Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

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Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. App

THE PLACE TO ABSORB GREAT CONTENT. Use Pocket to capture the content that comes at you all day long, and curate your own space filled with only the topics you care about. Save the latest stories, articles, news, sports and videos from any device, and any publisher or app. Then fuel your mind with a reading, watching, and listening experience designed for calm eyes, free hands, and fresh focus. SAVE FROM ANYWHERE. Save the latest news, magazine articles, stories, videos, recipes, web pages, how-to information – anything you discover online or subscribe to, from any publisher. User favorites include: New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, Flipboard, The Atlantic, New Yorker, Lifehacker, Business Insider, The Verge, BBC News, Google News, Buzzfeed, Vox, engadget, Medium, Newsweek, Twitter, Youtube. REST YOUR EYES. FIND YOUR FOCUS. Pocket's clean layout and customizable display make for a relaxing reading experience that clears out the visual clutter, gives your eyes a rest, and lets your mind focus on the information at hand. Love long reads? Pocket's typography and layout keep reading comfortable for longer stretches. Love to read before bed? Try our new dark and sepia themes to reduce visual stimulation before you sleep. LISTEN TO ARTICLES. Pocket's listen feature turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience. Now you can turn content into knowledge while you cook, commute, work out, walk, or just relax and listen. READ EVERYWHERE. If it's in your Pocket, it's on your phone, tablet and computer – even when you're offline. Whether you're taking a news break, reading from bed, or breezing through articles on your commute, Pocket makes the most of your time by getting you straight to the news feeds, magazine articles, stories, information, news, and sports that are compelling to you. And estimated reading times help you turn any time into quality time. DISCOVER MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. Find more of what you love but might otherwise have missed. Pocket surfaces 'best of web' content discovered by our users, verified by our curators, and approved by our editors. Find all kinds of topics from all kinds of publishers, including quality magazines and news sources like Fast Company, The Verge, Medium, Quartz, Harvard Business Review and more. MAKE IT PREMIUM. AND PERMANENT. Power users can upgrade anytime to Pocket Premium for features like advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups. Pocket is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, the web, and any other phone or tablet. You can also save to Pocket with our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari Learn more at https://getpocket.com/. --- Upgrade to Pocket Premium for a more powerful Pocket experience ($4.99 monthly, $44.99 annually): • Permanent Library to keep a personal backup of what you save • Full-Text searching to find anything in your list • Suggested Tags to get organized fast. Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your account will be charged $4.99 (monthly) or $44.99 (yearly) for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. It will not be possible to immediately cancel a subscription. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Refunds are not available for unused portions of a subscription. Pocket Privacy Policy: https://getpocket.com/privacy Pocket Terms of Service: https://getpocket.com/tos

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  • Less Documents & Data 3/5

    By Recode the app
    I love what I can do with pocket, but it needs to use less documents and data. Instead of downloading all the images and files associated with weblinks, it needs to only store the urls for sharing. When I download the app, it begins to download way too much data and takes up 150 MB of storage on my phone through Documents & Data alone. I love that the app is such a small size, but I cant keep the app on my phone because of the useless data that it takes up.
  • Crashes CONSTANTLY when using TTS 2/5

    By AT Bangkok
    I’ve used this app for years and sincerely wish I could change my review back to five stars, but it will not stop crashing when I use the text to speech feature (the ostensible new focus of the app as of about a year or two ago). I will open the app and start playback for an article, on average, four times in a row before it will actually provide a smooth audio playback of my list using the iPhone built in engine (using Amazon’s upon the original retooling of the app was laggy, artificial and ate up mobile data). It may be that I’m playing articles at 3.2x speed, but that shouldn’t be an option if the app can’t handle it. I’ve been using Pocket for about four years and would gladly amend my review back to five stars if I can listen to articles without the app crashing again and again and again.
  • Good app, Convenient to add things to pocket from other devices 5/5

    By TexasOlive
    I enjoy this app because I take the subway daily with no Internet connection. So it’s good to be able to read articles from everywhere on my phone. Can you add a highlight feature? I can’t figure out how to highlight a whole sentence, just a word. That would be great. Thanks. Also the feature where it will read the text to you in a robot voice has never worked for me ever. Thanks in advance.
  • Pushes paid content 1/5

    By applecustomer1234xyz
    You can’t stop a flood of paid subscription-only publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post and other subscription only news services. I’m switching to another news service.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Anguscleo
    Love pocket. You can read quick articles while waiting. Love the article suggestions.
  • A great app but 1/5

    By Abdelrhman Fayyad
    This app has a lot of good features, a pretty nice design and great performance, but lately I found a very annoying problem that ruins the app for me, I use the app mainly to save educational articles on the web, lately I found that many of the saved articles are missing a very important pictures, I tried using instapaper with the same pages it gave me a perfect result, I hope the development team respond to this issue and solve it ASAP.
  • Finally fixed! 2/5

    By Running on empty 4466
    The last update crashed the app. I can’t open the app. I can’t access it because it doesn’t open. No word from the developers when it will be fixed. They are aware of the problem. Now the app takes up memory on my phone, but doesn’t function. May 19, 2020 they did an update that fixed the app. After weeks of not being able to open it... I can finally open it again! May 20, 2020 I can’t get to my suggested stories. I open the app, try to scroll through my suggested stories and the app kicks me out and closes down.
  • A genuinely great app when it works, but... 2/5

    By Muddi900
    The app has not made peace with Dark Mode. I don’t want to follow the system mode settings. Even when I manually change it, if I leave the app and comeback, it switches back to the Dark Mode. It is a great experience on the iPad when it works.
  • Great for saving long reads 5/5

    By dfabs
    Pocket is awesome for saving articles you find on the web and in most news or social networking apps (just use the share sheet ⬆️ > ‘pocket’). Love the new ‘listen’ 🎧 feature to hear saved articles read by a decent Siri-like voice—great for multitasking or commuting.
  • Won’t play video 2/5

    By Rexy-Roo
    Like the concept however I save a lot of Tweets that contain short video clips. Pocket will not replay the clips for me. I see the text from the tweet only and cannot watch the film clip.
  • Pocket experience 5/5

    By nimishdave
    Very helpful in preserving some of the most important information available on internet and web sites. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • Off to a good start - here’s what would take good to great 4/5

    By Gazabat
    So far so good. Stoked I found this because there’s always more to read thank I’ve got time for. One thing that would be AMAZING would be if I could read along as it reads to me- there’s a handful of things that function would be super helpful for. Well done!
  • Useful app 4/5

    By comoseyama
    Great for flagging articles to be read eventually but page flipping feature is aggravating and disruptive
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    By Valaree Le Conte
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  • It’s all good 5/5

    By CanniesEye
    Unbelievable, clean, useful. Can’t be much better an app as pocket. I use it almost more than all others.
  • Concept good, execution distorted 1/5

    By UB1
    This is a great concept and better than some of the alternatives like Evernote. Where they fail is on the editorial side, pointing people to narratives they want to reinforce (even to articles that are four years old in today’s feed that serve that purpose). So add it to the long list of tech tools/companies that quietly but relentlessly encourage groupthink. Want to fill your head with the same pap as the guy next to you? Use Pocket.
  • Search within article is a necessary feature 1/5

    By As de corazones
    I've been a paid subscriber for years, but I have to leave a low rating for the iOS version of Pocket because it doesn't have the ability to search for text within an article. Another deficiency in the iOS version is that you cannot follow along and read an article as you listen to it with text-to-speech. Please, don't dumb down Pocket! I want more options, not fewer.
  • My all time favorite app 5/5

    By Robbochase
    There are so many wonderful articles being written very day and it is impossible to keep up with them, this app makes it so easy to jump in and out and learn new ideas and information at any time. Thank you thank you!!!
  • Used to love, now sooo buggy 1/5

    By Brooklynchick
    I am a dedicated user but the app is currently crashing, linking to the wrong article, not showing starred items in the main view. In short, a MESS! So annoyed.
  • Update crashes! 1/5

    By Tinathir
    Latest update crashes on launch. Do not install!!
  • Pretty good but not great 4/5

    By Shelennox
    Sometimes it does not capture the entire recipe. I use the information captured to find the full recipe on line. I like the ability to use the information I’ve stored for travel.
  • Love my Pocket! 5/5

    By Patp458
    I don’t always have time to read articles, so saving them in pocket works great for me. I can also share articles. I like the short stuff! I can listen at night, when my eyes are tired, although don’t really like the speed or the voice of the reader that is used. I really do learn a lot of current info, as well as trending. I also learn about what Makes clocks tick. The thing that is least favorite for me is the price. I thought it was free, then it was 4.99/month? I can offload the App, but it still takes up a lot of space on my phone. I need to get rid of some stuff to get more storage. I really hope it’s not my Pocket that I need to give up!
  • Surprisingly amazing app! 5/5

    By Discerning Technologist
    I have never written a review of any app before but felt compelled to tout the amazing features and functionality of Pocket. I know you are busy so I will keep it short. If you are looking for a way to hold, store, categorize, and consume the info overload this is for you. I especially love the ability to read articles in dark mode and have them read to you in case you need to have your eyes elsewhere. Great app!
  • A long time favorite but some suggestions. 5/5

    By StarbucksDinosaur
    I’ve used Pocket for a few years now, either browser based or as the app; it’s a great app and service with a lot of functionality. However, I do have a few recommendations that might make it more navigable. Folders/collections - it would be great to have the functionality to create folders in which to sort stories and items into, rather than just tagging items. Highlights - I love that they have this as a feature, but as it is, all the items you highlight seem to be collected onto one long list, rather than a more manageable system, if you use highlights a lot. Perhaps a way to ‘collapse’ highlights under a given story? Or further methods to sort them. Social Connectivity - it would be nice to be able to add friends on other services than Twitter (I don’t use twitter anymore), such as Facebook, or phone contacts. Overall it’s a great app and I will continue to use it for a long time.
  • Search doesn’t work 1/5

    By tommy6133
    Every time I check this app on my phone another feature that worked perfectly in an old version doesn’t work anymore, now I can’t search for URL’s, it just says my list is empty, and the tags are the same thing, I click on the one minute tag and get results, but 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 minutes and any other length brings up 0 results, I have over 5000 articles saved, you really need to downgrade the app to an older version, every update since you started your own tts feature has gotten worse and worse in terms of functionality, whatever version you were on like 2 or 3 or 5 years ago just worked, flawlessly, we don’t need big flashy updates to make it look nicer or cooler, just something that works, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
  • Pocket curates the most interesting articles 5/5

    By Jasdelaney
    While covering a wide array of topics, Pocket seems to select articles that are both interesting and informative, and I enjoy the ease at which I can collect articles for later reading.
  • Much to love, much to be improved 3/5

    By Adam Alf
    My favorite feature is the text to speech, but it doesn’t work on many articles and is filled with glitches (like the playhead counter position). In the future I’d love to see the text as it’s being read (like in the VoiceDream app). I have the paid version, but still find the search feature a bit lacking. Anyway, keep up the good work Pocket Team!
  • Would be helpful to add Night Mode to the iPad version 5/5

    By dhdfehed
    What the title says
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By vvv3333aen
    Beta was driving me crazy. Asks for feedback, doesn’t tell me where to submit it. Switched over to the regular app, and I’ve spent the last three months logging in over and over again every time it tries to refresh. Been using this for 6+ years, but can’t even get normal functionality from basic use.
  • Awesome reading list 5/5

    By deadmoto
    I have been using Pocket for a few years now and I really love it. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of what I think I must read. Pocket helps me postpone that reading until later and when I get to it I feel the power to discard what's not important.
  • Issues 5/5

    By NinjaKop
    Not sure if it has to do with the latest iPhone update, but the app closes out every time I chose a video, so right now it’s useless. Other than that, great app. Any options on how to fix this issue?
  • It’s wonderful but... 4/5

    By Good music lover123
    A tad expensive for me. I think $30 for a year feels more appropriate for what this service is in my opinion.
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By eframkel
    Very easy to store and retrieve. Like it very much.
  • A good app 5/5

    By woodyjhonsonzzzz
    Useful app when read pages and it can buffer read mode when suffer bad network. The other features wait for exploring
  • Love it but one request 5/5

    By Gunner Beal
    I don’t know if it’s already a feature, but it would be nice to be able to change how the articles are displayed. I mean like condensed view, normal view, etc.
  • Top notch 5/5

    By dumbojay
    Used daily life changing for me!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By angeson hey
    Best investment I ever made. Money well spent! Thanks!
  • The Pocket iPad app could be so much more... 2/5

    By sqyntz
    Please add keyboard navigation to the iPad app.
  • Fail 1/5

    By iCaliT
    Why am I paying $5/month for a subscription to an app that is continually crashing? Also, hundreds upon hundreds of articles lost their tags!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Apriah
    I’ve been a denizen of the internet for most of my life. Multiple platforms offer varying degrees of information. An all too common cord with most platforms is simply more. Pocket has provided me with an experience consistent with that of a caring teacher. Expanding my horizons daily without overloading them with the dreary deluge that our mass media is often apt. Thank you
  • Tags doesn’t appear 3/5

    By جلزكو ولهان١١
    This app is great iv been using it for a while but when i save my stuff and add tags on it so i can find them later easily i realized that no notes was tags on my stuff. I thought i was not doing it right but when i tried several times its a bug from the app. Sadly i have saved a lot of things until this time and have to re arrange it all over again
  • App Startes crashing 5/5

    By 323322578995006522145
    I am a Pocket premium subscriber. Behause of random crashes i have to Sync a lot to Not lose my last Changes. Now i can not sync anymore because my Account did to many syncs in the last Hour. This is bad
  • Wonderful Tool 5/5

    By eaduj
    This has been my “go to tool” since it first came out. I can easily save important information, and retrieve it later.
  • yes, but... 2/5

    By InColorado
    The number of share options have been reduced. That’s doubly frustrating because that includes all web browsers. It’s becoming a walled garden which breaks it’s usefulness in my workflow. And there’s no way to give feedback in the app. So we’re forced to leave a bad review to give feedback on the app.
  • Crashes on the latest iOS , Iphone XR 1/5

    By nickohni
    Used the app from almost day 1, but now cant read article for a couple of weeks already. How come you can’t fix it for so long guys? Cmon:)
  • Full reload each time; have to delete 2X 1/5

    By TruReviewToo
    Used to be good, at its best they introduced dark mode. Made mistake of updating - what could possibly go wrong updating software(?!!!) - and now when it refreshes, it tries to refresh 1,000s of articles, not the latest unsynced ones. And to delete an article, I have to delete twice. TWICE.
  • Love it, with a few improvements 4/5

    By Julie3456
    I love this app and have used it often since I downloaded it about two weeks ago. However there are two improvements that would make it a better experience. I use the app for research, so I add several tags to each article, for example, type of resource, subject, source, etc. I would like to be able to search using multiple tags, for example find all articles with tag “dog” and “study”. Also, I would like the ability to choose a different display name for articles, since sometimes the url shows up as the title and it’s hard to figure out which article it is. Also, I would like the ability to add a short description, for example, “Discusses how to train dogs faster.”
  • Set aside articles for reading later. 5/5

    By Love Info!
    When I am working on my computer, trying to locate specific information, I am always coming across articles of interest. But these articles, while interesting, are not related to the task at hand. Do I stop and read them now, or save them for later to read in the evening after work? POCKET let’s me save them, knowing I can find them easily, and meanwhile I can focus and get back to my work. Thank you for a wonderful system!
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Woodkv
    Pocket saves me so much time. What a relief. Wish we could tag highlights specifically!

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