Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO

Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO

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  • Current Version: 2.201.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: InnoGames
  • Compatibility: Android
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Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO App

Conquer the world of Grepolis! Begin by expanding your village in Ancient Greece. Grepolis is a free strategy game in which you build your own empire and strike back against your enemies with the help of allied players and powerful alliances. Now the heroes of antiquity are entering Grepolis! Legendary and powerful heroes, such as Leonidas, Hercules, Andromeda and Helena, help your city or army with their unique powers and strengths. Play the free app and drive the expansion of your city forward quickly and easily. Use the powers of the ancient Greek gods Zeus, Athena, Hera, Poseidon or Hades, and summon with their help mythical units such as Pegasus, Medusa, Cyclops and the Minotaur. Forge powerful alliances with thousands of real players and friends. Prepare for epic battles and support your alliance in the struggle for domination in the world of Grepolis. FEATURES - FREE strategy game - Begin with a city and turn it into a mighty empire - Battle against players from all over the world and conquer their cities - Build your army out of 27 different kinds of units and lead them into war in real time - Choose a god and use powerful spells - Recruit heroes of antiquity and deploy them in your army or city - Trade with other players - Research 30 useful technologies - Build 13 different constructions - Fight side by side with real players in alliances - Continue playing in your PC browser at Join us on Facebook at General Terms and Conditions: Imprint:

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Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO app reviews

  • God Pan and Dionysus 4/5

    By MikjállBohun336
    Can you put the Greek God Pan and Dionysus as gods of worship and to give favor too? And have spells that help your city’s and have divine warriors like satyr and faun warriors?
  • Love THIS GAME!!!! But be prepared to get your time taken over by this game 5/5

    Great game been playing since 2012 and have won 2 different worlds. This is a game you can play without spending money. You just have to learn quickly and use your resources wisely.... there is a ton of internet help out there to get you started and I hope y’all enjoy the have as I have. I do spend money but only when I play from a pc. If I’m only gaming from my phone I do not spend $ at all. There are so many extra features when you log on from a pc that the phone app doesn’t have 😟. Better $ packages and events are the two thinks app players don’t get that prevents me from spending on the app. All that said if your looking to spend time playing a game this one will take all your free time. See you on the map!!!! BP ANONYMOUS
  • Grepolis Greed has ruined the game 1/5

    By CDEM2
    This game use to be really fun until they started having events all the time. Now like other games it’s how much money you spend to be successful. You use to utilize skill to take opponents cities. Now because of the events, people only take inactive cities. Congrats Grepolis you have ruined a good thing.
  • Negative Reviews 4/5

    By reussterrr
    I’ve played this game for 7 years now and have not noticed any issue. In the beginning gold was a little more rare occurrence yes but that doesn’t have too much of an affect of you can actually play the game. I’ve never put a dime in this game and have led alliances to the end game, players who absolutely were dumping there wallets into the game. To me it’s not necessary and yes the game gets to a certain point where you kinda have to just throw your hands up and start over but that’s the point of it. I’ve invested years into a world just for it to be taken. And I took a break and got right back into it. It’s a great game to pass time and also a super Immersive experience if you want it to be.(plus if you invite players you get a lot of gold). So get some friends, and play!
  • Back again 4/5

    By All my name are in use
    Played in the past and back again! Enjoy the game very much. I don’t spend money so it can cause a slower growth and at times you become a target. That is part of the fun for me. Biggest issue is I realize this is a game to play mostly on the computer, but since can use mobile need to create a better version for the mobile app. Some things can’t be done on mobile or as easily. Do love the game!
  • Notification sound change 1/5

    By Piratecaptainjack........
    Since the notification sound Change quite a few people lost their city because they were not listening for that sound
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Armyvet505
    Like what was said in previous reviews, unless you have an unlimited spending account, you can’t compete in the world, the game is plagued with bots and overseas hackers. I played for years in different words on different servers, if you are not in some huge alliance, you will lose everything over night
  • Sound 3/5

    By PTKing2
    I'd give it 4 stars but every time I get into the app, I have to turn the sound off which I do not like. It should remember that I turn the sound off. Also the app makes it a little difficult to see certain things, like attacks. On my iPhone XR, I cant just touch the big red X that pops up when i'm being attacked. I have to go to the Command menu and find the attack that way. Its just annoying.
  • Not the same game 1/5

    By Dlw25
    This game is bought and payed for. Many cases of game manipulation have occurred but the admin takes a blind eye because the manipulators spend lots of money. Too bad, used to love this game.
  • Development 5/5

    By NoCrow96
    Sure this game takes money to grow, but I’m in a world where I haven’t paid a dime and I’ve grown a lot. It is all just a matter of knowing how to play the strategic game that is excellently developed, and this game knows how to make an app on your phone fun!
  • Be ready to spend real money. 3/5

    By Bigintx89
    I have been playing this game for years. The game it’s self is great however with the addition of all the mini games ,(special events) throughout the year it has turned into a real money spenders game.
  • Please persist sound settings 5/5

    By zeentok
    I really love the app, but every time I restart the app, the sound settings go back to default values of “on”. I really like to keep the sound off and it would be nice if the setting I selected stayed set. Thank you!
  • Good as always 4/5

    By TrumpCard2
    I’ve been here since it’s premier and it’s improved a lot since then.
  • Veteran Dissatisfied 2/5

    By bboy craz'
    So have been around this game since the start. However, after years of playing, I am finally becoming dishearted about the game. The player skill set should not be based on how much money you have. The game has turned into who has more money to throw away. I refuse to keep throwing money in to keep up with players who have pockets miles long. The reality of the matter is if your not using gold then you will not progress in this game. A lot of players realize that and have quite. Even now if you're not spending well over $500 your not able to keep up. I respect the fact you need money, but it will be hard with no fan base to make money.
  • Classic 4/5

    By StickyGriffin
    There are lots of clone games that pop up. Less depth and app games blow. App good for a supplement but PC is the only way to go if you want to learn, grow, develop and push past the clone mode. Definitely a classic that carries it’s own weight. Spending money necessary for advisors but I recommend honest hard work past that.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Norenus
    This is the best App game I have ever played
  • Does its job 4/5

    By spanishdictisuseful
    Browser version is better, but this is fine
  • Eh 3/5

    By Tony taur
    I think the game is good in most perspectives but, I think Hades is a good god! And you can’t just start everybody off with no troops!! I was outraged! I eventually got to get the barracks, but it was EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! I think the developers could also add a story and free play mode, I would then definitely give it a 5 star rating but until then. 3 stars!
  • Freezes but great game 3/5

    By simplese
    I recently started playing two weeks ago. It’s a great game but the iPhone app does crash a decent amount i.e. once every time I open it. The website version is much more stable. However, I do like the mobile UI version because of its simplicity.
  • Greece💯 5/5

    By 4556g boy
    Dope game
  • Good 5/5

    By ifsgtdg
    Starts off slowly but gets quicker.
  • Ye 5/5

    By vmanSF
    Fun with friends
  • Game 5/5

    By drakoflameknight
  • Fun Game to play and waste a little time 4/5

    By Liquidstealth
    A friend of mine got me started on this game. Initially when I started, things moved pretty quick, so I was always checking things on my phone to see how every thread shaping up. Then as you build yourself up, things take much longer to build up. For me, that’s fine. I’m not spending my real money on the game just to level up my stuff faster. Some people do that and that’s cool. I just won’t because like I said, it’s a game. If that means I lose being attacked because my walls weren’t a level 40 because I didn’t spend money to build them instantly.......ok. All in all, it’s a good fun game. It will cause you to waste a little time playing it but it’s all good.
  • Cool Game 4/5

    By Hdhdjdjdidjdbxindis
    I’ve been playing this for about three months now, haven’t spent a dime and it’s really cool to see your city progress. I would recommend it but you have to be patient with the game! Also it takes no time to get going when you building under 5 minutes are upgrades right away
  • Very addictive 4/5

    By Ravenclaw1823
    I got this game with a few other Greek games because I have been rereading the Percy Jackson books but I was really surprised at how good it was. It is very realistic and I would recommend it to anybody who likes Greek mythology or those govern a city games.
  • Great 5/5

    By Oelyndeus
    I’ve played since 2010. Learned more about people and administration from it than business and poly sci school. It is had to survive and it takes up a lot of time. Not for players afraid to attack, be attacked, lose everything sometimes, or adapt their lifestyle to it.
  • Great game. 5/5

    By FBaker4
    Great game, with very tough competition. Ive spent real money (tho not more than $20) because the devs deserve support. Possible to experience real community and real friendships; also possible to be crushingly shafted and demoralized. It’s a game, folks - you’re fine, even if you lose in-game.
  • Negative Reviews 5/5

    By ShiaWabouef
    Yeah, the browser version is better but this is still pretty good! They didn't have to make this for us and they still did. Also it's a free game that doesn't ever need for you to buy in-app purchases which is a step up from games nowadays so if you are deciding on getting this get it
  • I like it...but 3/5

    By Tlaquinn
    I like this game but i don't like that a cant do the pandora box because it doesn’t show up unless I'm on a computer and i cant play on the computer everyday since i don't have one at home. Please find a way so i can do the pandora box.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Lucy723
    It’s pretty good, and as someone who used to play 4 Kingdoms, I like the people In this game a lot more. I do wish that they would make trading a little less confusing though, and I think that an alliance chat would be nice, rather than just an alliance forum, but over all it’s a good game.
  • Addictive 4/5

    By funvsfun
    Its a good and addictive game but need a lot of time and resources to build your city.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Leurkhisis
    Played since the 1st world. Took a couple year break. So far I’m happy with the improvements.
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By nfjidiejd
    Although this game represents almost perfectly the gods bad and good sides, I do wish and hope for them to add more gods from the Greek pantheon. They have the main gods, except for a couple like Aphrodite (which I want) and Apollo, and Ares. Overall the game is really good.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Kia Hawke
    Nice way to relax after a long day.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Uare2great
    Played for about 2 weeks, then logged on and found out I’ve been overrun and to start over. Deleted app, never to return.
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By Shadows098765
    This game is amazing! But there is one thing the devs need to fix: the favor and resource generation time, it takes 4 days for my level 5 temple to get full flavor please change it to about one day. I don’t understand why they made the resource and favor regeneration time so long. This review would be 5 stars if the resource and favor generation time was shorter.
  • Reorder it 2/5

    Vous devez faire annuler les soutiens et trucs d’alliance on dirait une jungle ou on se fait tous manger par les plus fort organiser les par classe pour qu’un fort ne me bouffe pas il bouffe un comme lui. 😕
  • Don't play 1/5

    By finnygal
    I actually started playing this game in 2013, and back then it was a great game. But over the years the game has changed to require spending real money to progress in the game. Recently the introduce a new program to scan for and detect players using cheats. Unfortunately this caught a number of non-cheaters, and rather than admit their mistake they have allowed the mistake to stand and loss significant progress in the game. DONT START THIS GAME
  • P2W 1/5

    By jake abc 12345
    It’s a fun game but the pay to win increases everyday ruining the whole game.
  • Corrupt and Dying game 1/5

    By hughesm4
    Serious issues with moderators is causing worlds to die. I’ve played this game for years and the world size is a fraction of what it used to be when the game was good. In US69-Gonnos a single mod, Medic, used her power to gain revenge. This mod was a member of our alliance, but listed for internalization because she didn’t update forum posts and lost cities without asking for help. After her departure she personally targeted players in our alliance by banning g them from he game. She didn’t respond to support tickets, used her access as a mod to give information to other teams, and refused to take action on reports of players openly cheating by using bots. Her actions alone caused about two dozen veteran players to quit the game. If you want to play a game that allows cheaters and handles support unprofessionally then this is the game for you. Until these issues are resolved, I can’t recommend this game to anyone. It is a shame because I used to enjoy playing it.
  • Think before downloading 3/5

    By Finmanpdx
    Game is fun, but takes too much money and time to play well. I’ve played for over five years, and still enjoy it, but kinda wish I’d never started. Ruins health, marriages, sleep, and finances, but still I play on.
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By JohnIsLiar
    You can’t be successful in this game unless you put money in. It’s pathetic
  • Not for iPad 1/5

    By Jonnydistortion
    I couldn’t even get a world map view on the iPad. If you don’t have a pc to play on some of the time, don’t bother
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Geezyrex
    This is by far the best MMO game on the market. Always evolving the game play to change the game!
  • Ok so so 3/5

    By Lee13711
    So so
  • App review 4/5

    By MusicKing37
    Game itself is addicting have been on and off it for 3-4 years just jumped back on because it’s a lot easier to mange the game on a phone app and it has definitely come a long way from the browser version. The new app is easy to use and manage your cities, very easy to find everything and the graphics are good enough for a phone app, only giving a 4 star for the minor bugs I experienced screen freezing tabs opened but the game sees then as closed.
  • iPhone X Support 3/5

    By Nakierza
    Overall, if you play Grepolis, this is a MUST have. It’s well designed, but as of right now, I’m giving it three stars because it still is not using all of the screen on the iPhone X, so it looks pretty ugly. Will update if they change it.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By NightKiller_2
    Cool game

Grepolis - Divine Strategy MMO app comments

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