Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!

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  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Amanotes Pte. Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! App

Let's feel the beat in this music game with frequently updated hit songs from top singers like Charlie Puth, Alan Walker, Sia etc. Easy and colorful gameplay to enjoy your favourite songs. Gameplay: Guide the ball to match other balls of the same color while listening carefully to the music. Collect the coins and Gift Boxes to unlock new treasures. Train your eyes coordination when the ball suddenly change color on the dancing road. Game features: 1. Original background music in line with beautiful theme 2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories 3. Very simple practice mode with hold and drag control. 4. High quality and various music genres which suit different music tastes. Let's roll the ball and feel the beat in this Color Matching Game! We Love You! Enjoy our free music game! Music game lovers are waiting for you! Support: We'd love to hear your precious feedback and suggestions for our music game. Please contact us: [email protected] Term of Service: https://amanotes.com/terms-and-conditions/ Privacy Policy: https://amanotes.com/privacy-policy/

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Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! app reviews

  • I hate it 1/5

    By sassykins2019
    This dumb app sent me 20 notifications in 30s i’m trying to something
  • I ❤️ this game! 5/5

    It’s nonstop fun and the songs are pretty great too, in fact, I found songs that I never knew existed! But of course, all games have bad news. This game is full of ads and sometimes there are annoying glitches. But over all I think that this game is really fun and you should totally get it. (Also, it’s a free game!😆)
  • Love it 5/5

    By loudhzbdhbd
    It can play what ever you want I’m so addicted I can’t stop my parent don’t even know I do not do my homework
  • Dancing road 5/5

    By kzeepop
    I just love this app so much I play it every day ❤️and night so download the app now for free 0$
  • stuff 3/5

    By roomlovers
    so uhhhhhh it doesnt seem like what this game is... first of all it says in the ad you can type a song and itll play itself but here... well its clickbait.
  • I Like but 3/5

    By maddie white12345
    I Think It’s a cool game but It’s Kinda annoying That Three are ados and It’s hard whenever It’s thé second level
  • The worst 1/5

    By snoopy 'n' stitch
    The game not even reality to the ad of video
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Evepup15
    I love the songs
  • There’s a glitch 4/5

    By jugdfty
    Jingle bell rock was my favorite song until it glitched please fix it
  • Destinys review 1/5

    By Des.123
    Honestly I liked this game until you guys put the lame songs as free and everything else is VIP, I play use to play it all the time to pass time now I’m deleting it.
  • More songs 3/5

    By Feethangs
    To be strategic with you I love the game but it needs more songs
  • Why is there no search bar! 4/5

    By gftdyftdugff
    The app is great and all, but there is no search bar like there was in the game adds. In the game adds the person was searching the song they wanted and we can’t do that. Other than that the game is great. 🎨⚾️⛹🏽‍♀️
  • Esto es Chido 😎 5/5

    Me gusta pero creo que tiene un problema pero es fenomenal
  • One cool idea 4/5

    By Killermania of Car Ramrod
    I wish there was a mode where you couls type in a song and play a course to tye beat of that song
  • Why??!?!? 1/5

    By show me boy
    I saw the ad and it showed type the song instead of finding The song and I got mad then 10 days still have it completed a song👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 f”it Ooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Why VIP? Srsly.. 4/5

    By roomy nelly
    Guess what? I’m deleting this game cuz all my fav songs are on vip. I’m not buying that. It’s stupid really. Fix it.
  • Amazing 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😱😱😱 5/5

    By hghgcoyg yvftv
    I love the game so so much better than any game thx u so Much for the game
  • Mad 2/5

    By kitkat 4 eva
    I guess the game is ok but what I hate is y’all showed in the adds that we could type in our own songs... we can’t Be glad y’all even got two stars😡 I would have liked it better if the adds didn’t lie bout it... now I like never play it
  • It’s ok😅game 3/5

    By why this game is awesome
    The is not shown the same way as ads and when I hit the right color it said your wrong😩🙄.the say you can search up the song you want but you can’t in the fir sentence I said the game is not shown the same way as the ad😡. This game is not that good as I though it would be it can be better but it didn’t. That’s why I give it a three star 💫 game
  • It’s a good app 4/5

    By maddiepaddie513
    It’s fun and all but there are to many adds because once you loose then you get an add so if you ever do edit this game take out some adds and if there are things in the add for the game then put it in the game because in the add it showed that you can choose your favorite song but in the actual game it doesn’t have that.
  • Hate the songs 1/5

    By judge mental 55
    They don’t have any good songs they don’t have my favorite song in the whole world it’s called “Death of a Bachelor” by Brendon Uris so I hate the song there so lame 😒 🥱🥱🥱🥱😴😴🥱😴😴😴🥱😴😴😒😒😒🥱😴🥱😴🥱😴🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱:ps. CHANGE THE SONGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬🤯🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤯😡🤬🤯😡🤬🤯😡😤🤬🤯😡😤😡😤😠😠😤😡😡
  • Not what I thought 1/5

    By fbbdn NBC c Gn Nd vvv j
    In the ad, it made it seem like you can type Any song and it will play the song but it’s not like that at all 👎🏽 they LIED this is BULLSHIT‼️
  • Hello my name is Zoey 4/5

    By zoooeyyy
    I think the game is fine but I wish we could have all the music just like in the ads and that’s why I got this game and that’s why I gave you four stars and not five i’m not trying to be rude...
  • Ok 2/5

    By BriBell291p
    I love the game the only problem is that the adds have no x to go out you literally have to exit the app and start all over again
  • Dance monkey 🐵 5/5

    By tffgfuxfd
    It’s cool it’s a good game your downloading this it’s amazing so fun a lot of people play this game and I love the song called dance monkey
  • Songs 5/5

    By madical suger
    I love it 🥰 But can you pick your own songs? Like I like Taylor Swift but songs by here are not on there. So I was wondering is you could type the song you want to play?
  • The add with no exit 2/5

    By 😩No no no
    The game itself is ok but when I saw the add to the game it specifically said that you could right any song you wanted and it would work but actually you need VIP to do most of the actually good songs and you can basically only get Christmas songs for free so blehhhhhhhhh. and the levels are pretty short. Now for the adds you get every 5 seconds they don’t even have an X for exiting so your stuck on the screen like it froze or something. I would give this a 0 star but I need my word to come out. Pls fix these 😁 it would automatically get 4 stars from me. Thanks.
  • Dancing Road Review 1/5

    By couchtater1
    Fun game but the ads interrupted after every win or loss which takes all the fun out of playing. You can’t enjoy playing because all your time is spent watching ads and the $5.99 weekly charge to get rid of the ads is ridiculous!
  • My favorite 😂. Feb.16,2020 5/5

    By bing bing 1
    I just got this app and I already passed 22 levels! This app is the perfect amount of difficulty ☺️ I put on my headphones and the music was SO AMAZING 😉 This app would be good for people years 4-69. I am in love with this app. I’m probably going to play this game for the rest of my life 😉💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💕💕💕💕💕
  • Not great 1/5

    By wwefan2019
    When I started playing I saw bad guy I wanted to play it and it said to get this get vip so I went down and I saw at least 100 songs saying vip. And it has to much ads.
  • It is beings okays 2/5

    By ffffffffuuuuuuufffffff
    It has to many adds please get rid of the adds now!! Adds?! Food
  • Love it, but 3/5

    By poka dots and lines
    This game is great. Lots of music choices, but don't let the pictures deceive you. The game looks nothing like that. One thing I find annoying is that when it lags, the music keeps playing. Then when it’s done lagging, the music doesn’t line up with the level your playing. I also find it weird that faded is always unlocked on every one of these games that are similar, like ball hop 3D and others. But other than that, it’s an ok game.
  • 🌪 5/5

    By Kjr713
  • I love this game 5/5

    By jordanfan
    This game is soooooonfun I can’t stop playing it and my friends won’t get off of my iPad because of this game
  • TOO MANY ADDS !!!!!!!!! 3/5

    By rated 👌
    There are WAY too many adds and it doesn’t stop there. The app said that it would let you search up the song you want and do that song.But instead, they make you watch a 50 second add that you can’t even touch because it makes you buy it. The game was cool and all, but it’s not like there is ever gonna be ONE game that doesn’t over welm you with adds
  • OMG I LOVE IT! 5/5

    By Dean Dog 22
    This game is awesome! I love it so much, mostly because when I wrote a review for this game before, I told you to add more songs and fix glitches. Guess what you did........ you fixed it! You made the game better! The only reason I am excited about this is because most games that I used to play needed fixing, so I wrote a review to tell them to fix it, and a lot of other people had the same complaint, but the company never did fix it. Also, I love the songs you added, like Bad Guy, Christmas songs, and I think you recently added Let it Go. There is one thing, but it’s not a complaint, it’s a request. Can you add some Frozen II songs like, Into The Unknown, some more Billie Eilish songs like See Me In A Crown, Everything I wanted, and could you add songs like Let Her Go by Passenger, Teeth by Five Seconds Of Summer, South Of the Border by Ed Sheeran, Camilla Cabello, and Cardi B, Dance Monkey by Tones and I, and some Imagine Dragon songs like Thunder, Warriors, Demons, Believer, and Whatever It Takes. Thank you, and I would love a response if possible!

    By Babymao09
    I thought this game would be fun it says it free WRONG you need to pay I would rate 0 if able and don’t suggest this game to anyone
  • It’s Ok 3/5

    By Carmellitia
    This game is not what I thought it would be. And the ads makes it seem pretty cool. It’s still a fun game, just not the best.
  • It’s okay but... the advertisement is not true! 3/5

    By I love sloths!
    Their are some thing that is not good about this game. Number one,this advertisement is wrong their are limited songs and you can’t type what you want the song to be. Number two, I’m not trying to be offensive but the song that is from the limited choice board does NOT have the right singer it has someone else sing it! Again I’m not trying to offend ANYONE but the advertisement is wrong their is a different singer and you can choose the song that you want. Because the songs are LIMITED! This is my review! No not everyone has to agree with me! But however this is my opinion and I’m telling people so you know that the advertisement is not true at all! Once again this is just my opinion!
  • HOW 1/5

    By Sf<3 Af
    It won’t play the song legends
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Super Bubs
    OMG! This game is awesome. All the songs are so good and personally, We wish you a merry Christmas is my favorite. I recommend this. Good job app makers. Keep up the good work.🤣
  • So fun 5/5

    By o🤩💩💩🌛
    Omg so fun to play
  • Lover 5/5

    By 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️
    This is an awesome app I love it I think that everyone should try this app😍😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Terrible game for kids all they do is get ads 1/5

    By Doctor Soos
    This game glitches all the time forcing kids to spend more than half of their time watching ads and even when the ads are done they can not move to the game. I am better off having my 6 yr old daughter play my guitar hero because she would learn hand and eye coordination. This game is a hoax and parents should be aware of what their kids are playing. If the developers would stop trying to be so sneaky and let the children enjoy the music and actually play I would reconsider my opinion. Forcing kids to pay to unlock unlimited tries by putting ad after ad in their face is gorilla marketing.
  • Great Game, but........ 4/5

    By MistyStars❤️
    I got this game just a few days ago and I really enjoy it. I’ve even gotten three stars on some of the songs. However, there is one problem. When I play a song and turn up the volume, it’s really fast-faster than it should be-and the people singing are singing fast too. It’s really annoying because it sounds like it’s from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Please fix this! And thank you for reading my review.
  • SOO SATISFING!!! 5/5

    By cookieandmalk🍪🥛
    I looooove Dancing road!!! I just have a few suggestions..... 1:please make an continue all along option 2:music coder That is it!Keep being awesome!! ❤️❤️🌹🌹💕💕
  • Missing letter to the word headphones 3/5

    By Maxxyplays21
    Every time that I play the game it show’s “use headphone for better experience”
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ocfab
    This app is amazing
  • It’s fun 4/5

    By Twinkles12
    I liked the game but I did not like the ads and I don’t want to pay

Dancing Road: Color Ball Run! app comments

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