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SwiftKey Keyboard

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  • Current Version: 2.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SwiftKey
  • Compatibility: Android
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SwiftKey Keyboard App

SwiftKey is the intelligent keyboard from Microsoft that learns your writing style, so you can type faster. SwiftKey is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing - including your slang, nicknames and emoji. This means autocorrect that actually works and helpful predictions that let you get your point across fast, without errors. Customize your keyboard to match your style, with dozens of themes to choose from. Send emojis, GIFs and more to your friends – SwiftKey even learns your favorite emoji. Let SwiftKey help you text faster with Artificial Intelligence, swipe typing and more! Download now. TYPE LESS, DO MORE Intelligent Keyboard - SwiftKey learns from you, including your word choice, emoji usage and more - Swipe typing or tap-to-type, whichever you prefer - Toolbar: the expandable menu filled with quick shortcuts GIF and Emoji Keyboard - Express yourself with GIFs and emoji - Send pictures as a sticker to your friends and family - Find the emoji you like to use from our smiley library Customize Your Keyboard - Customize your keyboard size and layout - Dozens of colorful themes - Make your own theme with your photo sticker as the background Multilingual Messenger - Enable up to two languages at once - SwiftKey supports over 150 languages Swipe, type and send messages to all your friends with a predictive keyboard that learns from you! Download SwiftKey and get started. Find out more about SwiftKey’s key features: https:www.microsoft.com/swiftkey SUPPORTS 150+ LANGUAGES, including: English (US, UK, AU, CA) Spanish (ES, LA, US) Portuguese (PT, BR) German Turkish French Arabic Russian Italian Polish

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SwiftKey Keyboard app reviews

  • Apple vs. Android 2/5

    By BR3T15 C4LL0U5
    I've used this app on both iPhone and Android. By far, Android's app is better! Contains more features such as arrows and separate numbers. I don't understand why it doesn't have in iPhone? I regret bought iPhone now.
  • Something has changed 3/5

    By JReno76
    I have had the paid version of SwiftKey for a while now (although since I've switched from Android to iPhone I can't find a way to reinstate my purchase). It's still a good keyboard app but I feel like something has changed. The keys seem too close together (or my thumbs gotten bigger lol). Also when I type with any kind of tilt or angle of my iPhone it gets tons worse, like I am watching what keys I'm pushing and I look up and it says totally something different. Not as impressed as I used to be.
  • Great app 5/5

    By TheRealGnoLL
    Way better than slow standard typing. I just wish it would have a dedicated number row. I hate switching back and forth.
  • Great, but one question 5/5

    By SaintNick1214
    I love SwiftKey and have been using it for years, but a recent update on iOS has enabled the autocorrect of omw to On my way! and I cannot for the life of me get rid of that correction! It always replaces omw with On my way! and it's horribly annoying.
  • Great keyboard extension 5/5

    By gabems cool
    Love it! Works all the time and saves me from writing long complicated words. Also customized your keyboard so you can type a lot quicker and more efficiently. Enjoy!
  • Good 4/5

    By jor3333333333
    Great, but I wish they had more keyboards
  • Customisation 5/5

    By baigm0972
    The customisation features are limited as compared to the android version *Update* The customisation features have expanded for iPhone to include more sleek and beautiful designs. There are still more options on the android version, most notably haptic feedback for every touch, but this app has improved. Lag is still sometimes an issue, however.
  • Makes ungrammatical guesses 2/5

    By dubya
    Has awful vocabulary to boot. Bad for typing. Good for gifs.
  • Keyboard 5/5

    By Ortiz Figueroa
    Best Keyboard❤️ i love 5 stars
  • 1 Star until Korean alphabet support is added 1/5

    By Psionith
    Title says it all.
  • It randomly quits working 2/5

    By MaLewCrew
    But usually just on SOME texts or emails. Super frustrating.
  • Japanese emoticons 4/5

    By Doomdaygirl13
    I'll love it even more of you include Japanese emoticons as well
  • Garbage 1/5

    By sankejiro
    Always messes up, takes forever with everything more so than just manually typing every letter because of how grossly inaccurate the word suggestions are. It only looks good and that's it. Otherwise it's useless.
  • Please add number row. 3/5

    By David S. Hasanli
    Like on Google keyboard. Please. It's easy and convinient. goddamn ios
  • Favorite texting app 4/5

    By Jonvrgs
    Love this app!! I just wish it had more animated keyboards.
  • Where are the Asian languages? 2/5

    By StevenSKS2
    Swiftkey was my primary keyboard when I was using Android but when I switched to iOS again, was glad iOS supported Swiftkey. However, I was sad to see that the Korean language was nowhere in site despite being in the Android version. Will you guys be doing anything about it? Please then I will update my review.
  • Great app but needs more languages 4/5

    By ShytoBush
    The problem I have with this keyboard is that it doesn't have support for Korean languages. Hopefully one of the devs see this and adds Korean as a supported language, but other than that this is a really good keyboard
  • Swiftkey 2/5

    By KaroHare
    The keyboard is pretty to use but so hard to type on. Now it won't let me go back to the default keyboard.
  • No swipe down 2/5

    By Hatenot
    If this keyboard had the numbers and other characters above the letters like Apples, I’d keep it. But having to tap the 123, ABC, #+- keys is annoying. Plus, it doesn't turn into a trackball when I hold down the space bar.
  • Where do these words come from?! 1/5

    By matt123554347
    I thought it would learn my frequently used words, but it is still so frustrating with nearly every text to see words that Ive never even heard of...
  • Improvements 2/5

    By mrsalty101
    Wishing it was like the android version of this app
  • Love it on Android but less on iPhone 4/5

    By Parmella0922
    Have many reasons for regretting the switch to iPhone and the lesser performance of SwiftKey is but one. Love, love, love SwiftKey on Android but iOS doesn't seem to allow some of the functionality options, for example the numeric keypad. Can't wait to switch back... Still recommend SwiftKey. Easily readable keyboard options and the most use punctuation on one key is handy.
  • 💕 4/5

    By Braldi77
  • No Chinese 1/5

    By Aka_Far
  • Dragon 9163 4/5

    By dragon 9163
  • meh. Not as good as android 2/5

    By Lazerith
    This is what I mean! The keyboard does not offer the function to voice to text. Yes the themes of very pretty. But I’d rather have full functionality for my keyboard. I would use the Google keyboard but I think you really like the way how Swift key operate. Come on SwiftKey stop suffocating your application. And give us full functionality.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    By d0mremy
    This app makes it so much easier to text versus tap-tap-tapping other wise, but that's it's only good quality. It's jam packed with words and names I'll never use but tries to put in place of every day words all the time. It doesn't seem to have any capacity to learn your swipe movements, so it's not like using it a lot will make it any easier to use. It also has a not common but reoccurring enough to be irritating issue where as you're typing it will stop registering the word and put a single capital letter instead, and will do this several times before fixing itself (I don't know if this is because I swipe fast and so it's having a hard time keeping up).
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By Matt_901
    This keuboard used to be great Total garvage now Im intentionalmy leavi g this text h as-is to demo sttate what uselesa trash it is now
  • Missing Language 2/5

    By aliZCP
    150+ languages but no Urdu? Don’t get it especially considering SwiftKey has Urdu in Android.
  • What has been happening? 4/5

    By Gren5311986
    I've been using this app for years now in between iPhone/iPad and Android, from my 5s all the way to my XR and SamS6 to OPlus 6T and it used to be be fairly accurate in predicting and adapting to my typing/swiping style. During the last iterations, it just has been a struggle to be productive and accurate in typing. I miss those days wherein I don't even have to be fully awake swiping and it still it accurately puts out my intended words. But nevertheless, I'm sticking with using this because it's still the best out there for my purpose. And it also gets a recommendation from me to all the folks out there searching for a better keyboard. Between this and the stock iOS/Android keyboards, this pretty much blows them out of oblivion. Peace, out.
  • Update it ! 1/5

    By kaaakez
    I love the app but there are times it just freezes up and disappear from the keyboards in my settings. It also becomes sticky when trying to type.....
  • Best keyboard ever. 5/5

    By AzmoD3uS-XIII
    'nuff said.
  • Best Keyboard in EAST LA. Vato Loco. 5/5

    By Sneak Dogg
    This the only keyboard you will ever need.
  • Muy buena 5/5

    By Snakata888
    Me gusta mucho, los diseños son muy lindos, pero deberían actualizar colores y diseños nuevos, para Android la cantidad de opciones es mucha y para Apple limitada en comparación con ellos, ojalá pudieran colocar más.
  • Crash crash crash 😱 1/5

    By I can't get no
    Now the keyboard won't even show up! I've done every possible thing to make it work. Using iPhone 7 plus.
  • Awesome except limit of 2 languages at a time 4/5

    By vladsalad
    Very precise typing, I don't understand how can it be so well while others aren't anywhere close. Please add support for more selected languages at a time like on Android version.
  • ? 1/5

    By anghel71
    What happened? My Swype no longer work on iPhone 7 Plus
  • Bad 2/5

    By 2ceoj
    Takes forever to "learn" and still a pain. Just bad
  • Most recent update killed it 1/5

    By ch4yboy
    This is (or was) my go to keyboard app on Android and iPhone, but the most recent update ruined it. I have never EVER felt the need to use the standard iPhone keyboard, but for the first time since Swiftkey came to the App Store, I am forced to resort to it. None of the other keyboards including gboard have ever held a candle to Swiftkey. What happened?
  • Why the FREEZE??? 2/5

    By Dr. Johnny Rey
    The iOS version is horrible. There is no reason why the keyboard abound hiccup and freeze - especially on an XS Max. SwiftKey needs to do better at correcting bugs within the app. Since Microsoft acquired SwiftKey the development has went to crap.
  • Ds 3/5

    By didgruntaled
    Would like to see voice texting added to key board
  • Lack of language support compared to android 1/5

    By xlckx
    Swift for android has more language support than on iOS. There’s still no chinese input for iOS. .. it’s been on android since 2015!!
  • SwiftKey Incompatibility? 1/5

    By GoalsMan
    I used SwiftKey on my Samsung Android phone for about three years and I absolutely loved it. I installed SwiftKey on my new iPhone XR and I have not been able to get it working. I called Apple tech support and after spending almost an hour on the phone with them they also were not able to get it working. Apple tech support suggested it was either a compatibility or a configuration issue. I sent a request to SwiftKey Support asking for their help (eight days ago) and I have yet to receive a response from them. I hope they will contact me and enable me to use SwiftKey again. If and when they do contact me, I will update my rating.
  • I Love this app! 5/5

    By Kwarmstr
    I've had this app for a year and I'm in love with it, it can be annoying when you try to use the flow and it auto corrects to a completely different word,but other then that it's fantastic. I'm actually useing SwiftKey while writting this and it only took me 7 minutes to type!!!❤️
  • No arrow keys 4/5

    By xgjddjkffji
    On my last phone (android) SwiftKey provided me with arrow keys so I could navigate my composition to add or change words. Those keys don't appear to be available on the iPhone app. I find it difficult to place the cursor where I need it to edit (especially in the middle of words). What are the chances that arrow keys will be added?
  • No innovation... 2/5

    By Ozanich
    Nice app, but brutally slow on the development of new themes.
  • Swift key 5/5

    By kene14
    Has many different cool keyboards. And it’s really fun to create your own
  • Android version is better 2/5

    By roadkingwes
    My first iPhone, all my other android phones I used this on was so much better, more themes and a number row on top, not real good on iPhone, I still use it though, maybe one day developers will get a clue
  • No Chinese 1/5

    There is Chinese on Android but not here, this is just iOS discrimination.

SwiftKey Keyboard app comments

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