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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MOD Pizza
  • Compatibility: Android
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MOD Pizza App

The MOD® app is your ticket to earning points and getting rewarded just for being MOD. For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 point toward a great reward. You can also order ahead and breeze past the line, locate your nearest MOD store or get special offers sent straight to your phone. Hot Tip: You get 75 points (limit 1 per customer) just for downloading and signing up for an account through the MOD app. (In other words, you’re already so close to something great). Conditions here: *Currently available at participating locations. Full list available at

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MOD Pizza app reviews

  • Doesn’t work any more 2/5

    By katrinaiceheart
    I got this app over a year ago and it worked as intended, I even redeemed a free pizza or two! Love the store and still go. However a few months I had a few apps stop working. As in, they would crash upon launch and never get past it. This was one of them. I reached out to a few of the developers of other apps and haven’t really gotten useful feedback. I thought it was just me but other people have had this problem. Still unsure if this an iPhone problem or an app problem. Luckily I can still donate my points to my friends account since it still works. Still bothered, and haven’t gotten anything back. I’d totally change my score if this got fixed. Feedback would be nice too.
  • Painful to use, No Apple Pay Support 1/5

    By 010010001010
    The UI is really confusing to use, buttons are small and it’s hard to navigate. Adding a credit card is painful - scanning my card did not work. Apple Pay is not supported - this would make ordering a lot easier.
  • Needs some changes 4/5

    By Jenrw74
    I LOVE Mod pizza! Please give the app a way to request my usual extra cheese and extra pepperoni!!
  • Is it open? 3/5

    By psycho ghost
    The app doesn’t tell you if the picked location is closed until you try to pay, then it forces you to redo your order after you pick another location. If it had happened a second time I literally wouldn’t have been going to mod.
  • App bearly functions 1/5

    By The rater 12
    Crashes constantly which is very frustrating when making purchases
  • Does the job but notes is limited 2/5

    By R-Dubbsy Dubbz
    Character limit on notes section doesn’t allow you to give enough special instructions to your order.
  • Erases my Reward Points 1/5

    By Chewy!!!
    Keeps erasing my reward points. I’ve eaten enough MOD to have enough points to get a couple free pizzas; however, I never even got one of my free pizzas. Due to the app erasing my points.
  • Non functional 1/5

    By seamus003
    App is non functional. Crashes every minute. Will not allow check out. I spent 12 min on hold with them on phone and they said it would take 20 minutes to make the pizza (we were already waiting outside while I fiddled with the app). We got something else to eat. If you want MOD pizza call the store an hour ahead and don’t bother with the app.
  • Needs better payment functionality 3/5

    By SRNA until 12/12!
    This app works great if you only have one form of payment. However, I was trying to use up a gift card. I was $1.61 short for the order I was placing. Rather than let me use up the gift card and pay the remainder with a credit/debit card, I had to go to the restaurant, add $1.61 to the gift card and then was able to place my order. Please improve the app to allow 2 forms of payment.
  • Crashed in the middle of processing order 1/5

    By ChocolateGirlWonder
    The app is crashing and not loading properly. I got to the part where you set you payment and it crashed and completely wiped out my order and then wouldn’t reload.
  • Was fine, now broken. 1/5

    By cmbourget
    Online ordering worked great until latest update. Now, it’s broke - it keeps telling me to restart the app to order online, but after restarting, I get the same message. Pretty much worthless now.
  • Ordering is fine - paying & rewards not so good 2/5

    By Smazze
    We use this app weekly and every single time I have to re-enter my payment information. And, yes - I select save for future use! It’s incredibly frustrating. Also, there does not appear to be a way to use your rewards when ordering/paying through the app. App needs a payment gateway update!
  • can’t reorder favorite 2/5

    By ambient sky
    it’s pretty dumb that one can’t reorder a favorite if an ingredient is out of stock. one should be able to add the favorite without the missing ingredients to the cart.
  • Worst ordering online app 1/5

    By Gibdave
    Tried to order online multiple times in different time during the day. When I tried to complete the payment, just kept saying “Mod pizza is currently experiencing high order volume at this location. Please select a later time” I had been trying all day, still saying the same. Come on you can’t be busy all day!
  • Works great add cinnamon pizza 5/5

    By bobtheflyfisher
    Love the app but please add cinnamon pizza to the app. Thanks Bob G.
  • No ApplePay?! 1/5

    By steve_1948472626
    Can’t understand why applepay not accepted on an iOS app. Also, random crashes and inability to add ingredients. Terrible app.
  • Do better 1/5

    By cwarlick09
    Possibly one of the worst food apps I’ve dealt with. So user unfriendly. Please find a new developer and redo this app!
  • Today’s update makes it un-usable! 1/5

    By GroovinWI
    Worked fine before! Today’s update makes it just sit on the “loading” screen!
  • By far one of the best 5/5

    By Dschm1311
    This app is by far one of the better online order apps i have used for purchasing food. Its been simple and gives you pretty much all options. only a few suggestions i have allow a selection for extra and show some pictures of the items we can put on.
  • No ApplePay support 3/5

    By JordanRPDX
    Please add applepay support to your app orders. I refuse to enter my credit card into your app. App has fewer toppings to choose than what’s really in restaurant on top of the lack of ApplePay. I don’t understand why I can use ApplePay in the store to pay for my food but not your app.
  • Charged my card when order didn’t go through 1/5

    By ButterflyMom3
    I will never use the app again. I placed an order and it said it didn’t go through, but got a message from my credit card company that I was charged. I called my local store and they said they didn’t get the order and couldn’t take my order to make it up even though I was charged. They said this just happened to someone else and they didn’t know what was going on with the app. If it isn’t resolved, I won’t even eat at Mod Pizza ever again. I got sick after eating takeout from them once and tried to give them another chance, but now they have two strikes against them.
  • Works okay - but Apple Pay? 3/5

    By N328KF
    Please add Apple Pay support.
  • Forgets Crust 3/5

    By Pete The Chop
    When you save an order as a favorite, it remembers everything but the crust. Wife needs gluten friendly and it is frustrating to have to recreate her pizza each time even after saving.
  • Curbside Data Entry Visibility 4/5

    By Sawborg
    Just placed an order with the app and used curbside pick up. The font used during data entry (which appears to be white) isn’t visible with the current semi-white background. It looks like it accepted my entry but I couldn’t see what I was typing. I suggest changing the font color or the app background during that prompt so the text is visible.
  • Can’t complete orders! 1/5

    By Girlwiththekeytattoo
    This app has some serious issues. I keep getting an error message that the order can’t go through but my door dash driver was there waiting for the order. Also couldn’t place a pickup order either.
  • App could not be launched 1/5

    By jes-13
    IPhone SE iOS: 13.3.1
  • The App That.Cries Wolf 2/5

    By SDofMD
    The basic functions work - you can get your food ordered, schedule a time and pay. But there’s lack of user experience considerations in several key places where the app leads you to failures and dead ends. Alert badges appear on the app icon, but there’s no way of getting to whatever the alert was when you bring up the app. There are buttons to reorder, but the action fails and you get a message that some part of the order can’t be reordered — ok then why don’t yo just go ahead and put the rest of the stuff in the cart?! Or if they know the order can’t be reordered, why not just remove the reorder button?
  • It does the job. 1/5

    By Aaronstillmann
    App doesn’t support Apple Pay. 👎
  • Gift Cards?? 2/5

    By donnajferrell
    I downloaded the app in order to downsize my wallet...but I don’t see a place to enter my gift cards!? First impression...not what I was hoping for. We’ll se if any deals or coupon alerts change my mind.
  • Stupid app 2/5

    By Scabcde
    Doesn’t duplicate orders with changes . Come on this is a very simple but must have functionality. It just frustrates people to use an underdeveloped app like this.
  • Reward system is not worth it 2/5

    By Arletteelf
    One must spend $150 to receive a free pizza?! Chick-fil-a’s reward system allows free items without spending that much!
  • Great pizza; crappy app! 1/5

    By vulpesvox
    Fix the app or get rid if it!
  • They need to fix this - it is 2020 after all! 1/5

    By Bruno_AKA_Bruce
    I’ve been trying to add a debit card or a credit card to my account, but each time it tells me the card is declined. I’ve tried creating a new account, I’ve tried through their website, same problem. Tonight, even though the app told me my credit card was declined, I got a notification from my credit card company that the charge went through. I went to the store and there was no order. The guy that helped me though was good enough to make me a pizza though. A week or so ago I contacted Mod’s customer support and they blew me off. I wonder how many other people have had the same problem, got frustrated and went somewhere else.
  • Best Pizza In Town 5/5

    By Santi707
    My visit here was very nice and welcoming. The food was delicious and expectations were met :) Also friendly staff that cares.
  • Excellent Pizza, Terrible App 3/5

    By Coffeymachine
    I can't edit a custom pizza order one it's in my cart without resetting the form and starting over. It loses my cart order as a result which is frustrating. A few photos of the food would go a long way too. The current UX design is confusing and buggy. 3 stars because at least the app does what it needs to. I can order and track my points and it works once you figure out the clunky app. It's worth it for the excellent pizza. 🍕
  • Love Mod, not the app. 2/5

    By CasualPhoneGamer
    Please let us save credit cards (it has an option but doesn’t work)
  • Pg 3/5

    By Gpaulski
    It doesn’t add point automatically when order through the app. Really
  • Works great! 5/5

    By MickeyMarie
    I was able to quickly order what I wanted through the app. The app is easy to use and has a clear layout. I didn’t experience any loading issues or crashes which seems to be common for a lot of food apps. I usually don’t write reviews, but was so impressed with the ease of this app, and noticed that they had a lot of bad reviews from previous versions, so thought I should note that the app works perfect now.
  • What happened to ApplePay? 2/5

    By kanak67
    I had no issues with the app, used it all the time but not anymore. You had ApplePay as an option and now it’s gone, I can never understand why developers remove something that has worked successfully. Anyway please bring back.
  • Expired Free Pizza 1/5

    I didn't know my free pizza had expired till I noticed that it disappeared........... Please make it so that it doesn't expire since its not fair that I was unable to use it.
  • Cannot delete a saved order 1/5

    By lvbiker
    App works ok. But once an order is”favorited” it cannot be deleted. And my saved location does not present as a default I need to search for it each time.
  • Too bad the App doesn’t reflect the great food 3/5

    By NapaBoss
    The problem with the app is simply trying the earn the points during the check out process. Many people also pay with their phones too. There’s no instruction or indication as to when to scan for your MOD points. The only way I know how to add points is asking for a receipt and scanning it after purchase. Please fix this.
  • Inaccurate order 1/5

    By Buddbear
    The app has options to change the order yet no changes were done when I picked it up. What’s the point.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Lone Star Jen
    I’ve repeatedly logged in and reset my password and it won’t work. Not user friendly!
  • No name in app 1/5

    By zbolton1234
    Went to pickup my pizza and because the order details page did not have my name would not give me pizza. Had to show the email instead. Will just from the store next time.
  • Not ready for use 1/5

    By Reviewing_Stuff4U
    1) I can’t see my favorite orders. I can name them but I can actually review the content of the order. This makes the favorites feature useless. 2) No Apple Pay. 3) online orders seem to get low priority. I’ve been to multiple locations and I always have to wait a long time for my Order even when placed quite a while before I arrived.
  • Add Apple Pay 3/5

    By G-Rant!
    This app is pretty good. Smooth, easy... just needs Apple Pay. Come on.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By davidkruse
    Love the mod rewards app!! It’s amazing. I love getting free food when I have enough points. 🙃🙃😍
  • Crap app don’t use 1/5

    By wolf127!
    Well, I should have heeded the warnings. I used it and it would have been quicker to just wait in line because my order was even started until I asked about it. People behind me had their order before me.

MOD Pizza app comments

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