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Smart Cookies Mobile App

A free mobile app for girls participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program through ABC Bakers. To use this app, Girl Scouts must have a valid username and password on Smart Cookies, available exclusively at Smart Cookies Mobile allows girls to sell Girl Scout Cookies and track sale progress right from their mobile device! ABC Bakers is an original licensed baker of Girl Scout Cookies. Features: - Girls can set and track goals - Take and manage cookie orders - See a summary of orders and item totals - View nutritional information with product images - Track order payment and delivery status - Email confirmations automatically sent to customers upon new order or updates of order - View recognitions, identify level achieved, track sales needed for next level and celebrate recognition achievement along the way - Automatically sync with their online Smart Cookies information (available at

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Smart Cookies Mobile app reviews

  • Needs Major Fix 2/5

    By bpink
    This is not user friendly at all. It does not give you accurate totals of boxes sold. It only totals what is transferred to the girls the what is sold at booths. It fines not include keyed in orders. And that’s another thing. How is it we can edit anything in the app?! I decided I did not want to key orders in and now it won’t let me delete them. I am a co leader so I tried to go through our leader side of it and there is no option to edit girls orders. Called tech support and that was a waist of time cause it was someone from India that I could hardly understand. At least with the old version we could edit what we as parents enter or make any changes.
  • Actually 0 stars 1/5

    By cmcc
    This app gets worse every year, I swear. You can’t do Anything from it this year except see how many boxes sold. No order taking, can’t send emails, and I can’t find the shareable link even when I sign into the program on the computer. Horrible. Just awful. A lot of our friends and family live far away and we rely on this program to help with sales and this may cause my girl to miss her goal. Thanks for nothing, ABC bakers.
  • This app Needs work!!! 1/5

    By Mrs. Beee
    Who ever is working on this app.... please tell me why the app changes your pictures and rotates them. There is no link to e-cards or tab to ship cookies; Needs a place to click pay and be done.
  • Bugs and glitches 1/5

    By zluvsmuzic
    I was excited about the credit card option. It does work, but there’s no option to scan the card even for iPhone as promised. I agree with other comments about the ridiculousness of requiring an email address. I just use my own but now my mailbox is flooded. Some options are only available on the desktop version which defeats the purpose of an app. My biggest complaint is that somehow I have duplicate orders popping up. This seriously threw me off when I was reviewing inventory and planning my next order. Pitiful.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jkisting
    Every year I have to spend way too many hours just getting logged in. Deletes your old login and it’s a hassle to get a new one. Wish they would actually have a smart person in charge of their digital/abc cookie apps. Oh yeah why are there 2 platforms?
  • I don’t like it but I need to use it for cookie sales 1/5

    By ReginaTheDork
    This app is extremely annoying because it doesn’t remember your login info which makes it make you login every time you close the app.
  • Incomplete app 1/5

    By amg9110
    I am not able to see the order tab or send e cards for order...
  • True disappointment 1/5

    By 85sparky
    This app is pretty useless! Main reason to get this app was to accept credit card payments for Girl Scout cookies. It doesn’t even allow you to enter a credit card number when u finally get to that point. This is way too hard to use on top of that it doesn’t even work for credit cards. The sage app that we used last year was way better and it even worked! I guess nobody tested this app. The developer obviously doesn’t use it for what we need it for. Very disappointed in this app. Going to lose sales since many people like to buy with credit cards. Oh well cash sales only!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By EmilyFM
    Where do I start? This app is so bad in so many ways. 1. When you upload a profile picture, it stretches and distorts it. 2. When you take an order, it forces you to enter an email address. No one ordering cookies wants to give out their email addresses and get spammed. You can get around this by entering a fake email address, but it is an extra, unnecessary step for the girl taking the order. 3. The process for taking credit cards is horrible and cumbersome. You have to mark an order as delivered and pays before you can enter the credit card information. 4. The total sold on the dashboard only includes direct ship orders, not manually entered orders. 5. If someone orders cookies to be shipped directly to them via the shareable link, the app does not tell you who ordered them, so there is no way to thank the person. 6. The app does not provide a way to keep track of what inventory you have. This would be very easy to do. There is probably more I could think of, but overall, the app is so clunky and buggy, they should not have released it. Very little has changed since last year’s sucky app. They had a whole year to work on it.
  • Not that great so far. 3/5

    By jenn girl scout mom
    The new cookie Carmel Chocolate Chip isn’t an option for girl delivery orders on the app. Credit card payments cannot be processed on the app either.
  • I don’t like the 2019 version of this 2/5

    By DFWJim
    They said it’s revamped but that’s not a good thing. The other application was simpler to get orders in and then use the website for my daughters profile and sales along with troop. All I want the app to do is handle orders and track our inventory. This new app is basically the same as the web browser which is not an improvement. If I wanted an app based browser I would use the browser. Bring back the 2018 version of the app!
  • Somehow worse than prior years 1/5

    By Tian Lao
    Just when I thought that this app couldn’t get any worse, they somehow managed to find a twist that makes it even more awful. Never mind the login problems or the glitches, now you have to enter someone’s functioning email to record their order. We don’t collect emails from people when we’re taking their cookie orders, and even if we did I don’t think I would be comfortable sharing them with ABC Bakers. So I’ll guess I’m back to tracking with pen and paper. On the upside, I guess I finally get to delete this from my phone.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Mrs.Jenkins2011
    I own a iPhone and the app is constantly crashing and stays in the uploading screen. The customer service is pointless to call because they can do really help you and tell you to call council! I have deleted the app several times, deleted it out of iCloud, shut my phone down and restart it and still doesn’t work.. seriously this is ridiculous especially with cookie season about to start in two days!! Highly disappointed in this new app they say is suppose to be helpful for troops.
  • Then perish 1/5

    By your fellow girlscout (:
    Alright so haven’t used it yet but everyone else is giving it one star and I gotta agree with my fellow Girlscouts. I gotta be a sister, it’s in the law.
  • Revamped...NO 1/5

    By Mhorn617
    I really do NOT like the revamp. It’s too confusing. For me, leader and PM, I’m okay with it but when I log my daughter in on her phone, she’s not going to know where to go. Yes, it’s more like the website but unless u r a leader or PM, it’s a little wild looking. I liked the old way the app was. This is my total dislike review. Ugh...
  • Worse than before 1/5

    By mholland1384
    The revamp on this app has made it less friendly than before. It used to be very user friendly. Before it resembled an app now it’s no more than a shortcut to a mobile website. You could also get a summary of your orders for reporting to your cookie manager. Now not only do you not have that feature it’s not as user friendly as it was. Also I have to log In Every time where as before it kept me logged in so it was very fast and convenient to take orders. While it’s nice that it saves your contacts to your list it’s more trouble than it’s worth. We entered an order 3 times before figuring out that if they were entered last year then they are already in your contacts and you can’t select “add to contacts” or it won’t save the order.
  • Good, but needs some upgrades 3/5

    By KenwoodMom
    This app has a lot of good functionality- you can easily track unpaid & undelivered orders, export sales to a file to see overall totals, easily enter sales and see progress toward overall sales goals. I would like to be able to input ‘other sales’ in the app, so I don’t have to toggle to the website, and it would be nice to see how many boxes I’ve received/have on hand. Love cookie share!!
  • Help 1/5

    By Sorensen#3
    I have no problem logging in but it is not entering my orders. I don’t know if I’m doing it incorrectly or what. I go to “enter order” I enter what I need then hit done but on the home page it doesn’t show I entered anything.
  • Doesn’t show accurate order counts 1/5

    By KenzEli
    This would be more helpful if it correctly showed the same data that is in the Smart Cookie portal. Direct Ship summary is missing as is the count and summary for initial order. This should be standard functionality.
  • So far it's a no go 😕 1/5

    By OneSmartMom
    I'm have an issue logging in. Was hopeful This would help. It it doesn't recognize my login from the site.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Zaaph
    Another user here who can’t log in. Website works fine but app doesn’t recognize credentials. And the app support link in the apple store is broken.
  • Horribly planned out. 1/5

    By th Chaddiholic
    Can i please just be able to access my contacts straight from my phone?!! This is a Phone APP after all, Right?!!
  • Email Receipts & Log In Issues 3/5

    By JustMe904
    Whereas this app worked very well before, somehow I’ve encountered issues with logging in and sending email receipts. Please fix! Other than that, the app tracks my orders well and is an asset, having availability of cookie info on hand at all times.
  • Couldn’t log in at first 4/5

    By Mom of 3 Silly Monkeys
    Leader login doesn’t work but if you get an invitation to register your scout from your cookie leader you can register your girl individually. This really needs to be made more clear in the description. We don’t use COCO anymore! As for the app itself- it’s working great so far, but our cookie sales don’t start until Feb so I’ll update then. As a side note- it would be nice if there was a leader app.
  • Great until... 2/5

    By MadCookieMom
    This was the only way I was keeping track of cookie sales now the app doesn’t recognize my log in! I can’t get in to see what I’ve already ordered or to add new ones but my log in works perfectly fine on the website! This needs to be fixed ASAP!
  • Will NOT let me login 1/5

    By the nanny
    This app was great when I installed- PRE cookie selling day. Afterwards it’s been a complete mess.
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By Mil1i0n
    I can’t log in - is it down? I logged in this morning w my daughter and now keeps telling my my info is wrong
  • Can’t log on through app 1/5

    By Tryinginaustin
    What’s the point if you can’t log in when you download the app?
  • Not recognizing login 1/5

    By Gragedanwyn
    I’ve used the app in the past with little issues, but I cannot login at all now. The app doesn’t recognize my login credentials which works just fine via the website.
  • I couldn’t log in 1/5

    By Sizzlintee
    I was hoping to use this app however it will not login in. Just keeps saying logging you in. Please fix this it’s cookie selling time
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By cumac
    It’s so easy to use and keep track of the orders! I’m not sure about the other people with bad reviews having trouble signing in. If you’re registered at ABC Smart Cookies you shouldn’t have problems with the app at all!
  • Waste of an app 1/5

    By KC Business Owner
    I was hopeful this would simplify selling cookies; however, it has been nothing but a headache. It won’t recognize my login on the app or the website either. I attempted to start over and receive only error messages. I reached out to customer service with no luck. Am deleting the app.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By 6stringobsessed
    Won’t allow login...disappointing
  • Needs Improvement 2/5

    By Ktlyn135
    This app is good for electronically tracking orders, but a much needed improvement would allow the Troop Cookie Leader to obtain a feed of orders from all users directly from the system. We still need to relay orders and it would be a huge help.
  • Just needs a little something 2/5

    By iioeo
    It would be so much easier if it could access my contacts. Then I wouldn’t be manually entering info and she could sell more
  • Will not recognize login info 1/5

    By jennmonkey1
    Creators of this app: please fix this issue; it’s a nice idea but super dumb and not helpful if I can’t access my account and troop info.
  • Does not recognize login 1/5

    By SMM95
    The app does not recognize my login information although I can still login to the website.
  • Not logging in 1/5

    By annacate527
    It won’t accept my log in info. I am directed to the website where I can log in just fine and defeats the purpose of the app! Please fix! I’m looking forward to this app.
  • Won’t recognize my info 1/5

    By Aida Jacobs
    The app won’t recognize my account info and therefore won’t let me log in. Ironically, after I click on the button to be taken to the Smart Cookies website, I have no issues logging in there. It pretty much defeats the purpose and convenience of a mobile app if it won’t sync up with the website, doesn’t it? PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!
  • Wrong Price! 1/5

    By Mololo99
    The mobile app shows the price per box as $4 instead of $5.
  • COCOmobile Review 1/5

    By Cookie Mommy 76
    Don't waste your time! By the time you get this set up, and they confirm the parents who have girls under the age of 13, cookie season is over. It is a joke. We have lost so many sales because of this. It's better to get the orders and ship yourself. Oh ya.... still waiting to confirm.... 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 LAME APP😠
  • Mixed bag, but potential 3/5

    By Bubarubu
    Being able to take orders on my phone and track open orders is great. I've not had some of the problems other people have reported like order status getting changed, but I have seen the addition of cookie shares a couple of times. At first, the app was out of sync with the website for the number of "other" packages, then it was working, and now it's not again (the website is correct, the app is way behind). I'd like the ability to input an order without email, but it's not critical as the app will accept anything in that field, even if its not a valid/complete email address. I'd also like to be able to put Trios on an order! It's ridiculous to have an order that is properly tracked and tallied, except for one type of cookie! It would also be nice to have orders emailed to me, in addition to the customer, especially with the concerns people have about status changing and order amounts. A backup for those orders would be very useful.
  • OK 3/5

    By FluttershyTexan
    It's a great app but if you stay off it for more than a week it will logout😕 other than that, it is better than the order sheet, but at least the order form doesn't logout itself.😬
  • Usefull but buggy 3/5

    By xsopan
    Its really helpful to have an app to manage my sales, but there's a bug where it will uncheck paid and delivery status on an order whenever you close the app. PLEASE FIX THIS 🙏.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Justinnnhdh
    This app would be great if it did the one thing it was supposed to do: count cookie sales. However, every time you open the app, it deletes all your sales, so that you must re-enter everything by hand. Absurdly bad.
  • Needs a bit more 1/5

    By bethyma
    The web app should mirror everything that can be done on the web portal. I cannot send spanish emails from my phone. Also, while I can enter direct ship orders on the app, I don't have the ability to send an ecard for direct ship.
  • Junk App 1/5

    By Deelynn1978
    At first it worked fine. Then it wouldn't sync. After that it wouldn't let me log in at all.
  • Good in theory 1/5

    By StellarNelly
    I have had issues every year with this app. Now it won't save the totals I enter. Every time I open the app we are back to zero. I don't trust it to enter in actual orders.
  • Keep paper records b/c this thing will erase your data! 1/5

    By Trsouthe
    I'd give it zero if I could. Every time I update and save, then sign out, my totals disappear. Good thing I have paper records.

Smart Cookies Mobile app comments

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