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Hiking Project

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  • Current Version: 4.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Recreational Equipment, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Hiking Project App

Hiking Project is your comprehensive guide to the best hikes near you, wherever you are. With the thoroughness of a printed map, we offer full GPS route info, elevation profiles, interactive features, photos, and more. Like a guidebook, we suggest the best featured hikes to explore—either near your current location or in an area you search for. Local experts show you the highlights, challenging features, and insights you need to plan a great day on the trails. • Find over 74,000 miles of trail to hike with your crew. • New trails are constantly added to our incredibly detailed hiking database. • Your exact location is shown on the trail. • Downloaded trails work offline for when you’re off the grid. (No cell reception required!) • Enjoy high-resolution photos and detailed topographical trail maps. • We’ll sync with your to-do list and check ins on HikingProject.com. By using GPS, we can show your location on trails and vertical profiles. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Hiking Project app reviews

  • Love it - needs better contrast 4/5

    By Anetzzz
    Love using this app. Great for finding new trails that I can handle. kept me in track while snowshoeing when actual trail was not apparent before my feet :). Poor contrast between the almost white map background in urban areas and the white roads.
  • New version is terrible 1/5

    By AAllen4x4
    You guys have absolutely destroyed what used to be my favorite hiking app. The new version is buggy and unresponsive to the point of frustration but even more then that is the removal of so many good features. It doesn’t make any sense to me. This app used to be a great tool for finding new hikes and points of interest; however, you can no longer search by gems or most popular hikes. Now you either have to already know what hike you’re looking for or wander around a glitchy app till you find something. I couldn’t be more disappointed in the developers. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By manac2
    Kills phone battery in an hour. Can’t zoom out when recording. Worthless
  • Not easy enough to add trails or have comments 2/5

    By foschow
    There's a reason Alltrails has more trails and more people using it, because it is way easier to read and add comments. This app is way better, I love being able to see all the trails on one map instead of just a single waypoint at the trailhead like in Alltrails. You need to do something about this because you don't have as many trails as Alltrails so I have to switch back and forth and also I have to go there when I need recent comments on the conditions and more specific directions.
  • The Best Hiking App 5/5

    By WiltonGorske
    It’s not typical that the best app happens to be free and run by a company committed to the activity and more. Hiking Project is the first place I go in my search for new trails. 10/10
  • Finally a great hiking app that doesn’t require a subscription!! 5/5

    By Linus DaMinus
    Great app! The offline map option is just what the doc ordered!
  • Latest version bombed 1/5

    By Answers, please
    My app auto upgraded today, and the app crashes immediately every time I try to open it. Not an improvement!
  • Love the map. 5/5

    By BassPro84
    I like how the map shows the trails on the map vs just having markers you have to click to see where it goes and how long it is. Great app.
  • Terrific planning tool and good in the field too 5/5

    By Boylesfour
    This app is awesome for trip planning, especially the elevation profiles, reviews and photos. Sometimes it’s a little sensitive when you’re trying to navigate around a given area on the map, and it would be great to be able to reverse a route. But minor suggestions for an otherwise very useful tool as a backup to your paper map and compass.
  • Love it! 5/5

    It an awesome app to find a hike and hike it!
  • Stoneybrook trail 5/5

    By jmk135
    Real nice trail well marked was deserted today of people and bugs. Love the app with the gps I’ll. Ever get lost again.
  • Great hiking app! 5/5

    By mystirieman
    I hike the local mountains in Los Angeles with it and used it in New Hampshire and Maine. It was fabulous!
  • Great App! Just Try It! 5/5

    By G.Reaper
    For a free app this is terrific!
  • Updates break functionality 2/5

    By Griffsa
    This app continues to get updates that make the app worse
  • Awesome 5/5

    By trevor1393
    Great trail maps with the ability to download for offline use. Not bad for a free app.
  • Great app - bad build. 1/5

    By justanothercityboy
    Love the app but the most recent update and/or integration with iOS 13 is a mess. As you pan through the map view, the app constantly attempts to show which hikes you are viewing. The constant shuffling of this in the bottom of the screen is extremely distracting. I will change my review and rating when this is fixed because I otherwise really enjoy the app.
  • Great Hike 5/5

    By leatha1961
    A great hike with a variety of areas to see from fields, to forest, to long range views.
  • Grateful for this App 5/5

    By shanespurpose
    Someone at REI told me about it.. huge help moving here and having... gps on trial is great too
  • New layout 1/5

    By Wyle-style
    Very disappointed with the new layout. Screen is incredibly cluttered and slow to react. Now it takes twice as long to get the information I want from the trails. Also no ability to remove labels from the map as before. Trailforks will be my sole hiking app as of now even if it is more geared towards bike trails.
  • Awesome app with room to improve 4/5

    By Jjack2685
    This app is great for trail info and helped a lot for navigation too!!! One suggestion, why not showing the exact number of remaining length and elevation? Since it my locations in the graph. It is super useful yet it is hard to eye ball it.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    Best hiking app everything is perfect
  • Newest update was a step backwards 3/5

    By morgiemorgie
    Hiking project used to make it so easy to see your location and overlay it on the elevation profile so you can see exactly what mile you’re at and the elevation. App is now not intuitive when trying to select the loop you want and is difficult to use to orient yourself.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Florida Iphone nut
    Downloaded the state trail maps. It works great when there is no signal. Got lost on a trail in the Uintas, pulled up the app, Bingo, able to be back on the right track! Cannot believe it is free!
  • South Dakota Custer State Park 5/5

    By milw-mike
    A ranger at the park told us about this app. It was great for finding position, distance and difficulty. I hope more trails in CSP are added.
  • Great foundation 4/5

    By b0tchedt0e
    Still has a few kinks that need to be worked out
  • No good after the app changed 1/5

    By Thomas8668
    This app used to be awesome but after a change it’s no longer reliable. You can’t trust the distances. One hike was labeled as 9.1 miles but was really 17...
  • Great app to find hikes 4/5

    By KittyPrawn
    I’ve only recently started to hike and this app has been really helpful to find places to check out. I can find hikes that are appropriate for my level and it gives me an idea of what to expect. I really wish there was a scale on the map view though. There have been times we wanted to make changes to a planned walk, but it was difficult to get the length of just one segment. It always highlights a whole trail when maybe I just plan to go on some of it. A scale would make it a lot easier to plan if it’s an appropriate distance.
  • Where did the mile scale on the map go? 4/5

    By Copenhagen Connor
    This would be a five star review but the little mile marker in the bottom right corner is just gone for me now. This was a huge help to estimate distance and now it’s just gone. Please bring it back.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By Tomtom12112
    Content is pretty good. Map view continues to be clunky and not that user friendly. Would be nice if it supported comments.
  • Love it so far 5/5

    By Richrecon
    Just started using this app love it so far are used it on the mountain was able to orientate mysele, also used the driving directions and all seem to work well I look forward to using it in the future.. It is a good source of information.
  • Unreal helpful 5/5

    By B.Brundy
    Love this app. It has been helpful time after time in both planning and on the trail.
  • Please change back to previous version!! 2/5

    By Jsbeez
    The redesign of this app has several problems. Hikes shown at the bottom rapidly change even when I am not zooming or shifting the map. Also, the view randomly jumps from the area I am exploring to my current location. Very erratic behavior. In addition, this version is just less user friendly than the previous version. I wish this would revert back but I know how this app thing goes...we are stuck.
  • App was great until recent update 1/5

    By Dpidg
    Most recent update with all the trails in boxes along the bottom of the map really was a detriment to this app for me. The UI used to be so much more intuitive, and easy to navigate with the list popping up when you selected a trail portion. Hoping they can fix this and not just be stuck on this crap UI now.
  • One of must have hiking apps. 5/5

    By HeadlessAnt
    We used this on orca island in Washington. Perfect. Trails were exactly what the app showed. Then we hiked Mt Mitchell in NC and incredible usefully and helpfully. Once you down load the maps to your region this work off line. On both trips no cell service and never felt lost. One of the best feature is getting to the tail head. Just click driving directions and you good to go. We used google maps. Highly recommend.
  • If it’s not broken don’t fix it 1/5

    By RogerRTT
    It’s not even enjoyable anymore. Too many Glitches. Bring back the old version. Its was so much better! Listen to the people.
  • A once-great app wrecked by a senseless “update” 1/5

    By gw170817
    This used to be a great, easy-to-use app for finding trails. However, a recent redesign has left the app plagued by glitches and slow, erratic performance. For example, if you tap a trail on the map and then scroll across the map to view other trails, the trail description at the bottom of the screen begins to frantically jump between different trails at a dizzying pace. In addition to being an eyesore, this behavior slows the app considerably. I much preferred the old version.
  • Excellent App! 4/5

    By Organic Herbivore
    Very much appreciate this app— I only wish there were notes or markers for campsites along trails!
  • GPS was helpful 4/5

    By Aquatic11
    The app gps feature helped me find my way back to the trail.
  • Great app. 5/5

    By MTWatPlanner
    Great app. Love the price (free!). Hope users keep submitting.
  • I’ll second qrib‘s review from July 5th 1/5

    By Climber_chick
    The old version was 5*, but ever since the major revision earlier this summer, I can no longer rely on this app. I won’t have cell phone coverage on most trails yet I get constantly prompted to download my state?
  • Hard to get set up 3/5

    By Smart Hiker
    When I first started using the app, I couldn’t get any information other than a map of the area where the trail is located. But after fooling around with it some more, I discovered that I have to download a list of trails for the state I’m in before the app gives the information the website does. In a way I like the website better because the map and trail information are on the same page. AllTrails is probably better for an app.
  • Bring back the old version! 3/5

    By Daisy Girl Hayes
    I liked the old version better!
  • Go to App for hiking trails 5/5

    By I McG
    Over the years, as it has matured, The Hiking Project, has become an increasingly useful app and is my go to app for researching hikes.
  • To-dos Renamed to Favorites 5/5

    By um8ra
    Wonderful app made by responsive developers. It’s a great help when hiking!
  • New update broken 1/5

    By Danimalian
    New version glitchy and freezes all the time. New interface is clunky af. Can we get the old version back?
  • Tell all your friends! 5/5

    By Km on the road
    They LOVE this free app. Free maps; So much good information; hiking profile; trailhead access; great off line ‘blue dot’ tracking! THANK YOU REI!!!
  • The best hiking app I’ve seen ! 5/5

    By adwaup
    I really like this app , I use it combined with my books on historical routes to find fascinating places to go . So far I have always found what I was looking for on this app .
  • Great app for finding trails! 2/5

    By xstrex
    The latest version of the app combined “favorites” with “todos”. So you can no longer maintain a to-do list, and keep track of your favorites, they are now one in the same. Poor design choice in my opinion. Crickets from the support department. Why would I favorite a hike I’ve never done? Or how do I differentiate between the ones I’ve done, and the ones I haven’t? Edit: I am not confused. Why would I “check-in” to a trail I’ve never done? Or better yet, “favorite” a trail I’ve never done? Would you add a bookmark to a book you’ve never read? Or order a favorite meal, that you’ve never tried?! Stupid.
  • Broke my favorite hiking app with new update 1/5

    By Derek Brotherton
    The ability to pin trails was the killer feature in this app and you removed it!!! I kinda question if the developers ate their own dog food with this update.

Hiking Project app comments

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