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  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MOD Pizza
  • Compatibility: Android
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MOD Pizza App

The MOD app is your ticket to earning points and getting rewarded just for being MOD! For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 point toward a great reward. You can also order ahead and breeze past the line, locate your nearest MOD store or get special offers sent straight to your phone. Hot Tip: You get 75 points just for downloading the app. (In other words, you’re already so close to something great). MOD on! *Currently available at participating locations. Full list available at

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  • Have to input credit card every time 1/5

    By Turner44383653
    It says that the card is saved and lets me click it to pay but it says the transaction was declined. I have to delete the card and add the same one back in and it works. I’ve made four orders with the same credit card but it never saves, I have to type in the info every time.
  • Intermittent Crash 1/5

    By BÜRDŠ
    Worked initially after the account setup and first receipt went through, but now it crashes after every launch. I even tried it on another iOS device thinking it was my old iPhone 5s, but it has the same behavior on a more capable device such as the iPhone SE. It must have something to do with the latest update that was pushed out not too long ago. Here I was thinking it was just the usual “bug fixes and performance improvements”. Turns out it was an update rollout that completely bricked the application. It’s shame really, because now I can’t earn the points that I was supposed to receive after eating there today. If this isn’t fixed soon, than I will most certainly miss out on my last two visits. I only just discovered this after the update was pushed to my phone, and as I was approaching the payment counter it was in a crash loop the entire time. I can’t even scan the receipt like I normally do after I pay. Please fix this soon so I don’t lose out on my two $20 purchases.
  • Rewards you NOTHING 1/5

    By 1.618 ratio
    I have 7 receipts, and the app refuses to accept any barcode. I’m a regular customer. Error one says I’m not in range of any MOD pizza location. Error two says my receipt is too old. I love MOD pizza but am very disappointed this app punishes me for no reason.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By mrsmicmac
    Would love to input my receipt another way because your app keeps crashing! I’ve downloaded it a few times and tried other fixes. Sad 😢
  • love the app 4/5

    By Tyler_6996
    love the app. love the rewards and how easy the app is to work. the only thing I don’t really like is 1$=1point so you have to spend 150$ to get a free pizza or salad. it’s not a problem on how much you have to spend, it’s just how slow the awards rack up especially if you’re a single eater.
  • YUM YUM 5/5

    By clayoHis
    My first time here...really love the crust...I make my own sauce...Mods is sooooo good. I love the Jasper! And it was ready so quick! Do yourself a huge favor go and enjoy.
  • Great place 👍🏼 5/5

    By La Güera 2001
    The first time I tried Mod my son brought me and I was hesitant because I never had it before but now it’s my favorite place for lunch with my kids👍🏼👍🏼💕💕🍕🍕
  • Doesn’t accept receipts less then 2 weeks old 1/5

    By TheDoors7821
    Went there less than two weeks ago. They recommend downloading their app. When I went to scan my receipt it rejected it because it was too old. Such BS!! Terrible scam app.
  • Not much value here... 2/5

    By iOS Engineer
    I've been using the app for rewards mostly and it takes entirely too much to get a single reward. The rest of the app is pretty pointless... 😞
  • THE BEST 5/5

    By kristensue
    I LOVE MOD pizza. I’m so glad there’s an app and reward program now. Nothing tastes better than FREE! 🤗
  • Terrible rewards program 2/5

    By DanR1971
    Seriously?! $150 to get a $7 pizza? Every other reward program is essentially spend $10 and get $1 in rewards. Spend $15 to get $0.50....on a product as inexpensive as pizza.
  • App is Crap 1/5

    By Josh Burleigh
    App won’t even launch on my phone. Hard to earn rewards when you can’t use the app.
  • It almost worked 2/5

    By Choose a nickname please
    I have a bunch of $5 gift cards. Unfortunately, the app only allows you to use a gift card if the balance can cover the order in full.
  • Love the pizza; hate the app 1/5

    By ModPizza Lover
    First of all, the privacy policy is totally sick! Really! Read it - it’s unreal! No way that’s worth an occasional free pizza. Plus, the rewards expire entirely too quickly to be practical. Add to that the lead time for ordering and not being able to pay online... These guys need to seriously rethink what CUSTOMER SERVICE is, get some new advisors and start from scratch on a new program to actually please their customers. I hope that they do, too, because I still like their product.
  • Seriously you have to spend $150?? 1/5

    By akewelty
    Mod needs to rethink this. I have to buy roughly fifteen pizzas in order to get one free? And even then it’s only for a limited time and then my reward expires. Why bother participating. Even Dominos has a better reward program.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ariana_k
    This app just doesn’t work. It crashes every time I try to create an account. I’ve re-downloaded it multiple times but still crashes.
  • No email 1/5

    By d9.18.4.8
    Can’t log on. Sent request for password change. Never received an email. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve set up the account. Help please
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By revolazzip
    Terrible app! Would not allow me to customize a caspian unless I used 6 toppings. Plus when you order it takes at least 22 minutes. That is longer than if I was to order in the store. This app saves me no time.
  • The initial experience isn’t great. 3/5

    By Austinco2
    Took me longer to set the app up than to order. Why isn’t there Apple Pay????? Common guys.
  • Says receipt too old to add 1/5

    By Mdgirl1969
    I got the card to sign up and have eaten at MOD 3 times and saved my receipts and just not had time to download the app. It took 2 of my receipts but says one is too old to enter. It is not even a month old! Most things we buy at food stores have a 30 day return and yet I can’t add my $46 receipt because it’s 16 days old. That’s absurd!
  • Great Pizza My Way 5/5

    By quilt bear
    I’m thrilled to have a reasonably priced pizza and I love the staff at my location. I get to have the toppings I love and having a smaller size means I’m not eating pizza for days on end. You rock!!!
  • Finally!! 5/5

    By MrJsPancakeHouse
    Probably the one reward app in the food industry I am exited for. I love Mod Pizza and I’m so excited to see the deals rolling.
  • False advertising, don’t believe it 1/5

    By 6420642
    It promises 75 points for downloading the app. I got 0. False advertising is illegal, but apparently MOD is above the law.
  • Great! 5/5

    By davidkruse
    Great app!! Love MOD!!
  • Forced to order by phone 1/5

    By ptaylor999
    Special Instructions section stops allowing text to be entered. Forced to call in if we want a half and half pizza. Makes the app totally useless. No way to request half and half, since Special Instruction section is faulty. Fail. The Special Instruction section on the web is the same. Fail there too.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By <3 it :)
    It crashes as soon as I open it. Useless.
  • Finally! It’s here! 5/5

    By CodyP1717
    I’ve been waiting foreverrrr for a MOD Pizza app. It’s a great thing for regular customers (like myself) who visit a few times a week. Had no issues adding my points with the receipt, and it’s super easy to “save” my favorite pizza order. Can’t wait to see what special deals/rewards they give out.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By phelpsgirl1
    Won’t open. Crashes. Can’t spend any more time on it.
  • MOD is great but this app needs serious work 1/5

    By Bccekdidvdjwi
    This app feels like it was released while still in the prototype stage with how clunky some of the UI is. Also it keeps badgering you to turn on notifications so MOD can send you “coupons + fun stuff”. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME you start the app and there’s no way to permanently turn it off. I don’t want to be badgered. I just want my g-d [email protected] pizza.
  • Love MOD Pizza. App needs more love 2/5

    By Sonofboo
    I made an online order through the app and chose the ASAP option, but the order came through to the restaurant as 20 minutes from when I ordered. So my pizza wasn’t even started when I arrived at the restaurant. Also the credit card scanner didn’t work for my discover card. Please add Apple Pay option and Siri shortcut for favorite
  • Does not save credit card info nor add rewards points. 2/5

    By Loogy Head
    This app would be 4 or 5 stars because of convenience, except it just isn’t. Saves my recent orders, but doesn’t respect the “save credit card?” Question which is already preselected. What? Says there’s a rewards scheme, but you don’t automatically get rewards points for online ordering, and the receipts you get from the online order don’t have a barcode to scan. What? Fix those two issues, and corporate, make sure your franchises KNOW this app exists and maybe I’d change my tune. I love Mod, I’d go there every day, but god this app is stupid for such simple things.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By Dderrickson
    Would be helpful if the app notes which locations participated in rewards. Mine doesn’t and was super confused when I asked about it - they didn’t even know it existed.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By abhinav81g
    No QR code scanner at register and can’t even enter barcode manually as there is no barcode on the receipt. What’s the point of this app again? Learn something from Blaze Pizza.
  • Deleted it 1/5

    By kimcmrn
    Was ordering and there wasn’t all the choices that are when you order in person so tried to put them in special instructions but you can only put 40 characters. Then can’t use the rewards at my local MOD they not only don’t have a scanner they don’t participate in rewards. Wow!
  • Crashes 1/5

    By k1ngp1n22
    Rating it a 1 right now as I can’t use it. Crashes over and over.
  • Downloaded app but my MOD cant use it.. 1/5

    By Cvrdgrc
    Downloaded app and at checkout the cashier noted she doesn’t have a scanner. The receipt didn’t print out a code either. Why have an app if all stores don’t have the ability to use?
  • Finally! 3/5

    By brihar73
    Pros: easy ordering, saves previous orders. Cons: always annoys you to allow notifications, can’t cancel out of receipt scanning on newer iPhones.

MOD Pizza app comments

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