You have great jobs posted... but what’s the point if I can’t create an account because you don’t recognize my zip code or any one for that matter... I can’t upload my resume to directly apply for a position... so please tell me what is the point again of your application!?!
  • Scammers 1/5

    By kittykat593
    My daughter got roped in on a work at home scam. They took 4K from a young girl that just wanted to work from home and take care of her new baby. Don’t give anyone your information!!
  • Best job board 5/5

    By 1kusbank
    I found my first real job with CareerBuilder. That job became my career. I’m back on the job search.
  • Bugs in app 1/5

    By Vishwas Mahale
    It’s asking to enter email and not letting me submit the resume
  • If you want daily spam calls sign right up! 1/5

    By guigbydcuufbo oh f
    No actual jobs on here, a bunch of franchise and insurance garbage. Worthless
  • Below par 1/5

    By MSDN pro
    If all the job apps this is the worst. No ability to mass delete messages. Notifications are faulty. Lots of spam and fraudulent job postings.
  • RN 1/5

    By lmac1837
    Requested information on how to make changes to resume. No information in email on how to make changes. Just ignored request!
  • Jobs 1/5

    By Halamadre
    You all do not help at all!!!
  • Average only if it improves 100% 1/5

    By Not your favorite app
    Does not save any job. Cannot eliminate jobs not liked or qualified for. Does not remember what your filtered search requirements were/are.
  • Filled With Scams 1/5

    By ++Nerdygirl++
    This app provides listings from fake websites like AmericanOnlineJobs and AOJ Work From Home. There is no way to report scam listings and they pop up first on most searches. LinkedIn seems to be somewhat more legitimate, but there are fake recruiters on there as well. The difference is that you can report fake accounts and scam recruiters on LinkedIn. You can’t do the same on CareerBuilder.
  • MyJobHelper 4/5

    By Fela0205!
    When I apply for positions I always have this 3rd party appear “” appear, I have to click the link in order to apply. I’m really confused! When I applied to Carrer Builders I was expecting to receive notifications from Career Builders.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Gebdjdksjshsjksksjsj
    I constantly get notification counts on the icon but I never know what I’m being notified of?!
  • This app 5/5

    By EMcCoy23
    I really enjoy this app because it’s straight to the point . I click , I apply ! Awesome and easy to use !
  • Not trustworthy and waste of time 1/5

    By robbi411
    The user interface is flawed. I even got a response from technical support saying that they can’t help me and they know their system is flawed! ALL of my responses Are Scammers! Career builder needs to have better security measures. This has wasted my time. Shame On You!
  • Extremely poor management 1/5

    By Recruiter 1
    I wouldn't normally start any type of review in a negative way but I don't think there is anything positive that can be said about working for this company when it comes to their western Region. Working as an internal employee and seeing/experiencing the things I did were horrible. There was harassment that was going on and no one would do anything about it. Management would make comments about how that is just normal and to lighten up. You couldn't trust anyone within the company because you knew that if you said anything it would get back to management and you were going to pay the price. That could be anything from getting cut off on work projects or possibly getting let go because of some made-up excuse. There was favoritism when it came to who would get what jobs to work on, If you addressed your concerns to management the response would be, well they earned it and you haven't. There were no rules in place when it came to working on jobs. There was no specific job/order ownership unless you have been with the company for a few years. Again, "Favoritism". so expect to have other recruiters to just jump on anything that is new and easy to fill. You either had to be a shark and not care about anyone or you would just sink. Management had/has no desire to make any changes to help the new recruiters. I don't feel that things will ever change for the Western Region until they have new management in place. I would not recommend working for Johnson Service Group Inc. in the Western Region if you are looking for something long term. They provide no training, no support or help to anyone.
  • Do not post your resume on here 1/5

    By szabel37
    This app and service is a joke. Never have I ever received so many fishy emails and texts from potential “job offers”. They require you to download multiple apps to talk to them but cannot offer a job posting or ever explain what the job is about. Stick with zip recruiter or indeed to find jobs because this is scary how many scammers use your information off your resume.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By BuildTrust
    When receiving text messages into your bucket, it’s no option for delete or move message. If someone will send you spam or bug message it will seating there... Developers should modify this app. Also you can’t have ability to add picture on your profile like other apps have. Very limited and not user friendly.
  • Too many scam call 1/5

    By E.Nashville
    I never get a real recruiter call me about a job on scammer and people who can’t speak clear English
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Dm1467
    You offer filters to run a search, yet show me jobs from a week ago. My filter is set at 24 hours. It’s time to go to other worthwhile sites.
  • Trash 1/5

    By jennafa76
    Too many scam artists not enough real responses from real companies that are legitimate
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 😍😊👀🥗🏠🥗🥗
    The app is screwed up ! U can’t download your resume ! U have to download that app which I did but I’m there is a glitch smh .
  • Charlene Caravella 5/5

    By jaynchat
    GrGreat app
  • Can I get a Job? 1/5

    By Ana7056
    I need a job, why recommend jobs that require a degree... when I fill out my education. I’m frustrated I cannot find a job.
  • Total hot garbage 1/5

    By RossingtonDC
    I submitted a resume though this service. Now my resume is in the hands of all sorts of awful head hunters. I’m getting solicitations for jobs that don’t come close to my career level. The recommended jobs have NOTHING to do with my current career. I work in IT and get recommendations accounting, HR and all sorts of jobs that have nothing to do with my search. It’s like I posted my resume on a bathroom wall at a gas station on the Jersey Turnpike. Stay away. Total garbage here.
  • Bombarded by scams 1/5

    By Basha Bear
    Stay away from this app. You will be bombarded with disturbing text messages from developing countries. I’m frantically trying to find the setting that stops sharing my information with these people. If I can’t I’m deleting this app.
  • App crashing 1/5

    By anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    App crashes when I try to view messages and more info about jobs, etc...
  • Not worth my time 2/5

    By ShawnVT
    Right after I downloaded and created an account I got spammed so bad by so many other spammers. The jobs that I was contacted about had nothing to do with my resume.
  • Would be nice if... 3/5

    By Tygerpaw88
    Would be nice if you could add a photo option to this app, employers would like a face with the resume...
  • Scams 1/5

    By habousha
    Be carful guys a lot of scammers on this app wearing a business names please please make sure they are real I have been made an interview with 2 company was scammers
  • RN 1/5

    By oneisthesun
    Hate this app. I get several calls and texts a day. The voice mails are foreigners I cannot begin to understand and the jobs offered are nowhere near me.
  • Today 5/5

    By scandal.riley
    So far so good to be able to get myself in a better place for my future and
  • Unable to edit resume 1/5

    By jobseeker789
    Must be an edit function somewhere?
  • Finally 5/5

    By oriondean
    Finally I got my resume done and I can send it now
  • Good for hourly jobs 2/5

    By Android FAR superior to iPhone
    The app seems to be designed to help those searching for hourly employment. Mid-career and professionals would likely do better seeking positions elsewhere .
  • Location Filter Doesn’t Work! 2/5

    By Harry599
    Another job app with a useless job location filter. Put in a job radius of 10 miles of Andover and get jobs in Boston and Lynn??
  • Be careful using this app 1/5

    By EJ355
    Be careful using this app. They sell your information to scammers and a large majority of jobs on this site are scam jobs. I have since taken my info off of this site and the amount of scam calls have dropped
  • Never accurate on location 1/5

    By abss1960
    I receive emails telling me that there are new jobs open in my area. They are all at least 1500 miles away and more. Not helpful at all. And yes my location is always on.
  • Nothing but ads for staffing firms and headhunters 1/5

    By Scottymixx
    Career builder is the most awful site on the internet... old ads, staffing & temp companies... don’t waste your time or energy. Can’t apply to legit jobs unless you make your resume public. And all that gets you is unwanted spam & robo calls...this used to be a good service but, then again, that was during the “dot com boom & Bust”!
  • Melissa M. TX 3/5

    By Mel.Moody72
    Overall the app is adequate however I had several issues with the app saving my location and distance settings choices.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Kevin_lee87
    All in one app.
  • Wow idk what took me so long to download this app. 5/5

    By pretty jae
    I got called for and interview and hired within 1 hr from a job I applied for and got a positive response from all others. Wow never using other career apps again.
  • Desperately Seeking Job 5/5

    By WazerCraze(r)
    This is most definitely one of the better/best apps I have used throughout my seemingly endless job hunt. I found everything very easily navigable and absolutely love that you can view how many times and by whom your resume has been viewed. The only aspect I would like to be done differently is the option of separate spaces or lines that would allow the job seeker the ability to add more than one job they are interested in or looking for. Other than that, I am very happy and impressed with, and thankful for CareerBuilder. Keep up the great work! Thank you!
  • Scammers 1/5

    By jcortez60
    Scammers have all my info based on website.
  • Do Not Recommend 1/5

    By Dustin2987
    This app does not list nearly all the jobs that are available in the market. Once I created an account I was overloaded with spam mail. This is the worst job search app. I recommend Indeed.
  • App is not saving my profile info 1/5

    By Dominic Gioffre
    There is something wrong with the application. It is not saving my preferences or credentials.
  • Need more ways to communicate with recruiters 3/5

    By Kennykinnnz
    I have over 30 years ss a program scheduler. I have been a manager and senior manager in the field. I keep getting hits for junior to mid-level positions. Short of pasting it across the top of my resume to not call me for scheduler roles, how else can I put that message out there? Also, how can I stop getting job recommendations from CB? They ones you say I am such a Great Fit for are so not even close to my skill set that J really just want to close my accounts and forget CB? Thanks, Ken Hanson
  • It doesn’t update applied jobs 1/5

    By 1993Chillen1993
    Just when I apply then close and reopen the app it says that I haven’t applied to any jobs idk what’s going on, I’m going to try and reinstall the app and see if that fixes the issue. I’ll update the review if it does. The issue wasn’t fixed at all, applied to over 27 different positions just for them not to post that I applied on my account. The jobs I applied to arnt showing in my applied jobs list. Fix and I’ll try again but as of right now indeed would be your best bet than this one.
  • D stress Free FFA la in million if gc xxl 5/5

    By Ir&b
    Suggest paint

CareerBuilder: Job Search app comments

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