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Filtrete Smart App

Filtrete™ Smart pairs with your Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter to help you understand and manage your home's air quality. It provides useful tips and alerts customized to your home's environment, and will notify you when it's time to replace your filter based on air flow and usage - not just time. By pairing this app to your Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter, you can: - Track the life of multiple Smart Filters - Receive filter change notifications based on real usage - Remember your filter type and size - Easily order replacement filters - Monitor outdoor and indoor* air quality and view short and long-term trends - Receive tips and alerts to improve indoor air quality * Indoor air quality monitor sold separately.

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Filtrete Smart app reviews

  • Drains battery 1/5

    By t_le
    This app runs constantly in the background until the battery is completely drained.
  • Airfliter 5/5

    By airfliter
    No more forgetting to replace my air filter! Love it!!! So easy to use.
  • Sensor is a scam 1/5

    By another drew
    Even if the filter is not being used, the sensor or app will tell you it’s time to replace the filter. I decided to test how “smart” it is by pulling out a one week old filter and letting it sit in a plastic bag. The app continued to show the life of it decreasing until it reached zero and told me to replace it.
  • Very disappointed in the “Bluetooth filter” 1/5

    By Djairman34
    So this is a total waste of money! I’ll put my iPhone right next to the filter and it continues to say Updating... for hours it’s done this?! How did it find it so quickly and yet it never updates! Mine has not updated the App since I installed it two weeks ago! Don’t waste your time or money, stick with their regular filters! This tech needs a lot of improvement for such a simple system!!!
  • We’ll see - log in problem 3/5

    By Erik_J_L
    After creating an account, I was sent the obligatory verification email. The email had no content. I thought it odd, but maybe the Filtrete system verifies the email simply because their email went to active email address. I returned to the app, attempted to log in only to see a message that my email had not been verified. I tapped the RESEND button. This time the email that arrived included the standard link to verify. After that, it was easy to set up. I have 3 dogs. I’m betting within a month this things going to be screaming for me to replace the filter.
  • Helpful Home Maintenance Aid 5/5

    By HumpDee
    This app has been an exceptional aid in helping remember to change my air filter!
  • Problems with iPad version 2/5

    By AZ_Doc
    The app on the iPhone works well although it has issues where filters in two different cities do not show air quality for the respective city. I assume this problem is because the air quality links to location service. It should allow the option to enter the zip code of each location rather than use location service and show the same city multiple times. However, on the iPad: 1. App does not turn into landscape mode and is an iPhone app on the iPad 2. Notification keep indicating new alerts and tips etc but even after opening the app the red balloon won’t go away. Tried to delete and reinstall the app but red balloon keeps showing 6 although the alerts and tips etc were looked at and empty. Will delete the iPad app since it’s not useful. Previously I mentioned this app needs to work with indoor air monitors or get rid of the option. I believe Speck monitors remain “sold out.” Why doesn’t it work with other air monitors or the new air monitor by Filtrete 3M?
  • Sensor is a Scam 1/5

    By FrankKeyDee
    Had two filters that I installed on exactly the same day. One system runs daily and runs often. The other, a basement area, rarely runs and till now the filters are good for well over a year. I fully assumed the filter change interval would be different due to the claimed differential pressure measurement..... there was NO DIFFERENCE !! The app claimed that both filters had to be changed after just 30 days ... they have been easily good up to 90 days before the ‘smart’ sensor. Even if the 30 days were correct on the main system, how do you explain (3M that is) that another system (smaller in Sq-Ft but using the same size 20x25x1 filter) that barely runs had signaled the need to change on exactly the same day as he other. Differential pressure sensing .... I don’t think so. The ‘smart’ appears to be a simple timer. Disappointed, majorly, in 3M !!
  • Tab glued in 4/5

    By TDogg072
    Luckily the first one was fine so I knew what was wrong when I couldn’t get the second one out. I had to remove the sensor, cut away the glue and reattach.
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By gfdyhhj
    It just constantly says updating n never does.
  • Reminds you when to replace 5/5

    By mavi.robles
    On our 3rd filter and we love these because they filter out our pet’s hair & they let you know when to replace. The sensor that connects to the app is simple, easy to use, and efficient. Highly recommend!!
  • Inconsistent pairing 3/5

    By Blah7391)426
    Set up one filter without issue, second one WOULD NOT pair until the 15th-ish try.
  • Doesn’t work for non smart filter 1/5

    By Sand Sailor 21
    It says that the app works with the non Bluetooth smart filters but something is broken. I bought a standard 1500 non BT filter and tried using the app for the reminder. When I scanned the barcode the app went into Bluetooth search mode looking for the filter. There is no way around this. There should be a way to manually set the date and type of filter for the three month reminder.
  • Super Convenient and Effective 5/5

    By Phil Pinson
    Using the Filtrete smart filter takes the guesswork out of when to change my filters. Getting a notification before it’s time to change allowed me to plan ahead and buy the replacement while on sale. I opted for the highest filtration (2500) and my wife & I can tell the difference. Definitely recommend this system.

    By Sensible2018
    This pointless app. Does nothing but remind you when to change your filter unless you spend$$ on the $24 smart filter. That’s that’s almost $ 300 a year with that you can get a good WiFi ready thermostat that will not only save you money on your utilities but also remind you to chat the filter!!! Alt there is the issue of privacy!! It requires your google account info!! NO GOOD!

    By Tom Petty Rocks
    The Smart Filter saves me money. Before, I would replace my “unsmart” filter every month as suggested by HVAC techs, etc. Now the Filtrete Smart app shows me when the filter is dirty enough to replace. My smart filter lasts about 2 & 1/2 months before it needs to be replaced. I estimate that I will save $50 or a little more every year.
  • Will not scan 2/5

    By Lutch1
    I am trying to scan the QR Code on the back of my product and I am finding it very difficult. There is no where in the app to contact someone about this. HELP!
  • App ok filter is fine 3/5

    By Yor B
    I use filtrate furnace filters. They work well and I change them monthly. The app is less than impressive and a calendar reminder works just as well
  • App won’t scan the barcode 1/5

    By Inked7
    I’m trying to scan the barcode using the app and nothing happens. I’ve tried using the camera to scan on my brand spankin’new apple iPhone XS and nothing happens. I’ve tried using the camera to scan on my brand spankin’new apple iPad mini and nothing happens. Sooooo now what?
  • Great product and app! 5/5

    By FritoBeano
    As far as how legitimate this is, my opinion of course, this app and product is amazing! My family suffers from seasonal allergies badly and since we live in El Paso... It is even worse with this dry heat, dust, sand everywhere. But these filters do work amazingly, when replacement is needed, the used filter has trapped an unbelievable amount of debris, dust and so on. I’m home we can also breathe in the difference from “standard” other brands to Filtrete brands. We will not go back, Filtrete... Great product!!!
  • Technical Issue 3/5

    By iHuck86
    I have a 14x25x1 downstairs and a 20x25x1 upstairs. After pairing both (installed back to back on the same day), I realized that my filter downstairs was showing the same size information as my filter upstairs. I’m not sure how impactful that is to calculations and measurements that decide the quality of the filter, but I’m sure size does matter in this instance. Will increase to 5/5 stars if this can be rectified.
  • Has potential but eliminate the need for an external sensor for indie quality 2/5

    I tried this out and while the premise is strong, the need for a separate sensor to measure if it’s doing good sells the product short. Just build the air quality smarts into the sensor on the filter and make it what it should be. If you are already looking at airflow with the sensor sounds like you may be on that path.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Apple ready
    Very innovative and Conservative THINKING!
  • Impossible to scan a filter 3/5

    By maxva1996
    I bought a 3rd filter and trying to scan it, it says, filter not found...
  • Filter 5/5

    By Rod hadi
    Like it
  • Couldn’t get it to work 1/5

    By S Dubs 30
    I tried logging in several times and could at first not get it to pair. When I tried later it told me my password was incorrect. After I selected send me my password I was told that could not be done at the time. The filter works great- I wish I could buy one a few bucks cheaper that didn’t have the blue tooth enabled feature that I don’t need
  • Alert 2/5

    By gb88888888
    It would be nice if it gave me an alert when the filter needs replaced
  • Good app 4/5

    By Cris0069
    Very good app
  • Update faster 1/5

    By hgfjhrdcbk
    Update faster, my filter has stayed in one spot a long time.
  • Filter only supported in Canada 1/5

    By Ken$//@
    Bought a new Filtrete 1900 Premium Allergan filter at Lowe’s in Denton Texas. Set up the Filtrete Smart App. Scanned the barcode. App said “ This filter is only supported in Canada”.
  • Filtrete with Bluetooth 5/5

    By HDSPS
    I was skeptical about purchasing my first unit, primarily due to price and not knowing if it would work. However, I am no longer skeptical the filter is fantastic and filters out much more than the lower grade filters. In addition I can check when to replace and get an accurate replacement interval depending on the filter condition. This is a great product by 3M.
  • Doesn’t really do anything 2/5

    By SMU Control
    Based on this app, one would expect that the Filtrete “smart” filters that pair with this app would actually monitor the effective airflow through the filter and therefore give you a good idea of when they should be replaced. Alas, its just a gimmick that appears to simply start a countdown timer that expires after 90 days or so. The app also supports an environmental air monitor, but the monitor itself (Speck) is no longer available. As such, this feature has no real use. Filtrete is apparently building their own monitor, which may or may not work with this app if/when they actually release it. But beware - the monitor is under development and being funded via an Indiegogo campaign, which is quite strange for a company as large as 3M to require this type of funding. I personally contributed to the campaign, had an issue and contacted Filtrete. They failed to stand behind their commitment, so I cancelled my contribution and will not buy the monitor if/when it is released. I recommend that others do the same - delete this app, purchase standard filters and just set a reminder on your calendar to replace your filters.
  • Great But could use the next level upgrade 3/5

    By Sjpollloc
    Push notification that the filter is getting to the point it should be cleaned is needed, and if I want to buy not all sizes are available so part of my house has this filter, and the final is being able to auto buy and send to residence the filter is needed.
  • Excellent Filter 5/5

    By Debbora C
    This is a wonderful filter. Living in the state of Texas, I was told that I would need to change my filter monthly or possibly quarterly. Using this filter I can monitor it on my phone when it needs to be changed. Highly recommended.
  • A lot of potential, but..... 3/5

    By Fvrkngt
    I see potential in this app, but living in the southern US and being told my filter only has support in Canada is kinda annoying. Add to it the fact it only takes into account air particulates and not the actual air quality index. Probably won’t keep it long since they also keep saying Lowe’s carries everything and yet doesn’t.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Nestles Quick
    I tried these filters out about six months ago. Love the convenience of them. And I just change my second filter took six months to utilize it and I love it.
  • Regret buying 2/5

    By disappointed in Mo 123
    Doesn’t actually monitor air quality, just life of filter like it appeared (unless you have speck air monitor sold separately and app). Also, if not near an EPA air quality station, can’t track outdoor quality. Just tells me when my air filter is used up and ready to be replaced. Which is something...but I can usually handle that.
  • Filtrete a/c filter 5/5

    By officiousgirl
    I like the reminders and the efficacy of the filter. Plus the length of time that it lasts.
  • Doesn’t update 3/5

    By Danatthebat
    The product doesn’t seem to actually update
  • Monitoring my Filter 5/5

    By I love eyes the horror
    I love that I can see my filter and how clean it is. When it told me to change it, I ran to the store!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By AMillionStars
    I installed the filter in November 2018 in the attic but couldn’t pair it at that time. I had to store some things in the attic today April 18, 2019 and decided to try pairing it again. This time it worked. However it set the filter to 100% “good”with an install of 4/18/19. The filter should be pretty dirty by now since 5 months have past and we use the heater daily during the winter. I don’t believe 100% good is accurate.
  • Excellent Reminder 5/5

    By Katielouwho2003
    I have already have to replace my AC coils after only two years due to the dust and hair from the house. This filter is easy to check if it needs to be replaced, to hopefully prevent any future mechanical damage.
  • Absolute best furnace filter 5/5

    By MikefromMo.
    Absolute best furnace filter cut down on dusting noticed that the dog dander and hair when is bad and it caught all the pollen nobody was scratchy eyes sneezing or coughing five stars
  • Great smart product !!! 5/5

    By PunkRockPauly
    I think this is a really great air filter . I'm also impressed with the Bluetooth app that comes with these filters. Never thought I'd get excited about an air filter ,but it's just a really cool smart product . I like the fact I can monitor the air quality inside and outside my home with my IPhone . I am installing my second Filtrete(1900) smart air filter today because the first sent me a text . How cool is that? I'll tell you this, its as cool as the clean air coming out of my HVAC system.
  • Tells you to buy a filter 2/5

    By isontneedanickname
    I’m not sure why we needs apps telling us to buy things. Filters need to be replaced and we all forget to do that. An app seems like overkill. The info on air quality has nothing to do with the interior of your space, unless you already have an air monitor, in which case you don’t need this app.
  • Not reliable never updates 1/5

    By debnb
    This is second time I tried the smart filter. First time it worked ok I had wanted to try again. I use to change filters monthly. After the first smart filter and going by the app I was able to wait 2 months before it said needing changing. So I was excited and thought it would save money paying a little more over changing every month. However no one stocks it so I have to order it which takes a week to arrive. I bought second one that I received feb 6, it’s now March 12 and it’s still saying 90%. It said 90% on feb 8 and hasn’t changed since. So I’m 2 days it dropped 10% life but in 32 days it hasn’t changed any?! Unreliable. When open the app it just says updating but never updates. Everything else all other apps and Bluetooth WiFi etc works great. This however I know is not accurate bc it has NOT updated filter status since feb 8. I’ve tried deleting app and reinstalling see if it was just an app issue. But still nothing. Won’t ever update each time opens it just has the thing sayin updating for filter status. Waste of money if it’s not going to work. Definitely not worth spending extra when still have to make judgement to replace instead of being able to go by filter life in app.will just go back to ordering different filters and changing out monthly. Not wasting my money on smart filter again for it not to ever update the life of filter. Disappointed.
  • Just a Timer 1/5

    By Shidubdjisbqvdggs
    Really this App and filter transmitter are just a timer, there is nothing “smart” about it. It doesn’t even tell you if your furnace is currently running (an easy function to integrate), and the filter life is simply based on the start date, it doesn’t measure air flow resistance to determine filter life. Basically this app/filter are worthless.
  • Filtrate 5/5

    By clean4all
    Awesome technology!! Ensures filter is reaching the point at which a new filter needs to be installed to maintain adequate filtering. Very easy and efficient process!! Amazon automatic replacement is a great benefit!!
  • Want analytics!! 2/5

    By juspat2
    Was hoping for more analytics than a simple percent used tracker. I like the filters but seeing no value add spending more for the Bluetooth version. I'll check back if it changes....

Filtrete Smart app comments

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