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Love and iFunny - the only two things you can enjoy without being good at. And if for some reason you are not having much of the first one you can still indulge yourself in the world of fun. Some scientifically proven facts about iFunny: - nobody wants to miss a fresh set of features. - iFunny is not the same without you. - be it a boring class or a slow day at work, iFunny is always there for you. - iFunny users are 146% happier than baby koalas. - Wait, why are you still reading this? Time to download iFunny! Twitter: https://twitter.com/iFunny/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iFunny/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifunny.co/ By using the Application, you agree to terms of use: https://ifunny.co/docs/tos_for_inapp

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  • 1 star because I can’t rate lower 1/5

    By colinrgladfelter
    Application crashed completely, 20 times, under an hour. App constantly freezes and lags. The app is so terrible it can’t even operate properly on the newest/best phone on the market. I swear it gets worse every day, absolutely the worst operating app on my entire device. Apps ran through safari web browser run better that your actual so-called “app”.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Shack Jenkins
    I’ve had this app for over 1000 days. Okay memes but I can’t go longer than 10 minutes on the app without it freezing some sort of way. Either swiping doesn’t bring me to the next meme or the app seizes up as I’m writing comments. Happens far too often for an app that’s been out this long. Definitely deserves one star for the poor development alone.
  • The right can’t meme 1/5

    By Rcj1221
    This app is nothing but a bunch of right wingers crying about how unfair they election is. It has become more proud boy circle jerk than a meme sharing site . If you have even two brain cells, you should be smart enough to not download this app
  • Racist. Should not be an app. 1/5

    By EbO1002
    This app is becoming racist and disgusting
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By cool viser
    The app is awesome, but there are some people who should be banned from the app or from commenting at least. Rude ignorant people can honestly ruin the image of something that people have worked so hard to create; they’ve done it here.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By notanickname010101
    It I wanted to watch TikTok videos I’d go on TikTok. There’s no longer memes.
  • Account Banned 2/5

    By HarleeEN21
    My account got banned because I’ve reposted a harmless meme on my account, but these suckers can’t get rid of me, for I am a daughter of God.
  • If you rushed the capital you probably post here 1/5

    By mycarsac
    Few good memes anymore ect. If you are a young male who likes Ben Shapiro, Trump super spreader events, Pouty Proud Boys, storming the capital and alt right you will probably give this 5 stars. If you are an intellectual you will probably give it 1 star due to the Trump effect and not wanting to start another civil war. Try to think of it like Twitter but more racist. Most of memes are political and seems like Russian trolls made them. The funny ones are funny. I am pretty sure that the app is probably financed by Russia.
  • To many unnecessary problems 1/5

    By Dr.Thunder_
    Foolish censorship that solves nothing for example you can’t type grape, kill, pedestrian, and so much more. Certain posters get blocked because it violates a community guideline despite the post being a puppy. The feature system is broken iFunny does nothing about the thousands of bots the spam every feed. That’s just the top of my head
  • Not worth the stress it brings 2/5

    By VeikEng
    This app used to be funny. Now it’s a place where extremist, racist, and sexist people go to voice their opinion. Once you create an account you can never delete it. There’s a lot of censorship despite racist, and political posts being featured. It’s not worth it.
  • Basically malware 1/5

    By 1969ChevyC10
    I enjoyed the app itself and the community it’s improved a lot lately until I downloaded a security app and saw how much ad tracking goes on in the app. I can browse online for an hour and maybe 10-15 things will pop up within the security app. If I play a game with ads it’ll probably go up by 20 every time an ad is shown but if I just open ifunny then check the security app immediately it’s jumped by 200 or more.
  • Bro, fix your app 1/5

    By Natemate1-X
    There’s pedos everywhere
  • Causes overheating and battery drainage on 11 pro 1/5

    By Ebmacd
    Something changed a year ago with this app and now if I use it, within minutes my phone is overheating and my batter starts draining. Google confirmed that it’s a common problem with this app. Sad because I liked it before it made my phone unusable!
  • IFunny is chill 5/5

    By divversity
    I funny is so good but everything and everyone is all but hurt over dumb stuff just let this app thrive and be it’s only unit like I be people always has something to say even thought it’s for a dumm reason but the need to chill it’s a chill app not a hostile war zone.sure it has a bit of racial her and there but I thing it just adds charm and age but that’s what I think and feel for this app.
  • App is becoming racist and sexist 1/5

    By gabriellaarosee
    I’ve had iFunny since I was 15, I’m 22 now. Over time, this app has become an incel bearing, racist, woman hating app. The memes aren’t “funny” they’re racist and/or sexist. This is awful and should be monitored, I’ve deleted the app and I’ll make sure to tell people I know to delete it as well.
  • Very racist app 1/5

    By My name neff
    This app is very racist when you use the subscribe part of the app. Not for me
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By Lawmancode3
    Great app in the beginning, the censorship is as bad as major platforms now
  • Tech censorship 1/5

    By cwinebenton
    Deleted the app. People literally post porn and racist jokes. But I got a post taken down for criticizing the government.
  • Outraged! 1/5

    By Xéno Fos
    I Am Disgusted That Racist Content Is Being Featured Daily! I Began Using This App Years Ago And Re-Downloaded It For The First Time In Years Just To Be HURT By Vile Hate-Speech! The Accounts Of The Users Committing These Hate Crimes Need To Be SHUT DOWN! The Posts Need To Be TAKEN DOWN! You Need To Feature A Community Message Letting EVERYONE Know You Apologize For The Feature Of This Past Content And That It Is UNWELCOME! Do NOT Be On The Wrong Side Of History! This Is Supposed To Be A Family Friendly App For A Good Laugh... NOT A Place To Slander Others!
  • Racism and anti- 5/5

    By heehebbx
    This app is actually hilarious for how many people are allowed to hate what they want to hate and be proud of it. Me being a realist I know how some races aren't the best and I thought I was alone with my opinions
  • More alt right propaganda than comedy 2/5

    By Telliott886
    The title says it all, there’s hardly anything funny on ifunny anymore. Most of the featured memes (which there are way too many of) are either alt right conspiracy theories, or just unfiltered racism, sexism, or anti Semitism. I actually enjoy offensive jokes quite a bit, but when your jokes are targeted at the same groups all the time it usually means you aren’t joking. And based off the comment sections of all these “jokes”, most of the community doesn’t think they’re joking either.
  • Something is wrong now... 3/5

    By JebbaL
    I’ve been using this app since 2012 or 2013. It’s always been great for a quick laugh throughout the day. Something is very wrong with the app recently, and it does not show signs of improving... iFunny absolutely DRAINS my battery at a ridiculous rate and my phone heats up to the point where it almost burns my hand. Memes will randomly stop loading or take forever to load. When I try to write a comment on something the keyboard freaks out and keeps closing itself... I don’t know if this app has been horribly optimized or if it is running shady stuff in the background, but something is very wrong. I have an iPhone 11 with the newest OS, so it is not an issue with my device.
  • Hotspot for racism, homophobia, anti-semitism and the works 1/5

    By Cujo372
    This app has some users that can be pretty funny but unless you're willing to sift through the posts which have absolutely no comedic content whatsoever and serve as blatant right-wing propaganda then this isn't the app for you. The app's "featured" section which displays the same posts to every person on the app, unlike a subscription feed, has posts promoting pro-racist/homophobic/sexist that CHILDREN are seeing every day (yes i know the app says 17+, its userbase is mostly teenagers). Every comment section, and I mean every single one, political or not, has at least a dozen racists spreading their hatred for black people. The dev's do practically nothing to stop this by the way, they've "banned political posts" but very blantantly have a right-wing bias and put a spotlight on politics when it shines a bad light on black people. Disgusting app
  • Shuffle 1/5

    By WAPmacaroni
    What happened to the shuffle button ? Most of the time I would spend on this app would be on shuffle while seating on the toilet now it just doesn’t feel the same
  • Stalkers 4/5

    By NannaLlama
    Googled some information about puppy training... and guess what ads immediately started populating in the app.
  • I̵͓͔̾͆̆ ̸̠̼̼͗C̸̼͝À̶̱̪̣̆̑Ñ̶̪͠Ṯ̶̞͑̚ ̶̳̜̆L̸̨̬̠̓E̸͚̣͒Ă̷̘̕V̷͍̍́̃E̵̪̺͛ 5/5

    By A-mom-of-3-10-1
    I can’t leave. It won’t let me leave. I’m forever banned to this forsaken place. Leave while you can or forever be lost in the never ending void that is known as [REDACTED]
  • App is buggy and glitchy 1/5

    By september112001
    There is a problem where if you swipe down long enough on your smiles page located on your profile, or on the posts that you have posted or republished, the app will bug out and send you to the top of the set to the most recent. Some features make the app crash when you click on them like the Content setting in settings. The iFunny.co website is better
  • Cool app 5/5

    By XaeA12 Michael
    Beware, that if you download this app, you shall never be able to leave. You will try, but ultimately fail. If you decide to go down the rabbit hole, there is no escape. The rules are simple, and you’ll learn them quick. Like a wise man said before “it is what is”. Otherwise, the app is fine. You sometimes see some funny memes, but don’t go into collective just yet. Be satisfied with the features for a while until you are prepared. You have been warned.
  • It’s been great but... 3/5

    By Jgradney1980
    I have read multiple forum pages about the app making your phone hot and overheat. I actually lost an iPhone over using this site so frequently...beware...
  • Terrible mods 1/5

    By i dont like jews
    Sure do love my memes getting banned for no reason
  • Good Luck 2/5

    By Cheekis08
    Good Luck using this s h i t app smoothly for more than 5 minutes. It’ll freeze all the time and memes won’t load. Comments won’t show up etc.
  • Racist & Needs to be taken down 1/5

    By ADukes07
    I’ve used the iFunny app for many years. I am a black woman and I find this app to be demeaning. Recently, I’ve noticed more racist posts specifically towards black women. I never see anything demeaning towards any other ethnicities. It was something that I would see every once in a while in collectives, but the simple fact the new “racist memes” get featured shows a lot about the app developers. I will be filing a complaint with Apple and I suggest others to do the same. I understand free speech but people are there for funny not racist content. Every week there shouldn’t be a meme about a black woman being bald and only wearing weaves. It’s detrimental. Even when reporting the racist meme on the app nothing happens. More needs to be done and people need to be held responsible.
  • The censorship is getting out of hand 1/5

    By Fhvdhcygfjfcfhvcdvgjbfg
    I had a post that was featured then removed from the app with 10k likes. The fact that the devs get offended enough by something they hand chose to be on the featured section to ban it after it was up for 5 hours just gets me angry.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Cucky McBucky
    The censorship on this app is god awful. It’s difficult to write a coherent comment without it changing a word to noon or just not accepting the comment. It’s become a serious issue lately and pulls most of the value out of the app
  • full of racists, not welcoming 1/5

    By ThatGuy4348
    Every single comment section and the featured posts are full of racism and hate speech.
  • Love this app! But... 1/5

    By ObeytheE
    As funny as most the comments can be, there is so much racism and hate. The developers have a morale imperative to end accounts of these people who think it’s tiny to repeatedly use racist derogatory hate speech. I love the videos but cannot, in good conscience, rate this higher right now.
  • Garbage app, parler for memes 1/5

    By Pinkyfloyd417
    I used to love this app, would use almost every day. Had it for over 2,500 days. Now, this app has steadily gone downhill over the last 12-18 months. It is now just a breeding ground for right-wing conspiracy theories, bigotry, and other vitriol. Avoid this app.
  • 5 stars funny as heck 5/5

    By Hanito585
    Give the app 5 stars cause of all the liberals trying to cancel culture the app for funny right wing jokes
  • Long time user done with this app 1/5

    By bigcat2205
    I've had this app for over 8 years. It's gone downhill in the last year. Too much anime stuff I don't understand and sometimes death of people and torture of animals. What annoys me most are false posts. Ifunny does not fact check anything and blatant lies will be featured. I do not recommend this app.
  • Censors 1/5

    By The clayator
    Only giving one star due to them censoring words like riot, Washington, kill, and many more. It’s so annoying
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Hddvhfdcb
    The level of censorship and power abuse by mods disgusts me, I’ve been here for years.
  • Why won’t it let me get my account back? 2/5

    By cehusgejwij
    So I have tried getting my account back by trying to reset my password logging back in, and well it just won’t work, hoping someone can answer me?
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. 5/5

    By MayhemLS1
    Had a few accounts forgot old ones over time and made new, just like anywhere else on the internet people rate on opinions. It’s a meme app.
  • Censorship is ridiculous... 1/5

    By Dovahkiihn
    Racial slurs is one thing, but you can not even type Skillet, Bombarded, Skillful, or even the month of MARCH. That is no exaggeration, they censored a month of the year. Not to mention constant random bans and removals. There’s also an incredible amount of bloatware, advertising trackers, and botnet activity that will make your phone hot to the touch by simply having the app open in the background.
  • Great but glitchy 3/5

    By Jlhp9493
    I’ve had iFunny for over 1,700 days and it’s now become so glitchy when I swipe that I don’t even want to use it anymore. I’ve always loved the app it’s great to pass time by and just really get a good laugh every now and then but the glitching is so bad
  • Censored and political 1/5

    By Wo1ffe3636
    When I first joined the app, it was fun and had some funny content. A great way to kill time or fight boredom. Now it’s nothing but politics. Not to mention, almost everything is censored now, including words like “Washington” and “patriot”
  • Cancel culture is real 2/5

    By Wiggles333
    I’ve had IFunny for years. I like the humor and memes that people make for the current events. However recently they have been removing and censoring some of the dumbest things. This is very upsetting how there are things that I’m missing because the IFunny doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
  • Wow. 1/5

    By Mr. Puncake
    I used iFunny throughout my teen years from about 2011-2016. It was a great, fun, and wholesome place in the early years of meme culture. I went to download the app again to find some memes, and I don’t know where it went wrong, but this app is one of the biggest cesspools on the entire internet now. The community is, without exaggeration, completely overrun by 12-15 year old kids in their edgy phase. Scroll through collective for 2 minutes and you’ll definitely know exactly what I mean.
  • Full of right leaning politics. 1/5

    Use to be a cool app now it’s littered with unfunny political posts. If you put something political up that is not right leaning it gets blocked. Totally bias and loaded with Trumpers.