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  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MUSIC Tribe Brands DE GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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MX-Q App

MX-Q is a new app available for iOS devices that allows controlling personal monitor mixing for all Midas M32 and M-AIR series, as well as Behringer X32 and X-AIR series digital mixing consoles. With MX-Q, musicians can control their own monitor bus mix (mono/stereo) with full access to all input channels individually. Input channels can also be grouped into 4 MCA (Mix Control Association) wheels for easy control of multiple channels. Each band member can group inputs to their own liking, greatly simplifying the individual monitor balance during performance. Setup is simple – just connect your device to the same wireless network as the digital mixer. MX-Q start screen will show available mixers in the network, to chose from. Once connected MX-Q allows everyone in the band to take control of their own mix. KEY FEATURES * Select the mix bus for your personal mono/stereo monitoring control from your phone * Assign any combination of inputs to four available MCA (mix control association) wheels * MCAs allow concurrent trimming of all assigned signals with just one control: --more me--less band--more click track--less percussion ...the choice is yours! * Control all input channel send levels and panorama individually * Control all send levels of auxiliary inputs and stereo FX returns * Meter all input channel levels and the bus master for visual feedback * Connect multiple mobile devices to the same mixer simultaneously * MX-Q can be used in portrait and landscape orientations REQUIREMENTS Requires the digital mixer to be in the same Wifi network as the mobile devices

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MX-Q app reviews

  • Need Help! 1/5

    By GimmieThatBass
    I’m not able to get the app to connect to our board...manually added the up address and still no luck Will raise the rating once I get some assistance!
  • Great MONITORING controller 5/5

    By wesjackson
    Please stop leaving 1 star reviews because you can’t read what app you are downloading. This app works great for what it was built to do and that is mix monitors. Simple UI that even the most technologically challenged can understand. Fast automatic connection. And the Midas board is the cleanest in ear mix I’ve ever had. We run between 10-15 mixes every Sunday at our church. We’ve had a few issues since this release but each update has fixed problems and has become more and more stable and reliable as time goes on. Thanks Music Tribe for this app and all your hard work.
  • Please work out the bugs. 2/5

    By SC29615
    This app can be super frustrating. A few examples: It freezes up on the “scanning for devices” screen. Sometimes refuses to accept the IP address even though it’s entered correctly. It often will crash and refuse to open again... at the worst times (as in right before you perform). The only way to get it going again is to restart the device. I’ve had it for two months and use it every week. I never know if it will work or not. It’s very unreliable. I would love to see the bugs worked out soon. FYI- I’m running app on iPhone with iOS 13.3
  • Never loads 1/5

    By atlrockr
    Can’t get the UI to load once I connect to my mixer. Reboot +10 times, reinstalled, does not work at all with my XR16 (X-Air on iPad works fine).
  • Best Available 4/5

    By Tremolay
    This is the best iOS app that's currently available for mixing monitors for the x32. The UI is great, it's responsive and connecting the the board is simple. At times the faders can be unresponsive, but this only ever lasts a few seconds. Bottom line, best app for this application out there. I'd really love the ability to mix each bus EQ like you can on the board. I run into this issue a lot where band members want more high or low end without compromising the mix for everyone else's.
  • Sliders don’t show up often 3/5

    By Docsama
    I really like the new layout and it’s helpful, but often I have to restart the app upwards of 20 times to get it to work. And if my phone goes to sleep I must start over. Please address the stability. Thanks I know you are working hard at it.
  • Could be great, BUT...... 3/5

    By statoeve
    I felt I needed to clarify my review. When I first used this app it was awesome! I hit the scan button and it showed all 5 of our boards, I clicked the one I was using, set up my Sub groups and set my mix. It has great potential. HOWEVER, when it came for rehearsal the app would be all set and then automatically re-scan and it would switch to another board in a different area in the building. It just kept doing this and the sub mixers were all blank again. Also that I may have to switch back to the old M32 q app for the time being. The developers response was “we can’t control an iPhone/iPad from scanning different networks- obviously” and explained that there was a way to forget certain networks. Then stated when I leave to room it would sync back up when I returned. That I DO know. That was not the problem!! We have three wi-fi networks and the one we use for band is only used for our team. I am auto-connected to that network and the phone/iPad has NEVER scanned for others unless I go to the screen and search for others. When I was using the old app I would type in IP address for the board I wanted and it was easy to leave the room, come back and hit re-connect without any issue. Used it for 4 years not once did this happen (maybe a scanning issue?) With this app it shows all 4 boards in our building, which is nice because you don’t have to type in address. The problem is it will work for a few minutes the the screen flashes thought the settings on the other boards and stops on a diffident one than I am using. I click back to scan, select my Board set it up and does the same thing. This doe s not happen with any other app we use. Then I typed the IP address in and it stayed red and wasn’t found (but on scan screen it is there same IP address) I will be looking in the community support site because I know this is new and bugs are being worked out and am excited once it becomes a bit more solid. I’m not aware that you cant have more one board in wi-fi for this to work. Again This has great potential, easy to use and switch back and fourth from mix to sub groups.
  • Add dB Number Associated w/ Fader location 4/5

    By Boop Bop!
    Hey, Love the new UI as opposed to the older m32-q - the overall functionality it freaking great. However, it would be SUPER helpful to have a dB number readout associated w/ where the fader is at. Honesty helps me memorize my mix a little so if it gets out of whack I can go back to square one. Also, ears get tired so to save them it helps to know the exact numbers where the faders are at so you don’t keep turning things up, helps set limits. Also, wouldn’t hurt to add the functionality similar to that of the yamaha phone mixer to be able to set the threshold of the fader sensitive to like .3 db or .5 db or something along those lines so so you’re moving up and down in increments. Last, a number readout for the pan left and right would be stellar as well! I’m in a band and both myself and the other guitarist run stereo guitars. I’d prefer to have each left and right in the exact same spot rather than eyeballing it and without having to open the x32 edit app on my computer.
  • Still no main bus control 1/5

    By Sam712
    Don’t know why they keep leaving this out but it’s a glaring flaw. Big missing item for those that don’t have a tablet..
  • No connecting to x-32 3/5

    By Josh.Hami
    We cannot connect to our mixer please fix thanks
  • Unable to Connect 1/5

    By HurleyJ13
    I have been using the M32-Q app to control monitor mixes for my band for a few years without issue. Since the new iOS update, the M32-Q app is no longer an option. So I have downloaded this app and am totally unable to connect to the board. I am on the most current update of this app, and I still cannot connect.
  • Will not find device 1/5

    By Shanebaby
    M32q app still connects but MX-q will not find devices. If I type in IP address it still won’t connect. HELP. I’m using iPhone X with latest update 13.1.3. Console is Behring x32
  • Looks good but doesn’t work well. 2/5

    By ajohns2014
    I hate that this app doesn’t remember your IP Address. I have to retype it in every time I reopen the app.
  • Works well but will not save up address 3/5

    By JohnnyFSpade13
    The app works well. The only issue currently is the fact that the app won’t save the ip address for our Behringer X-32 console and will not automatically recognize it. So it makes it hard for the in ear monitors when you have to renter it everything you need to make a change.
  • Great butt.... 3/5

    By Rubeenssss
    So I open app and everything works connects fine but when I move volume up or a instrument it doesn’t respond like the iPad responds of my Mac does why?
  • Excellent FREE App 5/5

    By amyed97
    I am really liking the functionality of this app. It’s great that I can grant access to the monitor mixes coming out of our XR18 mixer without risking somebody in the band going out and jacking with the Main Mix! I have not experienced any drops, and I’ve only seen the normal/expected amount of latency. I’m not looking for a “full featured mixer app”... The mixer manufacturer (Behringer) has that already... I’m the Lead Guitar player in a band that doesn’t regularly employ a dedicated sound engineer (for typical smaller gigs anyway). So I have to act as the “sound guy”. This app gives me the freedom to take a “fix it yourself” attitude when another band member asks for “more me” in his monitor. It frees me up to take care of the main mix (and my own monitor) without the chance of anyone else screwing up the main mix on accident. Best part... the price is right, and much appreciated! This is a really great tool!
  • M32 Issue 2/5

    By krissmxth
    The M32 doesn’t appear or connect automatically to the MX-Q, but the X32 does. The UI is also ugly looking.
  • Great Idea that will save lots of money 5/5

    By Dcream1
    This app can essentially erase the necessity of personal IEM mixers when it is perfected... I’m running into an issue where the app can’t find the board with scanning. It Connects instantly when I type in the IP address. Also, If I’m running the app, then jump off of it, and click back on it, it will say connecting to the IP address, and never connect. Then I have to go back out and type it in again to get it to connect. MUSIC TRIBE, is there a solution to this problem I’m unaware of?
  • Disconnects and Reconnects Continuously on iPad 3/5

    By Bob Charest
    The app works with no problems on my iPhone at iOS 13.1.2. When trying to use it with my iPad Air 2, also at iOS 13.1.2 it constantly disconnects and reconnects. The M32C that it is connecting to is at firmware V3.11. Both the iPhone, iPad, and mixer are on the same network.
  • The app connects, and crashes 1/5

    By Muggle315
    On IOS 13, the app crashes on connection. Tried reinstalling the app, restarting console, and phone. It sound like a great app if it would work.
  • Immediately crashes 1/5

    By dragosjustin
    Finds both M32 and X32 that we have on our network but crashes immediately after it connects. Tried rebooting/restarting everything but still crashes. iPhone 7 running iOS 13.1.2.
  • What the heck? 1/5

    By The Real RugDog
    The app opens, scans, connects then immediately closes.
  • FOH and drummer 5/5

    By vincent 437
    I have been using Behringer products for the last 4 years and have used all the variations of apps available for controlling IEM’s. This one is one the best ones to date a lot of people need to understand that if you use a cheap residential grade router then connect multiple musicians to it it’s not going to perform very well make sure you use a commercial grade dual band high band width router. The app works great and I’m glad to see development continuing a special thumbs up for working across all Midas and Behringer platforms.
  • Has promise but needs work 2/5

    By WarLooch
    As an app developer, I get it. This app has a lot of potential (and the auto-scan for devices is extremely useful and much desired). But the app needs work. I’ve tried to use it live for X32, M32, and X-Air. And it does work... sorta. But there are some cons unfortunately. I’ll list them from worst to least problematic: 1. Lag. Oh my goodness. This app seriously needs to be optimized. Last night was the last straw. I was at a venue (playing as an end user this time) who had an M32 and let us connect to their system. It was so laggy using this app. Every time you’d move a fader it would jump right back to where it was a second ago. Maybe once out of every 3/4 tries it would stay, but it was so bad that you might have moved it in the wrong spot and your monitor would blow you away or drop the sound). The app just couldn’t seem to keep up with the bilateral data. If I had to guess (and it’s just a guess), the app is trying to read all 32 channels of data at once instead of only limiting itself to the few channels being seen on the screen. But that’s just a guess. Still, if that is the issue, then it’s something for the dev team to consider looking into. Last night we were using an iPad Air 1 and an iPad mini 2. I had no choice but to switch to the official M32 app and use sends on fader. From then on everything was smooth with zero lag. 2. The scribble strip names are WAY too microscopic to read on iPads. Should be easily fixable though, so hopefully the devs can address that (this was the same for both iPads. Tried it on my iPhone XS and it was a little more readable for that screen size). 3. The app will randomly (and sometimes often) disconnect from the server and go into a searching mode. This sometimes would happen every few seconds. On and off. Again and again. If I had to guess, I’d say that this is related to the issue noted in item 1 above. Likely the net code needs some performance tweaking. 4. (This one is minor and more of a wish-list item): None of the scribble strips take in data from the mixer. Example: color coding from X-Air and icons from X32/M32. —- Item number 1 (and 3) are really the only show stoppers for me at this point. The others I could live with and happily use this app and suggest to all the people I work with. I’m happy to update this review in the future as the app gets better and/improved and I’m happy to work with the devs for testing if they’d like an open-minded tester. If the devs are looking for ideas to replicate the lag issue, I suggest testing on a slightly congested/slower network connection. Once you see the lag, then try the official M32/X-Air apps to see that they still work fine. Maybe find out how they got around the lag issue for ideas (I’m sure they came across it during QA testing as well). Looking forward to future updates. Thanks for the hard work on the app. It doesn’t go unnoticed :). And sorry for the 2 stars. But at the current state of the app, I just can’t suggest it as a viable option. But I’m very happy to bump those stars up once the lag issue is resolved. Good luck!
  • Works well at first, but... 4/5

    By drewbeedoo
    ...after using the App for a few minutes, all of my channels display as “Drum-Kick”, which on our mixer is on Channel 1. The level meters look like they correspond to the individual channels, but didn’t verify this, but each channel’s label is wrong
  • Finally 5/5

    By KOBE24Rocks
    I love this so much better than the previous monitor apps. This is something helps so much what I need. It supports iPad for full screen mode, also screen split mode if you are using other apps at the same time such as iReal pro. Also putting an IP address is not needed as it can automatically detect the system. Also I like the grouping idea along with individual channel mix. Looking forward to further updates as well!
  • Great but... 3/5

    By Yorch Pérez
    Downloaded just when I saw the video presenting the new app, then I said it to the church musicians and the first night ran flawlessly. But then the nect service various devices were having trouble, the app kept quiting we just opening it, leaving you without any acces to the mix. I undertand the app it’s still in procces of improvement but if music group can fix that issue, would be awesome!
  • No main mix? 1/5

    By CassPinto
    Why wouldn’t they give you the option of controlling the main mix? Edit: Response to below.... fair enough. But a lot of us use only a couple of channels on the main mix and no monitor and occasionally need to do a minor adjustment of the main mix. Think guitar track one vocals track two. It would be nice to have an additional way to do these minor adjustments. You could’ve made it very clear to the user to not adjust the main mix via a warning prompt, password protect changing the main mix, etc. but eliminating functionality to prevent unintentional changes is unfortunate. Limited control possibilities is what could’ve been added rather than advising against it. The fact that you need multiple different apps on multiple different devices to control this hardware is not exactly what I’d consider user friendly.
  • Unusuable lag 1/5

    By Red_Razor23
    Using an iPad air 2 to mix an A for V aux mix. Latched channels must be set adjust and re-sent together before completing a single fader move. This alone renders the app useless. Using the M32 q app on an iPad gen 2 was significantly faster. Not sure that the programmers got this right at all. In the audio world we want the fastest speeds and the lowest latencies. This is a solid step backwards and we will not be moving away from the M32Q app. Avoid until later iterations.
  • So great! 5/5

    By SamuelCraigMusic
    Everything is clear and easy to use. Stereo panning works really well. Groupings are super easy to set up. No IP address is convenient.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By amazedandconfused
    The text size of the track names is MICROSCOPIC which, as you can imagine, is very helpful on stage. With this version of the App you no longer have the choice of just selecting just 1 side of a stereo pair, you have to have BOTH which takes up twice the screen realestate! Oh, and did I mention it is BUGGY? It locks up, quits and does weird stuff constantly. Not ready for prime time would be the understatement of the century! Honestly, how hard could it be to update a simple app like this? PS the auto detect of the console over WiFi network however is a most welcome improvement.

MX-Q app comments

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