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We're the experts in the science of behavior change. You're the expert in you. Together, we make the perfect team! A scientifically-proven psychological approach to weight loss and behavior change that works. Our team of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers has created a program that takes the most effective behavior change research and psychological techniques and delivers them to you in a way that suits your lifestyle (and works!). Featured in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we've already helped over 45 million people worldwide build healthy habits and achieve their health goals. On average, Noomers lose 18lbs in 16 weeks, and over 86% of Noomers keep it off beyond one year. How it works With Noom, it's not about working harder, it's about working smarter. And our approach to building healthier habits will help you find your path of least resistance. Whether your goal is to stop yo-yo dieting, run your first 5k, feel more energetic, or change your relationship with food, we'll help you achieve it. 1. Stop dieting Noom will help you finally ditch the idea of "good" foods and "bad" foods and develop a healthier relationship with food. Together, we'll help you find your healthy balance. Hint: It doesn't involve cutting desserts or a drink or two at happy hour. No nonsense nutrition. Empowered eating. 2. Master your mindset You know what you need to do -- you just need help doing it. The secret to success is understanding why you do what you do, and our coaches will help you build self-awareness and self-efficacy. Forget willpower. Focus on brain power. 3. Build better habits Instead of focusing on quick fixes or pricy trends, Noom helps you develop healthy, sustainable habits that align with your goals and your lifestyle. Break your self-sabotaging behaviors and develop balanced relationships with food and yourself that last. It's not rocket science. It's psychology. What you'll get - Set and achieve your short- and long-term goals with your personal Goal Specialist - Develop practical skills to conquer your food triggers, master mindful eating, shop smarter, and make healthier choices in social situations - Practice 100s of "#PsychTricks" to build healthier habits faster - Make progress every day with in-the-moment guidance and feedback on your food choices - Work with your coaching team to customize your program and access support and accountability - Uncover your ultimate why with your Goal Specialist to unlock lasting motivation and inspiration - Master your self-awareness with over 1000 interactive lifestyle lessons - Step up your game with custom meal + workout plans available. You can track your activity data either manually or automatically by connecting the app to Apple Health Your 100% unique weight loss program will explore: - The science of weight loss - Eating styles & eating scripts - The whats, whens, whys, and hows of eating - Emotional and stress eating - … and so much more! And by the end of our program, you'll master: - Habit building - Calorie density - 13 types of hunger - Mindful eating and joyful movement - 7 daily dietary habits - Practical skills to cope with stress and other emotions - Other lifestyle habits like sleep, self-care, and life balance that impact your wellbeing

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Noom app reviews

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$ 1/5

    By jarlz1
    A lot of super fast charges! We’ll see if it pans out! I’ll change ratings if I see results, but they charged about $300 up front! (Day one)!!
  • Spam!! SPAM 1/5

    By Masalta1
    Every day I have received an email from them about how I haven’t responded to emails they have sent when I have multiple times and I’m still receive if the same email EVERYDAY!! I wouldn’t get this app is I was you they will flood your emails. Very unprofessional.
  • Silly puns 5/5

    By Creationsby
    I love noom's silly puns, articles with humor and the accountability of my coach and my weight loss support group.

    By Bakervilla4
    Great program teaches and shows how and why we chose and give you the tools to make positive change...
  • Food Entry 2/5

    By jalxj
    Too hard to enter multiple meals. You have to close out every time to enter next meal
  • Impossible to cancel service! 1/5

    By AvidWatcher203
    Like a chain gym who will charge you every 6 months after you try to cancel. Have tried to cancel since last year, but they require you to jump through hoops. No phone number to call for customer service. Even changed my bank card number but they continue to charge. $159 charge every 6 months. Filing a claim with my bank. Don’t sign up if you are unsure. They will keep charging you!!!!
  • It works! 5/5

    By survman
    5 weeks in, down 25 lbs! Still eating what I like just not as much. Feels Good.
  • I feel understood for the first time 😢😢🥰🥰 5/5

    By Crayon 2693
    I have tried everything for 10 years to loose weight. Lots of trauma and PCOS (google it) make it impossible for me to loose weight. I did not want to pay for one more “promise of change” that would leave me more deflated (because I secretly knew I was going to fail) but extreme depression and another 5lbs during this awful quarantine left me almost suicidal so I decided to give it a try. I have only been doing this for a week but for the first time in 10 years my scale has gone down (2lbs) but more than that I’m feeling stronger, more in control and 💯 supported. The tutoring is amazing. With absolutely zero judgement I feel like this app sees me and loves what it sees. I feel like it’s teaching me to love me. Oh gosh. So thankful to you guys who put this together. You’re literally saving lives 😍😍😍😭😭😭🥰🥰💕💕💕
  • New At Noom 5/5

    By Susan Lyn
    I love Noom! It is very positive and motivational!
  • Reached my goal 5/5

    By mlsh23
    I just finished 4 months with Noom and I have reached my goal of losing 20 lbs and feel great. I have tried many “diets” throughout the years and have lost weight and gained it back. Noom doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. The difference is they make you look at your choices and your relationship with food in a new refreshing way. They show you how to stay motivated even on those tough days we all have. They keep you accountable and before long you are following their advice without a second thought. 4 months was perfect for me and when I chose to cancel and continue on my own I had absolutely no problems. I would recommend Noom to anyone struggling with weight loss.
  • Problems 5/5

    By Bev vie
    When I log a meal and hit complete,the screen goes blank and stays that way for over an hour. This morning when I logged breakfast, the color section noted my food choices but said I was over in all categories!
  • I love this app and program! 5/5

    By Tdawg82
    I started Noom about 5 weeks ago and this app has been so helpful. I’m learning so much about how to eat for a lifestyle not just a diet.
  • Terrific for Weight Loss! 3/5

    By jlowry0802
    Noom is a great app for weight loss. The psychology and portion control aspects of the app make this type of weight loss applicable in real life. However, the app itself I’ve had some problems with. The app keeps shutting out when I’m using it, and this happens about every 5 minutes while I’m on the app. If this was fixed, then I would totally give 5 stars.
  • Fun to do 5/5

    By Nise122
    I want to thank the developers for making this app so much fun to use. It’s my first day using it and I’m so motivated by the information and humor. I really do feel like the app is my friend (Strange, huh?) prodding next along.
  • Noom is an eye opener!! 5/5

    By Pbush58
    Noom rocks! I am learning so much about food and how my body processes it. I’m losing weight and becoming healthy and enjoying the journey and the people that I meet along the way!!
  • Eye opener 5/5

    By rock star pooop butt
    I have been using Noom for a week and it has been so helpful. It has opened my eyes to the calories I had been eating and is guiding me toward changing my habits. I really feel this program will work for me and I will accomplish the goals I have been unable to accomplish for years.
  • Helpful app but needs improvements 3/5

    By ausernoom
    Please fix white screen defect, also food pick list should contain user’s foods, also measures should default properly
  • Noom app review 2/5

    By Jarrett's Mom
    I am really enjoying the concept of the Noom program and am seeing the benefits from it. However, the app is NOT the most user friendly compared to other weight loss app that are available. - The recipe builder does not have a scan feature - The flow in general is awkward - my iPad app does NOT sync with my iPhone! Very frustrating! - I have not found how to share with friends (ie my husband and close friend are doing Noom together) Hoping for the app to improve as I am again really enjoying the concept!
  • Two Thumbs Up! 5/5

    By MoniqueG72
    I’ve been on this program for a week now, and am really enjoying it. I love that it gives you things to read and think about each day, so there is constant learning going on. Plus it’s written with a sense of humor. I also love the psychological aspect, as well as the fact that nothing is entirely off-limits. I need flexibility, but I also need to learn why I do what I do and how to overcome those pitfalls, and make better choices. Noom is teaching me how to do that.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Ipod99887
    This app will hide your subscription so you forget about it. The technology to cancel it is so confusing and doesn’t show up on your apple subscriptions. I got charged 99$ the minute the trial was up and didn’t ask if I wanted to continue. The app it’s self is not good technical and repetitive. Also, there are not many good options so lots of manual entering. Once again it’s a scam, zero tech support, just want your money. THEY DONT ASK FOR YOUR PERMISSION!!!
  • Deceptive subscription policy!!!! 1/5

    By HOUSE_1996
    Not only does the 14 day free trial auto enroll you for a massive $100+ fee the subscription DOES NOT SHOW IN THE APP STORE! I checked to see if my subscription was cancelled, confirmed its absence under my subscriptions list and promptly deleted the app only to have my account charged. I’ve been out of work since COVID and don’t have extra cash to be spending on an app I DONT even HAVE! Their website says they don’t offer refunds! Many subscriptions I can cancel and get the unused fee back! Apparently four hours in and I still owe them $130. INSANE! Why would you set up your system to not show on the App Store unless you were hoping to get money by tricking people into paying for a service they don’t want? It’s deceptive and bad business.

    By ZonkerB
    **update: it’s been 6 HOURS since i requested a password reset email. I can’t really recommend this app to anyone now, based on the horrible tech support, or rather lack of same. I’m now stuck with another month of a shoddy product bc i didn’t have the sense to cancel my ‘script when this first started failing. Their no-refund policy is def there for a reason. The program itself was sound and i had success, however after 6 good months, the app got wonky & support is VERY shoddy. I was instructed to do a reinstall and now, finding that i’ve apparently forgotten my password, i can’t log back in. Requesting resets via the basic ‘password reset’ link has resulted in zero response emails for almost an hour - most any other password reset i’ve ever done takes far less than 5 minutes. Am now ready to cancel, which i should have done 3-4 days ago after the last update made the food logging portion of the app take ridiculously longer, with me waiting with a blank screen for the meal to load after i entered my data. Sadly, i waited and am now stuck with another paid-for month of uselessness, assuming i can ever get logged back into to app. Again, tho’ it’s a good program, i highly suggest using it on a free trial only (assuming results & no problems with any aspects of logging your meals, etc.) and then canceling and finding another, better working and supported app to track the things that worked for you.
  • Great System 5/5

    By JDubbs79er
    I used it for four months and really liked it. It’s a lot of information, but the content is fantastic and teaches a whole new way of thinking about mindless eating habits along with really monitoring daily calories and activity. Highly recommend if you’re serious about losing weight.
  • Super Companion for Weight Loss 5/5

    By LizzyF
    This app works, YOU are worth the investment!!!
  • Noom lifestyle 4/5

    By Schneiderian
    Lost 20 lb in a logical, controlled, planned manner with Noom. I had been working on this for years and accomplished it in 4 months with Noom. They recommend a calorie budget & various foods that are filling yet not calorie dense to help weight loss. This becomes a lifestyle so it is not just a diet plan. The daily readings are helpful in understanding why we eat what we do, when we do. Unfortunately a glitch in the system has me off track for the last two weeks. Otherwise this would’ve been a 5 star rating.
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By SI22830
    I am in week 5 of the program and am loving the information! I have done a lot of different t programs in the past and it’s interesting to finally have one that breaks everything down for me to understand rather than just telling me what to eat and how to exercise! I have more control over it! Another option I love is the group coach and members for support! Working through the daily lessons and posting about them really help you think through it all and listen to perspective of others to help out! So far I’m down 10 pounds and am excited for a long term plan to maintain weight loss
  • No Noom 1/5

    By NothappygirlnowWW
    Signed up for a 2 week trial and AP will not download or open. Underwhelming.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Kailpea
    I like the format—and I like the articles, and breaking food down into green yellow and red foods. But it’s very difficult to add custom meals and you can’t edit said meals later. I often plan a week in advance and I would like to be able to add recipes into the system, but not have to add it to the meal. You can get around this by adding it all in, and then deleting your entry later but is just silly. I would like to add a recipe to see what the calorie counts end up like and then go make the recipe and then go make edits later. This makes the basic function of meal tracking incredibly difficult and is much better achieved in my fitness pal or similar apps. The groups are okay, but something the goal specialists just seem non existent when you feel like you are slipping and need that extra support. I’m only 5 weeks in and will continue, but I’m not sure that I will renew after the 16 weeks is up even though I will still have more weight to lose. I would probably consider renewing though if the custom food option was more user friendly.
  • Noom is working! 5/5

    By minime1025
    I have a fairly good understanding on nutrition and I’ve worked out all my life, but the few years, I just couldn’t get back on track and noom is attainable and delivers results with what feels like minimal effort. Plus, I love logging my meals.
  • 💯💯💯 5/5

    By manders1233456
    I have not only hit my weight goal but gone even lower than it!!! I was religiously using Noom for two months straight. I now only use it to log my weight, exercise and sometimes food. It has taught me how to eat healthier and still be happy! It has also taught me little treats along the way to really balance regular life and still being able to stay with it. This isn’t a diet people!!!! This is a life style change. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought!
  • So far SO GOOD 5/5

    By Peace_to_all
    I just started Noom, but have been pleased with everything so far: customer service, ease of logging food, exercise plan (an add-on). I left Weight Watchers when it fired thousands of employees in a brief phone call. Noom is working better for me anyway.
  • Unimpressed so far 2/5

    By fujgfgbj
    Three lbs in three weeks with strict adherence to the recommendations. Without Noom I lose on average three lbs a week and can consume 1350 calories. I think Noom is for people who are willing to wait months to see any kind of results. That is not me. It definitely is not worth paying for.
  • Noom 5/5

    By A-Kam
    Awesome!! Would recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight.
  • Sometimes interesting, usually not 2/5

    By 1729
    Some of the info provided is interesting. The writers seem to think, though, that adults will enjoy middle school level writing and jokes. The goals coach is a total waste of time. Whoever writes it knows nothing about you. Nothing more than a robotic cheerleader. I was told that I would be placed in a group but after five weeks, still waiting. While some info is helpful, they also promote unhealthy habits like eating as much as you want as long as it is ‘low density.’ Bottom line is if you often eat when you are not hungry, you won’t lose weight. Check out a Geneen Roth book instead of paying exorbitant cost for this canned program
  • One week in... 5/5

    By Cynthia PA
    This is the first program that has held my interest for more than 5 minutes in a long time. It makes sense, and I love the app and info.
  • App stopped functioning properly 2/5

    By Grateful Diver
    App stopped functioning properly. When I reported it I received a “System Generated Response” that I would get an email response in a few days? So now I monitor my email inbox and filter out the SPAM from any sort of help? Noom’s not cheap - maybe I should charge them for my time?
  • Great Program!! 4/5

    By greatlakes girl
    I feel as if I have a best friend walking me through this whole process. The daily articles are full of information yet are funny. My goal coach has encouraged me every step of the way. This is a balanced approach to losing weight and understanding your relationship with food. Throughout this whole process I’ve felt surrounded by a community of people who are very supportive.
  • Think & Do Book - online 5/5

    By carolcathcart
    Here I am - stuck at home - with my pandemic pounds, in NJ where coronavirus has hit hard. What can I do that is positive? I am learning about nutrition & my own motivations. I am taking those pounds off. I am going to be a better person at the end of this course too - more efficient in my use of time so that I can work toward the real problems of the world: racial & income inequalities. Thanks, noom!
  • Noom is Cool 5/5

    By Praising Jah For Help
    Love it. Lost 4 pounds in 8 days. Very easy. I am thrilled . I prayed to Jehovah to help me lose weight. My blood pressure has come down too. I am hooked.
  • Perspective 5/5

    By Turtle Ann
    I really appreciate the humor built in to this program. Making the decision to change eating patterns is a personal commitment. Noom has created a healthy weight loss program with good psychology to help a person achieve success. I have laughed at myself more which helps me stay on track.
  • It works and no struggle 5/5

    By g-wein
    I was hesitant and skeptical. But I did it and the weight is coming off. Not only that, the daily engagement via the Noom app keeps me mindful of my eating all day. Accountability and lots of support from the Noom team.
  • Awesome program!!! 5/5

    By kwawjw
    I love noom!!!! They have taught me so much about, tackling my habits and being mindful when I am eating. I have learned so much about the right kinds of food, and also the food I THOUGHT, where good for me actually wasn’t. I recommend noom to anyone who is struggle to lose weight, or just wants to lose some pounds. It definitely has changed my way of eating!! Thanks noom!!!!! 😃💪🏻💪🏻
  • Helps you maintain your motivation 5/5

    By Ellen in Fall City
    Noom is interactive, fun, and helps you be successful with so many healthy goals. I have learned a lot about the psychology of healthy choices, and they make it fun and interesting and personal. And yes I’m losing weight. But Noom is a lifestyle I plan to stick with when the weight is gone.
  • Highly recommend!! 5/5

    By nelsonl12048
    I’ve tried just about every diet on the internet and nothing has seemed to do what I wanted it to. I saw one of my old friends started noom and already lost 13 lbs. So I figured, let me look into it, and I was thinking, sure I’ll pay $10 to see how u like it for 2 weeks. After the two weeks were up, I continued the program because I love it. It is so much more than a diet program. The daily articles and very helpful. Your personal coach will help you with everything along the way!! UPDATE: I’m about 9 weeks along and I’ve lost 31.5 pounds!!!! Noom has changed my life forever. I’ve never felt so confident and comfortable in my body. It’s still a work in progress and I still have a ways to go but I’m so happy with the results.
  • Finally the why for the eat this 5/5

    By rrggddddd
    I have been told over and over how to lose weight. And what to eat and what not to eat. But this app has aloud me to finally Learn the why. It has helped me learn the reasons I do what I do. How to adjust what I do to help me reach my goals.
  • Weight loss 5/5

    By GerrydonnA
    Love this keeps me motivated in my stressful eating, which is everyday
  • It needs to improve 1/5

    By Az dry
    The food logging it’s confusing, your recipes are limited. I used an app like this one before and I could logged recipes from other sites without having to type it, I could share recipes with others and they could share a recipe they liked too. This app needs a lot of improvement. I don’t want to be rude but Noom is not cheap and your app it’s the worst I ever had to used.
  • ? Not sure what you mean? 5/5

    By Gradening Lover
    I have gotten so much out of Noom so far in my little time since joining I enjoy the articles and somewhat the quizzes, ha! Not a quiz taker but still doing it! Enjoy my coach and hearing her encouragement for me and always answers my questions!!!!
  • Food Diary 5/5

    By WillaWolff
    I am new to Noom. One of my favorite tools on it is the food diary because it is (1) so easy to use, (2) fast, (3) has many foods/brands already in its inventory, and (4) I can use it to daily plan my food intake to hit my health & calorie goals by entering the food I plan to eat that day in the morning and then adjust, as needed, to record my actual intake. This tool helps keep me honest and moving forward to reach my goals.

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