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MOD Pizza

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MOD Pizza
  • Compatibility: Android
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MOD Pizza App

The MOD app is your ticket to earning points and getting rewarded just for being MOD! For every $1 you spend, you’ll earn 1 point toward a great reward. You can also order ahead and breeze past the line, locate your nearest MOD store or get special offers sent straight to your phone. Hot Tip: You get 75 points just for downloading the app. (In other words, you’re already so close to something great). MOD on! *Currently available at participating locations. Full list available at

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MOD Pizza app reviews

  • No Apple Pay! Late app 1/5

    By jeffbistrong
    Lame that they don’t accept Apple Pay. I always forget this when I go place an order. When I run into this block I close the app and order from somewhere else.
  • Awesome!!!! 5/5

    By mizkucy24
    First time visiting MOD PIZZA. The cauliflower crust was excellent.
  • Use to work 1/5

    By SandDevilDog
    App is in need of an update. Won’t load past start up screen. App originally worked
  • The least honest of all my food apps 1/5

    By HanoraCMalorny
    I enjoy the product but find the inability to download multiple receipts dishonest. I go in with my kids order pizzas and drinks. Before I go the kids may want a shake or another pizza to take home. If rung on separate tickets because the orders are at different times the app doesn’t allow all the receipts to be downloaded. We have even had my kids friends join us and I pay when they come and I can’t download those either. Mod pizza is not cheap but this app limitation is. The rewards also expire which is also dishonest in my opinion.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Brotsten
    Crashes or if it doesn’t, says its not connected to the network.
  • You broke it 1/5

    By Linklight
    The app just crashes on start up and if you made it past the loading screen it says “app cannot be loaded”. What a shame, I frequent you guys almost every 3 days, but I won’t bother anymore. Already scammed me by making my points expire, and now they’re going to expire again. Here’s my personal recommendation, just let us scan / redeem points on your website. That would make everyone’s lives easier.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Opie-8
    Like other reviews this used to work and now crashes when it’s opened. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled as well as updated when they re-release.
  • More ads than utility. Uninstalling! 1/5

    By irvingpop
    Lately I'm getting multiple ads per week, that's way too much.
  • Faulty App. Not recommended. 1/5

    By ohnoitsyoko
    I was super excited to try out this app and was left with disappointment. 1. Point accumulation doesn’t work. I only got the signin bonus points but the scan at the register never worked. I thought there was a lag on the app side but it still hasn’t shown up in 2 weeks. 2. Order doesn’t go through. Tried 3 times to order via app. Each time gave me an error after putting payment info so I had to go into the store physically to order pizza. When I was at the register, one of the 3 tried transaction went through. That’s about 20-30min lag on the app and shows how faulty the app is, just on getting transactions through. 3. Wrong payment. Now I’m checking my credit card history shows that I was charged twice for the pizza cuz apparently the app went through despite the errors. I now have to call my credit card company to dispute this claim. So much unnecessary stress and work on the customer’s side. I can’t believe such faulty app has went through submission and deemed ok for app release. Clearly, not enough functional testing was done on this app before the release. I highly not recommend you try this app. I am uninstalling this as I speak.
  • Love mod, the app; meh 2/5

    By kayeg7
    The style and the interface of the app are great but it lags, and crashes constantly. I love to use it when it’s working, please work on it so I can use it more!
  • Freezes up 1/5

    By Juan Pirrurris
    When I launch the app in my iPhone, after the splash screen is shown, the screen turns black and nothing happens after that. I have deleted it and added it.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Travelkitty70
    Tried to order using the app. You cannot order as a guest. I cannot remember password and could not create new account. Waited over 10 min and still no password reset email. Finally ended up having to call the store. Not a friendly app if you cannot make it easy to do business with you!!!
  • Garbage! 1/5

    By Tink108
    I had a free pizza now the app doesn’t work at all Black screen!!! Somebody needs to fix this crap app!
  • No rewards 1/5

    By Thejuice027
    Downloaded to see what rewards I could earn, after earning 86 points and checking out the rewards section there were no rewards listed, so the app is pointless. Only thing you can use it for is ordering but that’s even slower than just ordering at the counter.
  • Finally 4/5

    By Mauiadobo
    But I was too hopeful. Better than getting to the web on my tiny iPhone
  • Can’t open app anymore 1/5

    By Carlini99
    My screen goes black when I try to open. Have tried to delete and download again but not allowed to. Didn’t used to have a problem and have no idea how to resolve.
  • No points awarded 2/5

    By toyzs22
    Had issue and attempted to get help via App. Received copy of my email that someone would respond. After 2 weeks and no response, I figured I’d take my money and business elsewhere.💰
  • Annoying restrictions not worth it 1/5

    By Fonzyguy
    Could not enter bar code because “guest was not in range of a mod pizza” Also the camera scanner does not work. Tried with 3 receipts. Don’t try to launch an app and rewards program until you get the kinks out. I doubt I will try again unless mod wants to contact me and give me extra free salads after they fix the issue. They owe it to me forndoing their technology QA. Also as others have pointed out $150 spend for $8 pizza is not worth the hassle. I regret trying this app.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By sum1whocares
    I love Mod. It’s the best. But $1=1pt. 150 pts for an $8 pizza? 🤷🏻‍♂️ laughable.
  • Wish it was great 1/5

    By Synology Fan 00000
    Love the pizza, but the app has major flaws. Entry update deletes all my favorites. There is no way to save favorites without ordering. There is no way to cancel an order. And the killer, customer service for the app is non existent.
  • Stopped working! 1/5

    By calme-dec
    App worked great to start w. Now it won’t open. Goes straight to back screen. Per some other reviews I’m not the only one. Pls fix :(
  • Work good when it worked 1/5

    By Hazel Eyes to my soul
    App doesn’t load
  • Credit Card / Payment Issues 3/5

    By Malebolgia
    1. App never remembers credit card entered on checkout (yes remember CC option selected) 2. Credit card scanning feature doesn’t work 3. Can’t pay using ApplePay
  • Order not posting 1/5

    By Mr fhgtuniii
    The store never saw my order. I showed up to pick up and they said they dont have it. But they were able to pull it up and start making it then. Waste of time
  • Intermittent Crash 1/5

    By BÜRDŠ
    Worked initially after the account setup and first receipt went through, but now it crashes after every launch. I even tried it on another iOS device thinking it was my old iPhone 5s, but it has the same behavior on a more capable device such as the iPhone SE. It must have something to do with the latest update that was pushed out not too long ago. Here I was thinking it was just the usual “bug fixes and performance improvements”. Turns out it was an update rollout that completely bricked the application. It’s shame really, because now I can’t earn the points that I was supposed to receive after eating there today. If this isn’t fixed soon, than I will most certainly miss out on my last two visits. I only just discovered this after the update was pushed to my phone, and as I was approaching the payment counter it was in a crash loop the entire time. I can’t even scan the receipt like I normally do after I pay. Please fix this soon so I don’t lose out on my two $20 purchases. Update ver. 1.0.2: Tried it on an iPad Air 3 that I recently purchased that has the A12 processor and it works fine. I was able to sign in and add rewards points from the receipt barcode flawlessly, but on the iPhone SE it now shows an “Unable to open app” window instead of crashing. Does Mod Pizza just want the new devices using the app only? I’m at a loss. If you state your compatibility is any device running iOS 10 or above, then I should be satisfying those requirements ten fold.
  • Great pizza. World’s WORST APP!!! 1/5

    By RealReveal
    This review is waaaaay overdue. I’ve tried using it more that a dozen times since the first and only time it’s worked; After that, nothing! Just black screen. Every. Single. Time. Regardless of internet connection/cell reception, you’re in their store or at home, using a different phone. Like other reviewers have said: only works the first time; or if you’re lucky, a second time. After that, it’s just black screen! And the sad thing is, as nice everyone in the store is, all they can say is “I have no idea”. To the developer/corporate: If you are abandoning this app or in the process of updating it, at the very least, let your stores know.
  • App won’t open 5/5

    By painterlynne
    App won’t open today so I can redeem my award before it expires. However because mod is the best the manager had my back and I got my free delicious yummy favorite pizza
  • Please fix 1/5

    By fjfnfbbkvxb
    App won’t even load now. Love your food, hate your app.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By face filters not working
    I downloaded this app scan the barcode and added my receipt for the first time. After that, I’ve been trying to add more receipts or logging in and I’m unable to do so.
  • Salad customized 1/5

    By Shari2345
    I tried several times to order a salad. Kept saying I had to have seven options, I tried to add them /removed and it added up to seven. I would still get error. I gave up and purchased elsewhere
  • Very poor rewards program 2/5

    By ingotheranchhand
    Not only is app buggy, but the rewards accumulation is so slow by the time I will have accumulated enough points for a free $8 pizza I will have spent $175, gotten a pepperoni allergy, and possibly lactose intolerance. Seriously make this program better.
  • Reorder does not work 1/5

    By Griecke
    I’ve told you twice now about how when I go to reorder it ask me for a “size” that information is in the reorder dummy. Just fix the stupid app!!!
  • Fix it 1/5

    By JESSE 253
    The app worked ok until they updated it now it doesn’t let you put in the entire code. l lost 59 points since.
  • Black screen 1/5

    By kdlonghorn85
    I love MOD Pizza and was excited they now had an app. But it only shows a black screen. Worked once! Notification icon appeared when pizza was ready and since then black screen.
  • App Crashes on Launch 1/5

    By Sundevil960
    The app has become useless. Every time I attempt to use it I get the prompt “App Could Not Be Launched”. I tap “OK” and the app closes. It is now 100% useless.
  • Love! 5/5

    By jlsbuckeye
    Love this ap for its convenience. I can order online and skip the line and earn free pizza. Saves my CC# so it’s basically just a couple clicks to order
  • App crashes with black screen 2/5

    By Powerade1738
    I’ve been using this app for several months but now it crashes with a black screen. I can not scan my receipt to earn points.
  • Hideously Bad 1/5

    By TeeDeeDub
    The latest thing I have found wrong with it is that you can’t enter your credit card number without it crashing. SAD!!!
  • Actually takes longer if you use the app. 1/5

    By mtshane55
    Like other small chain apps I’ve used in the past, the communication between the app and the store is anything but real time. We decided to use the app so we could order and my wife could pick it up on the way home. Ordered at 6:32. Said it would be ready at 6:52. She arrived at 6:45 and inquired “we’re working on it” as she stood there, a dozen people came in, ordered and received their pizza. Her name was finally called at 7:10, which means, they didn’t even actually queue the order until after she arrived and asked about it. Don’t waste your time, just go stand in line.
  • Barely OK 2/5

    By Bisbeedave
    Just meh... weird to try and reorder and stuff.. clunky interface. Buggy too. Tried to order the special and it wouldn’t let me.. yet you had to get the special through the app. Needs more work
  • CRASHES 1/5

    The app crashes when you attempt to open it. Can’t scan my receipt to earn rewards.
  • Not great for a rewards program 1/5

    By Ijustdontevencare
    I love Mod Pizza. I eat there once a week. But to require $150 spent to earn one $8 free item is not great. On top of that, I just tried to scan a receipt that I misplaced that was 14 days old and it wouldn’t let me. Said the receipt was too old. If you’re going to require $150 for a reward, at least keep the receipts from expiring! That’s bogus. Disappointing.
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By mmmmeeeeehhhhhhh
    App flat out doesn’t work, won’t open without crashing. And they took away the honey lime dressing, major rude move.
  • Bugs need to be fixed 1/5

    By Jrb953
    App worked initially but has been closing after opening lately. It is frustrating that the only way to store and redeem points for buying their product has to happen in an app that won’t work. Please fix and update!
  • Terrible in every possible way 1/5

    By jsonArray
    I’d describe what’s wrong but I’d be easier to explain what’s right. Just use the website. This app is terrible and hard to use.
  • No Apple Pay 3/5

    By Cyclist Edge
    I cannot give any app that wants me to pay on my iPhone 5 stars unless it supports ApplePay. Sadly, Mod Pizza is anything but Mod as it doesn’t support Apple Pay. You must store a credit card, which means if Mod has a data breach, you gotta get a new card. Come on, Mod, get with the 21st Century!
  • Beware!!! 1/5

    Downloaded this app at the restaurant and thought it would be easier and faster to signup using my Facebook sign in. Big Mistake! After downloading, I could no longer use my FB app or messenger. Later, someone tried several times to login to my account in a different state, but I had already changed my password. Still after a day cannot use my apps and I run a business through social media. I am very angry about this!!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By mwhite1984
    Crashes when I try to open the app.
  • Software brick 1/5

    By Mhtiede
    It would be nice if this app would even load. I would frequent mod pizza more they had a functioning rewards system

MOD Pizza app comments

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