Series: Your Story Universe

Series: Your Story Universe

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Universal Studios Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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Series: Your Story Universe App

Series: Your Story Universe does not support iPhone5 or earlier Your choices determine the outcome of your favorite stories like Vanderpump Rules, Law & Order, Saved by the Bell, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Xena: Warrior Princess and more! Enjoy the official storytelling game from NBCUniversal and get hooked on the exciting episodic adventure alongside your favorite characters and reality TV celebrities! EXPERIENCE YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS Date your crush and dodge Mr. Belding in Saved By The Bell. Discover friendship or romance before and after detention in The Breakfast Club. Serve up gossip worthy drama in Vanderpump Rules. Crack the case in Law & Order: Investigation. Become a hero and embark on an epic adventure in Xena: Warrior Princess. Attend the big dance and find romance with your crush in Sixteen Candles. YOUR CHOICES ARE THE STAR You choose the way to play! Go beyond just watching your favorite series and make choices that control the outcome! Finished with an episode? Not a problem, you can always go back and relive the story to make different choices. Try new relationships, start drama with your friends or gossip with coworkers...the choice is yours! CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER Create your ideal character for each show or update after playing through an episode. Adjust your hair, look and outfits. Finished playing an episode with that character? Make a new one and play through again! TAKE PART IN NEW & ORIGINAL STORIES Looking for even more drama and romance? Check out Series Originals! In Legacy & Love, you’re the secret heir to a massive fortune…IF you can make the right choices and navigate some seriously messed-up family drama. Do you have what it takes to be an ambitious celebrity reporter, balancing important stories and personal romance in the big city? Find out in What’s The Scoop?, our latest original story. MORE TO COME! We are constantly adding new shows, episodes and choices to the game for you to experience and we can’t wait to share all the things we have planned! Romance, adventure, drama, movies, tv shows, original stories and more! Want to see something in the game? Have an idea for a new show or episode? Reach out and let us know! Series: Your Story Universe is free to play, but you can purchase game items with real money. Series: Your Story Universe © 2019 Universal City Studios LLC. All rights reserved. The Breakfast Club © 2019 Universal City Studios LLC. All rights reserved. Law & Order © 2019 Universal Television LLC. All rights reserved. Saved by the Bell © 2019 Universal Television LLC. All rights reserved. Vanderpump Rules © 2019 Bravo Media LLC, a division of NBCUniversal. All Rights Reserved. Bridesmaids © 2019 Universal City Studios LLC. All rights reserved. Sixteen Candles © 2019 Universal City Studios LLC. All rights reserved. Xena: Warrior Princess ©2019 Universal Television. All Rights Reserved. To play this game, you must read and consent to the following: EULA ( Privacy Policy ( Terms of Service (

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Series: Your Story Universe app reviews

  • I like it but... 4/5

    By C-Nichole
    Ok so I really enjoy this game, but I’ve spent so much money on gems and tickets just so the story turns out the way I want to. It’s annoying because some of us don’t want to keep having to spend money just to get the full experience with the game. So why don’t you just make the gems and tickets free. Because I know I can’t enjoy it because I don’t want to spend money on stupid gems and tickets
  • Great, but long wait time. 3/5

    By Nomad2005
    The app is awesome. It’s amazing. Spectacular. Other words that mean good. I don’t have a thesaurus on hand, but it’s great. BUT... there is a problem: the wait time for tickets. It takes 3 hours for each ticket to reload, and if you like the app, you will likely have 0 tickets most of the time. I realize that the creators need to make money, and they should, but not be restricting gameplay to the point of extreme frustration. They can make us pay for gems (which they already do) to unlock specific parts of the stories, but it does not need to be so regarding tickets. Please fix this.
  • Waste of time. 1/5

    By #nuglife
    Heard great things, but the app never opened. I tried deleting and reinstalling and it was still stuck on the loading screen.
  • WONT LOAD 1/5

    By lillybean510
    it won’t even let me get into the app I’m stuck on the loading page
  • Tickets and stories 3/5

    By annonymous199
    I love the app but the main thing I strongly dislike is how long you have to wait just to get like 2 tickets some of us don’t want to spend money and it would make more sense to give more tickets for every hour instead of 1 per 3 hours it takes the fun out of the game when you run out of tickets and have to wait like 6 hours just to get two. Plus, the stories are so short and when you want to read the next one of a new season you have to wait another week sometimes two weeks. At least make the stories longer please.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By jjjujuuujjjmnnju
    Most of these are really fun great story plots.. Except for the fact that a majority of the romance is two people fighting over you. Even when you declare your love for one person or consistently reject another they both pine after you which is awkward. Update: just finished playing Vanderpump rules. Kind of trash that the two love interests fight over you without your say so. I've rejected both of them it's exhausting and annoying. Just to end up having to choose one of them any way. Kind of messes up my character and the story. Sometimes the characters should just be able to choose themselves...js
  • Gems 4/5

    By SharleneThomas
    It’s so hard to get enough gems to be able to do the extra stuff or change your clothes even. Can’t even the clothes clothes be something you get. Otherwise this game is a lot of in u really do enjoy playing.
  • Maybe Harry Potter 5/5

    By Hfhvrfhvifvi
    Maybe you can do Harry Potter because Harry Potter went to school in the 90s and most of the episodes on this game is base on the 90s but yea a Harry Potter series would be good
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By AshleyMariee200
    I really love this game, when it comes to chapter like games I really think this is the best one I’ve played. I do think that the choices are a little over priced but I really do love it. I have been recently restarting the season because I just couldn’t get enough of The Breakfast Club especially; but I love Saved By The Bell as well.
  • I’m so addicted!!!!! 5/5

    By Painskiss0823
    So first let me say that I’m thoroughly addicted to the breakfast club and other John Hughes movies! Seeing what they have done with the breakfast club with adding new additions to detention and adding a whopping 9 more episodes after detention as a part of a 12 part series makes me completely lose it!!!!! There are so many combinations and so much to do without spending any real money on the game that I probably will never stop playing it! I’m on my 5th run with the breakfast club season 1 (breakfast club season two coming out in just over a week!) and I’m still finding new combinations of storylines! The only things I would want them to improve on is gem choices costing less, placing more sales in add purchases, and adding more variety of different series. Truly I love it and even though I rarely rate games, this one I just absolutely love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Never loaded 1/5

    By Monica.D.
    Didn’t open up at all
  • Episode 5/5

    By TJ1562$
    The app it self is amazing. But I have a problem with the royal we, every time I try and play episode 7 it says Locked and nothing else. The game won’t let me play please fix it.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By review girl6785
    It is amazing the breakfast club one is the best and save by bell too but I wish you didn’t have to pay so much for diamonds and tickets to finish to chapter btw the principal is so mean(the app was good bye)
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By iPhone user AEJ
    Just like the show
  • I’m a boy so it’s very hard to find these games that let you pick boy or a girl 5/5

    By matthew212122121121221211
  • I love this game 5/5

    By reneekrall
    I love this game but when does season 2 of the breakfast club come out?
  • This App is Amazing 3/5

    By alissa m anderson
    There are many choose your own story games out there such as, “Choices” and “Episode”. I’ve found “Series” to be one of the best choose your own story game out on the App Store. You are instantly immersed in a popular tv show and or movie, with your own storyline and character to live out in the world of fiction. No other game I’ve seen has given the players the chance to be a character in their favorite tv show or movie, and that is what makes “Series” different from the many other choose your own story games. I’ve only found one thing I’d don't particularly like about the game, and that is that it needs a broader scope of shows and movies to choose from. That is my only thing of bad blood with this app. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.
  • Did not deliver new Episodes as promised... 1/5

    By CashInFist
    Really like being the new kid in Saved by the Bell. Did not like being lied to that the new episodes for Season 2 would be out YESTERDAY... I have spent money on this game a few times, ONLY to play Saved By the Bell. Stuck on Episode 10 and get an error and tells me to restart. For weeks now. Very unhappy as I did like the game
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Robus78
    I like the game and like that you can be a male finally in a story game, but I think it cost way too many gems to get an outfit or situation when there are several in the chapter and you can only earn 1 gem a chapter. The game would be better if you lowered the gem costs or gave more gems for finishing chapters or maybe extra side chapters to earn more gems. Just good for thought.
  • More gems should be awarded 3/5

    By Tricey Baebiie
    You are only given one star for completing parts of the story but have to use about 30 at a time for special choices... that’s not fair. This app will have you spending money. There could at least be another way to win more gems at once. Being fair will have people spending more. Or at least bring down the amount of gems required.
  • Characters 5/5

    By gameromanov
    The customization for the characters is uncanny. She actually looks like me! I love that because it helps me get more into the story and I get easily tied up. I love that it asks sexuality too so it’s just a game I think everyone can make their own
  • Really Love It, But!... 5/5

    By Boo161
    I Need More Vanderpump Rules & Whats The Scoop ASAP!
  • Takes too long to load 1/5

    By Maloly27
    I downloaded the app into different devices because I was having trouble with it on my iPad Pro, after I downloaded it on my iPhone it also took longer to load and the intro screen didn’t even appear after almost 20 minutes of loading. I had LTE connection and great cell service so I’m assuming the app has trouble with different devices including iPhone 7 plus and iPad Pro.
  • Total Drag!! But decent storylines... 1/5

    By BatMama92
    Yes, the storylines are good (they’re basically pre-written from tv shows and movies)!!! What really kills this app for me is the fact that: 1: It takes FOREVER to open, then I have to wait another 3-5 minutes waiting for the episodes to load while the app downloads 10MB - 25MB of FOR EVERY EPISODE!!! 2: To really “enjoy” the app, you either HAVE to spend money on either tickets or gems!!! Or you can wait an entire day to accumulate enough tickets so that you can play through 2-4 episodes (which doesn’t get you THAT far into the storyline)!!! If you like the app, kudos!!! I chose to delete it.
  • This is tuff🔥 5/5

    By melqueezy
    Bru this app is so tuff no cap nothing but good things to say except to add more enjoyable stories and seasons
  • Won’t Load 1/5

    By 🍕🌙👀
    Stuck on loading screen😒😒😒😒
  • Awesome 4/5

    By tmctgb
    Awesome game can’t wait until they add more series. Love saved by the bell. Wish they offered more character customizations
  • Top Notch Game 5/5

    By Danny Silverman
    One Question Is The Breakfast Club getting A season two because the storyline for This is great?
  • Can’t be Gay? 2/5

    By HaleyWeigman
    I enjoyed the game enough (breakfast club) to buy all the additional choices and play multiple times for all the outcomes. As a female character, you can flirt with the guys or end up with Donna- but as a male character there aren’t any gay story options. Just some queer-baiting jokes...
  • Eh😐 5/5

    By •Breezy•
    It was alright
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sadiems
    The app will not open. I deleted it and reinstalled it and it still will not load past the title screen.
  • Does not go past loading screen 1/5

    By HyWonHyun
    All i did was agree to the terms, and that was it. The game is stuck on the loading screen.
  • Love it but.. 3/5

    By dallasjulian04
    I love this game so much already even though I’ve had it downloaded for just one day. But once I exited the game for awhile and tried getting back on, it told me that there is a connection error.. I’ve tried multiple times already and thought about deleting the app and then reinstalling it but I’m not sure on what to do..
  • Could be great 2/5

    By AppFan47
    The ability to purchase unlocks for individual episodes/seasons would make the app feel like a better value.
  • Great, but... 2/5

    By Jonescorp
    I bought 65 gems and my connection was interrupted; it tells me to contact customer support but I see no option to either within the app or online. Great game overall, but I need this issue resolved.
  • Wouldn’t load... 2/5

    By akmoments420
    Looking threw my App Store and the ads for this game were everywhere! Finally, I decided to check it out.🤔 The game seemed very interesting! First “choices” game without romance and hooking up.. So, I downloaded it! I waited for it to load and about an hour later it was fully downloaded. I never got to play or even see the home screen! It just kept loading and loading... I’ve downloaded tons of games recently with even more space required and I was surprised this one didn’t. Well, I’m assuming it’s a great game! But I can’t imagine I’m the only person experiencing this issue🤔. Hopefully most people get to play! ☺️
  • Great Game, but Premium Options cost way too much! 3/5

    By cloutcing_
    I can't even enjoy the game and do the things I truly want because the premium options are 30 freaking gems! Please lower this down. It's unreasonable. At most it should be 10 gems.

    By uraazz
    When I first downloaded this game I thought it would be very good and well thought out but when I started playing the quality was HORRIBLE there was so many bugs and it takes up storage on your phone when it can just use internet! I don’t recommend this game at all I hope the developer fixes the LIES they put in the description of the game.
  • Nostalgia for the Win! 4/5

    By Lara604
    Loved the feeling of being in The Breakfast Club and part of the gang of characters. Thought the language was right on par with how I remember the movie and the actors personalities. Sort of wish there were more dialog on each page so I didn’t have to click so much, and that the text showed up faster. I found myself tapping twice to have it finish and then a 3rd time to the next page. But very engaging and will continue with playing for sure! Can’t wait to be a part of more stories!
  • Saved by the bell 2 5/5

    By Jeek Da God
    It will not allow me to start chapter 10 I love the game btw
  • Oh heck no 2/5

    By momohacker
    I saw the reviews about it being buggy, but when I played it it was pretty fine....until Bender did something so I used the diamonds (30 of them). The game froze so I restarted it, reopened the game, and started playing it again. It took my 30 diamonds, but it never let me use the choice! The game itself is pretty cool, but I’m pretty mad that it took my diamonds. Thanks
  • Add more 5/5

    By ¿¿what
    Add more please
  • Story froze 1/5

    By The lunatic fringe
    I was playing saved by the bell and it freezes everytime I play the episode no matter how many times I reopen the app
  • Good, but more stories please! 4/5

    By popiat
    Hi, I’m a fellow player of this game. I absolutely adore the captivating, realistic stories in this game but I’ve also noticed that there are only a few reoccurring series’s that are in my bookshelf. This game would be amazing if there was a larger variety of stories or comics. Maybe there could be a larger variety of genres such as fantasy or horror. All in all I love this app but NEED more stories. In a few days I will have read my entire bookshelf. This is an awesome app which I don’t want to delete any time soon.
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By .nyahansen
    I love it so much, each episode draws you in and it’s so addicting! Law and Order is my favorite! I definitely recommend it! Go get it now!!
  • Great app with just one major problem 3/5

    By Shadowbat301
    I love this app since I love stories that play out with your choices but my only problem with this is how much the stories rely on the micro transactions. It seems like if you want any kind of positive interactions with the characters then you need to pay every single time for gems to purchase these opportunities. This can easily be fixed by making the diamonds replenish-able after a certain amount of time to the point where you don’t have to spend money just to play these stories. There a few different ways this app can be fixed and become so much better and popular but the whole diamonds thing is the main point.
  • I like the gameplay but... 3/5

    By Zyereri
    It takes too long for the game to open. I understand on a poor connection it’ll take a while, but I’ll have full bars and it’ll still take way too long for the game to load and open, so I end up closing it out and playing something else.
  • Please read 5/5

    By idea king
    I accidentally bought two premium options I was wonder if you can give me by gems back or do I have to deal with it?
  • So upset 1/5

    By AglaeMancinas
    How do you guys want me to try out your game if it never loads?!?! Like seriously. I waited 10 minutes and it never loaded.

Series: Your Story Universe app comments

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