McDonald’s - Non-US

McDonald’s - Non-US

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.51.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: McDonald's Global Markets LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
2,461 Ratings
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McDonald’s - Non-US App

Welcome to the new official McDonald’s app. The app is filled with great offers specially tailored to you. Deals and discounts appear regularly so check back often to see what’s new. The news section keeps you up to date with everything that’s going on in McDonald’s near you. Look here for new games and competitions. The nutrition section provides information on our entire menu. We provide allergy advice and nutritional information on everything from the Big Mac to a single dip! Use our restaurant finder to find your nearest McDonald’s. Filter your search based on opening hours, facilities and get directions from wherever you are.

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McDonald’s - Non-US app reviews

  • Request 1/5

    By dix7h
    We need ApplePay to buy please! 💔
  • Error with ios 16 1/5

    By Nader Alkhansa
    After updating to ios 16 the app crashes even when using the last version it say something went wrong “ DCH-NET-VAL-403-NON “
  • Daunting 1/5

    By MengSting
    After the daunting experience of filling my basket it went frozen and I had to quit then didn’t find my order. Of course I canceled the whole thing..
  • Big Mac sauce 1/5

    By Aziz.10
    I gave it one star just because they don’t give me the option to order Big Mac sauce in the side and I went to third party app and made my order paid extra for delivery please put all your sauces and stop discriminating against the Big Mac sauce
  • سيئ جدا 1/5

    By moi.770
    برنامج زباااااااااالة كل شى سيىء
  • الخدمة سيئة 1/5

    By مشاعل ٢٢
    البرنامج بعد الساعة ١٢ لا يقبل الطلبات علما ان موقع ماكدونالدز بجانب المنزل تقريبا ٣ كيلو
  • App not opening 1/5

    By kaiakka
    My mcdonalds app is not opening at all, its stuck on the start screen and I’ve waited for awhile
  • Doesn’t work in Japan 1/5

    By soinle
    Please update the app to be functional in Japan.
  • App violates Saudi Arabian regulations 1/5

    By Travelling traveller
    The App violates local Saudi Arabian regulations that demands writing calorie amount on each food items. Please fix that ASAP.
  • Macdonald’s Saudi 1/5

    By faisaaaal777
    I hate this app it becomes hard and hard with every update.even using my bank app is more easier than this when you try to order something specially when they send code to your email
  • Nice 5/5

    By kajnbreusjc
  • Hopeless app 1/5

    By Chinwm
    Since day 1 I can’t even use it. Kept prompting error when I check out during payment. Be it payment by Apple Pay or credit card it kept being decline.
  • 🍟🍔 5/5

    By khayebwlqbsva
  • Check Your Email Code 1/5

    By Afelemban
    I tried to login last month by waiting the code to deliver to my email, but no responding and no receiving any codes since last time. I have around 2000 points inside my Mc account. I think this app didn’t wanna allow me to get my points.
  • too much problems 1/5

    By G0lden.1
    many errors
  • CANADA 1/5

    By AVISoJo
  • Just a question for the developer 2/5

    By Atef Saleh
    What did you mean by « remember me » when logging in to place an order ? Because i have to login not only every time i open the app but if if i navigate away from the delivery tab and come back i have to enter my credentials again, what will happen if i uncheck « remember me » when i enter my credentials ? I am afraid to try it. Also the way offers are redeemed is extremely unclear and annoying, don’t know if that’s on purpose or unintended. Addition ————- Now I don’t have to login each time to make an order, but whenever I try to use an offer on the app, I have to re-login, if the target is to render the offers inconvenient to use, then well played, if there is some reason (which is uniquely present in this app among hundreds others) will be grateful to know it, although nobody cared to answer my last question which was ages ago, but I thought it would never hurt to ask maybe someone started paying attention to customers’ reviews, appreciate it.
  • Worst delivery service 1/5

    By Marine Guy
    Average delivery time is 2 hours “Kuwait “
  • Never works 1/5

    By D7oomy 29
    I've been trying to use the app for 2 years and it's always says “it’s not you-it’s us!” with the error code “ DCH-NET-VAL-400-DIF-400.4”, McDonald's was always my best restaurant growing up and it makes me sad to see this app not working on my iPhone 7, I hope the developers of this app see this and finally fix this issue.
  • Fix it please! 1/5

    By Hani AlGhamdi
    After new update the app doesn't work!
  • Easily wrong order 1/5

    By superdavejordan
    This app isn’t great. It’s easy to order wrong (spicy nuggets vs normal) because the order of items is mixed randomly. Also, it’s not clear that you have to select dip sauce to place the order, even if you don’t want them. This review is mostly for the developers.
  • Its sooooo bad that it doesn’t work for ios 12!!!! 2/5

    By Giorgi Gabidzashvili
    It should be also on ios 12

    By .Faisal
    After 2 hours My order was delivered missing 4 meals and their attitude was rude even they didn’t apologized also they charged me and they don’t want to refund me. DON’T USE MAC DELIVERY
  • Can’t update the app on my iPhone 6 2/5

    By Kalisanx
    Unfortunately i was able to have this app work regularly on my phone without any problems but when they decided to make an update why iOS 13 is needed? I have an iPhone 6 and it supports iOS 12.5 can you kindly bring the app back for iOS 12 users, this is unfair!
  • Can I rate 0?! 1/5

    By wamid
    Payment is frustrating at best and never works. Waste my time. Went from hungry to hangry and frustrated
  • borhan 1/5

    By aliborhan
    التطبيق رافض يشتغل معي تمامآ ما أدري أيش المشكلة
  • app problem 1/5

    By Gizo98
    i have iphone 5s and can't download and open this app cause i don't have ios 13 ir later. so i will eat in wendys :)
  • Invalid process 1/5

    By عبدالله الحربي ١٣٧٩
    No code sent to email
  • Pls allow iPhone 6 plus & lower to work 1/5

    By tristenx
    Pls lower your iOS requirements to 13 & below to work. Don't force us to upgrade as obviously we can't. Because the highest we can go is iOS 12.5.5.
  • super buggy! 1/5

    By saraahsjdj
    after the recent update it has been super buggy and there was a problem with the payment as it wouldn’t let me pay from apple pay or my credit card!. also no smooth navigation!!!
  • Does not support Germany 1/5

    By lb7500
    And since i cannot change country in apple store because of all the abo services connected…. then f..k mcdonald for this poor service
  • غير راضي على التحديث الجديد 1/5

    By A&m❤️❤️
    ليش تشيلو التطبيق من الجوالات القديمه هذي خدمه مررررره سيئه احنى عملاء ماك من سنوات وفجئه ماتقدر ندخل التطبيق ونستمتع بالعروض بسبب التحديث هذي سمعه سيئه لماك تعودنا على كرم مالك مش بخلكم
  • Horrid, just horrid 1/5

    By alltheswears
    Rather drive there
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    Loved it!
  • Incompatible version 1/5

    By Jimmypak
    It is unfortunate that latest versions require OS versions which cannot be installed on older phones thus making the app out of reach.
  • Georgia 1/5

    By jelsomina94
    Georgia offers does not work
  • Traveling to Europe? Forget this app 1/5

    By satkins93
    Why? Only availability to locals. So I go into a German McDonalds hoping to use the app so I can order with out speaking the language. Now with this non working app I have to go to the counter and hope they understand English or with luck get my order right. Maybe KFC? What fools. The US app people called and said it’s not their problem.
  • program 1/5

    By Jeni Smit
    IT’S BED😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • ios 13 1/5

    By Nicklrrr
    My ipad only support ios 12.5 pls allow for older version to work
  • Lojy 1/5

    By YlT 7878
    I’m still using the iPhone 6 ios12 i thing gonna to lose my points coz I can’t update to ios 13 anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️🙏i need your helping
  • IOS 13 problem 1/5

    By balach 999
    I don’t have iOS 13 so the problem is I can’t order food so kindly make your update for every iPhone
  • This is a shi*ty app. 1/5

    By 똥같은 서비스
    They don’t know anything about user experience.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JR29286462892
    The app was so bad and it was so difficult to make an account that we eventually gave up and got food elsewhere.
  • No English in Poland 1/5

    By GlobalZurfluh
  • DOESN’T WORK 1/5

    By Thebrodiemoe
    I signed up and I can’t sign in at all, the app told me to contact the customer support and they told me to checkout as a guest. Then what’s the point of sign up ? The app so laggy, someone the item at McDonald’s doesn’t show. This app need a lot of work to fix
  • App glitches way too often 1/5

    By @Fatiin
    Signs out, resend password email is not sent, asks for credit card information every time although card information saved. Customer support doesnt help. Delivers to the wrong address even after selecting a different address.
  • Prices 2/5

    By kldpariis
    It never shows the prices of meals!
  • توصيل سئي 1/5

    By abdullahflog
    طالب من الساعه ٦ المغرب والحين الساعه ١٠ والطلب ماوصلني
  • bad programs 1/5

    By 2loleeta1
    dowloaded 3times, nothing don’t works (thanks)it’s collapse