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Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny! Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFunny/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iFunny/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifunny.co/ By using the Application, you agree to terms of use: https://ifunny.co/docs/tos_for_inapp

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  • PLEASE READ! 2/5

    By Ryan554
    Memes in the comment section aren’t loading for me. I thought it was my wifi so I turned it off and ran on my data and they still didn’t load. Please fix this!
  • The Most Ignorant of the Internet Landed at iFunny 1/5

    By Anton~~
    At first I thought the comments were a joke at first, but the majority of the users are legitimately racist and homophobic. It’s amazing how they these people find humor in calling the LGBTQ community mentally retarded on every post. Also the ads are very annoying and is just a bad format overall. Ifunny really went downhill since the last time I used it years ago.
  • Who owns iFunny? 5/5

    By CaptainKizer
    At the time of writing this, who currently owns iFunny?
  • Yulky yulky 4/5

    By KingofSkulls56
    Tazandra stop with the bot accounts Jesus Christ
  • Fix spam accounts 1/5

    By santur8
    used ifunny for a while. now it's literally just filled with spam accounts like YulkyTulky, SwiftUI, and others. I blocked these accounts and now i get like 10-15 memes per feature set. this is ruining the app
  • Mods Abuse Power 1/5

    By Aaron Whaley
    One of the mods abuse their power by featuring themselves. Smh
  • Propaganda tool 1/5

    By Blakesgotjokes
    This app used to be great memes but now it’s used to promote conservative misinformation and racism.

    By J-swyr
    YULKYTULKY makes me wanna die lol
  • Ifunny needs to stop Yulky 1/5

    By MisterPzi
    YulkyTulky is a moderator on ifunny who is abusing their power by making spam accounts and getting featured 10 fold instead of having us original creators. And ifunny just simply doesn’t do anything very poor.
  • Beware tulky 5/5

    By Cauy Kemper
    Watch out
  • Its getting hard 5/5

    By Spedmonkee
    Ive been using the app for well over 4 years and lately the yulky tolky bots are ruining this app with mods to get them featured, you guys need to fix this.
  • ferret 2/5

    By xMarkJR
  • Rules of iFunny 5/5

    By LovallyYT
    IFunny is a community. We are all part of the crew and we may never leave, no matter how bad it gets sometimes. Collective is forbidden territory of racist and edgy jokes and vids.... which are what we love to see :). I’ve really grown up with this app and I blame my sense of humor on the app, it’s truly amazing
  • The start of a resistance 1/5

    By BobtheMemeMan
    The app is great and all but the moderators are a big problem. You guys need to remove all these mods and in there place put some that aren’t P E D O S. Until then we have begun a resistance and have started fighting against them and trying to get all their boys banned. They suspended my account’s commenting for “posting loli and hentai” so I have retaliated. Fix your app’s mods and this app could be so much better.
  • Best you could (probably) get 4/5

    By EddieJett4
    I’ve used iFunny for a while now and whilst it’s better than other meme apps, it’s not perfect. Collective just doesn’t want to work properly anymore. I’ve used the feedback feature to let the devs know about this issue multiple times, yet it’s been at least 5-6 months now and the issue still isn’t resolved. Though, I still love the app. There’s plenty of tags to explore so you can find the content you want, the features are pretty entertaining yet slightly repetitive due to being featured multiple times. Overall, this app has its flaws, but it’s still a great app nonetheless. Update: 10/19/20 either the app is dead, or my phones bugging out. I can barely even get into the app anymore. Whenever I can get in, I have to log in again and again. But it won’t even let me log in. I really don’t want this app to die guys.
  • Very user friendly 5/5

    By PumpkinBrain27
    It doesn’t take itself very seriously. I like that. Hell, I clicked to go here because it asked me if I wanted candy.
  • Fix the chat feature 2/5

    By 💤🎵💤🎵💤
    I’ve been using this app for like...six or seven years and I really enjoy it. However this last update completely obliterated the chat feature. I will fix my review to five stars once its fixed. I can only access one group chat and nothing else, and it’s been like that for two days now. Thanks!
  • Violating terms of service 1/5

    By KoolAidKitten
    I have reported a post about me several times. It is giving out where I live. It will ban posts in a day that criticize the admins but will leave up a clear violation of their terms of service? I have tried contacting the person who runs this app several times and well over 100 people have reported the post. My family is in danger because of this.
  • Getting ruined by bots 1/5

    By TBoneJenkins
    Half of the features are by bots and they aren’t original. That and YulkyTulky are ruining the app.
  • Tarzanda 1/5

    By Club Penguin please read!
    Hello, this is regarding some of the moderators, the app it self is great I use it everyday. But the entirety of iFunny is basically broken now. The iFunny moderator iFunnytarzanda and other moderators has created multiple botted accounts that steal a majority of the features not allowing other people to send there pictures because the spaces are being filled by those bots. I hope this gets fixed again.
  • One real problem 1/5

    By Idbjex
    I’m sure you already know this but there’s a mod in particular that abuses their power to feature their alt accounts. Oh yeah also she’s a pedo
  • Yulkytulky and other spam accounts 1/5

    By Chaos191719
    Been on this app for years. It’s a good time. That being said it has really gone downhill in the last few months with the yulkytulky and spam accounts.
  • Part of the ship part of the crew. 5/5

    By PartOfTheShipPartOfTheCrew
    You can check out, but you can never leave.
  • YulkyTulky must perish 1/5

    By politemob
    I love the app, it’s an open place to share views and jokes. But, as much as I like it, these bots and mod accounts featuring whatever they want is about to drive me off this place. Please fix this.
  • Cmon iFunny 3/5

    By Aidan 9376
    Fix the dang iFunny tazandra problem she literally has 8 accounts by now god I love going to this app cause I’m not some snowflake but seriously she needs to be stopped most of the features go to her at this point
  • YulkyTulky 1/5

    By HissingBeatles
    This app right now is in a terrible state- one of the owners constantly posts on the featured page to make the app seem more popular than it is and it makes it difficult for normal pages to get featured. The featured page is completely filled with bots all the time. The app is complete trash right now, don’t bother downloading.
  • Moderators Creat bot accounts and abuse power 1/5

    The Moderator, IfunnyTazandra, seems to have flooded the app with ghost accounts and constantly features the memes from these bot accounts instead of real users. Also she abuses her powers and shuts down any sort of speech against her that is not in good light. She’s a tyrant who is single handedly ruining the app. Also she solicited a minor.
  • Tazandra 1/5

    By altoaviactus
    Ifunnytazandra power tripping is ruining the app
  • Mod cleanup needed 1/5

    By dear barbara
    App has moderators that are child predators.. yulkytulky itazandra... they keep featuring them selves.. easy fix is block duplicate accounts and jail the predator
  • Part of the ship, part of the crew 2/5

    By LordGoodMusicLover
    I’d love to leave, but once you’re in, there’s no way back. I miss the days of innocence, but this app has turned me into a degenerate to the point that I can no longer leave. Part of the ship Part of the crew This review would be one star, but the extra star is for the king, Hybrid.
  • 2+ years on this app with only 2 major complaints 4/5

    By jesse james asdf
    I love this app and visit it several times a day; and love sending dark humor memes to my group chat on snap. My only two complaints are that we can’t save videos anymore, which used to be a thing, and that when you’re typing a comment, the screen randomly glitches out and makes the keyboard disappear. Other than that I love this app, and will continue to laugh at it
  • Ads every other page 1/5

    By Honest Injin
    Since the latest update the ads are almost every other page. And a ton of anti-Biden content masquerading as real user generated content.
  • Another of the same 1/5

    By Undermykilt
    Like so many apps like this, if you want to save a vid you can’t. You can only copy a link, what a waste! Why would I want to share a link? The vid would be better. Deleted after about 3 seconds, seriously why can’t we get just one app that lets you download a vid?
  • Part of the ship 5/5

    By dustinfordbro
    Part of the crew
  • The new update DOES NOT WORK 1/5

    By Bitchassoenguinlover
    Please fix this, please, please

    By Yulkyisa"ferret"
    Do not download if you dont wanna see an abuse of admin power. Makes hundreds of alt accounts, and features only them, so actual meme creators cant get featured. Also she admitted to and shows no remorse for violating a MINOR
  • Long time user 3/5

    By Salortega865
    The app is pretty amazing but recently there has been an influx in propaganda (both communist and far right) in the features. Aside from that the app is a gold mine for memes and intresting bits of the internet. But now it seems to be that mods are abusing the 'Features' and only letting themselves and alternate accounts be featured. No more five stars from me chef.
  • Terrible Admin Abuse 1/5

    By JohnnySins562
    The admins on this app don’t listen to input and abuse their power to allow racism, sexism, and mods constantly feature their own accounts so others see their profiles. As most others say this app has the scum and villainy from other websites who have been banned so they flock to iFunny. Not to mention the constant bugs the app has like the keyboard constantly slides down and makes typing impossible. From what I’ve seen and heard this app is centered in Russia but who knows. This app needs a serious revamp.
  • Mods 1/5

    By 10503bug
    Moderator abuse and self featuring is just sad
  • YulkyTulky 1/5

    By Dmxhguifggtjh
    This mod is singlehandedly ruining this app with drama and fake accounts.
  • Tazandra and yulky 1/5

    By McGoyce
    These two super users/moderators are abusing their power and featuring their bot accounts, making it impossible for actual users to get featured.
  • Blocked a pedo and the app crashed 2/5

    By sdhxfhwfjdfkfGhgcfgffc
    Blocked a mod who had “relations” with a minor and the app crashed
  • Taken over by bots 1/5

    By Hoskinator7
    Ifunnytazandra (a spamming pedo) and her alt accounts are all the feature will ever feature now. It’s spam accounts and it’s destroying the app.
  • F YulkyTulky 1/5

    By The Quibbler Quill
    All my homies hate YulkyTulky
  • I’ll adjust my review once Tazandra is dealt with 1/5

    By S. Siss
    I’ve had this app on several different devices since 2012. I love iFunny. It’s an amazing source for memes. However, recently there have been waves of featured memes that are riddled with bot accounts that are all linked to one moderator, Tazandra. It’s honestly insane how many there are. Everyone is blocking them and/or disliking their memes, but they keep coming. My featured tab is almost all “you blocked this user” now because that’s over half of the featured section. Just go back to 20 features every 3 hours or so and call it good. It’s too much.
  • For the community 1/5

    By StuffedB
    This app is supposed to be a bunch of different users sharing their memes but as of lately a few accounts have run dominant in the feature section. ICapt, yulkytulky, UIAlertView, SwiftUi. They are the only accounts being featured over and over and the community is not being featured. Fix your systems. Ban these accounts.
  • Once great . now trash. 1/5

    By Gattorade
    Used to be a great app for seeing some funny memes on your down time. Last few weeks has been completely destroyed by one or more moderators who have been replacing the normal featured memes with whatever they see fit. I like to see a variety of memes from different people not all by the same person who honestly isn’t very funny even when stealing most if not all of their content. Until the app returns to its former self I’ll prob delete it
  • Ifunny tazandra 1/5

    By ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
    This app has gotten progressively worse and worse over the past 6 years. But now it’s at a breaking point with one of the mods flooding the features section with their alt accounts.
  • Mods called out 1/5

    By Guy who play game
    Multiple of the mods have been called out with evidence of them committing statutory rape and it is well known among the entire community. Yet the owner of the app does nothing to stop rapists from moderating

iFunny – hot memes and videos app comments

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