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Flickr App

Join the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world. Upload, edit, and share your photos from any device, anytime. • Find your inspiration, find your people. Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers. • Organization and sharing made simple. Browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds. • Unleash your creativity. Edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and more! Flickr has joined the SmugMug family! Learn more at We’re committed to making Flickr a better place to grow, and we’d like to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts here:

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Flickr app reviews

  • Flow Far With 5/5

    By 4Phyl
  • What did you do 2/5

    By aehyeon
    Why aren’t my photos sorted by date anymore? This update is awful.
  • App is becoming unusable 1/5

    By auguise
    I’ve been a fan of Flickr and pro account user for years. In the past few weeks I’ve become really disappointed with the app. It’s becoming unusable. The UI and functionality are degraded since sometime in mid June 2019. - Downloads from my phone are out of order and being duplicated - Can no longer scroll in timeline - Can no longer select and organizes into a folder
  • Opportunity Here! 3/5

    By RBeagonia
    I’ve been on Flickr now for about 4 years. And have been also on Instagram now for about 6 months. Here are the pro’s and con’s of Flickr (compared to instagram): Pro - you can put up full resolution pics, on Instagram if you put up more than a 2-3 mb file the pic is resized and ends up fuzzy onscreen - in the about section on Flickr you can load a much better, longer description of yourself, with highlight photos and it will also highlight your most faved pics - your pics are allowed in whatever layout you took them, landscape, portrait, 4.5x6, 6x6, etc - it seems designed more for photogs than for social media interaction - there’s very little advertising (this could change) unlike Instagram which is cluttered w ads Con - Flickr “Explore” is horrible. This is the algorithm that chooses and highlights the “best” pics of the day across all of Flickr. It needs to limit genres and prohibit certain image types as it gets overrun with computer-generated images that aren’t pics at all, and it’s full of silly, low quality pics of toys and figurines. I suggest they have several ‘explores’ and let members choose which they see. If 7-yr olds want to see the best toy figure pics of the day, let them choose that. And if someone wants to look at the best slow-shutter shoreline pics over and over, let them. I also suggest that they let photographers design the algorithm so it actually shows you good shots (don’t put grandmas birthday party snapshots on Explore) - there aren’t enough people on this site, you need more members - it’s designed primarily for digital. Analog camera and film users can’t easily load our shot specifications, film type, camera type, etc - there’s really old pics, porn, and profiles still here from people who clearly have long since left Flickr. Rid us of this clutter please - you cannot quickly cross reference those you follow to see if they follow you back - it should promote community — put some limits on those who only post and take faves, vs those actually interact and participate, ie the people w 28,000 followers who only follow 57 - consider changing the Flickr cover photo. I suppose that mountain top tent at dusk could be your brand, but maybe you should rotate this? Keep things fresh? Google keeps their logo but changes the image regularly I like Flickr, but there’s so much opportunity to improve that it gets frustrating watching it just stay the same
  • Flickr is great!!! 5/5

    By Download this game!!
    Flickr is the best picture app to show pictures.
  • New Endless Scrolling is the worst ! 2/5

    By Tegggrapesodeloveya
    Bring back being able to search photos by dates again please.
  • Flickr is great 5/5

    By appletree3456
    Fantastic site, lots of great pictures, any subject you can think of... Highly reccomend
  • Complete garbage now 1/5

    By kebekajd
    I’ve been using the Flickr app for 3 years to quickly back up iPhone photos. It was perfect until a couple months ago. Then it stopped auto uploading all my photos and jumbled them up so horribly I couldn’t find anything. It is also now missing the timeline along the side of camera roll where you could easily find photos from a certain date. It is complete garbage now. Why am I having to pay for this sub-par version??
  • Buggy since Smugmug took ownership of Flickr 1/5

    By x-caliber0069
    The app was great before Yahoo sold Flickr to SM. Now it's laggy and filled with bugs. Processing of files takes forever and they are all out of order on upload. Key features don't work. As an example, tried deleting some files from app and they still show up. Had to go to the actual site to delete them. This used to be a simple app that worked well. Now it's just poorly managed.
  • Still Crashes Upon Opening 1/5

    I’ve been a pro member of Flickr for over a decade and used to love this app. Despite numerous updates the last time I was able to open this app on my iPad Pro without it instantly crashing was mid December 2018. Is there a setting I am missing? The app seems to work on older iPads and my iPhone. I have reached out to customer service but never get a reply. I know, first world problems, but it would be nice if people and companies would simply follow through with real solutions.
  • Awesome App for all photographers. 5/5

    By Davidweedall
    Flickr feels a lot more LEGIT then other Apps. Easy to find exactly what photos or interests your looking for. I really like how they have groups for your interests.
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By mesasur 50
    Thanks Flickr
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Shoots808
    I have used Flickr for years and always loved it as a photo backup. Then they charged for the service, understandably paying for cloud storage was everywhere. Then they changed the navigation of the app and made it endless scrolling through photos. Before you could quickly jump to a certain date/year very quickly and easily and now I’m scrolling for days to go back a couple of years when it used to take one click and drag of my finger. This is very frustrating. Hopefully they bring it back in the next update or I will be looking for somewhere else to spend my money.
  • Recent Updates are Terrible 1/5

    By Jake Sh.
    First I had no choice but to upgrade to Pro so I wouldn't lose thousands of photos and videos. Then they took away the ability to scroll photos by date. If you have a ton of photos going back a long time that's a ton of unnecessary scrolling in the app.
  • Was a great APP 1/5

    By Fix-it-app
    Just Re installed it on my Iphone 6+ Can no longer upload any pictures and there are no settings Displayed any longer in account Was able To switch between accounts now nothing This is not a great APP like it was a 1+years ago Just care about there payed subscribers
  • Awesome 4/5

    By done1111
    Good for keeping your pictures concerning blog, family, & friends.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By edwinkiddo
  • App crashes as soon as I open it 1/5

    By RyeGuy!!
    I can’t use this app because it always crashes immediately after launching it
  • I love Flickr 5/5

    By Lisa Lisa and No Cult Jam
    Have been using it since 2007- love it!
  • Community 5/5

    By ARCT-5555
    Being part of the Flickr LEGO community has proven that there are some just amazing posts. I do know the other photography is simply amazing as well but if you’re looking for niche photography, the LEGO community has some amazing things to offer.
  • No longer able to edit photos 1/5

    By Spazz2012
    I used to use the app to edit my photos. Basically only to zoom in on photos since for some reason you can’t do that on the website (maybe it’s hidden somewhere). At some point it would be nice to have the editing features available again, maybe when they are done transitioning from Google....
  • Very Well Designed 5/5

    By AroundTheFur
    Solid UI and presentation.

    By ssiebern
    What is with you? Can’t you put the dates back or give us the option? I HATE YOU GOT RID OF IT. I want to be able to look through the photos by dates.
  • Takes up too much space 1/5

    By Lifetime coin counter
    Ridiculous. They removed the slider on the side to jump dates. That’s after making us pay to keep our 1TB of storage. So they make you pay and make the app unusable. I’m gonna download all my 40,000 pics and switch to google photos.
  • Problem! 1/5

    By ConnieDodson
    New owner promised able to download, and close out without having to pay with his new ownership. I have tried instructions online, and Help in the app. I have two emails acknowledging emails, and no zip file link(s) sent either. I have my iPod and my iPad Mini. I want my to download everything, and remove my accounts.
  • Art 5/5

    By Colusm
    The best app for sharing moments frozen by photos creatively presented by ordinary passionate every day folks!
  • Wish it had iPad Pro Smart Keyboard support 4/5

    By 1P3sPu2rRV0
    Cycling through my photo feed in full screen, I wish I could use the arrow keys to navigate and just hit “F” on the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard to favorite an image like on desktop.
  • Please bring back the slider bar to go through photos! 1/5

    By @stevenperryphotog
    I have over 15000 photos in my flickr account. I used to be able to use the croll bar on the right side to go through photos through the YEARS I have been taking them. Finding my photos now is almost impossible be because the slider is gone now. I have to try and navigate through albums instead of being able to scroll seemlesslt through them. Flickr. I am a multi- year pro member. I pay the fee so I can auto upload and find my photos fast. This has seriously hindered my ability. WORST UP DAYE YOU COULD DO!!!!
  • I recommend 5/5

    By arcadek3lly
    I wish I can upload as many pics as I wanted but this is a great site to use and the app is pretty good
  • This app always has issues 1/5

    By fixflickrjesuschrist
    It won’t change the profile picture, uploads photos on repeat and won’t let you delete them. It’s so unreliable
  • Beautiful interface and accurate search 5/5

    By TooTampa
    Browsing photos by location or tags is a beautiful, relaxing experience. This is my favorite app. I'm getting to "know" others that love photography (pros or not). The groups are pretty cool too. I enjoy historical collections too. It's neat seeing how places or activities look now vs the past! Searches show my own first and then other people's. Yahoo tagging is pretty good so it's less work unless I want to be very specific. (Like latin plant names, right?!) Its easy finding my old photos for creating memes, birthday greetings, etc. I really appreciate backing up important photos since my hard drive died last year too!!
  • Yahoo login only 1/5

    By Walsfer
    Title says it all
  • Camera roll feature disappeared 1/5

    By Bageljt
    I use the camera roll feature all the time because I have a large number of photos over a long period of time. It has disappeared from my app despite the screenshots on the store which are false. It has significantly reduced my utility of the service, even though I pay for it!
  • Flickr is the best 5/5

    By Ty Cook
    Viva Flickr! Viva! Camera finder, exif data, multiple ratios for viewing panoramic photos.. the best!
  • Awesome app!!! 5/5

    By Tye S
    Flickr is awesome app! To host your photos!
  • SmugMug Acquisition Ruined Flickr 2/5

    By Boogli
    I have been using Flickr for over 10 years desktop and mobile. It was great until SmugMug acquired it and bit off more than they could chew. First they limited free space to force people to pay for pro. Then they botched the transition so the website and app has been down, buggy or near unusable for over 2 months with no end in sight. Just look at the version history. Best go find another app.
  • Flickr is just an Awesome site . 5/5

    By Mor_2_Mer
    That pretty much says it all . I love this site . Seen some unbelievable pictures of places I’d love to visit , if I ever win the lotto and can quit my job ..! Thanks Flickr . Just kind wish I could check mail of app .
  • Flickr the best photo app ever 2/5

    By mannyo2010
    This is so awesome
  • #1 Digital Photo Album 5/5

    By ejestrada529
    The app is super simple to set up and easy to share with your friends and family. Highly recommend! Pro is super affordable with many perks. Glad to be a member of the Flickr Team!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By EJfest
    This App makes it easy to upload, and see my photos. Look at other people’s photos It's wonderful !!!!
  • Photos no longer in chronological order 1/5

    By Hdhhjkksd
    Until now, Flickr was my go to for storing photos/videos. Tens of thousands of them. Best part was being able to find photos from a specific date within seconds. Just now, I wanted to locate a particular image taken 3 years ago. I was shocked to see my photos completely out of order and the quick scroll sidebar gone. Attempting to find this photo would be a joke. Until this feature is brought back, this app is useless to me which really is too bad.
  • General feed is gone 1/5

    By ilmagniformaggio
    I can’t browse my past photos anymore, and yesterday’s update did not address this. How is it that the apps basic function is not addressed yet? Who’s in charge?
  • Miss the old Flickr 1/5

    By Johnnguyentu
    What the heck happen to faster scrolling? Takes me forever to load my photos to the bottom of my 2k photos album... bring back the classic Flickr!!!
  • Flickr-where I keep memories and stories 5/5

    By titan85
    Longtime user and Flickr fan. Works well with Lightroom. It’s where I send all my fans to see my oictures.
  • Oops, something went wrong 1/5

    By WFS49
    ---------------------------------------------- Version 4.12 I get "Oops, something went wrong" when logging into the app on my iPad mini iOS 9.3.5. Not being able to login using the app has been an ongoing problem pretty much ever since the switch over from Flickr to Smugmug in the winter of 2019. Note: I am able to log in successfully on my desktop PC. ---------------------------------------------- Version 4.11.4 still broken for me. Same problem as version 4.11.3. ---------------------------------------------- Version 4.11.3 still not letting me "get started". I get a blank white screen where I was expecting a prompt to enter my userid/password. I guess we iPad mini users on iOS 9.3.5 are out of luck using this app. 04-24-2019 Notified Flickr support about my problem via e-mail. 04-25-2019 Received a reply stating "it looks like iOS 9 is no longer supported by the Flickr iOS App." E-mailed Flickr support telling them that the Flickr app states that it IS compatible with iOS 9.3. 05-13-2019 Still awaiting a reply back. I don't think they will reply. ---------------------------------------------- Version 4.11.2 did nothing to fix the problems of this app on my iPad mini iOS 9.3.5. Just like version 4.11.1, it still doesn't even let me log on. Like others, I get a blank screen. ----------------------------------------------
  • Auto upload issues 2/5

    By iggghhdjksnskamblanandnlfjdne
    Please bring back listing the images by date in the auto upload folder. This new organization is maddening.
  • Yahoo only? Instant delete. 1/5

    By therealcolinrobinson
    Downloaded the app, went to create an account. Gmail addresses not accepted, Yahoo only. The app literally required me to make a new Yahoo email address just to start a Flickr account. Is this a joke? I haven’t used Yahoo since 2003. Instantly deleted the app and will avoid the website as well. Way too controlling for me.
  • Can log in when installed on iphone 1/5

    By Marwan Al Atrach
    After they update, i am unable to login to my account. All the apps says is "oops something went wrong". Please fix this, thanks.
  • Getting Better 4/5

    By Pestilence76
    After years of neglect by Yahoo! The new owners are trying their best to get things back in order. It’s not perfect and pain free, yet but this app and the platform in general is in a 1000% better position than it was two years ago.

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