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Dexcom G6

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  • Current Version: 1.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dexcom
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dexcom G6 App

Always know your glucose number and where it’s heading with the Dexcom G6™ Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System – FDA-cleared for diabetes treatment decisions with zero fingersticks and no calibration.* *Fingersticks required for diabetes management decisions if symptoms do not match readings. Only use this app if you have the Dexcom G6 CGM System. With Dexcom G6, always know your glucose number with just a quick glance at your compatible smartphone or smartwatch. For a list of compatible devices visit Dexcom G6 provides real-time glucose readings for patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes every five minutes. Dexcom G6 is FDA-cleared for children age 2 and older. The Dexcom G6 System provides personalized trend alerts right on your smart device and lets you see when your glucose levels are going too low, or too high, so you can better manage your diabetes. The Alert Schedule feature lets you schedule and customize a second set of alerts. For example, you can set the schedule to match your work hours and have different alert settings during the rest of the day. Custom alert sounds are available, including a Vibrate-Only option on the phone for glucose alerts other than the Urgent Low Alarm. The Always Sound setting allows you to receive certain Dexcom CGM Alerts even if your phone sound is off, set to vibrate, or in Do Not Disturb mode. This will allow you to silence calls or texts but still receive audible CGM Alerts, including Low and High Glucose alert, Urgent Low Soon Alert, Urgent Low Alarm, and Rise and Fall Rate alerts. Please note that when your phone is set to Silent or Do Not Disturb, you will not receive any audible alerts for Signal Loss. Always Sound is on by default. A Home screen icon shows you if your Alerts will sound or not. For safety, three alerts cannot be silenced: Urgent Low Alarm, Transmitter Failure, and Sensor Failure. In addition to the accurate performance provided by the Dexcom Sensor, you’ll receive other valuable features: • Share your glucose data with up to ten followers in real time. Followers can monitor your glucose data and trends in real time on their compatible smart device with the Dexcom Follow app. Share and Follow functions require an internet connection. • Health app access so you can share retrospective glucose data with third party apps • Today View widget, which allows you to view your glucose data on the lock screen of your smart device • Add a shortcut to Siri to run by asking Siri to read your current glucose value, using a custom phrase. • A Dexcom CLARITY link on the landscape trend graph lets you easily transition to the CLARITY App to view more information on your glucose trends Apple Watch View your glucose information, trend graph, and alerts and alarms right from your wrist with the Dexcom G6 Apple Watch app. Watches require compatible smart device to use app. • Use the digital crown to scroll through 1, 3, or 6 hours of glucose trend data • Dexcom G6 watch face complications allow you to view your glucose number and arrow from your watch face • Add the Dexcom G6 app to the Dock and enable background refresh for best performance Customer Reviews This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646. Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint.

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Dexcom G6 app reviews

  • Super crash 1/5

    By Shigglz
    The app loses connectivity to the device multiple times a day. Makes keeping track of my sugars very hard
  • Upgrade terrible 1/5

    By wam525
    So with the latest upgrade you can’t see your glucose reading until you first respond to some error message about dexcom share. Crazy. And dexcom help said you’ll see this message even if you don’t have the share app. And they have no idea when it can be fixed in a newer app. The beauty of the old app was you could see your BG with one tap. Now you have to hit a tiny little spot to first clear the error message. How dumb is that.
  • Pop up EVERY TIME 1/5

    By Abusage
    yeah, I get it, follow doesn’t work. Why do you have to tell me this every time I’m on the app? Also, NOBODY CARES ABOUT FOLLOW, CLARITY, OR ANY OF THE OTHER EXTRA TOOLS. NOOOOOOOBODDDDYYY!!!
  • Total rely on it, but it could use improvement 2/5

    By Uncle Houston
    Need to preface this average review by saying that I totally rely on the Dexcom G6 and love it. But the app is a little subpar. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed: 1. When hovering over a dosage note, big pop-up blocks the graph - old version had smaller pop-up that was easier to read. 2. Graph doesn’t show low region any more, used to. This is more an annoyance than anything. 3. Crashes when I try to adjust alarms, so basically I can’t adjust alarms now. This is a biggie, since it is an outright glitch in the app. Happy to troubleshoot if tech support contacts me. Improvements over the last version G5 are numerous and the system as a whole is better in general. Haven’t had to use glucose monitor to check blood sugar in months, and the G6 info is very reliable and accurate.
  • Loses connection too frequently 1/5

    By Stu415620
    I’ve only been using this app for a few days now, and it seems to lose connection with my transmitter. I keep my phone on or close to me almost always and I have lost connection with the transmitter. It’s happened the past two nights while I was sleeping for 4 1/2 hours (phone was next to the bed charging), and in the middle of the day (it’s been going on 20 minutes now) and there’s no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening. Also I don’t get notifications on my phone when this happens (even with my notifications on with the sound on). (I’m using a G6 unit with the IPhone XR iOS 13.2.3 if that makes a difference as to my set up with both my phone and Apple Watch up to date on the software). If these keeps up, I’ll probably edit my review to something lower, and delete the app. We’ll see how this is going in a week. I’m hoping they fix the issues with the app being used with this most recent update of iOS. Edit: (15 days later). Good luck with this app. Still junk. I’ve tried contacting customer support and they don’t know their heads from their elbows. And when I have spoken to someone the first person made it clear updating the app to work with the newer iOS is not a priority but the G7 is then blew me off, and the second person couldn’t figure anything out if it wasn’t on their script to follow to help a person out. Save yourself some time. Don’t use a Dexcom product, and sure as hell don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Add New features 4/5

    By bbcsrui in guib
    I really love this app and device, it helps me manage my diabetes so much better but I think this app could be more informative. For example for the people I share with, they can’t see my data if I’m changing my site or if I’m offline. Maybe instead of the app saying “no data” it could say “site is being changed” and “sharer currently is not connected to the internet”. I don’t know; it’s just an idea and I think the people I share with would appreciate it.
  • weak 1/5

    By kungfuderp
    app is giving me ‘share’ warnings before it even lets me use it, extremely irritating
  • G6 Signal Loss 1/5

    By Abes1234
    It’s been months since the new iPhone has come up how does your app still have issues?
  • Unimpressed 2/5

    By localnate
    I downloaded the app today. 11/11/19 and my phone has been next to me all day since the install. When it stays connected it’s awesome but 3 diss connections in 5 hours is inexcusable. Still a terrible app. My god. It’s bluetooth. I just connected to my vehicle which I haven’t driven for 3 months and have had a better connection than this app. I can’t understand what so hard about basic Bluetooth connections. It’s not like this app is tech heavy. It literally had to do one thing.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By misstypeoneD
    The new update makes the app crash and slow to open up
  • Server not working! 3/5

    By Eugene is
    The share server is not working!! This is very important thing to be fixed!! Dexcom is a great cgm!! And I’m so grateful for it!! Please fix the server soon!!
  • Good product most of the time - terrible sometimes 2/5

    By Woogie099
    I had a G5 and now use a G6. The G6 sensors are supposed to last 10 days. If you take regular showers and exercise you will get 8-9 days out of them. Even then, a lot of times the sensors just sort of fizzle out. They will stop reading for some periods of time. A concerning development has been present during the months of November and December of 2019. I have regularly been kicked out of the APP and can’t log back in. Just today this happened and when I called I was told that other portions of the service weren’t available. The truth, after prodding, was that the entire app was down due to “server maintenance” and there was no estimate as to when the service would be restored. Who operates that way? I mean, this is a service I depend on daily. The ability to trust that I will know what my sugar is through this app is life or death. Unannounced server issues and other nonsense is inexcusable. I doubt it’s true anyway because what rational person would choose the middle of the day to interfere with service? WHAT COMPANY DOESN’T HAVE A SECOND SERVER OR AIR GAPPED TECHNOLOGY TO PROTECT AGAINST INTERRUPTION? These sort of tech issues are inexcusable from my perspective, and even worse, a company can’t refer me to their Facebook page (yup, that happened) to learn when their tech issues were resolved. DO BETTER DEXCOM. BOO.
  • ⚠️NEED HELP⚠️ please!! 3/5

    By itsmebri05
    My blood sugars weren’t sending to my moms phone through Dexcom follow so I tried uninstalling my app and reinstalled it.. when I tried to log in it said there was a problem with the server... PLEASE FIX I cannot see my blood sugars and I just inserted this sensor so it just ruined the session and wasted the sensor
  • Usually good-needs work 2/5

    By chubbc
    Been having issues lately with the app. It always pops up with the warning screen. I don’t need that EVERY single time. It’s an EXTREME inconvenience when I’m trying to see my alert & clear it. It’s not sharing my data with my followers. I also have an issue with volume control. Why am I not able to control the volume of the alerts? I work night shift as a nursing assistant & it wakes my patients up when I go into their rooms if I don’t feel the first alert. There are a few things that need worked out.
  • Done with Dexcom 1/5

    By Applelime702
    They have yet figured out how to have an 11 pro work with the app. The phone has been out for a few months and I continue to have a “lost signal sign” all the time. I have had multiple lows where my sensor goes out at 140 and all the sudden I check and I’m 47. My pump also depends on this to help suspend. You claim you guys are the best so get it together and fix what needs to be fixed.
  • Fix your problems 1/5

    By Fioysssjkl6632
    No server communication. Tried to reload the app the get it to work, but you are required a login to even monitor your levels. Will not let you log in since the servers are down, therefore, guess who doesn’t have a way to monitor his sugar!!! Smooth move Dexcom. Glad to see you guys are working hard on this over the long weekend.
  • Sharing feature has ceased working 3/5

    By Lotar123
    The app has been useful and effective in my tracking of my glucose levels. However, for the last 3 days the share feature of the app has ceased to work, stating “server failure” I have had a perfect internet connection over the last few days and cannot seem to fix the problem. Please help!
  • Last update broke sharing 1/5

    By rojalvo
    Since the last update, the sharing has stopped working. Please fix immediately.
  • You’re kidding me 1/5

    By jayokeefe79
    This is ridiculous. I spent $3,000 to get this set up and the server is down? Now my sensor is useless and I can’t even sign in and get my readings. This needs to be fixed immediately.
  • needs some bugs fixed 3/5

    By filley23
    love the app it finds all my lows even the ones i don’t feel or before they happen just all my followers aren’t getting my data and my alarms still go off even though i have them off
  • Junk 1/5

    By butterflys fly
    Absolutely junk!!! Don’t buy Dexcom!!!! You can not depend on it always server issues or intermittent connections !!!! Dexcom =junk!!!! So disappointed with you guys and your horrendous customer service. All you do is promise people that you’re going to fix the problem and you never do. Instead you guys just line your bank accounts with our money. Dexcom does not deserve even a 3.2 stars rating. It’s unfortunate I can not rate below a one star!!!! I hope your business fails like your customer service is doing to us.
  • Useful, but can be a pain 2/5

    By gerald qwerty
    Sometimes when I get on the app it will say signal loss and show on the chart that I haven’t had reading for the past hour and I could have just checked just 10 minutes before and all of the readings were there. This problem could remain long enough to the point were I have to go back to finger sticking the rest of the day. Super annoying and frustrating when you know it’s reading but simply won’t show your numbers do to that odd “glitch” that shows it’s not reading and hasn’t been for a certain amount of time. This is a frequent occurrence, and is a very frustrating thing when you wake up in the morning not knowing if it will work today or not.
  • Been out sense 1:00 Am 1/5

    By Minecrafter2384
    It’s 12:00 Am and sharing it to the followers hasn’t been working sense then.
  • Never Works!!! 1/5

    By crystal_ree
    I have never been able to connect with the app. My Pump connects but not the app. My Dr has know idea what my sugars have been... I have tried everything! Contacted technical support and they know the issue and tell me they are working on it. So bummed I was really excited for my family and my Dr to keep track): but NOPE
  • Always losing connection and won’t let my loved ones see my blood sugar 2/5

    By crappypregnantwoman
    It’s always crashing, and it’s makes it super hard to view my blood sugar while I’m at work. And my fiancé can’t see it while I’m at work
  • Sigh.. 3/5

    By Jcjdsantos
    My 9 yr old has been using the Dexcom for about 11 months it is convenient however it looses signal to often. A lot at night and over night and doesn’t link to the follow app. For a few days already no matter how good the internet connection will not connect to follow or it says signal lost on his device which is I have to finger stick a lot still.. a lot of sensor errors as well
  • Excellent App, But Needs Tweaking 3/5

    By Koeckman
    I love this app but have two small yet key requests to help improve to usability of the app for its users. The first, could you add a duration of insulin in your system either with short acting, or long acting? Often times I use a combination of immediate and delayed bolus’ to manage my carb intakes. It would be helpful to see on the chart the food/carbs you eat compared to the amount of insulin you take and how it runs it’s course. The second small request be to simply add a suspend option in the events list. Often times while I’m in the shower, swimming or exercising I suspend and would like to see a duplication of that on the chart as to see the correlation between the time I suspend to the rise/fall in blood sugar during that period of time. Overall the app is great, if just like to see a couple small tweaks to help us manage our diabetes better.
  • No internet 1/5

    By DarthSaxophone
    Reads fine but can't share. PLEASE FIX ASAP!
  • They need to update it 1/5

    By Beccab05
    I usually love this app but it has a lot of issues if you have the iPhone 11.... but I feel like they should be up to date with new version for ever iOS update because people’s health depend on it.
  • Unable to use 1/5

    By chachi8oh8
    I have the new iphone11 pro and I’m unable to use this app
  • Dexcom share problems 1/5

    By raphafofo1
    Does not work after updating to iPhone 11. Sharing is not connecting to Dexcom server.
  • Server Down 1/5

    By Schultzgirl
    Server has been down for 12+ hours with no ETA.
  • Erratic issues 1/5

    By jscherencel
    I’ve been running the app on my iPhone 8 Plus for 1 year, minor issues here and there, nothing big. I upgraded to an iPhone 11 pro max yesterday (11/29) and now I can’t connect to the server to login in to start a new session. I’ve been trying all day (11/30) and get nothing but server issues. Before I tried deleting and reinstalling the app it was reading 100 points off. I did 2 calibrations too. I’m on day 7 of 10, it’s not my sensor because my readings were normal before I switched phones yesterday (11/29). It’s not a shut down and restart issue. It’s not a turn off Bluetooth and reconnect issue either. Somethings off with the app and now I have to go back to finger sticks.
  • Great CGM, needs update for iOS 13.x 1/5

    By WatchOut4This1
    Changing my rating and review to reflect the current situation: *No real update for those of us with the latest Apple Devices and iOS. Interestingly enough, my older iPhone still on iOS 12.x following the supported device matrix now has intermittent receiving issues, even with sensor/ transmitter replacements. I’ve since talked with my insurance for the dedicated receiver and have been using it for the last two months. This is so disappointing and a huge step backwards. I never received a call back or email response for my original support case I submitted months ago, not withstanding these known issues, a courtesy reply would go a long way. Nothing like carrying yet another device with me that requires a manual download of data and zero sharing capability. I can’t wait for competition to pick up in this market to reset DexComs posture towards patients... interesting that the CEO in his news snippets said that many of the restructuring of operations and manufacturing wouldn’t impact those currently using DexCom products, really... you don’t think it had an impact on your software and support?
  • What’s gong on 3/5

    By saaavage
    It doesn’t let me log in to the app I’ve even changed the password and it won’t let me in I just attached one and it wont let me in but it lets me in the website what should I do
  • Donald 1/5

    By Donald Nathan
    Signal loss and sensor error all the time Needs working fix the app
  • Great when it works! 2/5

    By Chained to dexcom
    Works great until it doesn’t.... then I worry through the night that they’re technology will fail and my 11 year old will die in his sleep. Which is why I’m up At 3am writing this review, checking on my T1D. And their customer service.... good luck! Takes forever to get through then depending on who you talk to you get conflicting information.
  • Alerts are not always helpful 3/5

    By jennahoerr
    I can NOT get my app to respond appropriately when it comes to alarms. I set my high alert to ring every half hour and it continues to get louder and ring every 5-10 minutes. This is not helpful. It doesn’t matter how I set my alarms for the alerts: it rings when it wants and that is beyond frustrating. Please fix this.
  • Bad 3/5

    By MagicStardust
    My bloods always wrong on my phone
  • Dexcom 5/5

    By dragon chinchilla
    I have diabetes and this app had helped a lot after I broke something.Once I got it it is so easy to see my sugar and now I can ask Siri to see my sugar
  • Not what it’s cracked up to be 2/5

    By diabetessucks
    I have had three sensors fail in a row. The thing won’t connect to my phone half the time. I get the sensor error like 80% of the time. I’m seriously considering going back to finger pricks. Dexcom is way too expensive to be having problems constantly. Fix it
  • Works sometimes 2/5

    By MikeRL86
    It loses signal 90% of the time. Beyond frustrating

    By Lildre1503
    dark mode is needed please, opening the app in the middle of the night is not a pleasant experience.
  • iWatch 5 Issue 3/5

    By And then..
    I’ve used the DEXCOM app on my iPhone and iWatch 3 for a year. I’ve just upgraded to the iWatch 5 and the app is not supported. When I open DEXCOM on my watch it directs me to open the app on my phone. As an avid runner and triathlete I rely heavily on being able to quickly look at my watch to track my levels for fuel and nutrition. Please update the app to support the iWatch 5!
  • When I restart my phone I need to re enter everything. 1/5

    By yazmincoyle
    Sends alerts when I turned them off. When I restart my phone it looses all the information and I have to enter it all in. So I have to keep the transmitter information with me at all times.
  • Watch display does not update 1/5

    By MikeBourt
    This app does not supportApple Watch 6 or later. The app does not update the display on the watch sometimes for hours. Pretty useless as it can be outdated by hours and leading to bad decisions on you insulin diseases. Phone shows the correct readings.
  • Watch access is broken 1/5

    By yoitsmike92
    Usually doesn’t work on my watch anymore. Seems like they don’t test this themselves.
  • Dexcom G6 iPhone app is NOT compatible with Apple iWatch 1/5

    By rubbermallet
    Please be aware when you upgrade to dexcom G6 and use an iPhone (v13 or higher) with G6 app you will no longer have iWatch access. The developers have not advanced the code for iWatch and have no known release date. This information directly form Dexcom support as of 11/25/19. Very disappointing!
  • Update is no good 1/5

    By hoLLy7173
    Despite the incessant notifications to update to this version, don’t do it! Sensor errors constantly even after changing sensors. Dexcom should really put another update out ASAP to keep their product usable. Everything was working very well for the 6 month prior and G6 sensors had become more reliable. No longer the case.

Dexcom G6 app comments

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