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Filtrete Smart App

Filtrete™ Smart pairs with your Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter to help you understand and manage your home's air quality. It provides useful tips and alerts customized to your home's environment, and will notify you when it's time to replace your filter based on air flow and usage - not just time. By pairing this app to your Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter, you can: - Track the life of multiple Smart Filters - Receive filter change notifications based on real usage - Remember your filter type and size - Easily order replacement filters - Monitor outdoor and indoor* air quality and view short and long-term trends - Receive tips and alerts to improve indoor air quality * Indoor air quality monitor sold separately.

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Filtrete Smart app reviews

  • Filtrete with Bluetooth 5/5

    By HDSPS
    I was skeptical about purchasing my first unit, primarily due to price and not knowing if it would work. However, I am no longer skeptical the filter is fantastic and filters out much more than the lower grade filters. In addition I can check when to replace and get an accurate replacement interval depending on the filter condition. This is a great product by 3M.
  • Doesn’t really do anything 2/5

    By SMU Control
    Based on this app, one would expect that the Filtrete “smart” filters that pair with this app would actually monitor the effective airflow through the filter and therefore give you a good idea of when they should be replaced. Alas, its just a gimmick that appears to simply start a countdown timer that expires after 90 days or so. The app also supports an environmental air monitor, but the monitor itself (Speck) is no longer available. As such, this feature has no real use. Filtrete is apparently building their own monitor, which may or may not work with this app if/when they actually release it. But beware - the monitor is under development and being funded via an Indiegogo campaign, which is quite strange for a company as large as 3M to require this type of funding. I personally contributed to the campaign, had an issue and contacted Filtrete. They failed to stand behind their commitment, so I cancelled my contribution and will not buy the monitor if/when it is released. I recommend that others do the same - delete this app, purchase standard filters and just set a reminder on your calendar to replace your filters.
  • Great But could use the next level upgrade 3/5

    By Sjpollloc
    Push notification that the filter is getting to the point it should be cleaned is needed, and if I want to buy not all sizes are available so part of my house has this filter, and the final is being able to auto buy and send to residence the filter is needed.
  • Excellent Filter 5/5

    By Debbora C
    This is a wonderful filter. Living in the state of Texas, I was told that I would need to change my filter monthly or possibly quarterly. Using this filter I can monitor it on my phone when it needs to be changed. Highly recommended.
  • A lot of potential, but..... 3/5

    By Fvrkngt
    I see potential in this app, but living in the southern US and being told my filter only has support in Canada is kinda annoying. Add to it the fact it only takes into account air particulates and not the actual air quality index. Probably won’t keep it long since they also keep saying Lowe’s carries everything and yet doesn’t.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Nestles Quick
    I tried these filters out about six months ago. Love the convenience of them. And I just change my second filter took six months to utilize it and I love it.
  • Regret buying 2/5

    By disappointed in Mo 123
    Doesn’t actually monitor air quality, just life of filter like it appeared (unless you have speck air monitor sold separately and app). Also, if not near an EPA air quality station, can’t track outdoor quality. Just tells me when my air filter is used up and ready to be replaced. Which is something...but I can usually handle that.
  • Filtrete a/c filter 5/5

    By officiousgirl
    I like the reminders and the efficacy of the filter. Plus the length of time that it lasts.
  • Doesn’t update 3/5

    By Danatthebat
    The product doesn’t seem to actually update
  • Monitoring my Filter 5/5

    By I love eyes the horror
    I love that I can see my filter and how clean it is. When it told me to change it, I ran to the store!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By AMillionStars
    I installed the filter in November 2018 in the attic but couldn’t pair it at that time. I had to store some things in the attic today April 18, 2019 and decided to try pairing it again. This time it worked. However it set the filter to 100% “good”with an install of 4/18/19. The filter should be pretty dirty by now since 5 months have past and we use the heater daily during the winter. I don’t believe 100% good is accurate.
  • Excellent Reminder 5/5

    By Katielouwho2003
    I have already have to replace my AC coils after only two years due to the dust and hair from the house. This filter is easy to check if it needs to be replaced, to hopefully prevent any future mechanical damage.
  • Absolute best furnace filter 5/5

    By MikefromMo.
    Absolute best furnace filter cut down on dusting noticed that the dog dander and hair when is bad and it caught all the pollen nobody was scratchy eyes sneezing or coughing five stars
  • Great smart product !!! 5/5

    By PunkRockPauly
    I think this is a really great air filter . I'm also impressed with the Bluetooth app that comes with these filters. Never thought I'd get excited about an air filter ,but it's just a really cool smart product . I like the fact I can monitor the air quality inside and outside my home with my IPhone . I am installing my second Filtrete(1900) smart air filter today because the first sent me a text . How cool is that? I'll tell you this, its as cool as the clean air coming out of my HVAC system.
  • Tells you to buy a filter 2/5

    By isontneedanickname
    I’m not sure why we needs apps telling us to buy things. Filters need to be replaced and we all forget to do that. An app seems like overkill. The info on air quality has nothing to do with the interior of your space, unless you already have an air monitor, in which case you don’t need this app.
  • Not reliable never updates 1/5

    By debnb
    This is second time I tried the smart filter. First time it worked ok I had wanted to try again. I use to change filters monthly. After the first smart filter and going by the app I was able to wait 2 months before it said needing changing. So I was excited and thought it would save money paying a little more over changing every month. However no one stocks it so I have to order it which takes a week to arrive. I bought second one that I received feb 6, it’s now March 12 and it’s still saying 90%. It said 90% on feb 8 and hasn’t changed since. So I’m 2 days it dropped 10% life but in 32 days it hasn’t changed any?! Unreliable. When open the app it just says updating but never updates. Everything else all other apps and Bluetooth WiFi etc works great. This however I know is not accurate bc it has NOT updated filter status since feb 8. I’ve tried deleting app and reinstalling see if it was just an app issue. But still nothing. Won’t ever update each time opens it just has the thing sayin updating for filter status. Waste of money if it’s not going to work. Definitely not worth spending extra when still have to make judgement to replace instead of being able to go by filter life in app.will just go back to ordering different filters and changing out monthly. Not wasting my money on smart filter again for it not to ever update the life of filter. Disappointed.
  • Just a Timer 1/5

    By Shidubdjisbqvdggs
    Really this App and filter transmitter are just a timer, there is nothing “smart” about it. It doesn’t even tell you if your furnace is currently running (an easy function to integrate), and the filter life is simply based on the start date, it doesn’t measure air flow resistance to determine filter life. Basically this app/filter are worthless.
  • Filtrate 5/5

    By clean4all
    Awesome technology!! Ensures filter is reaching the point at which a new filter needs to be installed to maintain adequate filtering. Very easy and efficient process!! Amazon automatic replacement is a great benefit!!
  • Want analytics!! 2/5

    By juspat2
    Was hoping for more analytics than a simple percent used tracker. I like the filters but seeing no value add spending more for the Bluetooth version. I'll check back if it changes....
  • Sort of rip off 3/5

    By aadro2
    Doesn’t seem like it really measures flow. It seems to basically just turn on a timer to warn you after the usual 3 months.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Seahawks ##1
  • Bluetooth don’t work 2/5

    By shore'19
    Second filter purchase blue tooth didn’t work at & 3M and Lowe’s charges a high premium for these at 29.99 for this ability. Just replaced, one last try, and it worked this time.
  • Wellness Living Executive Condo at Skyline San Jose 5/5

    By TI2012Aug
    Filtrete delivers healthy air for our occupants consistently. ProLivings is Habitat for Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By stu licious
    I have mobility issues and being able to see filter usage without having to inspect it is very helpful
  • Not working 1/5

    By Coanrn
    Blue tooth isn’t working- looks like battery in filter is dead
  • No need to remember now. 5/5

    By JMA013
    I never could remember when I had replaced the old filter. Had to keep track on a calendar then back track to see if it was time. Not any more. The filters let me know and keep me updated so I know when it is getting close to time to change it out so if I need to get more filters.
  • Good App but a battery drain 3/5

    By Great app for mom and dad
    The app is just fine but I noticed my phone’s battery drastically depleting to less than 5% overnight. I would advise making sure the location services are only on while using the app.
  • Best Ever Invention 5/5

    By nanaraff
    This system is awesome never again worry about when to replace your filter, love it!
  • WiFi for what? 1/5

    By VeryDisappoontedToo
    I’m not sure what this app and WiFi filter do other remember when I installed it.
  • Speck indoor air monitor not available 4/5

    By AZ_Doc
    From the web site it appears Speck indoor air monitors may not be available until 2020? If so should consider removing the “Add indoor air monitor” option for now or adding other indoor air monitor options if that is possible. Actually finding it a great app. I notice that compared to my previous residence where the air filters look like new every three months despite heavy AC and heat use, they are dark gray and awful looking at 3 months where I moved to with worsening allergy symptoms. Surprised to see how much the filter life deteriorated after just a week with the app. Would be great to have the app work with some of the better rated indoor air monitors. Thanks.
  • The best 5/5

    By MoonBase2020
    The best of the best love it
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Daddo313
    Sounded cool but app never connects to update status. Scam.
  • Good app, poor battery performance 4/5

    By vabello
    Overall, I like the app. It’s pretty innovative and easy to pair with the Bluetooth sensor on the filters. My only complaint is that I believe it recommended I allow it to have access to my location while in the background. I did this, but I just noticed that the app alone is using 10% of my battery while running in the background, so I’ve chosen to only allow location access when I’m running the app instead. This is on an iPhone XS.
  • Battery hog 1/5

    By ScorpionLeather
    The smart filter is a good idea, but this app is an extreme battery hog. When I go to the battery usage section in my iPhone settings, it shows that the Filtrete app used 46% of the battery during the week! The Safari browser app is in a distant 2nd place at 12%. I was wondering why my battery is draining so fast. After deleting the Filtrete app my iPhone battery is back to normal runtime.
  • Great when it’s working. 4/5

    By Jodotcom
    Somehow the app list pairing about 1/2 through the life of the filter. We’ll see how this one works. Otherwise, it’s a great tool!
  • Drains device battery 1/5

    By Nick72
    Unfortunately my experience with this app is that it consumes battery life while it runs in the background even though I have only one smart filter and rarely use the app. My battery usage shows 100% utilization for this app throughout the day, hour after hour. It’s the only app I’ve ever been forced into uninstalling because of power issues. This is on a brand new iPhone XS so battery capacity is never usually an issue.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Elmasbebo
    Tried creating an account, didn’t work. Tried signing in on google, didn’t work. Caused me more of a headache then I bargained for. This app has some glitches that need to be worked out. Heading back to amazon for my air filters. The only positive was that I didn’t spend a penny on this app.
  • Stuck at 60% 1/5

    By Colonus
    For 3 months?
  • Great air 5/5

    By TheEnemy
    Worked perfectly, glad to know I don’t have to worry about my air quality and when to change my filter. Setup was easy and integration with amazon a breeze
  • Filter won’t communicate with App. 1/5

    By dgalentine
    Filtrete smart filter is a cool idea. Expensive, but cool. However, after about a week of functioning, the filter stops communicating with the app. Absolutely nothing happens— until the filter wants replaced after 30 days. Every. Time. 30 days. The first filter communicated well, but after 30 days, it wanted replaced. The second filter stopped communicating until the 30th day & then wanted replaced. Presently, the current filter communicated for about 10 days — & has gone silent. The app says it’s been 21 days since it last updated. I expect it to tell me anytime that it needs to be replaced. Totally worthless. You can set up reminders to change your filters. It’s much less expensive & frustrating.
  • QR scanner doesn’t work 1/5

    By Gratone1
    The QR function of this app doesn’t work at all. I line it up but it doesn’t scan it. Take a screenshot or anything. It renders this app useless.
  • Fakes 1/5

    By Sky Shark Q
    Someone is being less than honest about these Filtrete Bluetooth filters + app. My experience exactly matches other reviews. My home has 6 returns. I tried two of these in a T plenum; side 1 gets exposure to outside air, side 2 exclusively has exposure to conditioned air. I placed one of these Bluetooth filters in each side expecting their “replace” indicators to be significantly different, as the side 2 conditioned air return takes more than 2x as long to dirty a filter as the other. FAIL Side 1 installed 4/21. Side 2 installed 4/22. Side 1 indicated “replace” exactly 90-days later. Side 2 said replace exactly 1-day later. The devices installed on these filters do NOT function to measure flow, volume, nor pressure. This is nothing more than a 90-day countdown timer, either (A) because the sensors are nothing more than timers; or (B) because the software app defaults to showing “replace” regardless of the state of the filter once it hits 90-days. If A, these are falsely advertised. If B, the app results in false advertising. THESE ARE A RIP-OFF The pairing works fine, the app is easy to use. You can get the same functionality by setting a note in the iOS calendar to repeat every 99-days ... without the overhead and misleading of this app.
  • Try Amazon subscribe and save. 3/5

    By WhatNextNow
    I tried it. But I prefer my original strategy of Amazons Subscribe and Save feature where they send me new filters on a schedule I set. Auto ship arrives on my door step every 3 months which is how often I want to replace my filters.
  • An app to make you buy filters early 2/5

    By another drew
    I really believe it’s just a countdown timer like other reviewers said. Why do I think that? I have a filter I took out early when the app said it had 15% life left. I put it in a box and let it sit. The app still continued to countdown even though the filter wasn’t even being used. Filtrate, if you want me to be a believer, change the app so we can see the raw data on the increased pressure drop. Show us a basic algorithm that is used in the life calculation.
  • Grateful for cleaner air 5/5

    By Pastor DocRock
    I’ve been using Filtrete 2500 Smart Air Filters for several months now, one upstairs and two downstairs. I’ve replaced each when the filter life is at 0%, which has been at different times for each filter. I’d rather spend more money now for these filters and the smart filter capabilities than possibly spend more money in the future dealing with health-related problems that could have been prevented by using high quality smart air filters. The app is great and allows me to know exactly when I need to change my filters rather simply guessing or waiting three months to do so. The tips on the app are informative and helpful. The only thing I would suggest for the app is the addition of a history of when each filter is replaced so I and other users can keep track of short and long term usage and replacement. I’ve been amazed at how sooner I’ve needed to replace my filters but am grateful that my family and I are breathing cleaner air!
  • Security Risk 1/5

    By Weblee2407
    Bluetooth is for nearby devices and I see nothing but a security risk when I need to logon to the internet to connect to a device right over my head. I strongly recommend against using this method to monitor an air filter
  • The filter is great, but the app needs to do more 2/5

    By Dasher rasher
    I echo the disappointment with the app of others who compare the Bluetooth device and app to a countdown timer. Despite the marketing jargon used to explain how and why filters in some houses need to be replaced more frequently than others (to which I agree), the device and app should do more than merely measure air flow. Not that I don’t understand the rationale, but if the app and device doesn’t measure, record and display airflow over the life of the filter or even better some semblance of the actual particles caught, it really is nothing more than a countdown timer regardless how quickly that time passes, which any homeowner interested enough to make use of the app would already know. That being said, a reminder for changing the filter is never a bad idea. The app should just have more functionality. As it is, it just seems like an app for app sake.
  • App filter 2/5

    By aug 21
    agree with the count down Meter. The app kept telling me to replace my filter which is very annoying. When calling the company they state the filter was looking at the outside air quality, however the app stated the outside quality was fine. I replace the filter with a more reasonable cost one and ditch the app.
  • Privacy 2/5

    By kcin09
    Don’t show me your privacy policy to prove something. For a indoor filter, I spent time on the app, share my location and what other private information you want? The customer relations, smart home and other strategies you have are too much.

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