OrNET - Private Onion Browser

OrNET - Private Onion Browser

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 1.0.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Free VPN Fast VPN
  • Compatibility: Android
36,927 Ratings
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OrNET - Private Onion Browser App

OrNET Browser is the best FREE app featuring a high performance TOR powered browser. OrNET Browser has been engineered on the latest technology of tor network which has been designed for faster and more secure access to dark web as well as unblock any website. Characteristic to TOR, your browsing history or search terms are not archived/saved or indexed by search engines (DuckDuckGo.com). The TOR Network protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your browsing history as well as your physical location. A must app to use on public Wifi networks. Enjoy all these features for FREE: - Secure internet access tunneled over the Tor network. - Websites you visit will not detect your real IP address. - ISPs and insecure public wifi networks won't be able to sniff your browsing. - Access .onion websites from deep web, which are only accessible through the TOR network. - Modern web browsing capability with tab controls, and popover detection and blocking capabilities. UNLIMITED PRO : For just $0.99, enjoy premium features on top of FREE features: - Ads-Free experience. - Unlimited session time and high bandwidth tunneling. - Personalized and priority Support. Have you found a bug, got a suggestion, or want a new feature? Email us at: [email protected] Privacy Policy: https://www.starkvpn.com/app/tor/privacy.html Note: This app is not affiliated with the The Tor Project.

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OrNET - Private Onion Browser app reviews

  • Shhh....... 3/5

    By thus game is awsome
    How do you get on the dark web can someone respond and put the link
  • All ad....... 1/5

    By jdscbhhtfrvgj
    all ad
  • Paid for pro, now they removed what I paid for 1/5

    By StowMA
    This buggy piece of repackaged opensource code is a mess.

    By PrinceRayman
    It was a bad idea that I spend little time in this crap. Not responsive, very slow connection, and most importantly, how could I even trust this app when I haven’t even started browsing, I was already being bombarded with that IP Vanish banner on the bottom of the screen. It would also keep on popping up like in my face! I stopped using after two minutes.
  • Seems to be broken 1/5

    By montypypy
    Nothing loads. And when it can’t connect to the site you’re trying to visit, it gives no option to go back. You have to close the app and reopen it. If it could prove that it connects to .onion sites, I would pay for the subscription. But until then... it’s just a useless app.
  • Constant Pop Up Ads 1/5

    By 55391
    Completely irrelevant pop up ads are constantly interrupting me. They kick me off and I lose my place. Why use this browser if the ads are worse than Google. Not secure. Google browser remembers my search history!!!!!!
  • Scam or Developer Problem? 1/5

    By wpagarcia
    Subscribed to the Annual plan, but the app won’t upgrade to Pro functionality and there is zero support for the app. No email, contact form or anything. No other pages on their website work, and there was an update to the software just 4 days before leaving this review. How can I find some help?
  • Adware 1/5

    By Mr_TheEdge
    Paid for monthly subscription and still getting slammed with ad after ad after ad averted ad. Look elsewhere unless you love ads.
  • Pro upgrade (not) 1/5

    By 25 points
    I paid $0.99 for the “pro version” for a day, and now it shows me an option to pay for a subscription. That’s stupid.
  • I had a pro subscription 1/5

    By cloudtamer
    I paid for a pro subscription on an app that won’t ever kick in the tor security. Now they change the pro subscription to a reoccurring payment system and screwed their early adopters. We should be grandfathered in!
  • ridiculous 1/5

    By Lord _J
    Upgraded to pro version. Latest update now has ads popping up constantly and has a drop down that says upgrade to pro. I click and subscriptions show up, and when I hit restore, it says “failed to restore purchase”. This is now a huge inconvenience plus lost money. Unacceptable!!!!
  • The ads... 3/5

    By Arturo9111
    With the last update, I've been blessed with ads EVERY 30 SECONDS. No kidding, close the ad and it pops up 30 seconds later. These are the choices, be annoyed by the constant ads, pay $40 to be rid of the ads (yes forty dollars), or find another browser. Choices and a decision pending.
  • Intrusive and annoying ads 1/5

    By truedichotomy
    I think developers have taken this software as a subscription overboard. No way I’ll pay that much for subscription just to remove ads. Greeds have taken over the whole App Store and it’s a real shame.
  • Pro Upgrade is a Lie 1/5

    By Unpleased Customer
    I upgraded to the Pro version for $0.99 that lasted for a day or two. I was then advertised the subscription based pro upgrade. What a scam.
  • Slow and ad ridden 1/5

    By Bat464
    See the title. Unescapable ads and loading speeds around 10min.
  • Legit 4/5

    By RohanGondor
    I’m gonna be honest. It is a great app. However, it can’t access all websites and I hate that when you leave the app it messes up. I’m sure there is a perfectly fixable reason for this but it does get annoying.
  • Won’t reset 1/5

    By princess_spooky
    If you accidentally type in the wrong url with a typo you get stuck in a loop of the app trying to reload that url even with force closing. So frustrating.
  • Great work 5/5

    By joeytrainwreck
    Great app because it is free and easy to use. No more stupid paid vpn bs.
  • Not dark web 1/5

    By Joe Joe bonks
    This is ridiculous, it’s just a link to DuckDuckGo search engine that shows www.com results...how can anyone give this more than a 2 review? It’s totally not what it says
  • No complaints! 2/5

    By SmearyToast
    Excellent! Absolutely outstanding. Please stay on the App Store, because you guys are amazing! Thankyou. Update: 2 stars— BROKEN! — I just hit a site that says — “the site is unreachable” and I can do nothing!! I close it and then opens to same webpage. PLEASE FIX. How could this be overlooked? Please please fix. It was working so nicely. I hit reload and it does nothing...
  • Garbage - all ads and spyware 1/5

    By granitej3
    Doesn’t even work because you are clicking ads the whole time. Not to mention my vpn is detecting all sorts of adware from using this app. I think they must have sold it off to the Chinese or something because it is not trustworthy at all. Stay away if you care about your privacy!
  • Realistically it’s a Steal for being free 4/5

    By Striga99999
    For what it’s worth: A it’s free (unless you don’t want it to be) & be even if it lags or lags you out it’s function is well worth the wait and well worth your security. I give it 4 star because they should still have a solid foundation for connection but I hope that they either work it out or make a Ultra Instinct Version. Ya I said it!
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By BeastBound
    Runs extremely slow and barely works. You need to double click on anything you try to access. Hard time for pages to load. full of advertisements, even for the paid version. Now I get a vpn setup page, that always remains on the right hand corner. Horrible iOS experience.
  • Worst quality app 1/5

    By Mr Himel
    Stupid app
  • Freezes with wrong address 1/5

    By 1slyphantom
    If you try to go to a nonexistent site, it notifies you of that error but then nothing, you can’t go back and if you hit reload it does nothing. Useless
  • Must Fix 2/5

    By Chiefhood
    Latest Update doesn’t work. Please Fix.
  • Nahh 1/5

    By Noer818
    Used the free app and got tired of the slow speed and ads, upgraded to pro and is ad free but still slow, didn’t even notice a difference.
  • Ads.... 2/5

    By nick.schoendorf
    Impossible to browse more than two pages without being hit with a nonsense ad I want nothing to do with. Sell the dam app for a dollar and get rid of the dam ads.....deleted....
  • Great app with a couple hiccups 4/5

    By chris12345!!
    Great app. Although if you try and access a page no longer up you will have to restart the browser because there is no way to back out of a page that is unreachable, you can only reload the page.
  • Great, except..... 3/5

    By Speed Lee
    I’ve only been using tor for a couple days, and it’s great for the most part. But the only couple issues I have, is that I’m unable to highlight text and have the options pop up. When I DO try to highlight, it just scrolls down to the bottom of the page. My next issue is that the options when I highlight almost never pop up. Idk if this is on purpose or it’s an actual issue, but it annoys me whenever I need to do something, yet I can’t do it.
  • Used to work... Now even pro version is worthless 1/5

    By sjnfosho
    This worked for a short time... then the updates and name changes to app came and it became worthless. Stay away. Does not connect most of the time and work intermittently at best.
  • Bad application .. 1/5

    By T-rex D
    Every 20 sec showed video... and need lose all time for watching... very bad application
  • Slow like p00p through a funnel. 1/5

    By Don_Macaroni
    Man, this app is sooooo freaking slow it is unusable. Screw privacy, let them see me if this is the only way to hide.
  • Too many advertisements 1/5

    By tigerlillyfrog
    Pop-up every 2 minutes.. made surfing impossible.
  • uhm... title? 1/5

    By fanaticalmess
    you know an app’s not good just by the title. you know what i mean, simple things like spelling errors. btw, that’s not how you spell browser
  • Great app to protect privacy 4/5

    By Senecaparty
    Great app to protect privacy. If you upgrade for 99 cents you won’t get the ads, also read if you leave a review you’ll get the pro version which would also be great.
  • Great app 5/5

    By jackroper1
    I have to say I really like this app! Privacy is something we should all have when we are searching the web! This browser will help keep that privacy!
  • No difference in pro speeds 1/5

    By CoakTG
    Regular or pro = same browsing speed. The ability to change any filters is auto chosen for you, drop downs don’t work. Downloaded it because it was fancy looking, onion browser is much better, has working functionality and much easier to get onto deep web, opposed to this mess.
  • Slow 1/5

    By ¡¡¡¡LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Most sites take 2-5 minutes to load or won't load at all. Constant crashing. I can't allow my phone to fall asleep otherwise I'd have to close and re open the app. The positive reviews trapped me. I kinda want my dollar back.
  • I like it 4/5

    By yung bunny
    Haven’t gotten to do too much
  • Constant popups 1/5

    By RexRich II
    Evey 30 seconds or so there was a popup.
  • Very slow. 2/5

    By Chrissygirrrl
    It works, it just takes forever to load. You have to click a few times to go. Just recently it’s started glitching like a computer would, with a virus- may need to update it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thomas Allen Smth
    Why tf would you put ads on a tor app. Defeats the whole point and is giving advertisers telemetry. Besides, toe is open source so F off putting ads on there
  • Trash app slower than a turtle 1/5

    By Moddyrjb
    Very slow
  • Me 5/5

    By Great app (best*)
    Finally thank god I found it later
  • Nice 5/5

    By Atx 420
  • Shittiest app ever 1/5

    By Kevin_206
    I couldn’t search up anything on google because it came off as an error. Bing wouldn’t even open up either. No search engine I tried would open up or let me search anything
  • App got stuck on unloadable site 1/5

    By dave-tx
    Hard close wouldn’t help, had to just delete the app.
  • New update doesn’t work 1/5

    By anon980
    I can’t get on it since it’s updated

OrNET - Private Onion Browser app comments

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