Cloud Music Player - Listener

Cloud Music Player - Listener

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Jhon Belle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cloud Music Player - Listener App

Easily download to your device and play offline your favorite music! Save space on your device and have access to all of your music stored in Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive. Download all your music to your device to play it without internet (Offline mode). Import your music from WiFi transfer(PC/Mac), iTunes file sharing. - Supported formats: mp3, m4a, and wav, more… - Listen offline – no internet or WiFi needed. - Offline list, to maintain located your download files. - Sleep timer. - Lock screen playback controls. - Background music playback. - playback with repeat of song or list and shuffle. - Create, rename, edit playlists, Powerful playlist function.

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Cloud Music Player - Listener app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By Jcd1228
    Let me download music from my drive with no problems
  • iCloud music 5/5

    By IraD Autrey
    Open cloud music app to play music
  • Great, works exactly as intended 5/5

    By Trebula
    Easy to use. I used a youtube video to mp3 converter to get whatever songs I wanted onto my computer. Then I just transfered them all onto the app through wifi transfering and it works perfectly. Great app!
  • How Do I Download Music? 3/5

    By Tommy McMullen
    I am confused how to download the music I hit download but it won’t let me do anything at all besides swipe around I just want to download music :( can someone help me?
  • Need "edit meta data" option 5/5

    By wholelotta1014
    Everything is great and its just missing one feature ^^^^
  • WiFi 1/5

    By jeksjdocndidncidb
    I need WiFi to play the music
  • There’s a bit of a situation 1/5

    By samrrosa
    I can’t access the page.... it says that it doesn’t exist so.... yeah...
  • Awful 1/5

    By ❤️Wendy!❤️
    I can’t put songs from My GD on here :(
  • Crashing 3/5

    By iBloopies
    This app is good but it keeps crashing when I am downloading a song from my drive. Fix???
  • Doesn’t always work 1/5

    By OneBadassLife
    The sound doesn’t always work. I have to close it and reopen it :(
  • Love it 5/5

    By Demareon123
    Had some trouble at first but fixed it and it plays my music when I play my games 😱😲😱😮😱
  • Have no clue how to download a song 2/5

    By CalmCat
    I’m sorry but there are 0 instructions or sharing/downloading options. I’m trying to download a song from SoundCloud to my iPhone and thought maybe this app would do the job? But SoundCloud itself is not listed as a source? I’m sorry for not posting on twitter for whole world besides people interested, to see my question.
  • Great but need a simple feature 5/5

    By MastaCasha
    I need to play one song, then stop. There is no way to do this as the player is designed to keep going, and going. No matter the setting, add one more setting to play on one single file then stop.
  • Cómo lo uso 5/5

    By 199118jesus02
    Cómo uso esta aplicación
  • Great App 5/5

    By IsrGuy
    Easy, simple, quick, works great.
  • V 1/5

    By CharChar2008
    Don’t do it bob
  • annoying 1/5

    By bishhhhhhhhhhhh PERIODTTTTT
    I can’t even play music🙄🙄
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Shxriqx_ Roblox
    I love this app so much because i dont like using itunes or anything like that because its complicated. Also, its offline! Im going on a roadtrip and ill be bored so might aswell listen to some music! The only thing is it has no sound when i use headphones. But thats fine because i just have to exit out then back in. Its really good. Overall, 5/5!
  • For those looking for a music player 4/5

    By Sean62836287253716382682738
    If you want a trustworthy review, here you go Everything you need to know about the app is right here ~ What's negative about the app 1. THIS IS NOT A MUSIC DOWNLOADER Music is for, mostly, mp3 format and must be imported via same wifi as your computer, google drive, dropbox or onedrive. 2. You can't rearrange the songs. Unless you want to actually take your time into adding songs one by one If you want to do that, I suggest you add the song you want on top of the list, last 3. There is no queue when it comes to the next song. You can't queue next songs (Personally, it's not an issue of mine as I don't queue.) 4. Sometimes when you into airplane mode or offline mode and open the app, music won't play. This is easily fixed when you just play a new song, reset your volume, or both 5. No manual shuffle, you must wait for the song to end for it to shuffle on its own If you try to shuffle with the button on your earphone, headphone or Bluetooth speaker, it would only play the song next in order from list, it doesn't shuffle 6. Sometimes when importing music, it will not work for some people If you read some of the reviews, some people have issues with importing music The developers have said to have fixed this issue, but if it happens that it doesn't work, then I'm sorry 7. Wifi importing doesn't always work I don't do wifi imports, but I based this on my friend's experience as well as other reviews Google Drive is the best option if you plan to import music Best of you use Google Drive for all your music because of the free 15 Gigs anyway ~ What's positive about the app 1. Unlimited playlists You can even put a picture for your playlists from your photo library...just library I don't know why you would do camera 2. ACTUALLY AN OFFLINE MUSIC PLAYER 3. Ads are not that big a deal. They aren't really a problem. Ads show up near the bottom of the screen Sometimes they don't even appear at all 4. You can customize the theme of the app layout Well...only the text color changes, not the background But at least it's something new and cool 5. Trustworthy and it does what it claims to do. This app works. It's not another fraud. 6. There is a built in timer into the app I don't know doesn't really serve a purpose. It is not a notification where the app can automatically play songs at set time if that's what your wondering 7. If you want a song to restart or replay, you can set the option to repeat or you can replay it from the Lock Screen 8. Downloads songs very quickly It downloads one at a time, so please be patient when downloading like 500 songs at once, or multiple songs of high megabyte count 9. When importing, the transfer is very accurate. Sometimes, different music apps will cut a second of the song, add 5-10 seconds of silence at the beginning of a song, or have music cut off near the beginning or end of a song. This app transfers what you want to transfer...assuming your mp3 converter was 100% accurate But don't take my word for it 10. Not really surprising, but can be played wherever as long as the app is open ~ If the developers fix some of the problems I mentioned, or you're just tired of searching and testing out other mp3 music players, this app should do you well I use it and it is amazing
  • little tweak 4/5

    By Gonzalez_18
    okay so I'd have to say this is a 1# mp3 player , the reason this app stands out is because 1.) simple and easy to learn - use 2.) there are sources , so let's say your phone breaks.. And you have to buy a new one , you would just have to redownload the app and sign-in into the source you last used! no risks of losing playlist , songs although this app is great , I would recommend to tweak the app by adding features like.. - being able to organize your songs in a playlist & - being able to organize playlist the way you want to
  • Sad 1/5

    By mdsuggs
    Yea can’t down load music.....
  • 😣😣 2/5

    By Edalet.041
    Yükləməy olmur heçnə nədən ola bilər bu ?
  • amazing!! 5/5

    By angela_aaa
    it is so simple to transfer music onto the app. i personally use to convert music vids on youtube into files that i download. i sort it into playlists and then upload it via the wifi transfer feature. it is much easier than i am making it sound. the app allows you to create playlists, shuffle play, and you can repeat songs (only 1 though, doesn’t let repeat playlists). you can even customize some colors of the text throughout the app. overall, i really love this app because on iphones you can’t just download music and have it on file like androids. this makes it possible for me to play music offline on public transport and such. 🥳🥳
  • Cool 5/5

    By hahdhhsu
    It’s so cool
  • App 5/5

    By lilchiraq14
    Great app but a ringtone option for phone
  • I like it 5/5

    By Alies187
    Allow me to listen to the music I want to listen to without money involved. 😊
  • How 1/5

    By daets
    Some info about using this ap would be great! Just wasted time trying to figure it out and still haven’t a clue. Remember, not everyone is savvy about this stuff. Delete!
  • The best 5/5

    By luie_50
    Best music app I’ve ever used. No more losing my saved music!!
  • F U 1/5

    By cucucvbhrdhknh
    It’s horrible
  • Best One drive music player 5/5

    By Andre74117348484494
    Props to the developers. Excellent work
  • Works as advertised 4/5

    By Anon3141526
    Interface for playing music seems a little awkward but works as advertised. It would be nice if music could be put into regular Music app.
  • Stupid app 1/5

    By jgriffin150
  • Can't order songs in Playlist 1/5

    By atmpro
    I can't reorder the songs in my Playlist
  • Needs just one thing 4/5

    By hebejavsnakzb
    Really enjoy the app, just wish I could queue songs yunno?
  • What are you guys 1/5

    By Karin Noorbakhsh
    We cant even search for a song. Bad
  • Buena 3/5

    By Gerardo23306
    Me gusta la app me ayudo bastante pero quisiera que la opcion de shuffle de verdad funcione gracias. Y me gustaria poder organizar las canciones ya despues que uno las baja y me gustaría que hubiera un equalizer en la app que no lo hay
  • ... 1/5

    By ybbag45655787
    I download music in my drive, but not all the songs show up. Can I get some help? The bright white is really annoying to look at. Can that be fixed? It’s hard to see what song is playing. Thx
  • Several bugs that ruins usage 1/5

    By Scillerraika
    Use CloudBeats instead. While this app works, there are several bugs that is extremely annoying. First, when you click on a song, it starts with volume at 0 and also doesn’t play any sound when you raise the volume. You have to pull the volume up then skip forward 1 track, then back to the original track for it to have sound. Second, when you disconnect from Bluetooth, it will not pause the song but continue playing on the phone speakers. While you can get around it, alternatives such as CloudBeats, do the same job but better.
  • Genius 5/5

    By Shirel2004
    This is the best free music app I’ve ever tried !!!
  • Useful but very sketchy. 2/5

    By 👊🏻Easop👊🏻
    It wanted to access and edit all my google drive files and it also asked for my ip address if I wanted to wifi transfer. I does its job, but Spotify still beats it. I feel like the developer is trying to steal my info every time I get on it.

    By Better Than Souncloud
    Great app! Can you please just fix the shuffle?
  • Hi sorry 5/5

    By Jessica beat Byerlcy
    I love music
  • Just waste of mb 1/5

    By lollipoplipz
    Can find no song can’t even search for a song
  • A few problems I come in contact with.. 3/5

    By Aaron Stewart-Hunt
    It’s an incredibly pleasing app, although there are some flaws to it. I hate the fact that when I press one of my downloaded songs, it’s soundless until I press it the second time. Or the fact that when I hit the shuffle option it only plays 1/2 of my downloaded songs. Maybe it’s a big? I don’t know. Could you please fix it though?
  • No way to organize 2/5

    By scarduner
    I was pretty thrilled to download over WiFi until I discovered songs only shown by name alphabetically - no artist, no albums.... am I missing something here? In 2019 app can’t do the most basic organizing of music???
  • Good App 4/5

    By Pandapoopiell2
    This app is an amazing app to use to download music and listen to it, however, I can’t order my local list of music to alphabetical order or anything else, it stays as the order that I downloaded the music in, can someone help me find a way to change it to another order or will it just stay that way? Thank you!
  • No audio! 1/5

    By Subs4116
    I download my songs, play them, and there’s no sound coming from the app at all. Not much of a music app with no audio🤦🏻‍♀️
  • انه لا يعمل 1/5

    By لا يعمل لماذا
    ما يعمل
  • Sad 1/5

    By aliyahlou
    Won’t pull up music stored on my phone from iTunes!!🥺😭😭

Cloud Music Player - Listener app comments

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