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NETGEAR Insight App

With the NETGEAR Insight app, network discovery, setup, monitoring and management can now be done in the palm of your hand – anytime, anywhere. Unlike most network management solutions, NETGEAR Insight is a complete unified network management solution built specifically for the SMB market. With the easy, user friendly networking experience, NETGEAR Insight app enables multi-device configuration, network management, monitoring, and service deployment of select NETGEAR wireless, storage and switching devices either locally or remotely. Feature Highlights: * Manage multiple network locations from one screen * Unified cloud management of both wired and wireless networks * Instant discovery of your network devices * Unified and simplified multi-device configuration * Intuitive mobile user experience and remote access with cloud network monitoring and management * No additional need for cloud controller, appliance, network manager, or PC/server NETGEAR Insight Managed Devices: * Insight Managed Wireless Access Points – Meeting the need for higher bandwidth, multi-user support​ * Insight Managed Switches — Networking made simple * ReadyNAS Storage — Powerful, scalable NETGEAR Insight Cloud Portal now available at

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NETGEAR Insight app reviews

  • Hard to use in secure network 1/5

    By Bert1138
    Tools 3 days of ip changes and firewall rules Still not working as expected Get a good switch and you won’t need this. I’ll update if my thoughts on this change
  • Small home network with multiple Access points? 2/5

    By TheOriginalRecordboy
    Only supports a limited number of compatible devices. Might be good if your devices are on the list, of which none of my Netgear products are. Why can’t you take the page from Apple’s Airport app?!? To whatever company can manage to build an app that does this will get my money.
  • [Orbi Pro] Glitchy & needs updates, just use the online gateway 3/5

    By ipod_lover2
    This was a great app at first but after you use it for a bit it gets very glitchy. It says that one of the satellites is down even though it is working fine, and setup was painful. Hope they fix this to make it more stable...
  • Doesnt work well on iOS 1/5

    By RobotPigOverlord
    I cannot do simple things like reboot my Insight AP via the app because when i tap the reboot "button", nothing happens. This same issue of buttons not responding to clicks happens with multiple different options throughout the app, so i am unable to access a lot of the features and configuration options. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app but the problem persisted.
  • App review - hard to use 1/5

    By DTD41z
    This is NOT a renew of the hardware but rather the software and the installation/setup process which was rather like watching Scotland trying to qualify for the World Cup: disappointing and irritating. First the app forces portrait mode rendering my iPad Pro with a keyboard rather useless. The setup is not very intuitive and perhaps confusing if things are done in the ‘wrong’ order. I purchased a NAS214 and four 12TB disks, the max configuration for this device. Putting the disks in before configuring the device maybe made things more difficult. As soon as I put the disks in and power on the device it started syncing the data. I let this run for about 5 hours and then powered down to get this app and configure the device. After configuration was done the device was recognized, on my LAN with an IP. Status showed it configured as RAID5 giving about 37TG. With about 12 hours of resyncing the formatting is about 1/3 complete. With RAID5 there is no need to write 48TB of zeros. You can write the control structures only. No real validation of the ‘health’ of the disk is accomplished by this as its almost certain the the controller with ‘eat’ bad sectors with no errors until the free pool is exhausted. You only to a setup once so if the hardware is reliable I would probably get a bigger one of these if all goes well.
  • This is awful don’t buy the hardware or use the software 1/5

    By Ttpickentt
    This is an awful software. Not intuitive. The hardware is worse. Don’t buy this. I consider myself pretty tech savvy. But this requires too much energy to resolve.
  • Not designed for iDevices 2/5

    By eyeondrive
    Or at least nobody bothered to test it. Couldn’t create a new account. Period. But along the way I fount hat I couldn’t even tap the create a new account link on an iPhone because the keyboard covers it an the is no scroll. If you have an account, fine. Otherwise, Tantalus. So I switched to my iPad. Now there is enough room to see the link. But guess what? It doesn’t work. Seriously!
  • The hardware is in the shelf life, but it is ignored after the sale. 1/5

    By einicyeo
    After less than six months of use, the device can't be powered, the hardware is in the shelf life, but the after-sales is ignored.The switch cannot be powered on, no indicator is displayed, the reset is invalid, and the network port has no indicator.
  • AC750 WiFi Extender 1/5

    By Shellann01
    Only worked for 3 months .. always having to unplug then plug it back in .. want money to get help.. and was too expensive..AC750 definitely not worth the $67.54 with tax.
  • Why should I have create a Netgear account to use this app? 1/5

    By NicholFD
    Bad idea to put your network access/management online. Even worse idea to even consider using a Facebook account for authentication. Why can’t this app be used on my local network to manage my Netgear devices????
  • Remotely function 1/5

    By J3ss4 14
    I'm booted off without notification! Then ALWAYS prompted to sign in to account. I never signed out. Send I have to change my password at every login in 🤬 not impressed
  • Astonishingly bad 1/5

    By benfly134
    This is an impressively bad app. Although I don’t actually know all about it, since I can’t even get past the setup screen - the link to create a netgear account doesn’t work on my iPad. Combine that with the lack of landscape mode functionality and so far even 1 star seems generous. Really not happy to have my new $500 NAS held hostage, I think this is going back to the store for a different brand. Netgear seems to seek to destroy what used to be a quality name - buyers should look elsewhere.
  • The solution 5/5

    By BossGvt
    Years of WiFi issues .. Netgear illuminated the issues and the stress. Research and read if you’re not pleased with your device . There are answers to any issues . It’s the best
  • Nice free remote management 5/5

    By Turtle Nick
    Nice system to remotely manage your home network for free. I have a couple of access points so I can see what’s connecting and whether the internet is up. Good for troubleshooting while traveling.
  • This App is slow, buggy, and useless. 1/5

    By MaxHedrm
    Registration doesn’t allow you to select a country. They managed to make even typing slow and painful. It also doesn’t seem to recognize the wired switch that is connected to my WiFi router. That makes it useless to monitor anything from a WiFi only device like an iPhone.
  • This is an Alsome App 5/5

    By It's a alsome app
    This is an Alsome App
  • Incredible is an understatement 5/5

    By Weizenblut
    I was hesitant to replace the Apple Airport Extreme Base Stations in my business as they have done their job. Unfortunately, I have way more WiFi devices that I needed to support and it was time for a commercial grade solution. After a lot of research and taking to Linksys and Netgeae individually I decided to go with the Access Point and Managed POR switches that are cloud managed by their Insight Platform. I couldn’t be happier. From setup to ease of use of the app. It has been an amazing experience.
  • Unable to Access App 1/5

    By Meghan211
    When I attempt to create an account for the app and I receive a notification to review my email for account verification, nothing is in my inbox. I also tried creating an account through Facebook and was unsuccessful. Not sure why the verification email is not coming through...
  • Cannot register 2/5

    By Austin Aggie
    Cannot register account because it will not accept country value of United States
  • The update really adds a lot of value 5/5

    By Fhggbg
    Unique solution, easy to use. Very reliable app
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Harleypip
    Can not get past “Country not Entered” and will not allow you to enter country in settings, so you can’t use the app.
  • Facebook! 2/5

    By blueskys61
    Really using Facebook!! with anything to to do with still more Personal information especially direct access to my routers network settings with there track record, Really NET-GEAR you’re that hard up for money you’re willing to sell/trade off our security to Facebook
  • Mysterious 1/5

    By tomofpittsburgh
    Doesn’t seem to be compatible with Netgear products. Just keeps telling me my hardware is already registered to another account. When it’s this account. *update* Netgear said to contact them with my information. They confirmed that my Netgear switch and Netgear Nighthawk router are not compatible with this Netgear app. Thanks?
  • Pswd mgr UNfriendly 1/5

    By TheSinisterDuck
    For some asinine reason, pasting into the password field on login screen is disallowed. This makes using a password manager extremely inconvenient - who wants to type a securely generated password? I find this ‘feature’ incongruent with the point of the app - conveniently and securely managing my network.
  • Has horizontal gone out the window? 2/5

    By Greggggg a loo
    I have been finding more apps recently that wont switch to landscape mode. Super annoying!
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Vulgar demos
    Here’s what the onboarding experience is like. You try to sign in through Facebook and the Netgear app kicks back an error. So you try to paste in your long password but it won’t even pull up the “paste” menu on double tap. Thus encouraging you to reset password and create a weak one you can memorize and easily type in. So you hit reset password. You get an email that takes you to a reset page. You put in new password and page loads an expired error even though the email is 10 seconds old. Horrible experience.
  • Moo 5/5

    By Dereklee0
  • Need more work 2/5

    By Njwheels
    Basics like device discovery don’t work. Your registered devices are associated with your account, but you can’t select them or copy the SN to add them to your network analysis. More updates please Netgear.
  • Good luck w/ subscription model 1/5

    By Kasper Harris
    I’m a long time loyal user of Netgear devices. The app found most of my devices and was simple to configure. I will delete this app once the paid subscription goes into place. It’s great to know that Netgear punishes their users if they purchase more than than 2 devices. Time to move on...
  • Great upgrade 5/5

    By superphenomenaluser
    Great upgrade from the last version. Provides much better functionality and more features. Works well
  • Not impressed & it’ll cost ya 2/5

    By Realisttheoriginal
    OK Netgear, people actually use their iPad horizontally not vertically. And some actually type either on the screen or with a keyboard and the keyboard is horizontal. OMG if its designed for iPad, at least test it on an actual iPad. Or even an iPhone for that matter. Think horizontal. My second issue is: REALLY? You are going to charge per device? OMG just another way to extract money from your loyal base. The third issue is the extreme labor intensive way to add each device. Seriously there is no option to have it search an existing, functioning network and you simply supply the password for all or each device? Unbelievable. And create another account/password and alternately use Facebook credentials as an alternative? Please think about IT security. On the positive side, the interface is very pretty. The layout from what I saw before I gave up was clear and appeared easy to work with. But I suspect very few will have the time/patience to set this up and then find themselves with another yearly/monthly $ draw from their assets. Netgear makes great products and this app, if fixed, should be FREE as it would encourage more purchases of their products.

NETGEAR Insight app comments

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