Symmetry 2: Finish the Symmetrical Drawing

Symmetry 2: Finish the Symmetrical Drawing

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Alexey Grigorkin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Symmetry 2: Finish the Symmetrical Drawing App

Finish the drawing around the line of symmetry. "This is a great activity to practice your drawing and math skills. It’s also fun for any age to try to finish the drawing."

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Symmetry 2: Finish the Symmetrical Drawing app reviews

  • I love it it’s so cool 5/5

    By fhccbnhf
    It’s a little hard and I’m 9 I’m Bella
  • WHAT!!! 1/5

    By sggdgsgvavaggavbxnxksjas
    This game does not save your progress I was on the cat until my dad called i answers then is STARTED OVER ALL THE WAY AT THE START WHAT FIX THIS PLEASE!!!
  • Read if you don’t want to be disappointed 2/5

    By So cute!!🐱🐱
    So every time you go how does the game and back in do you have do Start back at level one instead of the one you were at but other than that it’s fine and sometimes frustrating

    By NICKI6U9
  • Level stuck 3/5

    By Jai1994
    Cool idea for an app, but everytime i close the app and go back in i have to restart from the very first one... anyone can help let me know
  • Guys The Grumpy Cat Level Is Beatable! 5/5

    By Henry The Reviewer
    If you look and try hard enough the you will notice the the eyes need to be the exact same and then you will be done!
  • Good App But Hard To Use 2/5

    By CraftyCorgi
    I love this app, but it is hard for me to use on my phone. On this creators app, sandbox, I admired the fact that you could use a magnifying glass feature where if you dragged your finger, you could color many squares at once with a magnifying glass. With this app, you have to do it all by hand and it is extremely difficult.

    By Magigster
    If you are stuck on the grumpy cat level than do this: There must be a glitch or something but on the eyes you must make them the same. So the right eye should not be a reflection of the left eye. The right eye should be facing the exact same direction as the left eye. That’s all Great game! Just add more levels. But still great game
  • What happened to sandbox 1/5

    By gguru25
    This company used to make sandbox and now it’s gone... I loved that game... BRING BACK SANDBOX
  • Doesn't save 2/5

    By Cam is fun
    It was fun at first. It's nice for a few minutes, or like a road trip, but if you close out of the app it deletes all your progress and you have to start at the beginning again. That's really annoying.
  • Leave the app 3/5

    By 🐶🦄🐥🐳
    Every time I leave the app it starts me over. Is it supposed to do that
  • Worst Game 👎👎👎👎👎👎 😫😭😣😩😤😡😰😨😢😥🤮😵🤧🤕😷 1/5

    By sllsoekvmmdowpwlw
    This game is horrible. It’s nothing compared to sandbox hate hate hate it!!!!!!! I don’t think it is worth getting it a waist of space. Don’t get it!!!!
  • What I don’t like that you should fix 4/5

    By Frieses
    I really like this game,BUT: I think that you guys should fix how it resets ALL your progress when you exit the app. I just got it and i was kind of far on the levels. I also think you should fix how you can’t choose what picture you want to make. I want to have a place where my finished pictures can go and be saved. So, what I’m trying to say is, there needs to be some updates and stuff.
  • The Grumpy Cat level 🤔 4/5

    By Tornado Kinz
    I am definitely stuck on this cat level and it is the Grumpy Cat. It is so tricky and the game gave me a headache, when I first opened the app, the first level was a kawaii ice cream, I was having a little trouble. The levels are easy but, that Grumpy Cat level is super tricky, and a hard level. And, I saw the reviews that people said that there is only a few levels in your game. I am trying my best to pass that Grumpy Cat level😓
  • Love this game 4/5

    By Livwolf
    Don’t get wrong this game is literally amazing but I wish instead of tapping to color the image you could drag your finger and color besides that and a bug in the cat image I absolutely love this game
  • More levels 3/5

    By hemndoksnx
    I wish they had more levels that would be great
  • Please add more levels! 4/5

    By qtpi94
    The only reason why I gave it 4 stars is because it needs way more levels. This is really fun, don’t get me wrong, but it desperately needs more levels. 😩😩😩
  • Symmetry 2 4/5

    By Hbraniff
    Good app but needs more levels and the cat was not symmetrical... to me, symmetry means that if I fold the paper in half then everything should line up exactly.
  • Good App 5/5

    By SpiderBroYT
    This app is fun to really fun to play! I can’t wait for the new levels!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By pbuhler2
    Don’t bother getting this app. It doesn’t save your progress so you always have to start at the beginning. There aren’t enough puzzles. What appears to be the last puzzle can’t be solved despite what another review says. It’s a grumpy cat. I’ve done it 3 times and despite counting carefully and having someone else double check I’m still a few pixels off. My best guess that there’s a stray pixel on the grid outside of the screen. I’ve tried zooming in but it won’t let me see the far left bottom corner to check. Worthless app. It would be fun if it worked.
  • Good game!! 5/5

    By 🦄🦄🍩🍩😜😜🐘🐘🎂🎂🐘
    This is a awesome game but I have one suggestion. I think you should be able to slid your finger over the boxes to fill them instead of tapping EVERY SINGLE BOX!!!! That is my only complaint and overall it's a great game😊🦄😊🦄😊🦄
  • Adding 5/5

    By Ann57765
    I would like you too add more symmetry to the game.
  • ... 1/5

    By Morgan youngberg
    Progress lost. Ughhhh
  • Good for retraining brain. 4/5

    By JanPiano
    Symmetry - using it to train my brain to handle partial loss of peripheral vision in lower left quadrant. -looking out from eyes. My brain fills in missing blanks by slight movements of eyes to focus left or right or up and down. The faster I can do this, (completing the symmetrical black figure), the more I can see the whole picture in daily functioning.
  • So many problems!! 3/5

    By Hannah D. H.
    I found this game when I was on Sandbox (so awesome, definitely recommend you getting it!), and it's really fun. But there are some things that I think could really help improve this game. I've been reading a lot of the reviews and they pretty much all say that the cat level is impossible. I dont know why they are having trouble with it, but I finished it in less than 10 minutes. It worked for me. Anyway, back to the suggestions. 1. There should be a magnifying glass thing (like on Sandbox) so you can color continuously without having to tap EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. On the cat level it took me twice as long as it should've because there is no continuous coloring. WE NEED THIS. 2. There are only like 10 levels to do. This game is really fun and especially when you're bored, it's entertaining. But I finished the game in less than a day! More levels please!! 3. Progress saving. This morning I finished the cat level but then I came back to the game a little later and I have to start from the beginning ice cream picture. I mean, seriously?? It made me very frustrated that all my progress was gone. 4. When you finish the picture, a little "you finished it!" (or it says something along those lines) sign comes up, not allowing you to view the whole picture you just completed. You get all proud of yourself because you finished it but it doesn't even let you see it after you're done. Big disappointment. An X in the corner to view the picture or a minus sign or SOMETHING would be nice. 5. Creating our own pictures. That would be AWESOME. If there was an option to create our own to try and "symmetricalize", that'd get you a lot more users/customers. Thank you for reading this review, and I hope all these hints will happen and be fixed. It's a fun game, but it needs a lot of help.
  • Could there be a save option? 4/5

    By VET330
    I really love this app and want to play it more, but I didn’t like that as soon as I left the app, all my progress was lost. This actually made me sad because I wanted to play more, but I didn’t want to do every single level over again and have to fill in all those boxes. Again, I love the concept of this app and I had a GREAT time when I was playing it but this was just an annoying factor.
  • Great, but... 4/5

    By Nikkinick9105
    Love the app! Similar to Sandbox, which is my favorite app. The only problem is that every time I open the app, it restarts to first level. :( Otherwise, it’s a really fun game!
  • Not worth it, But worth it? 1/5

    By CFlores_09
    Don’t get me wrong. This app is fun but it definitely needs improvements. First it should SAVE your progress so the next time you go to open it you don’t have to start all over again. Second you should be able to choose from a list of drawings to complete. Third you should be able to drag to color in and not have to tap each square. Other than that it’s an ok game
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Bowlapasta
    1) Of course, as everyone says already, the grumpy cat level is bugged. 2) There need to be more levels. 3) A “drag to color” feature would be really helpful. 4) Some sort of “save” should be implemented because everyone time the app refreshes, your progress resets. 5) A “hint” feature would be helpful. Most likely a limited number of hints, but still, in the case of the grumpy cat level, it would definitely come in handy. Overall the concept of this app is amazing, but the actual app needs more work.
  • Almost 5 stars! 4/5

    By BoyzzoomomfromIllinois
    Please add a zoom like in your other app! It would be 5 stars for sure! Great concept and smooth running app! Keep it up!! :)
  • Pregunta 5/5

    By Loly Chafoya
    Como hago para guardar las imágenes que se han hecho, para no repetirlas. Pues es muy tedioso volver a hacerlas.
  • Fun but 3/5

    By bailey0p
    After you play once then play a different game and come back you have to start all over again.
  • this 1/5

    By Adds ugh!
    Me and about 4 of my friends had this game. Later on I went back on and it made me restart. It happened to all of my friends too. Another thing that happened was when my friend finished the cat it apparently wasn't symmetrical (according to the game). Me and friends stared at it and counted every single box on the cat and nothing was wrong. You can't even choose which picture u want to do. I do not recommend this game!
  • Resets progress 1/5

    By Eternal76
    I did 4 or 5 pictures and then didn't play the game for a few days. When I came back to it, it was back on the first picture, so it didn't save my progress. I don't know if that's how is supposed to be, but if so, that's very frustrating.
  • Please fix 4/5

    By SassySlime
    Like almost everyone else here, I am unable to finish the grumpy cat level. I spent 4 days checking every once in a while to see if I could spot it and I counted but it is not possible. Please fix this. Also add more pictures
  • The F ing grumpy cat 1/5

    By lost and missing
    Is grumpy cat trolling me? Cause I have redone him multiple times and have had at least 5 people check it and it’s symmetrical. You get a one star rating till I can get the grumpy cat to be right.
  • A few problems!! 2/5

    By Bzjme
    Fun idea but... Cat lvl broke Starts over every time you shut down the app. Needs a menu. Would be nice if you didn’t have to go box by box
  • It’s alright. 3/5

    By Kcmartin97
    I love the idea of the of this app. However, I can’t even get past the first level. I have counted and counted, redone the level 15 million times, but I get the same result. It says I just need one more block to finish it. Help?
  • Good idea, terrible implementation 2/5

    By billofthewild
    The idea is great, it’s very similar to the sandbox coloring app. However, it saves no progress and so you have to start over again and again each time the app is closed. Fun for about 10 minutes, then worth deleting. Honestly can’t believe it has more than 3 stars on the App Store considering it’s major flaws

    By Olivia Terra
    Ok first im going to help everyone who has the app and is stuck on the cat level. The eyes are what are probably wrong, both eyes need to look EXACTLY THE SAME. That means the little 2 black boxs at the top next to the outline need to be on the LEFT SIDE and the other 2 boxs on the other side that are next to and in the middle of the outline need to be on the RIGHT SIDE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok now for the actual review Here's a few suggestions 1. I think you should add more levels. This app is AWESOME. I finished all the levels because the last level is the cat. 2.It should tell you if you need a little more it should where around the circle the section. Like for example, on the cat one a lot of people most likely got it wrong on the eye. It should circle the eye. 3.I think you should be able to swipe. You should be able to swipe because sometimes it gets annoying when you have to click every single box. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some Questions 1. This app is called " Symmetry 2 " so what happened to the first one. 2. Can you make another Symmetry app please. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND FINALLY This app is totally awesome and I recommend buying it.
  • Bronen 1/5

    By Monster4000
    I spent an hour looking over the cat figuring I made a mistake, but now I know I probably didn't thanks to all the other reviews. Why is this not fixed yet?
  • It was fun.... 4/5

    By DerpyDonut72847
    I was on the cat but I finished it and it’s perfectly symmetrical and I need to do one more thing still apparently but I spent forever filling it in and I counted everything that I needed to count and I did the ear again and the eye and I counted how many blocks everything is form the symmetry line and from the edge countless times and I can’t get passed it.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Skyleigh Kitty Meow
    Loved the Sanbox app so I thought this would be fun as well. But even if you get the grumpy cat picture 100% correct you CAN NOT pass the level
  • It's great 4/5

    I love the game but I wish there was a touch and drag feature so I wasn't continuously tapping
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Bethanayyy
    Fun game. Great idea. Too bad it's broken... It was fun for about five minutes and then the infamous grumpy cat level came along. If this was fixed, I would probably rate five stars. Oh well...
  • AWFUL!!!!!?????? 1/5

    THE CAT IS THE WORST!!???? When you beat it, it won’t be perfectly symmetrical!!!! Which is the whole point of the game???? This is the worst feeling!! Once you pass the god awful level that is the cat you created with one option. To RESTART THE WHOLE GAME???? WHY!!!!
  • Starts over every time you close the app 2/5

    By NotoriousHAT
    It’s fun, but it’s annoying that it doesn’t save your process. Every time you close the app and reopen it, you have to start over with the star. Ugh!!!!
  • Terrible Controls and Interface 1/5

    By Ohne-Dich
    - No Music - No Sound of any kind - Can only Click one box at a time (not able to color or "fill-in" large areas) - No way to go back to a puzzle you've already done - No selection screen (no way to select a picture that you want to do, or even see what other puzzles exist) - No Menu - No information of any kind Don't waste your time. There are much better apps out there in this genre.
  • Don’t waste your time on this 1/5

    By LivyRegrets
    I’ve read almost every single one of these reviews. All of them say the same thing which is the cat is impossible. I spent three days on that discouraging, annoying, and absolutely ridiculous. I just can not understand why this would even exists. It was fun while it lasted. I recommend not getting this considering only four of them actually work.