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  • Compatibility: Android
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ellentube App

Welcome to Ellentube! The home for all things Ellen, on your phone. In this app you'll be able to watch all your favorite Ellen clips from the show, as well as original Ellentube series, hilarious fan videos, and more. Plus, you can submit your own photos and videos to Ellen's challenges, get tickets, win giveaways, and connect with Ellen in a way you've never been able to before! It all starts right here.


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    I don't have a TV that streams Ellen DeGeneres and with this app it lets you look at ehat she is doing that day and I am very impressed 5 star for me
  • Please do an update!! 1/5

    By lisrrlisrr
    I have not been able to get in my app for 2 days!! I keep getting an error message. Please fix!
  • Wish i could cast to my TV. 3/5

    By EyeKandyCamryn
    Please add the option to cast videos to my TV or chrome cast.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By tonitonytone
    Just watch from the browser. This app won’t even let me sign in. Tried several ways. Total waste of time. Love Ellen. Dislike the app.
  • Submition 3/5

    By Mahsa.Razavi
    Sounds good howevere is a little slow in scrolling up and down or left or write on menu bar. Also, there is a problem with sending a submition in write for Ellen. Like the sending buttom does not work totally! I fill the requested parts and upload the photo or ... but can not send it !
  • Using 6S cannot use app 2/5

    By LindsayKern
    The app is so slow and freezes when scrolling. Also freezes when trying to comment. Every 30 seconds or so it takes another 30 seconds to reload. Also makes my phone really hot when using. Please update :)
  • :p 4/5

    By HuluNChillin
    Uh overall app is alright i havent had any problems but I will check up since just downloaded
  • This app doesn’t work as advertised 1/5

    By Qwertyguyslc
    Doesn’t function properly, give away page never loads, couldn’t update my profile in app, online website works good but slow.
  • Great app if you have a charger 3/5

    By Mjjjbb
    Love the app! Love the Ellen show! The only thing is is that it drains your battery soooooo fast!! My phone was on 20% and before I could even get a video pulled up I got another notification saying it was now on 10% percent and was just watching it tick down. It’s a GREAT app and that is the only thing I recommend getting fixed. 👍🏻
  • Uploading video 2/5

    By hoperiver
    After you upload a video it ask for birthdate, Country, State, City and phone number, but it will not accept the phone number and won’t let you proceed.
  • Please fix the bugs!! 3/5

    By Energy fix
    Enjoy the app to stay current but when you try to search it's not efficient! I also wish there was some type of description for the tickets section like what's potentially being taped at that time. If you use the giveaways tab the form freezes and does not immediately open when trying to complete the birth date section. Happens every day and is always a delay or you have to tap multiple times to get it open. Please fix the problem on the giveaways section!!
  • Ellen amazing 5/5

    By Mioncho
    This app is so fun
  • Gets 2 mins into the video and stops 1/5

    By coffeylanebakes
    Bummer it doesn’t work at all.
  • I Love Ellen but... 3/5

    By arikamr05
    I Love watching Ellen DeGeneres but the Ellen app always closes on me when I try to log on and browse the site.
  • Apple Watch 😝 4/5

    By Sarah SEVAK
    Ok I might be going crazy but didn’t Ellen say in one of her shows a little while ago (I was watching again on YT) that she would make her app Apple Watch compatible? I was just looking and I have the series 3 watch and it’s not working :( (ps I’m 11 almost 12 yrs old) so yeah if it’s different app that i haven’t already checked then lemme know but I think I checked them all and none of them are compatible. OK THX BYEEEE
  • Love show App crashed too much 3/5

    By Ana2519
    I love watching recaps and was used to YouTube and Facebook but I tried the app and was disappointed. It crashes after 15 seconds of watching and I can't see a full video... sticking to YouTube instead
  • There are issues. 4/5

    By Lady gaga41840
    There are bugs and performance issues on this app! It needs an update! But if it weren’t for the issues it’s a great app!
  • Forget it 1/5

    By Bodirae
    Just got the app 20 min ago. Tried to watch 3 videos and it crashed every time.
  • I can't even watch!! 1/5

    By Cramp town
    Every time I try to click on ellentube it won't load. I can't watch anything!! I was so happy to see an update but it is even worse now, shutting down my I pad. How can this be fixed?? I am missing so much and the momsplaining with Kristen Bell I really want to see!! I see a lot of reviews like this, HELP!!
  • Needs help 2/5

    By schmeer
    The game just keep crashing even after an update. You need to fix it so it will again work on my iPad 3. Thank you.
  • Crashes constantly 2/5

    By amdoo429
    Ellen, Pleaseeee fix your app so it does not crash all the time. I don’t get to watch your show daily so I rely on watching the clips on your app. How many reviews about the app crashing does it take for you to do something???
  • App got in a car crash 1/5

    By RiPi'sVibes
    Never lets you in. I try reinstalling the app and it crashes. I go through this so many times it's annoying. Please fix it.
  • Traffic Jam 2/5

    By Bluxio
    I expect the app to be amazing but I will never know because whenever I try to open the app it crashes! I've tried reinstalling it and restarting my phone but nothing works! I keep getting messages saying something along the lines of: "Ellentube crashed unexpectedly, would you like to send a crash report so we can fix this?" I chose Always Send and let it crash a couple more times so they can see it and hopefully fix it. Thanks in advance.
  • Ellen Super! **APP** very disappointing.... 1/5

    By RV4Fun
    As others stated, this is not about Ellen but rating the app: And mostly that results in disappointment 1) crashes constantly 2) loads a video, but no sound 3) runs video halfway, then freezes (have to close everything out! Reopen app .... maybe then it might work) 4) “search” is horrible .... (as in not existing) For Ellen to put her name on it .... not good advertisement.
  • Glitchy videos. 4/5

    By Preston robotics
    It is an awesome app. The only thing is the videos don’t play a lot and are sometimes very glitchy.
  • Keeps crashing my dreams 2/5

    By cfraz92
    I used to love the app and now I can't use it. Every time I open it it immediately crashes. I tried deleting it and re downloading it. Still not working. I just want to watch Kristen bell and Ellen. My dreams are forever broken now. sad day. Sad app.
  • Need to Fix this App 2/5

    By j_ramirez00
    The videos take forever to load and when they finally do app crashes. But I still love Ellen
  • Fingers crossed 1/5

    By ShroomsGrl
    I'm rating a 1 because I just downloaded the app and all it does is tease me with the beginnings and then crashes. As soon as this is fixed I can change my rating to what I know it really deserves 😉(5)
  • Yuck! 1/5

    By Jpogue2013
    This app crashes constantly. In fact most often as soon as it comes on it blinks off and takes me back to my wall. Can't Ellen afford better?
  • Poor 1/5

    By traciejane
    The videos are impossible to watch. They stop playing in the middle of it or the app closes out. It’s so annoying.
  • Please fix! 3/5

    By Hulahoopinhaley
    I absolutely love watching Ellen’s videos. But half of the videos won’t even load it’ll just play the sound. I go to this app everyday after work please fix! I sadly can’t watch through the day so the app is all I have.
  • Ellentube 1/5

    By Little Girl From Mars
    It use to be so easy to enter giveaways. This old school girl can’t seem to enter on ellentube. Now it is so difficult to enter. Just giving up on those twelve days.
  • App crashes constantly 1/5

    By Eme101IJustWantToEnter
    I downloaded this app to enter Ellen's BTS FAN CHALLENGE where you send in a video. I have entered my video 30 time, and each time the app crashed. I have tried turning my iPad on and off again, restarting my iPad, updating my iPad, closing down the app, restarting the app, delving all my other apps so they won't interfere, deleting all of my precious memories off my iPad, closing down ,y recently used app pages, and even downloading the app back on my iPad. Nothing has worked, and the challenge ends soon. HELP
  • Great ish 4/5

    By 🦄🍕🦄
    It’s really good I’d like everything and don’t need to search anything
  • Am I being charged for this app 5/5

    By Gishmio
    Hi, I love the app, just making sure if I am being charged 🙏🏻
  • Surprised 1/5

    By Jr12125
    I am surprised at the number of glitches that this app has considering the conglomerate it represents. Sometimes no sound, sometimes total failure, sometimes stalls, on and on. I miss enjoying Ellen because of the dismal performance of this app.
  • Can't delete 1/5

    By Vman9065
    Keeps saying "installing" and I can't simply delete it like you normally can delete apps since it is apparently in the middle of a process.
  • Love her 5/5

    By Millimills22
    I love her voice, love her soul, her heart, her message. I love Ellen
  • Why does this not have more reviews? 5/5

    By xXsuperpigXx
    I'm so confused this is the official ellentube app and it only has 27 reviews I mean I don't know about how many downloads it has but I mean it's Ellen it should have thousands of reviews and they should all be 5 star reviews
  • Sad 1/5

    By Dizeimage
    The app keeps shutting down. I love Ellen & I want to give a better review so please fix it
  • Can never get enough Ellen! 5/5

    By brettadam
    The only video app I need. Get my ellen fix 24/7! Love the app design and love seeing Ellen’s faves and comments! It’s like we’re friends on Facebook! Fun!
  • This was made so much worse. 1/5

    By malengwaya
    Why was the app changed? Can’t find anything. Loading issues. It’s all ads.
  • One star only because of the reviews. 1/5

    By heydayla
    Why is almost every review about how they love Ellen and not the app? Seriously? I came across the app and decided to check it out and I always check the reviews. Everyone talks about how they love her show. I do too but I downloaded the app just so I could write this review. Seriously people when you write a review please make it be about the app. So now I'll delete the app since admin at warner brothers can't keep track of this sort of stuff... unless they are and just want the five stars. Now it's time to delete this app. BTW I do love the Ellen Show.
  • Amazing 😱😱😱😱😱 5/5

    By فهد سلمان
  • It's good but 4/5

    By mimi😎087
    When you update your Ellen tube when you turn it sideways it takes to long it just has to load
  • Issues with sound 2/5

    By Sc97grad
    Since the update, videos will play but no sound can be heard. I've deleted and reinstalled the app twice to no avail. I like the content but think the app is difficult to navigate. Hopefully the sound issues will get fixed.
  • Search functionality is not great 3/5

    By Jenny&Paul
    For the most part I love the app however Ellen will mention on her show to go to the app to look at something and then when you try to find it it's nearly impossible. The search functionality doesn't search for exact phrase even when you put quotes around it. Such as "Justin Timberlake." I wish that could be fixed because I would love to view the items that she mentions on her show.
  • Ellen Comes Through........ 5/5

    By Im sleepless
    Again! She refuses to let the laughs, even just a smile, leave my face. We are so incredibly thankful for Ellen. It's been a rough few years for us; when a 'pick me up' is needed, you can count on her.
  • No audio 2/5

    By dbl2017
    Help. I can't hear audio even though it's turned up and I get audio on YouTube app.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By 018272535373949272637393736
    Completely inappropriate app. Would not recommend

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