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Join the millions of readers who turn to Scribd’s digital library to access an unlimited* number of audiobooks, ebooks, magazine articles, sheet music selections, and research documents. “Put an entire library in your pocket with a subscription to Scribd.” - Entrepreneur “Scribd is a massive library that's home to millions of books, audiobooks, magazines … and even sheet music. (Sheet music!)” - Mashable “The fact that I could have access to all the greatest minds, mysteries, and stories for $8.99 a month was (and still is) crazy to me.” - Business Insider Scribd’s digital library includes bestselling and trending audiobooks and ebooks in every genre, including: • True Crime • Fiction • Personal Growth • Science Fiction • Biography • Health and Wellness • Personal Growth • Children • Cookbooks • Entertainment • Travel • Celebrity Narrated Memoirs • Religion and Spirituality • YA • Self-Help • Romance • Business • Politics • Current Events A Scribd membership also includes unlimited access to: • Sheet music selections that cover every musical genre, instrument, and difficulty level. Play the classics or explore current hits from popular artists. • Articles from hundreds of magazines including People, New York Magazine, Time, The Atlantic, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and more. • Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library, which includes more than 60 million documents including official government reports, case studies, study guides, academic dissertations, medical reports, and more. All content read or listen to on Scribd can be synced across multiple devices, and there are special features that are included in your membership at no additional cost, including: FEATURES FOR THE AUDIOBOOK LISTENER • Customize your narration speed • Set a sleep timer • Download audiobooks to listen offline FEATURES FOR THE EBOOK READER • Download ebooks to read offline • Make notes and annotations, and add bookmarks • Customize your font size, type, and background color • Choose horizontal or vertical page scrolling FEATURES FOR THE DOCUMENT / EPUB READER • Download documents to read offline • Save or print your documents Our membership is a monthly subscription that starts at $8.99 and automatically renews unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date. • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Download the free Scribd app and start listening and reading today! ext billing date Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at

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  • Great content and reader. Horrible audio player. 2/5

    By Goatios
    Great content, love the summaries and other documents. But please! Please! PLEASE fix the audiobook player! It’s absolute crap. Doesn’t hold state, freezes often, makes listening painful.
  • App needs help 1/5

    By appreviews9372
    Audiobooks stop playing randomly, they freeze and backtrack. There needs to be a dedicated space for books currently being listened too, rather than finding them in a list of saved ones. Saved a bunch of books and suddenly they’re gone. Great value compared to Audible by app is bad.
  • Gone Seriously Downhill: Audiobook Selection 1/5

    By MaryRoseL
    Scribd has recently flooded their audiobook selection with Librevox recordings which are freely available elsewhere as volunteer-narrated public domain audiobooks. Nothing against Librevox, but non-proprietary content isn’t what I pay Scribd for. Seems mildly unethical. Plus, the recent Librevox deluge makes browsing for now rare professionally narrated audiobooks a real chore. Total bummer! Hope this is temporary. Feels deceptive.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By mzdivadawn
    I’ve had this less than a month, saved about 80 books and they’ve all disappeared.. no way to even contact them.. not a way to run a company.. zero customer service
  • Returning to Audible 1/5

    By MoCrafts
    I’m disappointed to find that this is not a fit for my audio reading habits. After bookmarking AND downloading a series of books they disappeared within a matter of days. I’ll check back in 6 months or so to see if the product and service have improved. This really has the potential to be a great service and I’d love to support it. I’ve read the customer service responses to similar reviews - I don’t need a response to this one. I’m confident your time would be better served improving the product.
  • Issue? 2/5

    By Alice170
    Love the app usually have no problems but recently the app keeps crashing. I will be listening to my downloaded book and about 10 min later it will crash and stop playing. I will have to reload the book. Very frustrating when I'm driving.
  • Bad bug makes it hard to use 2/5

    By Shay Madness
    I’ve been using this app for close to a month and the issue hasn’t been resolved. Since I have been using the app, Regardless of the audiobook I am listening to, most of the time the book will open and start to play but will be on the previous chapter AND will just sit there and say just a moment, loading which prevents me from pausing or adjusting anything. Sometimes it will start to play the correct chapter but do the same just a moment loading thing. And very rarely, it will play from the correct spot and just play... until after a chapter or two when it stops playing altogether, stuck on the just a moment loading screen. Closing the app out and reopening it does not fix it right away. Usually when it gets stuck on the loading screen, I can’t close the audiobook, so when I reopen the app, it immediately opens the audiobook... and is still stuck on the loading screen... I have to open and close it a few times to get it to work and even then it’s usually only works for a chapter or two before the cycle repeats.
  • Feels like a money grab 2/5

    By Schrkess
    This app is really starting to annoy me. I keep adding books to my saved list and they disappear until my next payment date. I have been wanting to listen to Little Fires Everywhere. App tells me it will be available on the 28th, so I wait. It become available but then by the 11th I have to wait until the 28th again. This happens to at least 3/4 of my wish list every month. If this review does not give me some answers from the company I think I will just cancel my membership for a program that will work better.
  • Buggy app, great library 3/5

    By Scottotoo
    Audiobook play is buggy, often freezing, losing place and replaying chapters. The further into a book, the worse it gets. Catalog is great.
  • Unwanted Changes 3/5

    By Jesseshell
    Dear Scribd, why have you changed the search feature? Why can I no longer see all titles but only best sellers inside s genre? Also, suddenly there are generic book covers...? And lastly, there are titles I’ve read that are not available until sometime in that a glitch? No issues until last couple of months and it downgraded my star rating from 5 to 3
  • Horrible 1/5

    By bisoujessy
    They charge you money to listen to audiobooks and whatever you have saved and started listening to it, is subject to be removed and placed as available soon. Then why pay if it’s the same as renting from your local library?
  • Used to love, now concerned 4/5

    By Bdrizz29
    This app was great and had a huge variety of books and audiobooks. The only complaint I had was when books I was reading would become unavailable. I understand why it happened, but it was extra annoying when it happened for the same series over and over. Aside from that, I was in love. However, my account was hacked. I contacted customer service who did help me delete the account to protect my info, but they did not seem concerned AT ALL about a security breach and I found that unsettling for a company that had credit card/personal info on file.
  • Scam Warning! 1/5

    By LCLMomma1392
    Dont be fooled by the rating, read the reviews. Most top reviews were written by them. They are clearly a cheap sleezy company and once you use the servuce and realize the way they work it wouldnt be below them to rig the ratings to keep scam going. This app did not get worse, it became useless. And the worst part is the way they trick you. And dont waste time reaching out to them they just quote same lines repeatedly. They really should be sued. I keep checking back expecting to find something get done or them shut down and I cant believe there still getting away with it. So its up to us to warn everyone. Scribd-you should be ashamed. This was my favorite app! Is there a new owner!? You subscribe and after you save 1 or 2 audiobooks all the rest SUDDENLY become unnavailable for another 30 days!! Its not unlimited! And the worst part is I thought it was a glitch and i deleted, redownloaded, even did it online and I just wasted 3 hours of my day!
  • Favorite app 4/5

    By Jadman67
    Scribd is one of my favorite apps. Even though I still check out books from the library, I keep Scribd because there are books at the library with long waits that I know I won't finish during the library checkout period. Many times, Scribd has those books as well and I don't have to rush to finish them. I haven’t really been affected by their limited “unlimited” issues because Scribd is not my only reading source. I use it to supplement my reading from the library. Update: I’m taking away one star for the following reasons: 1. You took away the percentage read and number of minutes left in the chapter. I know that you can see the book progress and the number of pages left by clicking on the page but I did like seeing that info without having to do that. I guess the upside is that the reading page itself is cleaner. However, please bring back the number of minutes left in the chapter. That is valuable info for chapter readers like me. 2. While I feel it has gotten better with the past few updates, I still have intermittent issues with audiobooks losing their place when I unlock the phone. It sometimes goes back to the end of a previous chapter. 3. You took away the ability to fine tune the background. My eyes are really sensitive and so I would set the background to a slightly off-white/light gray background. By taking that away, it’s actually harder for me to read now which may be a deal breaker for me at renewal time. 4. It’s time for more flexibility in reading formats. Please give us the ability to change the margins, line spacing, and font boldness. My eyes require a lot of contrast between the background and the text and Scribd does not provide enough contrast.
  • Definitely not unlimited! 2/5

    By Juley Rocks!
    After listening to 3 audiobooks I now get a message that the rest of the books I’ve saved to listen to won’t be available until I am billed again. This feels like being lied to. Not sure if I will continue the subscription. Still cheaper than audible even with the limits. Just wish I would have known up front.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Dog-sitter
    All the books on their list are in the public domain. They are free elsewhere. All newer titles have been pulled. Want to explain why this is worth any money at all? I am referring to audio books as that’s what I use
  • How much is it? 4/5

    By Giggle love
    The website says 8.99 and the app says 10.99 after free 30 days. There’s no option to resume payment for 8.99 which is what I had months ago unless you go to the website.
  • Not sure what’s happening... 1/5

    By Maria Tizon
    Update: all this time later and the crashes keep happening. Really bums me out. Please improve your player for iOS. I don’t want to give up this amazing service but I also don’t want to keep restarting the app to listen to your audiobooks. Dropping rating until I can make it through a whole audiobook without a crash. Previous review. I love this app but lately it’s been crashing a lot. Can’t listen to anything without constantly having to restart. Hope you all fix it soon.
  • The audiobook part needs improvement 1/5

    By Sedlavsanilas
    The audiobook part doesn’t sync. You finish a chapter and when you open the audio it goes back to the beginning of it. Same case if you left it at the middle.
  • Unlimited lies 1/5

    By Richelle21
    Another Update: waste of time. I got the same bs line about a rotating catalog. I told them it’s mighty convenient that the book I get cut off from reading, is the next one in the series I am listening too. If it were rotating, it would be inconsistent on how many books I read in that series, before getting cut off from it. I say again, they need to be transparent. It’s ok if you need to cut off a listener if the publisher wants to limit how many we get to read in a series in a month. Just as long as Scribd is upfront and honest about it. My review still stands. If anyone wants to file a lawsuit, I’ll be happy to join in. Update: As requested, ticket #2201029 has been placed. Unless by unlimited, they mean two audiobooks a month, they lie about the unlimited. Someone will likely bring a law suit against them for their lack of transparency. They need to spell out that try are limited to a certain number of audiobooks, and how many it is. Even if it’s the publisher limiting it. They still need to disclose it. They don’t give specific number. Just some vague blurb about how they limit a “small” number of users who use it “excessively”. I personally don’t think two audiobooks is excessive, given how many people commute two hours round trip (or more) for work. That two book limit might have gotten me to second guess signing up for their service. I’m debating canceling and going back to audible. They’ve been more transparent since a lawsuit was brought against them regarding credits expiring. Maybe it will take a law suit for Scribd to be more honest. It’s a shame it takes a law suit to get a company to be honest and up front. I’d rather pay more for a company that is honest. There are other services out there if you don’t want to deal with this dishonest company.
  • Basic functionality problems 3/5

    By paper.liger
    I like scribd, I like the price and I like the selection, and when it works it’s great. But the basic interface makes it impossible to like this app, on a regular basis the app loses my place in an audiobook and there is no obvious spot to find my last listened to file short of searching by title again. Then when you finish a book it asks if you want to save it, which it should probably ask when you start the book instead because it shows as the top of your feed every time. I could manually exit a book and save it, but picking up where I left off automatically is a basic thing that happens seamlessly in other apps, why not in scribd?
  • Not for audiobooks 2/5

    By Mchar50
    Downloaded Scribd mainly for Audiobooks & was pretty disappointed. I saved a book and the next day when I went to listen to it, it was gone. I searched for the audiobook again & it said “available on (date a week from that day)” and that pretty much was the case for every single book I tried to listen to.
  • Audiobook issue 2/5

    By BrafaceKilla583
    Get app. Love learning but the audiobooks crash or don’t properly load all of the time....frustrating to say the least when you want to listen to a book on your way to work. It’s a 30 minute drive and the audiobook is still loading.....
  • Sooooo many books!! Love it! 5/5

    By bazix5
    So many titles available in books and audiobooks. Have had no shortage of reading and listening entertainment. This has totally made any boring long drives and mundane chores bearable since I now have innumerable books to listen to in the background to keep me entertained. Would definitely recommend, there are a ton of options on this app.
  • Buyer beware 2/5

    By wolfie A
    There “unlimited “ is bull [email protected]! I get shut out all the time. It is an ok deal. Just don’t say you are unlimited when you are limited
  • Lol - not unlimited 1/5

    By idontgiveashitaboutmynickname
    You pay to have a membership to listen to unlimited audiobooks - but you REALLY only get 2 or 3. What a joke. It’s so frustrating to deal with. The only books that ARE actually available aren’t good books.
  • Love it !! 5/5

    By bowdry2018
    My family are on the road constantly and so my family and I love to have a good audio book playing !! My fiancé recently discovered he also enjoys listening to audiobooks by listening on Scribd I have been definitely recommending to family and friends !! We love Scribd in our family !! I was a little skeptical at first but now we love it at first it was just me utilizing the app but now we actually joke about whose picking a book to listen to first 😂😂😂😂
  • Responsive tech support 5/5

    By Mmmmmqwerty
    I highly appreciate their support team’s responsiveness. Earlier I had numerous offline audiobooks access problems. The tech team and specifically Rebecca worked with me to diagnose and release a fix to the problem.
  • Crashes constantly 2/5

    By User118263737
    The app crashes regularly when listening to audiobooks. In a 40 minute chapter, it will crash 5-6 times.
  • Love and Hate It 3/5

    By Books4dayzz
    I travel frequently due to my job so I spend a lot of time listening to audiobooks on my drives. I love the variety and amount of books/audiobooks available on scribd and for such a reasonable price a month! However pretty frequently when I’m listening to a downloaded audiobook from scribd the app crashes multiple times in a row to the point where I can only listen to 2 minutes of the audiobook before it crashes and I have to reboot the app. It gets very frustrating at times and has been happening for over a year. I also have issues with some of the audiobooks that I search for not being available for me to listen to. Which I totally understand if authors want limits or if they have to put a limit on the amount of audiobooks listened to in a month but I would like to know more of the guidelines surrounding audiobooks suddenly becoming unavailable to listen to. Just tonight I downloaded two books (book 1 & 2 from a series) book 1 actually downloaded but book 2 didn’t so when I went to re-download it, it said that the audiobook was unavailable until June 29th along with a bunch of other books from that same author that had been available just an hour beforehand. I don’t even listen to the popular or bestselling books that are out at the moment and it seems like the only audiobooks that are unavailable are the ones by authors that I search for in the app. So I would say 5 stars for the amount and variety of options. 3 stars for the app continuously crashing when I listen to it. 3 stars for the audiobook availability only because I don’t know the guidelines or how many books by an author I may listen to a month. If scribd could provide more guidance or say we are only allowed 2 audiobooks per author to listen to a month then I would rate them an overall 5 star I just hate the unpredictability of whether or not I will get to listen to the audiobook I want to listen to.
  • Regulated unlimited reading 1/5

    By KeraKat
    This app is NOT unlimited. At least, not for heavy readers. I'm currently in my trial period and I have seen enough to decide that I will not be continuing my service. After listening to 4 or 5 very good audiobooks this month I was shocked to hop on the app to see that the selections I had available two days ago were not available anymore. I did some research and I discovered that Scribd does this to everyone that reads a lot. I'm a school janitor so I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I'm talking 15-20 a month. Now, all I'm left with is classic literature like Frankenstein which is a great book however I've already read most of the ones that are now available to me. They claim that books are still available in the search option however I find that that just isn't true and the fact of the matter is if it was truly unlimited they should be readily available and easy to access. Dont waste your time or money on this app if you're a heavy readers. It is not worth it.
  • Playback Issues & Not Unlimited 2/5

    By Aflyingkight
    This app is a great deal- but I wouldn’t pay a penny more for it, because of all the glitches. Some of the books play with the chapters out of order. Sometimes chapters are repeated. I have also had the issue of the selection being mysteriously limited, despite the claims of the app being unlimited. You can still get more books than other apps, you just have to deal with the tech glitches and know that it is not truly unlimited.
  • Content product is great, app is slow, audio app is a mess 3/5

    By ScottH-C
    Title says it all
  • Kindle Unlimited Killer 5/5

    By frimmycake
    This app's awesome. I'm slowly migrating titles over. Only complaint is that I like taking notes/highlighting, and on occasion, I'll want to highlight over multiple pages. As of 6/17/19, this feature is not supported. But I'm sure the devs are working on it! 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 thanks!
  • Was a happy subscriber, until LibriVox 2/5

    By Mike33762
    When I first signed up, I loved the selections it had. I have been using the service for a few months now and I’ve noticed the audiobook selection has been going downhill. It seems almost every audiobook is a LibriVox recording. LibriVox books are FREE!!! I didn’t pay for a subscription to listen to books I can get for free elsewhere. Also with LibriVox books, the narrators are volunteers and most of the time they are monotone, have disturbing noises in the background or have other audio quality issues.
  • Audio player is buggy 2/5

    By Zonetones
    The audio player doesn’t work in background mode. It sticks on “Loading” and eventually crashes, forcing you to go back a significant amount of time. The rest of the app features are three star, maybe four. I DO NOT recommend this app if you use audio books.
  • Excellent value 3/5

    By Skaidrite
    You can’t beat the price! Sometimes the selection is excellent, usually at the beginning of the month. If you haven’t saved the titles you want, they are unavailable when you search for them later on. The player itself has lots of bugs. Every other chapter (not an exaggeration, I’ve counted) the player stops, or restarts the same chapter or has the never ending loading circle causing me to have to restart the app. I’ve gotten a new phone recently and the problems are the same on the new phone as well. Those negatives being said, again I say you can’t beat the price. I use this app more than any other on my phone. I listen to 3 or 4 books a month for half the price of one book a month through Audible.
  • Good except for 1 major thing. 1/5

    By chris848475939
    I’m currently trying the trial version but I won’t be continuing my membership after it ends. The reason is I like to listen to my audiobooks both on my home computer and iPhone but if you even leave computer browser open with Scribd in the background you won’t be able to use Scribd on your phone. If you try to do the above Scribd on your phone will crash until you close the browser with Scribd on your home computer. Absolutely annoying and was a deal breaker for me.
  • Great app, but latest update buggy 3/5

    By Whitnnnnaaaayy
    I love this app but in the last 3 days or so, I love noticed the following: 1. It no longer shows the percentage of the book you have read. 2. The font size seems to randomly change (or reset?) 3. The reading direction doesn’t always reflect your chosen setting. I prefer swiping up to progress to the next page, and it was set to that, but it seems to just do left-right swiping even despite that setting. Small annoyances but I hope they fix! I love this app otherwise.
  • Not unlimited/Rip off 1/5

    By Bug city.
    If it were truly an unlimited access for $8.99 it would be a great deal. Unfortunately after 2 books every single thing I tried to get said it would be available the day AFTER my next billing cycle. How convenient for them! 2 books a month is not unlimited. App is deleted from my phone.
  • Great selection of books but way too many errors 3/5

    By juliekhanwin
    I always get error at least 5 times a day when I try to listen to my audiobooks.
  • NOT unlimited reading as advertised 3/5

    By courtnaymarie
    I have been using Scribd on and off for a couple years and recently I have noticed the way they handle their offerings change. They absolutely limit what you can read in a given month. When you start your membership their is a TON of content available, but once you listen or read a book or two, you will notice titles that were previously available suddenly go missing, even if you previously saved them. And I don’t mean a couple titles suddenly become unavailable, a LOT of titles and authors become unavailable. This is what tech support and the FAQ section describe as “occasionally rotating titles” but it happens frequently and then you are locked out of all the previously available content for a month, which doesn’t correlate to your billing cycle either like with audible. They are still technically cheaper than audible but there is no clarity at all to how and when you become locked out of other content so you can’t modify what you read or listen to in order to accommodate their algorithm. This makes it hard to prioritize what content you want to consume and is really frustrating. I give three stars because it can still be a good deal for prolific readers but the lack of clarity and false advertising is really frustrating and frankly bad business. I am seriously reconsidering my membership and am looking at other options mainly because of the lack of clarity. I understand from a business perspective that it’s necessary to limit very active readers but when you say unlimited and then within a day or two pretty severely limit without any clarity as to how, that’s a bait and switch.

    By InkVIRGIN
    Not truly unlimited! Definitely throttled after reading two books. Also horrible bugs that cause app to crash. It’s beyond me how this company is even in business. Would give it 3 stars if it wasn’t for the bugs but the false advertising is trickery so this deserves 1 star.
  • I want to love this service.. 2/5

    By christinag222
    But I cannot get it to work well or load consistently in the browser or the app. Even librivox, which is free, runs better. I’m on my second download of the app (iPhone 5s, absolutely no problems with any other website or app) and it still won’t load the book I’ve been listening to with half success for the past day.
  • Love it when it works 2/5

    By Lalainya
    I constantly struggle to get my Scribd app to perform - it constantly closes unexpectedly, it loses half a page if I swipe too quickly, and it’s difficult to keep track of some of my “want to read but not yet” books. HOWEVER - I love that it went back to unlimited books and it’s the first place I go (even prior to my library app) to see if something I want to read is available. I’ve been waiting a month for the next upgrade because I can’t even open the app right now. So, the app itself = 1 star. The books and the ability to have a metric ton of reading material at my fingertips = 4.5 stars.
  • No book format, audiobooks only? 3/5

    By Bear and Bunny
    There used to be lot more book equivalent for the Audiobooks. Lately only the audiobook versions are available. I would like to continue being able to choose the book format when I want. Why is this change, what happened? For many books it makes a lot more sense to read the text than listening. Also many books are disabled (not available), however, visibly in the database. I simply want to bookmark them, I don’t want to read them right away. (I believe the books are disabled because I hit a limit.)
  • Unlimited books that are already free 1/5

    By Just for the 50 free coins
    I used to love this app, even accepted when the price went up. Now, the main things that are unlimited are free recordings from the public domain. It’s sad that I will have to cancel this subscription after years of use.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Southern Hustler
    If I listen to an audiobook and try to reopen the app later it immediately crashes. The only fix is to delete it and reinstall.
  • I like it. 5/5

    By gaidinsgirl
    Okay, I am just as annoyed by the limited audiobooks as everyone else, but I still am happy with the app. I read so many ebooks last month, plus listened to 3 audio books. Can’t complain for less than $10.00. If you read a lot of books and listen to a few, it’s great! It’s still better then paying 14.99 for one audio from audible. I will say, I think Scribd should be 100% up front and say the number of audiobooks you’re limited to from the start. 🤷‍♀️ Edited to add that now I’m down to only being allowed 2 audiobooks. It took me 10 days to finish one of them so it’s not like I’m consuming a book or day or something. 🤷‍♀️

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