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  • Current Version: 7.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pacific Sunwear
  • Compatibility: Android
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PacSun App

"Love all things PacSun? Then you’ll definitely love our app! Here’s why it’s everyone’s favorite way to shop: SHOP FROM ANYWHERE | Skip the lines and get a new ‘fit from PacSun straight from your tablet or mobile phone. With access to your account right at your fingertips, you can place orders 24/7, track your recent purchases, add items to your Wish List, and more. GET REWARDED | As a PacSun Rewards member, you'll get a $5 Reward just for signing up, points per every $1 spend, plus bonus Rewards and FREE shipping on all orders for VIPs! THE PERKS GO ON & ON | Exclusive discounts, drop alerts, access to events—there’s more where these came from. HIT US UP | Email us your feedback or suggestions on ways to improve our app at [email protected] PacSun is dedicated to delivering an exclusive collection of the most relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth. Curated just for you in Los Angeles, we serve up the latest clothing, accessories, and sneaker styles for men and women from coveted brands including PacSun Denim, ESSENTIALS Fear Of God, Playboy, Vans, Champion, The North Face, adidas, Converse, Kappa, PacCares, Kendall & Kylie, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, John Galt, Brandy Melville, and more. "

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PacSun app reviews

  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Dreatrev10
    I love pacsun clothing. Absolutely will waste my money on pacsun I love love love it but the website as well as the app is tricky. Clothing says free shipping but when checking out it tries charging me $20 on the app :/ . I do find it better to shop on the website because it actually doesn’t charge me for shipping. But I mean I didn’t install the app for nothing , I love online shopping :/ Overall I think it just needs improvement.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Alyssa Cuyun
    It’s too freaking slow ALWAYS. The app constantly logs me out and it’s greatly frustrating when it doesn’t allow me to log into my account. The entire app is a headache along with rewards system. Please do something about this, it’s a pain in the rear. Lucky for the app producers, 0 stars isn’t an option!!!!!!!
  • App/website 3/5

    By jay/22222
    Both are slow and buggy.
  • Was really hoping for better quality than website 1/5

    By df14319
    I downloaded for the $5 off, and in hopes that the app had better quality than the website (which is absolutely terrible - hundreds of accessibility issues they need to stop ignoring). Turns out it’s worse. I didn’t get the $5 off and I also had a whole order go wrong because I ordered through the app. It’s a disaster. My advice is to either take the hours it takes to shop on the website or shop elsewhere.
  • terrible app 1/5

    By ig: briannaxmo
    this app is actually so bad. keeps glitching (product unavailability, wont let me choose my size, kicking me out) and it won’t even let me sign into my account. fix it pls thanks
  • bad 1/5

    By efhshdj
    the website and app both have constant issues. after looking for over an hour at clothes (took so long bc it was so glitchy) i found stuff, went to order it and the app crashed. now it won't even load me back in, so i guess im not getting anything
  • shipping so slow 1/5

    By 🍄🌱
    orders take weeks to process and ship and customer service is slow and unhelpful
  • The app needs a lot of work 3/5

    By adrie lilliette
    Don’t get me wrong, the clothing and deals PacSun offers are amazing, however the way they’ve created this app is just not it. The app navigation isn’t smooth like H&M or Hollister for example; it occasionally glitches and doesn’t work properly. On top of that, I updated the app only to not be able to find my most recent order that I already paid for under “recent orders”. I haven’t received it in the mail yet but I better have it before Christmas like it said on the shipping date. And PacSun, please consider adding a tracking package option, once it says shipped it stays that way and doesn’t even let you know if your package has arrived :/. But yea the better way to shop PacSun is on the website they got because the app is very mid.
  • UPGRADES 5/5

    By SchumacherM
    The app used to be so hard to deal with, very glitchy and annoying to use but after this update the layout of the app looks way better and all the problems I used to have are gone
  • FIX THE APP 1/5

    By Golden gamer tv
    Fix the app! Always something going on with it. Consider getting a new developer
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Fabio_chicken
    Fix your app
  • Site needs update 1/5

    By goldina1234
    The site shows that item is available, and then they cancel your order because they are out of stock.
  • horrible navigation 1/5

    By Rachlovese3
    so difficult to use. always scrolling you back to the top
  • unorganized and glitchy 1/5

    By jxshuua
    very unorganized and glitchy, everything about the setup of the app is annoying and i find it difficult and a hassle to shop on the app, i’d rather shop on the website, please fix your app
  • Slow. Update the app 1/5

    By te.6s
    Y’all need to update the app
  • Update sold out items 4/5

    By rgmesi
    Please update when items are sold out. I had a sold out item in my cart that prevented me from purchasing on time. Thankfully, the other items did not get sold out prior to me resolving the issue.
  • Fix some things 2/5

    By Austiiiiiiiinnnnn
    I love this store and I shop here all the time but it seems with the recent updates idk what happened but it feels so laggy and hard to navigate. Constant deals pop up in my face, things delay when I click them, and the app doesn’t save anything to my cart after closing the app. I was Trying to shop for Black Friday and wasn’t able to buy anything because of these problems. Plz fix
  • please fix your app / website!!! :( 2/5

    By dddoooooooopppppeeeeeeee
    i personally love pacsun but i’ve always had problems with the app. i either get logged out, can’t favorite items or add to my cart and continue to browse without anything saving :/ it’s productively gotten worse and messy so sad
  • Awful 1/5

    By Mattea brown
  • Difficult to shop 2/5

    By samrrosa
    I love the clothes don’t get me wrong, but as someone who does most of their shopping online, PacSun really makes it hard to do. Whenever I see something I like I press or the heart so it can be saved to my wishlist, but it doesn’t save at all, so I have to go and look for the item again and just add it to my cart, but even then it gets deleted from my shopping bag and it’s getting to the point where I don’t want to buy from PacSun because either way I CANT.
  • Very poor n slow 1/5

    By Ace 328
    Slow unresponsive need a upgrade
  • This app is awful. Please improve 1/5

    By danielleb457
    I like PacSun’s brand but the user experience for the app is terrible. I was trying to buy an item and it kept glitching, removing from cart, and the navigation is all messed up. I never leave reviews but this is terrible.
  • The worse I’ve ever seen 1/5

    By Nocturnal_66
    This app is horrible. Fix this Piece of crap
  • Terrible search, lots of improvement needed 1/5

    By Used to be a Ace fan
    When you try to search for anything it doesn’t pop up, the filters don’t stay, the search is the biggest problem because if nothing pops up I’m just gonna go to a different stores app, shame
  • App navigation 2/5

    By ukant
    When I hit the back button I go to the home page. -1/3 of my screen is covered by the name and all the sales you have, plus at the bottom a large portion is cover by telling me there are cookies. -Heart button too small, Wishlist is broken, it logs me back in and then tells me I have nothing saved 😕 -Difficulty swiping, it doesn’t always register that I’m trying to move the page down or up. -Everything just feels really small. -the way clothing is organized isn’t great, put the playboy stuff next to the playboy stuff, champion with champion and so on. -The app in general just isn’t user friendly and is super finicky and I’d just rather not use it.
  • Great clothes but common guys 1/5

    By yaboyseahawks
    there are so many pop ups i wanna through my phone through and shoot it i can’t handle every other click being a pop up it’s fine to ask once for my email but holy crap guys
  • So hard to work with 1/5

    By yanna chey
    The app is essentially the same as opening the PacSun website on safari. It loads very slowly, there are pop ups and banners everywhere, and whenever you click on an item and try to go back it takes you all the way back to the homepage. You have to scroll all the way back down to where you were before. Very annoying.
  • Can’t even buy my cart 1/5

    By Gigirox2034
    personally I never leave reviews but this app has irritated me enough to the point where I will. I have spent the last hour and a half trying to buy a couple of shirts and a single pair of jeans from the black friday sale. The app keeps logging me out redirecting me to the front of the website says I have nothing in my cart or in my likes page. The app just does not work and now that I was finally trying to check out it told me there were too many unknown errors. so now I have wasted too much of my time and I’m not even going to bother trying because it keeps deleting my payment method.
  • This app makes me lose interest so quick 1/5

    By Sushi.senpai
    I get notifications on deals but the app is so badly constructed that it’s hard to find exactly what i want. Where are the categories? And if you look something up by name “t shirts” doesn’t pop up.
  • glitch 2/5

    By Tepymahone
    the app keeps glitching
  • App quality 4/5

    By Spotmarm66713
    It’s whatever. Not that good and annoying to shop with. I love pacsun but the buggy app is making it a chore to shop with them. It’s also super hard to navigate around if they fix the app and make it run nicer I would like it much more.
  • Website and App are awful 1/5

    By +Em3098756
    The app is NOT user friendly.
  • Just use the website 2/5

    By Peyton C .
    The app is just the website with a app link. It’s very slow. When I logged in, chose to stay logged it and when back to shop it logged me out. Didn’t save anything in my bag unless I viewed it then reloaded. Just go on the website instead.
  • I can’t keep things in my cart when I’m trying to buy more 3/5

    By Beasttboyzzz98
    I get the app hasn’t been updated for 2 months but check on your app
  • Needs a look of improvement 2/5

    By Thatonewolfgamer
    Spent an hour adding stuff to my wish list to compare to buy and it added none of them. This is really irritating and there’s a LOT more that needs improvement, like it I click on a item and then go back it takes me back to the home page and I have to scroll all the way down again, it’s just really annoying and irritating. I’d rather go in store and get no sales than deal with this.
  • Hard to use 3/5

    By diss.a.point.ed.
    I love PacSun and their clothes, but this website is very messy. It’s glitchy and has items on display that are “unavailable”. Why do they show up then? It’s a little annoying but it’s fine. It’s difficult to find specific types of clothing like jeans or tshirts because of the way it’s organized. Overall the app is okay. Not a big deal but it needs a lot of work
  • trash 2/5

    By itsfaraaz
    this app is trash. UX is terrible. looks like a high schooler made this. the app doesn’t even reflect the black friday sales??? and when we tap on the black friday banner it redirects you to the website.
  • quality 1/5

    By pacsunnnn
    this app was designed by literal third graders. how are you a multi million dollar company but cannot but a single cent into your own app absolutely absurd
  • Cart keeps multiplying 3/5

    By JBLIJ
    The app itself works well, however once things are in my cart, they multiply and I end up with 48 items rather than 8. I don’t know what is happening.
  • buggy 3/5

    By Alexa 🧃
    not the best, it seems like every time i click on a new category it logs me out and makes me sign back in to keep shopping
  • Difficult Navigation 2/5

    By Josie Ca.
    Anytime you put something in your cart and hit the back arrow it will show that there’s nothing in your cart. I even clicked on it to see if it just didn’t load right away but no it completely refreshed the app and took everything out. In order to keep the items in your cart you have to add the item then hit continue shopping. I would understand this navigation if it was just right after you added something to your cart but it is if you click on literally anything. I am also scared to order after reading some reviews!
  • The online store 1/5

    By EA 105
    The online store is a pain. The process takes forever. Needed to placed the order around 5 times. Need to update or improved your online experience at checkout.
  • worst shopping app i have used 2/5

    By saeran route please
    love pacsuns clothes but this app is miserable, my bag keeps clearing its self every time i go to look at another item, app loads slow, and over all just isn’t set up very good at all. terribly hard for me to shop when the app is of such low quality. i normally don’t even leave reviews but please make this better please
  • Always logs me out 2/5

    By Wyman lover 1
    I was planning on shopping at PacSun because they have really good Black Friday deals. I logged onto my account with the app put a pair of Jean in my cart continued looking at clothes and it said my bag was empty. This happened numerous times then I clicked on account and it logged me out. The app logs me out every time I put something in my cart and it is also very slow
  • love pacsun, hate this app 1/5

    By Chicalapica:)
    basically this app is trash. its a nightmare to navigate and when you finally do figure it out, it glitches. my items wouldnt even stay in the cart. overall if i could give it a 0/5 i would.
  • app is bad 1/5

    By claire shhs
    i love pacsun clothes but their app makes me not want to shop with them because it’s so frustrating. it’s always so glitchy and if i accidentally click on something and want to go back the only option is to go back to the main page and then i have to scroll through all the clothes again to get back to my spot. also when i favorite stuff it never remembers them and so all the stuff i like just gets lost. there’s also been multiple times where i’ve ordered from the app and a few weeks later i’ll just get a notification that my order got cancelled and when i call to find out why they say they’re out of stock even if it let me order it. just overall frustrating.

    By Random_girl33
    It super hard to navigate around and very laggy all the times.
  • Fix your app! 2/5

    By JohnaldSquarePants
    The clothes are cool and affordable, that’s the good part, the bad part is their app, website, or any technology of theirs really, is just garbage, doesn’t work properly at all, and makes it nearly impossible to buy/want to buy anything they have, if you want to be jumping through constant hoops to get a few t shirts you like then this is the app for you
  • used to be good and now it is horrible 1/5

    By hello it's me🤍
    This app you to be so easy and simple to navigate and now it’s horrible. When you’re scrolling and then click on a clothing item that you want to add to your cart, there is no back button to go back to the scrolling page. It ends up taking you all the way back to the home page and then you have to retype in all your filters again and scroll down the whole page to get back to the place your started. It’s like when you’re reading a book and then it gets shut without u having a bookmark in. Also when I add things to my cart it stays there for like 2 seconds and then disappears. So frustrating.

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