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Craftsy App

Welcome to Craftsy, where millions of people let their creativity out to play. Download our app to explore hundreds of easy-to-enjoy online classes in nearly every craft, plus a huge collection of kits and supplies and thousands of project ideas from curious, creative makers like you.   When you learn with Craftsy, you get lifetime access to video classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, cake decorating, cooking, drawing, painting, photography, paper crafts, gardening, woodworking and more. Ask questions and interact with your instructor and fellow crafters, and re-watch tricky parts as many times as you like! Plus you can download lessons to your iPhone or iPad while you’re online, then watch later — even without internet. So the inspiration goes wherever you go! Have an idea that would make this app even better? Share it with us at [email protected] — we’d love to hear from you.


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  • Categories 2/5

    By livialory
    I wish that there were more options for crafts like beauty and jewelry. That’s my main two things that I DIY and sell. How am I suppose to sell it if I can’t put it into a category??
  • New craftsy app has some good but is mostly crApp 1/5

    By perryl8
    Fast forward to Craftsy App for iPad Feb 2018 .. The app is optimized for shopping and not learning. The landing page is the store and not the library of classes that I bought. When viewing instructional videos, I must turn off my iPad to pause the video - this "feature" negates any benefit that the 30-second repeat ever provided. Myriad of other new bad features and optimization of none of the good features. Again one-star as this new release is one step questionably forward / 3 steps definitely backwards. At least the technical team is consistent - consistently out of step with the frequent end-users. Or maybe the technical upgrades are driven by Marketing - which is all wrong because they are noticeably even more out of step. --- Many problems were fixed in the Craftsy App (circa 2014); Now its 10/2016 and a new app update, I assume, is the reason why my Craftsy videos are the wrong size for my iPad?!? The edges (top, bottom, left/right) of videos is cut off ... Therefore I cannot see the complete knitting pattern that the instructor is talking about; Titles, captions, and important notes are also truncated so that I have no idea what the instuctor is talking about. Does the technical team rolling out updates perform the required testing?? Because there are a lot of disappointing flaws that are too obvious to miss if proper testing had been done before releasing to customers. I love the Craftsy service and overall product and I feel very sad that such excellent content is screwed up by the poor implementation of the technical delivery medium. Also the new website must be screwed up ... I did not purchas a class that I would have bought yesterday because I got an email offering the class at $19.99 and when I go to the website to pay, the shopping cart lists my purchase price at $29.99; The new website is more of a barrier than portal for business transactions. ---------------- (Review for Craftsy App Update circa 2014) I am a diehard fan of Craftsy classes - and the new Craftsy iPad App has an excellent new topic navigation menu ... But there are some major and deliberately designed flaws: 1) Full screen video has been ?lost 2) When I open an enrolled class the new crApp assumes I want to watch a video and immediatly gets stuck trying to download & buffer the video where I last left off ... BUT that is often NOT what I want to get STUCK doing ... other scenarios include: downloading class handouts, looking at chat, reviewing course outline, and with the new crApp, It gets stuck buffering video and I never am able to do the other stuff. I think I HATE this new crApp update!
  • Airplane mode 1/5

    By Suffolk45
    Despite having classes download to my iPhone I cannot access those classes when I am flying. This includes flights where I have access to wi-fi. Airplane mode appears to be a concern. Access therefore is not available anywhere/anytime. Update: it’s been months, still waiting!!!!!!
  • Craftsey classes 5/5

    By Deb'sArt
    These classes are great ! I have many favorites. Some classes i just bought for the patterns and they were all absolutely worth it!
  • Crashes Constantly 1/5

    By Ssgilby
    I’ve had this app for a year or two, and it used to work just fine. Now, however, it’s unusable for me on both my iPad and my iPhone. On the iPad (older version) it crashes every time I get a minute or two into watching a class. I’ve tried downloading the class to see if that would allow me to watch it, but it will not download. It works even less on my iPhone 8. When I try to open my list of classes, all I get is an “Unable to open page” error message. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling on both devices. Essentially, this app is useless now, and I haven’t even had success trying to watch classes on the website. Not sure what the issue is, but it’s very frustrating that I can’t access classes I’ve paid money for. Not happy.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Shayley43
    I can’t access my classes on it. Wha5 good is it if I can’t use it? There’s no link! S. Hayley
  • Can’t download 1/5

    By Virginnymae
    All of a sudden I can’t download anything! I’ve rebooted my phone. When I go to needing help it gives me a page with a foreign language. Then it told me that I needed my old Yahoo mail. I put it back and still can’t access. Very frustrated.
  • Good for how I use it 5/5

    By DaviewAGM
    I only watch videos and do not have more than 10 classes so I cant review about the problems other commenters are posting.
  • Enjoy the classes, Sign in doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lucesociator
    I can sign in online, but the app won’t let me sign in using the identical sign in info for my account🤬
  • I love Craftsy 5/5

    By Mukuvisi
    Craftsy is my favorite app. I love it. I have learnt so much from the wonderful video classes and it is wonderful to be able to access them at any time or anywhere. If I have ever had any problems there has always been prompt help. Thank you, Craftsy.
  • Update bugs 3/5

    By Dsrury
    Love the app, but I see that my Craftsy app updated today and now none of my patterns will open or download.
  • AppleTV app 3/5

    By airam84
    I really like accessing my courses through the AppleTV app. However, the app is very limiting with what you can do. I would love to have the same features as the iOS app on the AppleTV app. Examples: browsing and purchasing new courses and supplies.
  • Glad I joined 5/5

    By Microherder
    Of the three drawing classes I've enrolled in, all of them have been fun to follow along with and come back to when I want. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and talented teachers
  • Updates 1/5

    By jilangmartyl
    This is a review of the App only. Every update and this app is HORRIBLE. Either crashing, can't access, slow. I can go on forever. I just did the last update and HAVE-NOT been able to access since. Craftsy not sure what's going on but please work on it.
  • I love Craftsy! 5/5

    By henrylast
    This is the greatest tool for learning. I’ve taken both spinning and knitting classes and have learned a lot. It’s easy to use, great feedback from the instructors and I can go back anytime to review.
  • Great classes! Bad app! 3/5

    By Eepsers
    I hate it when Craftsy updates anything! Always seem to be technical glitches. I updated the app and now it won't even open on my iPad.
  • Current update unusable 1/5

    By TechTrainer1834
    The latest updated app version WILL NOT remain open nor allow any interaction at all. I love the site, but the current version of the app is garbage!
  • Crashes without opening 1/5

    By afoxinbox
    Crashes back to iPad home screen without even opening
  • Last update killed it 2/5

    By ebandit
    The app was okay until the last update. Now it crashes every time I open it.
  • Craftsy ~ Most recent app update causes app not to open on iPhone 6+ & iPad 1/5

    By TN Dana
    Craftsy is the best platform for crafting sewing, cooking classes!!!! Every class I’ve bought is awesome ~ I LOVE IT❤️ I would rate this website full of classes a 10❤️ That said, the most recent update has caused my Craftsy App NOT TO OPEN😥😱 This has happened before with updates & it’s time for developers to be more conscious of it not opening. Very very frustrating. I use both iPhone 6+ running “11.1. some thing or other”. My iPad is Generation 2 updated to latest Apple Software. CRAFTSY APP CRASHES UPON TOUCHING THE ICON....WILL NOT OPEN. I use this app everyday & having it not open is beyond naughty!!!!! Please fix ASAP!! Looking forward to using Craftsy again on the app. Afterall, your Craftsy website repeatedly tells users that the app works best. Really?? Respectfully, DGF A Frustrated Tennessee Grandmother
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Pnut1177
    I love that I am continuously learning with this app! It’s fantastic and a wonderful way to spend an evening
  • Crashing 1/5

    By hlpujols
    The app is constantly crashing.
  • App will NOT OPEN! 1/5

    After updating to the new version this app will NOT OPEN! Please fix this!!!
  • Pretty Darn Good 4/5

    By Tngomaureen
    I enjoy using this app, and it has been great for viewing some proprietary concept. However, I'm still unsure how the commentary function works. If I'm viewing a class from three years ago, will someone actually be replying to my comments and viewing work I post? This is not incredibly clear. Otherwise, no complaints.
  • Whole App Disappears 1/5

    By Justwantabackbutton
    Since the new upgrade on Dec 7, 2017, when I try to open the app it seems that it is going to open but only the orange screen with the logo pops up on my iPad and then immediately disappears. I've tried and tried with the same results. I even went to the App Store to see if I needed to "Get" the app. It just says "Open". I don't want to remove it and reload it because then I will have to download all my classes again. May end up having to do this in the end.
  • I Love Craftsy!! 5/5

    By Soubau
    I only have 8 classes, but always have them on while working around the house. Love all the features that the application offers!
  • Improves my skills 5/5

    By Suzblueyes
    I’ve taken some fantastic classes on Craftsy that are WAY better than classes I’ve taken at Sur La Table and for a fraction of the price. And I get to review the classes over and over. It’s the best offering yet online.
  • So far this app is great! 5/5

    By mmdarden
    It is nice having an app that delivers what it says it will. Thus far it has exceeded my expectations. Great job developers!
  • Won't even open after update 1/5

    By Morandia
    I can no longer open the app at all after today's update. So much for the classes I have paid for. Can't watch them at all now
  • Best crafting app ever 5/5

    By DSaunders1106
    Best crafting app ever
  • New to Craftsy and Love It 5/5

    By Anne a
    I am new to Craftsy and have downloaded a number of classes, including sewing, serger, fashion illustration, and a number of baking classes. The quality of the videos is very good. It’s handy to download the classes to my iPad so that I can watch them when not connected to wi-fi. I’m a happy camper.
  • Can’t open app after posting a photo in iOs 1/5

    By iac1003
    I love the Craftsy classes and instructors but now the app won’t open for me and is totally useless. I have deleted and reloaded the app to no avail. This issue occurred after I attempted to post a photo of my project in the discussion section. I emailed tech support who has now told me this is a known bug with iOs so that people using iPhones or iPads will not be able to use the Craftsy app after they attempt to post a photo. Tech support could not tell me when this will be fixed. This situation is ridiculous as you cannot access the discussion section without the app. The instructors give much important information while answering questions in the discussion section. I certainly won’t be buying more Craftsy products until they fix this bug and I am sorry I just bought 2 more classes.
  • Convenient classes 5/5

    By milehigolf
    Since my cabinet-bound old sewing machine prevented me from attending local quilting classes when I decided to start quilting, I discovered the ease and wonder of Craftsy classes with very knowledgeable and experienced instructors!! Having these classes available on my iPad whenever I want is ideal. Now that I’m finishing my 4th quilt (with a new sewing machine!!), I’m about to re-watch the class on binding. Thanks, Craftsy and all the great instructors!!
  • Love Craftsy, the app needs work 3/5

    By VivaLaAsia
    Wish the app was designed better. The more classes you purchase, the harder they are to find
  • Great way to learn! 4/5

    By Pinkrobotz
    Honestly I love this app! The instructors are great and really do a wonderful job in explaining how to do whatever it is you’re learning to do. I’ve already learned how to knit in general, knit lace, and wire wrap!
  • Crash-tastic 1/5

    By Acequiamadre
    Love Craftsy. I don’t love the app crashing five seconds after opening. Can not access my courses—and I purchased one for my long flight tomorrow. Please fix this!
  • Craftsy is awesome 5/5

    By adog145
    Craftsy is a great app to do what you want to do it’s is easy. The thing that I like that there is online classes. You don’t have to go anywhere you can just stay in your house or apartment!
  • Totally need the Crafsty App! 5/5

    By IbelvinJesus
    Great way to learn and be inspired! Highly recommend!
  • Very Good App but would like new classes 4/5

    By Archistud
    VA couple of items to request.
  • Classes 5/5

    By Victoria Gerken
    I love them all!!
  • Craftsy is the best 5/5

    By Cbealsnorcal
    Love love love ❤️ I loose complete track of time because I get so caught up in this app
  • Love it 5/5

    By 64bookworm
    I love this easy to use app to get all kinds of crafting classes.
  • Really great 5/5

    By Bobfay43
    I've learned so much from craftsy classes. Whenever I'm curious about a new creative outlet I go to the app and 95% of the time they offer a beginners class on the subject. This is a really excellent resource that you can go to anytime for help, info and just general guidance.
  • Great Craft App 5/5

    By Sunshine328A
    I really like Craftsy and the app. I’m glad I can download videos and watch them later.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mystic108
    I have really enjoyed the craftsy app, I mainly use it to watch or purchase the class. I don't typically have issues and I find it easy to navigate.
  • Love, love, love it! 5/5

    By Vmjoyce
    The online classes have been invaluable! Having them to watch and refer back to when I have questions has made all the difference for me. I couldn’t be happier.
  • Excellent app (well used to be) 3/5

    By Eunique
    Update 11/24/2917 - the good news is that Craftsy has done a good job of fixing the playback issues, and have categorized the classes so they are a bit easier to find. And the class quality is still second to none. But..the app is still a bit unstable. I can watch the classes pretty well, but the features like discussions, or posting a question are unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they cause the app to crash. And these features have been totally removed from the mobile website, which was my backup during bug fixes. Upping my review to 3 stars because Craftsy still has the best quality classes, and tech support is very good, but I wish the app was a bit more stable. I rely on the app because I just don’t want to sit at my computer to watch these classes. Update 10/31/2916 - oh dear. Craftsy you have taken my absolute favorite app from 5 stars to 2. This latest version is really broken. I can't find my classes by category. If I do find them, they won't play. As someone else stated it looks like you are trying to become Etsy. 2 stars because You had a great app and I trust you will fix it. But 1 question - didn't ANYONE test this??? I have been using Craftsy for a long time (I have over 50 classes) and the class content deserves 5 stars for the quality of instructors and variety of topics. Regarding the app - I started using Craftsy when it was only available on line. Craftsy has done a great job of incorporating the online features into the app, making the mobile aspect great. Best features: -Ability to take and edit notes that bookmark the place in the video -30 second rewind with a continuous loop feature so you can master techniques -Class discussions so you can see QA from other uses -great customer support -Classes are yours forever -Easy to download class materials - classes can be downloaded to watch anywhere Overall, this is one of my best and most used apps. Highly, highly recommend
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By Akgirl85
    I have learned so much from my classes. I recommend this to everyone even experienced sewers. I am self taught, I learn visually and at my own pace. Thank you Craftsy for a great app. Beverly
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tante Lynn
    I really enjoy Craftsy. I find the app easy to use. By down loading the classes I have them with me even when I do not have access to the internet.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Johlon
    I have tried several times to submit a photo of a finished drawing for my art class and each time the app crashes. Very frustrating

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