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  • Current Version: 1.2.18
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Speedy Ninja™ App

Run, Jump, Dive, Fly & Attack Your Way to Victory in Speedy Ninja! Speedy Ninja flips the endless runner on its head! Use your dexterity and skill to overcome deadly obstacles and destroy menacing monsters on the run, in the air – even upside down as only a master Ninja can! Build your experience to unlock awesome new characters, dragon mounts, and powerful weapons as you chase the high score on the leaderboard. ** Includes crowd-surfing, cake-throwing, EDM artist Steve Aoki as an unlockable Ninja! KEY FEATURES * Play Free! The best Ninja action endless runner on mobile! (In-app purchases available) * Dive under the rope to defy gravity and avoid treacherous obstacles * Unleash screen-clearing weapons to destroy waves of enemies * Ride mythical dragons high into the sky to build your special abilities * Upgrade your Ninja, then rank up by topping the daily leaderboards * Complete daily challenges to unlock progressively greater rewards * Unlock character skins to increase your power beyond max levels * Build up a friends list, then summon your allies to extend your run KEEP IN TOUCH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlaySpeedyNinja Twitter: https://twitter.com/playspeedyninja Instagram: https://instagram.com/playspeedyninja/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7fPAi77lcCWFUc94UHyfGg


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Speedy Ninja™ app reviews

  • Jade package 1/5

    By brbtler
    Bought a jade package and did not receive the jade.
  • Hey 1/5

    By jeffycow
    Hey want to eat my butt😏🤓😎🤩😋😛😝😜🤪😍😘😚😙😗🤫🤠🤑
  • dumpster truck juice 1/5

    By dlawrence19
    can’t even level up because the daily goals never reset
  • Takes to long 4/5

    By Issei Hyodou
    I've been playing this game for a year and a half I still love this game but for about a week now I haven't gotten my daily ranking reward and this has happened in the past I have been now stuck in the same league for 4 weeks now fix this game for god sakes
  • Wont load 2/5

    By Jajfkfkjdndnnff
    When I try to use the app, the game won't load when it shows the title screen
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Casey Bell
    I've been playing for about a year now, off and on. I think the game is great. I read some other reviews about it taking long to upgrade, but that's what makes it challenging. If you're good, you shouldn't need those upgrades. If you want them, play the game for more and earn them (or pay for them, but you don't have to if you're patient). I'm competitive, so each week you have a new group of people to try and beat. Mainly, I try and see how far I can go to see if I can reach new stages. It challenges you to beat your own best score. Love it. Best part: I've had issues in the past and they are always taken care of quickly. Recently, I had a problem with the app not loading, it would shut down after the initial screen. I thought I would lose all my progress if I deleted and and reloaded it. Contacted customer support and they responded quickly and assured me it would not if I had logged in with facebook. They were right, and I picked back up where I left off.
  • Won't even work 1/5

    By MikeandJessica21
    The game won't even load. It just sits on the first screen. I tried deleting and redownloading and no difference.
  • Great job but... 4/5

    By Omelette man
    First I want to say I love this game to death( that might be because I love grinding games) but there needs to be more updates to this game. I really want this game to succeed, and I hear a lot about crashing. I'm not having that problem but please fix it for the people that really want to play it and love and potentially spend money on it! You Guys are cheating yourself a out of money Net! Get you stuff together!
  • When is the next update for more quests and titles?? 1/5

    By SliverWing27
    This game has been out for sometime, and has said it will have more quest to unlock and more rankings to be promoted to.. Well this game hasn't hand any updates to fix or improve itself, this game just seems to make a quick buck from everyone... And the developers don't seem to make the game better or plan to update it anytime soon... Come on!!😑
  • Good job NetEase👍🏾 5/5

    By The_Jamaican
    Everyone's writing about things taking long, and this and that. You all want things easy and then when that happens, you complain about it game not being challenging enough. I'm giving this game 5 as apart from the fact that is a very good game, the support for it is more amazing. I sent support and message about an issue I am having and within an hour they replied. This is worth keeping, sharing and playing again.
  • VERY Fun, Buut.. Bugs 3/5

    By Sheilamaex
    I came back to this game. I played it a long time ago and I still had my stats. I decided to keep playing and it was fun, but here's the problem. It takes quite a while to rank up your ninja. The next day I played, the game wouldn't open up. Which was disappointing. I'm hoping to see this fix soon!
  • DO NOT PLAY 1/5

    By Ninja10011001
    This a really good game but DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. it takes a long time and dedication (or lots of money) to build up your player. You might enjoy it at first but support will make you regret it all. They never update, never fix bugs, and they will erase your score for no reason. This game has the worst support I've ever seen. It's almost as if they want you to quit. They don't care. So many players were dedicated to this game and they have all quit in frustration. So if you wanna spend an enormous amount of time playing a game to have the developer f you in the a, have fun.
  • Game will not open 1/5

    By Wynnedp
    After the last update I can no longer get the game to open
  • Good game! But... 3/5

    By X.xAAAx.X⚡️⚡️⚠️
    HOW DARE U!!!!!!!!! I was having fun in masters league..... Just made my highest score EVER and i was finally number 1 then guess what???? Instead of having my 27 millions score it was removed after i had a quick run i made and it turned to the score i just did in that quick run and im now the lowest in my league... I love this game but PLEASE GIVE ME MY SCORE BACK I DONT WANT TO BE DEMOTED THEN DELETE THE GAME OUT OF RAGE!!!!!! And id like to point out that there are tons of other Bugs that needs to be fixed
  • Very Glitchy, no support, riddled with ads 1/5

    By Anyone17768
    The game resets all your hard earned stats out of nowhere. I tried to contact them, but no responses whatsoever. Makes you watch ad after ad to move forward, but will still sometimes glitch out and make you watch more ads after you watched the one you agreed to in hopes it will fix itself, but normally does not. Strange how it makes you feel taken advantage of despite the fact it was "free". I never write bad reviews, but I would feel remiss not mentioning this games shortfalls
  • Game won't start 4/5

    By The Man Eater!!!
    I think you Guys need to update the game or something because my app won't finish loading up. It will be a shame to lose everything I worked so hard for. Please fix :)
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Paalomnik
    I'm even can't start game on my iPhone! Game is very bad!
  • I hate you netease 1/5

    By Sam_penis
    Dear idiots, fix the force close issue while watching videos for free revive.
  • Love the game but... 4/5

    By Original Siinner
    Every time I die the game crashes and closes out. I lost my power-ups, coins, and score :( please fix.
  • Fun but lots of issues!! 2/5

    By The dirtiest
    This game can be a fun game however, to evolve weapons and expand your character it takes a lot of time and Jade(the games currency) All weapons are hard to upgrade after reaching level 4 and extremely hard at level 5. Jade become the only way to really help you in the process, yet it is hard to come by and extremely expensive if your into in game purchases. Even if you can get past these challenges... The game also has issues which make your time seem worthless... The dragons won't collect coins while flying(this lowers score and won't allow you to power up as quickly) the game will glitch and slow down during gameplay so you may die. Also, when continuing there has been multiple occasions where your run will end without notice, thus forfeiting your way to score more points and it has even ruined in game challenges. So the game becomes a very time consuming, low reward system, that when the issues arise, it all seems like a very big waste of time. It's a free game, but to really excel your gonna have to spend money.... I've played this game for months, the company is very strict and not to helpful with these issues, and now I have quit the game because of monotonous gameplay and lack of support through the many issues this game still has.
  • Gr8 game but... 5/5

    By $#!++¥
    For almost a week now it won't let me in to play the game. I've spent money on this game and am quite addicted to it. However if I continue to be denied access to the game for whatever glitch there is I'm taking legal action.
  • Great game 5/5

    By mocalovex5
    Really good game it's very fun and addictive the graphics gameplay and everything else runs very smoothly best runner game ever! A must have for any one looking for a good ninja/runner game!
  • Please fix 3/5

    By Felicia0702
    Love the game but It just stays at the main menu unless I restart my phone. Please fix this. I have an iPhone 6 so I don't know if that's why.
  • Glitchy 5/5

    By Shwayze35
    Love the game it's extremely addictive. I lose jade constantly though!😡 When I watch the ads to revive my characters for free it's says 0 jade to revive but when I finish my run it says I spent jade. Collectively I have lost around 400 jade because of this glitch! Please fix this! It makes it difficult to save up the jade I need! Also, I repeatedly loose jade for no reason!
  • 有bug 1/5

    By ID1369197174
    连续发生的bug,跑完完整一次,扣了我100 jades,赶快修复啊,最好返还我的损失。ID1369197174
  • Nothing change! 1/5

    By Ahmedlk
    None of the update works , it's just the same game ! This is so strange
  • Frustrating Sometimes 3/5

    By black_ballz
    The game itself is really fun to play, but it is glitchy sometimes and has problems reaching the server. It has happened a few times when I am in the middle of an epic record breaking run and I die and go to switch ninjas and keep running. It glitches and completely loses the awesome run I just had which is really frustrating and makes me want to give up on the game. I wish they would fix this flaw and it waited be an awesome game.
  • Fun, but only if your internet works 3/5

    By Renae Archer
    I'll say this straight out, it's one of the best endless running games I've found. The obstacles are highly original and complicate but not too difficult. The range of characters and upgrades are excellent, but hard enough to get that you don't just max out in a week. It even has a great balance between free and paying players; everything that can be bought with real money can also be earned for free (eventually), and the ads I've come to expect in a free app are completely optional (but you'll want to view them when it offers). The one major issue that prevents me from giving this app five stars: every single action in the game requires Internet access. Upgraded your character? Finished a run? Completed a quest? "Refreshing Data" pops up. There is a competitive aspect in the game, so I'll grant it the need for some connecting there. But when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING requires Internet. Even just looking at your stats or loading the game; it should not need to download something new every time you open the app (especially if you just flipped over to check your email for a minute). If you have slow (or patchy) Internet, you have no hope of enjoying what would otherwise be a highly entertaining game. Basically, get the app if you plan to fiddle with it when waiting in line at Starbucks, but definitely not if your looking for something to do on an airplane ride.
  • Has a problem.....ududh 4/5

    By Jdjdodjsjn1893
    Its a great game! I love it and i play it alot! But, other days, when i get on to get the daily reward, it never pops up or gives me anything. And then the next day, i have to start from the beginning. I've tried turning off my phone and turning it back on and i've gotten on it three times today but nothing happened. It's annoying. The game is really fun, but you should probably fix that. Thx 😄
  • great 5/5

    By kael13756
    funny.I think it's the best ninja game
  • very glιтcнy 3/5

    By Yelhsa_xoxo
    тнιѕ gaмe нave poтenтιal вυт тнe glιтcнeѕ ιѕ very ғrυѕтraтιng! ιт alwayѕ нappenѕ jυѕт wнen ι'м aвoυт тo вeaт мy нιgн ѕcore and мove υp on тнe ѕcore вoard тнen geтѕ ѕтυcĸ on reғreѕнιng daтa! 😑😡😤 ι done ѕpenт jade on мy laѕт lιғe ғor мe nιnja тo rυn. ι'м loѕιng тoo мυcн jade ғor noтнιng! and ιт doeѕ noт even ѕave тнe ѕcore 😫 wιтн no reғυnd.
  • Offline 5/5

    By jamesmccoy89
    Please make it to where you can play offline. I don't like having to be connected to wifi in order to play. That's what makes the game not worth playing, but I do like the game.
  • Connection problem!! 3/5

    By T-dog #1
    Would really like it if there was no need for Internet use for this game. With out that it's an amazing game!
  • Not loading 2/5

    By C_Man172
    This game is fun, I love it, don't get me wrong. But now that I have iOS 9.2, the game just sits on the loading screen. I hate it. It just sits there. Please fix it. And if it will take awhile for it to be fixed, at least put a note by the update list that explicitly says it will take a while so that we know. The game is fun but I just can't play it anymore, that is the only reason I gave this game two stars.
  • Please fix.. 4/5

    By Ris2704
    Please fix.. I could neverrr buy a silver chest when i want -__- it's really annoying. It doesn't load no matter how many times i click 'buy' or how many times i restart the game.. The game is great thought, hence why I'm so annoyed.
  • Amazing game and staff 5/5

    By AprilZM
    The game is amazing. I cant say it is flawless, but the support staff and customer service agents get the job done. I cant wait to see how far they take this game.
  • Great game, terrible update 4/5

    By Suzerrrrrrrrrrrr69xxxxx
    After the update, game won't load up passed the first screen. Great and addicting game though. Wish it can be played offline as well
  • oops 5/5

    By djgktmvkd
  • Amazing Game except 5/5

    By BrFFF5
    The game won't load sometimes even with strong wifi and I can't use data because it didn't show up in the list I could use but other than that I love the game
  • Love this game but 4/5

    By Addy1864
    I love this game but it won't load it will load sometimes like ones every day this needs to be fix
  • Awesome!! 4/5

    By maxditz
    Absolutely a great game! Definitely worth the try! I love the quick game play but with so much more to do! One thing is it says there's a way to get coins by a friend using your character... I know my friend has been using mine but I haven't gotten any? Other than that it's a cool game!
  • Love hate 5/5

    By AJTheOneAndOnly
    Idk if it's my phone or what but since around the time iOS9 came out it crashes on me and I can't play...anybody else have this problem? I freaking love this game and slowly dying inside or Withdrawl from it
  • Keeps having errors!! 2/5

    By Swwe2tpi
    I hate that I enjoy this game! Fun,fast, addicting. But it freezes a lot, or it gets stuck. I'd have great runs but then something happens that makes it stuck on the screen and you can't refresh it and worst is that my score doesn't take-not counted and doesn't get recorded! So frustrating! Needs fixing!!
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By Mortimer1117
    Love the game, it's lots of fun and I suggest that you get it.
  • Addicting but has some issues 3/5

    By Demionita
    My boyfriend was first addicted to this game and he kept bugging me to download it I started playing it and it's so addicting!! 😂 I literally am always on , I try and beat his score but he's too fast for me. Its fun , the challenges are fun and you get a lot free rewards. There's also two dragons that remind of my two dogs so my goal is to unlock them because I thought that was too funny !! 🐺🐺 ones super happy and silly and the other one sassy and serious. The only problems I've had is sometimes the daily rewards won't activate :/ or my jade will disappear ?!! It makes me sad bc I'm saving up for the girl ninja also it crashes randomly and if I log out of fb it deletes all my data.. Oh and also mine seems to be playing at an accelerated speed? I have an iPhone 6 and my bf has an iPhone 5s but my game when compared side to side seems to be going by faster ?? I have no idea why .. but I defiantly recommend it I just wish we could add by usernames instead of the numbers !? I need more friends -.- Please fix the issues and then I'll give 5 stars ✨
  • Love this game but super buggy 3/5

    By Randall Zimmers
    Always trying to reconnect to the game . Please fix . I like this game and it's addicting
  • Great game, but VERY buggy. 3/5

    By Kselyk
    I have love this game from when I have started playing it, but it is very buggy. Every week, at least half my jade and silver magically disappears. Everything takes too long to load and the game crashes a lot. Not recommended for iPhone 4s or lower users. Overall, however, this game is really good and fun to play. Without the bugs, 5/5. For now, though, 3/5.
  • Outstanding and Beautiful Game!!! 5/5

    By nerd_style<3
    Love this game. Amazing gameplay and graphics. Would like more characters to choose from. 10/10 by far, my favorite game since The Dead Trigger Series!!!
  • Chat system 4/5

    By ItzTruzt
    We should have a chat system or a private chat or both cause it's really not giving a full multiplayer experience without a chat so if you want more 5 stars you have to get a new chat system :D just giving a suggestion.
  • Fun game but a lot of connection problems 2/5

    By Jc4201
    This game is fun, but I'm constantly plagued by server connection issues! It's annoying to spend 5-10 minutes trying to connect to the game! I know it's not anything on my end as I'm either running LTE or in wifi

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