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Depop App

Buy, sell, create, find, show off, inspire, style, mix it up. Welcome to Depop. Depop is the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace. Discover treasures, sell your wares, share style and meet the Depop community, all from the comfort of your phone. Join Depop to: BUY: - Browse clothing, vintage fashion, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film and more from likeminded sellers around the world - Discover our curated items on the Explore page - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price, no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and build an empire from your bedroom COMMUNITY: - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items from over 7 million users. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA and take your friendships from online to offline


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  • Easy to use 5/5

    By spicegirlonposh
    Easy to list and make $$$
  • Not the best 1/5

    By Kayla a.k.a Fuzzy
    I’ve been selling on multiple other platforms for 6 years and do very well. It is impossible to get your items seen on Depop unless you constantly list and relist which is a waste of time. I’ve never had a problem with my photos ( clear photos and on a mannequin) but Depop makes me feel like those are not acceptable. I made a few sales with my first account. My second account I haven’t had any luck so will probably be moving on. It would be nice if we could share items or if they were bumped when we lower the price.
  • cmon man! 1/5

    By frickin cheese eater
    i’ve had to update this app for 3 times in the past 6 days. idk what’s up with that but stop please!!!!
  • easy way to make money fast 5/5

    By khadijanaeem
    this app has helped me make money fast, it is totally safe and trustworthy!
  • Good place to shop! 5/5

    By Poptartkittykat
    I love getting my tops and merch on here for a good price
  • I love !!! 5/5

    By Jenna.crouse
    I love how easy it is to use the app and connect your paypal. A lot of other sites i’ve tried using wont let me connect my paypal and it’s annoying ! I do wish they would put the subcategory section back, but they haven’t yet.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By authenticaesthethic
    I love depop I’ve found some of the best items in my wardrobe from there.
  • Too much updates 2/5

    By Guardascioner
    Every time I open depop there’s always a new update and yeah I could turn on automatic updates but still I use the app everyday and every other day there’s an update
  • The best 5/5

    By MurderCityVintage
    Awesome app run by awesome people!
  • The Only Place I Shop 5/5

    By camcam444
    I’m a vintage lover with bad dust allergies and not a lot of patience - as much as I love the concept of thrifting, I have a hard time committing to the task. Depop offers amazing curated shops at great price points; the search engine allows me to almost always find exactly what I’m looking for, whether it’s a very specific novelty item or a basic item in just the right size. The community that comes with depop is almost as appealing as the items sold; I know I’m lucky here, but I’ve never had a bad experience with a seller, and have even made some sweet friends with people around the country (I’m in NYC and talk almost every day with a delightful gal in Tulsa, OK!). Even when I’m not in a buying mood I love just looking at what people are finding, selling, and styling in their shops.
  • Depop has been good to me :) 5/5

    By kkaaaaaayyyyyycccccc
    Depop has been so so good to me as a seller. I enjoy being able to put my style out there and love seeing that people are loving it too! I have been highly satisfied with this app and the Depop Team members for hearing out a lot of things I’ve had to say as a user on this platform. As far as the future goes for my shop, I would like to know how to take it to the next level as far as gaining more exposure, but other than that I could not be more satisfied :))))
  • Scammer Friendly 1/5

    By Batman'sRobin289
    Sellers get their money before you get your item. This makes it very easy for scammers. I bought a few Rae Dunn items during a free shipping event. Three of my transactions were with scammers who stole almost 250.00. Depop does not refund you anything despite their “protections”. They tell you to file with PayPal. This app is NOT buyer friendly.
  • ❗️❗️❌❗️❗️ 2/5

    By ez nutts
    ❗️❗️Two stars because if someone scams you they don’t help you ❗️❗️
  • Nice, diverse, endless possibilities and products 5/5

    By Party Cat 🐱🎉
    You can filter to your liking in the explore page, on profiles, and in search. Good if you’re a lil bigger and wanna limit the amount of clothing down to what can actually fit you
  • Difficult to Sell 3/5

    By sh3lbb
    Like any other selling app can be, it’s hard to sell on depop. Especially hard. You gain followers, but most don’t pay any attention to what you’re selling leaving you with the option of adding a ton of tags to your items, refreshing those over and over and just spreading word as much as you can in hopes of ending up on the forbidden explore page. I’ve had my depop for a couple months now and sold about two things, which is decent, but this isn’t an app to use when you need the money right away for sure. They seem to appreciate the aesthetic of all of it more than the selling and just trying to get rid of things you just don’t wear anymore.
  • i like it 5/5

    By Frederic of Norway
    good place
  • Great app... 5/5

    By SurgedGuam
    (This app just keeps getting better! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼) I'm new to Depop...I'm loving the simple platform and wide array of items in the feeds. I love how easy it is to snap a pic and list it. I love the fact that they offer video product other marketplace I'm on does that and it's incredible! The only thing I would like added or refined is the desktop platform. I noticed that it's basically a page that shows the feeds...I'm unable to edit my profile or list anything via the main website. I'd like to have this option to avoid using up my phone storage due to all the pics I take. I for one, like to offer more than 4 photos of items to give buyers every possible angle...especially when it comes to clothing. I'd really love to use my camera and shoot at will. This way I can easily crop photos and work on listings on a larger screen. Please consider. Thank you so much! I love this app!
  • Nice but 5/5

    By googly99
    Love the app super easy to use, but please add an option to change username!!! U can change everything about ur profile except username which makes it hard to represent as a brand on there. Also would be nice if we could see shipping costs before buying
  • Great App 5/5

    By Maustin 46
    I thought Depop wouldn’t be that good when I first downloaded it. Oh boy I was wrong. His app is very high quality and is great to buy lore then just clothes.
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By Kim oes...
    I’ve been using this app for awhile now and love it! It’s just irritating that I can’t upload photos from my camera roll
  • I think i’m... IN LOVE WITH THIS APP 5/5

    By mfoster699
    Ok so, this app is only the best thing ever, it’s Instagram for clothes, it’s awesome, I love selling stuff on this app, and buying stuff on this app. Some people say depop is overrated, but it actually isn’t, it’s really cool.
  • good service 5/5

    By Rug is a fgt
  • Pretty great app! Just a few problems.. 4/5

    By kconnors98
    This app is great for safely buying and selling used items. One problem I’ve had, though, is with shipping. You can choose to ship with Depop and have the customer pay for shipping, or you can choose to ship on your own. A few of my items were somehow switched from “Ship with Depop” to “Handle shipping on my own” without my knowledge, which I cannot afford to do. Some items were purchased, but had to be canceled because the shipping was suddenly setup incorrectly. I’m not sure if this is a technical issue or if somehow it was user error, but I was very disappointed to have to cancel orders and hope the problem can be resolved.
  • Love! 5/5

    By lil.lizzz
    I absolutely love depop! been selling since January of this year and my lil online store grew so fast! 💓So fun and creative, that video option that you guys added is sick 👌🏽 great things are coming for this app! Get get get and follow me @ lizetita 👐🏽 for cute clothes ;)
  • Some problems 3/5

    By 1077800
    Great app, but sometimes they remove things that don’t violate their terms and when your email them about it they don’t get back to you. So they could defiantly improve. They have also removed some of my items hat have been sold saying it violated their terms but I know for a fact it didn’t!
  • Love! 5/5

    By i dont have a nickname X_X
    This app has been helping me earn money to pay off my students loans 🙌🏼 bless modern technology! Check out my closet- @lauriemarton
  • Do not use, waste of time 1/5

    By Aeanaee
    Depop does nothing to fix their app, I honestly don’t know what they do with it when they tell me to update the app like every week. They take too much money, I lost so many customers bc the app doesn’t even have a button that I need in order to post, when one of my customers messaged me to why she is not able to purchase a dress, I figured depop changed my quantity of the items to 0 so when customers click to buy my item, it shows hat it is not available. This issue has been going on since they started the “free shipping event” where depop pays for our shipping for a few days, but their event actually ended earlier than the expected date, causing me to pay for all the shipping and making only $2 off of my expensive zara top. I’m unable to post my items since then, I asked them to fix it weeks ago, but still no response. So here I am, waiting for customers to buy my items for less than $5 or message me to ask why my items are posted with as unavailable but with a buy button simultaneously.
  • Location?? 1/5

    By Cayzeo
    I can no longer add anything to my shop because I have to fill out a location and when I try to nothing pops up and it doesn’t allow me to post without a location. It’s like my search key does nothing. Please fix this ASAP!!

    By Cupcakesfgshdjdjfn54
    the app will not allow me to submit my location, therefore preventing me from listing new items. please fix this!
  • Location Bug 3/5

    By Beginswithajay
    I enjoy this app but recently there have been some bugs and a major one is that I can no longer post listings because it doesn’t allow me to search a location. My location services are on when I use the app and I’ve tried various ways to fix it but none have worked. Kind of disappointed because I can’t post anything anymore. Please fix this issue!
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

    By rodrigoeee
    Fun and fast.
  • Used to enjoy 2/5

    By Best great
    They take down lots of posts that have nothing wrong with them and never feature anyone that isn’t already famous.
  • Suspended 1/5

    By Zangtwaff13
    I have been using depop for a long time now. I’ve been swapping with people for a long time as well. Depop has decided to suspend my account and didn’t tell me why. My username was bridgetboz.
  • A easy selling platform 5/5

    By Ddcourtney
    Great selling platform.
  • Unread messages 2/5

    By evaevalyn
    I miss being able to mark messages as unread! That was really useful for me, who also works 2 full-time jobs over the summer and is a full-time student in the other seasons. I can’t always respond to messages right away and being able to mark them as “unread” made it possible for me to keep track of inquiries that hadn’t been solved. Now it’s really confusing for me to keep track of everything. PLEADE BRING THIS FEATURE BACK
  • Depop 5/5

    By liyahhh18
    it’s a good app for finding the vintage “goodies”
  • Great app, but... 3/5

    By Bob-Mike
    My issue with the app is the same as what many others have been frustrated with. I've had Depop for several months now, almost a YEAR in fact, with 100+ items listed. I have very few followers and I'm STILL trying to get my store to grow. I've tagged Depop on items that match the ones you see on the featured page, yet I still get over looked. I tag items properly as well, but that seems to do little. I'm grateful for being able to sell what items I already have, but I'd like more people to see what I have to offer. Depop needs to stop featuring company store accounts/large big shot accounts and start focusing on their smaller members to help them grow. Aside from this issue, there's nothing else that I can say is wrong with the application. It runs smoothly 9 times out of 10, and it's very easy to list items you don't want/need anymore. I don't know much about how helpful the staff members are when problems between buying and selling occurs, as I have not yet run into this problem, but from what I hear it sounds like that could use a little bit of work too.
  • Favorite App - Need Improvement 4/5

    By Butwhygrace
    i spend a lot of time on this app just looking for things i might want to purchase. It’s often that i go through my likes to unlike things thatve been sold or i’ve changed my mind on. but after a specific point of scrolling through my likes it stops loading and won’t let me continue. i’ve logged in and out deleted and redownloaded the app but nothing has worked, this app would easily be 5 stars for me if that issue didn’t exist.
  • I’m addicted to this app 5/5

    By heeykyy
    At first I didn’t think I would be interested, but I loveeee this app so much and addicted thanks keep up the work.
  • Read please 4/5

    By Makeda Edwards
    I buy and sell on Depop and I want to be able to refresh my posts with one easy click. My older posts that need to be updated or put on the top of my page are very difficult to refresh. One click refresh is needed!!
  • Cons 2/5

    By cass🕯✨
    -10% seller fee deducted by Depop, and 2.9% + $0.30 deducted by mandatory use of PayPal. So if I sell a $10 item, I only make $8.61. If I’ve offered free shipping to entice buyers, I’ve only made about $4.50. Depop, implement use of an app like Venmo, which has no fees, and generate your own buyer protection. -"DON'T GET SCAMMED" a.k.a. “don't take away our fee revenue.” If I want to arrange a payment to a seller via PayPal’s non-fee Friends and Family so they can afford to eat, I don’t want to risk consequences for this action. Again, establish your app’s own buyer protection. It’s easy to tell who the scammers are, they offer you $50 for a $12 item and give you their email 🤔 -Featuring the same sellers, re-featuring the same items, and featuring bland / similar looking clothing on the featured page. Depop: I've been using this app for almost two years now and have generated hundreds of dollars in revenue for you. Understand who your target audience is, and understand that many of us are young and using this app as a way to feed ourselves, pay off student loan debt, afford college, afford a car so we can hold down a job, or use this app on top of working a job. I’m shocked every time I sell an item and open up PayPal to see how little I’ve actually made, how much of my hard-earned money is taken away from me so the curators can have a cut. Most of the time, this app just feels like another corporation profiting of the millennial and gen-z condition.
  • I can’t thank depop ENOUGH 5/5

    By djshanimal
    I’ve been using Depop for a bit over a year now and I really have nothing but positives to say about this app!! I’ve been using multiple different selling apps in the past 6 years to sell my vintage clothing, and depop takes the cake from my experience so far. Maybe it’s the easy layout that is similar to Instagram, or the way you can easily communicate with buyer/seller, or even the EXCELLENT customer support they provide. As a seller, I’ve come to realize that the more interaction / effort you put into your page is what you get back, and to be patient! Forever grateful for finding this app and being apart of the depop community and also sustainable fashion!
  • There’s always some bad seeds that ruin things 1/5

    By Qazol
    To cut it short there are some very sweet and generous people that sell/buy on this app and I appreciate them so much. BUT then there’s the people that DEPOP DOES NOTHING about that have been taking advantage of others (especially the bigger accounts since they bring in more cash for the app) for as long as I’ve had this account and long before that as well. Like most people behind apps like this, they just care if they get their cut and do much of nothing to help.
  • 👍 4/5

    By -paz
    Would love to be able to search/sort through my likes better (price, availability, location, etc) Would love a notification when something I like is reduced in price Wouldn’t mind a bio that can have more characters Would love if depop told you on the listing what the amount of money you will get after a sale once depop takes their percent Also depop can we feature more unknown sellers pls?
  • Shipping prices is horrific 2/5

    By elainab24
    Honestly when I first found this app about two years ago I thought it was really great how I can sell any of my items that I no longer want. Unfortunately I think $4.50 for the buyer to pay shipping is absolutely ridiculous and way too much.
  • Nightmare 1/5

    By bluhammok
    If you contact support and “Tara” replies, keep sending requests until you can reach someone else. She is completely out of her mind. She’ll blatantly lie about the situation and shut down your account. I was offered free fees for a month because she did it so many times, and she still did it AGAIN. I don’t know how she can continue to get away with it when the proof is stacked against her. Never giving depop another chance, and I would suggest everyone else avoid as well. Other apps don’t have great support either, but at least they seem in touch with reality.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Dragamore
    Like one of the other reviews said, depop doesn’t feature smaller accounts on the explore page, also it doesn’t help you ship either you can find out your own shipping like packages, labels, and pay for postage or get the depop paid postage and waste money on the packaging & putting the label on, plus a 10% depop fee and a 5% PayPal fee. I think depop should only charge 5% because PayPal is taking some of your money too plus shipping doesn’t leave you much money at the end especially if your items are between $8-$25. Imagine selling something for $10 minus depop & PayPal fees you’re left with $8.41 minus $3 for shipping I only get about $5.40 for an item I sold for $10
  • Kalyn 5/5

    By kaylaylyn
    I loveeeeeeeeeee it
  • Amazing 5/5

    By facts wins
    I’m literally obsessed. It’s the first thing I check before I sleep and when I wake up. I love it so much! It becomes a collector game.. who’s gonna snatch it first? Lol
  • It's pretty legit 5/5

    By Father Morris
    I've been using depop for about 2-3 months now and I love it. I get to sell my old clothes and buy things that I've always wanted. I also love how there's buyer protection from scammers.

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