Dexcom G6

Dexcom G6

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  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dexcom
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dexcom G6 App

Only use this app if you have the Dexcom G6 or G6 Pro CGM Systems. Always know your glucose number and where it’s heading with the Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems –indicated for diabetes treatment decisions with zero fingersticks and no calibration.* Before you start making treatment decisions with your G6 or G6 Pro, work with your healthcare provider to learn how. *Fingersticks required for diabetes management decisions if symptoms do not match readings. With Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro CGM Systems, always know your glucose number with just a quick glance at your compatible smartphone or smartwatch. For a list of compatible devices visit Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro provide real-time glucose readings for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes every five minutes. Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro are indicated for children, age 2 years and older. The Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro Systems provide personalized trend alerts on your smart device and let you see when your glucose levels are going too low, or too high, so you can better manage your diabetes. The Alert Schedule** feature lets you schedule and customize a second set of alerts. Custom alert sounds are available, including a Vibrate-Only option on the phone for glucose alerts. The only exception is the Urgent Low Alarm, which you can’t turn off. The Always Sound** setting allows you to receive certain Dexcom CGM Alerts even if your phone sound is off, set to vibrate, or in Do Not Disturb mode. This allows you to silence calls or texts but still receive audible CGM Alarm and Alerts, including the Urgent Low Alarm, Low and High Glucose alerts, Urgent Low Soon Alert**, and Rise and Fall Rate alerts**. Please note that when your phone is set to Silent or Do Not Disturb, you won’t receive any audible alerts for Signal Loss. Always Sound** is on by default. A Home screen icon shows you if your Alerts will sound or not. For safety, the Urgent Low Alarm and three alerts can’t be silenced: Transmitter Failed, Sensor Failed, and App Stopped. In addition, you’ll receive other valuable features: • Share** your glucose data with up to ten followers in real time. Followers can monitor your glucose data and trends in real time on their compatible smart device with the Dexcom Follow** app. Share and Follow functions require an internet connection • Health app access so you can share retrospective glucose data with third party apps • Today View widget allows you to view your glucose data on the lock screen of your smart device • Add a shortcut to Siri to run by asking Siri to read your current glucose value, using a custom phrase • A Dexcom CLARITY link on the landscape trend graph lets you easily transition to the CLARITY App to view more information on your glucose trends **Not available on Dexcom G6 Pro CGM System Apple Watch View your glucose information, trend graph, and alerts and alarm right from your wrist with the Dexcom G6 Apple Watch app. Watches require compatible smart device to use app. • Use the digital crown to scroll through 1, 3, or 6 hours of glucose trend data • Dexcom G6 and G6 Pro watch face complications allow you to view your glucose number and arrow from your watch face • Add the Dexcom G6 app to the Dock and enable background refresh for best performance Customer Reviews This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646 or Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint. Dexcom is a registered trademark in the US.

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Dexcom G6 app reviews

  • Never holds on to Bluetooth signal 2/5

    By D_Maroney
    This app does not hold the Bluetooth signal very well. Everyday I need to reconnect to Bluetooth to keep my information running. Becomes a normal thing to check the unit for connection. That’s the only reason for the low rating. The rest of the system is a life saver,
  • Signal loss 1/5

    By Snapshot05
    The app loses signal constantly, weather the phone is in my hand or sitting next to me. Im using an iphone12 plus pro, so Im sure its not the phone. Side note, the app killed my iphone 8 plus battery.
  • Loses Signal! 2/5

    By Mstarr921
    Simply put, I get more notifications that the app has lost contact then it should. Many every day! And often my phone is only a few feet away.
  • Stupid programming 1/5

    By wskydog
    Why can I only put in 50 units if fast acting insulin???? They make 100 syringes and I occasionally that more than 50 untold, so I have to put in two doses of fart acting. Dumb, dumb, dumb.
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By Sandman1126
    Practically worthless app. I spend more time trying to reconnect to sensor than anything else. Reboot advice is useless. Constant crashing makes using it frustrating.
  • New widget not working- please fix 2/5

    By Cgr 1988
    The new widget seems to show the graph, but after several minutes it stopped showing the numeric blood glucose reading.The actual number is the most important feature of the widget, and given the small size of the widget the chart is not very useful. I have to open the app completely to see the numeric reading, and get the widget to update.
  • Signal loss constantly 1/5

    By D-Rocks09
    Dexcom has a great concept but poor product. I would give it a 5 star if and only if the transmitter would stop loosing connection. I’m analyzing by my iPhone and watch. There no reason why it should loose connection. When I open the app I get no signal then if I wait few mins then I see my readings. It seems to loose connection when your not using the app.
  • Half a star 1/5

    By Robertson2323
    Product is a good idea but never works. I’m lucky to get 3 hours of continuous Communication followed by 8 hours of nothing but finger pricks. Needs a lot of work.
  • Works nicely 4/5

    By saud msa
    The app works flawlessly and everything is clear, I would suggest adding a shorter graph size height like 200 mg/dl
  • I feel safe (you can’t exit the app) 4/5

    By NormantheVulture
    I feel safe wearing a dexcom. This does not mean the app does not have a lot of technical issues. You cannot close the app or it will stop the connection for Bluetooth. I found that out later and it fixed all of my connection issues. Your readings will not be 100% accurate but if your sensor is reading off drastically it will ask you to calibrate. Your readings should be in a range of 20 to your actual calibration. My main complaint is the option for falling glucose warnings. The option is only 2 or 3 which I think is a normal dropping rate for me. Dropping over 10 per 5 minutes would be a nice option.
  • Miss old widget 3/5

    By Kaiser8221
    New update’s widget not reflecting readings immediately. I literally have to check my BG using the app in order for it to update the reading in the widget. In other words, widget not working. It was the most thing I liked about this app, and now it’s acting up so bad.
  • Notes 4/5

    By 80Guera
    I think the only thing missing is a section for daily notes. Like a place to write "had ice cream" or "totally forgot my insulin." You know, a short explanation space.
  • Ridiculous and potentially life-threatening. This needs to be fixed. 1/5

    By dsanch1120
    I find it completely unacceptable how frequently the app disconnects from the transmitter and how it doesn’t automatically try and reconnect. There have been so many times that my app disconnects in the middle of the night or really any other time and I don’t notice for hours. What if I have a low blood sugar at 3 in the morning and don’t wake up? This is life threatening and completely unacceptable. It’s one thing if it happens once or twice a month, but it’s happening multiple times a day. I’m tired of how frequently I see the notification telling me that my app disconnected. I’m tired of waking up and finding that my app hasn’t been connecting for 3+ hours and I have a high blood sugar or worse, a low blood sugar. I’m really tired of the fact that I’ve been using the g6 and the app for almost a year now and nothing at all has improved. I keep my CGM rotated, it’s always on my stomach, never anywhere else. Basically I’m doing exactly what the directions tell me to. I really doubt that this a user error. If my insurance covered a different CGM, I would probably switch to it. Maybe I’m wrong, but back when I had the g4 I almost never remember this happening If you’re looking for the app, you probably already have the Dexcom g6 purchased. If you haven’t bought it yet, please consider buying another CGM brand that is actually decent at doing what it’s supposed to do. Maybe the g7 will fix this ridiculous issue, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. For the love of blood sugar safety, please fix this!
  • Loses Connection for Hours Constantly! 2/5

    By Kailey Murphy
    I just switched over from Freestyle Libre & I'm already not a fan of the Dexcom App. It loses connection multiple times daily for hours & my phone is no more than 5 feet away from me at all times. I'll even be connected to wifi & bluetooth and it still doesn't connect. I've contacted Dexcom & received no answer on why this is, but I've realized this happens to more users than just me. Dexcom really needs an app update because I can't manage my T1D efficiently if the sensor & transmitter aren't connecting to the app properly. Very disappointed for now.
  • Lost signal 2/5

    By apple blocks nicknames
    I love the idea of the app, was hoping it would be dependable enough to not have to carry the G6 receiver. The app is about 50 percent reliability. It always states lost signal. All the other Dexcom apps work well, but the most important blood glucose reading app is unreliable. I would pay a monthly subscription fee if it would help. The idea of a reliable app would allow me to carry one less item in the management of my diabetes. So sad this app doesn't work.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By CathyG777
    When I first installed the app, it worked great, then it started losing signal. I haven’t had 1 reading since November! I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t connect. I have an Apple Watch too & I thought that would help, but still nothing
  • constant signal loss 3/5

    By Pani2005
    This app constantly gives me the signal loss error despite my transmitter and sensor being new. I thought it was my phone’s fault but the receiver works fine. Not exactly sure what the problem is but hopefully it gets fixed!
  • Please let me make my screen dark 1/5

    By Ciethan
    That’s it. Thanks, love you
  • Dexcom Disconnect 3/5

    By Mystro Biggz
    This is what they should have titled it. While I do like the “continuous” monitoring of my glucose, if the mains selling point is “continuous”, yet I’ve had this for 4 days now and it has disconnected from the sensor 12 times, then it’s not really continuous. The Siri shortcut will not work on my IOS version 14.3. If it would just stay connected it would be a useful tool. I have the app on my phone and my phone has yet to be less than 6 feet from the sensor on my belly. And my IPhone has and update so it will probably be worse. I like keeping my phone updated so they need to update their app as new IOS versions come out. The UI is very boring and drab. They should look at Livongo’s blood sugar meter. I have that for blood checks and it has a fantastic app, UI, never have an issue and if there is one, I always get a person on the phone within minutes. My lancet device broke and I had one sent overnight, no questions asked. And if your sugar gets too low or too high, they call and text you to see if you’re okay or need help. Dexcom just needs to put a little more energy into their app for IPhone. And even their meter to me looks dated. But the Dexcom was free for me through a diabetes education class, so I can’t complain too much, but I would love it to actually be continuous. And give your app a facelift.
  • Home Screen widget does not work 2/5

    By Mike535i-1br1
    Just updated to latest Dexcom version it claims that now there is gone screen widget, did not always exist ? The new one does not work, most of the time to shows —- for reading even though when you click on Dexcom icon reading is there And it’s also a small square with some unusable small graph taking most of that square and No way to adjust it And when You click on edit widget it says unable to load Plus the widget is sometimes does not get updated and showing an older reading My phone is brand new iPhone 12 with 14.3 iOS on it
  • Widget error and ios14 volume issues 3/5

    By senderob
    Just installed the widget but when I change a sensor, instead of showing warmup, it shows LOW and the Urgent symbol. How could that be? Also, with iOS 14.4, the volume control when in the app doesn’t work,,, it’s tied to your phone volume which results in overly loud or too quiet alerts.
  • Get ready for constant loss of signal 1/5

    By UncuredTinnitus
    The amount of times the app says your device disconnects even when you’re in range is ridiculous it will only work 60% of the time and 99% of the time it will be anywhere between 20 points above or below the number it says it’s at, even when you calibrate it, the app doesn’t give you the number you immediately calibrated it too. The app will always disconnect when you need to see what your blood sugar is at. It’s 2021 you’d think they would have this perfected by now.
  • Don’t waste your time if using on a iPhone 2/5

    By Joe$23
    I purchased i phone just for the Dexcom g6 I’ve had nothing but problems with this app don’t work half the time and Apple dose way to many updates for this app android doesn’t have as many updates so works way better on android I hope this helps
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Rhinda Mac
    Hello please help Fix this issue my i phone 11 app just started acting up over last 3 different sensors keep saying sensor fail redid it 3 different times and reentered code only to say fail again but in my Dexcom PDA /monitor shows No error and no loss of connectivity my name is Rhonda and rely on both I phone and Dexcom pda please help
  • App is great, but just a suggestion. 5/5

    By CoolMathIsBetterThanABCYA
    I’ve been using Dexcom for the past couple years now, and overall I think it’s a great product and has saved me quite a few ER visits. The app works perfectly as intended for me, but I would really like to see a dark mode implemented. A lot of the times that I get alerted by Dexcom is late at night, and checking the app can put a strain on my eyes. A dark mode would be really nice to all of us who wake up to our Dexcom.
  • Doesn’t even work on the new iPhone 12! 1/5

    By Spickity spat 24
    Bought the new iPhone and to my surprise the app doesn’t even work on it. Quite dissapointed with Dexcom over this.
  • Don’t trust the readings 3/5

    By Radison
    Don’t trust the readings if they are way high or way low always verify with a manual blood tester. I’ve seen the Dexcom reading at 350 I did a test with my blood monitor and it was at 120. But I have also seen I Dexcom reading at 30 and in reality it was 150. It’s a great device but in my experience it’s not always correct.
  • Really bad widget bug 1/5

    By jtf323
    The widget has a REALLY bad bug where if it doesn’t have a reading it tells you your BG is “LOW”. That’s an astonishingly awful oversight that’s been there for at least 2 weeks without getting patched. The fact that something this silly and blatant can happen really makes me lose faith in Dexcoms software.
  • Please bring back the Today View option 2/5

    By Therearenoavailablenicknames!
    Why why why would you remove the Today View option? The ability to view readings in nice big numbers with a simple swipe WITHOUT having to unlock your phone was an awesome feature! Now it’s been replaced by a small, un-customizable iOS Widget that doesn’t even update readings on time. Why is the Dexcom app so poorly designed and updated after so many years? Very frustrating.
  • Dexcom & Apple 1/5

    By SujRag
    When it works, the Dexcom App works great. However, the App is not keeping up to date with IOS upgrades and does not connect with the phone for more than 50% of the time. Very frustrating.
  • The G5 was much better 1/5

    By axapplereview
    If you are diabetic and can stay on the g5 instead of g6, I highly recommend doing so. The g6 is far less accurate, constantly had readings 50-100 points off, and never lasts the fully advertised ten days. While less painful to apply, the applicator also breaks often enough that it’s a waste.
  • New Widget terrible 1/5

    By Sqwheels
    Why possibly update the widget feature to make it less useful? From Lock Screen, it does not give updated readings unless phone was very recently unlocked. Far worse (and even possibly dangerous), the widget reading often does not even match the correct reading in the opened app itself...
  • Lost signal things to remember. 1/5

    By Rip off one
    For people always getting lost signal, a few things to remember Dexcom app must Always be running, never swipe up to close app on iPhone. Tandem insulin pump will not give you BG readings if you are also connected to your Dexcom receiver. It's either one or the other you cannot have both running at the same time. However you can have the phone app and Tandem X 2 insulin pump connected at the same time. Probably the most important thing to remember is you cannot have more than two devices connected to the transmitter at one particular time. 2 are the maximum number of devices that can be connected to dexcom transmitter simultaneously. But like I mentioned dexcom receiver and Tandem insulin pump cannot be connected to transmitter at the same time just doesn't work. you can have iPhone app for Dexcom and Tandem insulin pump connected at the same time. But that would be it you cannot add a third device like Xdrip or older version of Leap. I have noticed with Tandem control IQ the signal it's not as strong as the phone Bluetooth or Dexcom receiver Bluetooth. tandemCan use whatever excuse they want like bad transmitter, but the truth is the tandem X2 with control IQ just does not have strong enough receiver to pick up the signal from the transmitter.Considering Tandem's control IQ delivers insulin and stops insulin delivery tandem should have made a strong receiver on their insulin pump. It's a life-saving device. Dexcom should never have a proved it without more testing.
  • Apple Watch support 3/5

    By 2ndPope
    I really like the app, it’s fairly accurate and for the most part has stayed connected with me at all times. The problems I’m having is the Dexcom G6 app support for Apple Watch. I have a Series 3 and have had three issues. First, the G6 complications are limited to only the bottom option, it cannot go into a corner. This unfortunately limits the watch faces you can use. This brings me to my second and third issue. I’ve noticed that my numbers have been lagging behind slightly. If I open the app directly it will refresh on the watch face. If I do not use my watch for several minutes the numbers will not appear on the face at all until I manually open the app. They will appear as ‘- - -‘ Unfortunately this was the whole purpose of getting the watch was to have my numbers available on my list at a glance and not have to tap multiple things to get to it. An update would be great!

    By Martin20krunner
    Customer service is scripted to get you off the phone. The constant 1 2 and the OK is pointless and a real pain for any diabetic that has diabetic retinopathy. Just show the number already. Anyone with such, which is most diabetics at some point, a receiver that costs $1000 should at least have speech for the number. This APP has been non-functioning for nearly 150 days. Customer service simply says ‘it is not working and is there anything else?’ This APP is linked to 2 other APPS for healthcare and family that now have no way to follow the patient/family. API update kits are sent to developers 90 days before OS updates, and Dexcom is still working on it 60 days after. I worry this company is going to kill a lot of people, they act completely apathetic.
  • Dangerously Useless. 1/5

    By diogenes' chicken nugget
    the app only works 50% of the time or less. it frequently disconnects for no reason. if i use a regular dexcom receiver (even at the same time as the app), the receiver often works when the app does not. this can be mortally dangerous to the user who relies on CGM data, as well as being a waste of time and energy.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By lugotoo
    App losses connectivity from transmitter all the I’m always within 20 feet from monitor and phone
  • Never works. 1/5

    By UTCdinky
    Would be great - if it ever worked. I CANNOT remember the last time I was able to get a reading on my phone. It ALWAYS states signal loss. I keep my phone on me near the transmitter and have tried everything I can think of. I even went and bought a brand new phone because of it and it still doesn’t work. I mentioned that to the tech while I was dealing with another issue and the problem was completely ignored. Very disappointed.
  • Love the App - doesn’t work with iPhone 12 4/5

    By azhomie
    I love this app, life changing. However when I try to access it on my iPhone 12 Pro the app cannot be viewed.
  • Devs don’t know how widgets work 1/5

    By sklvsklvsklv
    The new update makes it so that all widgets are the smallest size. What I previously had as a large display in my menu is now pretty tiny with no options to change that. The real question is why i am not surprised. Hopefully Sugarmate does better ************* Update: changing to one star after a terrible dev response DEXCOM I SEE YOUR STOCK PRICE YOU HAVE MADE A KILLING IN THE PAST YEAR NOW PLEASE INVEST IN SOME RESPECTABLE SOFTWARE ENGINEERS
  • Amazingly poor for amazingly long 1/5

    By Zach Kramer
    Buggy, out of date, hard to customize and control and the features that are present only intermittently function. Since the first version only minor changes have been made. I can’t turn off the alarms, really? I can rip the sensor out so stop patronizing me and give me the choice. I can’t view CGM history except in landscape, really? Even on my tiny pump screen I get more useful views. Their canned response to all of the criticism is indicative of their lack of commitment to making this app a success. It’s amazing that after all these years this app still stinks so much.
  • Keeps disconnecting from transmitter 2/5

    By TF222
    I used this app on Android for 3 years with no problems...I got the iPhone 12 and it constantly disconnects and loses signals...any advice or help would be great...I'm having to start and stop Bluetooth multiple times a day to reconnect
  • Nice App 4/5

    By LBL93
    However, It would be better and 5 star if: We had night mode. We could add a profile picture
  • Simple stuff 4/5

    By xx12312
    Surprised the event cant just be a combination of food, insulin, and how im feeling. Why should i have to create a new event for each one instead of having it all in one and then i just leave the other ones blank? I just started with it tonight so we shall see how annoying these notifications are...
  • New widget fails 1/5

    By megtronxo
    The new widget update is trash and barely ever shows a reading. I have to constantly unlock my phone and open the app to see my readings now.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By meggymarie998
    I constantly have a issue with my sensor connecting to my phone. It gets pretty annoying. Especially since I’m 22 and it’s so easy for me to just grab my phone and check my sugar with such convince. My Bluetooth never connects and I’m constantly having to use the machine it comes with. If it worked better, I would just keep the app on the phone. Unfortunately it can never be that easy.
  • Apple Watch integration useless 5/5

    By Mapayne
    The app works great on the phone. But the Watch complication is pretty useless. It almost always shows “—“ instead of the recent reading. The docs say that it can take a moment to show but it takes about 2 minutes. I’m not going to stare at my watch for 2 minutes waiting for the number. Instead I have to tap to open the app every time. It completely defeats the purpose of the watch.
  • Love Dexcom, app could do more 3/5

    By jeffster8
    I have to say Dexcom is amazing! I love it! I do have 2 things I wish the app could do: 1 I would love to be able to answer alerts from my Apple Watch and 2 I would like to be able to load it on my Apple car play screen and control it from there. Actually if you could just control it from your watch that would be a huge improvement, and aid in hands free driving.
  • Bluetooth connection for iPhone 12 garbage 1/5

    By DGfrfr
    Definitely don’t recommend this app. Bluetooth even in less than a foot range is disconnecting constantly!!!