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  • Current Version: 6.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tencent Mobile International Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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QQ Mail App

[QQ Mail] Full support for general mail protocols to help you manage all your mailboxes on your phone [New] Send greeting cards on your phone [New] Query mail records in Settings [New] Quick annotation on the screenshot of the mail reading page [New] Efficient and convenient Contacts [New] Translate mails in foreign languages into Chinese Multiple Accounts · Full support for general mail protocols to allow adding a variety of other mailboxes besides QQ Mail Sending/Receiving Mails · Synchronously receive and manage all mails in multiple mailboxes · Added intelligent aggregation of ad mails · QQ Mail subscription aggregation and reading experience optimization · Support online preview of various types of attachments including documents, images, audio and video files, compressed packages, and eml files. Mail Notification · Set to enable notifications only for mails from starred contacts · Set the New Mail Notification option for different email accounts · Added multiple sound effects for New Email Notification · Enable Night Mode to mute the notifications for new mails at night Mailbox Plug-ins · Enable Calendar to manage events efficiently · Use Transfer Station for temporary storage of large files on the network · Enable Notepad to record what you see and think anytime · Manage contacts and find recent conversations in Contacts · Select a greeting card to convey blessings to friends If you have any comments or suggestions, tell us in "Settings" -> "Feedback".

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QQ Mail app reviews

  • 很棒鹅鹅鹅鹅鹅 5/5

    By 超爱Joey chua
    木有中文评论咩 大家都要用的嘛 就不说啥了 总之挺方便的 我就凑个热闹
  • English version please 4/5

    By Elsabisa
    People use this app to send me documents, but I can’t see how to open them. English menu please!
  • Beware of this app 1/5

    By Alisha Pell
    When you try to sign in with your email this app wants permission to send, delete and overall control of your email. Why would an app need permission to take over your email?! I didn’t dare finish sign up in fear there would be spam and such being sent from my email all over!
  • QQ international 1/5

    By Goldenhawk51
    I am trying to communicate with my friend who lives in China and there aren't many video chat apps that would enable us to do that, but we were advised to use QQ international which supposedly works with iPhones and I have an 11 pro. I went to the App Store to download and the app came out in all Mandarin Chinese. I spent the next 7 hours trying to get this installed in English and I'm not any closer to that goal than I was 7 hours ago. it is extremely frustrating. Giving it 1 star is being generous.
  • 垃圾 1/5

    By Hongwei_Li
  • fashion 5/5

    By fashion set
    用了10年 一直都感觉很好👍
  • 强制下载 1/5

    By Eternal grow
  • Horrible 1/5

    By qqqujnk
    this is a horrible application!
  • Battery draining scum 1/5

    By ErikHelgesson
    Strongly recommend NOT to use Chinese software since not only it is poorly coded and lacks English interface but also contains an array of potential malware embedded such as news feed and other crappy silent features of any Chinese junk app! The Worst Email Client Ever! 垃圾软件,别下载,别转!
  • 用不了hotmail 1/5

    By 潮响
  • 请问可以自己设定复习的单词吗? 2/5

    By Mskeins
  • 绑定国外软件不要用qq邮箱 1/5

    By 2Co6Aka
    根本收不到邮件回复 (列入discord等等) 这个问题一直没有解决 最近我就因为这个垃圾玩意把我害惨了!
  • 很好用 5/5

    By iaowu
  • 乱码 2/5

    By imqzy
  • Can’t understand 1/5

    By Kat2033
    I was sent to this app from a supplier but I have no idea what anything says because it’s not in English. Is there an English version of this app?
  • 垃圾应用强制下载 1/5

    By CuSO₄·5H₂O
    在国外使用qq邮箱 如果邮件里有验证马则会强制要求下载这个应用才能查看邮件
  • Communication 2/5

    By 2020jimbeam
    Same here i cant understand this app is there an English version ?
  • 怎么这两天不能打开 3/5

    By 平衡心理和性格学习习惯效果显著功效
  • 请取消邮箱小助手的推送 3/5

    By 流星星猩猩星
  • 路 1/5

    By Suiwhduwendnid
    I love Chinese people but this app is a hard sell
  • English 4/5

    By Boshas-Baby
    How can I get this app in English? I was sent some photos but am unable to view them since I’m not sure how to navigate this app.
  • 太垃圾了 1/5

    By 疯子言
  • Can’t add / verify gmail recently 1/5

    By Dvpppppp
    As described as title, very annoying, moving to another app if can’t be fixed.
  • 最好的邮件软件 5/5

    By 好风光666
  • great email app 5/5

    By Panda_peng
    Thanks tencent~~~ This is a amazing company Dear engineers, could u tell me how to set language to English version? I am confused about this problem too, albeit I am a Chinese~~~
  • 1TZPA5M7 5/5

    By 1TZPA5M7
  • 系统拦截邮寄不提醒.找不回! 5/5

    By 细菌学家就到家
  • 根本收不到eipc的邮件 1/5

    By 咖喱可是心魄
  • 没办法添加到其他邮箱客户端 被迫下载 1/5

    By Hope Forever Wang
  • Language? 1/5

    By bn1941
    Need English version to be able to log in!
  • 完全不能接受 1/5

    By tech guy171
    这个应用程序是完全不能访问, 在盲人的方面 这个公司是故意使应用程序, 不能访问的盲人, 此更新后, 当我重新安装应用程序, 视觉屏幕显示服务条款和隐私政策, 但当使旁白屏幕读者, 它不显示服务条款和隐私政策, 盲人甚至不能点击同意按钮。现在我不能使用 QQ 邮箱。 这是我用来与人沟通在中国的主要地址, 现在我必须使用我的 Gmail 和我的 163 电子邮件, 也, 我不能在这个电子邮件客户端上使用它, 因为我不能得到的服务条款,腾讯公司, 讨厌盲人。另外, 在中国购买的 android 手机甚至没有屏幕阅读器, 这是百分之百不能接受的 " 当你想注册微信。你会得到一条骗徒的。你必须先关闭旁白 叫啲人可以看的人来帮你注册微信。他是完全不能接受的。 中国腾讯不支持盲人的独立。 你甚至不能注册一个微信帐户。现在。你无法使用QQ邮箱。 当你在中国大陆购买一个案桌手机。他没有一个屏幕阅读器。在国内购买的手机他会有一个谷歌提供的屏幕阅读器。腾讯不会提供一个屏幕阅读器。他是不能接受的。 欢迎来到中国大陆。当你购买一个手机。他不会有一个屏幕阅读器。当地注册微信。他必须需要看见。盲人不能使用微信。当你盲人时,甚至不考虑腾讯服务,它完全无法访问
  • needs english and multi language 1/5

    By StoneKawala
    needs english and multi language. can’t even use
  • 登入谷歌邮箱会泄漏隐私 1/5

    By 飞羽觞而醉月
  • 翻译后排版异常 5/5

    By lp_ls
  • English version? 3/5

    By ladygwenyth
    They should make it easier to download the English version. How can I change the language in the app?
  • 安装以后无法删除 1/5

    By exit1942
  • No English or night mode. 1/5

    By CAT_1130
    Poor design.
  • 还有脸说安全隐患??? 1/5

    By kaiyuan li
  • 弱智的授权码 1/5

    By Ehwee
  • Change APP language 3/5

    By Slako.
    It's a great app but in Chinese. Developer needs to allow various language changes to make navigation easier
  • Constanly crash, not usable 1/5

    By Lorreina
    Constantly crash since recently, not able to use
  • 垃圾 1/5

    By kakiYen
  • :?手Q是什麼意思授權條款over連結網址有問題, 1/5

    By U.S.33唐
  • English please! 4/5

    By joser202
    English please! At least explain why not...
  • 傻逼玩意,强制下载 1/5

    By 熊猫56
  • 流氓软件 1/5

    By 寞'璃
  • 功能不如web版有点失望 3/5

    By 宁十三
    想要的功能有: 标签编辑和排序 为邮件增删改标签 邮件纯文本浏览切换 增删改备注 最好还能划重点,不过我摘录在备注里也能大致解决
  • 先来给个一星好评吧 1/5

    By aulati
  • 惊不惊喜? 1/5

    By Zjgywjqq1314521

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