Qapital: Save. Invest. Spend.

Qapital: Save. Invest. Spend.

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Qapital: Save. Invest. Spend. App

Qapital is the only mobile banking app that lets you save smartly, spend happily, and invest comfortably with intuitive tools that make it easy to take control of your personal finances. We’re committed to making money work for our users, not the other way around. And with more than 35,000 five-star reviews, we’re pretty sure we’re on the right track. Last year, our members saved an average of $1,500*. What would you do with that extra cash? •Automated saving so you can get more done With personalized savings Goals and automated savings Rules, you can save money without thinking about it. Purchases and other transactions made from your connected accounts and cards automatically trigger savings Rules, getting you closer to your Goals. Choose from any number of free in-app savings Rules, take advantage of our Apple Health integration, or customize your own Rules with our IFTTT integration (we have a few to get you started). Once your Goals and Rules are set, you can watch your savings grow in real time. •A checking account that helps you keep more of your money Our checking account skips those traditional bank fees. There are no low balance, overdraft, or foreign transaction fees. Instead, you get a brand new Qapital Visa® Debit Card** to help you save while you spend. Transfer funds instantly between your Qapital Goals and Spending account, and benefit from a Spending Sweet Spot that helps you stay on track and reach your goals. With Qapital Spending you’ll get: - Direct deposit - Interest on all of your accounts - Weekly Insights - Automatic bill payment - Mailed checks - Purchase notifications - In-app temporary card lock - Ability to set & reset your pin - More to come! •Personalized investment options to help you build more wealth. with Qapital Invest, we’ve made investing as easy as saving. You can earn more toward your long-term goals with personalized portfolio recommendations based on your risk profile. We monitor your account, reinvest dividends, and rebalance your portfolio based on changing market conditions so that you don’t have to. Just set your Rules, spend happily with your Qapital Visa® Debit Card, and watch your investments grow. •A better way to budget with Spending Sweet Spot and Payday Divvy With Payday Divvy, you can pay yourself first by setting aside money for your expenses, your Goals, and your everyday spending as soon as your paycheck arrives. Use Spending Sweet Spot to find a budget for all of your weekly expenses, become mindful of where and how you’re spending, and use that insight to find a spending amount that makes you happy. •Bank level security and protection with you in mind With 256-bit encryption, overdraft protection and FDIC-insurance up to $250,000, your money is safe at Qapital. •A new banking experience, intelligently designed for you Find your financial balance by using Qapital to help you save more, earn more, and reach your goals faster. Join our community of members dedicated to becoming their best financial selves. * Average amount saved by Qapital users during 2017 ** Issued by Lincoln Savings Bank, Member FDIC

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Qapital: Save. Invest. Spend. app reviews

  • Makes saving fun 5/5

    By no way12324890
    I enjoy using the Qapital app! It makes saving fun. The only criticism I have for the app is that they are now charging a fee for basic saving. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to pay, but it makes it hard for me to share my good fortune with my family because they don’t want to pay in order to save. I don’t blame them. I would suggest making tiers to your services where basic saving can be free and any additional investment usage, can have an added fee. Anyway, that’s all.
  • Just Okay 3/5

    By AkronsOwnRubber
    The idea of automating savings is great. However Qapital is very slow to transfer even after bank transactions have cleared. Their customer support is lackluster as it takes at least 24 hours to get a response in app which means a simple conversation takes days. I’m confident I can manually care for my finances more efficiently than Qapital can.
  • This app is PERFECT 5/5

    By Jassabell
    I love this app. Not only does it keep me up to date on my back account. It is so quick and easy I don’t even realize I’m saving. And I see the benefits of it quickly. 5/5
  • So easy 4/5

    By CrystalLM08
    I love this app. It’s made saving money so incredibly easy! I don’t even think about it. The only thing I’m not a fan about is how long it takes to actually transfer the money from my goal to my account.
  • Won't give me back my $ 1/5

    By Tamlentoo
    I transferred money from my savings to checking to pay wedding fees for my daughter. Capital decides that's a payday and takes $850. I still can't get my money back from them, it keeps saying it takes four days to clear but it's been longer than that. They need to be able to differentiate between payday and money transfers. They need to give the money back quicker. As soon as I get my money back I will be closing this account and app.
  • Awesome savings App 5/5

    By steiner4608
    It automated the savings for you. I enjoy the weekly increase option. It takes away the decision making process once it is set up and the app is smart enough to check your account balance before withdrawing, making sure you don’t get charged additional fees.
  • Helps manage my money 5/5

    By K8lyn_m
    This app is great! I’m terrible with money. I’m slowly learning the value of it, and having a savings account outside my checking where I don’t see the funds helps me to manage my money better. I’m able to save for emergencies and trips without stressing over my savings goals.
  • Have had over 2 years 5/5

    By Monihhdjcjdjdj
    I’ve had this app forever now, and I used to always have such a hard time saving. However this app is a very subconscious saving app and that is what I love about it. I have never once ran into a problem with it. I used the app for 3 months and then forgot about it then whenever I opened it. It had $300, which to me was mind blowing because that was a lot of money and I didn’t even do anything. I literally forgot about it. It’s like in the movies there is that angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. With Qapital it helps a lot because whenever that devil wants to spend the angel helps by taking some away just to save. I also love how there is nooooo fees!!!!! That is such a problem with many saving apps now a days because they usually take a percentage which is a big pain. But I’ve never had a problem, the app isn’t sketchy or anything. It’s super fast, so now I am going to apply for their card because I mean well they are an amazing company.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Katielizzzz
    I absolutely love this app! No fees and no hidden costs! Great for saving on a low-income. Especially for a young adult. It’s easy to use and easy to transfer funds to and from! Only issue is no way of contacting customer service. Sometimes scares me because it seems a little sketchy. No one can be contacted immediately if something goes wrong. That being said, it is easy to turn off your debit card and change your password and PIN from the app.
  • Stole 20$ from me 1/5

    By suhanasi
    One day I open my bank account to settle some bills and what I see it through out the month the app has charged small small amount from my bank account. I had no clue about this expense and on further research could not even figure out why! Trying to explore this app was a big mistake.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dislike
    So far I’m loving the app! I’ve only been using it for about a month now but haven’t had any issues.
  • Saving 5/5

    By The Norweigan
    I am using this to save for something special for $1000. In less than a month I have $56. I am rounding up each transaction. Haven’t even noticed the amount taken. Love it!
  • This app is Amazing 5/5

    By Sir Kennedy
    This app is simply Amazing. Been using it for about 6 months and saved almost $500. Was able to use that money to help book my Cabo Vacation. Saving some change every transaction adds up quick and did not realize how fast it adds up. I would recommend this app for anyone..
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By slid3r
    Exactly what I needed to help save. Works EXACTLY as it says it does. Which rarely is the case nowadays. Seamless transfer of your money, and fee structure is totally reasonable.
  • “Failed to Fetch Attachments” 3/5

    By MiMiJandO
    I just got Qapital a few days ago. Its a little confusing at first but after exploring a bit it’s all coming together. One problem so far though. When I clean click on “Learn more” I get “ failed to fetch attachments “ message.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Jiffy uughhh
    I had this app for 5 months now and it helped me save $1,000!
  • Good for everyday use 5/5

    By willponce7
    Has a lot of features to help you keep track of your finances. On and off switch on your debit card for max security, easy money transfer and many other cool functions. Check it out
  • Real Savings! 5/5

    By dondj46
    The only app for saving that actually works for me
  • Great app! 5/5

    By adoxiegirl
    I love this app! I use the money saved to buy my boyfriend’s birthday present every year!

    So I signed up for Qapital and they promptly withdrew $271.60, leaving me with 39 dollars in my checking account!!! I tried to transferring the money back from Qapital and apparently IT TAKES 4 DAYS FOR THE TRANSFER BACK TO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT TO HAPPEN👍 In the meantime I’m now overdrawn with multiple overdrawn fees *I never thought they would take that much money out immediately without approval first and leaving my account with less than $100*!!! Worst idea ever, don’t recommend and severely regret
  • Does what it's suppose to do!!!! 4/5

    By bendi12
    I really enjoy the app. I hate it takes so long to transfer money.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ticked off user1234
    I hope no one ever has problems with this app because if you so be prepared to wait weeks. From the looks of it, I’m not the only one that has dealt with this. You also only save money when you do a credit transaction. You can’t run your card as debit. Ever or it won’t save anything. Silly in my opinion. I just wish I could get a phone number or some way of actually contacting a person and not that automated bot chat that just sends me the same article over and over. They never actually tell you how to close your account. Just that you have to have a zero balance.
  • Love this app!!!!! 5/5

    By nashlybrynt
    I’ve been able to save without thinking about it. Less stress, more money 👍🏼👍🏼
  • So effective! 5/5

    I have never been this successful at saving money in my life! Qapital has been a huge game changer for me. I highly recommend it!!
  • Scam 2/5

    By which onion
    its incredibly hard to delete your account and your membership. I could see how something like this could be cool but the way they're doing it now doesn't sit well with me. You can easily upgrade your membership but there's NO way to delete it. I didn't even want a membership I was just curious and now Im frustrated trying to look for any way to delete this crap. Developers don't really care about how people see this app, look at the bad reviews they all have the same generic answer. Make it easier to delete your accounts and membership cause right now it feels like I'm being held hostage by your app
  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By Epicfourthliner4
    You save money without even thinking about it! I saved $260 within the first few weeks.
  • Looks nice, but has bugs 4/5

    By mkaralevich
    The app serves good to its purpose, rules work great. 1) But very often I encounter app shutdowns on load and “unable to fetch data from server”. It is very frustrating when you need to make an urgent banking operation. Eventually I stopped rely on Qapital’s account and use it only as savings. 2) Also, the app checks funding account balance about once a week which means rules will still work even if your balance is low. You need to switch off rules manually, otherwise rules lead you towards overdraft. It takes 3 days to send money back to your funding account.
  • Disappointed, no way I would deal with them. 2/5

    By Sage Logan
    I heard a lot of buzz about Qapital. Reading the App Store reviews a few said they were BAD on customer support. But I downloaded the app anyway onto my 2018 iPad, which is up to date with the most current version of IOS for iPad 12.1.1 (For IPhone ONLY the most current version is 12.1.2). There app was grayed out, The ONLY app out of 250 apps on my IPad that was grayed out. meaning it did not have an ICON design! At that point, I went to there website to contact them to make them aware cause frankly that is kinda embarrassing for them. There is no way to contact them on their website even after you click help and search “contact” or search “email” within help?! That is simply Cray Cray. After I saw that I deleted the app. I have Varo and many other app only online banking apps and they all work fine on my a iPad & most have some kind of customer service. I don’t do business with companies without GREAT customer service. Especially in this day an age with AI chat bots and Zendesk. there is simply no excuse to not let your customers contact you, plus it cost pennies to do. 🙄
  • Not please 1/5

    By tibzie92
    How do cancel membership this app is not for me

    By cayyyyyyyyy
    I absolutely love Qapital. My boyfriend showed me this months ago, and it’s true. WHEN YOU NAME YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS, YOU SAVE MORE. Qapital is convenient, when or if you have a question or issue, you can contact staff and they answer so fast!! Real people, not an automatic system replying. They send you a debit card, QUICK! I HIGHLY recommend this app, bank account to everyone!!!! Downfalls- it’s GREAT to have direct deposit. If you don’t, you cannot remotely deposit your check directly into this account. You have to put it into your linking bank account, then transfer from that account to this account. Which takes 1-4 business days.
  • Love it but only one thing. 4/5

    By Steckelberg333
    I love this app for saving. There are so many options to save. I love that the only thing is I wish they had an option to instantly have the cash get deposited back into my account. Even if that cost a small fee I would be fine with. The Cash App has this ability and I know it’s not a savings app but it’s really nice to have the option to have my money instantly instead of then days it takes to get it back into my account.
  • Good Concept - Poor Follow through 2/5

    By _kmillz
    Downloaded and set up this app on 12/27. They state that deposits are supposed to come out in “small” amounts towards the beginning of each week. Well 1/6 rolled around and nothing still had came out the whole first week being signed up. So I inquired and they told me everything was set up how it should be. So the week of the 7th goes by, still nothing taken out. Finally until 1/15 when over a $100 deposit was taken out and over drew my account. They stated there had been “failed attempts to do transfers” but when so previously had inquired I was told everything was set up fine. Definitely didn’t sign up to have over $100 pulled out of my account at once. So just be aware it could happen to you too and they just don’t seem to care.
  • They want to charge you before trial! 1/5

    By ane27
    Presented with a message that forces me to choose a membership plan before even getting a chance to see what the app is all about. Nope! Moving on.
  • Great product, needs a bit more 4/5

    By AlexFermin111
    I love using Qapital but I am wary that the money I am saving may be used by banks for less than ethical investing. I want the option to have my money go toward investment funds I approve of, particularly carbon-free and oil-free portfolios.
  • Cool but no privacy 5/5

    By izmaria0225
    It rounds up on the amount of purchases you make which it’s neat because you don’t even notice it but it lets others/ followers know where you are making your purchases and how much.
  • Enjoy the app! 4/5

    By CathyNem
    I really enjoy using the app and the fact that it helps me save money. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the fact that it takes too long to withdraw the money from my account of when it comes to transferring money. Other then that I love it!
  • Truly Helps 5/5

    By KayyThomp
    When it comes to finances I fail. I needed a way to save money that wasn’t on my own accord. I’ve been using this app for almost two years and I’ve saved more than I could imagine. All I can say is, it’s worth it!!
  • Great for inconspicuous savings 5/5

    By FalconVJ
    The app and the service are great for anyone looking to save inconspicuously. It has robust set of rules and with IFTTT you can further customize the experience and maximize the savings. I am yet to explore the new advanced features that come with paid membership and will update the review post that if I like / dislike something.
  • Big Savings with 0 Effort 4/5

    By NoLYEimNatuRHO
    I’ve been using Qapital for more than 2 years now and I’ve saved more than $4000 without trying. I’ve taken more trips simply by letting the app follow my rules. I try to refer as many people as possible because of the ease of use. I recently found that my account was upgraded and I am still learning what that means. May be worth 5 stars in the end. Thanks for all that you do!
  • Customer Service Review 3/5

    By Wilfredo el perro
    The app is phenomenal, it’s layout is appealing and it’s way of helping you save money is amazing; however, if you have a problem with your money good luck getting in touch with somebody to help you. It can take hours to receive a response back, and there’s no urgent care phone number to call. Chat is great , no issues with the customer service there, but I would prefer speaking over the phone with somebody.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Great.Reviewer
    Do not get this app. I tried to delete my account and there is no option. I emailed them multiple times but there is no response. It’s withdrawing money from my account almost weekly and I have no way of stopping it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By fogandbone
    Well done y’all.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Nate Soso
    Good app to save just not sure if they charge.
  • LOVE 5/5

    By Gusshdhudgihk
    I’m obsessed with this app in a weird way. I used to be so great at saving money but then life got in the way. I love that this app supports the “set it and forget it” rule. It is amazing how much money you can save by just rounding up your purchases! I just switched to their debit card and investment accounts. We’ll see how they work out but if they are anything like their other features, I’m sure they’ll be awesome! I tell all my friends and family to use this app!
  • Great features! 5/5

    By KPToledo
    I’ve had this app since the very beginning and have found it to be very useful in helping to save extra money. While I also save money separate from this app, this makes saving easy and for the most part unnoticeable. What I mean by this is that you can set various rules that allow you to save change or higher amounts. The rules change with you as you can stop, start, create new rules at any time. The one issue I’ve had, to which I don’t know if fault lies with the app maker or my bank, is that from time to time the app loses connection to my banking accounts. I’ve found this to be bothersome as then I try to reconnect and usually end up locking myself out of my banking accounts. Otherwise I’ve had nothing but great experiences using the app and saving money!
  • Lack of Communication 1/5

    By V schoe
    I am an entertainer & just got a big gig offer & have to use all my money to get my flight so that I can get the money from the gig to replenish my account. 4 days have passed, no one has gotten back to me. My money is still held up. As a customer I should have the right to cancel when I want & get my money back. This is disgusting.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By tealshark20
    Great setup thus far but transfers have been paused for literally zero reason from my Qapital account from my primary account for no reason. I’ve had 0 follow up whatsoever customer service wise and almost a week now of no transfers. Customer service is lacking so far in my experience with it
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By LunaAkhet
    This app is okay if you are looking to save money. But say you are in needing your saved money from this app, to go back into your bank account. It says 2-3 business days to process. But I have waited over a month for mines to process and I’m still waiting. I’ve contacted customer service, which is nothing but an email or a conversation box that will say that someone will respond to you if they feel the question can be assisted. Multiple times within this year I have reached out to this company. I haven’t gotten any type of response besides from an automatic responding system. Money is important to everyone who spends and saves and when they have no idea where there money is being “saved/stored” us users get extremely worried as they feel taken advantage of. When and if I ever get my money from this app. I will not be continuing this poor service.
  • Best savings app I’ve found! 5/5

    By Awphotog
    I love the amount of control and the ease of use. I’ve tried so many other apps that either over-simplify or over-complicate. Qapital is just right. The only thing it’s missing is recommendations for what rules you should set up if you want to save x amount of money in x amount of time.

Qapital: Save. Invest. Spend. app comments

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