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  • Current Version: 7.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pacific Sunwear
  • Compatibility: Android
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PacSun App

Love all things PacSun? Then you’ll definitely love our app! Here’s why it’s everyone’s favorite way to shop: SHOP FROM ANYWHERE | Skip the lines and get a new ‘fit from PacSun straight from your tablet or mobile phone. With access to your account right at your fingertips, you can place orders 24/7, track your recent purchases, add items to your Wish List, and more. GET REWARDED | As a PacSun Rewards member, you'll get a $5 Reward just for signing up, points per every $1 spend, plus bonus Rewards and FREE shipping on all orders for VIPs! THE PERKS GO ON & ON | Exclusive discounts, drop alerts, access to events—there’s more where these came from. HIT US UP | Email us your feedback or suggestions on ways to improve our app at [email protected] PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated just for you in Los Angeles, we serve up the latest clothing, accessories, and sneaker styles for men and women from coveted brands including PacSun Denim, ESSENTIALS Fear Of God, Playboy, Vans, Champion, The North Face, adidas, Converse, Kappa, PacCares, Kendall & Kylie, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, John Galt, Brandy Melville, and more.

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PacSun app reviews

  • Terrible navigation 2/5

    By Avel Lion
    Loading is terrible and slow. Tried moving back to look at something and it froze. App creator lied on their resume.
  • It won’t even let me open the app. 1/5

    By sfjcjejjvjsjfjjriif
    i just downloaded this app and i was so excited to shop here because i’ve heard lots of good things about it. As soon as i open the app it takes me to a loading screen and just sits there on that screen. i’m super disappointed.
  • Checking out 1/5

    i hope pacsun adds the feature where you can actually checkout and purchase the items!!!
  • so unbelievably buggy 2/5

    By Timmyayk
    Hi i love pacsun by the way it’s one of my fav places to shop!! But this app is so buggy and glitchy that i literally cant use it anymore without getting so pressed. Things just won’t ever load and it’s just really frustrating
  • Invest more in the app! 1/5

    By D•*
    The add is so slow and laggy, navigation is horrible!
  • Slow and Buggy app 1/5

    By cherrie412
    app is so delayed and bugged, it’s been like that forever it never seems to get fixed.
  • terribly laggy 1/5

    By Armando Inada
    navigating this app is so terrible everything is slow and unresponsive its impossible to get anything done
  • Love clothes, bad app 2/5

    By Mads Dav.
    The most laggy app I’ve ever used. I’d spend so much more money if it didn’t take the app a million years to go from one screen to the next. I just lose patience after a while
  • slow 2/5

    By skifkedkkf
    app is so slow and laggy at times but the clothes/deals are good so meh
  • terrible 1/5

    By Taryn_2200
    this app is so buggy it made me so mad that i deleted it immediately
  • Terrible functionality 1/5

    By wowwww44
    App is barely functional. Takes forever to load, many features do not work… I can’t even save items or add them to my cart without the app randomly deleting them. It also keeps logging me out of my account. Overall very frustrating to use
  • Like button UNSABLE 1/5

    By Creative Nickname1902
    Can't like items because the button never works!
  • Needs some fixing 3/5

    By Cici6204
    PacSun’s clothes are super cute but the app itself is horrible. It makes me sign back in almost every day and sometimes it will make my things I liked disappear for a little bit. Another thing is when I am shopping on a big list of items and I click on and item and I go back it puts me way back on the list of items. It is also not organized at all, but overall the app is okay.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By therealadriian
    App is so glitchy. End up tapping a filter or a section for minutes before the screen does anything. Very frustrating shopping experience.

    By Makelamcd
    The app is actually quite unstable. Closes constantly and takes forever when I click on something. I have deleted it and added it back multiple times yet the problem still persists. It would be great to have the app updated for a better shopping experience. Thank you.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By rennee r.
    This app is hard to use, I cannot get anything to work. I love PacSun but this app won’t let me like anything or add it to cart. I’ve been having trouble with this app for a long time, I would love to use it but it just needs work.
  • needs a lot of fixing 1/5

    By moop8000
    my 86 year old grandma is faster than your app and website combined please fix it
  • So laggy 1/5

    By brisuh
    Y’all need to update this app fr it’s so laggy 😭
  • So laggy and ads?? 2/5

    By alexxalynn
    So I’ve always known PacSuns app is laggy but I just suffer whenever I decide to actually use it. But as of today I’ve just been majorly annoyed. This app not only is laggy, but whenever it loads to let me click on a category I get an ad asking me to spin a wheel. If I am already signed in on the app, and I click no once I shouldn’t have to click no every time I open a new category. Shopping on this app is literally not possible or enjoyable.
  • user interface is just horrible 2/5

    By hesirbaodveis
    great selection of clothes but what’s the point of you can’t find what you’re looking for half the time
  • no 1/5

    By Yolo368426831890
    this app and the site too are so insanely slow i want to throw my phone against the wall. plus the clothes are outrageously priced, of course.
  • Fix Your App! 😡 2/5

    By 🔥🤯🎉
    Every time I go into The Pac-sun app and go into a product it keeps lagging and messing up. And most of all , my saved/liked products didn’t even save as well as the items in my cart. The Apps a mess. Fix it!
  • trash 1/5

    By mangocock
    cannot even load f you i hate you
  • Too Slow 2/5

    By AJ Reverse
    I love PacSun but the app is very annoying to be on. Its super slow half the time and it randomly refreshes my page or completely restarts the app.
  • Pacsun app has too many problems 2/5

    By Greattttt163829
    Love pacsun, but their app function is horrible. Everytime I’m scrolling the app, it glitches loses my place and is very slow
  • Nope 1/5

    By TheAromaOfTea
    It's so buggy and freezes so often that it's almost impossible to shop even if i wanted to. The 'back' arrow sometimes doesn't work and when you return to the menu from an item, you start over at the top. It also randomly freezes up after about a minute to use and will sometimes shut down the app randomly
  • waste 1/5

    By kif022505
    this app is a complete waste of time. The app is very glitchy. I am constantly being signed out of my account and entering in the correct password. Every single time this happens I have to reset my password because it says it’s incorrect. Once I reset my password and enter in the new password it does not let me sign into my account. This is beyond frustrating!!! 😡
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By CodyWright262
    App won’t even load and just freezes literally every time.
  • Whoever coded this needs to be swiftly beaten 2/5

    By annoyinglyhappycheesecake
    What the title says
  • laggy!! 1/5

    By camii0804
    laggy!! yeah!! there’s a 2-5 second delay whenever I click on something:(
  • Wasted 45m of my time. 1/5

    By mznxncbfhskciebdhab
    Let me start off and say that I personally like PacSun, but their app is COMPLETE garbage. My dead grandmother can make a better app than this. EVERYTHING I do I doesn't work. I spent a good amount of time finding stuff and adding it to my cart. Then after struggling with the app glitching for the 47th time, I refreshed the app. When I checked my bag everything was gone. I dont know what’s going on but I know this company is worth a lot of money and needs to stop being stingy with it. Invest into a better programer.
  • Really laggy! 2/5

    By Ilikehavefun
    I downloaded this app so i could use it instead of going on safari 24/7 if i wanted to buy something. But everytime im trying to shop it’s always super laggy! When i try to click on an item it takes a while for it to load and it’s hard to check out, it’s not even because of my wifi because with other apps it’s perfectly fine.
  • This app is awful. Please improve 1/5

    By danielleb457
    I like PacSun’s brand but the user experience for the app is terrible. I was trying to buy an item and it kept glitching, removing from cart, and the navigation is all messed up. I never leave reviews but this is terrible.
  • the app is insanely glitchy. it’s horrible 1/5

    By brace grene ionomo

    By syhdndjeux
    the clothes itself are very cute and affordable and great material but the app overall is DUMB ! when i get on it lags. everytime i add something to my cart its never there anymore, and if they sell out that fast, why not send the CUSTOMER a notification on informing them that they no longer have the clothing item they wanted . overall its the worse DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!
  • awful 1/5

    By TRUMP PENCE 2020
    it’s the same as the website no point in downloading same lag
  • Disfuncional & Unfriendly interface 2/5

    By xxblitzz
    This app is always a problem when using it. The buttons sometimes never for example when clicking the back button to return to the home page. Also when scrolling down it takes you back up where you originally were, have to keep scrolling down from where you originally started and then takes moment to load. This store itself needs a complete makeover as far functionality and updates. Also it never keeps me sign in and never get notifications through the app rather through email. It’s such a tedious and nuisance process to login and try to find the product I want or new releases. As far as the products sold on PacSun, awhile back few years ago, they use to have such an amazing clothing line to sell and sometimes at recent prices. Deals would be great weekly but all that has changed. The designs by PacSun itself is too simple to be selling overpriced clothing such as a shirt with one small logo made by PacSun. They’re selection of brands is also what makes this not want to shop here sometimes. Use to have great designs and multiple products online AND in store. Now it’s only one or two main brands that stick around for a long time and are not multiple. Hopefully this changes in the near future.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By motherof2teenagers
    This app is so annoying to use!!!!! Do better Pacsun, I have two daughters and this just so happens to be there favorite store. Every time I use the app it has so many glitches I end up giving up and making my girls shop else where. PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER for the sake of parents everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
  • So many bugs in the app 1/5

    By tpham_z
    - Apple pay is validated in every item, which is inefficient. It should be done once when the app is launched. - Select one single item and accidentally click on apple pay, all items inside the shopping card are removed. I have to reselect all my items again and again - Inside my shopping card, suggested clothes are rendered in the loop, click on the item after one loop doesn’t take me to the item I selected - Back button is really broken - Total came out for 4 shirt is $46, apply my 15% promote code made the total go up to $76 . All the item prices went up unreasonable. All the issues happened in fresh graphic shirts
  • The Worst 1/5

    By FrenchJaM1219
    The PacSun app is by far the worst app I’ve ever used. First, I can spend an hour adding items to my shopping cart and randomly everything in my cart will disappear. This didn’t happen once, or twice, but EVERY time I’ve used the app. Every 10 minutes or so my cart automatically deletes. It’s sooooooo frustrating…… and yes, I have an account and I’m not shopping as a guest. Second, once I add an item to my cart I’m forced back to the home page. I have to re-search what I’m looking for and scan through a whole bunch of items to find where I left off. Again, this is every single time I add something to my cart. Third, it’s super laggy. It’s constantly freezing and it takes long for pages to load. HORRIBLE!!! Throw the whole app away!
  • Dog Trash App 1/5

    By arsaye
    The app id and had ran like dog trash since I can remember. Constantly logs you out, doesn’t register likes unless u smash it 5000x and even if you do, still won’t save it. Whats the point of a convenient app if its NOT CONVENIENT? The web browser works seamlessly and maybe theyd have more sales if the phone app actually worked! I know I’d shop with the more if it did because i LOVE their clothes, but every time i open the godforsaken, I have to restart orders 1000x over because it decided to fold in on itself. Ive never used such an annoying and unusable app for a store before.
  • Worst Shopping Experience Ever 1/5

    By Forces upu
    I never write reviews for apps, but I am just so incredibly frustrated right now that I need to talk about how absolutely terrible this app is. I’ve been a Pacsun customer for a long time, I love their clothes, it’s my favorite store to shop at in the mall. I have ordered from them online once and had no problems. Because I received 2 Pacsun gift cards for my birthday, I have been planning on ordering a heap of clothes from their store. This is why I downloaded the app in the first place. The app is incredibly laggy and frustrating to use. If I add an item to my bag, I can’t just go back to the same page I was just looking at. I have to select what category I was in and scroll through everything just to get back to where I was. This was annoying, but I dealt with it. When I was ready to check out, this is when things really became horrible. For my payment method, I intended to use my 2 gift cards along with my credit card because the gift cards alone would not cover the entire cost. I entered the information for all three cards, but I kept getting blocked from placing my order. I kept on retrying, retyping the card info over and over, trying entering the credit card info before the gift card info, etc. But to no avail. I decided hey, maybe the app is just buggy, let me try the website. So I log into my account on the website, and my cart is still there. As I’m typing in my card info again, I realize that the price is higher than what it was in the app. I look at my order summary and realize that I accidentally ordered one of my shirts two times. I only wanted to pay for one, not two, so I go to delete the item and it deletes both shirts instead of just one. So I exit the order-placing page and go back to add the shirt to my cart, and the rest of my cart is gone. Disappeared. All 14 items. At this point, I’m about to give up. I try to search the items up again by name and suddenly they don’t exist anymore. I have done online shopping for years and never encountered anything like this. What a huge waste of time.
  • So many problems 5/5

    By allykims123
    NOT user friendly app. Annoying.
  • This is horrid 1/5

    By Ally 🤩❤️😭
    this app is actually so bad. it is so glitchy and works half the time and complete messed up my order. it won’t even let me cancel the order and i cannot find a “help” section in the app.
  • Pretty good. 4/5

    By lainstrr
    Hello, I love Pacsun, its pretty awesome. The clothing is great, pretty much everything is good. I was in the women's section because i am a woman's small and I thought I would search for something I wanted. all was good, until i clicked the search bar. It would not let me press and I swiped out, still no press. I was so angy that i deleted
  • Its the worst shopping app 1/5

    By kimiZeZ
    It is so laggy and slow with the annoying pop up box! Pls look into asos app for example and try to improve 🤌
  • App buttons are poorly designed. 2/5

    By Paul Rosasco
    App seems to never work properly. I’m on an updated brand new IPhone 13. I have to click the home button 4 or 5 times for it to work. Same with clicking on products. It take 3 or 4 clicks before it registers. Very frustrating experience to shop on the app. Use desktop instead.
  • Literally awful 1/5

    By Mugirlio2
    This app is the absolute WORST to navigate. Nothing loads, 98% of the time if you try to search an item the search bar won’t even come up, it doesn’t save items you liked … I could go on. This app runs like PacSun hates its customers and does not want them to shop here.
  • bugs/ fixes 1/5

    By casandraa g
    Don’t get me wrong the clothes, accessories, etc are superrr cute but i recently purchased me and my boyfriend matching shorts.. the total was $61 and they only sent me one pair of shorts. I haven’t made a purchase in over a week i woke up to see my card was in the negatives. They took money out of account when i didn’t purchase anything! when i first got the app it was super glitchy so i thought it was my wifi but it’s constantly glitching, closing out on me. i am deleting this app as soon as i get my money back. so disappointed.