Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth

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Centr, by Chris Hemsworth App

WHAT IS CENTR? Whatever your goal, age, sex or fitness level, this app will help you get it done with guidance from the world’s best trainers, chefs and well-being experts. And it’s all tailored to you; your goal, fitness level and diet preferences. It’s your PT, dietician, chef and wellness coach all in one app. It’s not a diet. It’s not a boot camp. It’s not just weight loss, either. There are meal plans and snacks you’ll actually love, workouts and programs you’ll look forward to, and practical techniques to keep your head in the game. WHAT DO YOU GET? Your weekly planner is the heart of Centr. Scroll through your week, or swipe to swap activities. Get new workouts, recipes and life hacks weekly. Simple to use and easy to follow. NEW Dedicated programs section: Breathe new life into your training routine with our time-based workout programs. Currently in session: Centr Unleashed – our 6 week bodyweight program where the only equipment you need… is you! Perfect if you’re training from home or don’t have access to any equipment. Centr 6 – our 6 week program inspired by Chris’s favorite way to train on the road. 6 exercises, 6 rounds, 6 days a week for 6 weeks! New programs will be continually added to your programs section! Daily workout videos: HIIT, boxing, strength, MMA, HIRT, functional training, Pilates, yoga and more! Log your goal and set intensity from beginner to advanced. Train at home or in the gym, whenever, wherever with 20-40 minute workouts. Easy, healthy meal plans: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or regular; take your pick! Swap recipes, add to your shopping list and adjust servings to feed more. Calming mindfulness: clear your head through guided meditations, get quality rest with sleep visualizations, and use expert tips and techniques to stress less. MEET THE TEAM Follow the Centr lifestyle to train, eat and feel better with these experts (& more): - Luke Zocchi: Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer - Joseph Sakoda AKA ‘Da Rulk’: Special Ops trainer - Ashley Joi: Cardio & strength trainer - Sylvia Roberts: Pilates instructor - Tahl Rinsky: Dynamic yoga instructor - Bobby Holland Hanton: Hollywood stuntman - Torre Washington: Vegan bodybuilder - Dan Churchill: Cookbook author & nutrition coach - Simon Hill: Plant-based foods podcaster - Jorge ‘The Spaniard’ Blanco: Boxing & MMA coach - Gunnar Peterson: Strength & endurance director - Michael Olajide Jr.: Boxing champion & supermodel trainer - Dr. Eric Goodman: Creator of Foundation Training - Alexis Naim: Holistic psychotherapist - Sergio Perera: Michelin-trained chef - Ally Bogard:Yoga & meditation teacher - Fabrice Midal: Leading French meditation teacher And of course, Chris Hemsworth himself. You’re here to build muscle, lose weight, or get fitter. They’re here to help you get it done. Centr can use HealthKit with Apple Watch to log your workout, record your heart rate and active energy. Don’t worry, we’ll ask for permission before we do this. SUBSCRIBERS AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE All Access subscription in 1, 3, 12 months Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal, as stated above, within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Current subscriptions may not be cancelled during the active subscription period, but you can manage subscriptions and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when a subscription is purchased for that publication, where applicable Read full Terms of Service & Privacy Policy: https://centr.com/article/show/5293/privacy-policy & https://centr.com/article/show/5294/terms-and-conditions

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Centr, by Chris Hemsworth app reviews

  • Love it!!!! 1/5

    By pjpbeme
    Incredible! I love the training program! I just finished the first 6 week program and lost a total of 8 inches! Today i started new program and i think I'm even more excited for this one, if possible! No weights i was skeptical but man am I sweating! Thank you for sharing these incredible resources with all of us! 🤗
  • Best Fitness App I’ve Used 5/5

    By Rockie4
    I signed up for the 6 week free trial when Coronavirus first started. I’ve been using this app for the workouts nearly daily. I love that they put together a whole calendar for you. I also love the new programs they’ve been doing. Just finished week 1 of Unleashed and I’m excited for week 2. I renewed my subscription a couple weeks ago. I’m not going any where. Lol
  • Loving it but.. 5/5

    By Disappointed 56
    I love the app and all that it offers. My only feedback would be a favorites option. I’d love to have a way to favorite/save a meal or a workout.
  • Helpful but pricey for what it offers 4/5

    By DemienP
    Loved the trial but definitely too expensive to make it an ongoing payment. Most of the trainers are cool, Rulk and Luke were my favorites. Centr6 is great if you lack of time and/or advanced equipment, but I don’t think that is enough to replace a gym membership (especially since it costs around the same). Recipes are not realistic for an average home/budget.
  • Convenient, straightforward, inspirational 5/5

    By MillsDVM
    Just finished the initial 6 week program- I love this. The classes are great- I’m really loving the yoga in particular. Further, the recipes are easy and delicious. Finally, the meditations are relaxing and just what I and my child needs during this stressful time.
  • Don’t get me wrong 5/5

    By McAwesome23
    I do enjoy this app and the features. However I I subscribed before before the trial ended and it’s saying I owe money. Is there a way to help me? Also I plan to definitely download the app again in the future
  • Love it 5/5

    By Who CDs
    I did the 6 week trial for Centr 6. I lost 5 pounds and I saw a noticeable change in how toned my body was!!! I have tried sooo many expensive gyms- equinox, Orangetheory, Barry’s boot camp etc. & I saw more results with this app working out at home. I have experience working out so the workouts were all easy to follow and weren’t super long where you feel discouraged and tired. The sequence and length of the workouts really worked for me & I felt like I was still being challenged every week I loved sergio’s meditation and once my trial ended I missed it so much so I had to sign up for the yearly subscription. I didn’t use the recipes. So excited to move onto centr unleashed the only thing I’d change is I wish you had the option to listen to your own music while still hearing the audio cues
  • Really good but some improvements needed 4/5

    By Maca.Molina
    The app is really great, lot of exercises and information. But It is not so stable and sometimes you can’t get in not in the phone nor in the computer which is tedious. I love all the recipes & snacks they offer, I prepare them every day and they are really easy to follow. I would improve some things such as put something like a heart in each recipe so we can create a like list of the recipes we like, the search would be easier. I would also improve that when you are looking a recipe, when you choose one and then you click back it goes right up to the top, to the first recipe and it should stay where you were.
  • Lack of Integrity 1/5

    By Mjcieslak1997
    I decided to download this app during this pandemic, because it was advertised to be free during this time. I believed it could really help me during this time of so much stress and uncertainty. However, I found out too late, that it was only a marketing ploy used to get people to buy the app. I was charged over a hundred dollars, before I realized what was going on. I find it so distasteful that someone, for whom I had great respect, would use a time like this to prey on people who are already are facing financial difficulties. I would have totally been willing to pay for this app once this was over, and we were back to work. I feel duped. I feel preyed upon. I feel very much like this was no different than all the people out there trying to price gouge on items we are all needing, which forced people to go without things they needed to get through this unprecedented time in our country. And for someone to use this time for their own financial gain, I find them to lack integrity and any character that I would ever support in any way ever again.
  • Watch won’t send activity to the phone 3/5

    By StewBdoo78
    This app worked great for the first 5 weeks and i have definitely noticed results (as have others). Unfortunately, for the last week, my last 6 workouts fail to update my activity and log the workouts on my phone even though my Apple Watch shows the workouts being done.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Your Salvaged Sea
    While I’m not in a position to purchase the program right now, the team was amazing and clearly passionate about what they do. Good luck to Centr and everyone doing their program!

    By eseeks
    No email that says your trial is coming to an end, no way to cancel on the app, then will charge $100 for an app that’s actually pretty awful. The content is repetitive. Hopefully I can get a refund, what a terrible way to do business.
  • Sneaky subscription fee 1/5

    By Jack Ryan's Roomate
    Like many have said, if you do not cancel a very specific way, you will get charged for a full year. Not a week, month, three months, a FULL year. Nice. That’s $95.99 that was charged to me like a slick politician promising you a steak dinner and then giving you a piece of deli ham and a potato chip. Really disappointed with how Centr is handling this situation and using people during this COVID-19 pandemic to make profits for an app that is not worth $95.99. Very sneaky and disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend and rate 1/5 because I do like Thor Ragnarok quite a lot. That movie is worth the money and is 5/5. Be like Thor not like Centr.
  • Horrible Service 1/5

    By Deeveg
    During this COVID19 pandemic I regretfully began the Centr program hoping to lose some weight. However, instead of work slowing down it picked up and I had no time to dedicate to the programs offered. Unfortunately I cancelled one day after my 6 week free trial and was hit with the $95..99. I explained to the customer service I never utilized the app but they did not show an ounce of understanding. Don’t join. Not worth the price when theirs better programs out there for free.
  • Namasté 5/5

    By lifeisaryatt
    Hello, I realize a lot of people have recently become quite upset with the back end of this app, and although I can sympathize with feelings that stem from what I’ve read during a time of great uncertainty for many when it comes to finances I wanted to write about the positives when it’s comes to Centr. I started coming back to my own center after great loss. I’ve sacrificed a lot of my life to taking care of both my parents, raising my cousin’s daughters and raising a son on my own. I am a athlete, but put myself last on the list until I found Luke Zocchi’s program he no longer offers on his own because he’s fine tuned it into what is now Centr 6 & Centr Unleashed. After someone I had been dating for only a few short months took his own life derailed my own I turned my life around because of Zoco and I am a better mother because of this man. I wouldn’t say I owe anything to a man I’ve never met, but he got me here. I’m an athlete again and along the way Centr Fit app was developed so now I have things like yoga, meditation, functional training, nutrition and so much more I would never know about all in the palm of my hand. I was inspired by this trainer and an photographer friend of his to take a solo trip into South America for the first time in my life, and I had a life altering accident that brought me into a career as a water safety instructor and I now work with children and adults facing their own fears in the water. Now my son watches me teach people how to go on and fulfill their own greatness in their own lives involving the water. When we get home we workout together with Centr Fit. This customer service issue isn’t a reflection on the trainers and it isn’t a conspiracy theory type situation either. I know because I’ve worked behind the scenes in tech for a very long time on social media and for many “influencers”. My advice is, trust the trainers, read between the lines and people’s anger during this time, yes customer service is key, but these people mean well and genuinely want to help transform people’s lives. And for the record I received ALL emails stating when I was going to be charged and I got a receipt etc. Everything was well documented so I’m not sure why everyone’s having those issues. I gave this review 4 stars simply because I use the app so much for recipes for the after swim hunger times and clicking on saved recipe lists doesn’t give you the directions or measurements etc and I have to go back to scrolling for the recipe. It becomes a daunting task. Next update feature? xoxox
  • Such a great app! 5/5

    By Christine Som
    This is absolutely fantastic! I love the different types of works they have, also love how they have yoga. I’m so motivated by this, so happy I subscribed to it. I’m seeing great results!
  • Careful Scam 1/5

    By wagnergavin
    The meals are by far the best part of the app, the workouts don’t give any kind of instruction and during the free trial period still require equipment most people don’t have access to. On top of this, the app gives no warning or reminder emails of subscription periods and charges in full with no refund policy. The phone app also doesn’t allow you to view payment methods, making laptop or computer access the only way to make changes to your subscription. Kind of a cheap, sneaky way to take money during a global pandemic. Wouldn’t recommend.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ga. Covid
    The app breaks up in the middle of workouts which are timed and they just went ahead and charged me for a second month when I only got the one. I would think Chris Hemsworth is rich enough without having to rip me off. Not really a set program either. Interface is bad, application is bad. Do not purchase!
  • Very Disappointed! Won’t even return my emails 1/5

    By Tyler Neely
    I did the free trial. Even canceled it and now they took $96 from me. I’ve emailed them. Multiple times days ago and they haven’t even emailed me back. I understand mistakes. But They can’t even message me back after stealing my hard earned money?????😡😡😡 I will go out of my way to make sure no one downloads this app. So you can’t rip them off too!!!
  • Content is too boujee and canceling membership is convoluted 1/5

    By bekywithgoodhair
    The app will still charge you the annual membership fee even if you think you cancelled it. Apparently you have to cancel a specific way in order for it to be recognized. Also, a lot of the meal plan recipes are unrealistic in my opinion.
  • iPad app 3/5

    By ibrahimbhaii
    Where is the iPad app for it?
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By avaduv
    Literally got pulled to work in the COVID ICU and neglected to cancel my subscription. Emailed a week later to try to ask for a refund - which was denied. Embarrassing for a company that says it’s looking after your “wellness”. Not only this, I specifically chose “1 month” as the default after the trial and was instead charge for a year ($100!!!!). At the very least thought the company would defend their word. Disappointed, sad, and overwhelmed with the lack of support and basic human sympathy. I did reach out to the email and haven’t heard back 😔.
  • Scam 1/5

    By JohnnyAppleSeed12321
    I got the 6 week trial because I’m in quarantine with nothing to do. After the 6 weeks I assumed it would cancel my subscription for me or at least lock my account, but no. It charged me $120 for a year long subscription that I didn’t even purchase. I wasn’t even able to pick a purchase plan, it picked the most expensive one for me
  • Buggy. Full of problems 1/5

    By electather
    Well. I’ve been using your app for a day and so far I’ve been logged out. Had multiple errors when trying to change the settings and when i trued logging back in. Back to the intro pages. Even though I’ve done them once. You’re asking for hundreds of dollars. FIX YOUR APP!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Chelsea Aleda Pollard
    Centr is an amazing app. 100% worth the money! I throughly enjoyed the workouts and meal plans. Worth it!
  • BEWARE!!!! 1/5

    By Lewiki89
    This app still charged you 99 dollars after you cancel the charges!!!! Then they deny you the right for a refund. I canceled on both the website and app. I need a refund now!!!! That was bill money you all stole.
  • Expensive, unrealistic, and predatory 1/5

    By AntonitoOtro
    Be careful with the free trial. It’s hard to cancel. The app isn’t realistic about prep/cook times. I’m sure it works great for someone with a private trainer, cook, 2 nannies, maid, and a valet. Then again if you have a private trainer this is redundant. Not for me.
  • The diet plan alone is worth it 5/5

    By qmdjejwo
    I try to eat healthy but it’s hard, this app takes all the guess work out of it. It gives you a grocery list and recipes for all the foods you should eat. Best part is they’re all delicious! I’m not kidding I was hesitant thinking they’d be some plant based vegan stuff, but they were legitimately filling and tasty! You don’t have to necessarily follow they schedule because there’s so much recipes and options for you on the app. Oh and get this, when I went grocery shopping for a weeks worth of food, I actually saved money compared to what I would have if I randomly bought frozen food or food that I thought would be good for me. It’s seriously changed my life.
  • Trash 1/5

    By gustavo523
    Please whatever you do don’t download this app their are far better apps I download and did the free trial and they still charged me and refuse to give me a refunds I am still unable to access the account I payed for so please whatever you do go to a different app
  • Don’t be fooled 1/5

    By Dietchange
    This program still has tons of glitches in it. They make it virtually impossible to cancel. I looked under my Apple subscriptions and it wasn’t there and checked the website and cancelled and still got a charge. The customer service is not helpful at all and just copies and pastes their billing policy. Don’t download!!
  • Don’t wast you’re time or money.... 1/5

    By Chadthrax
    Very unimpressed with the content. Terrible app and worse customer service. Stay away.
  • Good app 5/5

    By mds426
    Seems promising
  • Subject to server crashes 2/5

    By fred-0044
    I have had the app for over a year now. Would be a 5 star review if I didn’t have to worry about not being able to log in to access the content I have paid decent money for such as my workouts and smoothie recipes. I’ve just wasted half an hour trying to log in 😤
  • very nice 5/5

    By yourd7599
    good app for becoming healthy af
  • Worth it!! 5/5

    By chicago2756
    This app is the best app out there. I have gained serious muscle using it and the recipes are next level. Carrot cake pancakes are the bomb and protein packed. Huge fan!!
  • Great for general health 5/5

    By tidwell27
    I personally love this app. The workouts are challenging, the food is great, and the meditations provide a nice relaxing break in the middle of a stressful day. There are some things people should be aware of before purchasing, though: The food: a lot of the meals can take awhile to make, and are probably better meal prepped once or twice a week than made fresh everyday.That said, the meals generally take me a lot less time to put together than the recipes suggest (they tend to overestimate the prep time). So if you know your way around a kitchen, this will help a lot. The breakfasts can be particularly challenging if you have to be at work in the morning. I usually sub the breakfast for a smoothie during the week (Centr has A LOT of amazing smoothies), and on the weekend I'll actually make some of the unique morning meals. Meditations: the Meditations are pretty short. If you're into meditating for longer periods of time, I'd suggest supplementing this app with something like Calm. If you're just looking to take a break during the day and de-stress for a second, the app is great. Workouts: for the weight loss crowd, there is a lot of HIIT in the non-lifting workouts and a lot of functional movements. If you have bad knees/joints, these workouts might be impossible. But then again, so would most other workouts too. If you're a beginner, these moves can be a little intimidating, but they have a section that explains how to do the moves in detail, and you can also YouTube how to do them if you need more guidance! Don't let the lack of a step by step walk through in the app deter you! For the bodybuilding crowd - if you're looking to gain muscle, stay relatively lean and gain some functional strength, this is a great app. If you're looking to be the next Mr Olympia, this won't get you there. Overall this is better thought of as a lifestyle app - be active, practice mindfulness, eat clean (but treat yourself!), and just generally be healthier. If thats what you're looking for, this app gets 10/10. Also, if you want to look like Hemsworth, this app can get you there, too (at least once gyms reopen).
  • Help 1/5

    By _themaddieshow_
    Won’t let me cancel!
  • Won’t work at all 1/5

    By Garen70
    I have been trying to get on for over an hour. What a waste of time. I downloaded the app, paid, and I cannot access anything. Just the pinwheel of death over and over again. Just a hint, if you start a new app be sure that people can access it. Poor effort in the start for sure. Hopefully they figure out the tech issue. Otherwise I’m out
  • Fantastic!! 5/5

    By Kumbala Haliki
    By far the best app ever, for EVERYTHING, including fitness, mindfulness, workouts, nutrition and meals! I love this and I love how you can chose what equipment you have and It generates a workout for you, even if you have no equipment at all. Seriously AWESOME. The meals are great too! Salted Carmel Date protein shake!!!!!! I love it! I use this app everyday and it is 100% worth it! I promise you can NOT get workouts like these anywhere else. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Paying for workouts? 4/5

    By The Better BFG
    The app seems awesome and I’ve heard so many good things and seen so many great results but if I didn’t have to pay for this program that would be awesome. I don’t really understand why we have to pay for it if we’re using our own equipment and what not.
  • Inches Away From Perfect 4/5

    By Wynoami
    I love love love this app! It’s the best fitness app I’ve tried so far. I took advantage of the 6 week trial offer and am keeping to for sure. The workouts are challenging but fit into my schedule perfectly. They are progressing in difficulty at just the right momentum. I love doing something different everyday keeps my body guessing. The recipes and menu planner are clutch. I’m an experienced home cook and I can’t say enough about how delicious and simple these recipes are and having a menu created for me each week is such a help! I cook for four adult and a toddler and this app has made life so much easier. You can also swap recipes for favorites or something different if you choose. Then it also helps you create a grocery list as well. I simple refer to that list as I shop instacart and I’m done with weekly shopping in a cinch. I’m also grateful for the recovery support and the meditations. This app is beautifully designed. Super user friendly. Syncs with Apple Watch and also has a nice desktop version. I will give it 5 stars when the workout playback gets a little smoother. I like a full screen workout. When it switches between warm up and workout is automatically minimizes the window and I have to manually switch back to full screen. And the last self-guided workout froze at the beginning of each exercise. Little glitches that i hope will be fixed soon.
  • Great resource and tool 4/5

    By houmank7
    Really enjoying what this app has to offer. Been using it for workouts and meditation. I have two frustrations with this app though and they seem pretty simple to address. 1. Please make it easy for me to create my own favourites list as opposed to having to find something every time. I don’t currently use the planner but when I jump in for a workout or for meditation I have to spend a few minutes searching for what I want. 2. The app is bit ‘unreadable’ at time nothing major and I’m sure it will get better with updates and please add dark mode. Thank you.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Emebfgfh
    Working out with such a good spirited guy is amazing! I hate working out. This is so helpful.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Ayeitsayana
    I honestly had no idea when the trial would end definitely my fault for not cancelling before the trial ended but you can’t cancel in the app. It is so complicated to find out where to even cancel does not tell you when the trial ends. I used the app once never again.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Ayeitsayana
    I honestly had no idea when the trial would end definitely my fault for not cancelling before the trial ended but you can’t cancel in the app. It is so complicated to find out where to even cancel does not tell you when the trial ends. I used the app once never again.
  • Meals, workouts, support and meditations 5/5

    By Noellabellah
    Meals, workouts, support and meditations After the trial I decided to keep it because it’s like having a gym membership WITH a trainer. I use it at home or incorporate it with my gym workouts. Sometimes I don’t have access to my gym when traveling, with this, I always have an access now.
  • Trial User Beware 1/5

    By ap_tunes
    I tried out the free trial. Then I quit, and Centr charged me anyway. Good luck getting your money back. Zero customer service. Got charged $95 for this worthless app. Really not worth the money. Go with Nike’s training app instead.
  • Superior 5/5

    By namenameseven
    This app is the best available and a maverick in the fitness industry. Advice: Please allow music to stay at full volume when starting the workout. It always turns down the volume! I need my music loud!
  • Forced year subscription after trial 1/5

    By Josh_314
    Like many others, I took up the free trial that was offered during this time of the coronavirus. However, today, I was automatically charged for a year subscription. There was no warning of an automatic yearly subscription once the trial period ended. And there was no reminder that my trial period was about to end. Extremely disappointed. There was no warning. Straight up charges me for a yearly subscription, not even for the monthly subscription which would have been less of a hit. I’m now down $120 and I’m a student, things were already tough as a result of the coronavirus pandemic we’re living in, now this just makes it tougher financially. This money would have helped get me through the month, now I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Centr, by Chris Hemsworth app comments

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