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Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny! Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFunny/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iFunny/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifunny.co/ By using the Application, you agree to terms of use: https://ifunny.co/docs/tos_for_inapp

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  • Bruh 1/5

    By flashcotton
    These memes aren’t even funny, like in 2 years they’ll still be doing the me and the boys memes. Troll faces are not funny, neither are top text bottom text memes. Also the app is filled with nude posts and that’s not what this app is for. In conclusion, this app is terrible.
  • Things that need to be fixed 3/5

    By Licensedrock4
    The app does have its fair share of problems leaving the app to be mediocre. For a start the app tends to overheat your phone when on to long, now I only really spend about 15 minutes on it per feature looking at the memes and comments but it overheats the phone badly and causes it to start lagging and freezing up the phone. Another issue is the repeating feature bug that you see when finishing the features and it will stay for days. There are many other bugs and flaws but it’s still a decent app and I’ll continue to use it.
  • Features 3/5

    By RGibZ
    Why do I keep seeing the same features from days ago on my feed? This needs to be fixed!
  • Amazing app but... 3/5

    By Sniplahhs
    Pretty much whenever I try to view a meme in the comments it say uh oh this was lost or some bs like that
  • Best app for memes 5/5

    By 4567753212345677664321
    I really love iFunny 👌 has a few top comments but no features yet... yet
  • Fix the app 3/5

    By tototoy
    The app randomly glitches, then reboots, making me miss the funny meme I wanted to see. Fix it.
  • Used to be great, now is horrible and allowing illegal activity 1/5

    By Joshua_Hursey
    Content used to be good, featured memes came out twice a day, things were nsfw but not messed up. After coming across an account that put up child porn that wasn’t banned, I gave up hope. I can’t support something that would allow this. There’s no positives left anymore
  • Amazing app only 1 flaw 4/5

    By Dilleydog05
    I love this app use it daily I just hate that when the same features keep getting put to the front
  • IFunny is broke 1/5

    By Melindaqt
    I loved the app up until a few months ago. When new features are updated, you are lucky to see one a two mixed in with all the old ones. Either they aren’t actually changing the features or there’s a bug. I’ve deleted and reinstalled but nothing changed. I know I’m not the only one based on comments on the app
  • A white supremacist’s home 1/5

    By AtomBacon
    Edit: I deleted this app. I couldn’t take it anymore. The number of white supremacists calling me re***d for the most simple things was driving me to the edge. I’m seriously just trying to live my life and the worst of the internet tells me to kms constantly. Do not come here. Honestly screw this hateful mf place. I can’t have a good day here cause I have the controversial opinion that “racism is bad”. The feature team instigates a lot of the sh$tshow discussions, featuring various hateful posts that a rational person would never agree with. I feel like the developers need to either vet their users or comb the feature comments for racists cause I am sick of warding off idiots that think they’re special cause they’re mindlessly conservative. The only saving grace is that it’s still my main source of memes and I’ve met a couple friends here (we’ve moved to a discord server though cause [email protected] this place).
  • I think you know why I’m doing this 1/5

    By IsaacN96
    They started charging $3 a month to RENT COLORED USERNAMES! you PAY ACTUAL MONEY to change your username from white to a different color, but you don’t buy this “ability” you RENT it! EVEN WORSE TO COME! you can also pay money to boost a post to increase your chances of it getting seen liked repubed and featured. What is wrong with you people?! EVERYONE HATES YOU NOW!!! instead of fixing your broken features or upholding your terms of services, you start charging people for premium features that don’t even remove ads! Gonna start calling you EAfunny! Fix your crap!
  • Watermarks 4/5

    By hdhchskshcthehjwbfyc
    I really like the app not many bugs at all but I wish whenever I saved memes they didnt have a watermark on them it just takes away the quality 4.5 out of five tho keep up the good meme finding
  • Right winger loser hangout 1/5

    By Ryan-67123-
    Alt-right cesspool. The feature team and moderators are also alt-right as well. The people on this app get a collective 15 minutes of sunlight a year
  • Bad 1/5

    By nope 12345
    Sick of seeing the same stuff over and over again after every feature set. This app has gone downhill.
  • Good app bad people 5/5

    By Kikitchu
    This app is honestly a Good app the only problem is the people who use it aren't good people if your looking to make memes Prepare for jerks to try to ruin Your fun
  • Reeeeee 5/5

    By Deez Nuts 0458
    I eat children
  • Ow my hand 1/5

    By Tornado_Kill3r
    My phone battery gets so hot I use an iPhone 6s Plus no other app does this besides ifunny idk what causes it but it’s super annoying and probably destroying my battery don’t download on older phones
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By BeastoMod
    Been on iFunny for over 5 years now, definitely one of the best apps out there. Especially after you get past the features section and find a a section of iFunny you like.
  • Great app but chat needs improvement 4/5

    By //Emily
    I love this app and it’s a nice place to meet new people and to have a good laugh but the chat part needs improving. You can’t see if the other person is typing which is really useful to know sometimes. And you can’t do a chat search, it would be great if there was an option to search your conversation with someone with a keyword to see what was said. Those two things would make the app really great in my opinion. But overall it’s really good.
  • Use reddit 1/5

    By Hey I can see
    Cultured individuals sub to r/dankmemes on reddit
  • Give me feature 5/5

    By ;-smol-;
    Feature RawTurkeyPosts you gremlins
  • Love-Needs a fix 2/5

    By owlette14
    I've loved this app for years, but now the app refreshes if I leave it for even 0.2 seconds. I don't want to flip though a ton of memes to find where I was at, PLEASE DEVELOPERS SAVE ME and I will change my rating to the 5 stars it deserves Update: I received an email from the developers about a fix and the email address they asked me to contact doesn’t work.
  • Fix the update! 2/5

    By Thickshady69
    I’m not here for the “features” I’m here for my SUBSCRIBERS AN SUBSCRIPTIONS please put it back to how it was where u can view all the material u have saved without it taking all away when looking I had over 20k subscriptions I look it an now when I look at a few all go away and start from new so lame!!!!!!!!
  • A culmination of all things white 1/5

    By Jamal3M
    Quite simply, this app is a horrible space teeming with racist white people who don’t take the anonymous aspect for granted. Truly astounding, and nothing is done to prevent any of it. Fix your awful app. Basically if your skin is not white you will be outcast and attacked.
  • Makes my phone overheat. 1/5

    By digitalpwn3r78
    I have a brand new iPhone XS Max and this is the only app that gives my phones processor grief. It’s been like this for the past 3 updates. Fix this or I’ll stop using this app ASAP.
  • Too many notifications 3/5

    By Haleywhateverrrr
    The memes are okay, but I’m tired of getting a notification every 10 minutes telling me to come look at iFunny. Annoying.
  • Mostly unusable 1/5

    By Flumper Dumper
    I’m on the latest iOS and app update, and I simply cannot stay on one post for more than 20 seconds or the app will freeze and crash. Every. Single. Time.
  • No regulation rules. 2/5

    By Littlemac_713
    IFunny can be enjoyable to glance at, but it’s always upsetting to see some of these accounts grow off work that’s not theirs. They don’t punish these accounts for uploading other people’s content, mainly from YouTube, and instead feature these post, growing whatever account that literally moved someone else’s video onto that platform. Most of the time these accounts won’t mention where the original work is from and instead usually block out the water marks. A prime example at the moment is this popular YouTuber known as Terminalmontage and every time he releases a video it only takes a few days for some random account to get a feature since they just re-uploaded it on this platform. In fact at the beginning of Terminal’s videos they all say “Please do not re-upload my content”, but of course all of the re-uploads don’t include that. The whole point is that iFunny would be better if it didn’t support stealing others work.
  • Incredibly toxic 1/5

    By TheBatter732
    Oh boy have I never seen a community so filled with hate and negativity. That might just me being a softy but I swear, everything posted has so much negativity suffused in it whether it be a post or comment on a post. People on this app complain about every little thing, and most of the problems everyone complains about have been from the terrible community itself. The memes often repeat themselves over over and lose value and comedic value very quickly, and collective is seriously hell. One post might be a half naked woman or anime character and the next may be some sort of nazi propaganda. Although these posts technically obey the laws of the app, people often exploit the rules and post stuff that shouldn’t exactly be on an app made for memes and comedy. Its in the name, iFunny. Its more like i”””””Funny”””””. If you want genuine good memes, go to nearly any other social networking app, trust me. I’d recommend Instagram cause you can find individual content creators who will post memes you will enjoy, and not have a constant barrage of stale memes and toxicity poured down your throat. If you want to enjoy this app, subscribe to people who post good memes and only look in your subscriptions tab. Also, entirely avoid the comments, its a madhouse. I remember this app from around 2012 when I was a bit younger and it was much nicer, everyone was friendly and people poured heart and soul into their memes to try to get featured, when Will Ferrel was the King of iFunny and Rage Comics were rampant. Godammit iFunny, what happened to you?
  • Fix 5/5

    By Thetoastisdrowning
    Yea so there’s this bug, where if you go to a reply to a comment, it ends up scrolling up way past the the reply to a random pet of the thread. Fix that -sincerely, everyone.
  • Good meme app— not perfect 4/5

    By Rhazar
    Now I don’t write too many reviews but there’s something up that must be addressed. Firstly, the app uses SO MUCH DATA. I’ve counted almost 6 GIGABYTES in 2 weeks and I only mess with the app once every day or so. Images are NOT that large. GIFs are not that large. And I don’t watch the videos over and over again, so something is up. I don’t know if videos play in the background or if these ads are hogging too much space or what, but there needs to be data saver features or something because I barely have data left to listen to my music on Apple Music or other things by the end of the month. Secondly, the Features are put on there over and over again. It’s almost like an algorithm is involved that just picks a bunch of memes every so often that accumulated enough likes in a period of time and the mods just ramp it up to the features from there. Lastly, what a lot of people complain about with lewd/sub-porn, I don’t mind it. If someone doesn’t want to see it, instead of banning or going through that process, just have an NSFW button and turn it on if you want to see that. Then people that don’t want to see that stuff won’t see it and the people that don’t care like me or want to see it can do so.
  • Very bad meme 1/5

    By yeetus cleetus 2
    Most of the memes are stolen and unfunny
  • Just get it. 5/5

    By Bibbobi
    It’s exactly what it wants to be
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By Thedarkmephilis
    I’ve had this app for a bit over two years and in that time I’ve seen Ifunny go down the drain. When I first downloaded it things were good. Certain communities were thriving and the features were actually somewhat good, surprisingly. But over the course of just one year most of it went downhill. A group of people started to attack and harass various groups because of “haha b8 lol” and more NSFW content started to spread on this app. Things were alright for a year after this, if you didn’t account for the horrible harassment for enjoying a game/having a different religious viewpoint from others, but then apparently things got real bad. From what I’ve heard, back in early 2018 the mods supported someone’s content who turned out to be a “pedo” and started unjustly deleting people’s accounts who called the supposed “pedo” out. The servers went crazy during this time, as well. For the last few days I had Ifunny, the app was like this: features were bland, and probably from some of the mods or big accounts supported by the mods, collective was filled with NSFW content, if you wanted to go to a select community for say a video game there would be thousands of posts to harass fans of the game in that tag, the explore page trending tags were also hand picked by the mods, and never really changed based on what was trending but what they wanted up there. A trending tab, I think “spicy” was up there for an entire year, and I don’t know if a tag is still trending after a year. Tl;Dr: Ifunny is great, as long as you like spoon fed content from the creators themselves that is force-fed, a lot of NSFW content, low tier memes, and constant harassment for enjoying a game/having a different religious viewpoint than others.
  • A cesspool that will ruin your sanity 1/5

    By Hafgvhf
    Been on the app for more than 5 years. The app has become a radicalized pit of the most far right hatred you can find. They will defend nazism but deplore interracial couples. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when a graphic photo of a beheaded girl was spread around and everyone laughed at it. Im ashamed to have spent so much time with such an abhorrent community. STAY AWAY PLEASE
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    By mega fortnite baller og
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  • Nice 5/5

    By Cggfgf26643gffv
    Pretty cool
  • Repetitive, Terrible Community 1/5

    By Clark G.
    The community is a circlejerk that repeats the same jokes in the comments for months, is openly racist, and iFunny refuses to do anything about it. Not only that, but iFunny itself crashes consistently and repeats itself constantly. Just get Reddit.
  • Not funny 1/5

    By Mr.CoolGuy99100
    Most of the features on the app have same humor as a middle aged mom on Facebook.
  • shank_me_elmo 5/5

    By hi_howrya
    i was introduced to this app my brother and so far its been great. this is were memes start and now i always have the upper hand in “who has the latest meme” battles
  • app for nazis 1/5

    By jmjones2090
    I’ve reviewed several times but I just wanted to let everyone know today on the features the featured a picture calling someone “retart*d” three times. Also most photos are filled with comments from men being sexually aggressive and sexist. I contacted iFunny about a comment that said “kill all n******” and they said it’s his free speech to say that. So this app is for literal racist and iFunny endorses racism.
  • Toxic 1/5

    By Rarar1
    Toxic user base would not recommend
  • Great app 5/5

    By RandomDalmascan
    A lot of unnecessary censorship, but a great app. Features are usually very bland and do not reflect most user’s humor but plenty of accounts help fill the gap. Update to earlier review: app crashes fixed for the most part, just forgot to update my review.
  • Good but Needs Improvement 3/5

    By Review Writer 64467
    One thing that I certainly dislike about this application is the amount of processing it takes, so much so that it will slow down the application itself along with other features of my phone and cause my phone to heat up, even after I close the app I find that a lot of things are considerably slower. Other than that one problem I find the app to be very good. I hope anyone who reads this takes this into note when they are deciding to download this app.
  • Monotonous 3/5

    By hnt4blntz
    Same features for weeks
  • Fixed what people were mad about 4/5

    By EverLastingCakePie
    Good job. Sub feed is what it used to be
  • Terrible 5/5

    By NailBunny502
    This is the absolute worst app I’ve ever used. The community is absolutely toxic, and the content is barely passable as entertainment. I’ve been on it for 6 years.
  • Not worth it, and it’s free! 1/5

    By SuperD316
    This used to be a great app, but now it stinks. It’s not funny at all. It’s a waste of space on someone’s phone.
  • I mean... 3/5

    By Ablersh
    Lotta porn but when it’s not that or a repost it can make me laugh sometimes

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