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Microsoft Remote Desktop

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Microsoft Remote Desktop App

Overview With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience a rich Windows experience with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are. Getting Started Windows Professional and Windows Server editions are supported. To view the full list of supported Windows versions and successfully connect to a Windows PC, read the FAQ at Don't know how to configure your PC to access it remotely? Download the RDP assistant on your Windows PC and let it do the work for you: Features * Access to remote resources through your Remote Desktop Gateway * Rich multi-touch experience that supports Windows gestures and RemoteFX * Secure connection to your data and applications * Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center * Seamless audio and video streaming * Easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations Have a question? Post it at Have an idea? Add to our feature suggestion box in the app (Settings -> Recommend New Features)"


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Microsoft Remote Desktop app reviews

  • Hasn’t been updated to support iPhone X 1/5

    By UMus
    The acceptable time limit for updating to support iPhone X has passed and Microsoft hasn’t made it happen. The app is mostly functional, but has too many crashes and missing functionality. Why don’t the saved logins sync between macOS and iOS? There is a lot of potential here, but currently it is all unrealized.
  • Please to IPhone X version 1/5

    By alexmensojd
    Update to iPhone X version
  • Works on my galaxy but not my iPhone 1/5

    By B Francis
    I use a galaxy personally and an iPhone professionally (work), I got in with the personal phone with no problems at all. I attempted about 5 times with my iPhone and every time the connection couldn’t be made. I pay for my work phone so it’s nothing to do with restrictions either.
  • Not compatible with iPhone X! 3/5

    By imlibra925
    Not compatible with iPhone X
  • best remote desktop app but could be better 4/5

    By andrewahn
    I love everything about this app, except for arduous connection setup stage. I really don't understand why I need to provide ipaddress and setup port forwarding on my computer and stuffs while other similar apps just require to sign in and everything is done automatically. Why is that?
  • Only turns your phone to a trackpad on local network 1/5

    By bokeitt
    I downloaded this to be able to control my work computer at home while I am traveling. I installed at home and it worked great so I left for my trip. It was not advertised ANYWHERE that this app only works when the phone and computer are on the same WiFi network?? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would you want to navigate your computer from a small 5 inch phone screen when it’s right in front of you?? You have to set up access to be able to TRULY REMOTE CONTROL a computer from outside your network and that has to be done from the computer itself. No I’m thousands of miles away with no access to my files and I can’t get any work done.
  • Useless for Microsoft accounts 1/5

    By MikesTooLz
    The app doesn’t allow \ to be entered into the username Feild so logging in with a Microsoft account can no be done. It’s been like this for years, please fix this!!!!
  • Still no iPhone X support 3/5

    By psibrad
    App works great, but for some reason it still doesn’t support iPhone X screen. Seems like a simple thing to update...
  • Keys mapping oddly on iPad Pro 1/5

    By bucko3the7man
    This app used to work really well for me. Now something has changed and I can’t get any keyboard (pro smart or on screen) to work correctly. It’s like all the keys are mapped weird to the computer. Space bar triggers the letter d, some of the numbers trigger letters on the bottom row, symbols trigger numbers, it’s impossible to use anymore. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, hard booting the iPad, nothing seems to fix it. This is really frustrating because I used to be able use my iPad as a laptop replacement on the go. Now I guess I have to carry a laptop again.
  • PLEASE add iPhone X support 4/5

    By Shane-C
    Love this app, super useful, super reliable, but PLEASE do add iPhone X support. The added screen real estate is very useful for those emergencies that need you to RDP in on the go
  • Used to love this App... but no longer works correctly 1/5

    By El-Casper-EBS
    But now the new version only works over WiFi, not my T-Mobile data plan... if I’m at home with WiFi I don’t need this app, I just use my desktop. I need this for work, my VPN works great over WiFi do I know it’s not that portion to my understanding this app and the T-Mobile network won’t won’t get on the same page... frustrating
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dramper
    It won’t let me connect to my surface.
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By Shawn Harward
    Where is it
  • Not optimized for iPhone x 1/5

    By 24raul
    Not optimized for iPhone X
  • App loses settings 2/5

    By cpfiend
    It seems almost daily the app loses all my settings. Random computers will go missing, accounts are removed from my feeds, my gateway keeps disappearing. Nothing seems to want to be saved permanently in the app.
  • Great 5/5

    By Deserteagle8338
    Easy to use and very convenient. I use it all the time
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By arekux
    Please update app to work natively with iPhone X screen.
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By ВиталийСбер
    Shame on you, Microsoft. The app does not have iPhone X support.
  • Update to iPhone X 3/5

    By Roeek60
    Needs to update to work with bigger phone screens.
  • Expected more from Microsoft 3/5

    By Klightx15
    The app STILL hasn’t been updated to utilize the iPhone X screen. Also the Work Resources app icons display like garbage. No matter what resolution they’re made in, the icons show up extremely blurry and low quality. I expected more from a company as big as Microsoft that has more than enough resources to do this right.
  • One needed feature missing. 3/5

    By Retina Licked
    Pretty decent free app. The database on a Windows machine I connect to uses simple drop down lists for shortcuts. The hot key to access it is the tilde key (~) but for some reason it doesn’t work. Would be nice if it did.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Fresh4rmMH
    This app is not working when I attempt to login I get the error message stating that I cannot connect to the Remote Desktop because it is turned off however I am logged on fine from my home laptop. I am trying to connect to windows 7 enterprise
  • Crash pc app! 1/5

    By Update it need work
    After i install Remote Desktop assistant in my pc it crash on first time! I did anything: Allowing in firewall defender! Install again! Test on other pc! It make me crazy😡 It's Microsoft app but firewall block it!!! Antivirus block connection! Why!?
  • Very Well Made and Receives Constant Updates 5/5

    By Adamvc
    I don’t understand why this doesn’t have 5/5 stars it’s simple and works very well every time I need it.
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By Sharpsman
    It would be great if it used the whole screen for remote access.
  • Otherwise great app 1/5

    By GLaDOS_Portal2
    But this is third update since iPhone X came out, and still no support for iPhone X screen. One star until devs make UI for X. Other than that, apps works great and has well thought UX
  • Update for iPhone X 2/5

    By mplundy
    I love and use this App quite frequently. But please update for the iPhone X because the un-scaled screen makes it harder to use.
  • Please make it support iPhone X 2/5

    By 变节。
    Please make it support iPhone X
  • No iPhone X support 3/5

    By KYDronePilot
    App runs fine for the most part, but where is the iPhone X support?
  • Broken Keys on iPad Pro 3/5

    By GGonJR
    Works great other than the apostrophe and quotes key on the iPad Pro. Seems like the mapping is wrong somehow. Otherwise not bad at all but those that broken key is driving me nuts. Have to copy and paste them. If they fix that then this would easily be a 5 star app.
  • Great app - please update for iPhone X! 3/5

    By Tomtom123d
    Great app, but please update for the iPhone X resolution.
  • update 5/5

    By hasan javadi
    update the app for iphone x
  • Iphone X not screen compatibility 3/5

    By Rich67801
    Please update app.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Crusher4
    Best RDP client I've used for iOS. Not perfect, but pretty good.
  • Iphone X 2/5

    By xmatt81
    disappointed with still not optimized for Iphone X screen size of view
  • IPhone X support?? 4/5

    By Ramukavis
    I have used this app for a year and it has been my go to when controlling my pc since it has almost no lag. However when I upgraded to my iPhone X it makes the desktop look so tiny.... can u guys add iPhone X support or at-least remove the bottom home bar???
  • iPhone X support? 3/5

    By Joebar999
    How has this not been updated for the X yet?
  • iPhone X support 3/5

    By Tom87PL
    Please add iPhone X screen support
  • iPhone X Support 2/5

    By crkinard
    Still waiting for iPhone X support. Every other MS app has been updated but this one. Still waiting...
  • iPhone X support? 4/5

    By nuphan
    Please add iPhone X support.
  • No iPhone X support 1/5

    By AaronLewcock
    Otherwise, a good app.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By Bayoublast1
    Can no longer access computers. Very disappointing since I rely on this for work. I loved this app but now I wait can’t apple and windows just get along.
  • Awesome RDP app. 5/5

    By Nadeem arshad1234
    This app is flawless, Works great on Both Wifi and LTE. But in Iphone x you cant just press the home button and app will work in background. You have to manually End the session the swipe from Bottom of the phone and it will go away.
  • Good product missing one fundamental feature 3/5

    By HawaiianGuy808
    Please add a “pinch” and “reverse pinch” feature to zoom and unzoom.
  • Still does not work with VM guest 1/5

    By Old Opa
    This has a long standing (2+ years) issue using the keyboard with hosted VMs.
  • No iPhone X suport 1/5

    By facaine
    The Phone has been out for 4+ months! Every single app from Micro$oft has been updated for the new screen but remote desktop, thats how much Microsoft care about their IT professionals
  • Works great 5/5

    By g.Uricchio
    Please optimize for iPhone X!!
  • Won’t connect now 1/5

    By bdavidson
    Since this update I have had several issues connecting to our servers. After further testing there isn’t any rhyme or reason to which it connects to and which it doesn’t.
  • No Touch ID Support 3/5

    By martinaire
    No Touch ID Support. It was ahead of its time a couple years ago but missing Touch ID and password manager integration.
  • Works great, just needs to be compatible with iPhone X resolution 4/5

    By LJ-GM
    When will an update roll out for the app to be compatible with iPhone X resolution?

Microsoft Remote Desktop app comments


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