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Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noom is different. Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifies your deep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and builds a custom game plan to help you form healthy habits, faster. Featured in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we've already helped over 45 million people worldwide build health habits and achieve their health goals. People who use Noom lose an average of 18 pounds in just 16 weeks! 78% keep the weight off for over a year. Learn how to navigate your environment, challenge your thoughts, master your triggers, and overcome any barrier that might come your way. Whether it's emotional eating, cravings at mid-day, difficulty with social eating, or a sweet tooth, Noom's scientifically backed-solution will help you create a plan to overcome any obstacle and practice healthier habits until you've mastered them! What you get: - Scientifically-proven psychology approach to “trick” your body into building healthy habits, faster - Flexible coaching designed to help you set and achieve your short- and long-term goals, and provide you with as much daily support and accountability you need -- you decide! - Personalized feedback from your coach based on your in-app activity and progress - Tools to track your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure, and blood sugar all in one place - Interactive content with over 250+ new articles, including choose-your-own adventure style guides to apply our #PsychTricks into your daily life, seamlessly - Smarter technology to identify your challenges in real time and keep you on track - Custom meal + workout Plans available to take your progress to the next level - Our most comprehensive food database, with over half a million new and updated food logging options and barcodes to make your experience even better - An award-winning, battery-friendly pedometer to count your steps Our team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers have created a new course that takes the most effective behavior change research and techniques and delivers them to you in daily bite-size articles and interactive challenges to teach you the skills you need to improve your health. Sign up today to turn your healthy thoughts into healthy actions with Noom! If you subscribe to Noom through the web, you can get information about your subscription or cancel by sending a message to Concierge Eva or your Goal Specialist. If you subscribe through iTunes, the credit card associated with your iTunes account will be charged at the end of the 7-day trial period, and your subscription will automatically renew every 30 days thereafter unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. If you do not cancel, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, at a rate of $44.99 per month for our Healthy Weight Program. If you purchase a subscription during the free trial period, any unused portion of the trial period will be forfeited. To manage your Noom subscription from iTunes: 1) On your iOS device, go to your device Settings and the ‘iTunes & App Stores’. 2) Tap on your Apple ID. 3) Tap to ‘View Apple ID’. (You may need to sign in or use Touch ID.) 4) Tap on ‘Subscriptions’. 5) Choose ‘Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss’. 6) Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions of Use:

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Noom app reviews

  • Wishing 3/5

    By GGParker
    I like this app. I am slowly losing weight. But, I wish that NOOM would link my iPhone and my iPad. Would like the info to automatically transfer.
  • Wish I never installed 1/5

    By Mistress Mali
    It is extremely difficult to unsubscribe to this app. You have to enter a credit card (again) just to do so, which I refuse. Can’t get in touch with support without the premium subscription, which is way too much IMHO. Wish I never even tried to install.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By Measamouse
    I have been following the program for 8 weeks and gone from hovering between 127-129 to hovering between 125-127. My goal was 119. I think the problem was that I was not overweight to begin with but just at the high end of the normal range for my height and wanted to be at the low end. Most of the things Noom recommended I had already made a part of my daily practice so it didn’t really have anything to offer. Still would love to lose 10 lbs!
  • This Program Works 5/5

    By megs_1431
    I have tried many times over the last ten years to get into healthier habits, but I’ve never been able to maintain for more than a few days. Noom is different. It explains the physical, emotional, and social effects on your food choices, and helps you be aware of those unconscious unhealthy decisions you’ve been making. I’ve been in the program for four weeks and lost 13lbs so far. Longest I’ve ever stuck with a weight loss program, only time I’ve been able to purposefully lose weight. The only criticism I have at this point is that program tries to help you have a neutral attitude towards food, but then still sometimes refers to some foods as evil. There’s some sense of your value being tied to your weight, which is not something I vibe with.
  • So Far, So Good! 5/5

    By Deb the Carnivore
    Well, I am 4 weeks in, and not only have I started losing weight, but most importantly, I am gaining so much insight into why and when I eat. Having an understanding of these things helps me embrace new habits and approaches. I falter at times, usually due to an environment (like travel), but I am getting better at applying what I am learning so that I can get back on track. I look forward to the next part of my journey.
  • Food logging 4/5

    By Dml1995
    I love Noom, don’t get me wrong but the food logging is not always ideal, at least not for me. I find that a lot of restaurants are incorrect calories and I do report that it’s wrong but it doesn’t change. I also feel like it has a less broad range of foods than my fitness pal so I have to use a different brand of something for certain items and adjust the calories myself. Lastly, putting in my own recipe is kind of a pain and a little confusing. If I make pasta and use the whole box, that isn’t an option. I have to figure out how many cups it is and add from there. Then when I do portions prepared/ portions ate.. I’m not sure what they’re counting as portions vs what I’m counting. I wish all of that was just a little easier and correct.
  • Unauthorized Charge for Annual Sibcription 3/5

    By TomWAC
    They’ll draft your account for $129 without authorization and then say, “they cannot cancel your current plan”. Total scam. Be careful.
  • Working for me 5/5

    By Travelgramma
    This program is easy to use if the style (pretty psychological) suits you. I like the big data base for tracking your food intake.
  • I believe 5/5

    By Brad1241
    I’ve tried many programs in a attempt to lose weight and keep it off So far so good, this time it really seems doable Thanks noom and the support of a group that encourages on a daily basis James
  • Complicado... 3/5

    By Gilles R.
    Es difícil saber las calorías de lo que comes. La lista está muy incompleta.
  • I really liked this app, but it was too expensive for me personally. 3/5

    By mybestestlady1645
    I really liked the connection to other people with this app, also the tips and information they give you are nice to get every day. I really liked having the check list of things to read through and think about. I liked the overall setup of the app but the automatic charges are not the best. After the 2 week trial it is expensive, especially for someone like me who is a college student. But if you are willing to pay the $99 or more and keep up the commitment then this would be a great app for you.
  • Fun and functional! 5/5

    By Worth the Squeeze
    Exceptional program! It actually teaches you how to change your life; it’s not about teaching you a diet.
  • Good Ap 4/5

    By mikefrizellsr
    The only issue I have is it lumps everyone in the beginners category.
  • Getting Healthier with Noom 4/5

    By Healthier Nana 4 6!
    My weight has been a battle since I was 13. At 73, I finally found a healthy support answer to get this battle under control! Noom is an easy to use, informative, supportive and healthy weight loss option! The daily emotional support I get everyday from the coaches and my “group” is just what I needed. Each day, I learn more about my health, relationship with food, weight and how to adjust my thinking and food options. The actual Noom takes me about 15-20 minutes a day to complete. It gives me a chance to sit down and truly focus on ME! The time is worth every second!! I highly recommend the Noom program for all ages!!!! second.
  • So different from other plans 5/5

    By Irishqtpie75
    I was completely skeptical of this program but after 4 weeks I am completely sold. The program educated you about making healthy choices - no food is off the table and you learn how to maximize food intake efficiently so that you are losing weight and still feeling acceptably full. I have tried so many programs and this is the first that I am still excited to use after a full month. Definitely worth the monthly cost if it keeps me this fit all year long!
  • Automatically charged $99 1/5

    By ngdthr
    Without warning, I never used and forgot I even had fond the trial. Then I get a $99. Charge which is not refundable. Just beware. I got nothing out of this.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By ttytyyyyyyy
    The health coaches do not give you any useful advice. It is all very generic diet advice that is not personalized at all. Anybody that has lived on planet earth can access their advice and calories counts for free using my fitnesspal or other FREE apps. Just be warned they charge you $99 even if you cancel on the last day of the free trial. The previous reviewers must be paid reviewers, anybody with half a brain can get their services for free.
  • Review 5/5

    By Kingstown's
    I am very happy that I joined Noom. I have been on various weight loss programs throughout my life and all have never dealt with post dietary programs thus leading to weight gain and failure. Noom teaches along the journey and uses psychology to teach you dietary as well as exercise and nutrition to change your lifestyle.
  • Life is more than the number on the scale 5/5

    By Lynda2235
    You can do it 😁 No guilt here! Learn to understand why you eat what you eat. Actually weight loss is a total body, mind, and spirit journey. This is where everyone needs to be. Start your journey here.
  • Engaging, but could be improved 3/5

    By TheresaEstrada
    Overall, I’ve been happy with my Noom experience in the first few weeks of using it. I find the short bits of info interesting and presented in an easy to consume way. I like the satisfaction I get from checking off each task throughout the day and find that keeps me coming back to the app, which reminds me to log my meals - and that’s a huge key for me to improve my eating habits. Some suggestions for improvement: 1. Add the ability to track some of the other goals that I set. For example, a simple UI for noting how many times I completed a new habit (with some templates to cover scenarios like drinking enough water each day). 2. Show me some analysis of the foods I’m eating over time.. I’ve logged every meal, but don’t have any way to see on average how much I’m under or over my budget each day, which days of the week I tend to be better worse on, if I go over because of too much red or yellow food, etc 3. Similarly, analysis around exercise (and how it correlates to my food intake or days of the week or weight loss in a week). You have all this data, but it doesn’t appear to be used in a way that is useful to me. 4. My coach doesn’t seem very personalized.. she asks me questions, but again, it doesn’t seem like she’s using all the data available. In fact, I was asked to assess what I’ve learned from logging meals.. I would expect her to be able to share with me some insights from all the meal logging.
  • Truly Weight loss app 4/5

    By Ajay2585
    This app really helps me to eat food in moderation.
  • NOOM review 4/5

    By MamaGauth
    I am loving the program! My only disappointment is the calorie/grouping of some foods. I logged a spinach/mixed greens salad that was counted as a yellow....also scanned a few barcodes and the calories in NOOM were higher than those listed on the product
  • Ann fc 5/5

    By Ann Foley-Collins
    Changing my food mindset! Love the app because it’s educational and easy way to loose weight.
  • Beware !! 1/5

    By cwadelove16
    I am so very beyond disappointed with nooms sneaky tactics. I have now been charged 148 dollars because I didn’t think I was going to be duped and failed to read the disgustingly underhanded small print. I am usually pretty good at catching tactics and trick but they got me!! If you are downloading this app just be absolutely ready to the almost 20.00 trial fee and 148.00!
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By unhappy01234
    Deceptive app designed to get your interest then charge you unless you are very careful to opt out before the initial trial period ends. Even if you never use the app they will auto charge you unless you are careful to cancel. Zero stars!! Kevin
  • BE. CAREFUL. 1/5

    By Isuckbutimbored
    I wanted to try it out because I heard good reviews. For someone who has a chaotic life, this I can’t keep up with. Also, for someone who has anxiety and issues with confidence, the app makes you get on the scale EVERYDAY. That made me crazy! I deleted the app and stopped using it DAYS AGO. They charged me 99 dollars today without me agreeing to it. IM A POOR COLLEGE STUDENT AND NOW MY ACCOUNT IS NEGATIVE.
  • Complete Scam 1/5

    By Really all the names are taken
    Do not fall for this scam. They tout a one on one coaching experience and give a bot. They then bill you erroneously for services they did not provide. They refuse to refund they money they fraudulently billed, in excess of $100! I have made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Stay far away!
  • Beware 1/5

    By CharmanderMD
    A scam cushioned by fake positive reviews. The free trial turns into a $140 purchase if you don’t cancel that they refuse to refund (revealing their true intentions by this scheme). The app interface is okay but provides nothing that other free apps that don’t steal money from your bank account do not. You do get a pointless weekly scripted check-in from a “coach” (robot) if that appeals to you. If this were an honest company they would offer upfront pricing with the option of weekly or monthly payments. Unfortunately, that does not describe this scam which intentionally preys on people who are already unhappy in their current lives. To bolster this complaint, please read through ALL of the reviews. You will see “scam” as an ongoing theme.
  • Basically a food logging app 3/5

    By Inspired2Live
    I was hoping for something different than the usual weight loss app. It’s basically a food logging app unless you pay extra. Everything offered can be found elsewhere for free (if you didn’t already know it!!). Can’t figure out why Noom claims to be so different. But as far as food logging goes, it’s not too bad. Some measurements could use adjusting. The create a recipe feature would benefit from the scan bar code option. Therefore, making my own recipes easier to track for accurate caloric values.
  • NOOM app 5/5

    By Mother of the groom:)
    Amazing! I have lost 10 pounds in 4+ weeks! I love the coaches encouragement & direction helping with strategy, the scientific knowledge & tips designed for me right on time!
  • Overwhelming 1/5

    By mucholderlady
    I started out fine. I enjoyed the interactive app. However, when my schedule got crazy, and I literally did NOT have the 10 minutes to do the quizzes, I fell behind. I could not just jump back in on the new week. I would have had to do all of the quizzes and stuff from the week before, which was completely overwhelming during a time when I was already very stressed. Also, all of the people in my chat seemed to be losing weight and my weight did not budge. I felt disheartened rather than encouraged.
  • Troubled 1/5

    By 2Dive4$
    Noom is way way to exspensive There way way to much to read That fact the you can track your food is the biggest benefit that I find in the app 7day free trail that’s a great thing but still to much
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Nessinha
    Stay away from this app, they will charge you $99 even if you uninstalled and refuse to give you your money back.
  • Good Psychology, untrustworthy calories 4/5

    By Pargaret
    Update: I have canceled about halfway through the program. There wasn’t anything really wrong with it; I just feel like I got the most out of it that I will. At this point in the program, they repeat material and regurgitate info that I already know. I think Noom is great for someone who has mostly unhealthy eating habits and is not active—someone who really needs help. I’m active and I’m mostly a healthy eater, and I already knew so much of what they were teaching. It did help me realize what I was eating and that my main issue is overeating, but now I understand that and what I have to do. It’s pretty simple for me. This program is in depth and dives deep into Psychology to get you to break habits. All of that is good. But I’ve noticed so many issues with logging food. Many store bought foods that I scan have the wrong calorie count in the app, so I have to double check it every time and then adjust it manually. I’ve flagged the problem every time, but it never gets fixed. This makes me a little untrustworthy of the calorie count for all other foods in their system.
  • Bad reviews 1/5

    By #help4u
    Trial be aware I thought I cancelled but turns out I didn’t. In order to cancel you need to message the trainer. And they don’t mention that on the email. I thought I cancelled through my phone apps subscriptions week before trial ended and they charged me $120 first day after my trial ended rip off they don’t have a good customer service either know one live to speak with
  • Not my style, okay info 3/5

    By stew1020
    The style of writing for this program is campy, silly, annoying. I think the basics of the program are okay and there is some useful information if you can ignore the presentation.
  • Never Worked. 1/5

    By Cajunbelle0518
    I hate putting one star, but I have tried to log in for 3 days. I am unable to access my account. When I go to log in it tells me I must be connected to wifi, well I am but I don’t like how I have to be connected to wifi. I don’t always have wifi available & my cell service should be enough. I have not been able to speak with my coach or long in.
  • Dislike some aspects 3/5

    By Brianna Rose H
    So far, I love most things about this however as someone who has been seeing a professional nutritionist for quite a while, seeing this app group foods into “red” categories and “green” categories is a red flag to me. It falsely pushes the idea that calorie dense foods are terrible, bad things to stay away from, when that is not always the case. For example, I went to log my breakfast this morning and was surprised when cashews displayed the “red” description. Everyone needs sources of all kinds of nutrients, and simply grouping foods into “good” or “bad” is inherently unhealthy for people trying to maintain healthier lifestyles both physically and mentally, especially if they have had habits of disordered eating or an eating disorder.
  • The psychology of “weight” 5/5

    By "YoQi"
    Noom approaches what the psychological life style changes are To obtain healthy weight loss. We can all count calories but do we know “why”....What mental, emotional and physical factors attribute to our consumption of food. How do choose what we eat, how much to eat and what habits motivate those choices. Noom works because we have to be the changes that we want to become
  • Just finished a month 5/5

    By Origami Girl
    I love it! I couldn’t imagine there would be enough new material about my weight loss journey for Noom to keep me occupied every day, but they do. I’ve stuck with this for more than a month now, and usually I abandon my diet by lunch on Monday. Every day I wake up and look forward to their snack sized posts about how this works. How much weight have I lost?Five-ish out of my target 8 pounds. It’s not that much weight, but the amount had gradually crept up and I couldn’t shake it. (I’m just shy of my 54th birthday.) I started feeling worse and worse about myself. Noom addresses how bad you feel right away and helps you to learn to see the myriad factors that affect my emotional and physical state. There is no magic here; it’s all research/data driven. I’m back in a very reasonable zone for my weight and feeling good and in control. The voice of the writing is at times, juvenile, even though the content is scientific. But I’ve come to think of it as though a young, smart, cheerful person is explaining everything to me. This phantom narrator is definitely on my team, as is the real-life coach who was assigned to me after a week.
  • Beware of trial then charge 1/5

    By Brad_331
    See all the other reviews here. Set a calendar reminder to cancel and delete so you don’t get charged for the full year.
  • #psychtips 5/5

    By Kate from Quincy
    This program is great! I love how easy it is to log food and get an analysis of what I am eating. The best part is the psychological tips. While I knew that feeling full enough was important, I didn’t realize that how full I feel after a meal was learned and I could unlearn it. There are so many other psych tips like this and so many ways to change my lifestyle and not just my weight. It is about being intentional while learning the tools to make good choices.
  • The Free Trial is a Lie 1/5

    By Thbtbt
    I signed up for the 7 day free trial for the coaching program thinking I wouldn’t get charged the $44.99 fee until the last day of the trial. The same day I sign up I see a charge in my bank account for $44.99 from Noom. What happened to the free trial? I thought I had 7 days before I would be charged? Not cool, Noom. Not cool. I cancelled my subscription right away but I don’t hold out much hope that I will ever get my $ back. The so called “support” page is a series of links that gives you the runaround with no serious means of contacting them via email. And the 800# listed on BBB just sends you to a recorded message that simply tells you to go to their website (not to mention there are loads of complaints about Noom on the BBB website). Noom, if you are reading this, give me my $$ back!
  • Noom iz da shirt 5/5

    By Not Bob
    U heard me.
  • Beware of auto renewal 1/5

    By wikiwee
    Liked the app, but stopped using it and honestly forgot about it until I saw a charge on my credit card for a renewal. Since I hadn’t used the app in weeks and reached out to them Immediately, I assumed they would offer a refund. They would not offer a full refund - only partial. Seems very slimy and completely changed my opinion of the app - terrible customer service. Never again. If you do use this app make sure to set a reminder to cancel.
  • NOOM for you 4/5

    By Lolita8234
    This app has been quite helpful. It’s not just an app to help you count calories, it teaches you what to eat, when to eat and there is no “bad” food. I have learned about how hormones change your weight and make you more hungry then normal. Give it a try!!! Your personal coach can answer your questions. And we also get to be in a group chat with people on the same part of the NOOM journey. I have learned a lot and I’m only 1/4 of the way through. 😊
  • Boring 1/5

    By CindyBC58
    I lost a total of 122 with Biggest Losers, Zumba, and weight watchers and by shear desire to succeed. This program is boring. No one contacts ya. Biggest loser I learned how to cook differently. Weight watchers I learned proportional. Zumba WII Fit was the exercise that prompted me to continue. And someone was always telling me I could do it. This Noom is a D.I.Y. Program which doesn’t work for me. I would like to cancel my subscription. ASAP! This is the third time I have requested this; no response has been received.
  • Shady business practices 1/5

    By KS_Mamma
    During the initial questionnaire it said the trial subscription was free but later you are asked how much you would pay to try a service like this and there was not a free option. The lowest option was $1. Basically whichever option you choose is what they charge you for the “free” trial period. Later when your free trial is over they just charge you for the highest plan without ever asking you if you want the monthly, 4 month, 6 month or annual plan. You are never asked at any point to pick a plan nor are you told it’s automatically the highest plan. Even if you cancel when you realize what they have done, the charges are not refundable. They are shady! Their program may be ok but it is not worth being subjected to shady charges and business practices.
  • Terrific Weight Loss Program! 5/5

    By EV Charger
    I am very excited about my results from being in this program for just over a month! In addition to losing 20 pounds I am changing my eating habits, getting more exercise, and learning many psychological and scientific tips on developing a healthy lifestyle. I am well on my way to losing 50 pounds and looking living a healthy active lifestyle in my retirement years. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious and committed to making these changes.

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