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SwiftKey Keyboard

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  • Current Version: 2.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: SwiftKey
  • Compatibility: Android
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SwiftKey Keyboard App

NEW: All themes are now completely free! SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type. The app learns your writing style to give you super-accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction, reducing keystrokes and getting smarter over time. SwiftKey Keyboard is loaded with features to make typing even easier, including multilingual typing, support for over 800 emoji (emoticons) and speedy swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow. TYPE LESS SwiftKey learns your writing style to predict your next word with uncanny accuracy. Autocomplete a whole word with a single tap, instead of typing letter by letter. TYPE MORE ACCURATELY Say goodbye to typos with autocorrect based on your personal writing style. SwiftKey even inserts missed spaces for you. TYPE YOUR WAY Choose a different way to type by sliding from letter to letter with SwiftKey Flow. TYPE IN YOUR LANGUAGE(S) Type in up to two languages at once, without changing any settings. ENHANCE SWIFTKEY’S LEARNING Sign up for SwiftKey Cloud to make SwiftKey even smarter in just seconds. TYPE WITH EMOJI Spoil yourself with over 800 emoji characters to enhance your words. --- SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone & iPad supports the following languages: -English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada) -Afrikaans -Akan -Arabic (Arabic) -Arabic (Egyptian) -Aragonese -Asturian -Bambara -Bashkir -Basque -Bosnian -Breton -Bulgarian (Cyrillic) -Catalan -Cebuano -Chichewa -Chuvash -Cornish -Corsican -Croatian -Creol Haitian -Czech -Danish -Dutch -English (AU, CA, UK, US) -Esperanto -Ewe -Faroese -Fijian -Tagalog -Finnish -French (BE, CH, CA, EU) -Frisian -Friulian -Galician -Gallo -German (CH, DE) -Greek (Greek) -Greenlandic -Gujlish -Haitian Creole -Hausa -Hebrew (Hebrew) -Hinglish -Hungarian -Icelandic -Igbo -Indonesian -Irish -Italian -Javanese -Jèrriais -Jola-Fonyi -Kashubian -Kazakh (Cyrillic) -Kikuyu -Kurdish (Kurmanji) -Latgalian -Latvian -Lingala -Low German -Luxembourgish -Malagasy -Malay (Malay) -Maltese -Manx -Maori -Maranao -Marshallese -Mossi -Ndebele -Northern Sami -Northen Sotho -Norwegian (Bokmål) -Norwegian (Nynorsk) -Occitan -Oromo -Papiamento -Papiamentu -Persian -Polish -Portuguese (BR, EU) -Romanian -Russian (Cyrillic) -Rwandan -Serbian -Sesotho -Shona -Sicilian -Slovak -Slovenian -Somali -Southern Ndebele -Spanish (EU, LA, US) -Sundanese -Swahili -Swasi -Swedish -Tamlish -Tsonga -Tswana -Turkish -Uzbek -Venda -Walloon -Waray -Wolof -Xhosa -Yoruba -Zulu Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 9 and above. --- Help and Support: Watch quick how-to videos for features and tips: https://support.swiftkey.com/ Read our FAQs: https://support.swiftkey.com/ For news and feature updates, engage with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/swiftkey Twitter: www.twitter.com/swiftkey Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/104673797745951113580 Instagram: http://instagram.com/swiftkey www.swiftkey.com


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SwiftKey Keyboard app reviews

  • where is your japanese keyboard 1/5

    By Gamer~Guy
    I am a Japanese and I want to use this app but for when I need to type in Japanese I can’t. Please add a keyboard for my language, thank you very much.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By AmyKittiesGalore
    I was so excited when Swype came out for the iPhone but it was always crashing and buggy. Still, I was super disappointed when they discontinued it, until I found SwiftKey! It is so much more accurate than Swype and I love how it learns your writing style and adjusts accordingly. I also love the customizable keyboard, I have a picture of my kitty as my background! Once you go SwiftKey you'll never go back!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Shrek98034
    I was a devoted Swype user for years, I even bought it for my phone until I got fed up with how poorly written it is. I saw this and decided to try it and I am pretty happy with it! I am still getting used to it and because I have big hands and an SE, it is a little harder to use it but I am willing to deal with the inherent issues. My only complaint is that there are r times where it gives up on a word that I know is correct and starts a new trace. Still gets a good rating over all!
  • Secondary Keys and Long-Press Duration 3/5

    By Caayit
    On Android, I was able to change these settings. None to be found on iOS. The default long press time is too long for my taste (I used to set it to 190ms on Android). And I really miss the long press to get the symbols option (like, holding on K makes a parenthesis). My typing has really slowed down in comparison to Android. I only need those 2 features. Nonetheless, still the best keyboard on the AppStore.
  • Needs to have chinese 3/5

    By PGA Junior
    It has all these other languages except Chinese... Why???
  • Getting better, however... 4/5

    By BlvckBvne
    Love this app, love the glide to text and the tap to text is faster and more accurate than the ios stock keyboard HOWEVER, the auto correct and the word predictions need a bit of work. Sometimes I'll type a sentence and the words that it predicts are sentences that no one would ever say, I don't think. But for the most part everything is getting much better. The word prediction is far less accurate when sweeping (swiping) and that's where this app needs the most work. Also, maybe relocate the backspace / delete button not so close to the server (enter) button
  • Great app...and love the usage statistics 5/5

    By LaPetiteDiva
    I hate tapping on keys, so SwiftKey works perfectly for me to swipe my life away. Also love the usage statistics they provide to give a little more insight into my typing habits, especially the Tap Map!
  • I Have a Request 5/5

    By Fayaz Linkon
    Very nice keyboard! Please Add Bengali Language support!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By tucci04
    Great keyboards! Would like to have a microphone!!!!!
  • Great keyboard app...only one issue 3/5

    By csgerstner2
    This keyboard is a fantastic replacement for the native iOS one and i absolutely love all the integrated functions. My only complaint is that the 3D touch feature needs a bit of adjusting. I use an iPhone 7 plus and in order to activate 3D touch, you have to press REALLY HARD. Nearly to the point where I feel like the screen is going to crack. I have adjusted the settings to light touch sensitivity...with no improvement. It is also very difficult to get the cursor in the needed spot once 3D touch movement is active because it jumps around with little user input. I would absolutely give a 5-star rating if they would just make this one fix. Otherwise, this keyboard is head and shoulders above the rest and a must-have for any user.
  • Works great...when it works 3/5

    By HornGal88
    I love this keyboard but very often it doesn’t activate. Kind of frustrating to try to swype and only get single letters.
  • Always my choice 5/5

    By Starman82
    Just got my first new iPhone Nandi I love the animated themes. U wish they were available in Android but in IOS they look just perfect. The cross-platform functionality is a relief!
  • Not nearly as good as the android app. 3/5

    By 1234qwertp
    Not nearly as good as the android app.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By JoannLee88
    Great work on this keyboard. Absolutely love it.
  • Great App 5/5

    By D5SHN
    Moved from Android to Apple and used swype until the switch. Picked up this app due to swype not existing anymore. The change was seamless and I enjoy it. I do miss the auto "I" capitalize function and the whole suggested word deletion with a backspace but the app is fast and reliable.
  • Good but frustrating 2/5

    By Sportthedog17
    It is very convenient to drag the typing I find. But it is about a 50/50 shot whether or not it is correct which can become very annoying. The back space key is very effecient and I like the background that you can customize. It's good If u don't care about changing words a lot. But if u r trying to type stuff correctly urgently, then stick to a traditional key board
  • Swipe no longer works for saved words 2/5

    By thebrightshade
    Used to love this keyboard, but lately it started acting up. My previously saved vocabulary is gone... If I save new words, they somehow aren't saved either. So, now I have to type each word manually, beats the purpose of installing SwiftKey.
  • Emojis predictions 3/5

    By kkbk09
    I love the app the only thing missing is emoji predictions.
  • Why would anyone install it? 1/5

    By leftturney
    I really miss swipe but I’m not going to give third party access to my keyboard. Thanks but no thanks.
  • Best keyboard app. Period. 5/5

    By Komobabo
    There are no other keyboards. There is only SwiftKey. Do yourslef a favor, download it.
  • Love 5/5

    By kaylathegreatest221
    I have tried many keyboard apps and this one by far had been the best. I was really looking for a keyboard that has swipe and this one has exceeded my expectations. I really love the different backgrounds that you can choose from and the option to customize your own background. Love love love!!!!!!
  • Awesome app—had it for years! But there's a bug problem :/ 4/5

    By LupieLinds
    This app has always been the best, but since the last update, there's been this rid bug. That was supposed to say "ridiculous" btw. That's the bug problem. For some reason, when I go to click on the predicted text, it will only enter the first 3 letters. For example, I'll start typing the word "problem", SwiftKey will have "problem" in one of the 3 predictive text boxes, so I click that box but all that is printed is "pro" or "prob". Just wanted to let you know. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon 🤞🏼
  • good 5/5

    By Sat htay
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Pdvng
    Never using a regular keyboard again!
  • Keyboard height notification 4/5

    By Dani Springer Musical Artist
    Developer here. When moving a view up, based on keyboard height (on keyboardWillShow), if the current keyboard is SwiftKey Keyboard (this app), the screen above the keyboard turns black, and the view moves up about twice the needed amount. I can send you screenshots. Thanks
  • Love this 5/5

    By lesbteamcaptain
    I've used this app for years now and I love that it tracks my personal lingo. The word prediction is accurate, and it's easy to use. Makes my texting extremely fast and efficient
  • Deleted predictive text 2/5

    By nicki272
    I had all of my predictive texts In this app which made texting super easy but for some reason they all got deleted and now I have to type everything and it won't allow me to get rid of any of the wrong predictions.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By OG_BDogg
    Great app love it !
  • It's mediocre 3/5

    By Dhhhhgddghhjjklkfvuioop
    I wish there were a way to remove all proper nouns. It works but the dictionary that's built in is real stupid.

    By the office meme
    we love a good swift key sister.
  • Themes 1/5

    By Twetty73
    This app doesn't work. You can't pick your own theme or make one either. U can't enlarge keypad ect. Junk
  • Missing number row 4/5

    By DoctorNeuro
    Fantastic app but it is better if a row for number added
  • Gets way too many words wrong. 1/5

    By Re viewer
    I am constantly fighting this keyboard. It is terrible. I don't think I've gotten through one sentence without correcting words.
  • Great for a Android, doesn’t work for iPad 3/5

    By WhizM013
    I have used this app for many years on Android, so when I got an iPad I put this on it. Unfortunately, Apple does not work well with other keyboards, I tried making it the default keyboard, but it never did work. Had to uninstall until the app team can figure out a way to make it work with Apple. 5 stars for Android, 0 stars for Apple = 3 stars average.
  • Could be way better 2/5

    By ptafoya01
    This app really is horrible, but it's the best that you can get on an iPhone. It used to recognize all of my swipes but now it doesn't! I really wish handscent had an app for iPhone, I would totally dump this one for it!
  • WordFlow is awesome 2/5

    By Jsuns357
    I found your experiment with word flow works much better than swiftkey. For me WordFlow is much more accurate than swiftkey. WordFlow just works better for me. So I went back it. Yall should keep workflow in the app store.
  • Terrible word prediction 1/5

    By Artker
    It takes twice as long to text because it gets 80% of my words wrong and corrects them to a completely nonsensical mess.
  • It's not perfect but.. 4/5

    By kimburrrly
    I do prefer to use this over Apple’s keyboard! I would like to request that you put numbers on the top row (qwerty) like how Gboard has it. Gboard is way lagging than SwiftKey. It would definitely make life easier if you did put the numbers on top. And like as other reviews have stated, the predictive text can be a bit odd when autocorrecting. Maybe work on that? I do love this keyboard. 👍
  • Swiftkey 5/5

    By Dragon Def2U
    I love this application it really let's me increase my production on typing while letting me focus on what's really happening I'll. Get this app you won't be disappointed!
  • So digging that .00000001% accuracy 1/5

    By MecharidleyS
    Swipe. Wrong word. Swipe. Wrong word. Times infinity.
  • ok not OK 1/5

    By Jscohen
    I used to love this app until it started automatically capitalizing the word “ok” to “OK”. This is an infuriating bug and I’ve had to delete the app as a result.
  • Junk 1/5

    By thelovefamily
    iOS 11 version is viciously laggy and the dictionary uses words that aren’t even real.
  • Great App 3/5

    By Dimitre_161
    Would give it a 5🌟 but it's too different from the android version which was soo much better than the I phone version still love it tho
  • Amazing 5/5

    By hannynanny86
    This is always the first app I download whenever I get a new phone!
  • Barely better than nothing 2/5

    By Professor Beatz
    This app does too many stupid things to list, but my favorite has to be that if you lift your finger after typing the complete word "a" or "I", it thinks whatever comes next is apart (<- see what I mean? A part becomes apart. Look, people, if I want to write "apart" I won't lift my finger) of the same word. It just did it in writing this review. Tried to write the word "air." Shift was not selected and it was in the middle of a sentence, but would ONLY give it capitalized and suggesting "Jordan" as the next word. Seriously? Is it 1992? The program does not seem to recognize that someone might write the word "air." But it does recognize a thousand minor rivers and lakes and irrationally suggest them all the time.
  • Love on Android, dislike on IOS 3/5

    By gizmo6913
    Why doesn't the IOS version have the number row? I have been using swiftkey since it was a paid for app. Now I have to find something else. Only reason I changed to iPhone was because I thought I could use swiftkey. Very sad about this.
  • App Turning Off 3/5

    By brt_iz
    I had Galaxy phone for years & loved the Swype function on it. So when I switched to the IPhone several months ago, I wanted the same features I was accustomed to. I love this app when it is working. Every couple of weeks, the app stops working for no apparent reason & it takes several days before it will engage again. Please fix.
  • amezing kyboard app 5/5

    By Qrr1333
  • Bugs 4/5

    By Banaalcool
    The app is amazing and doing its job perfectly. But the problem is that sometime that keyboard starts getting pop up unnecessary on the main screen and I have to restart my phone in order to get rid of the keyboard which dosent go
  • where is the hell Georgian keyboard ?! 1/5

    By ni_kush
    are you serious ? you even have languages that only characters from Marvel Universe could use. and still don’t have Georgian language support ? what the hell.

SwiftKey Keyboard app comments


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