Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

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  • Current Version: 1.4.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Amanotes Pte. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! App

Let's feel the beat in this music game with frequently updated hit songs from top singers like Charlie Puth, Alan Walker, Sia etc. Easy and colorful gameplay to enjoy your favourite songs. Gameplay: Guide the ball to match other balls of the same color while listening carefully to the music. Collect the coins and Gift Boxes to unlock new treasures. Train your eyes coordination when the ball suddenly change color on the dancing road. Game features: 1. Original background music in line with beautiful theme 2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories 3. Very simple practice mode with hold and drag control. 4. High quality and various music genres which suit different music tastes. Let's roll the ball and feel the beat in this Color Matching Game! We Love You! Enjoy our free music game! Music game lovers are waiting for you! Support: We'd love to hear your precious feedback and suggestions for our music game. Please contact us: [email protected]

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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! app reviews

  • Hey 4/5

    By chdhhehe
    Hey this game is really good but, you can’t get the song that you want. What!!! I just saw a horrible add OMG!!!! Get a search bar!!!! 😃😎😋😛😃😄😁😉thank you. Okay I want more songs let us pick the song that we want.thank you and good night 💤😴
  • Dancing ball the worst app needs changes 1/5

    By raul the gamer
    In the ad for the game it says what is your favorite song and you type it in but in the actual app its not like that so i call that false advertisement and thats a crime
  • Adds 4/5

    Like everyone im gonna complain about the adds its not that they’re adds well its that you cant exit out of itthis really frustrated me so i only had three songs i hope you read this report now most people dont care but if you do please fix this
  • Sup 3/5

    By lady Vsco
    Hey skkkkkk and I opp Skansen
  • Soothing when I don’t lose 5/5

    By unicorn uni princess kitty cat
    This game when I am upset it makes me feel better like unicorns do!🦄 and horses!🐴🦋🦄🦋🐴 I go from 🐝 to this!🐴🦄🦋🐈🐕🐇🐎🍩🍬🍭🍿🍪🍹🍹🥡🥢🍫🥧🎂🍰🧁🍦🍨🧀🥓🥨🍕🍟🍡🍦🍯☕️
  • Wrong singer!!! 1/5

    By HapppyUzer
    1 stars. The people singing weren’t the real singers and it was so annoying!! The ad had the real singer so this is false advertising!!
  • Fun but different 3/5

    By ebo2898
    On the ad it has all sorts of songs but when I looked at the game it didn’t have some of the songs otherwise the game is pretty fun
  • This game is a rip off 1/5

    By Food chicken
    The add showed that you would be able to look up songs to play. The songs that were in the add weren’t even in the game itself.
  • Why... 3/5

    By MechelleRW
    You couldn’t even choose your own song and you also couldn’t get the actual singer but a good game
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Tidal VII
    I love this game it’s really fun! The only complaint I have is the singers. I was looking forward to listening to my favorite songs while I played them I played and the songs are covers which I have no complaints about because I love covers but the people performing the covers weren’t the greatest. Overall it’s a great game if you are ok with the songs being covers.
  • Okayish 2/5

    By aguyv134
    Dose not work how the ad said it would!!!
  • This is the worst 1/5

    By kcray2009
    I saw the add and thought that I can type in my favorite song and downloaded it but then I realized it and saw that I couldn’t type in my own favorite song and play it while I played the game. Let me just say STOP PUTTING STUFF IN THE GAME ADS WHEN TOU IMOW THEY NOT TRUSE BECAUSE NOW I DONE WASTED ALL MY STORAGE ON A STUPID GAME
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By sips tea🤣
    I think that this game is okay it has most of the songs but you need add a search so we can find all the songs don’t get me wrong I don’t think this app has all the games BUT STILL and when you play the game it’s kinda hard I mean it’s the reason why the game is made but when you play the game. It’s like not fair how your trying to look where your going and seeing what color you are it just make no sense to me that’s just my opinion so don’t take it personally even though nobody really is but what I like about the game is it’s something new AND what will be better if our friends can join and race oh and the ADDS it’s so annoying you will play your game for the first time when you die a add come I will think that you should let me make it clear SHOULD PLAY THIS ONCE IN A WHILE oh and should means you can do I hope you take my ideas and start taking it bye😄
  • My opinion on this game 2/5

    By tytyartist
    The app is great, but in the ad it allowed you to put in a song and when I downloaded it wasn’t what I expected. The app is great they just need to add when you put your own song in. Also, in the ad it had songs like old town road, ransom, truth hurts,but in the game all you have is original songs you have heard
  • Good but... 3/5

    By InfiniteDark12O
    Needs more songs
  • ads like a muuhhfuhh 1/5

    By BajaBlastNigga
    1.) as shown above.. way too many ads. 2.) not enough songs (just about finished all the songs in a week. could've been done in a 2days max if it weren't for the EXCESSIVE AMOUNT of ADS) 3.) the advertisement displayed is not 100% authentic with showing the actual game. (a lot shown on the ad is not actually apart of the game).
  • Nice 4/5

    By no wow cool
    What really bothers me is they doubt put the n the real singer but over well it is a very fun game

    By lily nicoke
    This game is amazing but, I also have all the songs, it would be awesome if you guys did a whole add 2-4 new songs a week, it would make the game so much more fun

    By DadOn Hoe
    False Advertising ‼️
  • Good game 5/5

    By jec1919
    I’m literally in love with this game it’s so fun and addicting. 5 stars
  • ? 2/5

    By Emmajean08
  • Misleading advertisement 3/5

    By SuPS GeMy
    It’s a fun game i’m not gonna lie. but the main thing i have with the app is the fact that I downloaded it off of an ad, and the ad made it seem like you could search any song and it would render it into the game. It’s a good start to an app that could be amazing. I just personally think that there needs to be more added to the app
  • “Wet Fart Noise out of 5” -Pitchfork 1/5

    By johnahue
    The moving balls ALWAYS end up at the middle-left position. That alone makes this a 1-star review, but here’s some more junk: Like the bad covers within the game, this game lacks originality or the spark the original music games had. The upgrades and currencies are nonsensical, and you have to watch an ad when you: (inhales) unlock a level, beat a level, lose a level, want to restart a level, and *when you get an end-level prize*?? Why am I penalized for acquiring an in-game item? Do you think monetizing a music game with covers legally protects you from being sued by those with the rights to the original songs? Why did I download this game? Find out all this and more, on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Pretty fun app 5/5

    By J-Lo1770
    There are a few things that could be changed like having the songs with the real singers but other than that it’s pretty fun
  • Not like what the ads portray it to be. 1/5

    By ndog111
    False advertising. The ads showed off that you could type in any song and it would instantly go and play that song. That is not the case. Don’t download this game!
  • Jayliana’s Reviewing 3/5

    By Ithelice
    It’s not how the add is that you can pick your own song the app picks it for you
  • Amazing but... 3/5

    By foilman1126((/22
    The ads always say that you are able to search for the songs , but in reality you can’t. I feel like it should have a LOT less adds!It literally feels like I’m drowning in ads! I think they should add Truth Hurts like in the ads!Its not my fault I love that song! So please read this and consider my ideas! Anyway, the game is amazing... without as many ads!
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By how about another
    When I looked at the ads for this game, it showed someone typing in a song which was prompted before they started. That is something that you should add to the game now that you showed most of the people that downloaded it that you “can” do that. Make better ads and don't disappoint people because they are not getting what they saw.
  • Me too!! 1/5

    By Gracie Cantwell
    I totally agree! But when it glitches,I can’t stand it😡! Sure, the producers should be proud; proud they’re ripping people off!!! I will give them one star, just to show that in the least bit I like the game. The adds are lying!! Don’t be fooled. When people read this, I will delete this stupid game. Beware: This is a rip off. Don’t be fooled!
  • SORRY 1/5

    By fduihbihbu*yrdyb
    I like the app but the ad for the app makes it seem like you can type in every song and some of the songs don’t even have the real singer so I am gonna delete the app but next time don’t make it seem like you can type in every song and then play it but sorry.
  • Great but could have sunflower 4/5

    By cmello219
    This game is great and all but My favorite song isn’t there sunflower by post Malone so who ever created this app if they read these reviews then add sunflower by post Malone
  • I don’t get to chose a song like the add said 1/5

    By junktrooper
    U don’t get to enter ur favorite song like the add said
  • Dancing Road 5/5

    By Supa Michael
    Besides Roblox It’s The Best Game EVER
  • It’s ok but... 4/5

    By Mary.me08
    ...... in the ads of the app the songs where showed with the real singer and very good quality when i downloaded the game i was exited but when i went to play a game the song wasn’t how it’s supposed to sound the song was sang by someone else which desfases the whole point of the game

    By 1o2Z3o4
    😐 Ok...I started playing this game out of interest...when I got the app it does not let u type in the song...they instead show u a list of songs that I’ve never even herd of and whenever u unlock one of these songs the whole app glitches out and ur stuck with a blank screen!! 🙄 DONT WASTE UR TIME WITH DIS GAME!! 😒
  • Dancing 💃 road 5/5

    By olosim
    I love ❤️ you’re different music 🎵 it was awesome 👏
  • False advertising 2/5

    By gamelover01324567
    Ok so if anyone saw the ad for this game they’d be like cool you get to type in your favorite song and choose what song you want. It’s different cool and exciting. So I got it but then I went in to the app and realized that was not real. I get they might not be able to get the rights for every song, but then don’t false advertise. Other than that the songs are kinda crappy and the game is glitchy, These are some things you should take into consideration. Plz fix these problems because other than that I really like this game. Fun colors and a lot of new roads to take! Thank you!
  • Great but... 4/5

    By fourday
    I love the game. I play it all the time but when I try going to the right color sometimes it pops up an add and I have to restart and I lose a life.
  • You can’t do that 3/5

    By ydfjtdbjfg
    So I really do like this game but: 1. There’s a lot of ads and you can’t skip them 2. You CAN NOT chose a song it’s in the ad but I have had this game for over a year or so but have never been asked it or did it I have pushed buttons but please put that in it sounds like so much fun.
  • Awesome songs but in the ad it lied. 4/5

    By SparkleJuliana
    I noticed the ad said a search bar and I know that you don’t have all of the songs so I downloaded the app because I just got a new iPad so why not. When I got on I looked for the search bar but nope! It wasn’t there I’m very depressed right now so maybe you could add a search bar? Just for other kids. And me
  • Love the game 4/5

    By stop and be inspiring
    This game is amazing I love it me and my friends play it all the time even at school but please put more songs for free without adds if you do thank you 😊 My ideas you can try people will love — less adds — search button so you can search songs — more songs — different skins please And if you do any of these thank you 😊 Please read pls pls pls
  • Dancing road 2/5

    By cookiecat female
    What a ripoff game, the song doesn’t even have the real artist as it says in the ad. What a scam
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Vchbxgvjknjhdxvjhfc
    I hate when apps that have adds that say things that aren’t really in the game I played this game a lot and now I don’t because of that reason
  • JBRHALL 5/5

    By jade243568
    I love this game and I love this game s so much and l have a good idea to win the game
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By rodmartins
    This is an amazing game! It is very soothing and relaxing, and the music is extremely satisfying to listen to. I recommend this game to everyone that is interested in it. I’ve only had it for a day, and I already love it. I hope you enjoy it too!
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By nickname.exe has been taken
    The game is nothing like the ads, where you could search a song you wanted, instead you get a list of songs and have to pick from those. Pretty disappointed, just wanted to listen to some Tyler, The Creator while playing a game.
  • This is great but... 5/5

    By Peqpod
    This app is amazing but I had the app for about 3-4 months and I loved it but you should let it be like you can search the song wail playing the game so you can have more fun so you don’t have to wait or spend your money on one song its crazy but the app is great you will love it if you love music:):3
  • Dancing road 4/5

    By nmiopcop
    The game is awesome and fun to do. But I feel there isn’t a big enough collection of songs and in your ad they showed a search bar yet there is no search bar. And making sure THERE ARE ADS ON FOR ANY TIME YOU OPEN A MYSTERY BOX OR TRYING TO DO YOUR SECOND CHANCE.
  • Dancing road 3/5

    By 201819
    First song I played was not even the official so I deleted before I even was half way through the song

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! app comments

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