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  • Current Version: 7.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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PacSun App

Love all things PacSun? Then you’ll definitely love our app! Here’s why it’s everyone’s favorite way to shop: SHOP FROM ANYWHERE | Skip the lines and get a new ‘fit from PacSun straight from your tablet or mobile phone. With access to your account right at your fingertips, you can place orders 24/7, track your recent purchases, add items to your Wish List, and more. GET REWARDED | As a PacSun Rewards member, you'll get a $5 Reward just for signing up, points per every $1 spend, plus bonus Rewards and FREE shipping on all orders for VIPs! THE PERKS GO ON & ON | Exclusive discounts, drop alerts, access to events—there’s more where these came from. HIT US UP | Email us your feedback or suggestions on ways to improve our app at [email protected] PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated just for you in Los Angeles, we serve up the latest clothing, accessories, and sneaker styles for men and women from coveted brands including PacSun Denim, ESSENTIALS Fear Of God, Playboy, Vans, Champion, The North Face, adidas, Converse, Kappa, PacCares, Kendall & Kylie, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, John Galt, Brandy Melville, and more.

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PacSun app reviews

  • So annoying needs bug fixes!! 1/5

    By ellla hope
    It will randomly say “access denied” and then everything in your likes and carts disappears and it has been happening every single time I go on the app or on the website
  • Better off using the website 1/5

    By Wavymarv
    The app constantly crashes!😡Very unpleasant user experience
  • Bad update, app won’t open 1/5

    By Zebra1564
    I just updated the app because it has been slow and glitchy and now it won’t let me on the app at all. It keeps saying access restricted with some numbers every time I open the app. I love PacSun but the app sucks…
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ttvtchfchfkffkhciyirxyuyr
    Was just scrolling then blocked me and stated “access denied” very slow and buggy had to add the same thing to my bag 3 times before it was in my bag.
  • Super slow website 2/5

    By theresnonicknamesopen
    So I got this app because I have a friend who gets clothes from this app and the clothes she gets are super cute. And overall there stuff is a bit expensive but they have cut stuff in the clearance section so that’s good. My only problem is the glitch of the app. Like when I try to click on an item it either wont let me on the item or it will take like 2 minutes. This one time I was looking and saw a cute tank top so I clicked on it and it didn’t load so I just kept looking until all of a sudden I was brought to this random item that was not what I was looking for and whenever I clicked on a different item it would take me back to that random item.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Monkeylishous101
    This app is ridiculously laggy, slow, low budget, & problematic. Nothing loads properly, it lags out constantly, and it’s just not user friendly. This has been occurring for what feels like always. I keep waiting for one of their updates to actually do something.
  • App was buggy 2/5

    By AlgernontheMouse
    This app is not ok in terms of functionality I have to wait at least 5 seconds to tap something becomes this app is so buggy
  • Awesome Clothes, Terrible App Lol 3/5

    By JupiterBxbyxx
    I use pacsun for John Galt clothes that i can’t find anywhere else typically. There’s an array of clothes which is great however the app is just really poorly designed. It’s very slow no matter how fast your internet is, crashes often, is buggy, and sometimes there’s an error where it wont let you login at any of the pages or even sign in, which at that point you have to delete the app and redownload it. Again i love the clothes here but for how successful this company is the app design is really poor and could be monumentally better.
  • worst clothing app 1/5

    By You got money!
    this is probably the worst clothing app ive ever used. glitchy, wont let me click on things, constantly signs me out, shows me the javascript, completely doesnt work sometimes, i cant click on anything without it saying theres an error so i had to delete the app and redownload it. u have the money, fix ur app???
  • The app is slow 2/5

    By wtirleleoewe
    I absolutely love the clothes they sell at PacSun but as someone who doesn’t live near any stores, it’s difficult to buy them. The app is very slow and frustrating to use and Denys my access almost every time I use it. I would give the quality of their clothes 5 starts but the app only deserves 2.
  • Access denied error 2/5

    By Dialstylette
    I’ll be browsing the App and randomly it will go completely blank and say access denied
  • I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but… 2/5

    By awesome megyn
    I love this app, it has cute clothes and jewelry. The only thing about it is that the app keeps having spasms. Also I have to keep deleted and downloading the app because every once in a while all the pages on the app say “access denied”
  • love pacsun 3/5

    By emma_allison101
    i love pacsun but the app is very glitchy, could use some work
  • shut down within 10 mins if use 1/5

    By hacked 6-30-2019
    app wouldn't let me tap on button and is delayed on pressing items, then shut down and wont allow access to anything on the app, its the same on the website browser
  • So slow 3/5

    By vabghrh
    The app has sky of good shirts I’ve spent over $700 on stuff but it is so slow everything takes forever to load litterly everything
  • slow and impossible to use 1/5

    By emma spahic
    impossible to actually look for clothes and navigate throughout the app, constantly lags and takes forever to load something you click on, fix the app if u want people to actually be able to buy the clothes
  • App Crashes 2/5

    By jjasonL16
    I’ve been trying to buy clothes on this app for the past week but the app crashes and goes all white and says access denied, I give up.
  • The app is slow 1/5

    By BeeBunny64
    The app is slow and almost impossible to use
  • Its broken 1/5

    By candace george
    When I click on my size and its highlighted, as soon as I add it to my bag it changes to the smallest size available. Its also hard to click on items
  • Insanely glitchy 1/5

    By bellathorne25
    I love PacSun clothes so of course I had to get the app but it is actually horrible. I keep waiting for an update or something but nothing. Even if it says there is “bug fixes” no bugs are actually fixed. It just disappoints me so much because I would use the app a lot more if it wasn’t so slow and constantly give me “error code” messages that basically make the app unusable.
  • “Sorry, We Got Nothin’” 2/5

    By XxBella_ChuxX
    When I first got the app, I was able to view things in my liked/heart section and I was able to view things while browsing. Just recently when I tried looking at clothes to add to my cart, pacsun would hit me with a “Sorry, We Got Nothin’” page, and when I WAS able to look at an item, it wouldn’t let me select a size. Also, when I try to check out with, it wont let me.
  • App & Website have major glitches 1/5

    By Julia Hrysenko
    I love Pacsun and the clothing, but it is almost impossible to shop online through the app and the website because of how terribly designed it is. My bag will constantly refresh and delete everything I had in there, prepared to buy, I'll click on something 10x in a row and it still won't show up or take me to the next screen, I'll try to hit the back button and it'll constantly keep me on the same screen, I'll try to click one thing and it selects the other. It's so stressful shopping online at Pacsun, I wish it could just get fixed already.
  • crashing 3/5

    By ValentyneCashton
    the app crashes and then when i try to reload the app by closing the application all the way and clearing out my phone from all other background apps it still won’t let me shop after. it just shows “error you cannot access this page” and won’t fix until hours later. and it’s a continuous thing. fix your app, i know you see all these reviews to do so. if you’re a customer and you’re reading this, just go in store if you can.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By James_11211
    Man this app is terribly made, not even an exaggeration. Basically unusable. The clothes are fine though
  • App Wayyyy to Glitchy 2/5

    By Akakfmne
    Deleted this app and came back 3 months later and it’s still so glitchy
  • Really bad app 2/5

    By gameplayer_733
    The app is just really glitchy and not user friendly at all. That’s all there really is to say. I want to shop here but using the app is so tedious that it’s not worth it
  • Love the store not the app 1/5

    By fhsksjebsjdnsj
    The store is amazing the app is so bad bruh just a big no
  • This App is Bananas 2/5

    By runforestttt
    You really can’t do anything you’re supposed to in this app. Your wishlist disappears, your account page won’t load, then you get server errors and get kicked off the app completely because it’s just a white screen on every page that says “access denied” (no matter which network you’re using so it’s not a VPN or network related issue) your cart disappears, you get signed out then asked to sign back in mid shopping, it lags, the wishlist heart buttons disappear, the page randomly refreshes when scrolling through numbers of items at a time, it displays some of the same products over and over at the top of the page no matter how many pages into a search you are, is there anything I missed? it’s JANK dude…I just wanna buy some clothes man
  • Slow 3/5

    By crap foot fungis
    This app is really slow and the things i click rarely work and it takes way longer than it used too
  • how is it this bad? 1/5

    By thisisriggedletmereview
    pacsun clothes are great but this app is almost unusable. the links don’t take you to the right places and it doesn’t keep your account logged in and i don’t get how because i’ve had this app for years and it used to work fine but now i don’t even want to go on it because of how terrible it is. no hate to the clothes tho but come on pacsun fix your app already.
  • Bad App Design 1/5

    By tricker0309
    The app constantly freezes and is really quite unresponsive. The app also constantly crashes when accessing the cart/bag for checkout
  • LOVE the store, HATE the app. 1/5

    By Soph231
    it’s impossible to shop within the app. it freezes and glitches all the time, i always end up just getting off of it without buying anything half of the time. it’s unorganized as well.
  • Literally so glitchy & slow 2/5

    By amarybutters
    please redo this whole design because i can’t even navigate it without having to restart it 5 times. it’s so glitchy and doesn’t even work properly

    By Angry gatos
    Too slow and keeps reloading pages as im just trying to shop, but cant cause app lags way too much
  • so slow and hard to use 1/5

    By iskwownsjdo
    love pacsun but they need a whole new app design bc it’s always so slow and has SO many bugs. makes me not even wanna online shop at pacsun bc it’s so hard to use the app
  • App 1/5

    By used to love sc now i hate it
    App is really slow you would think it’s a fast app but no every thing takes forever to load to even go back or proceed
  • Could use some improvements 3/5

    By smmdoc1
    Great stuff, but the app sometimes glitches and I wish there was better accuracy on sizing and reviews.
  • so slow omg 2/5

    By SabrinaTheHockeyLover>😋
    both it’s website and app itself are so slow and full of glitches. it’s nice to be able to keep your online shopping organized in an individual app instead of on the web, but it’s performance is so inconvenient.
  • Terrible App 2/5

    By Arianna🌸👑
    i love pacsun, everything about the store is just cool. But jesus the app needs so much work! it’s always freezing and glitching & exiting out and blah blah. it’s honestly annoying, pacsun please get this fixed..
  • Awful app and website 1/5

    By MichaelaG.8808
    All the glitches!!!!!!!!! Why every time I click on an item it says “sorry, we got nothin’” and it won’t even allow me to add my size on the item to add to my bag. It makes me not even end up purchasing anything because I get so frustrated and look somewhere else.
  • not a good app but nice clothes 2/5

    By musicly 💖
    i love the clothes but the app it’s self is bad. it’s slow, glitches, and is overall not set up well.
  • fix your app 2/5

    By ancientanxestor
    I promise you I have never felt this much rage doing anything other than browsing o. this terrible app. I love pacsun and the clothes but there are some major major glitches and technical issues with this app and shopping on it is quite literally impossible. It drives me mad so could u please fix it thanks
  • ur recent reviews are horrid why don’t u fix the app????? 1/5

    By rach0277
    every tab on the app that i click on, it gives the same message - it says ‘access denied, you don’t have permission to access … on this server’ and then says a long reference number?
  • awful 1/5

    i never write app reviews but i feel compelled to write this one because it’s truly the worst. it’s easier to shop on the actual pacsun website. if you click on an item you have to restart the app to get back to the selection page, the back button doesn’t work. it makes me not want to shop at pacsun it’s so hard to shop on the app i hate it.
  • slow functioning app 1/5

    By Remstaaa
    app functions slower that an elementary school computer lab computer, it’s sad… bag always gets deleted or altered some how. i just don’t understand how an app from such a good company could be so abysmal. please fix.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By isabella rosemary
    Terrible it’s so slow the worst app ever i hate shopping off of it
  • Terrible to use 1/5

    By jennitrnn
    Worst shopping app I’ve come across. Constantly crashing, makes looking at items almost impossible. If I try to go back to my search, it either freezes, lags, or refreshes to the item I was already looking at. How am I supposed to buy anything when the app won’t even let me?
  • Too many glitches 1/5

    By triviacrazy
    The app constantly freezes and keeps popping up an error page saying I’m denied access. This app has a history of crashing too.
  • major glitches 2/5

    By lunia_frenchfry
    ok so, the clothes on pacsun’s website is great and trendy but the app is horrible. I can’t stay signed in, pages won’t open, and everything is so annoyingly slow. it needs to be fixed immediately..