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MindTap Mobile App

MindTap Mobile offers convenient textbook reading, organizational tools, and study materials to help you stay on track and prepared in your MindTap courses. The app features: - Textbook - Flashcards - Practice Quizzes - Activity Lists - Notifications - Grades - Videos - Attendance - Polling Note: you must be enrolled in a course that is using Cengage Learning's MindTap. Textbook Reading: Download your textbook with offline access! Browse between different chapters, search for specific pages and terms, or take notes, highlights and bookmarks. Have the book read aloud using Text-to Speech. Note: We currently support all 2015-2018 titles. Textbooks from 2014 and prior, as well as, international or custom titles are not supported. Annotations do not sync with MindTap web. Flashcards & Practice Quizzes: Study on the go using pre-made flashcard decks for every chapter or unit. Then check your knowledge with practice quizzes. See your score improve over time as you learn more! Activity Lists: Stay on top of all your assignments with our new calendar view! Browse the unit view to see all the assignments and activities in your course. Notifications & Reminders: Don't miss out on instructor messages & course announcements. Easily setup assignments reminders and get notified with grade updates! Gradebook: See your overall grade for the course as well as the breakdown of grades by various activities. Also view instructor comments and grade changes! Access to the Gradebook requires additional authentication, by either password or fingerprint Instructor Access: Instructors, you can now log in and see everything your students see, such as the reader, activities, and study tools. Currently instructors cannot see the gradebook, but stay tuned, it’s coming soon! In-Class Polling and Attendance: Instructors can check if students are in the classroom using geolocation or doing remote check-ins, review and edit attendance records, and export them to the preferred gradebook. Instructors can also author in-class polls, review the results with the whole class and export those results.


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MindTap Mobile app reviews

  • Not helpful 1/5

    By MrsAgostino
    WGU utilizes MindTap for their digital books, but they don’t allow integration for the assignments on mobile OR the app. Complete waste!!!
  • Only useful for reading 2/5

    By superldusa10
    This app is good if you only plan to use it for reading material from a mobile device. If you have any other activities assigned like lecture videos, quizzes, problem walk throughs... well, pull out your laptop because those don’t work in the app. Make that happen and it’s worth a lot more stars.
  • Does not work very well 1/5

    By May11123
    I am a visually impaired users, and cannot use this app. The set up process and everything is great until you get to Reading the book, which the app becomes an accessible. I noticed a lot of people have wrote negative reviews on this app, and I can see what their issue is. The developer needs to focus on making the needed corrections to make this a very good app.
  • Easy to use and helpful 5/5

    By TheDuneDog2016
    This app has been fantastic for studying and reading the eBook. Way better than other publishers‘ sap I have had to use. Definitely prefer MindTap over Connect.
  • App only supports viewing the book 2/5

    By wvcountrygirl00
    The app only supports reading the book. You can’t watch any videos or do any of the homework assignments. Also, if I manually close out the app, I have to redownload the book every time I want to read it which is very inconvenient as I don’t always have access to WiFi.
  • Fix your app! 3/5

    By Blahman the weird
    Unable to view book! As many others have said, the book downloads and then when you try to open it, it just displays a white screen. Flash card quizzes are nice to have, but come on... fix the book problem. Will give 5 stars if fixed...
  • Works 4/5

    By Mostlyuseipadforschool
    There have been some stability improvements from what I can tell in regards to the very negative reviews on here. Make sure you are using your CengageBrain account credentials to log into this app. It was not able to save my place when I updated the app today but otherwise it works about as well as the other leading eText apps out there. This is of course with exception to the Soomo app but the books used by that app are written very differently from most college textbooks. I like it better than Pearson that’s for sure!
  • Does not work. Slow and hangs after login. 1/5

    By Touring525i
    I’m a student and a have an active course at WGU. I logged into Cengage MindTap online and it worked on my MacBook just fine. I wanted to view the course on this app while on the go but after logging in with my student account, the app indicates I have no active courses enrolled!! Don’t waste your time installing it.
  • You can’t actually do activities 1/5

    By Jack72098
    Any of the activities assigned by the instructor cannot be completed on this app. If you try to do them, it will say “this activity is not yet supported on this app”. The only thing this app is good for is having mobile access to the textbook, which is not the primary reason I personally installed this. I would have liked to have been able to complete activities on the go while I had downtime, if you need to simply access the textbook and pretty much nothing else this app is for you.
  • Helpful app 5/5

    By LILCHAOS002
    I'm able to bring my iPad to class and follow along if that's all I want to do. I must open safari in order to log in as you would on a laptop in order to watch videos and work the assignments. Which is fine. I do appreciates the way the book explains the topic, gives examples and then has students attempt it.
  • Mobile Quiz Support? 1/5

    By BuildingMyOwnHouse
    There is STILL not a mobile quiz support feature. MindTap is still the most inconvenient e-learning tool I’ve ever had to use.
  • Homework never supported 1/5

    By 这软件的程序员有脑子吗
    Then what's the point of this app???
  • Shockingly Bad iOS e-reader 1/5

    By damn_flat
    Unless you have multiple laptops or dual screens don’t bother. No good in iPhone or iPad. As if going for my online MBA wasn’t challenging enough as a full time working stiff, MindTap’s jacked up iOS display issues is going to make it that much more difficult for me. Oh and the text to speech robo-reader is circa 1988 as well. Come on guys.
  • Book doesn’t open. Can’t view material. 1/5

    By Nav4563
    When I download the e-book and try to open the book, it goes to a blank white page and makes the app useless. Once I relaunch the app, I have to once again downloaded the e-book ONLY to have the same problem happen again. All this app achieves therefore is wasting data by downloading a book over and over again only to never access the actual content within the book. Update: No one has gotten back to me on this issue, nor have they tried to fix the application to counteract this problem. For a company that takes so much money from students and schools, they seem to be unable to hire competent programmers.
  • Great for an on the go student 5/5

    By capnxbush
    Love this app. Must have for anyone using Cengage books.
  • Doesn’t work on smaller iPhones 1/5

    By ILuvTrevorFeget
    I have the iPhone 5s and once you download the app there is a swipe menu advertising the activities on the app. The app doesn’t allow you to click okay to close the pop up due to the reduced size of the screen.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Fhfjxb
    They really need to add the activities.
  • No, you can’t get your homework done through this app. 3/5

    By Old man Griffith23
    If this app would let iPad users work on homework assignments, it would be fantastic! Sadly, it doesn’t and it probably never will. There still are some useful tools in this app, though. The textbook reader works well enough, and you have access to study tools like flash cards and practice quizzes.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jenlynse
    The app does not support any activities or quizzes. Basically it is just an e-reader. So you still need to access MindTap from a computer to actually do work.
  • Updated review 4/5

    By Arica momma
    Works great since the last update. Thanks!
  • Used to crash every time I tried to opened 4/5

    By hehaot528,)>{+
    I will try to open the app, but it won’t let me. It starts then kicks me out. Very disappointed! 😖 hope they fix it soon, my class depends on it... for over $100, this product is so far not worth anything! Okay I got it fixed now! 😁 for all you who may be experiencing the same thing, you need to put your course code that your instructor gives you. It won’t let you do anything without it. Maybe they can change that though since you already purchased the book. Maybe you can use the book portion of the app, and then when you get the code all the other areas open up... I do like this app now, it is very helpful in my homework assignments and quizzes 👍🏽. I just wish that they would show the page number of each place the key word you are searching is found. I also would like to see the same search results pop back up when you click on one the try to search again. Right now, you have to type what you are searching for in again.
  • 10” ipads only 1/5

    By Sbar3
    The a app doesn’t work on my iPad Pro 9.7” and consistently states that I must use an iPad of 10” or larger. I can understand restricting screen size to something like an iPad mini. But this is ridiculous. This app is thoughtless in its publishing and needs to be addressed so that sensible access can be granted to users.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Jeimusuyoung
    My teacher uses this to keep track of attendance which works half the time . Polls are nice and good for in class participaron . PLEASE PLEASE make a way to delete all notifications at once . I’m tired of having to delete so many notifications .
  • Needs updates 1/5

    By Kidcool30987
    Overall, the app works fine, however, when reading the ebook, the text doesn’t not appear properly. Please fix this issue so that the ebook can be read entirely!!!
  • :) 5/5

    By jasminer0se
    App is fixed and I love it! Thank you MindTap!
  • mrjeanjoseph 1/5

    By Jean-Joseph
    I have used this service many time in the past. All of the sudden it says I have no active courses. I have two course that uses Cengage and I cannot access neither one of them.
  • Non working app 1/5

    By Will-I-am knot
    This version will not even start in iOS11
  • USELESS 1/5

    By @gothprincess
  • White Screen 1/5

    By lae0129
    In past courses I used this App & loved it because I could read the book during downtime wherever I was. Now I download my book over & over & over again......nothing but a white screen. Now the App is useless to me 😕
  • WORST APP! 1/5

    By Dreamone21
    I have to say this is the worst app. I have ever utilized for school. The process just to download the app was long, but didn’t mind it thinking it would be beneficial. When using the app, It works just fine going through the book, but in order to get to all my activities I have to log in through my web browser? So then why download the app? This is seriously so frustrating just DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GARBAGE!
  • Worst App ever 1/5

    By Stux247
    The only reason I even gave this app the one star is because I can’t post this review without any rating. This app is truly a waste of space. You’d think they have some useful features in the app considering how much students are charged for the access code. Extremely frustrating how the app crashes, freezes, and we are unable to access and complete activities.
  • App is not working 1/5

    By imailu85
    The app opens then closes out. It won’t let you access the app on my iPhone. Please help
  • Crashes on login 1/5

    By TechnicallyLuddite
    This was a complete waste of time. Considering how buggy and obnoxious the web-based ebook viewer was, I imagined this might help. Sadly I was mistaken. Looking forward to never having to buy or use Cengage ebooks again—come on people, it isn’t that hard to make a functional ebook.
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By Matto1666
    I downloaded the app to read my textbook from, but I can’t get anywhere in the app, because every time I open it, it just exits the app immediately after I open it. I’ve tried different things to prevent it... nothing has worked so far.
  • Needs a ton of work!! 1/5

    By ^w^ teddy
    I cant’t even open the app, it keeps closing on me. I login and it kicks me out. I open it again and hit continue and again it kicks me out!! Now I try to just get in the app and it’s a continual of kicking me out!! Not worth it!!
  • Crashes at Opening 1/5

    By ialnaseer
    Won’t open iPad Pro
  • Useless app for overpriced material 1/5

    By stfw1222
    Was force to purchase mindtap for a course. When I attempt to log into the course via Safari it says not supported. When I attempt to use the app it says there is no course.
  • Can’t even launch app after login. Keeps force closing. 1/5

    By TeddyGlamorous
    Please fix. Your PR Rep at my school touts about this app. Why? It does not even work.
  • App is buggy 1/5

    By kayalldayyy
    I’ve downloaded the app 3 times and it will stay open for about 5 seconds before closing itself. Very frustrating
  • Trash 1/5

    By Camrams
    App quits whenever I open it and I cant even use my textbook I bought off of their main website because the code has been used and they offer little to no help fixing that, whole company is trash
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Houstondan
    This app glitches and cancels out of the app every single time I click it. I hate this app but it is mandatory for me to have it for one of my classes so I would LOVE if you guys would gee idk maybe fix it?? I’ve been reading a lot of reviews on here and this app has had problems like this since last year? 0/10 app
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Studentjudah
    Terrible.... cant open the app
  • Great for reading chapters on the go. 4/5

    By Bennett Dryden
    I work an average of 48 a week with kids, and community involvement. This app has significantly dropped the hours require to be by a computer. I can read all the chapters I need to from my phone and be ready to knock out homework when I get to my PC. The only two things that are distracting is the top bar that continually appears and disappears when scrolling through material, I would rather it just be locked on. And I also wish I could access my homework modules as well as the videos. Other than that, it is what you make of it.
  • App crashes constantly 1/5

    By Sillybats
    Unable to use, it constantly closes.
  • Pretty great! 4/5

    By Dlevs
    This app is great for reading the textbook, and it even has audio option. My only grievance is that the audio is very robotic, and the options for changing the voice are very limited.
  • Closes every time I open!!! 1/5

    By Sinshine
    I bought the bundle from the website to include the app... it’s worthless if I cannot use it!!!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Stassia10
    Downloaded this app yesterday for my Spanish class and it opens, quickly shows a white screen, then crashes... every time I open it.
  • Crashes immediately 1/5

    By LyricLapham
    The app loads and crashes by the time it shows the word ‘Courses’
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By War Eagle To The World
    It keeps crashing when I try to open the app?
  • Reading feature doesn’t work 1/5

    By G. Maye
    I downloaded this app so I could read my textbook on the go but it doesn’t work. The book is 884MB and once the progress bar reached that point, IT KEPT GOING it got to 916MB before I just closed the app. I’ve also downloaded the app on my iPad in hopes of a better experience but the same thing happened. Hopefully this issue gets fixed sooner rather than later.

MindTap Mobile app comments


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