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  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Verizon Wireless
  • Compatibility: Android
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Message+ App

Stay connected using Verizon Messages on your Smartphone, tablet, and computer. And keep the conversation engaging with personalized texts, photos, videos and gift cards worth up to $100 at stores like Starbucks, Amazon, and more. Now anyone can download and chat with Verizon Messages, even non Verizon customers (available on compatible devices). NEW Group chats – Create larger group chats with up to 250 people. Send and receive photos/videos in seconds. Personalize your chat experience with avatars, backgrounds and more. You can even mute a conversation or add or remove members or without creating a new group. NEW Yelp Integration – Tap the plus menu and easily access Yelp from within the app. Search for restaurants, entertainment and directions. Make plans and share the details all within your chat. NEW Kanvas Updates – Create and send custom gifs, and easily edit photos with stickers, text, doodles and more. Share your location – Glympse™ lets you share your location with the people you choose for the length of time you set. Perfect for meeting up, or letting people know you’re running late. Send an eGift – Tap the plus menu and select eGifts icon. Easily send an eGift card right through text message eGifting has been expanded to include eGift cards from more than 30 brands Sync across devices – Download Verizon Messages on all your devices, and sync messages across your smartphone, tablet and computer. Switch devices whenever you want. Make calls with your tablet anywhere. Other features: Schedule messages to be delivered at a specific date/time, even if your phone is turned off. Search the web for images and gifs to include in your chat with Yahoo search. Express yourself through colorful Emoji’s by tapping on highlighted keywords when composing messages. Send and receive messages over Extended Wi-Fi from your smartphone, iOS device, tablet, PC, Mac and web browser.

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Message+ app reviews

  • Since I downloaded it, I don’t have signal on my iPhone 1/5

    By Aloha49
    What a terrible app. It caused my iPhone to not have signal
  • Crashing app 2/5

    By NBChrist
    For the last month the app crashes when I try to attach a picture. Is there an update to fix this? I have an iPhone 12pro. I am using this app to send texts and pictures to family who are using android phones.
  • Explain 1/5

    By crazyB38
    First off I don’t know what number I’m signing in under which account because the number that I did just sign on said it’s under a number that has been disconnected so how is it possible for me to sign up for a number has been disconnected when I have a new number and I’m trying to connect the two can you explain that
  • Pictures 3/5

    By soooooiiiiii
    Having a hard time trying to figure out how to put pictures on the contacts. And how to send them pictures. And why the camera load is at the very beginning instead of the most recent
  • Issue on iPhone 3/5

    By smcaughman
    It isn’t showing all messages incoming so I can’t just use it like I could with android.
  • not working as described 1/5

    By Mazoa12
    In the beginning it worked, but after a few days I don't receive any incoming calls at all. Setting appear to be all correct.
  • 5-Star Random Review 5/5

    By Skyaquatic
    Better And Advanced
  • Complete garbage - Updated 1/5

    By Lunch Journals
    6/12/22 Update: Still useless Doesn't seem to send over wifi now either. Interface is awful Background refresh never seems to happens. Slow when it does. Only reason it gets 2 stars is text over wifi is handy in a pinch. Really not surprised they barely update/fix it.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Software5
    Buggy garbage, and the MacOS version is even worse. How does Verizon hire such incompetent developers.
  • Not nearly as good as the app for Android 2/5

    By Smvad
    Slow to start, no setting to start with messages, often fails to sync and often fails to receive messages. App for Android much better.

    By tchhwnnsnb
    The fact I had several important messages saved through here and it the app just conveniently disconnected and all my important messages are FOREVER deleted HORRIBLE APP DON’T RECOMMEND
  • Verizon Messenger and my IPhone 13 1/5

    By Justa Oreo II
    The app downloaded fine. Then it began… asks for your number to send you a scannable code…..can’t do that. It allows you to open the qr code directly to the app… get a message saying you’re good to go. You open the app again to the ‘Welcome’ screen. Spent time at the Verizon Store……honestly they were as helpful as they could be. Phone calls later and no resolution.
  • Constantly crashes 2/5

    By DiceMasters is rigged
    Constantly crashes, if it opens at all.
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By hudrandnick
    Windows app no longer exists. Mac app gets internal server error on login Can’t login to the web app. Phone apps don’t get a copy of incoming texts so they are almost useless. My phone can already text. Avoid and go elsewhere.
  • Won’t run 1/5

    By ticktock64858587
    Have used this app for years. On both my android and iPhone. Today it just stopped working. Open it and it closes immediately on the IPhone ( iPhone SE2) so I updated the app. Didn’t help. Restart the phone. Nada. Kinda need this to work. It’s the only way I get texts while traveling. Have to search for another one/way.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Soror5
    I went to the verizon store to see if they can find out why my app keeps closing when I open up the app. They could not fix it so they sent me an refurbished phone which I was made about since I just got the phone a few months ago and having problems with it. It still did not work.
  • Ok for texts but…. 1/5

    By DHDH73b
    App is very inconsistent, sometimes it’s syncs with my phone (android), but mostly not. Calls hardly ever come thru on app anymore either.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Cackalacky211
    Very buggy…lacking a sort feature for photos, therefore defaults to sorting your photos from oldest to newest in the media picture gallery, making it impossible for me to select images. App doesn’t show up on iPhone as apps to choose to send photos if trying to send a photo by selecting photo outside of app and then sending a message.
  • Broken again 2/5

    By LenZebo57
    Message + just randomly stops working, love the interface, the random choking is a bit annoying
  • How do I edit or delete contacts? 3/5

    By dlhsan
    Using the App on an iPad and I see no way to do this!
  • Very few personal texts delivered 1/5

    By KrisHud
    With this app, very few personal texts show up. Texts from businesses/companies like Best Buy, JC Penny, Shoe Carnival do appear. This is disappointing since we would like to rely on this app to get our messages when traveling abroad.
  • Breaks down constantly spins freezes 1/5

    By bring doecieic
    Great in concept but potluck will work
  • Can’t save or download messages 2/5

    By RobynH89
    Need to be able to select entire message threads and be able to save them. Can’t do that. I have messages from my dead sister, grandmother (x2), mom, and grandfather that I am going to lose because there is no way to download them onto a laptop or anything.
  • iPhone13 1/5

    By disappointed 2023
    Apparently this app does not work with the newer iPhones ! I have an iPhone 13 and it doesn’t work! Very disappointing!
  • Code won’t send 1/5

    By L-M-G
    I’ve been using this app for years in conjunction with my phone with no problems. I’ve always loved the convenience of being able to access my messages without having to switch devices. Today, however, when I tried to open the app, a welcome screen requested I input my phone number for a code to be sent so I could continue using it. Ok. No problem, right? I entered the phone number and tapped “send code”. I waited, but the code was never sent. Twenty minutes later the wheel was still spinning, indicating that it was in the process. Still nothing. Now the app is useless to me. I’m very frustrated and angry.
  • Zero stars if I could rate 1/5

    By Not worth downloading_2
    This application was working fine up until today. Now it opens and closes faster than the Roadrunner running from the Coyote. What’s going on? I’m NOT able to check / or send messages. Please fix.
  • Will not work with my iPhone 1/5

    By 2029robert
    I had this app on my android device which was the S 21 5G and now I just purchased an iPhone 13 max and it will not work on the iPhone
  • Group chat messages 1/5

    By FoChizil
    Could you add group chat messaging. I’m unable to receive identical what’s on my phone thru this messaging app due to ya not having group chat enabled or available. I get a bunch of group chats. And I have to carry around two phones instead of just carrying my personal phone. I would like to just carry my personal phone and leave the work affiliated phone at home. So if ya could enable group chat that’ll be great. Oh yea and picture messaging I can’t receive no picture messages from nobody. Is picture messaging off too. I would like this on too.
  • It didn’t work with my iPhone 1/5

    By noelia1973
    I downloaded and it keeps telling me unable to send code!
  • Missing the “create group text” function 1/5

    By ejsearle
    Downloaded this so I could create groups. Doesn’t work at all in an iPhone 13. The button is missing all together
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Maui Kid
    Why not just use your phones regular texting app? Slow and delayed messages. I’ll stick to my regular app.
  • Obsolete App 1/5

    By TexasFred
    Does not work with iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • Meciueaowsn 5/5

    By meciuea owsn
  • Lost calling feature 3/5

    By kjaqim
    Love the app but I have lost the integrated calling feature. Can’t find anything that helps me fix it
  • Messages 1/5

    By TeeTimeGlo
    Impossible, Can’t send a photo…. hard to even message to anyone!
  • Not bad at all. 3/5

    I would rate it higher, however, I don’t like the way my pictures are ordered. My oldest picture appear to be at the top with my current ones being all the waaay down at the bottom (I take lots of pix) and somehow albums were randomly created. I do like the background customizations; their clean and slick. I still can’t figure out how to get specific group chats transferred on messenger + though, if at all possible.
  • ? 2/5

    By vvaljean
    I downloaded this app on iPhone and it don’t work won’t let me sign in I get a error
  • No updates available. 1/5

    By Nemasis-1
    Verizon refuses to update this for the iMacs.
  • Alternate 5/5

    By Mrsandman1958
    Great alternate usage for regular texting. Thanks I enjoy using the app
  • Someone used this to monitor me for two years 1/5

    By Char EB
    This is an awful app it has caused me so much anxiety and stress I did even know the app was watching my phone my phone was grabbed and this pulled up some how and the barcode was scanned by another and my messages and contacts we able to view pics everything I had no privacy for two years and I just found out when I went to Verizon for the second time and this rep really took care of me found out I was being watched I wanted to throw my phone away This is evil in the hands of a bad person it’s scary and I am going to police station
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By joebbel
    It says you don’t have to be a Verizon customer but I can’t figure out how to create a new group to texting..I’m looking at WhatsApp now
  • Serious garbage 1/5

    By Dr. Fin
    No changes since i rated this a few years ago. Still downloading old deleted texts. Does not aynchronize with my cellphone texts. Any texts sent on ipad are not seen on cellphone.
  • Android to IPhone 2/5

    By Sasssssssyyyyyy 1
    I wanted to bring all of my text messages from my Android to new iPhone. I have Verizon cloud but it does not work for text messages. So I downloaded Verizon text app, well it carried over messages from February 1st 2022 until present. Please let me know of any other apps that will help bring ALL of my texts messages over please.
  • Does not work at all 1/5

    By rockincameron
    It is impossible to set up this app anymore. It probably used to work and still works for people already set up but when entering a number on a phone for the first time it either hangs with a loading spinner forever or pops up an error message.
  • No lives 1/5

    By not ya wifi
    So how many apps can a human society make up to even begin to be something better than what they are. Lol try and make something of yourself. Can you hook a line? Can you survive if your the only one dropped off in the wilderness with no one around to help you and amenities? Probly not. Go live a life in your own lobby and don’t worry about what I’ve got going on in mine. If your noticing and judging well then your just jelly about my lobby!
  • Sync is broken 1/5

    By nerdy walmart shopper
    Used to use the app to sync between iOS and android. Calls and text used to work. Been completely broken since last update.
  • Scheduled Texts!! 5/5

    By Judy 707
    This feature is so helpful!! When you don’t want to text someone something you thought of in the middle of the night, schedule it to send in the morning when normal people are ready to get a text! Set up texts for Birthdays, Anniversaries… while you remember!! It’s a life saver!! 🙏🏻😁
  • Can’t leave group texts 1/5

    By letting prople know the truth
    What type of messaging app doesn’t give you the option of leaving a group chat? Now I’m stuck in this chat that I have no interest being in because I don t have the ability to leave. Please consider this in your next update, then I’ll reconsider this review.
  • Not functional 2/5

    Too many bugs. Not functional. One minute it’s working the other it’s not. Have to delete and add the app at least twice a day minimum.