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Five Nights at Freddy's

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  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Scott Cawthon
  • Compatibility: Android
28,915 Ratings
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Five Nights at Freddy's App

This is the official mobile port of Five Nights at Freddys! NOTE: This game requires at least 512 megs of ram to run properly; low-memory devices such as the iPod gen 3 and 4 will crash during gameplay. If you have a newer device this shouldn't be a problem! -------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to your new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kids and parents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eye can see! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two friends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds! The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictable at night however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as a security guard than to find a repairman. From your small office you must watch the security cameras carefully. You have a very limited amount of electricity that you're allowed to use per night (corporate budget cuts, you know). That means when you run out of power for the night- no more security doors and no more lights! If something isn't right- namely if Freddybear or his friends aren't in their proper places, you must find them on the monitors and protect yourself if needed! Can you survive five nights at Freddy's? "For all the simplicity of the game’s controls and premise, Five Nights at Freddy‘s is frightening. It’s a fantastic example of how cleverness in design and subtlety can be used to make an experience terrifying. Simple still images and proper character design steal the show in this game, and show that Scott Cawthon knows quite a lot about the secret fears people feel when looking at creepy dolls and toys. It’s elegant in how it sows fear, and is a must-own for anyone who likes scary games." -Joel Couture This game was created using Clickteam Fusion!


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Five Nights at Freddy's app reviews


    By Fashiongurll
    Hi Scott! Omg when I first heard the words, "Five Nights at Freddy's" I thought horror. And I am currently on Night 2. But this is the best game ever. It beats ROBLOX. (But this will never beat Minecraft but....) This is amazing, idk how you do it. Anyways, you are da best. Same with sister location. I may or may not left a review. No glitches. No errors. 4 word description, Its worth the money. You make us FNAF fans proud. 😁😊🙂
  • No Sound😩 1/5

    By AngeBx🌺
    This Game Has Not Worked Or Played Sound Since I Bought It I Would Like A Refund
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Pizzatime27
    The first three nights are pretty hard and the fourth night is just plain impossible I don't want to imagine how hard the fifth night is let alone the sixth and seventh if the game was a little easier I might consider giving it five stars but for now it's too hard
  • Something is wrong 3/5

    By the legandary brick
    I can’t have the screen the way I want on my iPhone 6 I have to hold it to where my home button is to my left but when I turn it to where the home button is to my right the screen doesn’t flip over so it’s upside down. Also I have to double tap each side to move to look at the left and right doors. If I tap a side once, I would turn half way then I have to tap it again to finish the turn and on my Samsung none of this happens but it only happens on iOS. This goes for every FNAF app.
  • READ THIS 4/5

    By Cgreen1989
    The 2nd night is impossible and I want to see the nightmare versions on night three but right when I lose power they are already there when shined light at them plz make this easier this is literally impossible also maybe I dont know a FLASHLIGHT 🔦!!!!jeez and you can’t go out of office to check things and god it took forever to convince my mom to buy it fix this before I bought it I thought you could wander ,dress up as them, and.have.a.flashlight. Plz fix this but keep night 1 the same ok 👌 now plz fix this thx for having the time to read this.thank u for ur time
  • Scott just just wow THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER 5/5

    By 🍕🌮🍕🌮
    GET READY TO READ FIVE HOURS OF WHAT I THINK OF THIS GAME me and my sister just love this game I play it 2047 she plays it 2047 even my old brother well he says he played it but I think he lies about playing it lol I have the plushies and my sister got some FNAF plushies to I have 2 black light plushies OK more about the game so I have 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 on my iPad on part one on night 4 I was so lucky 🍀 ok so it was 5am the power went out freddy came and 6 am right before he jumped me so I got to night 5 I’m at night 5 now I can’t beat it only 5 things trying to get me and I still cant beat it 5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ impossible but fun Dive could you are right he never lost SCOTT WELL NEVER LOSE YOU ok night six I mean just ??????????????? It’s called FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS NOT SIX NIGHTS AT FREDDYS AND A SEVENTH NIGHT...!!!!! I LOVE IT NO ONE THOUGHT OF A GAME CALLED FIVE NIGHTS BUT SEVEN ;) THIS GAME IS IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE I LOVE THE WAY YOU GET SCARED ITS AMAZING ;) ok bye ok NOW I BEAT NIGHT SIX AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM SO HAPPY
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By landoncool0912
    Scott your games are flat out awesome you never fail to empress me I mean FNaF is great it is very strategic and requires your full attention this game helps me on focusing so,yeah good game nothing wrong keep up good work. P.S. Foxy is my favorite anamoyronic
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By FnafFan825
    This game was amazing. I past night five at the last second.Scott you are amazing at creating games. Please make a FNAF 7 soon I really want to see what it will be. Anyway back to the game.This game was(and still is)one of the best games I have ever played. One thing though.I caught a rare scene of Bonnie staring right at the camera but he moved before I could take a picture of it. Could you make it so a rare scene with an animatronic stays on the screen longer before it moves. That’s all thank you for this great game Scott.
  • Scott cawthon is the best game maker 5/5

    By i love waching jackseptieye
    I love Scott cawthon you bring joy to us with your games you are my favorite game maker love yo bro
  • Soo fun!! 5/5

    By 331Kim
    I love the graphics in the game is super fun I only have one complaint foxy goes out very very quickly
  • APP MUSIC!!! 5/5

    By dwerner80
    I really love five nights at Freddy’s because sometimes you need a good scare. I am kind of disappointed that you can’t enable app music on Five Nights at Freddys because just think being jump scared while classical music is playing, that would be very funny.
  • This game is AWESOME! 5/5

    By Da Will Masta
    Scott!! I LOVE your games! Don't listen to those people who say they got it on the iPod and complain about it crashing. They just didn't read the DESC. Also, I personally LIKE having the animatronics outside my office door. Screenshots, you know? Anyways, please keep up the good work, maybe make another book about the game, and don't have another bite of '87! (or '83). Have a great day!
  • This game SUKS SO much 1/5

    By Phil Eggtree
    Plz get rid of it plz it SUKS soooooooooooooooooooooooo much Scott u SUK sooooooooo much
  • Super cool 5/5

    By wopskl
    It’s so cool I got all of them they’re. Crazy but make the jump scares scarier i love it I am only 7 years old and I play it

    By JasBoy58
    I’ve seen my brother play the second one and it wasn’t that scary withered foxy looks like he’s about too huge you, Magle looks like she’s about to kiss you, and on the first one when the power goes out Freddy looks like he’s about to huge you but fell why’ll giving you a huge!(bear huge!) poor Freddy didn’t he get hurt 😞?
  • Scott Love the series! 5/5

    By Stratton C. Blythe
    It’s still fun when you have no WiFi,it never gets old...I still can’t beat 20/20/20/20 mode! I have nothing else to say...
  • Fnaf world for Ios and android? 5/5

    By Beststew
    Hey Scott Are you ever going to release a mobile port to FNAF world? And if you are when are you going to release it? P.S you did a amazing job with the Five nights at Freddys franchise :)
  • Hi 5/5

    By Kpeter1995
    Scott I haven’t played this one yet because it’s struggling to download as I’m writing this but I’ve seen people play it before and it looked really fun and my bday just passed so I used 3 of 220 dollars to get it but I have all your other games and there all awesome games and I love them and right when I finish this I’m going to give them all 5 stars and your games are amazing ignore the haters be with the people who like your games and 2 more things the reason I don’t often play the 4th one is because of the jump scares I cant get used to them but finally keep up the good work and have a nice rest of your day to all you supporters and especially you Scott you are amazing.
  • Why it's so hard 4/5

    By #FNAF lover
    It's really hard when I got the update and Bonnie moves whenever she wants to on night 5 also golden Freddy came only 1 time every time I played night 2 work on treasures Scott
  • Awesome but.... 5/5

    By Lauren Mello
    It was all wonderful until the update when u turn left and right
  • Great game! 5/5

    By PurpleZay
    One of the best games I’ve ever played!🐻🐰🐤🦊😀

    By xXHevenGamerXx
    This app is AMAZING! And I don’t get impressed easily. I have been spooked so many times and have even screamed! This app is terrifying but great! This app is not for the faint hearted though. My cousin almost cried and she’s 10. If you want a scare then download this app! You might pee your pants if your scared easily. I’ve gotten used to Freddy because I run out of power a lot. But I recommend this app for the thrill of it.
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Robloxiscool132
    Good job Scott I love this game. I am on night 6. I love the game but it's starts to get real hard at night 4. Maybe you should turn down the A.I a little bit? BTW I think Bonnie is the scariest too Scott. Plus, for beginners Night 3 and on only check foxy and Freddy on the monitors because finding Bonnie and Chica will waste power. Last, in the corners from night4 and on Bonnie and Chica will twitch when they are in the east hall corner and west hall corner
  • ? 3/5

    By Great so Far!!!
    The reason why I rate this 3 stars is because even if you look on the cameras for about 10 seconds you waste about 5-10 percent of your battery. But I will just tell you a few tips. On like night 2 when Bonnie or chica see you when they are close in the office,PLEASE DON’T Turn OFF THE LIGHTS. Or else when you try to put them back on they won’t so you are gonna die. Also you should not use the cameras that much in this game and this is the only fnaf game I have.Byyyyyyyyyyyy🤪🤪😍😊❤️🤖👋🤯🤩😒😭✌🏻😂
  • Very Solid Game :D 4/5

    By DeltaPlays
    I played this whole game and it’s not that hard. I beat 4/20 mode in thirty minutes and it was a heck of a good ride.
  • LOVE IT! but....... 5/5

    By crazy reiviewer
    This is a overall great game I love it so mutch. It’s starts to get difficult in the 6th night and ya but this game is pretty good
  • Classic 5/5

    Though I’m over with my Fnaf craze this game is still a classic
  • The Best Game Ever!! 5/5

    I love this game so much it’s so fun. I’m on 20/20/20/20 and it’s so hard but really fun. My steps for night 5 and night 6 are this 1. Check lights (If Bonnie or Chica are there shut the door. If you fail to shut the appropriate door it will result in a Bonnie or Chica jumpscare!!!) 2. Check Pirates Cove Cam for Foxy (If Foxy is gone then shut the West Door Immediately! If you don’t it will result in a Foxy jumpscare!!!) 3. Check Show Stage for Freddy Fazbear If you keep checking he will freeze on the Show Stage. If not there skip this step and listen for his laughing if you hear five laughs you must shut the door cause it means he is in the East Hall Corner Cam. not shutting the door results in a Freddy Fazbear jumpscare. If you leave the doors closed to long or stay on the cameras to long you will have a power outage resulting in a Freddy Fazbear jumpscare. I hope this helps you guys. I’m just saying this game is not impossible, if you think there are bugs or it is way too hard then your wrong, it means you just can’t beat it due to slowness or fear. The more scared you are the worse you do, I learned that when I played for the first time. If you keep the doors shut the whole time you will not make it passed 2AM. Again I hope this helped you guys. Thank you Scott for making this game and all its sequels. I’d play it even if it costs $20.
  • Love it, 5/5

    By Txabcxzy
    Love this game so much but... why is it labeled strategy?..
  • Fun and hard 5/5

    By Robert vlogs and more
    I just bought this game and is awesome I made it to night 2 and it’s hard and fun
  • I seen Golden Freddy 5/5

    By Aiden awesome!!!
    I was scared and happy at the same time
  • Fun but hard 5/5

    By Jake and Christy23456
    It’s fun but hard Freddy goes to show stage, dining room, bathroom, and the hallways Bonnie goes to the show stage, dining room, bathroom, closet and the hallway Chica goes to the show stage, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and the hallways.
  • Can you put freddy fazbear pizzeria simulator on please 5/5

    By sowndwave
    Can you please put freddy fazbears pizzeria simulator on for people who want to play on mobile will play it and keep the sounds on the pc to mobile please I want to play it really bad
  • Good but... 5/5

    By Dynomite the Hedgehog
    The game is great but could add shop in another update please thank you,Scott:)
  • Hard on night 6 4/5

    By Kalpana1983
    Scott I love this game but on night 6 it’s hard like I went to youtube and trued how to beat night 6 so it fail. Plz help
  • Camera needed to be fixed 4/5

    By Yomamakid7374
    Whenever I looked at the camera it would glitch out so it made night 4 impossible
  • Amazing but power 5/5

    By ChuckycrossC5
    The power goes down 10 within 10seconds and also why would you need a security guard when those things will kill anyone in there way

    By Ang_0314
    Hey Scott I know this is years after you made this game but I was scared to get the game because after I watched Markiplier do the game I was like “wow this game sooo scary” I have all the games except for the fnaf 4. I don’t have Freddy Fazbears Pizza Simulator since it is not on mobile. Can you make a mobile version though. It will mean a lot to your fans including me.
  • Me night 5 5/5

    By fnafpro 2000
    Night five!!!!!!!! Night 5 is one of the hardest nights in the game in my opinion I try a strategy where l check the door lights and then check on foxy The longest I've survived is until 5am using this strategy I'm still on night five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }:( :3
  • Love the game nothing else to say 5/5

    By Grtyubkgd
    This game was awesome. Scott Cawthon obviously put a ton of work into it. Best game I’ve played since minecraft. My favorite part were the Easter eggs! First try night 2 Golden freddy was in the West hall corner poster and I died! Great animation for freddy ripping off his head. I beat the game. Night 6 was a little too easy. But I wouldn’t change them game except for the custom nights. They bore me. Love it though. Thank you Scott Cawthon!!!!!
  • Night 6 is impossible 4/5

    By Waiting for allo hybrid
    I managed to beat night five and attempted nights 6 where the difficulty spiked so much I fell that the animatronics just plain cheat.
  • Very good game! But too hard... 5/5

    By Spike 598
    I love this game! But the thing is I’m stuck on night 4, I have a good strategy but still, someone kills me! I’ve been stuck on night 4 for 5 months! I’ve never been stuck as this long on a game. Please decrease the difficulty a little bit please Scott Chawton!
  • HI SCOTT!!!😁 5/5

    By Mangle8484
    I love your games and books! Please respond and I am your biggest fan ever! YOUR AWSOME SCOTT!!😂
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Awesome gaming boy
    This is the best game ever, but the night 7 custom level 20/20 mode is so difficult, I’ve tried many times to beat it. But other than that it’s an awesome game, and I only got jump scared by Golden Freddy once. It’s better than any horror movie that I’ve ever seen.
  • Best horror game ever 5/5

    By Taco man25
    Really good but hard to manage power
  • Eh but still AWESOME! 5/5

    By SRoycroft
    Why is Bonnie jumpscareing me every single time on night 2? And this secret jumpscare i think we'll on the left door.....FREDDY KILED ME!!!!!!!!!! The phone guy should've said this:uh hello hello hello...well you made it to night 2 congrats but u better watch out because Bonnie and Freddy Foxy Bonnie will kill you. Well have a good night talk to you soon.P.S maybe Chica will too.
  • Scott Cawthon 5/5

    By Wario95
    Scott can you make night 5 easier I love your games I’m not complaining here it’s just hard to get past Freddy and the powers drains too quickly but you did a good job though
  • I love fnaf!!! 5/5

    By yori jefferson
    Fnaf is a really cool game! But, in some ways it’s really.... “weird”. It’s a good game but, it’s better on a computer, I say this because, they move around less on a computer. On my phone, they move to much! But I’m a fnaf fan and as a fan.... I respect that it has some problems. But, it’s an awesome game!!
  • Best game in history 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 5/5

    By chica the chicin
    Omg it is the best fnaf game but foxy he is a little sneaky but the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I made it to custom night so easy!!!!!!!!
  • Too amazing 5/5

    By BountifulAim
    Too amazing? Naw amazing doesn't even EXPLAIN on how awesome or great or whatever it is! Fnaf is one of the greatest game series ever! You never fail to impress me Scott and you never will. Edit: Animaltronics are pretty fast. Maybe nerf their speed?

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