Tailor - Personal Stylist

Tailor - Personal Stylist

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Tailor - Personal Stylist App

A personal stylist at your fingertips. Tailor connects you with a real-life, professional stylist for free. Get advice on how to style the clothes you already own or help finding the perfect new piece for your wardrobe. Ask your stylist all of your personal fashion, styling, and shopping questions: * What should I wear with this orange skirt? * Where can I find new suede boots under $125? * Do these pants fit me? * Which of these dresses is better for a 6pm wedding? * Does this top look good on me? * Is this outfit appropriate for a job interview? Love a Look? Find it Now! See an outfit you love on your favorite instagram account, blogger, best friend, or even a stranger on the street? Snap or upload a picture using “Shop this Look” to find where to buy similar styles Discover the Newest Trends and Style Advice Scroll through Tailor’s Inspiration Feed to see photos of the latest trends, classic looks, shoppable outfits, and style tips Get Personalized Daily Outfit Inspiration Get fresh outfit ideas based on the clothes in your closet with our newest feature! You’ll get customized looks based on pieces you already own. Sign up on the home screen. Why Tailor is the perfect personal style assistant: * Make the most of your wardrobe - your stylist will show you how to combine new outfits with the clothes you already own * Save time - let your stylist do the searching and browsing for the perfect pieces, you just choose from a curated list * Find Fashion you can afford - Learn about the latest trends and styles tailored to your taste and budget * Wear the perfect outfit for any occasion - have a wedding? interview? big birthday bash? Let a stylist find you the best look! * Pack like a pro - going on a trip? Your stylist can put together a custom packing list with your current clothes and some new ideas Be one of the first to discover Tailor!


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Tailor - Personal Stylist app reviews

  • No response 1/5

    By Velasco0119
    I’ve been waiting for literally an entire week since I down loaded it and still have not gotten help or connected with anyone
  • Pretty great, just needs some tweaking 4/5

    By Kkobrien
    Overwhelming I love the app. But so far I’ve noticed that there isn’t a way to change your about me, which is frustrating because I said I love two colors and that’s like 50% of what the stylists are sending me.
  • Still haven’t gotten a Tailor 2/5

    By Chambrine
    I’ve been waiting FOREVER for one. Idk if it’s that I’m not old enough or something but make a pop up that says that instead of giving us false hope. Holy crap
  • Review 5/5

    By Lily237014
    Love the app Definitely recommend precise easy super friendly five star rating amazing💕💕💕
  • I don’t like it:( 1/5

    By gigiloveslife
    Ok so I was actually really excited to get this app. But now I am regretting it, no one has answered me since I got the app which was 3 days ago. People are putting good reviews and I’m over here not getting anyone to help me when I need it. This app is honestly useless, I have “texted” if you want to say my stylist and she hasn't answered me. Yes this is a real person making this review, I hate the app and don’t recommend it what so ever. I am going to keep the app just to see how long it takes my stylist to answer me.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By i dont play these games
    I got paired with a stylist who is awesome she had given me some many ideas for what to buy and what would go good I can't wait to go shopping
  • Jen is the bestest friend I have ever had I love her sm she is very very helpful. 5/5

    By PlumberzCrack
    Ily Jen❤️
  • Like my friend and personal shopper 4/5

    By ACollegeStudent
    I have fallen in love with this app! It’s like I have a super nice personal assistant/personal shopper and it’s so fun to see all the fashion suggestions. It is super helpful that they give me shopping suggestions that I can click and it goes straight to the website where I can buy it. You actually have a conversation with real people who will help you be more fashionable! I feel inspired to revamp my closet! They reason I made my review 4 stars is because I think the app itself could be improved. It can be a little buggy (it freezes sometimes when I’m sending a message and then when I get back in, it sent multiple of my message). Also, I wish I was able to go back into a pic and edit whether I want to “add to wishlist “ without having to unlike it and re-like it every time.
  • BEST APP EVER!! 5/5

    By Kitty lover😻😻
    Omg I absolutely love this app! My stylist is so sweet, she always goes the extra mile for me. My favorite part is that I get tons of ideas that I wouldn't have thought of. It was I a bit tedious putting all my clothes in the app, but 100% worth it. I definitely recommend this app to everyone!
  • download it 5/5

    By Tara Da Game Reviewer
    I love this App so much it helps me pick out outfit fits that I like and it is very helpful and they give you personal style list that I can help you with your outfits and how are you alike it’s lust that I takes a couple of minutes to reply to us but that’s OK because they probably have more customers
  • Amazing 5/5

    By SociallyAwkward1268
    I give it a infinity/10. Wish I could give it more than 5 starts. I no longer have to worry about not being able to pick an outfit it’s so helpful being able to talk to a real person who knows what they’re doing and what they’re talking about rather that talking to a robot. And it’s also very helpful that they give you clothing options that almost exactly match your style and what you like
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Zeena***
    Thanks so much it’s amazing and very helpful I’m so happy to have it and I’m so glad that I downloaded
  • Hate 1/5

    By Hallie💞💁🏼‍♀️
    I hate this app my stylist sucked and you can’t change them don’t get the app!!
  • So far so good. 5/5

    By Rillaro
    Loving Tailor app so far. Even though I don’t use it as much when I do I get great ideas that help me mucho w wardrobe. The links to store help me acquire new items that jazz up my threads :)
  • This. Is. AMAZEBALLS! 5/5

    By Molly10263
    My stylist is Mina and she is soooo sweet, and I thought it would be a robot; but we have normal “life” convos! I definitely recommend- they get you and your style (And no I’m not saying this just cause I’m sponsored cause I’m not and I actually like it) So check it out if you need help with style!!!!
  • It’s like having a personal designer/assistant 5/5

    By Font candy love
    I had a hard time finding a rare piece of clothing, so I thought I’d give this a try. Put in a few pieces of information about my sense of style and asked my tailor about the clothing item, she was able to get back to my in about five minutes with the exact rare item I was looking for. Amazing.
  • Tailor App! 5/5

    By Izzy_1o1
    I love the Tailor App! My personal stylist gets back to me quickly when I text her. Whenever I need her she tells me what looks best and when I try it on, it looks AMAZING!!!!!! I suggest the Tailor App!!!!!!
  • A GREAT APP 5/5

    By Llama201
    I’ve only been on for a few hours and I’m in love! It’s such a good app and your stylist really will get your style. They will send you many different things to try and it’s just amazing! So I really do recommend it!
  • meh 3/5

    By fortnite_queennnn
    it is good but i mean can you not pick your own outfit? like... it is really cool to interact with a stylist but i think it is overrated
  • Been waiting almost 5 months 1/5

    By DJ928
    Been waiting almost 5 months to get a tailor. Was looking forward to it so much too.
  • People are so sweet and very helpful 5/5

    By Annaliese hope panella
    I love this app i recommend this it helps a lot and the people are so nice and sweet and they help and they have great taste in clothes
  • Is this even real? 2/5

    By B(APP)2468
    I’ve had the app since before 2018, yet still haven’t gotten anything except for the same screen saying that I have to wait. If anyone knows how to fix this hmu on Twitter @brokeipokei
  • Trailer is great!!! 5/5

    By spdyrel
    All of the workers are sooo nice and friendly! I would definitely recommend it because first of all the people are nice and the give you super good choices!!
  • Waste. 1/5

    By Latin_gemini
    Don’t even waste your time downloading this app, I’ve done so and after filling out all info it asks you to allow push notification so they may contact you when your in. Well I’ve waited an entire week and never was notified.
  • DO NOT BUY!! 1/5

    By thisappissoooooooobad
    This is the worst app ever! I’ve had it for a week and my stylist hasn’t gotten back to me ONCE I frickin hate this app! Do Not BUYY!😡😡😡😡
  • Time 1/5

    By okcfansam1
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a stylist. I have been waiting for a month and now got a email
  • Fake 1/5

    By sooo fale
    If you scroll down people say there style person name is Kate ._.
  • The long wait 1/5

    By Holdmobvnmm
    I’ve been waiting for a week or two and I put in all the information correctly and haven’t got assigned a stylist I deleted and re downloaded the app and used multiple emails and the same thing keeps happening
  • Love it! 5/5

    By allyfish5
    My “stylist” is so nice!! She checks in with me everyday. She encourages me to get out of my normal styles but in ways where I’m not out of my comfort zone. She’s uplifting and helpful with every event :)
  • Time 2/5

    By Highonminecraft
    It has been two months since I’ve downloaded this application, I will change this review if this DOES happen, but I have yet to get a stylist. The idea of this app is great, but I am unable to use it yet.
  • It really helps 5/5

    By karlacflores16
    I thought I wouldnt use it but it really does help
  • awesome!! 4/5

    By Kitten_Kat515
    it’s a lot of fun and helpful i love it so much
  • Definitely not for guys(?) 1/5

    By TakenK
    Well it’s been at least 4 months since I downloaded and nothing. I just forget this thing is still in my phone lol. I guess this app isn’t for guys. And I’m wondering how practical is this. The amount of people working should be lacking compared to how many people would be using this app especially when it’s free (Does it have other way to make profit?)
  • Thank you very much 5/5

    By gabychinche
    Thank you appreciated

    By update hatter
    I HATE THIS DUMB FRICKING APP!!! The ads are so overrated!!! Every time there’s an ad it’s this. Because it’s so over rated it makes me not want to get it. Only reason I got it was to write this. This is the worse app! And you have to take a picture of all your clothes! I would rather just hire one. Or ask a friend,parent,or family member. Don’t waste your time on this app! It’s stupid as h*ll!
  • Tailor 5/5

    By My reports
    My stylist Jen is a wonderful woman. I’ve had so much luck with this app and I think I’m dressing better and have more confidence in myself
  • It is a shopping chatbot mixed with a stranger/stylist 1/5

    By Shanya8008
    It is not personalized. The stylist and I do not know each other. The design is like a customer service on chatting app, computed by default questions and answers. Without chatting with me first, regardless of chatbot or a human stylist, I was led to pick a product to “buy” first, and then followed by a default welcome conversation. Even there is stylist photo on top of the chat room, the chat conversation is set. What makes it different from other chatbot or regular customer service staff? How personalized is it if the stylist just know me by my size and budget? Does it very understand the meaning of personal stylist?
  • the app i didnt know i NEEDED! 5/5

    By AuroraHeikkila
    i have forced every one of my friends to download this app. my stylist is Mina, probably one of the sweetest people ever & SOO HELPFUL. YOU MY GIRL MINA! this app is everything, helping you shop for things you didnt know where to get, MINA FOUND THE MODEL FROM PINTEREST WEARING THE EXACT SHIRT! how cool is that?! i send her outfits im inspired by and she gives SUCH great clothes for me to sift through and buy. if im having a mental block getting dressed, i ask for help and she’s got me! 10/10 i would literally tip her if i could. i love you Tailor! this is the coolest app i’ve ever used.
  • You cant even start... 1/5

    By Redstonermoves
    Download the app, but then, it just stops at getting you a stylist it been like that for a month...
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Joyousone_60
    I have no fashion sense. My stylist has been helpful in finding things to go with what I have in my closet and suggestions to add to the mix.
  • I would love to give this 5 stars 1/5

    By Dichsjsdhskdj
    My wife has this app and it works great for her, she loves it. So I wanted to try it but the app will not connect me to a stylist. I sign in and it says “we will notify you when you have been paired with a stylist” and that was 4 days ago. When my wife signed in she got connected immediately. I really want to use the app but I do not understand why I am not getting connected. I tried deleting and restarting phone and re-downloading and then signing in and still same result.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Judicial dialed
    This is amazing I uploaded pics of outfits Iv had on my phone for years and they found where I can buy it I’m so excited and. Loving this
  • Promotion needed 5/5

    By gia b 24
    My stylist is Jen she should get promoted she’s the best she’s kind and she’s very helpful😊😇
  • I never got approved... 2/5

    By BigBootyBeau
    Ya so I got the app a couple weeks ago excited to up my style and stand out in my high school. Given I’m a sophomore, I’m only 16 years young and I wasn’t aware of any age limit on this app (and even if it’s in the description the app let me say I was 16) and I’m assuming my age was the only reason for me not getting my stylist. I am super disappointed because I feel like a lot of teens would benefit from this app because at school your style can really define you but it’s hard to do it by yourself only looking off of Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. I understand any reason for an age limit but I feel like it could be lowered to 13 or even 15 because teens finding their style so young can help them define themselves as well as create an image for themselves.
  • A few issues, but overall, I love it! 5/5

    By Ghojceyivdshjvgashh
    It’s only been 2 days since I used this app, but I absolutely cannot recommend it enough! When you create an account, you have a personal real-life stylist that you’re able to talk to about possible outfits that you’re thinking about wearing and getting feedback from them, which doesn’t take too long and you can easily add photos to a “virtual closet,” where your stylist can view and pick outfits for you, based on the clothes you have. My only “real” issues about this app is that you aren’t able to add multiple photos of your clothes (you have to do it one step at a time) and when adding products to your clothes (after you send a photo, it automatically scans your clothes to determine where it’s from), there isn’t a way to filter those suggestions to different brands and I feel like there aren’t enough brands/products you can easily access, when searching for the brand name to add to your clothes. Other than that, this app is amazing and everyone interested in fashion (tips and suggestions) should definitely try this out!
  • Didn’t Like it 1/5

    By KikiLoMing
    Stylist are not that great they kind of talk you down about outfits will be deleting this app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Wonderwisher
    My stylist will not reply to me at all. I sent them a few questions on my looks and they will not reply to me. I am already late for my lunch date because I was trying to use this stupid app to find something to wear. This app is inconvenient and stressful to use. I do not recommend this app, it is a waste to time and effort. Thanks for nothing, Tailor.
  • Love it 5/5

    By DylanTheSavage
    This app is really great, my personal stylist is nice and just love this app
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By spaceshiponearth
    I can’t even log in. It won’t accept my e mail or my phone number or anything and it won’t register! Good waste of time!
  • Totally my style! 5/5

    By Ellie loves this app
    My designer (Jen) totally gets my style and she will help me when ever and I always love my outfit! Thanks so much you’ve made my life so much easier!

Tailor - Personal Stylist app comments


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