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Engadget is your ultimate destination for reviews, news and research from the world of consumer electronics. Our team of expert editors and columnists work passionately (some would say, obsessively) to bring you the best information about all gadgets, the science and technology behind them as well as insider insights before the products are even in the market. Want up to the minute coverage on the latest smartphone news, HDTV reviews and hands-on looks at all gadgets from laptops to game systems? Engadget delivers definitive tech news you need instantly. With this app at your fingertips, you’ll be an informed tech expert and insider in no time.

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  • Extreme leftist editors and overall buggy app 1/5

    By YucaDuran
    I’ve been reading Engadget for about 10 years, I always loved their reporting of the latest tech trends but as of the last presidential election they have been very political. I like to read and obsess about gadgets when I want to escape the hyper politicized nature of the times we live in. This is impossible to do in the Engadget app, opinions are disguised as factual articles, Op-Ed’s are to the far left, and are often racist and sexist in nature. I will be searching for another gadget blog. The app is extremely buggy as well, their latest update left out entire paragraphs in every blog post. Had to resort to their sluggish website.
  • Just take the app down already... 1/5

    By gjams74
    You clearly don’t care about the audience who the app is supposed to be designed for, so just take it off the App Store. Your are supposed to be a tech connect app and yet the worst app experience. I would rather go back to newspapers than deal with your sorry app!
  • Articles are unreadable. 1/5

    By blaze1519
    I'm a long time Engadget fan and really depend on the app to catch up on my tech articles. The app is practically unusable. Over the years many changes have made it worse and worse. The articles cut off mid paragraph and the next paragraph continues after random photos with horrible even smaller text underneath said photos. I can't even read the articles on my iPhone 8 because nothing renders properly. Everything is formatted horribly on mobile which is rather ironic-- a prominent tech news website can't design a regular mobile app....
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Engineertype
    Used to enjoy reading Engadget daily on my iPad. The app is frustrating now, with the last line of every paragraph going missing, leaving me to guess what the writer was trying to say. Why even bother with this app? 200 people give this a 1.4 rating. I had no idea apps could be rated that low, but then again it isn’t surprising given the quality of the offering.
  • Can't go lower than one star... 1/5

    By Dark Elation
    The app is fine, however, this is my only means (engadget choice) to leave feedback. After the disgusting attack on Twitter for standing up for free speech I've had enough of the propoganda. Uninstalled after being a long time user. Won't miss it one bit.
  • Still not that great 1/5

    By Mikiet77
    So after what felt like eternity they have removed the Atari article. What a joke this app has become used to be my go to multiple times per day for my technology news now they’re lucky if they get me to open the app once or twice a week. Please bring back the comment section per article it was very enjoyable and educating to see what the general population had to say about particular articles whether it be a review or new product coming out.
  • Political, biased, and has trashed what it used to be. 1/5

    By Tjkin
    Would give it less than one if I could. Seems like most feel the same way for one reason or another. Used to be so good at reporting the news and other upcoming features. I would check two or three times a day. Now just another biased political hack website. Good by....
  • Buggy app; particularly embarrassing considering it's a tech blog 1/5

    By mrbofus
    Swiping back can be an exercise in frustration. Shows months-old articles in a carousel at the top. Every single paragraph in an article is cut off at the end. I wish I could include screenshots here, but it doesn't look I can.
  • Top stories from 3/23/18 are finally gone! 3/5

    By KenGR
    Giving you 3 stars which I think is generous because it took 4 months to fix (or realize) the bug that showed the same 3 articles on Atari / Apple’s field trip and Elon Musk. I reported this to you back in March. Completely verified it wasn’t only my device...had a teammate load the app up on his iPhone X last week (July) and sure enough, it showed the same 3 articles from 3/23. For a tech site, hard to believe you guys would let your app be broken like that for so long but glad you finally fixed it.
  • Top stories 3/5

    By Blackbart2
    Top stories finally updated for the first time in four plus months. So that's a positive thing. I'll have to see how long it stays working before rating higher.
  • Will Engadget EVER fix this garbage app??? 1/5

    By Why do I need a nickname????
    My god, are you guys EVER going to fix this garbage app? Your OLD “news” top stories haven’t changed since MARCH! At the time of this writing, it is nearly August 1!!!! Engadget is owned by AOL. Most people reading this are thinking “I didn’t even know AOL still existed.” Looks like Engadget is going the same route...
  • Only some parts function 2/5

    By LLahiri
    The “Top Stories” section is still stuck on the date of when I downloaded the app. The regular newsfeed updates, but not the top story section. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app but same thing. Every time I open the app I see the same article for months. This is an app for technology news isn’t it?
  • Please fix. 1/5

    By danno4
    That is all.
  • Same top screen for 5 months 1/5

    By Mcizz
    The same top screen on the main app hasn’t updated.
  • Redesign Killed a Beautiful Thing 1/5

    By phavor
    Update: Can you please update the banner content. Seeing article from 1Q of 2018, not relevant anymore. I visit Engadget daily, either on the app or desktop. My first choice for all my tech info hands down. The new design is an unwelcomed refresh. Syncs with the desktop version but not a good look, literally.
  • App out of date 1/5

    By ReviewDan21
    I used to love this app. Hasn’t update top stories since March. I finally decided to delete and move on.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Clee100
    I’m very surprised Engadget, a top tier brand, has had such a crappy app for so long. Just remove it from the app store.
  • Atari VCS top story since 3/23/18 3/5

    By guitarfreak58
    Whhyyy is this still the first thing I see every time I open the app?? Also would like to be able to write and view comments through the mobile app.
  • Lazy garbage 1/5

    By shanaddie
    I’ll cut to the chase. The Top Stories haven’t updated since 3/23, I’m writing this on 7/10. The same story about the Atari console has been there every day for 4 months. Besides that, you can’t read all the stories in one busy news day. It’ll only load so many posts. I tweeted at them about this over a month ago and got ignored, so here I am writing this super review. At least it doesn’t load ads anymore. They must have pulled their ads from the... ah yes, the 1.5 star app. Shocker.
  • Atari shows it’s non functional ‘VCS’ 1/5

    By LouBaby1911
    The top article has been the same one for the last 8 months or so. Engadget can do better.
  • Top stories not updating since March 1/5

    By Jdogg29
    I still have the same 4 top stories since March. How hard is that to fix?!
  • An Embarrassment 1/5

    By tiredofmeatloaf
    As others have noted, top stories have not updated since March 28, 2018. Kinda surprising since it’s so prominently featured and takes up half the screen even in compact mode. I think this app is broken or simply abandoned.
  • Simply broken 1/5

    By Kentster08
    I really want to like the app but it just doesn’t work. Top three issues: 1. Top Stories hasn’t refreshed since 3/23/18. 2. The first time you launch the app the latest stories always stop after 20; you can’t scroll any further unless you refresh but ... 3. Refreshing the latest stories crashes the app about 50% of the time. I’ve tried uninstalling / reinstalling and clearing the cache from settings page. Nothing helps.
  • Top stories does update 1/5

    By Ultra659
    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled app. I’ve cleared the cached content, but the top stories still show from March and we are in June.
  • I get it, Atari is coming out with a “new” system. 1/5

    By Tovopro
    That headline has been up on my “Top Stories” section for 3 months, now. No I did not set it up to be that way.
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By Brad08r
    Not user friendly, especially on the iPhone
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By jejejoey
    As a tech website its embarassing that its own app to deliver its articles/ news is unworkable.
  • Best content worst app 1/5

    Second to none coverage. App will not reload. Search function bad. Less useable each update
  • No content 1/5

    By efyasko
    App will open, but there is no content.
  • Oddly the top story stopped updating. 1/5

    By CASB90000
    As of March 23, 2018 the lead story at the top “Atari shows its non-functional 'VCS' console prototype at GDC 2018” became stuck. It happened on my iPhone and iPad. Uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t correct the issue. After reading other reviews about issues it has left me concerned about the safety of this app. To be safe I’ve decided to uninstall it for now and live without its news.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Alvxandvrg
    My feed is filled with stories that are months old. In never refreshes.
  • Enough 1/5

    By Tiny Danziger
    This app should embarrass any company, but a tech company... The UI is terrible. Screen use is massively inefficient. It's the only news app with "back" restricted to a tiny arrow at the bottom. Everyone else is at the top and just swipeable. This makes this a chore to read. Now my top stories are stuck since March. I've even deleted and reinstalled. Still the same top stories since 3.23.18. I'm done. Delete.
  • Top stories section hasn’t updated in months 1/5

    By BryanJV
    Literally not a single update to the top stories section in months. Even faster reinstalling the app. What’s up with that?
  • Top stories not updating 1/5

    By Kylem32
    Thank you for fixing the pull to refresh issue that caused the app to crash. Still get it on rare occasion though. The only little issue now is that the top stories has not refreshed since 3.23.18. Love the content though!
  • Portrait Only? 1/5

    By KrisD82
    Why would the foremost leading authority on technology news release an app that forces a portrait only orientation on iPad? I am dumbfounded.
  • Top Stories? 2/5

    By y0ungl0yal
    Is anyone else top Stories not updating
  • Did you guys just give up? 1/5

    By mikesalz
    The “Top Stories” section has not been updated since March 23. You have released multiple updates since March without a fix, which means you just don’t give a crap that your garbage app is broken. Instead of News you should call it Olds.
  • Used to be my go to app... 1/5

    By Crzyhispanic
    Horrible app, used to be great source of tech news, but no more.
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By Jcaputo1984
    This is the worst app I use. Yet, I use it. The content is terrific but the app has been a nightmare for years and continues to be awful. In fact it seems to be getting worse. The near constant crashes are so aggravating. There’s a wonderful irony in the fact that the blog I turn to for tech news and reviews has the absolute worst app in the developed world.
  • Nice App, but new issue, and... 4/5

    By 87830
    Sometimes now when you try to share and choose SMS, you don’t get the “To:” field on iOS! This only happened after 1 or 2 shares that worked. I’m on an iPhone X and all up to date Oh, also this version is back to crashing every now and then. Also vertical-scroll can be stubborn about loading new stories. I still appreciate Engadget, and I write this review because I really do care (selfishly hoping they’ll fix stuff)
  • Constant crashes and battery drain 1/5

    By Sholson97
    Refreshing does not work properly, the app crashes when ever refreshing for new articles. Formatting moves areas outside of touchable area on iPhone X for videos or some slide shows. Battery drain is atrocious, seriously seems like this was not tested at all.
  • Crashes when refreshing stories 1/5

    By PandaNYC
    Wow, pulling down to refresh stories crashes the app after updating to the latest version. My top stories still haven’t changed since late March. This app is a tire fire.
  • Top stories don't update 1/5

    By sonydog123
    The tip stories no longer update. Still showing articles from a week, a month ago. They've updated the app 3 times since I've had this issue and it's still a problem lol
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Jscontreras99
    Buggy on iPhone X
  • Top stories section will not refresh, showing 3/23 news 2/5

    By M Varghese
    Top stories section will not refresh, showing 3/23 news
  • Doesn’t refresh. 1/5

    By Geekstrap
    First article is stuck from a month ago. I see new articles if I use my browser.
  • Not sure anymore 2/5

    By D8Reptile
    The featured articles at the top of the app are almost a month old yet articles below are updating. Certain interfaces are buggy.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By Cygnet84
    Update April 2018: still just as bad as ever - they removed the pop up ads but now the app will just crash every so often and my featured articles haven’t updated in about a month. For a tech blog, this app looks and feels clunky and slow. And they use app store promo ads which are essentially pop-ups that open the app store on your phone without any prompting.
  • Some Bugs!!! 1/5

    By deckhopper
    Top Stories is stuck on 3/23/2018, it won’t refresh even after clearing app cache and reinstalling. App feedback is terrible since it relies on the native phone email to compile feedback - what if I don’t use the native email app?!! Doh!!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Jcl8899
    Why this app is getting worse. They don’t care about their app???

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