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Post-it® App

Post-it® App brings the simplicity of Post-it® Notes to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Whether you use Post-it® Notes for collaboration, in education or for personal note taking, the Post-it® App helps you keep the momentum going. Post-it® Notes, both analog and digital, are a great tool for organizing your thoughts, being creative and quickly reaching your goals. If you work from home or as a student in remote learning, use the Post-it® App to share your ideas with co-workers, structure your assignments and share them with your teacher, or create colorful calendars and share them with your friends. Simply capture analog notes with your camera, or create new digital notes right on your device. Arrange, refine and organize ideas anyway you see fit. Then share your board with co-workers, teachers and friends, or export to your favorite apps and cloud services—including Trello, Dropbox, iCloud, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more. Post-it® App features: • Capture more than 200 individual square Post-it® Notes at a time with your camera. • Get your notes transcribed using Handwriting Recognition. Great for search and exports. • Draw, erase, type and change the color of your notes using powerful editing tools. • Organize your way—group your ideas by thought or simply organize on a grid. • Combine boards—collect and combine ideas from across multiple sessions. • Share to your favorites formats and cloud services—supports Trello, Dropbox, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and more. • Keep your notes and boards in sync across all your Apple devices with iCloud. You can capture Post-it® Notes with your iPhone and edit the board on your Mac before you share it with your team. Learn more about the Post-it® App at

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Post-it® app reviews

  • So far so ok! 4/5

    By Takakun20
    this App can be really useful once you learn to navigate. I’m not sure how effective the sharing is yet. I wish they could add more post it colors.
  • AWESOME!!! 5/5

    By polarbeaf23
    Great app! I use it for everything!
  • Molly 5/5

    By molly liam
    Love you Molly
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Bob ATL
    Please add more Font, Size and Bold capabilities
  • I love this app more than I should 5/5

    By clockman13
    I LOVE THIS APP!! It helps me stay organized and works so well. I showed someone else this app and they immediately wanted to get it. Thank you post-it for making this amazing app
  • Features that are necessary 3/5

    By Me102828
    I really like this app but a need a few features to be added. Main one being ability to duplicate notes and board. As well as ability to change thickness of the pencil and more options in that as well.
  • Great app 4/5

    By MarzzzBarzzz
    Can’t figure how to update favorites notes onto the app’s widget on my iPhone 11 Pro. Help? Other than that great app
  • Love this product 5/5

    By Sassy L
    Thanks for making it
  • Please add a shortcut for adding a new note from clip board 4/5

    By ash0080
    There're too many copy paste when I use it to organize some existing documents, please considering add at least one shortcut command to quickly creat note from the clipboard.
  • Useful application to have 5/5

    By DMiller1
    I do wish it could capture all post-it notes sizes other than just 3x3.
  • I LOVE it 5/5

    By GoRoblox
    I like that is is a free app!!! I love that it is so organized and neat. Also that you can write you note or type your note. It is a very helpful app!!!! I am in love with this app ever since my dad showed it to me and now me, my mom, and my dad have this app to keep our notes organized and neat. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😃😃
  • Yeah! 5/5

    By No!!!!!❌
    I just am obsessed!!!!!!!!!
  • For post-it note brain stormers who travel 5/5

    By FroogleLoops
    You can literally take a picture of your post-it notes board/wall whatever and it will make a user friendly digital copy you can move transfer share and keep going about your life on the go. If you are like me and are trying to accomplish everything all at once while still giving fine detailed thoughts about each group this app is for you. Let’s me start again if you do well with post it notes and are on the move this is how you take your board with you.
  • Bravo 5/5

    By Bebert l'Hirsonnais
    The perfect tool: post-it as what we are expected. Merci.
  • Please fix Board names & also widget 2/5

    By IGotmailYea
    I like that you added iCloud support! I stopped using the app shortly after I originally downloaded when I saw there was no iCloud support to sync between iPhone and iPad. However, two other things. First, please change there widget to disappear when I don’t have any post-it! notes favorited (kind of like the iOS app “Deliveries”. In that app, if you have a delivery, the app will show up as a widget. If you, don’t have a delivery, the widget disappears. Second, please make it more simple when it comes to “board” names. I thought I made a “board” name but then it turned out to be a combo name of 2 different post-it notes. Plus there are individual note names too. Please just have “note” names and “board” names & thats it.
  • Stick a post-it to home screen 4/5

    By maggiemae_nyc
    I just downloaded this app yesterday and I think it’s great and has lots of good organizational potential for me. What would make it AWESOME would be the ability to stick individual notes to your home screen where you don’t even have to open the app. It’s just right in your face - BAM!
  • alarm back and pop up 4/5

    By Apple ever after
    Really want to have the alarm back and pop up on iPhone screen back on the app. Change it back . Even if we have to purchase
  • Glitchy/not syncing between devices 3/5

    By ilindsay
    This is a cool concept and I love it for brainstorming. However, I spent a lot of time today customizing different boards and was trying to get it synced (via iCloud) and it wouldn’t work. Then I went back to my originally device where I made all of my boards and everything was gone. 😑😤 hopefully they’ll can fix the glitches. I might try again in the future.
  • Good could be better 4/5

    By RheeBlue
    So far this app is wonderful. But it needs more variety, more colors to choose from or a color picker for both the post it’s as well as the markers. also a font chooser for the text with its own color chooser/ picker.
  • 1 more thing to make it perfect 4/5

    By ccaj25
    I really enjoy using the app a lot but I just wish I could make a Post-It account for the ability to use one account across different OS’ like Android. I know it saves across an iCloud account but it would make it much simpler to have one designated account across all platforms.
  • Post-it Notes 4/5

    By tenanche
    I have been wanting this for my iPad and I love it. I have one suggestion that would make it better. Put a tiny number on the lower right corner of the desktop app icon to alert the user to the number of open notes waiting to be dealt with. I forget stuff easily and it would serve as a reminder much the same as the email icon alerts to new mail.
  • Addictive!!! 5/5

    By jbcmh
    I LLOOVVEE this app! I just got it yesterday and I tried to play it all night! You should get it. You will be addicted! i can not put it down......
  • Lived on post-its 4/5

    By Guardi1
    I have spent my whole working life using post-it’s to keep track of reminders and To-dos. Now newly retired, I’m thrilled to have this app for my ipad ! My “add” would be to be able to set alerts. I’m adding dates at the top as needed but would be great to get an alert. I look forward to using !!
  • Confusing 3/5

    By Original music Man
    Not simple to use
  • Interesting and useful 5/5

    By PizzookieEater
    Downloaded this app on a whim. I needed to organize my ideas written on notes. You upload by taking pictures and group them to your liking. It does an decent job trying to put my scribble into words too. Love it!
  • Absolutely love it! 5/5

    By SerratedGrin
    I downloaded this app ages ago, but never used it until recently. Now, that all my classes are online I started sticking Post-Its everywhere to remind me to turn in assignments and tests. I remembered about this app, and started using it to better organize the tornado of Post-its in my room. And I love it! I've tried countless reminder apps and organization apps and they're always so complex and too involved for my needs. This one is straight to the point, simple, and doesn't bombard me with features as soon as I open it. My only request is that I wish you could select the thickness of the markers.
  • Lost all of my notes 1/5

    By guhrdesvbhuikl
    Enjoyed using this for about a month. Then one day I opened it up and all of my notes had disappeared. Awesome.
  • Amazing! But lacks ability to ACTUALLY share boards! 5/5

    By mister zed
    If there is a way to ACTUALLY share a board, so that two people can both work on it and see each other's updates, it is well hidden. The closest thing to this is to export it to a file that someone else can use, which is NOT sharing. If I mail you food, we are not sharing a meal. Sharing a meal means eating together and sharing a document means editing it together. This app is awesome but badly needs the ability to collaborate. Until then it is only useful as a means to export to a real collaborative tool, like Trello. That is still very useful, but it screams out to be useful as it's own tool rather than an importer for something else.
  • Fantastic!!!! 5/5

    By 2thebloop
    Cheerful! 🧡
  • Great app 5/5

    By InCasoEmergency
    I just got this app and I mostly use it for writing down quick notes. Handwriting recognition is pretty good. You can add a shortcut to Siri, too, to view your boards. Great for brainstorming ideas and writing down work
  • Very limited 2/5

    By Howiedewet
    Small stickies (granted they are small in real life they could be slightly bigger while writing). No ability to “log in” to sync with other devices. Would be nice to share with my Mac and phones.
  • Best 5/5

    By littlebro2243
    Just love this app helps me soooooooo much
  • Much needed App 5/5

    By Amazed in sc
    Awesome! Some of us are POST IT JUNKIES! I love it!
  • Note 5/5

    By Mendicino
    Love it
  • No palm rejection! 👎🏼 2/5

    By Tranceunta
    Not Apple Pencil friendly... It's also annoying that notes cannot be duplicated!
  • Really cool tool 5/5

    By tadleta
    Easy to create boards and organize them. Can update changes and it will save to iCloud. Very effective for small teams
  • Great idea! Needs more features and Support 2/5

    By jumpinwaves
    The idea is great! It is pretty easy to use. It looks good but... It is great that you can back up to iCloud but my iCloud is full so I have to turn it off. There is only an FAQ, no Support. I’m getting an error message on my board but have no where to go to get help. The app has crashed and lost days of post-its. There is an error that my archive is corrupt. I’ve created a new archive and that is corrupt. Again no place to get help. I can export a board for another user but how do you import a board? FAQ doesn’t say. Lots of potential. If you’re serious about this app, but some resources in to this: give us more features and solid support!
  • post its 1/5

    By Colleen Gaffney
    I used the Post Its App and none of my notes were saved :(.
  • Incredible 5/5

    By hensobla
    What a DELIGHT. Incredibly made app; recommend to all.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By Abu al-Qasim Ali
    Very productive.
  • Great 5/5

    By Maya521
    Amazing app
  • best app ever 5/5

    By Bujubara
    best app ever for Reminders and take note
  • Apple Pencil Support is Weak 4/5

    By nreliu
    The part of the app where you actually write a blank note has really bad support for the Apple Pencil on a iPad Pro. There’s no palm rejection, writing with the Pencil itself actually registers worse than writing with your finger, and is really laggy. UPDATE 02/18/2020: Looks like Apple Pencil is indeed supported, that’s great! Still, writing a Digital Note lacks the same satisfaction as writing with a Sharpie on an actual Post-it. The stroke weight of the marker feels really thin. Would be great to have at least 3 options of thin, medium and thick lines.
  • Great app but needs Windows version 4/5

    By AZ_Doc
    This is a great app for quick notes and has helped me stop wasting paper...but if I’m on a Windows computer and need to jot something down I have to find an iOS device. Suggestion would be for those that use iCould drive on Windows, a post-it app on Windows that opens and saves with iCloud Drive so it’s accessible and synced across all devices 😀 Thanks
  • Great app... but syncing is not reliable 3/5

    By Kneeseepat
    App works... sync is hit or miss.
  • Nearly perfect 4/5

    By motoboy900
    Love this tool. Just wish that there was more control after handwriting recognition to be able to break several lines of text onto separate notes for further sorting and arrangement. Love the extended colour palette and the default marker script. This app saves me loads of time after meetings.
  • Great app - I love it and use it all the time 5/5

    By Ralphiedad
    Thanks for a great app
  • Did last update erase my notes? 2/5

    By Dpileatus
    They’re suddenly gone.
  • Keeps overwriting my work 2/5

    By carlvjack
    I keep getting the message “this document was updated on another device” and then I lose any recent changes made.

Post-it® app comments

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