iFunny – hot memes and videos

iFunny – hot memes and videos

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  • Current Version: 7.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: iFunny Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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iFunny – hot memes and videos App

Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny! Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFunny/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iFunny/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifunny.co/ By using the Application, you agree to terms of use: https://ifunny.co/docs/tos_for_inapp

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iFunny – hot memes and videos app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By hahahahahahua
    If you want to blow orange man, this is the app for you. I long for the days ifunny was actually funny and an escape.
  • full of racists, not welcoming 1/5

    By ThatGuy4348
    Every single comment section and the featured posts are full of racism and hate speech.
  • The most racist app 1/5

    By just_jererm
    This is the most racist application I have ever seen. It allows racist posts and glorifies comments that are fashioned to make people who are racist and anti LGBT. This application and their developer should be reviewed by Apple to see if still should be allowed to be an application
  • Best app I ever used 5/5

    By hotchick68
    I met my husband on iFunny
  • good memes but everything else is worst then anything i can think of 1/5

    By send FFFFF
  • Help me 5/5

    They have me trapped in the basement please send help
  • 4 stars almost 5 4/5

    By Tyler 1738
    They promised me candy but instead they took me here to review so 4 stars:(
  • Racist 2/5

    By King Asicci
    There are a lot of anti-jew, anti-Ukraine, pro Russian memes on this app, and if not that some lewd pics or bad anime memes. Sometimes makes me laugh, most the time makes me more scared to be a American.
  • Trump lost the election 1/5

    By Ggfffcv
    Accept it Trumptards
  • Good but not the best 2/5

    By jlf2boy
    I’ve had this app since I was younger and it was always funny. Lately though it’s been going down hill for a year now. Very conservative and a lot of homophobes on the app. Apparently they don’t really care when their users post offensive things that are directed towards minorities and other cultures.
  • The mod is a pedo 1/5

    By silverchalice
    The moderator pokly dokly has physical molested children do not download this app
  • Lame app 1/5

    By bsjeeue
    Doesn’t let you automatically remove account
  • The bugs on this app!! 3/5

    By Rafaellsebas
    Putting 3 stars cuz I love this app but so many bugs it’s killing me! Making me want to delete this app, before I had a bug that wouldn’t let me watch anything until I put WiFi(unlimited data) and now I have a bug where it keeps playing the same sound from an ad even though I’m flipping through different vidz/pics??? Please fix this bug, I could but I don’t work for you guys.
  • Alt Right App 1/5

    By Edward numba1
    This mods on this app promote alt right propaganda, QAnon conspiracy theories, and features these outlandish alternative facts/history. It’s a real shame since I first discovered this app in 2011, 10 years ago! Disgusting what it’s become.
  • fix the freezing 1/5

    By TM2902
    keeps freezing every 5 posts in my subscriptions forcing me to restart app
  • It’s Alright. 5/5

    By epicretard69430
    Pretty good.
  • Epic 5/5

    By Cameren clan 1017
    Please help i cannot leave.
  • Legendary 5/5

    By Brian A F
    I find it funny that since i was in high school till now i still have this app ive had plenty of others but always come back to this one. wanna find out why check it out
  • Great 5/5

    By RetroAustin35
    Best app ever
  • Rock bottom 1/5

    By And_Say
    They featured a video of someone getting blown to pieces. Literally a death in the featured section. This app had been going down hill for a long time. Comment sections were always terrible, but there were usually enough funny memes to make it worth it. But clearly this is moving in a direction I no longer want to be a part of. Deaths in collective had been a thing that I thought were being clamped down on. Since they now feature them, apparently not.
  • Bad app 5/5

    By gingermonkeyJ
    Horrible app, wish I never downloaded, can put down
  • Racist 12 year olds 1/5

    By mondowondo
    App filled with a bunch of young racist/homophobic kids. They try to be funny in the comments but it’s just wrong. iFunny creators are aware but don’t crack down on it great for memes bad community
  • Like watching the news 1/5

    By AliciaCross
    Sure there’s some funny stuff but it seems like every other post is political or violent. Not a great app like it was back in 2012/2013. When I had it it caused me more subconscious stress than it was worth. If you’re looking for something to scroll through that’s not social media don’t download this app because it’s not the answer.
  • Lost my account 1/5

    By derek92
    Please help I lot my account please help
  • Help 4/5

    By lutherateriol
    I can’t escape
  • Dumb app 1/5

    By Cheesycheese17
    This app deserves all the one star ratings it can get. Homophobic, racist, misogynistic, transphobic app spewing nothing but hate.
  • I loved the new posting system! 3/5

    By Jaydog870
    I loved being able to crop videos and the captions on memes could be white or black and on the top or bottom. The UI was so clean and uploading links actually worked! Now it's back to the original one... Why? How do you downgrade the app and why?! You had a great feature and took it away. Links don't work when uploading! :( please... Give that back!
  • It’s just republican propaganda now. 1/5

    By ashunton
    It used to be funny, now it’s just right wing conspiracies and propaganda.
  • don’t get it 1/5

    By TheCriticalCriticTurtle
    spend your time doing literally anything else
  • Full of glitches 1/5

    By Sandra Bullet
    Struggles with features that have been perfected in other apps for over a decade. So frustrating it had to be deleted.
  • All-around very racist 1/5

    By Jarrettlaz99
    This app has to be one of the most racist social apps out there they don’t try at all to rid the user base of racist users and they promote the racism by making the racist comments and make them the the top comments. This app is once again very racist and then as a sidenote the app quits it’s glitchy and overall doesn’t perform very well and again extremely racist!
  • One of the most racist apps 1/5

    By rednbluetaco
    Love the memes, but will not lie and say things are only memes. This app is filled with racists. Whenever there’s a post with an African American in it, you could bet that most of the comment section is making a case to degrade them. Ifunny knows this but also knows the type of people who are most active in the app.
  • meh 3/5

    By ...:..:...........
    Good app for memes, but the community is the most abliest, homophobic/transphobic, racist I’ve ever seen. Try to avoid the comments.
  • I’m fat and want candy 5/5

    By trillvalue
    Where it at
  • Just Religious Propaganda Anymore 2/5

    By Hardcoredts
    I have had the app for probably a decade and while you get some good memes here and there, but anymore it is so heavily flooded with Christian “memes” pushing their religion that is makes it almost insufferable.
  • Video sharing and app breaking updates 1/5

    By ifunny user 2
    I love this app. It’s amazing in most ways. But as of a few updates ago importing videos from Instagram or Facebook have not been allowed. I use these to post videos from my other accounts to ifunny and don’t understand why this suddenly became a problem and had to be removed. I would greatly appreciate it being fixed/readded so I can post more videos. My other complaint is too many things are banned and you could get banned without doing anything. It’s starting to become a little like Twitter. (Revision) now with the latest update I am literally unable to make posts about anything. Almost as if I was banned when I’m not
  • Over 3000 days review 1/5

    By Calamity156
    iPropaganda. That's all this app has become.
  • Long time user 5/5

    By Jes7410
    I’ve had this app for about 8 years now You either love it or hate it No agenda no censorship My favorite form of media
  • Best stay clear updated. 1/5

    By Deptrai316
    I’ve been using iFunny for over a decade to casually pass time. I’ve been there since the Will Ferrel days. The app went from using recycled internet memes from other sites to for some reason being community of mainly Alt right edge lords. I don’t even look at comments anymore let alone participate because everyone wants to be correct and cynical rather being reasonable. I’ve also noticed that all the original creators who posted good and funny memes are either gone or banned. The app itself is an unstable mess. I’ve the app on least 5 different phones in the last decade, and it still randomly crashes, sometimes it’s unresponsive trying to swipe, if I look at a profile it is stuck in a loop were it doesn’t open. There are games I play on this phone and my phone doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as it does when I browse through ifunny for a few minutes. How does my phone overheat just from looking at a few memes? After all the racist and political features and community being very toxic with anyone who doesn’t fully agree with them I ended up uninstalling the app. There is just so much negativity one can take.
  • Ifunny 5/5

    By totalynotjake
    This app deserves one star.
  • Bring back text posts 1/5

    By Johnnnnnnnnnnu
  • Worst update in the history of updates. Bring back gif captions and comics! 1/5

    By Waffles&Eggnog
    Yea in a span of a day this app became unbearable to use. Can’t post gif captions, photos with captions or comics. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea but I really hope they break their ankle or something.
  • Unnecessary Updates 1/5

    By Idealswagman
    Please stop trying to implement changes to the gif maker, it's honestly the only thing that some people use the app for.
  • Don’t download it 1/5

    By pooey_101
    I’ve been using this app for 3 years
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kenaxel
    I had iFunny for years. It used to be funny and support free speech. Now it’s overloaded with ads, Christian memes from Facebook, tiktok videos, and politics. It’s a great place, if you don’t have enough outrage in your life. Never thought there’d come this day, but I deleted this app today. It’s nothing but trash.
  • Conspiracy Central 1/5

    By jjg2901
    This app is essentially Parler/Gab, except instead of writing the N word folks have to replace the “i” with a “1”. The moderators pick “features”, or memes that they seem to think are worthy of sharing with the entire community. Those featured memes have included Qanon content, incitements to violence in “boogaloo” style posts calling for the murder of federal and state police, memes stating that blacks are inherently inferior to whites, and calls for protection from the upcoming “white genocide”. Moderation seems to be extremely limited, with only the most explicit hate speech and threats of harm being removed. This app should not be available on the App Store.
  • Good app but with its own problems 3/5

    Has some decent content for the most part, enough to give me a chuckle here and there. However the app crashes somewhat frequently, and drains the battery but overall that’s really the gripes i have with it
  • Too much toxicity and religious propaganda 1/5

    By sydoniaa
    iFunny used to be an almost decent app for looking at memes but now it’s unusable. It has become a place for evangelical, alt-right egoists to spew toxicity and hatred for anyone who isn’t a straight, cisgender, white, christian, conservative male. Lately, almost every “meme” is just entirely unfunny religious propaganda. Don’t download this app, save your sanity.
  • Been using the app for around 8 years 1/5

    By Derdle13
    Was always a really easy/convenient way to just look at memes in my spare time. All you had to do was swipe and see the most liked memes. It has since then descended into a dumpster fire of conservative and Christian extremists. The community is full of extreme hate towards liberals, non Christians, gays, and has become very toxic and racist. The convenience of just swiping to see good memes is gone since every feature set is filled with unfunny christian “memes”, pro gun and frankly just toxic conservative posts. This is the app for you if you are a high schooler who thinks they are superior in every way to others who are different than you.
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