OrNET - Private Onion Browser

OrNET - Private Onion Browser

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  • Current Version: 1.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Free VPN Fast VPN
  • Compatibility: Android
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OrNET - Private Onion Browser App

OrNET Browser is the best FREE app featuring a high performance TOR powered browser. OrNET Browser has been engineered on the latest technology of tor network which has been designed for faster and more secure access to dark web as well as unblock any website. Characteristic to TOR, your browsing history or search terms are not archived/saved or indexed by search engines (DuckDuckGo.com). The TOR Network protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your browsing history as well as your physical location. A must app to use on public Wifi networks. Enjoy all these features for FREE: - Secure internet access tunneled over the Tor network. - Websites you visit will not detect your real IP address. - ISPs and insecure public wifi networks won't be able to sniff your browsing. - Access .onion websites from deep web, which are only accessible through the TOR network. - Modern web browsing capability with tab controls, and popover detection and blocking capabilities. UNLIMITED PRO : For just $0.99, enjoy premium features on top of FREE features: - Ads-Free experience. - Unlimited session time and high bandwidth tunneling. - Personalized and priority Support. Have you found a bug, got a suggestion, or want a new feature? Email us at: [email protected] Privacy Policy: https://www.starkvpn.com/app/tor/privacy.html Note: This app is not affiliated with the The Tor Project.

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OrNET - Private Onion Browser app reviews

  • Great app, ads ruin 3/5

    By Sentry812
    This would be such a great app if the adds didn’t ruin the experience. I am virtually completely unable to load a webpage anymore. It will sit and load...and load....and then an ad will pop up. Just exit out right? No. Exit out and it screws up the entire way the page loads: the bar fills the rest of the way up immediately and then never actually loads. On the rare occasion the app is actually usable, it works absolutely great. If you can find any kind of way to work around the ads, like stare at it for a little while and exit out of it to see if the page loaded in the background, then great. Other than that, it’s just a crappy experience.
  • It works 5/5

    By B.B.B Chandon
    It’s actually the dark web💀💀
  • Whack 1/5

    Every time I try to login anywhere it closes out completely.
  • Bad 1/5

    By iiStayBallin
    Pages load extremely slow and I can’t even load any .onion pages at all. Android >
  • Not private!!!! 1/5

    By chase d w
    I was just about to look up something for a birthday party privately as my parents check all my browsing history daily and a tab came up saying Sorry. you Aren’t Browsing Privately. Followed by my IP address. This most likely means my parents now see the history. To hell with tor if it lies about privacy.
  • Ads don’t end when you buy a subscription 1/5

    By dhsuyhebdkanbdbd
    I’ve never had so many ads on a FREE service as I’ve had on this paid one. Tried their customer service email twice without response. Next step is contacting my credit card to get the annual fee refunded.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By fickwick38
    Says 7 day free trial but they billed me on the second day. Slow, connection is hit or mis and it constantly freezes up. Definitely a rip off!
  • Great browser no more 1/5

    By ConnectionError
    Removed ads after writing review but now that is all undone. Ads are unbearably bad. Deleted from iPhone! Goodbye!
  • Does not use Tor 1/5

    By Airliners321
    This app doesn’t connect over Tor network. Just behaving like a normal browser.
  • Nothing loads 1/5

    By Ironmac01
    Not a single .onion site will load. This browser is junk.
  • Lame 1/5

    By TheMadCow
    So, thought I’d try this app out. I scroll down, see that if I like it, I can upgrade to the PRO version for $.99. Nice. I took it for a spin. With my VPN active, it wasn’t lighting up any of the onion links I was feeding it. Maybe it’s just slow. I go to upgrade in Preferences and all its showing is subscriptions starting at $3.99/month. WTH? Took a screen snap showing the $.99 PRO upgrade price on the App Store. Going to submit to Apple. This is such bait and switch.
  • Sorry. You are not using Tor 1/5

    By f. this, Android's def better
    First thing I always do when connecting through a tor client is verifying through the Tor project's website, and when using this app, I have no anonymity and no way to configure Tor from within the application, at least not without paying for pro which ruins the whole point of a free Tor app. I'm not sure if I'm an outlier in not connecting, but the fact there's not even a basic "new identity" button like official Tor browser has gives me a bad impression
  • Paying doesn’t remove ads 1/5

    By Johnny673
    They claim a subscription removes ads, but even with an active subscription the ads still pop up just as frequently as the free version.
  • Ad Infested 1/5

    By ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪
    I understand “free with ads” is a fair concept. However, every three second a full-screen ad pops up and interrupts you EVERY THREE SECONDS!!! In addition to the ad at the bottom banner, please chill with the amount of ads.
  • Terrible browsing experience 1/5

    By shadowhawk77
    Browser barely works, constant pop up ads and disruptions, Don't recommend the free version at all.
  • Hi 1/5

    By 1st990eve
    This downloading thing when u download the app stuck at 25% for ever what the hell what kind of vpn is this
  • If you love ads get this 1/5

    By Richard.w.3
    This is a great application for those who absolutely love ads. You are guaranteed a complete full page pop up every 30 to 45 seconds. Most of the time you have to hit the close button at least three times to close and then renter address of the page that you were trying to load. Lots of fun for those who have so much time on their hands that they can spare clearing two full page adds per minute.
  • Nice 4/5

    By dtledb
  • No Paste? 1/5

    By DZuBZ
    Can’t paste URLs
  • Crippled with advertisements. 1/5

    By Lazarus2099
    I understand that a free version of a service is going to have some advertisements- there’s nothing wrong with that. But this one is entirely unusable because of how heavily they bombard the user with pop ups. I was trying to sign in to Dropbox, which took a while to even get to because of the full page ads, but the buttons and text fields weren’t even responsive because there were so many ads interfering with my ability to interact with the site. Maybe the paid version is awesome. But the way the free version is handled isn’t a good sign.
  • Good uses but poorly made 2/5

    By Garret Sulsberger
    I don’t get why sometimes a website will load just fine and others take 10 minutes before failing. It’s really annoying and happens more often then not
  • 你妈逼的狗软件 2/5

    By Drunkdream99
  • If I could call it something worse... 1/5

    By firemobkey
    Dumpster fire. Highly aggressive screen freezing ads with obnoxious noise and spammed attempts at making you down load malicious content off them every few seconds. Worst execution of a pay for better use I’ve ever seen. Charge a fortune for use and if not prepare to format your phone from all the attack ads they throw at you.
  • Couldn’t even browse sites 1/5

    By none747474748389292
    VPN connected Tried various sites on internet to try to verify my anonyminity. It couldn’t. Gave up and tried to visit site I wanted to be anonymous for and it couldn’t pull the site up after many tries. Must be having an off day or lack of bandwidth. Idk, idc, wasted 30 min of my life I won’t get back. Deleted it.
  • Very well put review 2/5

    By Dru Eden
    The app serves its purpose (considering there is no Orbot or Orfox for iOS), however the constant intrusive Ads are extremely frustrating. I understand the desire to profit from ones work, but not to the extent of aggravating customers. If there were alternatives I would surely investigate them. If your ok with ‘2 second Ads’ over the entire GUI (until you ‘X’ out) popping up about every 20-30 seconds, then you can handle this app. But quality is profitable, so the bombardment of Ads leads me to believe the author is desperate, and simply through together something that worked instead of focusing on Tor’s ultimate purpose (anonymity). So it’s probably not a very secure at all. Edit: Although the app serves its purpose you will get a frustrating and disruptive ad ever 10-15 seconds. It will stop your page browsing and stop you from typing anything your typing. It’s an extreme level of forced ads (every 20 seconds? need pennies that bad?).
  • Constant ads 1/5

    By teeAIRraaa
    Can’t really do too much past the incessant ads.
  • Slow 1/5

    By blegh314
    Takes forever to load
  • Paid app is a sham 1/5

    By Mutriaena
    Paid for the app but it didnt work and can't restore purchases. Tried clicking on app support and the link doesn’t work. If you are the developer - contact me and resolve this!!!
  • Fine app 5/5

    By boomboomshaketheriim8890
    Yay witty good 1 chum.
  • Ridiculous! As pop ups every 10 seconds 1/5

    By bastb111
    Can’t exactly use this with stupid ads popping up every 10 seconds. No joke. Full screen ads.! How ridiculous.
  • Ads 1/5

    By MicroProcessor
    The ads while using the browser is insane. Ads pops up every 30 sec.
  • Stuck on blank page. Can't do anything anymore 1/5

    By YipyKiYaMrFalcon
    I tried to load a page that happened to be a dead link. A white page with a construction barrier comes up "THIS SITE IS UNREACHABLE" with only a reload button available. There are no settings or back button. No URL link, no new page button. I stop the app and restart. It goes back to that dead end error page. I restarted my phone, nothing solves this predicament. The only option would be to redownload this app every time I come across a dead site (on Tor, this is basically impossible to avoid) Or I can just move on to a Tor app that doesn't have such a ridiculous flaw. Decisions decisions
  • I hope I can add Chinese Simplified 4/5

    By 苦澀的咖啡
    如果有简体中文就回来 If you have Simplified Chinese, it would be fine.
  • 10 adds in 5 minutes 1/5

    By Stratechillenit
    You guys aren’t going to get anywhere with that many adds. Deleted
  • Ok 5/5

    By mamarachellea
    Works good
  • Tor Browser 4/5

    By user of many browsers
    Good browser.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Stratton867
    This app is perfect for what I need it for !!
  • Good browser 5/5

    By jomn1
    Fast Browsing. Safe and easy to access
  • wwW 4/5

    By AntoineJokF
    good morning everyone and everything about you and you are not going back home yet lol lol it's so hard when your hair isn't cute and I'm trying my own hair so hard that is so much fun and easy game play for me to
  • Good 5/5

    By Overlord_22
    It's Good app
  • Great 5/5

    By Rishisoft
    OrNET is the best privet onion browser for dark web.
  • Money money money3 5/5

    By money man polo joe
    Love the app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AndrewAlissa23
    Best tor browser on the App Store
  • Requires a few more features to be competitive 3/5

    By GeneralSpacey
    It would be passable if it had an Open In New Tab Button. Along with that the annoying pop ups make getting anything done difficult so I’m unable to do work until I get home to an actual browser.
  • Fr 4/5

    By chasedr3ams
    It’s awesome
  • To many ads 3/5

    By LSU #1 in da land
    It’s mediocre
  • App 5/5

    By BlowRunner
    Works great for me.
  • vpn 5/5

    By markmelton
    works great
  • Good! 4/5

    By Ravenwitch555
    So far so good!

OrNET - Private Onion Browser app comments

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