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Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny! Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFunny/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iFunny/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifunny.co/

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  • bomb 5/5

    By boieatcrap
    I love this app it is so great I have missed my wife and kids because of this app. My wife left me because I wasn’t paying enough attention to her and she took the kids. Why did you take the kids Karen? But yeah this app is great so you should totally download it. Now if you will excuse me I have to go drown my sadness with memes.
  • Some humor mostly stupid 2/5

    By Orracle51
    Some memes that will make you laugh but an awful lot of woman hating and conservative crap
  • I funny 5/5

    By DJGlitterBunz
    Funny af
  • Sensitive 4/5

    By batmaneswufe
    The app is what it always has been in regards to the people on it. Don’t change up the comments. This really one of the only places breathing doesn’t offend someone. But with this last update I can’t even get on the app so that part could be fixed. For the rest of you don’t like it delete it. It’s not hard
  • THE BEST APP EVER!!! 5/5

    By Dragon_Loli_Police
    So I came across this and thought to myself cool whatever I’ll try it and so far it has been great! I go on it every single day. Every 2-3 hours it has featured memes which are normally good. Most of the 1 stars complain about it being racist and sexist some are true but it’s not every meme on it. The only problem I’ve had so far is I signed out to look at something and I can’t sign back in. Nonetheless still a great app and you should check it out for yourself! (And if the iFunny team are looking at this can you please help me to try and get my account back it’s Dragon_Loli_Police)
  • Not a good space. 1/5

    By Team Captain04
    Those saying they don’t see the racism, extremism, and general hate towards others are most likely those taking part in it all. I’ve had this app for 9 years and recently the featured posts have been too annoying to look at and I’ve decided to delete the app. Don’t download this if you’re someone with decent morals.
  • Fine, Getting Worse 3/5

    By Dinoval576
    January 2019 update at bottom. iFunny has always been a cesspool of toxic people, but I used to love it for being an escape from the overly offended world. It’s one thing to make fun of stereotypes and politics, but to proudly display multiple memes about SHOOTING UP A CONVENTION? How is that even acceptable to allow as a random meme to stumble upon in user submissions? TL;DR: I can only name one improvement from the last six months. There have been many changes to the app in the last six months that can be divided into two categories: official skits and function additions. The (now discontinued?) skits featuring a certain porn star were hard to like, even ironically. I love the iFunny Comments skits. Then there’s the function additions... It all started with extra ads that - in addition to the banner ads - appear in the exact same format as memes; they upset everyone, and I will almost bet that they were to subsidize paying the above mentioned porn star. Sometime later - in between memes like the extra ads - there started to show up prompts to ADD YOUR CONTACTS to your account. Yes, I would just love to tell my parents and boss that I like this cesspool. I thought it was a joke, but no, every twenty memes or so it pops up. Just recently iFunny has started asking for my phone number to ‘verify my account,’ which also shows up constantly. The only not universally hated function addition is borrowed from Imgur, the ability to post reaction memes in the comments. Sounds great in theory, except the only picture comments I ever see are memes leeching off the fact everyone sees them. TL;DR: I haven’t uninstalled. Yet. With all the almost unbridled hate I have towards iFunny, it is still great for a curated chuckle several times a day. When I’m having a bad day (or starting any day for that matter), I open iFunny. Even if my view of it dwindles further on a thin line, I still hold onto the hope that there will be better changes to come. I’m just not sure how long it will be before I just screw it and hop ship permanently to Imgur. Final TL;DR: Do I recommend iFunny? ...Yes, but it’s for a certain audience. UPDATE JANUARY 2019: TL;DR: Where are the moderators?! They brought back the iFunny Comments skit, yay! They tried a new upvote system (it sucked), yay experimentalism! They...! uh... that’s it. Oh yeah, now instead of irrelevant picture Top Comments (which are still around), I would wager around 80% of Top Comments are a single word. A certain word. Actual Feature content has not improved much either. Today’s set had a meme with the aforementioned word. There’s a difference between edgy and harassing. I really hate ‘white knights,’ but I would not be surprised if I have been shadow-banned for all the reporting I do...
  • Trump country 1/5

    By M_ar_ti_n
    About 30% of the content on here is trump supporters complaining that people want to identify as a certain sex—whether by upload or comment.
  • Worst community out there 2/5

    By Nyan Gurl50000
    I’ve been using this app for 4 years and when I think the community can’t get any worse they manage to find a way. There is absolutely zero respect for ANYONE on this app. I would advise that you avoid the comments if you’re looking to enjoy yourself with ifunny.
  • Great app, that just stopped working 1/5

    By Hilario N.
    This app has been a great install on my phones for the past 3 years, but now it stopped working and I have to uninstall and install again each time I want to use it. Totally ridiculous iPhone X - latest iOS Fix the issue iFunny devs!
  • Would be great 3/5

    By WinterElement15
    Would be great if it stopped lagging and stopped making my phone heat up so much that it drains a lot much of my battery.
  • Very cool 👍 would recommend 5/5

    By ecarrat
    Although this app’s community is not the greatest, the memes featured on this app are hilarious and always gets me to laugh and makes my friends laugh too! Definitely a 9 out of 10.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Biglambo 0123
    After every couple times I get on and I get out and I’m about to get on again the app won’t load I’ve let my phone set for 2 hours once letting this app load but the only solution is to delete it and download it again which is a waste of data for a crappy app
  • Horrible User Base 1/5

    By Ghhjjcf
    I’ve had the app for years. It’s always had a bad user base, but at this point it’s unbearable. The comments on every single post are ridiculously racist, misogynistic, homophobic, etc. Get a grip on your app, maybe through expecting some basic human decency.
  • fix the app already 2/5

    By Kyle7932010
    memes on there are decent but this app, after using it for years, still crashes, still kills my battery, still is slow, still has bugs. fix them already its been years
  • Okay 3/5

    By chinsaw2727
    It’s broken, the addition of picture comments were a good feature, but the censors are straight up broken letting porn through, which is not good for casual use. And currently the features are broken, for some reason some of the features repeat after the others, and it is annoying. And currently it is not being fixed. This app is 3 stars and that is it.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By CullenR93
    Love the app, but ever since the recent update it will not open
  • Wont load 1/5

    By AllHazed
    Had this app for 7 years never had a problem now the app wont even load I'm on iPhone 8 btw fix this or i wont change my review.
  • Why so many videos? 2/5

    By Queenjazz1
    I've been on ifunny for years. There used to be a format where they would have feature sets with like 10 memes(I think 10, I never counted) and then one video at the end. I decided to get back on tonight after being off for about a month or two and all of a sudden there are nothing but videos with maybe one or two memes here and there. Very annoying. I want more memes!!!
  • Too much politics 1/5

    By EpicNoswad
    This app has a great format, but the vast majority of featured posts are politically charged and tend to be edgy for edgy’s sake. It’s like that twelve year old who calls their teacher by their first name made a meme account and every one of their worst posts is a feature. The nail in the coffin for me was when a video of a gay rights activist being assaulted with a fire-hose in a small town was posted as a joke. No commentary, no caption, not even a cheap groin shot that could be stretched to be considered comedy; just assault being passed on as not only okay, but funny. The community supported it, and didn’t seem to see the problem. I had used the app for several years before this and had seen similar things posted before, but the fact that the app was featuring them drove me off the app. Lose the politics, and offensive jokes that exist purely to be anticulture. It’s not humor, it’s just stupid.
  • Good app, but occasional issues 4/5

    By Anonymous__13
    I’ve used IFunny since 2015 and I’ve enjoyed my time using it, finding quality content from my subscriptions, but from time to time there’s been bugs on the app that have been a bit annoying. It occasionally just crashes out of nowhere, sometimes the servers just go down altogether, and recently since the most recent update, the app just won’t load for me. It just sits on the loading screen forever, this is about the third or fourth time it’s happened. Where after a day or so I can finally open the app and have it load, but now it hasn’t loaded in 5 days. And I’m just a bit annoyed since I almost exclusively use this app to look at content. I get running a website/app is hard, but I just want to be able to view the stuff with little to no issue.
  • “Addition stability and PERFORMANCE improvements” 4/5

    By Andredrizzledre
    RIIIIIIIIIIGHT. That’s why the app doesn’t load and just mocks you with Chef. It’s cool, I’ll wait. Silver lining is I’ll have 400+ features to scroll through.
  • Never even opens 1/5

    By Colorking10573
    For the past two months I’ll get notifications and goto open the app and it never gets past the smiley face and I haven’t been able to use the app at all. And I can’t complain to them in the app because I CANT GET IN IT.
  • Chat crashes when i try to use it 4/5

    By xXSky7erXx
    Other than the chat function crashing the app, its pretty good
  • Getting too political 2/5

    By Thatguyisabau5
    When I made an account almost 2,200 days ago, it was a funny app. Now almost everything is conservative and political. I turned off notifications and don’t use it anymore. If they stopped featuring political things on a comedy app, I’d come back
  • Good, but needs to be fixed 4/5

    By •Pistachio•
    I really like this app. People say it’s “racist, sexist”, etc, but those people just need to learn to take a joke. Memes are usually offensive. If you don’t like them, then don’t use the app. Either way, I always end up laughing whenever I go on this app. My only problem is that ever since around the Christmas update, the app won’t open half the time. It will never load, or crash. Deleting and re-downloading only fixes it for a short time. It would be great if this issue was fixed. Other than that the app is great.
  • Great time killer and comedy source 5/5

    By donaldjd
    This app is great, download it and find funny stuff to show your friends, or post your own stuff and get featured. 10/10 would download again
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By I flawless
    So when I click on the app, the app pulls up but then goes black. So I am left with a black screen.
  • Good App, Bad Performance 3/5

    By Rhexa12_
    I love the fact that there’s constant memes being featured and that 9/10 of them are funny. I love being able to go on collective and see funny things that aren’t featured, etc. I love going on here everyday to get a good chuckle. BUT THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS APP IS T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. I am not the only one that complains about this. I have an iPhone 6S Plus. No it’s not the greatest phone but no it’s not a bad phone. App constantly freezes, will randomly “refresh” like I just opened the app for the first time of the day, it will randomly jump to the end of the features, and it will say I have no new features to look at today. The WORST of all that’s getting to the point of deleting the app forever is how many times I have to redownload because of every update. Every single time I update ifunny, I have to reinstall it because it will just not load. I updated ifunny, closed the app, and restarted my phone to be 100% sure. I opened this app and it didn’t load after 25 minutes of just sitting there. I’m SICK of It!!
  • How to earn 5 stars 5/5

    By No one poops but you
    Make it so I can actually swipe once and go to the next photo. I get stuck and have to swipe 6-10 times to get it to do anything
  • intolerance 2/5

    By mingmingdabest
    this app is just full of rude and disrespectful people. i asked them Very Politely to not call me a slur but eight people responded with the slur. please stop featuring racist sexist homophobic and transphobic stuff, it just encourages them.
  • Trash update 2/5

    By curly718
    Ever since it updated this hasn’t worked at all. I shouldn’t have to delete and redownload something to get it to work. I used to love this app but it’s now forever deleted because I’m not going through this process for it to maybe work
  • What is happening 3/5

    By It's us awesome
    I have had the app for years. I love the app but it won’t open anymore. I have to delete it off of my phone and redownload like every week just to get a laugh.
  • Kinda terrible 1/5

    By Etriux
    When I got this app I was hoping more people would post something funny rather than conservative brainwashed crap.
  • Extremely offensive 1/5

    By Tori Dillon
    A few years ago, this was one of my favorite apps, but more recently they have been featuring song extremely offensive jokes, such as jokes about school shooters, making fun of the LGBTQ+ communities, and many other minorities. I’m not sure if it’s someone that they have recently hired into the staff who is responsible for featuring all these, but I can’t support an app that features and puts things like that out into the world.
  • iPone XR freeze 4/5

    By Luis Flowers
    Too often when opening the app it stays frozen on the opening screen with the logo in the middle, not sure why...
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Dblanke
    Very funny, just don’t let your kids on it
  • Nice app 2/5

    By $uper$onic
    I gave it 2 stars because the last 4 updates it takes 4 to 5 tries to open and a few minutes. App needs refined to open faster.
  • Optional Suggestion 5/5

    By Hdfjhvgfdsr)53:?$8(,4;;
    Optional: create a setting that saves categorical pictures/videos that interest individuals and suggests photos to said individuals for personal photos said people may like Similar to YouTube suggestions Here’s another idea: you can save certain photos to certain places/groups Similar to Pinterest
  • Unacceptable content 1/5

    By cindylou13
    Used to be great even though it was semi offensive. Now they just blatantly feature rape jokes and racist stuff. It should not be allowed to be on the App Store.
  • Ads, poorly optimized. 1/5

    By Yo momma24
    As if ads weren't enough on the bottom of the screen. Now there are full sized ads when you scroll through pics. I will go on ifunny for 10 minutes and drain almost 20 percent or more of my phone. It’s ridiculous. I don’t have this problem with any other ap.
  • Phone gets super hot 2/5

    By Dongusmcbongus
    My phone is literally acting like it's at its limit, iPhone 8 here
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By 5 stars plesev
    I have to keep uninstalling just for it to load for reference I’m on an iPhone X
  • It’s a great app 5/5

    By Mandeec31
    Content is funny and I love how the app allows you to make your own
  • I love this app 5/5

    By ooofoofofofofof
    Nothing is wrong so I love this app I like all the memes.
  • Isn’t working 1/5

    By Aces73
    At random times it just stops loading the videos and memes and won’t work for a couple hours then it will be fine again but within A few minutes of using it the videos stop loading and only the pictures load but after another few minutes everything stops loading but my internet is still working fine to its not my WiFi
  • iFunny is run by conservative Republicans 1/5

    By nesamuels
    They will show a meme making fun of liberals but heaven forbid they make fun of idiotic Trump.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By aksocuxhd
    I love ifunny (for the most part) but it seems that every day when I open the app it literally never loads, so I have to keep uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Would be nice if I didn’t have to keep doing that
  • Won’t start 1/5

    By Sobewankonobe
    After newest update on my 6S the app won’t even start. Just stays on loading screen.

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