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PacSun App

The easy-to-use PacSun app elevates your shopping experience and provides you with the best selection of shoes, clothing, and accessories. Download the app now to: - Skip the lines and shop our online store and Instagram account with ease - Be the first to know about new arrivals and exclusive collections that you won’t find anywhere else - Manage your myGSOM REWARDS points, rewards, & activity - Get notified of rewards and offers right on your phone - Gain access to offers delivered exclusively through the app - Add your favorite items to our convenient Wish List feature - Review your Order History - Locate your nearest PacSun store Save while you shop by joining our myGSOM REWARDS Program. Members enjoy these benefits: - 10 points for every $1 spent - $5 reward for every 1,250 points - Earn points for things that you already do—download now to learn more! PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated just for you in Los Angeles, we serve up the latest styles for men & women from coveted brands including PacSun Denim, Kendall & Kylie, FOG – Fear of God, adidas, Champion, Guess, OBEY, Kappa, LA Hearts, Calvin Klein, Vans, Tommy Jeans, Me to We, and more. We want to hear from you! To send us your feedback or suggestions on ways to improve our app, please e-mail us at [email protected]

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PacSun app reviews

  • Zip Code Bug? 1/5

    By Tnisgrl
    I just downloaded the app, but when I tried to join the membership and put in my zip code, nothing would type, and because the box was empty i couldn’t sign up since it was a required field. Please fix this
  • I don’t know 1/5

    By Sydney_0702
    I tried to make a account an it won’t let me type in my zip code. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling I’ve tried restarting it. Nothing has worked and idk what to do.
  • Everything is perfect 5/5

    By Emilioooo guerreroooo
    Everything is perfect
  • errors 3/5

    By Sweetgurlyah
    I tried to sign up for an account but it won’t even let me type in my zip code 😑 i type the numbers and nothing shows up, won’t let me continue. The app seems iffy
  • I can’t enter my zip code! 1/5

    By J-Dawgman
    I love Pacsun, but the option to enter my zip code while creating an account isn’t working!!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By taliagarcia
    For some reason when I tired go join and fill in my information it won’t let me put my zip code in and it won’t let skip it.
  • zip code 4/5

    By abby lynne20
    i’m trying to join and i can put everything in besides the sip code it won’t let me put it in and i can’t join without it
  • app malfunctions 1/5

    By natalie vander
    i really love their clothes but their app has many malfunctions. i try to add something to my wishlist or cart and it says i’m not logged in (which i was right before i added it) and i have close and the tab and get back in and then i lose my place.
  • Worse app ever 1/5

    By nicoleshinn
    Always loved the clothing, first time shopping through the app and every time I tried checking out, it failed. Wasn’t my card or even processed it the app just kept failing. Then I tried messaging off the app, wrote what was going on, it failed and deleted every thing I wrote. Would rather try another app friendly clothing store at this point. Wasted so much time!
  • Love the clothes but hate HATE the app. 1/5

    By tchu00
    The app is so difficult to control and every time i try to like an item, it unlikes it by itself.. I also applied a discount code, my rewards, and a gift card and it said it all applied when i was about to checkout but when i checked my email it said that my order was more than what it actually said and then i tried to check the balance on my gift card again and it wasn’t working so i think that they took my gift card money but didn’t even apply it. This is EXTREMELY irritating.
  • amazing 5/5

    By En8mz53
    i love all the clothes pacsun sells. they have many frequent sales which is great and a wide variety of clothes. so cute, my favorite store!!
  • App issues 3/5

    By Tae SC: don_te follow me
    Can’t create a account because it won’t let me type my zip code in
  • App Malfunction 4/5

    By vgfyu
    Sooooo I’ve used the websit to order stuff recently however when I went to make my account for the app it won’t let you enter your zip code. Therefore I cannot order my clothes. Fantastic clothes however some technical issues are involved
  • Can’t join 2/5

    By Slim Shady Junior
    Seems like a really good app but I can’t buy anything because it won’t let me put in my zip code while signing up. Please fix !!!
  • Wishlist 2/5

    By Fellows1213
    I love the clothes here but in the app it doesn’t let me add things to my wishlist and when I press the heart it turns darker than turns right back.
  • cute clothes but.. 3/5

    By emmaleeball
    i love there clothes but i’m trying to sign up and it will not let me put in my zip code. i’ve tried multiple times and i’ve even uninstalled the app multiple times.
  • whishlist bug 4/5

    By Thigh thud
    i’m just looking thru pacsun to save some things i might wanna get to my wishlist. when i add to my wishlist, then leave the item, it doesn’t add to my wishlist. i love pacsun, just please fix the whishlist bug!
  • Bruh 3/5

    By Appgal11111
    Please fix the stupid wish list bug. I’m not buying anything because I keep forgetting/losing what I liked.
  • meh 3/5

    By anna banana🖕🏿
    i really like the clothes, but i couldn’t sign up because it wouldn’t let me type in my zip code for some reason.
  • Zip code 1/5

    By no new worlds???
    I’m trying join the club on the app and the zip code box won’t allow me to enter anything
  • Zip Code 1/5

    By Chase O.G.
    Like everyone else is saying I tried to sign up, but it won’t let me put in a zip code. I don’t know if this hasn’t been fixed due to the Corona virus, so it makes sense why its been a while... But PacSun should really get on this before they lose anymore customers.
  • Liii 1/5

    By jaycshskslanbB
    It won’t let me join because it won’t let me enter my zip code
  • Need to fix 2/5

    By Queen_Myah
    I tried making an account so I can look at the clothes because I like this store. I put in all the information but for zip code it wouldn’t let me put it in. So I tried and tried it didn’t work so I backed out the app and tried again and it still doesn’t.
  • ok. 2/5

    By StangerThings❤️
    i love these clothes and would recommend them, but i was trying to sign in and it would not let me add my zip code or what i was shopping for.
  • Zip code 3/5

    By Gillterbitz
    The app would not allow me to put my zip code
  • won’t let me set up an account 1/5

    By yeeyeejuice.
    i just downloaded the app and i was trying to set up an account, but it won’t let me type in my zip ? i’m honestly getting kind of fed up with dote not working and now pacsun.. come on
  • disappointed 1/5

    By creamcheese😘
    I wish i could give a legit review but i can’t. simply because when i presses the ‘join’ button and filled out all my information, the app would simply not allow be to enter my zip code. i know it was not my keyboard for a fact, because i was able to enter all other information. even after deleting the app and downloading again and trying multiple times, it would still not allow me to finish filling out the information.
  • Not letting me join 1/5

    By my mom n dad are here
    I put everything in but when I get into zip* it doesn’t let me press anything ?!!!
  • stupid ordering system 2/5

    By penguin from cali
    I was going to place an order for 4 shirts using apple pay, but it keeps saying “error” and wont go through. my $5 rewards wont work and ive refreshed the page many times.
  • Eh 2/5

    By sabrinaawwang
    I already made 2 different accounts and it’s not letting me log in again. I also tried making a new account and now it’s not letting me enter the zipcode. Also the clothes that you find in the store can be hard to find online
  • fix ur app 1/5

    By Ryan Ackermann
    stupid app won’t even let me sign up cause it’s not letting me put my zip code in
  • Mannnnnnnn, why can’t I save the items I like. 1/5

    By BTGNG
    Been using this app for awhile now and I’ve been running into the same problem. It will not allow me to save clothes to my wishlist. This is super annoying...
  • wishlist issue 1/5

    By ari.anna1103
    app won’t save anything to my wishlist no matter how many times i heart it. extremely annoying
  • App needs update 1/5

    By pacsuash
    Twice today I had to speak with customer service spending roughly an hour and a half on the phone. The first time the checkout wasn’t allowing me to put in my promo code. The second time your app automatically put in the suggested address which is not the address I typed in for shipping. I now had to order the same items twice because the customer service rep says they can not modify nor confirm what address is listed on the order after it is place. The app should allow you to make any changes need right after an order is placed for situations like this. Not happy.
  • wishlist 2/5

    By karlac24
    every time i try to add something into my wishlist the heart will go black then back to white and nothing will show up on my wishlist
  • Just bad sis 1/5

    By juuulthechick
    Ok so I love hoodies,jackets okay now the recent pacsun X playboy pink windbreaker is absolutely ADORABLE and so was the black playboy bunny belt so I decided to purchase and what happens my order is CANCELED and my grandmas money was taken...know we called customer service and THEY WERE HORRIBLE No HELP AT ALL “just reoRdeR yOur ItEmS” GIRL WHAT ITEMS THE ONES I ALREADY PAYED FOR THAT IM TRYING TO GET MY MONEY BACK FOR THE HECK DONT EVER GET ANYTHING ONLINE OKAY

    By zhcxqgtry
    i really love pacsun? and i go to my local pacsun almost every week to see clothes and shop. i recently downloaded the app so that i can make orders at home as well. so far, the orders i’ve made and everything in the app has been perfectly fine, except the fact that i keep having to add things i want to my cart to save it instead of my wishlist. this is because whenever i press the heart button and i save a clothing item into my wishlist, the heart erases in like a second or two and the item is not in my wishlist. PLEASE FIX IT SO I CAN PUT THINGS IN MY WISHLIST!
  • Trial and error 4/5

    By horchatapapa
    As I added certain items to my bag, I did so with the intent of buying it, not to find out if it was available or not. When I was done with my order, I was stopped and told that I was unable to check out. I had to go to the actual website and find out that some of my items were unavailable for check out. After moving things around, changing sizes and finding alternatives for items that weren't available, I went back and forth for about three times. It'd be helpful if we were told in the app if something was unavailable, or if the app was updated to remove items that were unavailable. I'm excited for the products I've ordered, I have trust in this store's quality but ease of use is also a strong value. Have a beautiful day, Vinny.
  • one issue 3/5

    By Monkeylishous101
    the app overall is set up super well and is early to use, but the option for me to heart items doesn’t work. i click the heart, and it does nothing. it’s difficult for me to shop without this option working.
  • Bad 1/5

    By mimiot41
    I’m unable to join the app.. I can’t create an account with PacSun, I’ve been trying for days
  • Wishlist 3/5

    By jadyn-ja
    I can’t have anything to my wish list other than that though I love the app
  • love the style but glitchy app 3/5

    By mia1298
    pacsun has some super cute styles, but it won’t even let me select a size because it glitched out so hard. plus the app is a bit ugly and outdated—urban outfitters has such a cute app and it functions so smoothly in comparison. also annoying getting logged out every ten minutes.
  • I love the store but... 2/5

    By angryangry124
    I love the store and all the clothes on the app but if I go onto my computer and log on and add stuff to my likes it doesn’t transfer to my likes on the app. I feel like this is a problem that needs to be fixed asap
  • won’t save anything to my favorite 2/5

    By waddler003
    Literally won’t let me heart/favorite any clothes
  • Pacsun 2/5

    By 19729273792
    Great selection of clothes, but discounts don’t work and it says free shipping over order over 50$ but will still charge you for shipping.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Crumplyelm
    Its just like in store, great clothes and you get good deals through the app, highly recommended.
  • the only thing good about the store is the clothes are cute. 1/5

    By lrhyner
    the customer service is absolutely AWFUL. I tried emailing them and they would just keep sending me my email back to me asking me to re do it. as well, the address i put in is always “invalid” and everything is correct. not only is the customer service awful online but also in store, the workers do absolutely nothing to help you, and none of them know what they are talking about.
  • PacSun app 5/5

    By sniffmedirty
  • wishlist? i think not! 3/5

    By yusef fromme
    so, am i the only one who literally loves pacsun? they sell tones of cute stuff, but some of it is a bit pricey. my issue is not there prices, but actually the app’s ‘wishlist’ feature. so if i find something i really like and want to buy, or want to remember, i usually add it to my wishlist. doesn’t matter what retailer, i always do this. i usually get clothes 3 or 4 times a year, so i like to put things in my wishlist so when i get new clothes, i can go through, and see things i want/need. the issue is: the wishlist feature doesn’t work. i don’t know if it’s just me, but every time i click the little heart, it goes black, then goes white. like i have not been able to add anything to my wishlist for literal months. it always says that i unadded things. i don’t understand why. my other issue if that it is so laggy. if you don’t have perfect connection, it literally doesn’t work.

PacSun app comments

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